After seeing Setsuna kiss Makoto, Kotonoha demands to know if Setsuna likes Makoto and if this was the reason she got between them. Setsuna, however, says that all that was for Sekai’s sake and admits that she wanted a memory of her own. Kotonoha protests that this doesn’t have anything to do with her and Makoto, but Nanami then finds them standing in the hallway and Kotonoha excuses herself. The next day, Setsuna leaves her classmates to work on their cafe while she goes to watch a play about a man who is accused of touching a special flower. The man professes that he only touched it once for his own memories and that he didn’t have the slightest intention of hurting the world. His accuser, however, wonders what he would have done if no one had found out and points out that the fact remains that it happened. Meanwhile, Makoto is making cakes with Sekai, and she mentions how happy she is to be doing this and feeds him a piece of cake to taste. When he gets some cream on his nose, she wipes it off with her finger and eats it, and their flirting causes Hikari to call them the Baka-couple.

Over at class 1-4, Otome and friends catch Kotonoha not paying attention to her post and instead typing a message on her cell phone. They’re concerned about her taking care of things with the lounge because it’s one of the three traditions of the school’s festival. The first is going around the festival as a couple, the second is the folk dance at the end, and the third is this lounge. The process with the lounge involves the girl approaching the boy with something in her hand, stretching that hand out to signal a confession, and the boy accepting it. Kotonoha has no choice but to accept this, but she goes back to writing a message on her cell phone as soon as Otome and friends leave. Taisuke then walks by carrying some boxes and asks her about how she worked the reception post all of yesterday too. Kotonoha, however, feels that it’s her job since she was the class representative, and after two are briefly interrupted by a couple going into the haunted house, Taisuke asks her to go around the festival with him and to dance with him at the end. Kotonoha turns him down because she’s Makoto’s girlfriend, though Taisuke points out that Makoto only seems to be going out with Sekai right now. Despite this, Kotonoha insists that she’s Makoto’s girlfriend, so Taisuke apologizes and runs off.

Back in class 1-3, Makoto is too busy feeling Sekai’s butt to notice that his cell phone is flashing with new messages, though Sekai then knees him in the crotch for not stopping like she wants him to. When Makoto goes off to take a break, he’s approached by Otome who asks him to go around the festival with her. After giving her a look over, he agrees, and the two proceed to have some fun around the school. Otome eventually asks him to dance with her during the folk dance, but, unaware of her feelings, Makoto thinks that she should invite the person she likes. She replies by saying that that’s why she’s inviting him, but before Makoto can answer, Sekai arrives and drags him off. Sekai is angry at him, though she doesn’t get to yell at him because Hikari finds them first and informs them that Makoto’s girlfriend is at their classroom. As it turns out, the “girlfriend” is merely Kokoro along with her friend Uzuki, and Kokoro mentions how her sister has been looking forward to the folk dance. Uzuki, however, thinks that Sekai is Makoto’s girlfriend, so Kokoro corrects her. The two girls have to leave though, and as they go, Sekai holds Makoto’s hand.

Meanwhile, Minami and Natsumi run into Kotonoha on her way to a committee meeting, and they start teasing her about having a lover and if she’ll use the lounge. Minami notes how Kotonoha supposedly had broken up with her boyfriend, and when Kotonoha denies this, they point out that her boyfriend hasn’t come to see her today. Kotonoha tries say that Makoto is busy, but the girls then suggest that he’s going around the school with a different girl. With Kotonoha still insisting that she’s going out with Makoto and that they haven’t broken up, Minami and Natsumi challenge her to prove it. Back at class 1-3, Sekai remembers what Kokoro said about her sister looking forward to dancing with Makoto, so she gets him to promise to dance with her so that people know that they’re lovers. Having failed to get that same promise from Makoto, Otome is at the moment outside feeling a little down when she notices Taisuke also by himself. After the two start talking about Makoto and how Taisuke only sees him with Sekai, Otome learns that Taisuke also likes Kotonoha and tells him that he shouldn’t give up on her. She then decides to go ahead and try something with Makoto, and tells Taisuke to his best.

By now, Sekai is clinging to Makoto’s arm in the class’s kitchen, but she soon has to go help Hikari with the customers. While Sekai is gone, Makoto notices his cell phone is blinking and finds the twenty messages left for him, all from Kotonoha. In a panic, he quickly changes clothes and runs out of the classroom, only to be stopped by Otome who holds out her arm and pulls him into the lounge. It is here that she finally confesses that she’s like him since junior high school, and when he doesn’t directly reject her asking him to be more than friends with her, she pushes him onto the bed. Given the chance, Makoto kisses her, and the two get busy before long. At the same time, Minami and Natsumi are bullying Kotonoha over how Makoto didn’t come to see her, yet Kotonoha continues to insist that she’s going out with Makoto and that he must be busy with something important. When the two girls see the hurt expression on Kotonoha’s face, they finally back off. Makoto and Otome meanwhile finish up by late afternoon, and he goes off to dance with Sekai in the folk dance. Towards the end of it, Sekai tries to confirm that she’s his girlfriend, but he doesn’t immediately say anything back.

While all this is going on, Kotonoha heads to Makoto’s classroom and finds only Taisuke there. He tells her that Makoto went to dance with Sekai, and when she questions why Makoto would do this since they’re lovers, Taisuke suggests that Makoto doesn’t feel that way and that he’s betrayed her. This last part shocks Kotonoha so much that she barely reacts when Taisuke confesses his feelings for her and hugs her. Her mind remains on Makoto, even as her ribbon comes off…

ED Sequence

Insert Song: 「Let me Love you -remix ver.-」 by 桃井はるこ (Momoi Haruko)
ED6: 「あなたが・・・いない -remix ver.-」 (Anata ga…inai -remix ver.-) by 栗林みな実 (Kuribayashi Minami)

Well I don’t see any way this ends without Kotonoha being completely messed up unless the ending is a complete cop-out. If Kotonoha did indeed give in and let Taisuke have his way with her – as is heavily suggested at the end of the episode with the ribbon and the ripples in water – I’m not sure Makoto would want her anymore if he found out. That potentially puts her in a pretty desperate situation where pretty much anything could happen (her going insane and killing someone seems like it’s becoming more and more likely, especially with those lifeless eyes). That being said, Makoto slept with Otome and didn’t seem overjoyed to have Sekai as his official girlfriend, so he still isn’t really committed to anyone, meaning could be hope for Kotonoha – regardless of whether we the audience think that’s a good thing for her or not.
As for Setsuna, the aftermath of her confrontation with Kotonoha was a bit disappointing, but perhaps its main point was to drive Kotonoha closer to the edge. I thought they would throw the Otome stuff in her face too, but it wouldn’t mean anything now that she’s been so shocked with the betrayal that she allowed Taisuke to do whatever with her. Sleeping with Otome could still potentially could backfire on Makoto if Sekai finds out, but I’m more waiting for everything to blow up on Makoto at once. In any case, next episode is called 「心と体」 (Kokoro to Karada – Mind and Body), and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.


  1. It was kinda nice to see sekai and makoto dance. And otome, wow, she went for it! I dont think Kotonoha will have good end and maybe we might get to see something bad go down. *death lingers around the corner* cant wait for more!

  2. Hmmmm… the last moments of this ep really imply Show Spoiler ▼


    Although I’m a bit surprised Otome gave herself to Makoto so easily. I recall in her game ending that Show Spoiler ▼

    . I doubt that her game ending would come to pass in the anime though but who knows.

  3. Man, I truly understand now why Makoto is deemed the most pathetic male protagonist. I mean, damn!!!! After all that he’s done…… even a little bit of remorse dammit!!!!! It pains me to watch, yet I’m compelled to continue. What I really need right now is like a Makoto punching bag, yeah, I can get all kinds of excerise with that.

  4. Makoto being worthless trash is something that all of us already know, but that’s still nowhere near the level of a rapist. Taisuke should die either drowned or in a fire…hopefully we’ll have some alterations and he’ll be one of the first targets of a Kotonoha rampage!

  5. Damn…That Makoto… Kicking his ass would be a pleasure!!! I hate stupid/indecise/naive/Selfish anime characters, the last one who got on my nerves like this was Shin from Gundam Seed Destiny. . .

  6. The bonfire dance DID happen early…I’m not sure, but I think I heard from people that this is actually the good ending for Sekai (except Makoto slept with Otome here), but since we have episodes to go, there might be more stuff to show…

  7. Wait… So he sleeps with Otome, & yet people say good for Sekai??

    & how did he end up sleeping with Otome in the lounge out of NO WHERE?!?! Lol.

    I’m DLing it from share now, but this just gets me confused…

    & I doubt you can say Makoto slept with Otome as a day didn’t pass by, so its more fitting to say had sex with her. Although I find that part to be a bit place out of no where as well… Otome didn’t seem to be the type to play that instantly sleep with you after saying I like you girl…

  8. Victor, Kyonne:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. @Deadlyrain

    By “sleeps”, we mean they had sex of course. Otome wanted Makoto and went to the lounge to “do it”. As for the whole Otome thing, she had a crush on Makoto for quite sometime and I’m guessing this crush led to her wanting to get with Makoto, even in bed.

  10. Ale, if you read my message, I was implying that the dance scene was probably added that early to set things up for something in the future. The anime is not following the game to every detail, so we couldn’t really compare the two but it follows close enough for us to get a jist of what may happen.

  11. @marvin: I know that “sleeps” mean to have sex with her, but it isn’t a proper word to place in this situation, its better to just say had sex with her, as saying sleeps means that they did it, & then after they were together for some time, most preferably sleeping of coarse.

  12. This is gonna be great. They’re totally setting this series up for one of the stabbing endings – although I’d much prefer if Makoto got the knife.
    That’ll make this an epic anime series.

  13. Yeah, if I could pick who gets knived, it’d be Taisuke first without any doubts, and although I don’t think he deserves to die, Makoto would be in 2nd place if I absolutely had to pick. I wouldn’t want Sekai to pay for everyone else’s actions, although she has some blame too, she’s not a scumbag unlike Makoto, let alone Taisuke.

  14. Ok, now we’re in the gates of hell.

    Surely all remember that Otome’s group put a camera in the infirmary. Can anyone say blackmail? Worst of all, since Minami asked them for help, this is going to be very good indeed.
    Then, Taisuke (as bright as ever) put a rope on Sekai’s head (who do you think Kotonoha will target first?) and on himself once he boasts about getting Kotonoha as GF and Hikari hears that (I really hope she tears him piece by piece)

    If we’re heading for a bad ending, would be a first in this type of series.

  15. i dun know if it is rape or not..
    looks like Kotonoha went lifeless and show no resistance.. She is even concious somemore, yea.. I guess we wont know until the next episode comes

  16. Well, I can say the producers are doing a great job, since I still do not know how it is going to end. The bonfire dance with Sekai coupled with the Taisuke rape scene seems to point to the direction of Kotonoha snapping and Sekai getting the shaft.

    On the other hand, Makoto sleeping with Otome coupled with the videocamera suggests that Sekai may be the one to lose it and kill Makoto.

    Maybe we are heading for an anime-original ending after all. If it were me, I would choose an ending with a bunch of characters dying, instead of only one – like Makoto, Sekai, Taisuke and Otome. OK, maybe I’m too greedy, just Makoto and Sekai is enough.

  17. Yeah GP, that’d be fun.

    Taking advantage of someone who doesn’t give consent is rape, by the way. He doesn’t necessarily need to force himself physically to do it – for example, he could rape a drunk girl or someone who is unable to give consent because of their state of mind.

  18. Worst of all is that Kotonoha believed a guy who is a complete retarded. Even Makoto had some brains in comparison to Taisuke. Believeing in him is totally lurdicrous, and it only proves that Kotonoha is a complete bimbo.
    Talking about Makoto, since it seems that he slept with Otome, and now Taisuke got Kotonoha, seems that Hikari will be the next one to sleep with Makoto out of sadness.

  19. “Wow” at Otome and Taisuke. Hmm? I don’t know if it’s going to end the way I was thinking. Sekai and Kotonoha find out Makoto is cheating and one, or both killed him.

    I got to agreed with Marvin’s comment too. lol

  20. SeedStriker gets the idea! haha up Hikari will be shocked and would want some attention. *Makoto steps up to the plate* and now Hikari gets involved. man this anime is full of surprises. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets shanked in the end.

  21. All this and Makoto still hasn’t broken up with Kotonoha. My respect for Sekai is even less then it was last week. She’s getting what she deserves. She knows why kind of man he is and it’s proven. If he’ll treat Kotonoha like he has, he’ll teat Sekai like that too. The rest, I have no commment about. Again I say there is no romance in this show. Anyone who calls it a great romance lives a pretty messed up life.

  22. @ann

    I wouldnt call this anime a romance. It’s more of an intense drama/soap opera. Only romance in this anime is the ones the girls have for Makoto, but Makoto, only thinking about “sex”, doesnt return their feelings and just has his way with them.

    Anywho, I wouldnt be surprised if Hikari did get involved. Almsot every girl in the anime has gotten something from/with Makoto (Sekai, Kotonoha, Setsuna, and Otome so far). There’s gonna be a lot of hurt in the enxt episodes. GAH!!! I want the next episode already!!!

    at 5:41 pm on August 28th, 2007

    C’mon, Otome give herself to Makoto openly. Name one man that could actually say no to an offering like that?
    Sekai understand Makoto’s point from earlier: when Kotonoha knows about this (already) all hell will set loose. That’s why she hasn’t say a word to her also. Besides, it’s all Kotonoha’s fault by being a pampered little missy until Makoto went to a real girl.

    at 5:47 pm on August 28th, 2007

    Well, using the game’s POV this is why:

    Sekai fall for him since they were in the same class.
    Setsuna because he was the only one that didn’t mock her for her height.
    Otome had a crush on him since middle school.
    Hikari out of grieve by Taisuke’s stupidity.

    Kotonoha, as the series and the game said is a special case of “girl who wants a knight in shining leather armor”. How annoying could that can be? Way too much!

  25. School Days has gone from pretty good to being possibly the best shounen romance anime ever. Every second oozes perfection, from the gripping suspense to the overbearing guilt, from the precise fanservice to the impeccably timed insert songs. SD is the zenith in the evolving formula of shounen romance, and has set a new standard which all subsequent shows will be compared to.

  26. woahh..saw the scene at the end in the game (taisuke forcing himself on kotonoha), was hoping that wouldn’t get into the anime, but I guess it did.

    They seriously can’t end this without someone dying now.

  27. insert song
    「Let me Love you -remix ver.-」 
    lyrics by Momoi Haruko (桃井 はるこ)
    music by Oota Masatomo (太田 雅友)
    arrangement by Ookubo Kaoru (大久保 薫)
    sing by Momoi Haruko (桃井 はるこ)

    ED song
    「あなたが・・・いない。 -remix ver.-」(anata ga … inai) [You are no longer with me]?
    lyrics by Ebata Ikuko (江幡 育子)
    music & arrangement by Iitsuka Masaaki (飯塚 昌明)
    sing by Kuribayashi Minami (栗林 みな美)

  28. >> It’s more of an intense drama/soap opera.

    Yes, seriously. If people want sugary romance comedy, stick to AMG?

    Ok, I’ll say it, the bad ends were the reasons that drew me to the show, then Kotonoha’s zettai ryouikki and big tits.

    PS: And Makoto is turning Urashima Keitaro and Rin into likeable harem lead characters!!!

  29. omg i hate sekai even though kotonoha told her how upset she was she still underhandedly steals her guy what a slut, but i guess she’ll finally find out what it feels like to be cheated on when she finds out about otome

  30. School Days, retard-land? Hmmm…… Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is still the reference for me, more drama, more mature, everything’s way much better, even the character design, even the hentai game lol ^^ !!!!!

  31. man, looks like the anime is pretty much leading up to kotonoha going berserk on sekai. But like others have said, hopefully they’ll do an anime ending. With 3 episodes left, kotonoha could add makoto and taisuke to the body count, haha.

  32. I was really hoping for Makoto to somehow get back together with Kotonoha, but I guess I was wrong. Makoto sleeping with Otome? Seriously now, I used to be a defender of Makoto from blood thirsty speculators, but from what it seems like now, he really has stooped to an all-time low (having sex with a bully). Guess I’ll stop watching this anime unless he “gets it on” with Kotonoha : (. Was really hoping the two would get a happy ending, but it definitely seems like things will end in tradgedy…

  33. Why not go for a good ending with Makoto getting BOTH Kotonoha and Sekai after some heavy drama. Makoto is the MAN, he SCORES again! So Cool! Proof that human waste is what girls have hots for. Human waste is the pimp!! Now Kotonoha, hand me that saw will you? I’ll do the honor for you to put some more colors on the pimp.

  34. I still don’t understand why people hate Makoto so much. Unlike most loser anime characters he is at least getting some action. Remorse or not, I am sure when he gets old and remembers those days he will smile on the fond memories of nailing most girls in school lol.

    As for Kotonoha, imo, she is exactly the type of girl that is born to be used by men. Unfortunatelly in real life most girls like her are not only boring like hell but also look bad.

    If Makoto is supposed to be the anime character combining young japanese male anime viewers’ predominant characteristics (with the exception that he is being liked by lots of girls and gets lots of action which is what all guys wish for!) then Kotonoha carries the characteristics of the typical Japanese gal (boring, veeeery boring and with the exception that she looks good which is what all girls wish for hehe).

    Just my humble opinion 😛

  35. My own version of the “perfect ending”:

    At the end or final ep. everyone knows that Makoto is a shameless bastard who slept with everyone. Also Taisuke’s crime (if it is, though even if it isn’t he’s still a shithead) gets exposed by everyone. So lots of death scenes, where the only one who lives is Setsuna who comes back from France to visit, seing all the dead bodies of Makoto (after getting stabbed, punched and kicked, and his balls severed by Kotonoha and Sekai), Sekai (head cut off due to Kotonoha’s chainsaw), Taisuke (his balls got chainsawed by Kotonoha and he got stabbed with a scissors by Hikari), Otome and her gang (killed of by the crazy Kotonoha despite their struggle and begging forgiveness for what they have done to her), Hikari (after knowing Taisuke’s crime, got killed by Kotohona before getting a stab at Kotonoha), and Kotonoha in the end (after killing them off, walked all bloodied atop the school rooftop and jumped after laughing hysterically, Suicide). Then Setsuna after watching such a horror, didnt give a dam since she’s all settled up in france, and just put a victory sign, and the end. LOL

    Although the most better way to portray Setsuna would be after watching the horrible scene, learned a life lesson that in the end, there should be made a new constitution that guys like Makoto and Taisuke needs to die on the spot once their crimes have been exposed, LOL.

  36. Ale: “C’mon, Otome give herself to Makoto openly. Name one man that could actually say no to an offering like that?”

    @Ale: Ya what youre saying is reasonable, but if any self respecting man who HAS A GIRLFRIEND/LOVER would refuse, trust me, i have been in such a situation, in my case my girlfriend’s bestfriend got drunked in a party and worst off my girlfriend couldnt attend the party, after going home she began talking to me how she always wanted me but held back because she’s a friend of my girlfriend and started flirting with me, though i knew she was drunk, i sincerely refused her since i know she’s drunk. So whether or not it was true on what she was saying she couldnt remember it the day after, so lol it worked out in the end, and im glad i didnt do it with her, or else my conscience will break me apart, and im proud to say that my gf and I are still together and still friends with her bestfriend. So i cannot understand a scumbag like Makoto who simply slept with Otome despite having Sekai, or supposedly Kotonoha, bastard should die.

  37. Er, Excs, I’m not the one who said that. I’m the one who contested it, by answering the following:

    “Dunno…any somewhat faithful guy? :P”

    I was quoting SeedStriker. I agree with you. Makoto’s a dumbass and only driven by sex, I don’t really care about the age excuse, most people that age really aren’t THAT retarded.

  38. Er…what I meant by that, is that although there’s a lot of stupid people his age, there’s very few who are as bad as him. I did not mean that most people his age are stupid, there’s a lot of respectable guys too.

    Just clarifying, I don’t wanna offend anyone.

  39. I really liked this show and watched the first 3 eps in one sitting but this has just become too depressing for me.Life is already stressful, last thing I want is to watch an anime with a scumbag and a tragic ending.I’ll just read the blogs for know and watch it all when it ends.But I do have to agree somebody must die in the end,it would just be too weird if no one does.

  40. Haha, you guys make me laugh!

    People would think Makoto had done something really outrageous from the level of hate directed at him, like kill a bunch of kids or rape someone. Of course when you are in high school you are trying to sleep with many girls especially when they are willing to throw themselves at you. I mean what did you expect him to do, say – “I’m sorry, I’m saving myself, let’s wait until we get married”. Now would not that be really pathetic.

    Makoto is a much better character than all of those goody-goody idiot harem leads who cannot make up their mind the entire show. He wants to have them all, which to me is much more understandable than having an entire harem of pretty hot girls falling for you and you not choosing any one of them.

    Of course, people grow up and eventually they grow out of that hormone-driven obsession to sleep with many girls, though some do it later than others:) So, just relax, enjoy the show and hope that everybody sleeps together in the end, now would not be a perfect ending to that harem anime show?

  41. I, on the other hand, don’t mind offending anyone. Youth and stupidity is no excuse for acting like an asshole. Just because you’re young and dumb, doesn’t mean you don’t know what’s right from wrong. I can actually put myself in Makoto’s shoes and understand his POV. In high school, I averaged out a new girlfriend per semester, until my senior year when I had a steady girlfriend. But I never once cheated on any of them, because I man up and told the girl I wanted to break up.

    I’m not going to excuse Makoto’s action on the bases that I know what he’s going through. I can’t stop him, I can’t tell him to not do it. So at least I can feel vindicated if I watch him get everything he earned torn away from him in one fell swoop. I’m honestly hoping for one of the fatherhood endings or the one where Kotonoha and Sekai decides it’s better to be with each other than with him. Of course, watching him get stabbed isn’t bad either.

  42. I’m not sure that the Show Spoiler ▼

    is necessarily guaranteed here. I still have a feeling that we’re going to get a different ending from any of them in the game. Also, if there are clear signs that the game is headed towards one of the particular endings in the game, I have a feeling that it WON’T be that ending.

    I actually still think that an ending where all three characters die is still a possibility (basically combine all three endings: Show Spoiler ▼

  43. Wow…really hoping that kotonoha didn’t get plugged by that fag. I was wondering whether she would be physically overpowered and then raped but seems there’s no sign of that.
    Not being critical here but which girl on earth would not feel anything after having a guy stripping her not to mention plug her? and knowing that perverse wouldn’t be once…. (i’m saying this since she doesn’t seem to show any emotion during/after the supposed rape scene) Any comments?

  44. attually there no 1 whos really bad or anything.. i really hope katsura find another guy.. sekai and makoto still together at the end of the series.. but still.. when u love some1 its really hard to give up!! might end up like mahouro ending.. lol the main guy got cloned into 11 =X 1 for each girl!!! hehehe… and the ending insert song.. DAM NICE!!!WOOT !! 3 cheers for school days director!!!

  45. if makoto’s gona change another girl friend.. i’ll swear i am gona bless tis show to have a ending that murderous ending.. a scence where makoto is slice, chopped and diced into 100 pices and throw down the river =)

  46. Don’t even know how to comment anymore, never had I ever remember theres an anime that are so painful to watch, is not that this is a bad anime but like someone else had mention this is just too depressing. @tabs05 “I’ll just read the blogs for know and watch it all when it ends” I probably do the same as well, gets too depressing with every episode, I just goner wait till the last episode and see who get hack, that will probably make the whole mood a lot more pleasant.

  47. YES!!! woooohoo!!! bbloody ending!bloody ending!bloody ending!bloody ending!bloody ending! now the question is, would be bloody ending number 1 or bloody ending number 2? because even after all that has happened kotonoha is still in denial saying that shes makoto girlfriend

  48. @Player – Makoto is a much better character than all of those goody-goody idiot harem leads who cannot make up their mind the entire show. I agree with you, his got more guts then any harem leads I’ve seen so far eg. Keitaro – love Hina, Negi – Negima, Kazuki – Maburaho. Makoto is just a typical teenage male

    typical Teenage male
  49. Personally I think Makoto’s really a huge dumbass. You guys want to put him under the “jock who gets around” stereotype, but he’s too clueless, socially inept and stupid for that, so his character and his popularity aren’t believable. It’s not like he’s “good” with girls.

  50. i hope when the end comes both Makoto and Taisuke die in a slow and painful death a quick death would be just to good for both of them also someone compared Makoto to other Harem leads Keitaro from love hina chose Naru at the end and got married Negi from Negima is just too young to even consider that and Kazuki well lets just say being split into 11 persons has its perks

  51. Yeah I dont know if this anime will end with one of the endings from the game. I am really expecting to see one of the violent endings since it looks like its heading that way but we may never know. Maybe Makoto gets a harem ending and gets with all the girls haha!

  52. @Ale – If Makoto wasnt in the anime and the way he is, how would it turn out and would u still watch it?????

    Oh I don’t hate the show. I just Makoto’s awful as a person. The show is very good, though I do hope it leaves some sort of message.

  53. @Typical teen male

    how could you say that makoto is a regular guy? you call it guts but you fail to recognize idiocy and conniving. As for Negi, you probably just watched the recent anime version and have no clue about the manga, cuz unlike makoto negi actually has scruples.

  54. Even if we are heading towards a bloody ending…it would be a bit too predictable. Maybe it’ll be a variation on a bloody ending… Kinda like that one omake in Summer Days…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    …I’d actually be disappointed if I could predict the ending….

  55. I’m suprised how far this anime is going. I thought that they might tone it down and try to get a female audience but seems like matoko could possiblity sleep with every female on the show. Bad/Gorey ending is still unlikey though since it’s being aired on tv.

  56. This show seriously needs to end “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” style. Kotonoha needs to go berserk and kill everyone and then Makoto last. Then we can restart the series and get this show going towards a GOOD ending. 🙂

  57. Arrghh, this show is so sexist I cannot stand it anymore. It portrays men as mindless sexual animals who only want to get laid and women as innocent victims. No self-respecting man could ever like this sort of show! I just want to go and strangle whoever came up with that idea. Is this like some sort of extreme feminist propaganda or what – “men are evil, they deserve to die”. I don’t understand why guys like this show and promote violence against men, but that is just my opinion.

  58. Holy shit!

    That’s it! That was the last drop of water for Makoto’s naivety. Now if something bad has happened to Kotonoha against her will (other thing is if she cared less for what Taisuke does to her). I have a bad feeling about this (reminds me of the game); about Kotonoha’s future. Surely she’ll be the one paying the price, killing herself or killing Sekai; or maybe in an extraordinary turn of events, she kills Makoto and then herself. Damn you Makoto.

    So Makoto has taken Sekai and Otome’s virginity so far. Well, he doesn’t deserve the chance over Kotonoha, doesn’t that mean that someone has to take advantage over her (I hope Taisuke hasn’t did it). Oh boy.

    Well, I have a little depression yesterday thanks to this episode; so I guess I’ll pass for now.

    Syaoran Li
  59. Aieee really hoping that kotonoha didn’t get raped by that damn guy.
    (mayb suddenly they change the script and the blood ends up belonging to taisuke instead. hehe)
    Can’t imagine a girl letting a random guy rape her just like matter hw shocked she could be……T.T rite?
    Seems in the game taisuke forced his way in? with all that blood 0.o
    The whole rape scene just cant get out of my mind. then again if in the worse case it really happens that she did unfortunately get raped then its makoto’s fault for not explaining things properly and then she should stick that knife in his d1ck!

  60. Last week, I was still holding on a sliver of hope that Makoto would mend his ways and stop the eventual train wreck he had put in motion. Now I’ve thrown that hope out the window, unless some miracle occurs, we’ve passed the point of no return. This love triangle has branched into a far more complex shape and this purely hormone running machine called Makoto is gonna drag the entire cast down with him at this rate. Whilst I tend to hate sad / bad endings, I can’t stop watching, this show really is anime drama at its finest.

    Blood will run, the question is whose?

  61. Oh man i just watched a show that i never really expected it to be. First of all, i’ll tell you guys right now, do you know a character worst than Makoto in relationships? If you think he is the worst, which i have been thinking all along, but ever since i watched this show, man was i dam mistaken. The show is called “Tokyo University Story”. despite its title and summary, it is actually quite a show similar to School Days, Show Spoiler ▼

  62. I believe that Makoto’s aspect as a not-the-perfect hero makes him the perfect candidate for complicating things among the girls around him. If he ever was any better in his morals or had clearer thinking, then School Days would not have been the great shounen drama that we thought it was.

    We all know how bad he has been by NOT thinking with two sides of his head… and proceeding with thinking with his “other” head. I, for once, would side on him for all the wrong decisions we had in the past. He is the epitome, for all of us guys, for being human.

  63. agree that if Makoto wasn’t the way he is right now, the anime wouldn’t be as intense as it is now, which makes the series that damn good. Makoto will get what he deserves. I think Taisuke needs to get shanked for doing what he hid to an unwilling Kotonoha (that’s if he did what we all think he did).

  64. I’ve really had it with this fking show. After playing the game and shedding the last of my sanity, I can’t say the show from here will get any better; if the people behind the production of School Days’ wish this series to be very dramatic to the point of suicidal then I only have one thing to say to you guys, “Don’t get to attach to Kotonoha.”
    Show Spoiler ▼

  65. OK! I just wanted to say to Kotonoha’s fans (which is me too, of course …DIE, Sekai!) that we’ve been screwed—SCREWED! I might as well take a break from School Days and wait until all the episode is finish being aired.

  66. I really don’t understand what people like about this show. I personally think it sucks and that Makoto is the worst character ever. Hell… even SHUFFLE! had more drama than this and the main character was auctually likeable!

  67. @Camon, I agree with you and I know saying this will become controversial. But If compared to Shuffle, School Days is nothing but crap; Shuffle more or less deals with the drama psychologically and as for School Days, it’s more physical then you can deny—RAPE?! ^^

  68. @andynai, I’m more or less just trying to figure out what people see in this anime… I dunno I guess I just can’t get past the fact that the main character is a total dick, Sekai is a slut, and Katsura is a retard. Worst characters ever IMO.

  69. It becomes harder and harder for me to comment on this show as it progresses, since the characters’ actions make even less sense. After last episode I was beginning to believe that we might see a turn for the better, but alas, this episode burned all those hopes to smithereens.

    Makoto is not believable as a human. He is either mentally impaired or just poorly developed by the producers. I think it is the second – he is just too damn 1-dimensional – only thinking about sex. I could believe him being unsure about which out of 2 girls he likes more, but now that he has clearly chosen Sekai, what was that deal with Otome all about. It was just too random. What the hell was he thinking? I guess he just thought if nobody found out that things would be OK. Boy, he is in for a rude awakening.

    Concerning Otome, even though I do not like her character, the things she said to Taisuke this episode were right on the mark. Women respond to confidence. A guy must have self-confidence in order to be attractive to women and that is the single most important quality he needs. Good looks and money are second to it IMHO.

    I’m not sure if Taisuke really raped Kotonoha, since I find the definition of rape nowadays pretty fuzzy. I guess it comes down to whether Kotonoha was hurt and decided to seek solace in another man’s arms, or she was too shocked to realize what Taisuke was doing to her.

    I don’t know in which direction they are taking the show anymore. It seems obvious that they are going for the “saw” ending, but I think that would be too predictable. There are three whole episodes left so they probably have enough time to pull off some crap scenario in which everybody forgives each other and nobody gets hurt. Or maybe…is it true that the show has gotten an R rating after episode 9? In that case, we might see a bloody end after all.

    Finally, I was looking forward to the bonfire dance scene, since it was soo beautiful in the game videos. However, it was pretty disappointing in the anime. It was way too short and the music started too early.

  70. I despise Otome’s character. How can she (presumably) tape herself having sex just to hurt someone? I thought she was just an ill natured bitch before, but now I doubt I could help seeing her as a whore if my prediction is right.

  71. “i am really upset about sawanaga raping katsura. really really upset,” –ragnaphobia.

    Are you sure that really happened just because you’ve seen it happen in the game? But will soon find out next week when School Days airs next week. 😉

  72. @Camon: “the main character is a total dick, Sekai is a slut, and Katsura is a retard”

    You’ve summed it up pretty nicely. That’s the three main characters for you described with a single word.

  73. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!! I’m just too happy that Makoto sleeps with Otome. Not because that I like Otome but, because Makoto lied to her as well as Sekai. If Sekai finds out about this, she’ll be sad and she’ll finally knows how Kotonoha feels. Being cheated by their beloved one. I’m also glad that Makoto cheated Otome because she deserves it for bullying Kotonoha.



  74. well, i haven played the game but i saw a picture of sawanaga fucking katsura and thats just too sick. well, maybe thats because i’m not comfortable looking at them having sex. but from the looks on how the episode ends, i felt that katsura was really raped 🙁

    PS: Yeah i know katsura is retarded but to me, she’s every man’s dream. *IM A KATSURA WORSHIPPER” wahahha.

  75. I sincerely hope Taisuke will also die, i mean in a horrible way, the dam guy doesnt love Katsura, he just wants to sleep with her. The dam bastard is too friking sick and pathetic, even more so than Makoto since he forced himself in doing so. I hope that if it is the case (of Kotonoha getting raped) then i hope she saw off his balls first before going after Sekai and Makoto.

  76. If Kotonoha was truly raped; it’s so sad to think of it…

    I feel the same way as DarkLord; I don’t know what to think of this series anymore. Makoto is a bastard, we knew that since the beginning, but this last episode confirms that theory. He obviously had sex with Otome, tries to state he’s Sekai’s boyfriend and never thinks of Kotonoha.

    Episode ten titles “Mind and Body” can mean too many possibilities on this course of action. For me it means the damage Taisuki could have done with his actions. I didn’t like the ‘rape’ sequence on the game; and surely I don’t want to think he did it again on the anime; but Kotonoha’s last words and face expression makes me think different. She was so navy.

    I guess I’ll not see anything from the RAWs anymore until the final episode; believe it or not, is hard for me to see thought an entire episode after seeing what Onmi comment here every week. For my own health I’ll let pass episodes 9, 10 and 11. Sadly I guess we’re routing for Kotonoha’s death. Sick bastards!

    I got to go, I need something to get rid of this emptiness feeling. Coke, here I go.

    Syaoran Li
  77. omfg i hope, at the end, that one of the girls will murder Makoto. I despise those types of guys the most. I don’t even know why I continued to watch this series, its WAY too dramatic. Light comedy would be a lot better :/

  78. omg just saw whats going to happend in the end,this anime started so nice and now its damn stupid: kotonoha gets dumped and raped,wtf she didnt do anything wrong!well even if this is stupid,the finale is fucking crazy,i mean,kotonoha sudenly goes berserk,grabs a knife or whatever,kills sekai and comits suicide wtf?!?!This is the wierdest anime ive ever seen although a part of it cames from reality,i mean double dating exists but wtf,u have to be crazy to be with a girl who has mental problems sheesh


    -UNTIL YOU SEE IT FOR… yourself.


    Most of you will have you wish about what Makoto deserves. 🙂


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