• As had been previously mentioned, there’s no episode of Bleach today. In addition, there’s also no episode of Romeo X Juliet this week, and there’s no new episode of it next week either. In it’s place, CBC will be airing a half-hour series overview episode next week on August 22nd before airing episode 20 on August 29th. Now, CBC usually airs the first episodes of Romeo X Juliet every week on Wednesday, but in the wake of this brief hiatus, it’s possible that SUN-TV will take over and get to air the first episodes every week on Tuesday instead. In short, there’s a chance SUN-TV will air episode 20 on Tuesday, August 28th before CBC does on Wednesday, August 29th. We won’t know for sure until SUN-TV updates it’s online schedule, and that won’t be for another week or so.
  • For those of you watching Claymore, web Newtype has some interesting spoilers up for future episodes that seem to confirm it’s going to end differently from the manga. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I shudder each time I hear the words “anime original”. In my mind they are synonym with sucky, bad, annoying and retarded.
      It’s a pity that after 19 great episodes, things start to go down the drain with Claymore.

    2. Hum my 1st comment, great blog Omni ! ^^

      Apparently Claymore doesn’t have much “manga materials” left. Wait & see, maybe they won’t pull a sucky, bad, annonying and retarted ending ( yep quite optimistic … )

    3. well what else can be done, I mean the manga is still ongoing and they already caught up to it. I mean unless you want a revisit of D-gray man or Bleach, I think it’s better that they end it now with a satisfying ending rather than drag it on forever and ruin it

    4. they’re going to hit the end of the Northern Campaign soon. there isn’t enough material post-Campaign, there’s hasn’t even been any new main story chapters the past 2 months, only side stories (from what i understand Norihiro’s not continuing the main story til Nov). the reality is they never actually said there was going to be a second season, ppl have just been assuming that. and they have to end the season some how. and if y’all have read the manga at least to the end of the Northern Campaign, its not a very good ending. its a great set-up for the stuff after it.
      but as an ending for a series of anime, its horrible.

    5. Well can’t really opiniate on the matter, I’ll just wait for the episodes and ending to come to a conclusion.Just because they go on a different route won’t mean that it is going to be horrid.

    6. @bearzerger, anime original endings aren’t THAT bad, take mai hime for example, it strayed from the manga but it was still a great series. And the Full Moon anime was soooo good, it’s one of my favourite animes

    7. You want some cheese with that whine?

      Seriously kiddos, you haven’t even heard anything about the ending, and already I see so many bawling infants by the side of the road. Could you please get a grip on yourself?

      The only thing we know is that the anime is obviously going to massively deviate from the manga now. Omni’s Newtype spoiler only covers episode contents up to episode 23 of 26. How it’s going to end we don’t know. Therefore, HUSH.

      Yes, they’re taking a risk with it. On the other hand, maybe they do manage to pull off something good. And then we still have the manga for the original advocates to follow.

    8. @blaho: I never liked Mai Hime neither manga, nor anime, but they were completely different right from the beginning if I remember correctly.

      Ending it with the battle at Pieta would have been best. There’s already such a nice cliffhanger in the manga and in two years they would have enough material for another season.

    9. So… this pretty much kills my hopes for an eventual second season. It’s true that the anime has almost caught up to the manga (the two-three volumes left do not yet make a complete storyline and wouldn’t make any sense to be included in this season), but I was really hoping that it would eventually go this way… The anime was so faithful to the manga, it would only be natural. Damn.

    10. @Typer
      If you really think they suck that bad with endings why watch it at all, then again if everything ends with a good ending ppl will get bored. Besides if they create a total copy of the manga what good will that do? They want to create a piece that would be notice for it’s own originality, if you ask me this might have been already planned from the beginning anyways…since they created the animation without the manga even being done.

      And if the anime and the manga is completely one and the same, manga ppl won’t even bother watching the anime and vice versa. So stop complaining already!

    11. Well it’s hard to hear but somewhat understandable. After all with the manga releasing monthly it’d take about 6 years for them to have enough stuff for a second season. It’s too bad but I guess the producers weren’t optimistic they could get a second season that far down the line. Maybe they thought it was better to give an anime original ending rather than leaving it off for a second season that might never happen.

    12. Well, you don’t NEED 26 episodes of material to do an anime. 13 is more than enough. Based on the pacing of the first season, this means a couple of years.

      As for an original ending, I’m cautiously optimistic. And I was wondering why there seems to be too many episodes for the show to end with the Pieta invasion. The problem with an original ending, though, is how it will affect future episodes should it deviate too much from the manga.
      Show Spoiler ▼

    13. Honestly, this is what I had feared happening since I first decided to give the anime a chance. It was kind of like watching a really nice car roll down a hill when you forgot to put on the emergency break. You watch amazed as it stays on the road not deviating or hitting anything as it picks up speed on the way down. Then finally as it begins to near the bottom of the hill and you dare to breath a sigh of relief you notice the headlights of a mac truck about to barrel though the intersection your car is quickly approaching. What’s going to happen next? I don’t know, but to be honest I was rather fond of the idea of waiting 2 years for another 13 episode chunk. It’s a shame, but what can you do. As a fan of the series you just have to hope for the best and pray we get an ending that is at least true to the spirit of the manga.

    14. Why are any of the whiners even watching anime? Did the ending to Mahoratic suck? Yes. Guess what? Faithful to the manga. Did Asa’s arc in Shuffle suck? Yes. Faithful to the erogame. Was Kaede’s arc the most intense arc in Shuffle? Yes. Guess what? They over sensationalized her emotional state. Was Gankutusou good? Yes. Was it a literal adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas’ novel? Hell no. It is far too early to lament the fall of Claymore.

      Basically when you are adapting something. You probably want to stay true to the spirit of the series but you have to change some things in an attempt to correct some flaws or simply because what works in one medium doesn’t work in another. Said changes usually have mixed results but aren’t inherently good or bad.

    15. Why are any of the whiners even watching anime? Did the ending to Mahoratic suck? Yes. Guess what? Faithful to the manga. Did Asa’s arc in Shuffle suck? Yes. Faithful to the erogame. Was Kaede’s arc the most intense arc in Shuffle? Yes. Guess what? They over sensationalized her emotional state. Was Gankutusou good? Yes. Was it a literal adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas’ novel? Hell no. It is far too early to lament the fall of Claymore.

      Well, there’s changing the ending, and then there’s deviating from a long story. I’d be cool with an anime-original true ending to Claymore, if it’s done well. But keep in mind that the story is far from over. So this would be more like a “filler”, which has traditionally been crappy no matter which anime you’re talking about. Although I think the most apt comparison is the ending to Shakugan no Shana’s “original” ending, which one has to admit is pretty crappy.

    16. the fact is claymore is only written once a month (if we are lucky and it’s not a side story or something else) so there is no logical way for them to make a 2nd season anytime soon. Maybe in a few years….I could see them doing an anime original ending, but still somewhat open ended for possibly an OVA later.

      People follow the manga, but people also just watch the anime. I’d wait to see what happens before complaining it’s going to be bad. Madhouse has been pretty good and have done a great service to the Claymore manga even if they do go for an original ending.

    17. This series reminds me of berserk for some reason, but I think its probably better to end the series, because its taking them forever to release chapters for the manga. I barely remember the ending for the berserk anime, but from what I remember, it just….stopped lol. So i’d rather have them create some ending for the anime, and then carry on with the manga.

    18. I belive there will be about 50+ episodes because there are 3 Abyss of the deep and only 2 have been seen and only 1 in her true form and im sure ladies and gentelmen there will be much much more to come im positive on this if not then claymore will be a faliure trust me. they will leave more out of it then they should i mean according to what iv read on wikipedia.org Raki was separated from Clare during her fight with Ophelia in Volume 7. Soon after that, he was apparently captured by slave traders and sent to the North. In Volume 10, he escaped but fell under the care of Isley and Priscilla, although he is not aware of their true identities as Awakened Beings. He is currently studying swordsmanship under Isley. He has yet to make an appearance after the seven year time skip. see and there will be an new arc where the survivors of the Northan war claymores will be abondoned and someone named Clarice has taken Clare’s number or rank #47 😀 so iv got a very good feeling this will be or another season for Claymore 🙂

    19. @Wargummi

      It has already been confirmed that it is 26 episodes….

      If the anime goes on “orginal ending” = no post-timeskip storyline, no clarice, no Lucky Seven, no Miata, no Isley vs Luciela….

      Unknown Voice
    20. We won’t see ANYTHING past Pieta >.> and the Pieta stuff will be twisted alot too…Lets take out Jean scene, Reveal the Isley and Priscilla “nature” to raki, lets take out lights going out, Insert Raki going into Pieta here…mess up claire’s scene.

      That means no Luciela vs Isley, no Alicia vs army, no timeskip, no lucky seven, no Raki trains by isley, no timeskip arc….

      Unknown Voice
    21. I don’t think the anime will deviate unless Priscilla senses Teresa’s yoma energy and goes on a rampage. If she is merely startled and wishes to investigate, nothing will really change. We’ll still have Isley, Priscilla, and Raki watch Pieta as the Claymores get massacred since it is already hinted that Raki has no major involvement whatsoever. The northern campaign will defnitely fail. Raki will probably go renegade shortly afterwards.

    22. @ix
      Read up…Raki KNOWS the truth about isley and priscila…he goes to pieta alone…”Jean pulls back” doesn’t happen

      If thats not enough. Episode 23 is called “Critical Point”…

      Up Until now every ep was called by manga chapter title.

      Critical Point begins the anime-original ending…

      Unknown Voice
    23. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO should I just cry now or later idk all I can say is fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…………

      Anyone know any good animes like Claymore, it was so much better than Naruto bleach or anything anime imo IM SAD


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