Emerging from a dark cloud with his mask on, Ichigo claims that he doesn’t have time to explain and immediately attacks Grimmjow with a point-blank range Getsuga Tenshou. Across town, Hitsugaya isn’t able to do any damage to Yammy without activating his ban kai, and Yumichika’s faring poorly against Luppi. Ikkaku doesn’t help his friend because he isn’t interested in fighting two against one, though this gives Luppi an idea. He asks Yammy to give him Hitsugaya and then proposes that he fight all four Shinigami at once in his released form. Remembering what Shawlong could do in his released form Hitsugaya activates his ban kai and charges Luppi, but he doesn’t make it in time to stop him. Before the dust can clear from Luppi’s release, a tentacle strikes out at him, though Hitsugaya is able to block it with his ice wings. As it turns out, Luppi’s released form gives him eight tentacles, and he proceeds to attack Hitsugaya with all of them at once, causing the captain to crash into the ground. Meanwhile, Rukia has arrived in the real world and finds Renji getting a massage from the three mod-souls, so Renji explains how he exhausted his spiritual pressure in training and how Urahara went out instead of him or Sado.

Back above the city, Grimmjow is badly wounded from Ichigo’s attack and realizes that this isn’t a Shinigami’s strength. He demands to know what Ichigo did in this past month, but Ichigo reiterates that he doesn’t have time to explain and sandwiches Grimmjow between two Getsuga Tenshou attacks. As Grimmjow falls towards the ground, he manages to fire off a Cero blast that forces Ichigo to stop and defend himself. Grimmjow then flies back up and clashes swords with Ichigo several times before Ichigo regains his advantage and gets ready to make a swing that will end this. Unfortunately for him, his mask breaks right at that moment, and Grimmjow quickly uses the opportunity to retaliate. By now, Luppi is fighting Rangiku, Ikkaku, and Yumichika all at once and manages to grab all three with his tentacles. Admiring Rangiku’s body in particular, he sprouts some spikes on another of his tentacles and offers to fill her with holes. Before he can do so though, Urahara shows up and cuts off those two tentacles. However, shortly after Urahara introduces himself, Wonderweiss Margera attacks him, and Urahara has to defend himself.

In Soul Society, Inoue is allowed passage through the dangai to the real world and is given two Shinigami as escorts. As they’re running through though, a rift in the dimensional fabric opens up and Ulquiorra appears. Recognizing him from the previous battle, Inoue tries to stop him from hurting her escorts, but he ignores her and blows away half of one Shinigami. Before that Shinigami can die, Inoue uses her power to start healing him and tells the other guy to run away. That escort doesn’t get a chance to do so because Ulquiorra blows a huge chunk out of him too, forcing Inoue to expand her healing to cover both men. Admiring Inoue’s power, Ulquiorra tells her to come with him and instructs her to reply with a yes. If she says anything other than that, he threatens to kill not her, but her friends who are currently struggling in their battles in the real world. He then reveals that Aizen wants her power and that he’s been sent to bring her back unharmed, so he’s ordering her to come with him.

I swear, a good fourth of this episode was spent on recap, including the entire first five minutes. Admittedly, this is preferable to more anime-original episodes or even full recap episodes, but they could have also just extended one of the battles a bit more, as long as it wasn’t Ichigo’s fight with Grimmjow since that’s technically time-limited. Aside from that though, they stayed fairly faithful to the manga, and I actually enjoyed Ulquiorra’s speech towards the end a lot more watching it than reading it. That part felt like it had a lot more oomph and effect when voiced and with music accompaniment.
Action-wise, the part that was most exciting for me though was seeing Urahara go up against Wonderweiss Margera. Urahara’s not someone who has gotten involved in many battles, and his opponent seems to be the kind of character who’s a child on the outside and a monster (in terms of power) on the inside. There should be a bit more of that fight next episode which will probably get as far as wrapping up this battle. There was no preview for next week’s episode though since they aired a commercial for the upcoming movie instead.


  1. Instead of so much recap, they could have extended the Luppi vs. Yumichika fight (give him one decent fight for God’s sake) and included the Rangiku/Luppi dialog before Urahara arrived…
    On the other hand, I loved the Ulquiorra scene.

  2. what a crap ….I know what´s coming next….
    orihime´s no wagamama!!
    gurimujou no asashi no kokoro.How cute a powerfull holow with a heart….and lot´s and lot´s of retarded stuff on the story to come…
    OH CRAP!!

    Tensai Otaku
  3. wow!! i dont even remember this in the manga. cool,BETTER FOR ME!!! as far as mask effects, it does look a little weak with hair coming out of the eyesockets ,too kurt cobain-ish

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. animation quality definitely looks crisp and clean. pierrot has a tendency to do this dont they? several eps of mediocre quality followed by something *very* good. ^^;

    can’t wait until a certain *someone* barges into th ichigo vs. grimmjow fight 🙂

  5. This is why I so F@#king hate Ulquiorra, his attitude towards Inoue is a totally jackass, I would have given him the middle finger and say screw you A-Hole. I just can’t wait to see him get his ass kick soon and have ichigo step all over him and say in your face F@#kers.

  6. Awesome! I’m actually looking forward to this episode, this is one of my favorite clusters of fights. Minus the mod-souls and the recapping, this looks like it’ll fill the void that Bleach has left in me lately.

    Yay, Ulquiorra! I have to admit that I think he’s really cool. Of course he’s a jackass to Inoue, he’s a friggin Espada.

  7. that mask did nothing for the fight scene…it was basically the same…i wished he was over powering grimjaw for a full 11 seconds then standing around saying he doesnt have time to explain then hearing grimjaw talk for longer then 11 seconds..i know why they do it..its just to waste time…

  8. The quality was shit, no, Mother Shit! did you guys see the effects of Ichigo’s Getsuga Tenshou? my dog can draw better! hahahaha, this was one of the worst episode of bleach this year!
    it was so bad i can’t stop laughing! XD

  9. It honestly would be nice if Bleach (and Naruto Shippuuden, for that matter) did the One Piece thing and only aired an episode every 2-3 weeks. You’d get a very high-quality episode and stay decently behind the manga, with less filler (even though Bleach actually has decent filler when it tries hard enough).

  10. That Wonderwice Margera is not a child in outside only and a monster in inside becuase he wasn’t about to hurt Urahara at the first place, he just wanted to take his hat. That’s all of it.

  11. why is Hitsugaya soooo weak and gets his ass kicked every time isnt he a captain
    its the first time i start to know Ulquiorra’s character (still a badass but he treats Inoue like a bitch)
    Urahara every time i see him he becomes more cool

  12. qwertypoiuy> Simply cos he’s the youngest Captain, Luppi is an Espada 6 too, that’s something (Shawlong was trash).
    And yeah, Urahara saves the day, can’t wait to see his Bankai (if we ever see it), not gonna happen anytime soon though.

  13. Just saw Bleach ~ Memories of Nobody ~

    They did a good job with the movie; too predictible i the end; still I’m glab to see they can hold a descent level of animation for a movie. This 2nd movie looks promising…

    Syaoran Li

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