Bleach’s sixth opening song ALONES is the second that Aqua Timez has performed for the series, with the first being Sen no Yoru wo Koete from the Memories of Nobody movie. The single’s been out for a couple of weeks now, so I’ve had some time to listen to the full version of the song before I saw this music video. And while I’ve grown fond of the song itself, the guitar part in the middle sounded quite different and maybe a bit out of place when compared to the rest of it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since you could probably argue that it makes the song stand out a little more. In any case, PV focused on various people holding up a sketchbook that showed a flip-book style animation of a pair of shoes running along that eventually became attached to a person with a heart that sprouts wings and flies away as the band performs to a crowd. As far as music videos go, this was a lot more interesting to watch than just having the band stand around and perform the song, so I enjoyed it.

On a related note, there’s no Bleach this week, but after next week, it looks like the series will be getting back on track with the manga as future episode spoilers mention the Hitsugaya vs. Yammy and the Ichigo vs. Grimmjow fights. Hopefully Bleach will be able to stick with the manga through at least the beginning of the new fall season, and maybe they’ll finally get around to animating chapter 237 (the Inoue one).

Watch it on YouTube!


  1. i just saw the music video on veoh, it was totally awsome i like how they had the running shoes like that ^^ i wonder what the next opening of bleach will be like. im looking forward to it

  2. The Bleach openings are all totally awesome. I have to say, the endings vary, but the openings never disappoint.

    And the guitar bit towards the middle kinda fits when you think about the animation. I mean, it’s got almost a spanish sound to it, and most of the animation in the OP is from Hueco Mundo.

  3. Best Bleach OP Song.

    And about the guitar solo in the middle, IMO it’s the best part of the song, not only does it sound awesome, it goes with the whole spanish vibe in Hueco Mundo Arc.

    The problem with this OP though is that with all these fillers it doesnt really fit with what’s going on.

    Aqua Timez is sorta known for busting out those Spanish Guitar solos, it’s why I love them. Can’t wait for the next Opening.


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