In Las Noches, an Arrancar named Patras arrives in the room where the Hougyoku is being held, but he gets caught by Ulquiorra who reminds him that this is a place he can’t enter without Aizen’s permission. Patras, however, doesn’t understand all this reverence to Aizen and questions why they have to do what a Shinigami tells them to and why their freedom has been taken away. Feeling that this place changed after Aizen showed up, Patras doesn’t intend to obey a Shinigami and wants to use the Hougyoku himself to control this world. When Ulquiorra doesn’t think that someone who’s not even an Espada can do anything, Patras reveals that he has two allies who promptly attack. Ulquiorra is caught off guard and ends up getting slashed and stabbed until he falls. Patras then takes the Hougyoku with the intent of becoming king and heads off to the real world with his allies to find the person who knows how to use it. Hitsugaya, Rangiku, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Renji all responds to the Arrancar arrival, though since Renji is furthest away, he doesn’t join the others in facing off against Patras’ friends, both of whom release and transform.

While one Arrancar fights Hitsugaya and Rangiku and the other gets to battle Ikkaku, Patras is in the meantime passing through the city when he encounters Kon. Shortly thereafter, Renji finds a scratched up Kon who reveals that Patras is headed for Urahara’s store. Already there, Patras tells Jinta and Ururu that he wants to meet the person who knows how to use the Hougyoku, but Renji arrives in time to tell him that Urahara isn’t here. In fact, Urahara, Tessai, and Sado had earlier headed off to make some purchases to restock the store, leaving Renji and the others to tend to the shop. Since Patras wants to wait for Urahara’s return, Renji draws his zanpaktou and starts the battle. Ririn and the other mod-souls meanwhile return to their human-sized bodies so that they can help out, and they save Renji from getting hit again by Patras’ super-fast sword draw technique after he had already gotten knocked into the ground by it once. They then use their powers to catch Patras off guard and manage to land several hits, but the Arrancar soon turns the tables by knocking all three out. With Renji still rearing to fight, Patras proceeds to use the second level of his twenty level sword technique which hits with so much force that it knocks up a cloud of dust that covers the entire store. Unbeknownst to them, a recovered Ulquiorra has also arrived in Karakura.


Is it really okay for them to make Ulquiorra so weak that he can be beat up by three random Arrancar who aren’t even strong enough to completely dominate Renji and the other Shinigami? Or is catching him off guard really that huge of an advantage? I’m inclined to believe that Ulquiorra was made significantly weaker to show that these Arrancar are important and relatively strong, but since they’re not on his side anymore, this technically gives Ulquiorra a chance in the next episode or episodes to strike back with his full power. Perhaps he’ll be the one who ultimately finishes off Patras and will prove that he’s as strong as he should be.
Overall, I think this is an improvement over the past few episodes since it actually involves Ulquiorra and Aizen and has the potential to get more interesting. That being said, there’s no Bleach again next week, so episode 137 won’t air until August 22nd.


  1. I just saw the raw and I’m afraid to say that I finally decided to drop Bleach after watching it for more than 2 years. Unfortunately, the anime has lost its path as D.Gray.Man did with the anime; two great Manga with unimaginably horrible anime series.

    Bleach Manga is the best alternative for those of us who have had enough of pointless, brainless, piece of motherfuckin manga-ruining waste of fucking imagination AKA filler episodes. There is no hope for this anime anymore. Fuck the animators and those who decided to drag Bleach down the toilet with this pathetic excuse for an adoption.

  2. @ Inana they don’t really have a choice, I read the bleach manga if do it in anime ,they would burn threw at a really fast pace .Since it’s mostly very quick fights. That just the price you have to pay for shonen anime .Also this onlt place you can really have filler right now.

  3. You CAN NOT blame the animators for the fillers. Do you even KNOW why they have to create fillers in the first place? I’m sure that they would like to continue with the manga story as well, but right now, they can’t.

    The next arc after Arrancar still has not been completed yet, and there’s no telling how long that arc is going to last. If they continued with the manga story, they’d eventually catch up to the manga, and then what? It’s kinda nearly impossible to create fillers during the next arc if the anime catches up.

    If there is something to blame the animators for, then it would be what happened in this episode. Making Ulquiorra look weak like that is… well, you know.

    I understand that a lot of fans don’t like it when any anime goes into fillers, but animators do it for a reason; they don’t create them just to screw the fans. Geez…

  4. If you don’t like fillers, then don’t watch them. I choose not. With what’s happened in the manga so far, it be a downright travesty not to see it animated. I’m really looking forward to seeing Show Spoiler ▼

    animated. Even if it takes 2 years.

    BTW, Ulquiorra in the second to last pic on the right reminds me a bit of Freeza. Dunno, think its the facial expression. Regardless, he doesn’t look very good in this episode at all. Damn animators.

  5. @Sniper: It’s filler.

    Since no one has posted a synopsis yet, I’m going to guess what’s going on from the screencaps. Later, we can look back and decide if my correctness (or lack thereof) is due to Omni’s capping ability or the writers’ unoriginality.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    So, anyone who’s seen the episode, how did I do?

  6. Same reason I hate Naruto as well as Bleach is they keep showing us too many damn fillers that has almost nothing to do with the main story. If the writer need some time off to gather materials that I could understand, go ahead take a season off and broadcast another anime in the mean time, but give us second class filler that has nothing to do with the main story only ruins an anime. Naruto and Bleach was a good show in the beginning, now is just plain stupid. Well I kind of giving up on them anyway Claymore, Nanoha Strikers, Seto no Hanayome, School Days and Zero no Tsukima is my show now.

  7. the looks of this and how they’ve made Ulquiorra so weak it looks like a sign of an anime original storyline, maybe they wont go down the manga’s storyline.

    If they don’t then Bleach can go bye bye from being one of the most well known animes

  8. Considering the fact that Ulquorria Show Spoiler ▼

    is reason enough to laugh aloud at the horrible turn Bleach’s anime has taken.

    I dropped the anime so long ago.. The manga is still so excellent.

  9. The producers are stuck in a quagmire with fillers anyway. If they take a hiatus with the series, they risk losing the interest of general viewers who will pick up on a different series and may not look back. To a lesser degree they also have to worry about the die hard fan base complaining for new animation. If the filler route is taken, then the general viewers can retained for the most part, but then the die hard fans will then complain no matter what route they take because it is not following the source material.

    Then again I am never really sure what Shounen Jump fanboys are expecting from their series anyway. There are really only two options when animating an ongoing manga series.

    1. The series takes a different path from the manga when catches up to its current story arc. = Big Fail in the eyes of fans

    2. Filler inserted to allow for enough material to be available for a story arc to be animated. = Big Fail in the eyes of fans

    There are only so many things you use as filler in a shounen series. Slice of life eps to develop the characters is probably the best way to do things but fans are more than likely wanting to watch big fights or their favorite characters in action. Lesser or insignificant threat filler arcs are going to be used more often because the fans get their action while the main storyline is not drastically altered.

    Haven’t you guys realized that any high ep Shounen Jump show is inevitably going to have some bloat to it?

  10. man this is lame

    i dont feel like really continuing on with bleach anyways

    the fillers just empty space and im just tired of waiting for them to end

    T_T now i have to watch yu gi oh GX. WAHHHHH!!!!

  11. wth! I seriously HATE what i’m seeing now. THese fillers are all so pointless!!! they should just stop the anime for a while if they don’t have enough manga material to continue it..

  12. One or two filler episodes talking about a characters past is fine, but filler like that bound Arc is stupid, if writer need some time to gather material they can go ahead. But if they worry about fans loose interest when they take time off and show us a new anime, well I have to say the show probably was never that good to begin with anyway. For example shows like DBZ, Saint Seiya do you really think they gonna loose fans interest if they took some time off, cliffhanger is what make some of these shows so interesting not shows us garbage fillers.

  13. The target viewers are mostly young teenage boys and adolescents. Bleach is going to cash in on fillers like Naruto did. Most of the fillers tend to be pointless anyway, so why bother watching them when you can just read the manga.

  14. LOL, my predictions were almost dead on (I mistook Cloud for Renji’s gigai, but honestly, is there any functional difference?). I’m usually fairly indifferent about the filler episodes, since good TV is good TV, and there have been good filler episodes (these Bleach filler episodes are still better than Naruto fillers, D.Gray-Man fillers, and Naruto Shippuden, right?). But this episode just sucked. Not the Ulquiorra stuff, since he was obviously faking it, and Aizen’s just as obvious Xanatos Gambit should be a fun payoff, but the fights weren’t even any good, and it was far too predictable. I think I might have enjoyed the cake episode better. At least I couldn’t tell the entire plot from the screencaps…

    One entertaining and possibly prophetic (in a good way) thing about this episode. Did anyone pick up on Nova telling the other two Bount Modsouls they shouldn’t be saying things like “We’re going to get our own spinoff” and “We’ll be around forever”? Maybe he’s read this webpage

  15. Don’t u all think that Aizen was using his ability to make those fags think that they actually beat Ulquiorra up or have the real ball thingy.
    That’s what I’m hoping for.

  16. Patience my friends. If you hate the fillers so much, don’t watch them and wait untill they get back on the manga storyline. They had 2 choices:

    – Stop making anime, wait, none is happy, they’re not working.
    – Make fillers, a few fans will be satisfied and happy about it instead of no content at all. Taking the risk other fans flamming everywhere that fillers sucks.

  17. Oh man, this sounds like really bad fanfiction. Seriously. As if the Bounto arc wasn’t bad, we have to sit through more stupid filler people.

    Ah, at least the 20-something or so episodes of canon was good while it lasted. This filler better not be as long as the LAST one though, ugh….

  18. Ok people, stop bashing fillers just because its fillers.

    I saw nothing wrong with this episode – It was generic “anime original” story. Abit predictable, but still normal. Bount Arc was enjoyable for the most part. I actually took a liking for some Bount character designs. And the final fights were cool.

    For Ulquiorra stab – It was obviously Aizen’s shikai…What Aizen is planing we will see in the nexr episode, i guess…And after about 3 episodes we will be back to manga storyline.

    Don’t Compare this with naruto shituden. -.- Even bleach fillers beat the slow paced episodes, shippuden has…More – There is no reason to add fillers to Shippuden now, as they could go for two years of anime-time with the current available material…
    Bleach has a perfect reasons for fillers – They are waiting for “Hueco Mundo” arc to finish…As from up now till the supposed end of Hueco Mundo, there is NO Place for fillers to be made. And as taking a break would mean bleach anime getting cancelled, they are using fillers

    Unknown Voice
  19. omg..another filler..although this is better…but come on Ulquiorra beign overpowered so easily…Ulquiorra is an espada for crying out loud..this is sad…and they actually got my hopes up with the preview 2 weeks ago..


  21. Folks, there is a major flaw in your “Fillers are fine. With fillers, the anime doesn’t catch up with the manga” logic. The anime team could just take a break until the next manga arc is finished. Fillers are there for only one purpose: money. Money to keep the series going, or maybe just greed. What the devs don’t seem to realize: Fillers can kill an anime. I really hope the Bleach fans will NOT buy the filler dvd’s and stop supporting this crap. I personally wouldn’t mind waiting half a year for a good series to continue, as long as it keeps it’s quality. And that’s the point. The Bleach fillers are so poorly animated and drawn it really hurts to watch them. While the Bounto arc was still fine, everything past that was just a joke in comparison of the great SS-arc. So, people, if you don’t like the fillers: Don’t watch them. Complaining gets us nowhere. You can still start to watch the series again when it returns to the manga plot.

    Still, it’s really sad to see this once fairly good series go down. Therefore, I’ve stopped watching Bleach at ~ep 130. Maybe it get’s better again at some point, maybe not. And when it doesn’t: There are so many other great series airing right now. You will hardly miss Bleach at all.

  22. Ulquiorra getting owned wasn’t Aizne’s shikia. Remember when Yoruichi was fighting byakuya and then she got owned out of nowhere, blood everywhere, then blnk, it didn’t happen and she just did that to distract him/escape. It happened in both the manga and the anime. This is what Ulquiorra did to the arrnacar, evident by the fact that his clothes were all intact. Don’t want to go here, but think of it as like genjutsu from naruto.

  23. Does anyone seriously believe that Aizen would actually allow the Hougyoku to be stolen from him? As soon as he detected it being taken, he would have dropped the “hand of god” on the thieves himself. And those guys defeating Ulquiorra? They should have all died before they even unsheathed their sword. He stopped a full vaizard powered Cero blast with his bare hands! I may actually drop Bleach now, the Bount arc was my limit on distortions to the world, this is too far.

  24. You know, for some reason, the 3 arrancar beating Ulquiorra reminded me of Aizen’s “death” in the soul society arc. Considering how the next episode’s title is “Aizen’s trap”, I can’t help but wonder if this all was a ploy by Aizen to root out the disloyal arrancar. Especially since the room with Hougyouku was empty when the 3 arrancar made their move, while Aizen was sitting there just moments before that.

  25. Ulquiorra was not beaten at the beginning of the episode. Aizen was using his initial release to fool the three arrancar to think that they beat Ulquiorra. If you look at the beginning of the episode, Aizen was actually sitting at that chair next to the Hougyoku and then when Patros walked in, Aizen wasn’t there anymore.

  26. ummm.. ulquiorra looks a lot like L in the last pic… anyway how come they made him look so weak? he’s third espada and just getting beaten by three random espadas? to me, i think they did it on purpose. you know, aizen really made it that far and just let three espadas to get away with it with ulquiorra getting beat up so easily. it all sounds so, planned.

  27. Finally!!!!!!!!

    There going back to the manga starting August 29 Check out the new titles:
    “Second move of Hueco Mundo! Hitsugaya vs Yammy” August 29, 2007
    “Ichigo vs Grimmjow, 11 second battle!” September 5, 2007

  28. After stopping myself from watching fillers, I decided to watch this filler, due to Ulquiorra being in it. I thought it would be good. But I was wrong.

    I really didn’t like this filler, because they portrayed Ulquiorra as weak. And so fast. I mean, if Ulquiorra is able to be stabbed and then fall down when attacked by those random filler arrancar, when he also beats Ichigo up with his finger, how will Ichigo fare against them? And the others? If Renji beats him, it would be like: Renji>Patras>Ulquiorra>Ichigo>Renji? That’s not right.

    Sometimes I think that fillers really do mess up things around. Big fail. This is why I stick to the manga now.

  29. @Neara
    Okay, i may sound a bit harsh but learn to read….its impossible with most of mainstream anime. To the shows like Bleach taking a break, means taking a break forever. Mainstream anime is really cruel business. After taking a break, its doubtful that they could get the ratings back to the same level as they are now.

    Don’t forget – Bleach and all of shonen stuff is targeted to younger male audience. Bleach goes off for one season and everyone goes “blea…what? wtf is that?”

    Non-mainstream stuff can actually take a breaks, as it is targeted to a whole different audience and is not targeted at masses. Also they don’t have a dozen shows targeting their timeslot, while every prime-time show has a very big possibility to be taken out, due to slight rating fall.

    Unknown Voice
  30. Am I the only one that doesn’t think that was Ulquiorra at all? It showed Aizen at the start… I assumed he was going to own that Arrancar when he entered the room. Atleast it looked like he was inside. I don’t think Ulq got owned…. I think Aizen used his bankai to make it look like they got away so he could see what happens. Maybe a trick to squash the threat from whoever else might want to join with the filler dumbies.

  31. I think the only issue is that it seems as though there was just a filler arc that was done, and now another one is being shoved in our faces. It doesn’t feel like a lot of time had passed between the two filler arcs.

    But still, there are many things that happened in the manga that I would love to see animated. Show Spoiler ▼

    I will wait until the fillers stop. 😀

  32. I agree with Quigonkenny, with a few other possibilities which seemed obvious to me whilst watching the episode, but which fans have disregarded:
    1. Patras may not just be ‘random nothing arrancar’ watch how he walks over Renji (who has been training solidly for x amount of weeks), maybe he couldn’t make Espada not because of lack of power but because of obvious lack of loyalty to Aizen.
    2. I do not think Ulq was unable to defend himself, rather he seemed upset that his brethren would attack him, and was unwilling to fight back in anger or defence. Reminded me a bit of Ceasar’s ‘et tu brutus?’

  33. bullshit BULLSHIT!!!!! even if these arrancars are strong, there is no way they should be able to hurt Ulquiorra. Show Spoiler ▼

    . If they are really that strong, they should be in the Espada. because Yammy isnt really that strong then compared to them.

  34. Kyōka Suigetsu’s shikai has the ability to place anyone who sees it under a state of complete hypnosis (完全催眠, Kanzen Saimin?), after which Aizen can make them see whatever he wants. The hypnosis is unbreakable, even if the target is aware that they are hypnotized.

    End of story.

  35. Hey! I agree that naruto and Bleach have taken a turn for the worst.
    But don’t go messing with D.Gray-Man. The fillers in that one are made from the first novel. D.Gray-Man hasn’t gone to the evil side of useless fillers….yet.


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