In Las Noches, Ulquiorra and Yammy arrive in a room as Aizen about to complete an Arrancar using the 50% awakened Hougyoku. Despite its state, Aizen knows that he can temporarily fully awaken the Hougyoku by fusing it with someone who has twice as much spiritual pressure as a captain – someone such as himself. It is through this method that he finishes creating a young-looking Arrancar who identifies himself as Wonderweiss Margera. With this done, Aizen sends Ulquiorra to execute the instructions he gave a month ago, and although he lets Ulquiorra choose who he wants to take with him, Aizen personally asks Grimmjow if he wants to go. Back at the Vizard camp, it’s been one month since Ichigo started his training, yet he’s only able to maintain his Hollow form for only 10 seconds. With two months left, Shinji feels that time is running out. Meanwhile in Soul Society, Hisagi finds Ukitake watching Inoue and Rukia train after Rukia had come to him personally to ask him to open up the training area. He’s glad that Rukia has a friend even if it is with a human, though he admits Inoue isn’t any normal human. As for Hisagi, he’s here to give Ukitake a magazine since he’s taken on of more captain duties in the absence of so many people. After Hisagi leaves to take care of other business, Ukitake thinks about little time they have and hopes that this temporary peace can last a little longer.

In the real world, Yumichika is getting quite frustrated with his zanpaktou while the others are trying to having a quiet dialogue with their swords. Soon after Ikkaku notices how fast the clouds are moving, all of them sense the arrival of four Arrancar. Among this group is Grimmjow who flies off as soon as he realizes that Ichigo isn’t here, and though Yammy tries to get him to stop, the Arrancar named Luppi thinks that it doesn’t matter since Grimmjow isn’t an Espada anymore. As Yammy leaps down to fight, Hitsugaya meets him halfway and the two introduce themselves. Luppi, the new No. 6, meanwhile faces off against Ikkaku and Yumichika while Rangiku tries to fight Wonderweiss, but the boy is too intrigued by the nearby birds to care. Across the city, Ichigo has also sensed the Arrancar’s arrivals and wants to head out, but he’s held back by Love and Kensei. To their surprise, Shinji lets Ichigo go, and Ichigo rushes off. News of this has also reached Soul Society, but Inoue can’t go back to the real world until she can get safe passage through the dangai since she doesn’t have a Hell Butterfly. After saying that she’ll be waiting for Inoue, Rukia hurries towards the gate thinking about how it’s too early for the Espada to have appeared.

By now, Ichigo has reached Grimmjow and almost immediately initiates ban kai. Grimmjow isn’t impressed, but Ichigo reminds him that the scar he has is from an attack Ichigo did while in ban kai. When Ichigo then asks Grimmjow about his absent left arm, Grimmjow claims that he threw it away and doesn’t need two arms to kill Ichigo. As Grimmjow starts to power up, Ichigo gets ready to put on his Hollow mask, knowing that he has to finish this fight in the 11 seconds he can stay in that form. Over at Urahara’s shop, Renji tries to keep Sado from leaving to go help in the battle, but Urahara wants both of them to rest and decides to go personally in their place.


This pretty much follows the manga with a little bit of rearranging and an added part between Inoue and Rukia, though it didn’t have any extra Hitsugaya vs. Yammy scenes like previously thought based on the episode title. The one thing that I always wondered with this part of the story was how Luppi replaced Grimmjow in the number six Espada spot. If they were already ranked correctly, then all of the Espada under Grimmjow should have moved up and whoever was the 11th strongest would have become the new number ten. Instead, Luppi replaced Grimmjow in the number six spot, and the only thing I can think of is that he was created right around the time Grimmjow was demoted, and he just happened to be around the same overall strength.
In any case, this episode didn’t have too much action in it (the extra Inoue and Rukia training scenes didn’t quite cut it), but next week should have plenty as several major fights get started, included Ichigo’s 11-second battle.


  1. Ugh, more Bleach “training.” The next episode looks like it’ll be solid, though. While I’m looking forward to seeing the Hueco Mundo arc animated, I’ve done so much banging of my head against the desk during the last arc that I’m not sure if seeing it animated will make it any better.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. What’s with you people today? You call that animation? it was medium low quality and you know what’s worse? the preview for the next episode looked shit; absolute and utter shit. next episode is the one I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years. Please use good animation quality, please please please *crossing fingers*

  3. ugghu, WHY ARE THEY DRAGGING THIS SERIES OUT? I like it and all but come on it’s been 138 epi and nothing really got accomished. Whenever a group gets defeated another one shows up. What is Ichigo’s real goal any more? Rukia free but pretty soon he’s going to have to save Inoue.

  4. Bleach has never had particularly AMAZING animation, M.K–Pierrot turns its budget to Naruto (and rightfully so, in my opinion, although Shippuuden isn’t looking so hot). Bleach has had CONSISTENT animation, though, with only slight dips in quality from episode to episode–the number of just plain poor-looking episodes in Bleach is certainly lower than in Naruto, even though Naruto gets the benefit of really, really badass Matsumoto Norio episodes (48 and 133 come to mine). Bleach 121 did have exceptional fight animation, but in a way, it felt kinda out of place–throughout the entire Soul Society arc, Bleach’s animation was never FANTASTIC, but it was never SHITTY either, giving it a solid, consistent feel throughout the series so far.

  5. FOr me this episode was good. They faithfully followed the manga. Animation was very good too.

    I disaggre on Fighting scenes in bleach. for me it will always beat up naruto’s fight scenes(which i already droped before the start of first season filers >.>. Retarded kid-ninjas fighting something is a big no no in anime for me….)

    Unknown Voice
  6. “M.K–Pierrot turns its budget to Naruto (and rightfully so, in my opinion, although Shippuuden isn’t looking so hot).”

    rightfully so? bleach art is superior to naruto art (manga wise) so I don’t think naruto needs that

  7. To each their own–I just prefer Naruto’s chess-match approach where the opponent has to be set up before their fall, and tons of mindgames are mixed in with the brawling–kinda like Hajime no Ippo, for that matter, and that’s a BOXING series. Bleach’s fights never really struck me as all that impressive or intelligent: it just comes down to plot-sensitive strength and we never get a real impression of anyone’s level besides saying that Ichigo has “potential.”

  8. “rightfully so? bleach art is superior to naruto art (manga wise) so I don’t think naruto needs that”

    Naruto has better panel-to-panel, and Kishimoto PLAYS with curvilinear perspective, while Bleach abuses extreme longshots and Kubo’s fight choreography consists of a bazillion speed lines and characters MADE UP OF SPEED LINES. Compare:

    Proper usage of speed lines in Sakura/Chiyo vs. Sasori-
    Improper usage of speed lines in Ichigo vs. Grimmjow II-

    In terms of technical skill, Naruto comes out on top. I understand that some people like Bleach better, but there’s no way in hell you’re gonna convince me otherwise. XD

  9. @Anonymooo

    All that rambling and nothing of value. So according to you, Studio pierrot made a mistake by spending money on bleach animation(E.x Ep. 121) and that they should be pouring money to Naruto because that pathetic excuse for an adoption deserves it, whereas Bleach doesn’t. When a studio takes a Manga to animate, they accept responsibility to bring a descent adoption to its fans. You know better than anybody else We watch the anime because of the Manga; to see the Great art of Kubo being animated on TV. In return they make money of airtime, merchandise and anime/Manga related goods; it makes $$ for them. Now, if for whatever reason they fail to fulfill their responsibilities we have the right to ask for explanation. I can live with watching retarded filler arcs one after another, I can accept the fact that they don’t want to move their sorry asses to make acceptable storyline for their filler episodes but I don’t fucking understand why after NOT spending much on those fucking arcs (since their animation was beyond terrible) they don’t spend their money on the actual Manga materials. Why, WHY?

    One more thing before your write another gibberish reply, Animation budget for those two animes are SEPERATED. If they save money on one, they don’t spend it on the other. There is no excuse, NO FUCKING EXCUSE not to have an average animation quality for these episodes.

  10. Yes, but before the show’s budgets are separated, they have one big pool to pull from–guess what gets a bigger budget? WHAT SELLS MORE. Bleach is popular, yes, but Naruto is more popular (although I think that has more to do with being an established product and less to do with how good it is or isn’t at a particular time). For a while, Bleach actually was better than Naruto, but right now, Naruto’s getting more money, it’s getting more product placement, and it’s getting more market saturation. Look at One Piece: it only airs a few times a month (in HD no less), but it has a massive budget compared to everything else Toei is doing right now, because it SELLS MORE.

  11. hahaha, I can’t believe this! You had me there dude. You are comparing the shity art work in Naruto with the one in Bleach? Not to mention you used the high quality scan for one and low quality for the other. Show me ONE fucking page in Naruto that looks better-or is at par-with Bleach. Just ONE fucking page.

    Finally, you see, this is Bleach Anime not Naruto; if you don’t like Bleach then get the fuck out of here.

  12. Hoi, I’m stating on opinion, but when people start talking about technical skill, then they’re working in facts. I DO like Bleach–why the hell else would I follow it? I bring up Naruto as comparison and suddenly people get all up in arms. Jesus H. Christ. XD

    And I can do you one better on the “show you ONE fucking page” deal. Color spreads from volumes released in the past year and a half:

    Bleach has static portfolio shots, showing characters in basic, relaxed poses, often with little to no background, and even then it’s just a mash of color gradated here and there. Examples: ch193 pgs. 1-2, ch204 pgs. 23, ch232 pgs. 2-3, ch239 pgs. 1-2, ch247 pgs. 2-3.

    Naruto has dynamic, detailed color spreads that not only work in perspective and action, but are often so highly detailed that they’re visually distracting (can’t say whether this is a good thing or a bad thing). Examples: ch226 pgs. 2-3, ch253 pgs. 2-3, ch270 pgs. 2-3, ch281 pgs.2-3, ch337 pgs. 1-2.

    Just to make it very clear (AGAIN), I do like Bleach, I just have specific problems with it that seem to get people (read: fans) very irked.

  13. Ooh. Despite the fact the art discussion is quite a ways up the page, I must say I can understand why one could prefer the art of Naruto over Bleach thanks to the technicality. And, yet, I prefer the Bleach overall. I guess it has more to do with the character designs, and though the fights can be a bit hard to follow with all the insane speed-lines, I think it makes things feel a lot more intense.

    Though, that’s just me. God knows some people can barely follow them, but a lot of the time it is determined by the quality of the scan. And now I’m moving off topic, and stopping.

  14. i’m baffled that someone thinks the artwork and style in naruto is superior. lol. and i personally don’t believe shippuden has a larger budget either, they keep reusing scenes and the characters themselves (which are without a doubt more simplistic than those in bleach) look distorted several times in one episode.

    in any case, both of them are a) shounen manga based, b) aimed at a young audience (aka golden anime time slot), c) over 50+ eps so clearly stuff like these will happen. i’ve already lamented the fact over why bleach didn’t become a shinya-anime (it definitely could have been), or have been given breaks in-between, but neither happened so there is nothing we can do, really. (compare to a jump series that DID enter the midnight timeslot, death note).

    oh well. i shudder to think how pierrot will animate the las noches arc. i’ve sense a major disaster…

  15. “M.K–Pierrot turns its budget to Naruto (and rightfully so, in my opinion, although Shippuuden isn’t looking so hot).”

    Not really. *Points at yammy vs ichigo and ichigo’s first encounter against grimjaw* Tell me if there is actually a naruto shippuden episode where the animation matches those quality. Ill watch it if there is, since i havent watched the naruto anime for a long time now.

  16. 1- I said that Shippuuden isn’t looking so hot. In fact, it’s been looking like right SHIT lately because they’re focusing on making the Shippuuden movie so nice-looking.

    2- See, Heiae sees where I’m coming from. XD

  17. @Anonymooo, M.K:
    Comparing Naruto and Bleach action scenes is like comparing apples and oranges. Both perform the same job, but they go about it in different ways. Naruto has the constant dynamic action and the more technical style, similar to old kung-fu movies, while Bleach is about dramatic poses and quick, violent clashes in a more surreal style, akin to some of the more anime-styled Western superhero comicbooks. Also, while Naruto is in a (comparatively) more realistically-themed setting, let’s face it, Bleach is in DBZ-land most of the time (in a good way, honest). They’re two different animals.

    That said, maybe it’s because I’m not used to the Naruto manga style (having never read it), or that I’m more used to the Bleach manga style (having read them all), but I’ve seen few examples of Bleach action shots that were harder for me to follow than the first two action frames of that Naruto example given above (after the shout). Not saying that Kubo’s artwork isn’t hard to follow sometimes (I did use “surreal” to describe it just earlier), but that was a pretty bad example you used to demonstrate your point, Anonymooo… Just sayin’…

    @BROOKLYN, sniperz:
    Sorry, but Luppi’s a dude. He is a little bitch, though, if that helps.

    @tydust, c_h_a_n (if you are in fact not one in the same):
    Come on, guys, get with the program. Everybody knows asking for subs and dubs is bad form on an anime blog, not to mention downright lazy. Especially when there’s a link right along the right side of the page that will get you want you are looking for.

    LOL n00bs.

  18. We’re back to the story? Well, yeah. I couldn’t stand the fillers anymore. I still hate all of you filler-haters, though.

    On topic, I’m going to watch this episode just to hear what Luppi sounds like. The transvestite had me when I first got to this part in the manga.

  19. Agreed, Quigon, I just couldn’t find a page that demonstrated EXACTLY what I meant, since you usually need 4-5 pages to really demonstrate how a cartoonist’s panel-to-panel plays out. I do still (very strongly) feel that Kubo isn’t a very accomplished cartoonist, and his oversaturation of speed lines is one of his major faults. But yeah, to each their own–it’s just that when people start talking about “superior” art without explaining it, it irks me to no end.

  20. Hmm the Kuroi Getsuga Tenshou and Grimmjow in the 139 preview look really so-so, I seriously hoped they wouldn’t ruin this fight with shitty animation, but I guess it’s too late.

  21. Great episode !!! : Story based episode, a decent amount of hilarious humour, introducing an incoming awesome fight, good animation quality… finally, a superb Bleach episode !

  22. kisuke is gonna kick ass

    spoilers spoilers at least i might be

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!POTENTIAL SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aizen is twice as strong as a normal captain and he might be a shiningami not a hollow
    hence he dosnt have a mask and that fool who died in 137 dosn’t like shiningami he also dosn’t like aizen as his captian.

    also kisuke should be as strong as aizen or stronger seeming as he should be able to use that ball thing he created

  23. nice ep. waiting for the next one 🙂
    and the logarithm of the time in anime(x) is directly proportional to time in life..
    f(x) = c*log(x)
    where c is a constant and it’s possible to find it out in this 11 second battle..

  24. Anonymooo//I do still (very strongly) feel that Kubo isn’t a very accomplished cartoonist, and his oversaturation of speed lines is one of his major faults. But yeah, to each their own–it’s just that when people start talking about “superior” art without explaining it, it irks me to no end//

    I think that’s why the anime is better in showing action more than in the manga..example: I liked madarame’s bankai ep in the anime more than the manga, because it was more I think in general, shonen mangas that have the majority of story focus on action are better to watch it animated than read it as a manga, maybe that’s why I prefer reading shoujo manga ( but that’s my opinion anyway ^ ^)

  25. what I do not like is that the blood of the personages now instead of being RED is BLACK but they watch the forehead of Grimmjow in preview

    Pierrot Sucks Ass!! i hate you studio pierrot!! FuCk yoU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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