Having gotten slapped, Sekai tells Setsuna what happened and how Makoto hadn’t broken up with Kotonoha. Seeing Sekai like this, Setsuna decides to go determine Makoto’s true feelings. The next day, Sekai doesn’t go to school and instead stays in bed remembering how, after the slap, Kotonoha had questioned why Sekai had done those things. In tears, Kotonoha had brought up how she thought Sekai was her friend, and she had then asked Sekai not to get close to Makoto because she’s his actual girlfriend. At school, Makoto briefly notices Sekai’s absence before being asked by Taisuke about not breaking up with Kotonoha, and later that afternoon, Kotonoha wants to go home with him. He at first agrees, but Setsuna insists that they have work to do and that it’ll take too long for Kotonoha to wait for him. When Makoto protests, Setsuna asks him if going home with Kotonoha is more important than their school festival work, and after Makoto doesn’t reply, Kotonoha backs off on her request and apologizes.

In the classroom afterwards, Makoto scolds Setsuna for being hard on Kotonoha, but she brings up how he’s supposed to be dating Sekai and how she heard that he hadn’t broken up with Kotonoha yet. Makoto thinks that this has nothing to do with Setsuna, but she claims that it does because she’s Sekai’s friend. She then directly asks him who he likes – Sekai or Kotonoha – and when pressed to answer, Makoto admits that he at first liked Kotonoha, but that he feels more comfortable with Sekai now. When he clarifies this to mean that he feels at ease with her, Setsuna takes it to mean that he’s chosen Sekai. With this, she decides that she’ll do their work by herself and sends him to Sekai’s apartment. Around when he thinks that he’d be there, Setsuna sends Sekai a message saying so, and Sekai finds Makoto standing at her door. After he sits down and she brings him some tea, Makoto asks Sekai why she stayed home from school, so she tells him that she wasn’t feeling well.

When Makoto brings up how he had heard something happened with Kotonoha, Sekai admits that she bumped into her on the way out of Makoto’s apartment building. She thinks that Kotonoha knows about them and reveals how Kotonoha had cried and claimed to be Makoto’s girlfriend. Sekai then asks Makoto what she should do and expresses how she feels that what they’re doing is no good. Makoto doesn’t share the same sentiments and surprises her by kissing her, but when he pushes her onto the floor, she pushes him back off because he spilled the tea. Later that night, Setsuna comes by to check on Sekai, but Sekai doesn’t directly respond to any of her questions which are trying to make sure everything is okay now. Instead, Sekai thinks about how an emotional Kotonoha had asked her to not get close to Makoto anymore and stares again at the cell phone message that Makoto had sent her a while back saying that he preferred her. The next morning, however, she arrives in back class acting cheerful as usual.

That afternoon, Makoto is surprised to see Kotonoha rush onto the train after him. She clings to his arm on the ride home and after noticing that she’s staring at her cleavage, she wonders if he wants to touch her breasts. Kotonoha suggests that she’d call him over the next time Kokoro isn’t around so that he can touch them, but first she wants him to promise to dance with her at the end of the festival. Since the temptation is too much for Makoto, he agrees. However, after getting off the train, he calls Sekai and goes over to her apartment. The following day is the school festival, and since the other classes are out in force in order to pull in customers, Setsuna pulls out more costumes. She also sends out the girls in maid costumes, and when one of the costumed guys trips on a banana peel, the entire group of zombies, little sisters, and costumed characters fall like dominoes. This damages all of the costumes, but Setsuna says that she’ll fix them by the following day. Hearing this causes Makoto to comment on how a strong Setsuna doesn’t rely on anyone, and everyone decides to help her.

To finish making repairs, Makoto and Setsuna go to pick up some materials, and he is tasked with pulling the heavy cart. Along the way, Setsuna reveals that she’s moving to France after the festival because of her mother’s transfer. The one thing she’s still worried about is Sekai, and she explains that in the past, whenever something bad happened, Sekai would shut herself in her room and cry all day. Setsuna’s been the one helping Sekai until now, but since she can’t be at Sekai’s side anymore, she wants Makoto to take her place. She then remembers back to the beginning of the school year and how Makoto had found her crying after she had gotten teased. He had offered to help her if she got messed with again, but Setsuna had said that she didn’t rely on anyone. Seeing the strength in her, Makoto had suggested that she become the class representative and promised to vote for her if she ran. Setsuna now tells Makoto how happy she was that he helped her back then, causing Makoto to recall how she had been teased for being small. He downplays his role and commends her on becoming the class representative, causing Setsuna to smile.

Later that night, after getting their work done, Setsuna notices Makoto has fallen asleep against the wall. Decided to do something for her own memories, Setsuna kneels down and kisses him, but she realizes immediately afterwards that Kotonoha is standing at their classroom doorway, shocked at what she just saw.

The knee-jerk reaction I initially had was that Setsuna was getting thrown into the mix, but it really doesn’t appear to be that way since Setsuna just wanted to make a memory before going to France. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings for him, however I think it’s pretty unlikely that she’ll compete for him like Sekai and Kotonoha have. The (probably) bigger implication is that Kotonoha saw her, and it’s going to be hard for Setsuna to explain this away considering how much she had tried to keep Makoto and Kotonoha apart.
Kotonoha, on the other hand, has already stooped to offering her body to get what she wants from Makoto, and I could see her perceiving this new threat as incentive to speed things along in order to keep him. For now though, there doesn’t seem to be anything but lust in Makoto’s feelings for her, so I still have my doubts that this will end well for Kotonoha. Actually, I really don’t know how this will end and could speculate all day, but we’ll have to wait and see. Next episode is about the kouyasai (after-festival event), and I hope the dance will be the source of more good drama.


  1. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!
    I knewww it!! `
    There you havee Sekaiii, looking for the raw!!!
    Makoto why don’t you kill yourself already?!! Shit!
    Setsuna kissing makoto, well that make me remember Summer Days!!

  2. Well, Setsuna seems to be one of the semi-sane people in this series so maybe she’ll explain things clearly to Kotonoha.

    Key word here is “maybe”.

    After all, considering her side-role in School Days, she never went crazy and wasn’t crazy enough to hurt someone really emotionally.

  3. Well, it doesn’t look like a lot happened. The dumbass had his perverted moment of the week and he keeps cheating, but that’s nothing new.

    Regarding Setsuna, I don’t think anyone at all can blame him for that. I wonder if she’ll explain Kotonoha or she’ll just tell her off and say that it’s none of her business, though.

  4. Setsunaaaaa…..

    What did you do? I was just thinking that she is the only normal one in this whole batallion of freaks and then she goes and does something like that.

    But seriously, what is it about this guy Makoto that every girl in this school keeps falling for him.

    If I were in Kotonoha’s place at this point I would kill the whole female population of this school.

  5. But seriously, what is it about this guy Makoto that every girl in this school keeps falling for him.

    In harem anime, all the girls will fall in love with the main character, no matter how worthless a piece of trash he is. Sometimes the main character is good, sometimes he’s bad…this time we have Makoto who is…well…a lot below “bad”.

  6. “In harem anime, all the girls will fall in love with the main character, no matter how worthless a piece of trash he is.”

    I have not seen many harem anime, but in general the main character is not a piece of trash. On the contrary, he is usually a very nice guy who tries to make all the girls happy. Perhaps you can tell me another show where such a character like Makoto is so popular with girls(don’t give me Takayuki from Kimi as an example, because he is also a nice guy).

  7. I was talking about the fact that, realistically, the typical harem lead should be incapable of attracting women, because of how clueless he is. They’re either the geeky type or the clueless/oblivious to everything type, but the girls fall in love with him because he’s “nice”. That’s not such an exceptional quality and it takes far more than that to attract women.

    Makoto’s worse than the norm because he’s driven only by sex and even stupider than the average.

    There’s some exceptions though. One would be Yuuichi from Kanon.

  8. @LQY: Now I am sure Makoto must die.

    Why, what did he do now? He fell asleep and got kissed by a girl? Frankly speaking, it’s not his fault that all the girls keep falling in love with him. I think that people who want him to die should come up with better reasons than that.

  9. Obviously Makoto is not at fault this time. Setsuna kissed him while he was sleeping. But that doesnt excuse the fact that he is still cheating on Kotonoha with Sekai, which obviously deserves the death penalty for that and being a complete, total moron.

  10. @Victor: But that doesnt excuse the fact that he is still cheating on Kotonoha with Sekai, which obviously deserves the death penalty.

    Which country are you from? Is cheating there a crime punishable by the death penalty? Also, is being a moron a reason to kill someone?

  11. Makoto is dreck, but I wouldn’t kill him. I just want an unhappy/bittersweet ending for him, not one girl going “ok guys I forgive you”, him FINALLY choosing (which would lead people to say “he’s a good guy after all!”, I tell ya) and everyone lives happily after ever. He has to learn the hard way.

  12. @Darwin

    Seems like you are taking this a little too seriously. Ok maybe killing off Makoto for cheating on a girl and screwing with her feelings doesnt need to “die” and is a little much. He is still a complete moron for not knowing how to take a relationship seriously instead of using girls for his own pleasures.

    Anyway I just hope Makoto gets whats coming to him.

  13. Ahh, I just hope -that- scene you’re parodying doesn’t happen, hax-tan. I don’t want to hate anyone in this show more than Makoto.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. @Victor:

    Heh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to defend Makoto or anything. I agree he is a jerk and needs some serious help. It just annoys me to always see “Makoto must die” posts for no apparent reason all the time. So, people generally hate him…OK. They do not need to remind me of that fact after every episode with a new “Makoto must die” post, especially when in the new episode he has not done anything wrong. That’s all.

  15. @Darwin

    No hard feelings. Yeah I know how you feel. Sometimes I do feel as if he needs to die but that is a little extreme haha. Makoto is a big jerk and I hope he gets what he deserves! I also agree that this time, he isn’t at fault. Setsuna kinda put herself in that position. I want to see what happens next.

  16. wow did not see that kiss comming lol and wow at least this time the bad things that happened were not makoto’s fault lol at least a mjority of them and check out the school days TV ending song collection tommarow it gets released and i saw one of the songs is “let me love you” anyone that has seen the game will know exactaly what that means

  17. @ap

    Are you serious? That question has no baring when it comes to harem anime, in any of them, the males are all the same more or less. They’re either very nice to all girls, and idiots, or just idiots. There is no outstanding factor at all. YOu can’t get any other answer aside from that right there.

    As to everyone else, people need to stop the hate, true the guys an idiot, nothing different from other male main characters in any number of different shows, but he’s also not telling Kotonoha cuz he’s scared of her freaking out and getting mad. Does that make him a ass? Maybe a bit, but no one who’s cheater runs off to the gf or wife right after and says “Hey, I just slept with someone else, sorry, lets break up.”

  18. I have also expressed dislike towards all male harem leads in general, but when I think about it, this is just in the purpose of the show. I think everyone can agree that a show when one guy is surrounded by pretty girls and chooses one girl from the very beginning and sticks with her through the end would be pretty boring to watch. The whole tension and interest in those sorts of shows is because people do not know which girl he is going to end up with and keep guessing until the very end. It brings the whole element of surprise into it. So then, I guess it is by default that the male harem lead must be an indecisive idiot in order to make the show interesting.

    Well, that does not make the harem male leads any more likable though. That’s why I do not like such shows in general and I think they can create tension in other ways like introducing more male characters and make them fight for the girls for a change.

  19. @ syaoran li: i wouldnt say “got back yet.” Show Spoiler ▼

  20. Did I say before that I love this show? 😉

    When was the last time a harem anime ever provoke this much reaction from people (slapstick romance comedies don’t count) since Kiminozo?

    We’re not getting to the really juicy parts… and we don’t even know if they’ll let Otome Kato enter the fray … this show is just 12 episodes, right?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    – T

  21. WTF! Now i would like to ask how many people think he’s a real bastard? For me he’s already one since i played the game, even i never saw him on 3 girls in the game and posibility on Sekai’s ending, having sex with Setsuna and also Kotonoha.

  22. Kanon was interesting without the main character being a dumbass. And I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t matter if a lot of people do it, he’s still an ass and an idiot if he does it too.

  23. Maybe the anime doesn’t show it well enough, but one reason why everyone likes him is simply coz he’s a good-looking guy. And let’s admit, primary attraction starts from appearances. And many women, especially in the US, have continually gone out with good-looking insensitive womanizing assholes and will continue to do so as long as he is is someone “cute” …

    So maybe Makoto doesn’t look “handsome” in the anime, but it explains one of those mysteries as to why everyone’s panties seem to be dropping at the mere sight of him.

    Or it could be that his pheromone emissions are astronomical and constant. Or maybe the girls secretly know that his penis is bigger than normal. Who cares. It’s fiction.

    – T

  24. I disagree, I think it’s guys who care more about looks than women, and when they go with assholes they’re assholes who at least know how to sweet talk them…

    Makoto, on the other hand…if he has a brain he doesn’t use it.

    The point isn’t that anyway. It’s unrealistic that anyone under 100kg. could be attracted to him, but if they weren’t, there would be no story.

  25. i wish they really make summer days cus they put setsuna kissing makoto scene. I’m guessing there will be no killing if they make summer days.

    I’m hopeful that the ending there’s some killing or girls getting pregnant(but that’s like hentai).

    makoto is so lucky cus being kind to others gets the women hehe!

  26. @Ale:

    Kanon is not your typical harem romance series, it’s more like a drama. You don’t see all the girls falling in love for Yuiichi and trying to seduce him, so it’s not really the same thing. And…you’re right he is a pretty decent character, but to prove my point, maybe that’s why I found Kanon to be a pretty boring show. I watched it through episode 13(end of the Makoto arc) and I could not find the interest to continue. I never got to understand what’s so special about that show anyway, perhaps someone could explain it to me.

  27. hey omni great review as always but a quick typo err added letter.

    “She clings to his arm on the ride home and after noticing that she’s staring at her cleavage, she wonders if he wants to touch her breasts.”

    Should be “noticing that “he’s” staring at her cleavage” very small error in that wonderful summary but thought I should point it out

  28. Ah, I got to see my sweet Setsuna go at it in this last installment of school days. Now I can die knowing the joy of having seen one of my favorite characters being given a more prerogative role rather than being emitted. ^^

    Anyhow, I hope the following does not take place as in the game:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  29. i know kotonoha loves makoto but to snoop so low as to offer her body juz to keep him… make me dislike her… makoto on the other hand.. is juz dambwit retarded if he perfers sekai more than kotonoha.. juz fucking tell her how he feels… playing around 2girls is a dangerous thing…. u might get burnt ;P

  30. @ Darkloard:

    I know what you mean about Kanon. It was a good show and all, but I didn’t think there was anything really special about it. At times I felt I was watching it just for the sake of finishing what I started.

    @ Everyone else:

    I love this show and I love Makoto. He’s almost the exact opposite of what most guys are like in an anime like this ( You know, that nice guy who tries to make everyone happy. The type that all girls say they want buy none of them actually date…). He seems more human to me. He lusts over these girls, he makes plenty of mistakes, he’s kinda an ass, and he doesn’t get noes bleeds everytime a remotely sexual situation occurs between him and one of the girls (Probably the most annoying thing every). And any sympathy for Kotonoha I had because she got cheated on is gone after these last couple episodes. She finds out (and catches him multiply times) cheating on her, confronts the other girl (not him), and then offers him her body to try and get him back (which I recall predicting after last episode). Anything she gets out of this relationship she deserves and she brought on herself.

    Oh, and I think the only way they could possibly ruin this anime at this point is to kill Makoto, imo.

  31. Kotonoha isn’t poor, I think she’s selfish. She only thinks of herself, not minding Makoto’s feelings, not really wanting to find out if he really loves her… or Sekai. :>

  32. i have to agree with rbg on this. makoto is a bit of an ass, but he is much more realistic in terms of characterisation than almost any other character in anime. he’s only what? 16, 17? he’s making a lot of mistakes because thats what you do at that age. he’s a horny teenager, don’t tell me the majority of us don’t know what thats like. while i agree that he’s not exactly likeable, i think that lusting for his death is a bit much. frankly i enjoy seeing the way the that he digs himself a deeper hole. to my mind his actions come off as reasonable, albeit not well considered. he likes sekai, so he goes after her. i dont condone the cheating but maybe he’s a bit too akward to properly break up with kotonoha and risk looking like a bastard (to the other characters i mean, i think the audience has already decided on his douchery). i’m probably going to cop a bit of flak for this, but i think the way he acts is more realistic and human than the way the women in the show act.

  33. IE, he isn’t a man, but a whiny little boy, who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. Not that I can really fault him for it, since I do agree that the characterization for Makoto is the closest to an actual real life teenager in anime that I’ve seen in a long time. However, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know his right from his wrong. He knows that getting involve with Sekai while still dating Kotonoha is wrong. But he refuses to man up to the situation and end it with Kotonoha. He is going to hurt her in the long run, why prolong it just so Makoto can avoid being blamed as the bad guy. And, unfortunately, that is also another reason why Makoto is too much like the average teenage male. We guys do tend to force the girl to make the call to breakup the relationship by treating them poorly over a long period of time, just so we’re not painted as the bad guy. Some of us grow out of the phase, some don’t.

    Ask for Sekai…well, nuff said. I do believe that we can’t help who we fall inlove with. But even if that’s the case, we can still make the choice to love those we fall inlove with from a distance, especially if they’re already involve, in particular, with our friends. I do hope that Makoto hurries up and breaks it off with Kotonoha. That way he can start dating Sekai and cheat on her with Setsuna. In the game, it’s fairly obvious that Makoto doesn’t actually ‘love’ any of the girls he gets involved with, he just wants to plug’em. And I hope he gets his just desserts.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  34. Originally in the game Kotonoha gets much more aggressive after she finds out about Sekai. Although she does not look it Kotonoha is can be much more sexually agressive depending on which of the 21 endings is going to take place.

    Seeing her offer parts of her body in exchange for “tokens of faithfulness” happens quite a bit in the game. Kinda nice to see it here too.

    …. and I know.. I know. The male lead her is no shining example of humanity. Remember this is an anime designed to draw attention, it is not reality.

  35. I don’t find Makoto’s character to be realistic. I didn’t act like that when I was 16-17, most of my friends didn’t, and if I was that age I’d feel pretty insulted if people expected that little of me.

  36. This was a pretty good episode. Finally, some of the characters’ actions start to make sense.

    It’s all thanks to Setsuna. This episode really made me see where she is coming from and that she is indeed a very good friend to Sekai. I really loved it when Makoto told her “It’s not your business”, she responded: “Sekai is my friend, of course it is my business.” She really is the one who understands Sekai the most and cares for her the most. Therefore, I can forgive her meddling, since she just wanted Sekai to be happy when she was gone. As for the kiss, I can’t be mad at her for that as well. I think it was really sweet, how they showed the flashback with Itou encouraging her to be strong and it made sense that she wanted one last memento from the person who she admired. Too bad she got caught red-handed doing it.

    So, Itou had some redeemable qualities after all. Even though it was in a flashback, this is the first time I’ve seen him do something admirable. It makes me wonder, though, what happened to that guy who used to be so considerate to girls. Looks like puberty hit him pretty hard. During the episode he is his usual lecherous self, trying to get it on with Sekai and later staring at Kotonoha’s breasts again. It is clear that he does not know what he feels, since he could not give a clear answer to Setsuna and it is even more clear that his hormones cloud his judgment. He promised he would break up with Kotonoha, but once she started acting all slutty, he totally forgot about that. This guy needs some serious help.

    As for Kotonoha, she stooped even lower this episode. She degraded herself to being a common whore, just to get Makoto back. Whatever sympathy I felt for her before is quickly fading away. At this point I must say her chances of ending up with Makoto are close to nil. The best thing that could happen to her right now is Makoto breaking up with her(since she obviously will not do it) and defend her against the bullies in the end, so that he can inspire her to be stronger just like he did with Setsuna. The worst thing…well…you know what I am talking about.

    Sekai shows some huge vulnerability this episode. This one slap made her stay at home the entire day and from Setsuna’s story it seems like this is the way she reacts to everything. It makes me wonder how she will react if she sees Makoto and Kotonoha together. She will probably snap completely and go all stabby on him. So, I guess, this option is still available for the end. It will suck, though, after all the efforts Setsuna went through.

    I really enjoyed the comedy part of this episode. It seems like the characters act a lot more normally when they are in a comedy situation. Well, I must say that after this episode, I am not so sure the show will end up with a bad end. I’ll say it can go in either direction right now. However, whatever end they choose, I hope they make it realistic.

  37. Ale: Just because you or your friends didn’t do such things, doesn’t mean that no other teenage male on the planet didn’t. When I first became sexually active, I was about the same age as Makoto and I made a few of the mistakes I see him making. Which is probably a huge reason why I really don’t like Makoto, because I do see a part of my younger self in him. Particularly the stupid parts.

    Plus, remember that when most of us were that age, we thought we the world revolved around us (whether it was good or bad, it was everyone else’s fault but ours). We flocked to the newest and latest craze for acceptance. Even those who claimed to be rebels against the ’cause’ (whatever it was), were part of some mainstreamed fashion statement. Though, insulting as it is, many teenagers are morons and idiots. Very, very few teenagers have the capability to think for themselves and shouldered the responsibilities thrust upon them. And I’m not just talking about the current generation, I mean just about all generation of teenagers since the end of WW2.

    And ask for Kotonoha stooping to that level, it’s expected, so I wasn’t too disappointed in her. Just like with guys forcing the girls to break the relationship in my previous post, young girls also have a mental mechanism that follows along the line of “If I give him what I think he wants, then he won’t leave me.” And, like guys, some girls grow out of this phase, some don’t.

    Same with Makoto, I can’t really blame Kotonoha with how she’s handling the situation. Keep in mind, she doesn’t have a very strong confident view of herself as it is and has little to no friends she can rely on for support. She’s losing her grip on her boyfriend because another girl decided to put out. So she’s fighting back with what she thinks will win Makoto over to her again. It’s a sad situation, but she’s not the first girl to use it. And Makoto, like all punks his age, won’t think much of it past, “Cool, I get free ass! This rocks!”

  38. @Ale, I agree with Remy, just because you and your friends don’t behave in such manners does not mean the rest of humanities’ pubescent guys doesn’t.

    I can identify with Mokoto and the way his behaviors is conveyed. He might not be the brightest guy, but his actions can be described as sensible to the way a teenager might act in real life; imagine being just coupled with the love of your life and your girl-friend came on to you with a kiss out of the blue and to make things more complicated, he now has to sort his feelings between the two without having to hurt the other whilst haplessly living his life with no past experiences in love as a virgin. So, tell me you wouldn’t screw up at least once for being a late bloomer?

    Nevertheless, I still think the main character, Mokoto, has been overly exaggerated a bit to much as with other animes (i.e., the lack of commonsense).

    It looks like the anime is heading towards one of the games ending, wherein:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    BTW, How many episodes of School Days would the it take to tell it’s dramatic stories? A span of 12 episodes? with a movie to put an end to it? Hm? ^^

  39. @Ale

    Give it a rest man, just because you and your friends teenage lifes didn’t have any mistakes or problems doesn’t mean the whole world is the same. Get out of your little bubble, the world is different, we’re not all the same. Makoto is more realistic than other male anime characters in harem shows. Kotonoha clings on to him so close that he notices her boobs, are you saying you wouldn’t look? Are you that sorta saint?

    People have to keep in mind that School days takes things to the extreme, even the game with it’s 3 bad endings, which are the very extreme side of what could happen when emotions run high and so on.

    They could’ve made it more lighter, made Makoto less horny, but then it’d be boring. It’s suppose to be packed full of this sorta drama. Also makotos reply to Setsuna as to how he feels about Sekai is right on the mark. Maybe he doesn’t use the word “love” but the other reasons he gives are also good ones imo. Kotonoha might looks great, and have bigger boobs, but if you don’t feel comforable and at ease with her, then you can’t be yourself fully. And if you can’t be yourself fully, the relationship isn’t going to work out anyways.

  40. Ale: Just because you or your friends didn’t do such things, doesn’t mean that no other teenage male on the planet didn’t. When I first became sexually active, I was about the same age as Makoto and I made a few of the mistakes I see him making. Which is probably a huge reason why I really don’t like Makoto, because I do see a part of my younger self in him. Particularly the stupid parts.

    That’s fair enough. I find it hard to believe that someone can be as clueless as Makoto, though? Everyone’s stupid and can make stupid mistakes, but from that to being consistently stupid, well, I can’t really say I’ve met anyone like that. And I’ve met it a lot of people. I do know that in fiction personality traits have to be exaggerated to differentiate characters from others, but did they really have to make Makoto -that- bad?

    Plus, remember that when most of us were that age, we thought we the world revolved around us (whether it was good or bad, it was everyone else’s fault but ours). We flocked to the newest and latest craze for acceptance. Even those who claimed to be rebels against the ’cause’ (whatever it was), were part of some mainstreamed fashion statement.

    Yes, I agree.

    Though, insulting as it is, many teenagers are morons and idiots. Very, very few teenagers have the capability to think for themselves and shouldered the responsibilities thrust upon them.

    Again, I agree. But to that point?

    As for Kotonoha, I feel more pity for her than anything. She’s too desperate, she needs some more self respect.

    And I do believe that there’s very few people who are as bad as Makoto. Assholes? Yes, there’s a lot. Dumb people? Yeah, there’s a lot. But the guy is such a combination of both, more the latter than the former, that, for me, doesn’t make him a very believable character.

  41. Give it a rest man, just because you and your friends teenage lifes didn’t have any mistakes or problems doesn’t mean the whole world is the same. Get out of your little bubble, the world is different, we’re not all the same.

    I don’t really know how to answer to this. To begin with, I didn’t say me or my friends never made any mistakes, I simply said me, my friends, or no one I knew acted like Makoto. That’s a big difference. As I said in my previous post, people making dumb mistakes? Yes. People cheating? Yes. But the latter were usually sly/smart enough, and the former aren’t really consistently stupid to Makoto’s level. I find Yuuichi from Kanon far, far more realistic, among others such as Rin, perhaps. I’m not saying School Days is a bad show – I love it. But I don’t find Makoto to be realistic, no.
    Moreover, I don’t see how you can tell someone that they’re in a little bubble simply from reading their posts in a blog; that’s enough information for you? If anything, I’d say you need to be more open minded about other people’s views, if you think that way; then again, I guess you’re as free to think what you want as I am. But on to the non off topic parts:

    Makoto is more realistic than other male anime characters in harem shows. Kotonoha clings on to him so close that he notices her boobs, are you saying you wouldn’t look? Are you that sorta saint?

    Of course I’m not a saint. I’m not talking about just this episode, either. It’s just that the guy seems to be either pushed around or driven only by sex, which is why I find him to be a sad person.

    People have to keep in mind that School days takes things to the extreme, even the game with it’s 3 bad endings, which are the very extreme side of what could happen when emotions run high and so on.

    This is exactly my point. Makoto’s character I don’t find realistic because his defining traits are taken to the extreme. I’ve seen a lot more realistic harem leads – far more “normal” people.

    @andynai; no, I haven’t ignored you, but I think by answering to GP and Remy I’ve also addresed your points, and I didn’t wanna sound like a broken record.

  42. @GP, ha ha…

    “Kotonoha might looks great, and have bigger boobs, but if you don’t feel comforable and at ease with her, then you can’t be yourself fully. And if you can’t be yourself fully, the relationship isn’t going to work out anyways.”

    You’re right on the mark, I myself also had been miserably held down in relationships due to not being able to be at ease and not feeling comfortable to an extent.

    See spoiler for further info involving awry relationships:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  43. I don’t ale is wrong, nor is Remy… everyone grows at their own pace. Some are more bold (if that’s the word) and i guess some are more cautious about these things… but i do agree that these mistakes DO happen – however I question how closely it actually represents real life. Of course cheating happens, but I don’t think every guy actually acts like Makoto all that often, who is a clueless idiot. Like someone said, this show is there to draw attention – if Makoto was a good guy there wouldn’t be much drama and people wouldn’t want to watch it as much I’m guessing.

    As for Kotonoha… I am half disappointed with her and half understanding. A girl with a strong personality may try other methods or “believe in herself” that she can win Makoto back. For someone with little self-esteem and confidence, she’ll probably just give up. Yet we know that she is desperate – she knows that at this rate Makoto is going with Sekai, she’s going to lose out. So she is going to either walk away quietly – or offer what’s tempting to Makoto. I’m not saying this is the way to go, or that it’s even right to do so, but I’m sure there has all been times where we are really desperate to get a person back, despite them being a jerk and all – i know there is.

    I really dislike how they protrayed kotonoha as someone so weak, and a whore though. Because if you compare her to Sekai, they are a bit similar in this aspect. Sekai “kind of” offered her body also for training – not sure if her intentions are totally innocent, I mean can you SERIOUSLY offer this kind of training to someone you don’t have feelings for? The training was either to win Makoto, or a justification for her own desires. And there’s kotonoha who wants more attention by offering parts of her body to Makoto. Kotonoha’s way certainly seems more low but IMO I think Sekai’s offer just seems more modest.

  44. Maybe people will say I’m a bit naive, but I think…Sekai didn’t really have any malicious intent, but she kept lying to herself and offered the training because of mixed feelings; wanting to help Makoto but also being in love with him.

    Of course, she has only herself to blame for that, and I still don’t like how she betrayed Kotonoha, but…unlike for Makoto, I do have sympathy for her.

  45. I’ve played the game of school days, which the anime is based upon the game…and theres many ending to it, which some are…varying from very good to very very gruesome…I hope hope this anime ends well.

  46. I think the anime could pull out it’s own ending. The sad thing is the game only gets so much looks because of the 3 bad endings out of 21 total. The numbers aren’t there really. The game gives you more good endnings with one of the girls than bad ones. I think the anime will draw out as much drama as it can, but I don’t think they’ll push it all the way to the point where people start getting killed.

  47. And the plot thickens. Kotonoha’s mind is already in tatters and things can only get worse. Although this episode does suggest that Makoto is only attracted to Kotonoha’s body, his inability to answer Setsuna clearly makes me feel that he himself is still undecided, but he just wants both at the moment. At least he’s acting a bit more human than in earlier episodes and the conversations with Setsuna were a nice break from the drama, even though what it eventually led to.

    It turns out that Kotonoha’s class “lounge” was different than I had expected. My thoughts were that the girls were gonna trick her into wearing a revealing costume, and placing the lounge at the end of the haunted house, where she would be taunted, or even sexually assaulted, by male customers, and all video taped to humiliate her. In the end, they’re just running a miniature love hotel. Of course, if the teachers find out, its clear they are gonna pin the blame on Kotonoha, but then whats that camera for?

    On a lighter note, I loved Colonol Setsuna’s moment, she sure is a natural born leader.

  48. I knew it! That bastard is only after Kotonoha for her body, nothing more…

    How dare he? I know he said to Setsuna that he feels more comfortable with Sekai; still he’s lusting for Kotonoha and keeps seeing Sekai. Well, meanwhile Kotonoha doesn’t catch them; Makoto will be doing the same thing over and over again. That pisses my off very much.

    Now Setsuna is in trouble. After all the trouble and pain that she caused to Kotonoha with her actions, she can’t escape from that situation easily. I guess this will increase Kotonoha’s wounds (emotion ones); and maybe the festival could be the final blow if Makoto and Sekai dance instead of Kotonoha.

    I’ll have to wait then.

    Syaoran Li
  49. Alot of people is on Sekai side more and never on Kotonoha side, i feel sorry for Kotonoha but i like Sekai better still. Anyways yes it end with Setsuna killing Makoto but that not the point, the real battle is between Sekai and Kotonoha

  50. I’m more on Kotonoha’s side. Though it does appear ‘low’ and desperate for her to offer her body to Makoto, I can overlook it because he is her boyfriend, officially. I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m saying that if she chooses to give her boyfriend her body, despite her reasons, she has the right to do so. Sekai, though she may not have meant to be mean, knew that what she was doing was wrong and selfish. She used the excuse as training to get what she wanted out of Makoto. It’s not as if she innocently thought, “I know, I’ll let you train with me so you can be happy with Kotonoha.” Sekai knew what she was doing, she knew that it was wrong, she knew she would be betraying a friend, and she continued. And this episode proved it, when Sekai chose to stay home and avoid school. It’s call guilt.

    Sekai didn’t go to school because she’d be afraid of a fight. She was afraid to face Kotonoha, whom she knew she hurt, just so she could fulfill her own desires.

    Morally, I have to side with Kotonoha here. In the long run of all this, she’s the victim here because I believe she is the one who the most in the right. Being stabbed in the back by someone she felt was a friend, being bullied by the girls, and her boyfriend (who is supposed to be her safe haven/emotional anchor in all this) is a loser, who is afraid of being hurt and left alone, so he drags her and three or four other girls down with him. No wonder she went crazy in one of the endings. My life wasn’t anywhere near that bad and there were times in high school that I was just a hair away from going on a killing spree.

  51. I do agree with some of the comments that Makoto isn’t exactly realistic. I just think that he is more realistic than guys normally are in this genre of anime. I have actually known people who Makoto kinda reminds me off, but like some have said, his character is over exaggerated (but then, a lot of characters and situations are in anime and other TV shows).

    And i think that makoto should end up alone as well. It would teach him not to play around with the girls feelings like he is. But from the way that the girls have been throwing themselves at him during this series (apparenly he’s a chick magnet), it seems like no matter how big an ass he is, who he screws over, who’s heart he breaks, that these girls will still fight over him. A shame really, but it is damn entertaining.

  52. @Syaoran Li: “I knew it! That bastard is only after Kotonoha for her body, nothing more…”

    LOL, I think this was established a long time ago. He basically confused lust with love, so, yes, he only wants her body. Besides, Taisuke is the same – he also only wants her body.

    And actually, after this episode, can you really blame Makoto for looking at her like that? She practically offered herself to him in a very direct way. I know I would have a very hard time resisting in such a situation, let alone a horny bastard like Makoto.


    I have very little respect for girls who act like Kotonoha did this episode. I know many girls like that in real life(slutty, I mean) and they have broken up many healthy relationships. Yeah, I know the guys who fell for their charms are also at fault, but men, especially teenagers, are weak against sexy women’s advances.

    It’s one thing being insecure about herself and her relationship, it completely different to act like a common whore. What she could have done is be more assertive with Makoto, try to spend more time with him and just become more open. She does not need to jump the gun so fast and give out everything she has to offer at once. Heck she is even stupid. If Makoto really only wants her for her body, then after he sleeps with her he is just going to discard her and get back to Sekai, so technically, she is making things worse.

    I really liked how she acted in episodes 5 and 6 and I felt really bad for her then, so I think she should continue to act like that, instead of act like a slut. If it does not work, well, she should dump the bastard. Simple as that!

    Also, her being Makoto’s “official” girlfriend is not really an excuse for her to act like a slut. I mean, if she was really her official girlfriend and felt that way, she would not need to stoop so low. The only reason she is doing it is because she knows she is not really Makoto’s girlfriend anymore. It would be normal for her to act like that if she did not know he cheated on her. I guess what I’m trying to say is she is not trying to seduce him because she is his official girlfriend and wants to advance her relationship to the next level, she is doing it because she wants to keep him.

    So, yeah, I feel very strongly about those sorts of girls and whatever respect or sympathy I had for her is quickly fading away. I know she was forced to become like this, since she was treated like trash by pretty much everybody, but this is not an excuse for her to act like a slut.

    People should stop blaming Makoto for everything. They say being horny is not an excuse for acting like a jerk and such, well, same goes for the girls. Whatever reasons they have to make the wrong choices is not really an excuse to make those choices.

  53. “What she could have done is be more assertive with Makoto, try to spend more time with him and just become more open.”

    Uhh, I don’t think that would happen. Remember episodes 6? Kotonoha genuinely offered to spend more time and become more open, but Makoto still refused her, since he was infatuated with Sekai.

    Even later on (episode 7), when he did feel some regret for ditching Kotonoha, Setsuna actively refused to let the two spend time together (usually through lame excuses), denying Makoto any chance to reconcile with Kotonoha.

    Although many may call her a “whore” for her actions to get Makoto back, it was the circumstances that forced her to do so.

    Concerning the solution:”Why doesn’t she just break up with Makoto?”

    Well, if people watched the series from the beginning, they would know Kotonoha has never had any friends (until she met Sekai and Makoto). Makoto’s love confession was a first to her, and she probably cherished it greatly (since he was one of her first friends and her first boyfriend). Simply “breaking up” and finding someone else (even if he was a nice person) would not ever be the same, and she probably knows this.

  54. I know she tried to get closer to Makoto and spend more time with him, and it did not work out. That’s why I gave her a lot of credit for her behavior(eps. 5 and 6). After it did not work out she could have done one of several things:

    1) Try Harder. If she really felt inside that Makoto is worth the effort, she should have fought harder for him. I know this sounds ridiculous concerning the situation, but it is the right thing to do.

    2) Confront him. Ask him who he really loves and even dare him to choose between her and Sekai. Again, I know this is very hard for her, since she really does not want to be alone, but again, it is the right thing to do.

    3) Dump him and move on. That’s what most girls with dignity would probably do. I know it’s hard to get rid of the only person who expressed interest in her, but hey – is it worth dating someone who is just interested in her body. As I said, what makes her think that he will keep her after giving him everything she has to offer. He’ll get bored of her pretty soon. Besides, for a girl with those looks I am sure that there will be plenty of guys in the future who will be interested in her.

    So, I understand it was the circumstances that forced her to behave slutty and all, but that does not mean I have to forgive her. It’s not like you can say she did not have any choice and she had to resort to those measures. She had plenty of choices. She simply chose the easiest thing to do. I understand her, but I think what she did is clearly wrong!

  55. what the hell are you talking about, the girls done nothing wrong.
    Whats wrong is the existence of the guy.

    Everything will be fine again once he is eliminated. Hopefully thats happen soon.

  56. @Quina:

    See, I agree that the guy is a scumbag, but saying like the girls have done nothing wrong is pretty far from the truth. Both of them have done some wrong things. I can’t accept seeing the guy blamed for everything when the girls are pretty messed-up as well. Also, I do not think killing the guy is the right way to resolve the situation.


    Well, he did not have any redeemable qualities until this episode. Even though it was revealed through a flashback, it shows that he has some good qualities after all.

  57. Darklord: Slut? Since when is Kotonoha a slut? A slut is a girl who gives it up to just anyone, without caring about who they may be involved with. Same thing with a whore. Thus far, Kotonoha has only have one person she’d be willing to do that with: Makoto, her official boyfriend, even if she’s just hanging on by a hair. Just because someone wants to have sex (no matter what their reason – and in this case, she is insecure of herself in this relationship – which is the fault of Makoto), doesn’t label them a slut if they chose to do so with the person they’re involved with.

    Sekai is a slut, in the actual dictionary term of it. She went after a guy who is already involved with someone else. I am not condoning Kotonoha’s action, because I believe the way she went about is wrong, however, I disagree with labeling her a slut. Especially when there are so many factors in the story placed against her to begin with.

    Ask for your three step program…have you ever dated a girl in high school? I’m not just talking about while you’re in high school, I also mean after you’ve graduated. Many high school girls are incredibly easy to manipulate because they don’t have that confident view of themselves yet. A woman is expected to have a certain amount of dignity and confidence to see she’s in that kind of situation and make a mature decision to stay or leave. A young girl, who’s in her first relationship, is clueless. All she knows is that she’s getting some attention from the opposite sex, it makes her feel good about herself, and she doesn’t want to have the feeling go away.

    The steps you’ve just prescribed works better for a guy, because we don’t need the emotional support of friends and family, as much a girls do. Hell, we guys don’t even require the support of a human being, we go hunting for days on end, with only a dog as a companion. When a guy gets upset or depressed, he’s more likely to withdraw to his ‘cave’ (for a lack of better words) until he finds a solution/it goes away on its own. When girls get upset or depressed, they need to express it and be comforted. They call friends and family members, people they know will give them emotional support.

    Situations like that are harder for a women. All a guy has to say is, “Yes, I do love you and I’ll never do it again.” It’s called lying and I’ve used similar lines before, when I was young and dumb, to keep a girl with me, out of spite because I felt she had the audacity to question my motives. And giving a guy an ultimatum is the worse thing a girl can do when it comes to a relationship. Because in doing so, the guy feels that he’s under attack and will retaliate in the way he thinks can hurt her back: IE, he’d automatically chose the choice that is farthest from her. And say he does choose her, he’d eventually come to resent her. He will then blame her for all the messes in the relationship after that point on, because he was ‘forced’ to choose her. Ultimatums work in business negotiations, not in a relationship.

  58. Okay, maybe calling her a slut was a little exaggerated. I did not mean slut in terms of offering herself to anyone, I meant it in terms of using her body to get a guy to fall for her. That’s like a different kind of slut, or at least a woman who exhibits slutty behavior. I’m sorry I cannot come up with a better word. If they were in a normal relationship then I would have no problem with her trying to seduce him, but in the current situation she is just doing it out of desperation. Also, as you suggested, why doesn’t she speak with her parents about that? If she is really confused and wondering what to do she should seek some advice, and since she does not have any friends, she should talk to her parents. So, maybe she is not a slut in the complete sense of the word, but still what she is doing is wrong.

    You give many good reasons why her behavior is understandable. Yes, I can see it happening, I can see that she was pushed to the edge, that she did not know what else to do. Still, does that make what she did right? No! You said a girl at this age is clueless about relationships. Well, the truth is girls mature much faster than guys. A girl in her teens is already a young adult, while most guys are still kids. So, if a girl is clueless about relationships, then a guy like Makoto is even more clueless. Does that fact excuse him for acting like a jerk? Again, no! It just bothers me that people are willing to forgive Kotonoha for making a clearly wrong decision just because she is young and clueless, while they are unwilling to forgive Makoto, even though he is also young and clueless.

    Well, Kotonoha still has not done anything irreversible yet, so I am still willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. It’s just that compared to how admirable she acted in earlier episodes and how she was the victim, now my respect for her is fading, that’s all.

  59. I love your paragraph. We should post it in every school days blog.

    “In harem anime, all the girls will fall in love with the main character, no matter how worthless a piece of trash he is. Sometimes the main character is good, sometimes he’s bad…this time we have Makoto who is…well…a lot below “bad”.”

  60. lol. “Kill it. Kill Makoto.” Just kidding.

    Yes, i agree with you that Makoto should not be blamed for everything since each of the characters carry a heavy responsibility.

    Sekai: for putting Makoto and Kotonoha together even though she liked Makoto. Tempting Makoto while he is with Kotonoha and accepting Makoto when she makes Kotonoha fall for Makoto really deep.

    Setsuna: for putting Sekai and Makoto together even though she liked Makoto. Pushing Kotonoha away from Makoto in a very mean way.

    Kotonoha: for trying to take Makoto back even though she already knew that Makoto was cheating on her. She might get to do it with Makoto in the festival too just to keep her relationship with him!

    No need to mention the main character irresponsibility as we have seen so far.

  61. Darklord: Unfortunately, that’s the double standard. Is it right that it exists. Obviously not. But that’s how it is. Kotonoha is a girl and, as a guy, I can’t help but want to protect her, since her char. design is meant to be the vulnerable type that appeals a male’s fraternal/paternal instincts. While Makoto, being a guy, is submitted to our criticism because he is a male, like many of us. So I’ll judge his actions off of the actions and choices he’d made, compared to what I would’ve done in his shoes. It’s easier for me to relate to Makoto and find stronger points to validate why I’d hate him.

    It’s sad that in our society, we’re willing to overlook/lessen the punishment of crimes commited by woman and condemn the criminal acts of a male far more harshly. But it exists, and despite the declaration of desire equality by feminists, it is something they continue to promote in society. Remember the case where the wife chopped off her husband’s sexual tool and threw it into the field? They found the wife, they found the husband, they found the field, and they found the missing part. She walked, scotch free.

    Now consider this: if it had been the husband who cut off one of her breasts and threw it into the field, would he’d walked off? Of course, this is neither the time or place to discuss this, it’s simply used as an example to explain to Darklord why it seems that Makoto is being burn at the stakes and Kotonoha isn’t.

  62. Yeah, unfortunately you are right about the double standard, but I still think it is wrong. I mean, it’s the same as saying that there are rapists and criminals and people who act like Makoto in the real world, but that does not make them right does it?

    It is interesting to see how you feel about it and I am sure many people feel the same way as you. I myself can also relate to Makoto more, not because I am like him, but because I am a guy. That’s exactly why, though, I am more inclined to protect him than to protect the girls – because I can somehow identify with him(just because I am a guy, not because I approve of what he does) and I might be in a similar situation as he is(even though I would never act like him). I mean, I would hate it if the double standard was applied against me, so I guess I think the opposite of you. That’s why I usually try to protect guys when their head is on the chopping block.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still disapprove strongly with what he is doing. I am not trying to defend Makoto or anything, but if I see that the girls are also behaving improperly, I will condemn them as well. I know it is impossible to fight the double standard in the world, but I will at least try to do so in this forum.

  63. Mind you I give Sekai a lot of criticism too. She doesn’t get let off easily with me – no traitor does. I guess I just have more sympathy/pity for Koto because she seems to be so desperate now. I don’t like it, but I don’t see her actions in the same way as I see the other two’s.

  64. And for the record, I try to fight that kind of hypocrisy in the real world all the time. One has to value people for their actions rather than their sex and try to see them as equal, in that sense at least.

  65. Man Setsuna is moving to France thats sad. Man another girl who likes Makoto. But it was soooo sweet. And Katsura is standing just there. I really wonder if this wont end up badly.

  66. Just to add in some food for thought… with Setsuna heading to France, this certainly throws a wrench in the Sekai/Makoto camp since it was Setsuna who did have a hand in helping the two resolve their feelings and start a real relationship in a few of the game endings IIRC. There isn’t much room for a good ending (unless Makoto impregnates both young ladies so there could be a possibility of the “Two Lovers” ending but that’s doubtful) so I’m going to bet the ending on some fusion of the three bad endings.


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