In the aftermath of her encounter with Taisuke, Kotonoha emerges from the school building with her shirt unbuttoned, and she sees Sekai kiss Makoto to end the folk dance. The following day, Kotonoha runs into Makoto on the train and is surprised when he immediately apologizes for not coming to see her yesterday. Makoto, however, almost screws up and refers to Otome by her given name when he mentions that he heard about the lounge from her. Regardless, Kotonoha is overjoyed that Makoto said this to her. In class, everyone notices Taisuke acting quite cheerful, though no one is quite sure why. When Taisuke goes to see Kotonoha to ask her out to a Christmas special dinner that he had tickets to, she immediately says that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about – she still firmly believes that she’s going out with Makoto and insists she’s his lover. Telling Taisuke not to be concerned about what happened yesterday, Kotonoha then excuses herself. This rejection causes him to go running to Makoto, and he demands to know if Makoto still going out with Kotonoha. Taisuke accuses him of two-timing, but Makoto denies it and claims that Kotonoha saying that they’re still going out is a misunderstanding. He asserts that there’s nothing going on between him and Kotonoha, and he then goes along with Taisuke’s conclusion that Kotonoha lied because she hated him.

Kotonoha meanwhile is carrying out some wooden and bamboo poles by herself when Otome’s friends stop her to bully her about how her boyfriend didn’t show up yesterday. Denying that she was rejected, Kotonoha again insists that she’s Makoto’s girlfriend, but when she tries to excuse herself, Natsumi trips her and the others laugh at her. Outside, Makoto is taking out the trash when he hears his cell phone ring with a message from someone. As he’s typing a response about meeting that person in the physical education storeroom, Makoto’s suddenly ambushed by Setsuna with a costume head, and she scolds him for standing around. She picks up his dropped cell phone and returns it to him, but she saw the message that he was writing and thinks that it was for Kotonoha. Makoto denies this, and when pressed, he says that he’s broken up with Kotonoha because he didn’t go see her during the festival. Setsuna, however, insists that he properly break up with her and wants him to promise to only look at Sekai. It turns out that Setsuna is leaving the next day, so she wants to get this settled because she believes Sekai needs someone to support her. Makoto isn’t sure if he can do that, but he nevertheless pats Setsuna on the head and reiterates that there’s nothing going on between him and Kotonoha.

The two are interrupted when Kotonoha shows up at the garbage pile, and seeing Kotonoha carrying all that stuff by herself, Makoto helps her. Kotonoha then tries to invite him to her family yacht, but before he can answer, Setsuna steps in and claims that Makoto had promised to do something with her tomorrow. When Kotonoha attempts to reschedule for a day the follow week, Makoto finally says it’d be better if they didn’t see each other anymore. In disbelief, Kotonoha thinks that Setsuna made him say this because Setsuna is conspiring with Sekai, but Setsuna tells her that this has nothing to do with Sekai. Because of this, Kotonoha wonders if it’s okay for her to reveal what she saw Setsuna doing during the festival to Makoto, and she suggests that it’d be troublesome for Setsuna if Sekai found out. Kotonoha thinks that Sekai had Setsuna breaking her and Makoto up because Sekai didn’t know Setsuna’s true feelings, but before she can finish her sentence telling Makoto about the secret kiss, Setsuna suddenly kisses him. Indicating that she has such a relationship with him and that Kotonoha shouldn’t get close anymore, Setsuna says that her and Sekai’s business has nothing to do with Kotonoha.

When Kotonoha tries to bring up how Makoto had talked to her this morning, he claims that he only wanted to apologize for not coming yesterday. Kotonoha is so shocked that she falls to her knees, and, after a moment of trying to find the right words, Makoto also admits that he doesn’t love her anymore. He then frees himself from Setsuna’s grasp and walks off. Later that afternoon, Sekai is having trouble getting in touch with Makoto over the phone when Nanami comes to talk with her about the girls’ basketball team’s party the next day. Sekai can attend, but when Nanami asks Setsuna if she’ll come too, Setsuna claims that she can’t. Since Sekai now has to head to work, Setsuna volunteers to look for Makoto for her. Around this time, Makoto and Otome are finishing up their rendezvous in the physical education storeroom, and Otome mentions that Makoto seems to be lost in thought. Remembering the kiss from Sekai, the kiss from Setsuna, and how devastated Kotonoha was, Makoto comments on how things are troublesome no matter what he does. Otome wonders if that includes her too, but Makoto says no and holds her hand. This leads to Otome resting her head on his shoulder and telling him that she’s fine with how things are because she had thought for a long time that he didn’t even see her as a girl. She’s therefore actually happy that he wants her in such a way. Makoto uses this as a chance to kiss her, and the two soon go at it again. Unbeknownst to either of them, Setsuna is standing outside the storeroom listening.

Later that night, at the Katsura house, Kokoro finds her older sister standing over a running faucet holding a glass. Kotonoha’s gaze is fixed downward toward a set of knives hanging on the side of the cabinet, and she doesn’t immediately respond when her sister calls out to her. Setsuna meanwhile is at her apartment taking a bath and thinking about what she should do. When she makes up her mind, she heads over to Makoto’s apartment and wakes him by calling him on his phone. After letting her in and serving her some tea, Makoto comments on how he had thought that her spending time with him was just a lie she had told Kotonoha. The actual reason Setsuna is here is because she has something to say to him, and she gets to the point by asking him what he was doing in the storeroom. Makoto tells her that it has nothing to do with her, but he has a hard time explaining himself even though he says he doesn’t hate Sekai. Setsuna demands that he break up with Otome and is worried about what would happen if Sekai found out, though Makoto realizes that this means that she intends to keep it a secret. He then asks her why she’s going to such lengths and suggests that it’s really because she likes him. She tries to deny both this and his assertion that she put feelings into the kiss earlier, but Makoto kisses her and forces her to lay on his bed. Although Setsuna resists at first, she soon embraces Makoto and – in tears – offers to let him do what he wants if he promises to break up with Otome like he did with Kotonoha. Unsure of what to do, Makoto pauses and starts to say something.

The next day, Sekai and Nanami head to the girls’ basketball team party going on in the audio-visual room at school. Sekai wasn’t ever able to get in touch with Makoto, so Nanami jokingly suggests that he and Setsuna are having an affair. As Sekai is then turning the tables on Nanami about her relationship with her boyfriend, Otome walks in and recognizes Sekai. After Nanami formally introduces them, the other girls start the video that they’re showing. Unfortunately, it turns out to be secret camera footage of the lounge during the festival, and the first person exposed is Nanami with her boyfriend. Nanami thus starts crying, and as Sekai comforts her and suggests that they leave, the video switches to Otome with Makoto. Shocked to see this, Sekai quickly hops on a train to go see Makoto and desperately tries to call him at the same time. Though she’s unable to reach him, Sekai does run into Kotonoha as she’s trying to cross a pedestrian bridge a short while later. Kotonoha asks about Setsuna and thinks that she should be with Makoto. Since Makoto isn’t at home, Kotonoha suspects that they’ve gone off somewhere, and it is at this point that Sekai notices that Kotonoha’s eyes are completely lifeless.

Meanwhile, Setsuna arrives at Narita, and although she notices that Makoto is there looking for her, she ignores him and heads to her gate. As she rides the escalator down, she remembers how, at the start of the 2nd semester, Sekai had wanted to trade seat assignments so that she could sit next to Makoto. It was then that Setsuna had realized that Sekai had liked Makoto, and she agreed to the switch. Setsuna now cries to herself and says goodbye one last time.

Wow, I thought it was pretty insane how many things happened this episode. It seems like every major character got some form of development, and things are starting to come crashing down. Kotonoha’s obviously the one who causes the greatest concern, as the knives shot seems to heavily imply that she could be going down a violent path. She didn’t lash out at Sekai though, and seems more occupied with Setsuna, but since Setsuna appears to have left for France, chances are low anything bad will happen there. I can, however, imagine that she’ll go crazy on Otome if she ever sees the video of the lounge or catches Makoto with her.
As for Setsuna herself, I can understand why she offered herself to Makoto if he promised to break up with Otome, but she can’t have reasonably believed that he’d actually do so unless she was there hounding him every step of the way. For that matter, it’s unclear whether Makoto actually slept with Setsuna, and I’m reminded of that one Setsuna ending to the game where she returns to Japan and declares herself the wife. I’d say that’s still within the realm of possibility.
To be honest though, I really can’t figure out what kind of ending they’re going for, and the drama and suspense they’ve built up is part of what I love about this. Next week’s episode title is 「みんなの誠」 (Minna no Makoto – Everyone’s Makoto) which is the title of one of the harem endings of the game. However, with Kotonoha looking about ready to kill someone, I’m not so sure it’ll be like that. Maybe it means that Kotonoha will chop Makoto up so that everyone can have a piece. 😀


  1. So many things is right. Waiting for more details…but it sounds like there’s going to be a horribly flawed version of a harem ending coming up…by which I mean a bloody one, of course. Katsura’s going to snap, and Sekai may well end up joining her or becoming her first victim, depending on how they direct things. Wonderfully twisted. Now this is what I call a train wreck (even if it’s an enjoyable one).

  2. Kotonoha will take those knives and give them to every girl in this series. Each girl will kill Makoto and then everyone will do the Seppuku (切腹)…Thats how this “School Hell” should end!…;)

  3. Wow, so he finally breaks up with Kotonoha, keeps having sex with Otome and Sekai, (I’m actually interested in why Nanami (boyfriend whose an otaku) is crying as though the video was so embarrasing or that her boyfriend knew but didn’t tell her. Sekai was the first to find out about that video with Makoto and Otome and Kotonoha witnessed Setsuna kissing Makoto infront of her. I honestly think that the video of Otome and Makoto will be the final straw and send Koto on an endless rampage of death and blood.

  4. It was broadcast in Japan several hours ago.
    It became considerably violent development last time this time.
    It is thought that animation is delivered to that soon and wait,
    please expecting it.

  5. Ok, I think we’re going to get either a anime original ending, OR, a tweaked ending from the game. But I don’t think it’ll be exactly like one of the game endings. That’d be boring also imo, I’d like to see something new for the end.

  6. Just Makoto? Heh, I don’t think there’s one character in the show I feel sympathy for at the moment. I only have some pity, not sympathy, for Kotonoha. It still makes for an interesting story, regardless.

  7. I am very sure that there is a very good reason for this……..aww who am i trying to kid…I tried defending him at ep 3(?) but now hes wayyy beyond being protected… soo *grabs shotgun* lets play mutilate Matoko’s body after Kotonoha stabs him. YAY!!!

  8. whoa. well you know KATSURA is defently gonna snap.
    i dont know why but i have high hopes for sekai.
    otome is being used … well from whati can see.
    setsuna that’s fucked up if u love sekai you wouldnt do that shit.

    i hope kasura kills otome, but not sekai.
    sekai and makoto should be together.
    even though hes an asswhole.

  9. This is it! All hell is gonna break loose and someone’s gonna prolly die. Looks like taisuke did rape Kotonoha. And Sekai finds out about Makoto and Otome. The Setsuna gets it. Wow. Kotonoha has pretty much lost it and is gonna kill someone. This anime is intense.

  10. Wow I knew the lounge video would be the breaking point of the series. That is straight evil. Now Sekai knows that Otome and Makoto got it on. Makoto can’t go through the day withough thinking with his d!ck now can he? What a jerk. Looks like we may get some death at the end of the series…

  11. Hi guys,

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  12. This certainly is interesting. I wonder if the studio will really do one of the bad endings to conclude this. They do have the option of doing a more typical scenario where some person attempts to murder someone, but that person is brought back to reality and stopped by Makoto’s words or something like that (very cliché type stuff). Though of course if they do that, I’m sure everyone will be ripping their hair off in frustration, lol…

    The reason I suggest that is because there’s still two episodes remaining. If this were Episode 11, then the chances of a bad/death ending happening would be much higher. Even then, though, that wouldn’t guarantee anything.

    The last two episodes are definitely something to look forward to…

  13. As much as I’d like to see Makoto die in some way. I think we’re going to get an anime version ending where no one dies. But mostlikely wont be a good ending for Makoto. Not sure how they’ll do it though because Makoto seems to be pretty heartless so making him miserable without him dying seems pretty hard.

  14. No!!! Theres too much tragic endings in animes now.. We need a Good ending!!.. I dotn wanna see sumthin bloody in an romance anime that hasnt had anything disgusting yet!!..

    So im voting for Harem… Poor makato.. You need to wake up one morning with a collar and a leash.. Koto and seki, along with the other girls in his room with master costume son while he has slave costume on!! yup, that will break his raging hormones.. with a little fear..

  15. Hmm, they all are guilty in some sense, no doubt about that. But I think killing Makoto wouldn’t bring happiness to Kotonoha, and that’s what this poor soul is so desperately longing for. I haven’t played the game and have no idea about the endings, but for the anime I guess they’ll do a “happy” ending, though I may be wrong, ya never know.
    In the end it’s, and I really dislike to say that, only Makoto who can made Kotonoha happy again.. Sounds a bit strange maybe, but looking on Kotonohas reactions, she REALLY is into this guy.. Helpless.. That’s the same as in real life. Girl loves guy who had several other girls behind her. Now I understand what an old friend said: Girls can be really really stupid lol.

  16. Maybe the title of the next episode is supposed to be ironic. Instead of a harem ending, it ends up with makoto being killed by everyone he slept with. A reverse harem ending if you will.

  17. Ha ha!!!1!11111!!!

    I can’t stop laughing at this whole stupidity!

    It would’ve been better to have slept with someone she adore/love then to be raped by a person she barely even knew. It’s disappointing if Kotonoha doesn’t massacre off the whole crowd who bullies her including Taisuke. *stab stab stab* *muahahahah*

  18. Damn nice all the killin ending even one of the harem ending is possible unless for no reason Kotonoha and Sekai make up then on Christmas day they tell Makoto(the bastard who will sleeps with almost everyone) that they’re pregnant. -.-

  19. i haven’t watch episode 10 nor will i though any episodes from here on but reading reviews is enough; it’s better to not waste time.

    *cut, thrust, stabs, and grinds*

    Taisuke is probably the most desperate when it comes to sex—RAPE?! unbelievable!

  20. setsuke? who gives a damn. if someone offers you free candy, you take it. if someone offers you free flowers, you pluck it. and thus is the rules of the ruthless. ^^ muahaha!!11!1!!!

  21. I really hope Kotonoha kills Makoto >.> It’s not a reason to kill someone when you’re just jealous because he sleeps with other girls, but he annoys me @@ Jeez, just pick one girl and please stop banging everyone D; Maybe he just annoys me because I really hated the Makoto of the game. I’m sooo hoping for a bloody-Makoto-dies-ending

  22. Far out. I used to be one of the people to give Makoto a chance, but now I realise that the story writers WANT us to hate him.

    At this point this is the ending I want:
    – Kotonoha goes stabbity stab on Sekai on the bridge
    – Kotonoha quickly trains it up to Setsuna and goes stabbity stab before she escapes
    – Makoto lures Otome in the gym room for the promise of Makoto nookie, but …. it turns out its Kotonoha in a boys school uniform wearing a Makoto wig!!! She locks the door and goes stabbity stabzzor!
    – Otome manages to send a distress signal to her gang of whores, and they break into the gym just as Otome dies from blood loss from a knife in the eye. Kotonoha turns around with those lifeless eyes and says “Who do you think I am?? GIGA KNIFE BREAKER!!!” and she disappears. A second later she reappears behind the whore gang with her knife to the sky. The whore gang suddenly explode in blood and collapse
    – The last scene is Makoto lying in a bed, the camera zooms on his face. He has a lifeless look. Off camera we hear Kotonoha grunting and enjoying herself. The camera suddenly zooms out and we see that Makoto’s arms and legs have been chopped off, the stumps bandaged cleanly. Kotonoha is enjoying herself in the woman on top position. Her eyes are lifeless, but she has an evil grin on her face. “Makota ga suki” is her final words.


  23. Next episode:
    “Everyone’s Makoto”

    Everyone should get a knife and slice off Makoto by turn. Kill him!

    In this episode, Makoto got mad at Kotonoha without any reason – while he is the one who is at fault for not telling her sooner making more misunderstanding. Just kill them all Kotonoha! One by one all of them!

  24. i personally think it will be a flashback on next episode. a flashback on why everyone falls for makoto maybe?
    i think its gonna be sekai who delivers the knife rather than kotonoha despite she is lifeless… seriously i think sekai should deliver the knife to makoto..
    its certain taht we will be seeing blood splashing very soon

  25. Damn it! Give me back my suffering School Days…

    The ultimate prove that Makoto doesn’t deserve even to be killed by Sekai or Setsuna has come. He keeps sleeping with Otome, then obviously sleeps with Setsuna (for Sekai’s sake) and now Kotonoha is at the edge of madness (if not she already is). The next week’s title has to be an irony from the producers; they now this shit will end badly…

    True to my word; I’m only to read Onmi’s summary.

    Syaoran Li
  26. OMG. What? I also wanted the ending in where Show Spoiler ▼

    Since he didn’t deserve all that happiness. Also, I also feel like I want another ending; an ending not from the game, that would be fun too and I think, less boring. But let’s see and wait for there are only 3 episodes left. OH NOEZ.

  27. Break down… Break down… Oh, Stop now!!
    I give a full credit to the producers of this series, for their success in creating “SUCH A PROTAGONIST” out here. Such a wonderful character he is, to use a “lower” brain instead of something on his head to think. What ending should been waiting for him… I hope the producers won’t disappointed us here.
    I smell a terror lurking at your precious “lower” brain here.

  28. All the people saying that Makoto must die. You realise that dying would be the easy way out right? True suffering is when you’re forced to live to suffer the results of your actions, to make what was wrong ,right.

    Also the act of cheating, isn’t really an act deserving of the death penalty. Instead the true punishment for this if he were to truly fall in love, then the person he fell in love with start cheating on him with a dozen guys and treating him like crap so he knows exactly what it feels like.

    However I am not sure if this Makoto has the capacity for love like that. He obviously doesn’t care much about any of the girls we currently know in School Days for the simple reason he’s willing to cheat on any of them. In this case, a fitting punishment would be if everyone left him, however I don’t think that would happen. Sekai might dump him, but Otome would just snap him up since she seems like her morals are even lower than Makoto’s.

  29. i think they made Makoto the way all man would be if we didn’t know how to control ourselves. so just think of this show as a way not to do things. but Makoto’s still cool because he makes everything more interesting otherwise this show would be a giant harm

    danny the dog
  30. So was Kotonoha raped or not because the next day she seems her usual delusional self, she does not act like someone who got raped. I know in the game its pretty clear cut with the bloody thighs and all, but here I am not so sure what to think and whether using game as a canon for the anime here is correct.

  31. AHAHAHAAHA OMFG!! SOMEONE’S GONNA DIE!! LMFAO I JUST KNEW IT THAT SOMEONE WILL DIE AT THE END OF THE ANIME!! i hope…. and i’ve always thought that kotonoha would do the killing. hopefully makoto dies so yeah.

  32. School Days 11 : みんなの誠を殺す Minna no Makoto o korosu Everyone’s Makoto was Killed

    @som1 我が子へ+鮮血の結末+永遠に these are 3 main BADEND of School Days PC. Get more information here

  33. i doubt anyone is gonna killed, especially not the next episode. there’s gonna be 12 episodes, which mean if they were gonna kill somebody, it would be the last episode because after you kill somebody, there’s nothing really to talk about after that.

    danny the dog
  34. Show Spoiler ▼

  35. Wow, everything is getting all messed up now. I was routing for a deathless ending… but not so sure that’s gonna happen now. Oh well, if someone is gonna die, hopefully is a Higurashi no Naku Koro ni like blood bath, so at least it’ll be entertaining…

  36. I would say the second one. How could I explain it…well basically, I doubt they are going to show this in the tv, Kotonoha swipes Sekai’s neck *lol, then laughing like a crazy, and bang. The End.

    I meant come on…I want that too but it would be lame somehow. So, Makoto will regret it, they are going to say blalblablablalba. He’ll leave desperatly alone, and thats how is going to end it, in my opinion. That would make more sense. I guess…hmmm…don’t know yet. We still have to see the next episode :O.

    Or a new ending =) that would be nice.

    This show is getting getting desesperate and wanna just slap that guy out of it. Oh yah, I forgot Taisuke too *lol. He just took advantaged of Kotonoha T_T.

  37. Ok, I hate to say this, I Mean REALLY hate to say this, but I have a theory, considering so many people are NOT going to like a bad ending, and so many people WANT a good ending with Kotonoha, and the only person to bring happy to Koto is Makoto, Maybe:

    Makoto, in the next episode, goes through a sort of , realization, all the shit Koto put up with, all the things he made happen to her, and so much other things, and finally FINALLY realizes that he indeed loves her. Meanwhile, Poor Koto is about to do something stupid, something..from one of the bad endings? and as she’s about to do it, Makoto stops, her, declares his love for her, and YAY! Happy ending with Sekai losing, Yeah, I honestly right now think something like this would happen, defying all logic(what else is new?) to make a good ending and NEW ending for Kotonoha.

  38. Well, makoto is such an ass but come on, like some guys would do and think with their d!cks.

    As for the ending, it might be an anime only ending and I see someone dying considering how the writers make us hate this person so much or side with other characters.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  39. There’s still a very high possible it’ll show Kotonoha will jump off the building since last time i’ve opened this scene there is Nanami’s part having sex with her boyfriend, and heck won’t that be better since it’ll end up Makoto not having any girlfriend in the end. But an original would be good to as long as it gives a bad ending to Makoto.

  40. @Izual:
    Also there’s another original ending categorized as worst : Makoto kills either Kotonoha or Sekai (or both?), thinking they’ve become nuisances too much for his tiny mudbrain.

  41. >>#
    Aceywacey at 10:06 pm on September 4th, 2007

    All the people saying that Makoto must die. You realise that dying would be the easy way out right? True suffering is when you’re forced to live to suffer the results of your actions, to make what was wrong ,right.

    Also the act of cheating, isn’t really an act deserving of the death penalty. Instead the true punishment for this if he were to truly fall in love, then the person he fell in love with start cheating on him with a dozen guys and treating him like crap so he knows exactly what it feels like.

    However I am not sure if this Makoto has the capacity for love like that. He obviously doesn’t care much about any of the girls we currently know in School Days for the simple reason he’s willing to cheat on any of them. In this case, a fitting punishment would be if everyone left him, however I don’t think that would happen. Sekai might dump him, but Otome would just snap him up since she seems like her morals are even lower than Makoto’s.

    But at the end of the day, they’re all just fictional characters. And Makoto’s so terrible that I wouldn’t mind to see him stabbed to death.

    The only person who actually deserves something horrible like that in this show is Taisuke the rapist, I think.

    But, seriously…what a bunch of retarded kids. I thought at least Setsuna was smart.

  42. I’m kinda scared what Koto will do… considering the ending there with the stabby knives … what could be in that bag she’s carrying???

    Personally though if she chops Makoto into little bits i wouldn’t mind, the guy’s a prick but since there’s a few eps left… i wonder how it will play out.

    btw never played the game so this series is new to me… and i must say… i’ve never seen a drama as epic as this, the writers / directors are geniuses.

  43. Considering all the complications Makoto is currently having, there were four other girls that drove her to the edge. Would that also mean the four knives she’s fancying at the kitchen and carrying on her heavy bag at the end?

  44. finally, a decent harem lead character who walks the walk instead of talking the talk

    took a while to find one.

    Makoto is doing what the average healthy boy would do in that situation.

    think with little makoto rather than his brain. Lie through his teeth to get his leg over, classic!

    Makoto laughs at the moral police/forum memebers. He may be doing wrong but he’s walking his own path! Proper jack the lad I can be proud of!

    ark noir
  45. hikari is the only chick that didn’t get nailed by makoto yet. maybe in the next episode?

    btw i’m still hoping for some more emotional scenes probably kotonoha x sekai having their way on makoto’s d*&%. kokoro getting nailed by makoto saw it from summer days i think!?

  46. I really hope for a bad ending for makoto.
    And to those who defend that piece of shit, I understand being an high school student, but that doesn’t justify being an asshole,. Do you want to have fun? Fine, but don’t make other girls think you’re their boyfriend and then cheat on them o_O Just say you just want to have sex, there are plenty of bithces like that. Just look at Otome :DD

  47. I was lost for words, I was literally in a state of shock. Never have I watched a series with so much drama. This isn’t a train-wreck, but a three way disaster involving high explosives, nuclear waste and gasoline.

    I find it odd that of all the girls, Makoto never once slept with the girl that he originally had the hots for, but he did with just about everyone else. Considering the title of the next ep, I wouldn’t be surprised of more “conquests” (there’s just one more that he can sleep with in the game). If he hopes to “conquer” Kotonoha, he’s gonna have to come up with a damn good excuse or be in for some incredibly violent love-making. Personally, I think the guy deserves to be hung, drawn and quartered, all while having a hot poker up his rear and an industrial strength battery connected to his groin. I know its harsh, but this guy could well have wrecked several lives.

    Having forgotten about the video camera, it came back with a vengence, but damn what a bitch that girl, she actually thought it would be alright? I feel real sorry for that girl (forgot her name and too sad to see her crying face again to check). Of course, it made Sekai’s discovery of Makoto’s unfaithfulness even more dramatic.


    Interesting twist, Kotonoha’s weapon of choice against Sekai in the game was either a saw or clever, whilst it was a kitchen knife that Sekai drove into Makoto in another ending. Now it seems that Kotonoha has not just one knife but several. Could we be seeing revenge against the group of girls who gave her hell? Or will those she trusted be the receivers?

    By ep12, the streets of this fair town will run red, the question is whose will it be?

    DAMN!!!! WHAT A SERIES!!!!!

  48. Realy i dont stand this anime, at first i thought it was great, up until around ep 5? then he started to cheat on girls, A real man faces the consecenses, i know its just a anime, but man, this makes me so frustated, I realy feel bad for Kotonoha, shes the only person in this anime thats not totaly fukked up, Lets hope for a knife in heart on Makoto….and that Kotonoha finds a boy that appritiates her.

    (sorry for the spelling mistakes)
    Death for Makoto!

  49. I don’t really know, but why do I get this feeling that this anime will have a COMPLETELY different ending? An ending like with Kotonoha killing Otome and her friends??? I guess that might be impossible.

  50. It seems to be pretty sure Kotonoha has carried on knives in her bag. When she met with Sekai on the pedestrian bridge, there was a sound of metal pieces came into touch together…..

    btw, Kotonoha’s bag in this scene is suspected to be a top-bland bag which costs about several thoudsnds dollars. She also invited Makoto to a cruise with her father’s private yacht in this episode. Such show off of her richness must have promoted her to be ignored from her classmates.

  51. omg! Makoto is a fucking fucker! lol

    i dont like this type of men. type who thinks he can do whatever he wants. i hope he will be knifed by Katsura, or better, by all the girls he fucked… this boy is a bastard, bury him!

  52. The character flaws is why the series is so good…though I don’t get why everyone loves Makoto…Makoto’s flaws seem realistic…and the whole concept is more attractive than a guy with no redeeming qualities who’s trying to get in one of the best schools in Japan while a house full of hot girls all want to do him…

  53. There’s one hypothesis why Makoto attracts so many girls….

    Show Spoiler ▼

  54. I love this show… it is watched more by those who hate it than those who love it, hahaha…

    We’re nearing the end (of the TV broadcast episodes, anyway), and I have gotta say this is one of the “better” shows to come out this season… I don’t think I’ve seen an anime that has quite the same controversy and drama as this one…

    Now if only they won’t ruin the ending – Show Spoiler ▼

    although a harem ending works too… Prolly one of the best harem shows to come out in a while, as it doesn’t hold its punches, and doesn’t care what it’s “moral” viewers think 🙂

    – T

  55. Anyone doubting that Taisuke actually raped Kotonoha needs to rewatch it and notice the white puddles on the floor when Kotonoha walks into the schoolyard.

    Right now, the only person I have any kind of sympathy for is Kotonoha, not because she was cheated on by three other women, but because she has the best potential for going insane. Otherwise, she’s a dumb whore like the others, offering her body to Makoto even after suspecting Sekai of fooling around with him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Makoto started to have an affair with Kotonoha’s sister (and her friend too) next episode.

    Madness? This is KOTONOHAAAAAA
  56. holy freaking god this drama is so. how can i put it. actually there arent any good words to describe it for justice, but its so crazy i swear!
    man kotonoha w/ a knife? thats so intense i swore she was gonna like attack saionji on the bridge, but i guess not Oo what shall happen next we all wonder?!?!

  57. “Makoto laughs at the moral police/forum memebers. He may be doing wrong but he’s walking his own path! Proper jack the lad I can be proud of!”

    ^^^ This people, is the quote of the month.

    However, I cannot condone Makoto for making Kotonoha go through all of this. I’m still rooting for a Makoto x Kotonoha ending.

    A man can still dream, can’t he?…a man can still dream…

    @the white puddle thing: Oh shit. I hope Kotonoha is taking birth control D:

  58. I don’t really care what the ending is anymore… I just want the characters to live until episode 12 at least… Then they can all die. D=

    …But I’m really pushing for an original ending. I don’t want to be able to know what’s going to happen. However, with all the madness they put us through, I don’t want it to lack any drama. A lot of people better get hurt near the end.

    It’s crazy; this show makes me so mad and frustrated, yet I can’t stop watching it. It’s like an anime Jerry Springer or something…without Jerry.

  59. I agree with FireChick. It may be possible that Otome and her friends are gonna get the wrong end of the proverbial stick since they’re the ones who constantly beat her down to her current state. She could have done something more with her relationship with Motoko without the bullying.

  60. Kotonoha needs to kill the rest of the girls (not just the girls getting humped, I mean ALL of them, those scheming girls too) and then commit seppuku and leave Matoko with a bunch of dead girls on his hands. Then, and maybe just then he’d realize how much of an ass he was and go jump off a building.

  61. well i guss we’ll be getting a high chance on a bloody ending.. seeing how kotonoha stares at the knife and at the ending the bridge scence the camerer keep staying put on the bag i’m gussing theres a knife inside that bag!!! >.

  62. This is probably one of the most awesome anime series ever just for having balls and a male character who isn’t a pussy, even if it is based on an h-game.

    Why isn’t Makoto a puss, you might ask? I first started this series without really knowing it was based on a computer game, and basically relented to seeing another love triangle drama and see maybe if it has enough flair to continue watching. Average at first and now this series is just plain explosive by the end. I thought Makoto was a puss at first for not being able to handle his original love triangle between Sekai and Kotonoha if it was a relationship he wanted, but now that I realize he’s just going after PUSSY whatever chance he gets I think he’s pretty awesome. The guys just wants fuck buddies. Props to him for being able to pull it off so early in his life, along with at least one girl who’s more than willing to be one knowingly.

    I can understand all the haters here who think he’s a terrible guy and all, but where are all the other guys here cheering him on for being able to spit enough game to be humping chicks left and right? And at the SAME TIME!? C’mon, that’s just unheard of in regular run of the mill anime, even if this is h-game derived at least goddamnit they kept to the original story, haha. Makoto is just a regular and healthy highschool student who has a fire inside him and it can only be extinguished by poking more chicks. The girls around him are completely at fault too for giving it up that quick too anyway, (seriously, spitting game and being able to bang chicks quick is a cool and admirable trait, but it doesn’t take away the fact that you’re almost positively with a skank of some degree) and Makoto and his balls are making up for all the failed pussy male main characters of harem animes of past.

    Bravo to you Makoto, for being a hallmark male character that for once isn’t a tool and has instead flipped it onto the women.

  63. @ whybeahater

    The thing is he isn’t just sleeping with them casually…he’s leading them on and hurting them so deep that well…Saw, Knife, headsmash.

    If he was just picking up random women at a bar who are looking to get laid I would have no problem with it…but this guy is emotionally scarring everyone in his path and it also doesn’t help that you feel a connection to the characters.

  64. hmm intresting what could that be sperm? lol

    btw has the manga already ended for this anime, anywhere i can find it i hope he ends with kotonha btw she is the only one who has done no wrong was always nice and she has to go through all this it isnt fair. lol

  65. Only feel bad for kotonha, the rest of the character can all died for all I care they all deserve everything thats coming for them soon either knife, chainsaw, or machine gun they deserve it. But Kotonha didn’t do anything to deserve any of this.

  66. There really isn’t much of a good ending either if Makoto chooses Kotohana by some miracle at this point. Since it would be Sekai that may take revenge and kill Makoto. Eitherway if he picks either women someone will die or end up terribly miserable.

  67. I watched this certain episode and I also noticed something. At the last part in wherein Sekai and Kotonoha met at the bridge, Kotonoha was bringing a big bag. And when she looked up at Sekai with dead eyes, there were clattering of knives at the background. It started when Kotonoha was going up the stairs of the bridge. Just pointing it out. I might be deaf or something.

  68. “Makoto is just a regular and healthy highschool student who has a fire inside him and it can only be extinguished by poking more chicks.”

    Then don’t go around saying you’re going out with one girl, just say you are having fun, Just see at Kotonoha, he didn’t even have the courage to telle her he doesn’t like her anymore. And he’s doing the same thing to sekai. He isn’t a regular highschool student, just an asshole with no balls 😐 Poke the chicks but don’t deceive them. Because that is what he’s doing.

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