With the school festival over, Sekai isn’t coming to school again and is instead curled up in her bed. On the screen of her cell phone beside her is a message from Setsuna apologizing for not telling her properly about moving. Hikari meanwhile sleeps with Makoto and afterwards comments on how she had wanted to comfort the depressed Sekai by taking Makoto there, though things turned out like this. Hikari tries to get Makoto to go see Sekai tomorrow, but he just grunts at her. She then starts to scold him for going after girls left and right in Sekai’s absence, but Makoto claims that it’s just been Hikari. When she calls him the worst, he reminds her that she’s the same as him in that regard, and he pulls her back onto the bed to kiss her. The following day, still in her room, Sekai remembers how she had confronted Makoto about Otome and how she had cried because he was the only person she had left since Setsuna is gone. Hikari comes by to visit her later during the day and tells her that Makoto couldn’t come along because of his little sister, but when Hikari thinks that she should have brought him by force, Sekai doesn’t respond and instead tries to close the door on her. Hikari does her best to try to get Sekai to come out, but after she suggests that Makoto might be unfaithful without Sekai around, Sekai shuts the door without saying a word.

At school, Otome is unable to call Makoto and wants her friends to help look for him, but they don’t care about it and would prefer to go home instead. Once Otome heads off by herself, her friends talk about how she’s changed lately for the worse, and after hearing about Kumi’s filming experience, Natsumi wonders how Makoto really is. At that time, Makoto has just finished up with Hikari in a classroom, and although she’s unhappy about them doing it here again, Makoto isn’t worried about being found because this isn’t a room that’s normally used. Hikari then asks him if it’s really okay for him not to go see Sekai and suggests that if he has time to fool around with her, then he should go visit Sekai once in a while. Makoto, however, doesn’t care. While all this has been going on, Kotonoha has been also trying to call Makoto, but even though she can’t get through, she still talks into her phone as if she’s having a normal conversation with him. Sekai, on the other hand, spends the night looking at past messages that Makoto had sent her on her cell phone. Unbeknownst to either of them, Kumi, Natsumi, and Minami go to Makoto’s apartment the next day to sleep with him.

Back at Sekai’s apartment, she’s looking through the photos she has of Makoto stored in her cell phone when she suddenly gets the urge to throw up. It is at this point that Sekai clutches her stomach and realizes that she might be pregnant. With this in mind, she goes to school the next day and tells Makoto that she didn’t have her period. He quickly realizes what this means and can’t believe it, but Sekai says that she didn’t do that sort of thing with anyone other than him. Getting angry at Makoto, Sekai reminds him that it’s his child and that he should think seriously about this, but she accidentally speaks too loud, letting everyone in the class hear. Shortly thereafter, Sekai starts feeling like throwing up again and ends up alone in the infirmary. Though she’s not pleased with him, she nevertheless smiles at the thought of having Makoto’s baby inside of her. Makoto meanwhile meets with Hikari privately and wonders what he should do. Thinking that he’s getting what he deserves, Hikari tells him to take responsibility if he’s a man.

Though frustrated at the situation with Sekai, Makoto’s face lights up later when he gets a call from Otome. When she gets to his door, he invites her to come in, but she first wants to talk about something. Without even hearing what it is, Makoto immediately knows that she’s referring to the thing with Sekai and denies that it’s his fault. He tells her not to worry about it, but Otome notes that he didn’t used to be the kind of person who’d say something like that; she remembers that in junior high school, he was a lot kinder. Deciding to go home after all, Otome then bids Makoto farewell and calls him an idiot on her way down on the elevator. After a long day of thinking, she ends up throwing away the photograph she had kept of herself and Makoto from junior high school. Neither Makoto nor Sekai show up for school that day, and as night falls, Makoto goes out alone while Sekai cooks something for herself and the baby inside of her. Unable to get through to Otome or Hikari by phone, Makoto is thinking about how everything was going so well and questions why things turned out like this. He eventually finds the photographs of Kotonoha in his cell phone, and right as he’s thinking about her, she appears in front of him.

Noticing all the snow that has accumulated on her head and shoulders, Makoto asks what she’s doing and is surprised to hear that she’s been waiting for him. As Kotonoha endlessly talks about becoming a suitable girlfriend for him, Makoto realizes that something is wrong with her and collapses to his knees as he tries to get her to stop. When she eventually declares that she loves him, Makoto is so overcome with emotion that he hugs her and apologizes. It is after Makoto tells her that he loves her too that the life returns to Kotonoha’s eyes, and she hugs him back with a smile on her face.

Now that Makoto has slept with Hikari, Kumi, Minami, and Natsumi (the latter three all at once), he’s been with every girl in the show in some form or fashion except for Nanami and Kokoro. It amazes me that girls just continue to throw themselves at him, though at this point it’s serving more as shock value than anything else. At least things are finally starting to come crashing down around him in terms of Otome rejecting him, Sekai’s pregnancy, and him finding out the condition that Kotonoha is in. Knowing Makoto though, there’s probably nothing keeping him from trying to sleep with Kotonoha and dumping Sekai completely. If he does that, then it could very well set us up for one of the bad endings from the game.
On the other hand, Makoto could help Kotonoha get over him and then go take responsibility for the baby that Sekai’s carrying. I just don’t see that happening after all the screwing around he’s done this entire series unless he has some huge reversal in the final episode. The other option is him getting Kotonoha pregnant too, and then we could get a harem ending where both girls are carrying his babies. Those are the three main endings I’m expecting at this point, but the writers have so far done a good job of surprising me (for better or worse), so I’m excited to see how this train wreck ends. The next and final episode is titled 「スクールデイズ」 (School Days).


  1. Holy shat! He sleeps with all those girls?! Hot damn! And only now Makoto realizes what he has done. Kinda late now. He is in some deep shiet. He even got Sekai pregnant! I’m now seeing an end where

    Show Spoiler ▼

    How can this anime get any better! Cant wait for the next episode already!

  2. I knew he would sleep with Hikari, but with all those other girls?! I guess he is “Everyone’s Makoto” haha! I just laugh at the fact that Otome rejects him. How could Makoto do that to Sekai?! Damn he is a pimp, but a freaking jerk.

  3. Sekai really has to find out that he tried to hit on other girls even after finding out she’s pregnant. That’s the only hope of a conclusion that is actually consistent with the show, rather than, as I said, “be as retarded as possible, it’ll all be ok”.

  4. Yep, I think we’re getting the good ol, ending that we’ve all been hoping for, or a variation of it. Makoto stays with Kotonoha, loves her and what not, and leaves Sekai, to which sekai gets angry , blah blah blah, she stabs him blah blah.

  5. DICKOTO HAS DIED???? finally makoto is back to “some” reason in his mind??? i am to shock to say more… but i think its not over

    kotonoha can smile… but “world” wont be the same anyway

  6. Maybe the ending will be a little good, who knows. Maybe Makoto just has sex with all the girls in the school or something and those will be remebered as his “School Days” haha. Poor Sekai… She kinda deserved it, but kinda not.

  7. Lets check the requirements..
    Sekai pregnant? Check
    Makoto with Kotonoha? Check
    Kotonoha oblivious to pregnancy? Check
    So far so good to me. and if my predictions are right, EVERYONE is going to be happy.

  8. Man this episode is UNEXPECTED! I cannot believe Makoto will get away with it all with just a dam apology! He cannot undo his wrongs by just doing so, it is plain stupid.

    Also OMNI, besides from the two girls you mention, I dont recall Makoto “getting it on” with Kotonoha, which is a mystery to me lol. Also umm was that really possible in the game, Makoto getting it on with Kokoro??? If im not mistaken, isnt she Kotonoha’s sister? *Shivers* If that’s true then he should get busted for it.

    Well to those (including me) who hope for someone dying (specifically Makoto), we still have the last episode to hope for, I mean who knows, you can’t judge an episode by its title alone lol.

  9. @Slyzer

    That’s the thing. I don’t think he’d get stabbed unless he sleeps with Kotonoha and gets found out, because Sekai has no knowledge of him hitting on Otome after telling him she was pregnant.

    So if he sleeps with Kotonoha, we do have some hope he’ll get what he deserves…

  10. I chose my wording carefully here – “getting together” – and I didn’t mean that as a euphemism for sex. Makoto has had no relations, be it simply kissing or something more, with Nanami or Kokoro. He has, however, kissed Kotonoha, which I could as having had relations with her, hence what I said.

  11. when most of us say MAKOTO MUST DIE DIE DIE …most of us think damn you Makoto good job! providing harem service…. now die bwahahaha eroge turn anime…… not surprised Makoto banging everyone(actually hoping for it)… I’m not surprise if Makoto do kokoro too (which i highly doubt they’ll do it in in this series …..)

    but yeah its totally boring if no one dies ehehe (heck not only those Makoto harem you’ve been waiting to see but also the real deal behind this story)

  12. I agree with Nagasumi. If Kotonoha finds out, maybe somebody’s gonna die. Oh and fyi Nagasumi,

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I dont see how Sekai will be happy with Makoto’s baby alone. Things may turn around and him sleeping with all those girls will probably taunt him somehow.

  13. Another thing, I’m surprised that Otome was the first one to break it off or reject Makoto, waahhh? Lol when you think about it, it is very IRONIC, since Otome was the one who wanted it just like that, like both of them just be sex friends or something. Though I guess she is smarter than all the girls, to realize Makoto would never change. I guess the title isn’t somewhat accurate, since Otome broke it off with Makoto and Setsuna flew off to Paris, i guess for Makoto he couldnt afford to lose any girl, like him running after Setsuna WTF was that all about?

  14. Sekai is pregnant? Ohow, that’s oil in the fire, curious how they’ll end this drama now, I really can’t imagine that this guy won’t have to pay for what he has done.

    If not I’ll send Chuck Norris out for him.
    “Chuck Norris roundhouse kick is so fast that it skipped dimensions and killed Makoto in the anime world.”

  15. I think that the only one that que didnt have sex is Kotonoha.. and her sister…

    i think now he said that he loves she, but he only want to have sex with her.

    THE END.

    Got all the girls, pregnant one. I think he has a good luck d=]

  16. @Marvin: ARE YOU SERIOUS???

    Man the guy has no restrictions! Seriously, he would bang any woman he can see lol. Also Show Spoiler ▼

  17. @Nagasumi

    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. How did Hikari, Kumi, Natsumi, and Minami get into the mix, thats a bit BS I say. But I am sure the writer gonna pull a good one on us in the end making us think everything is back to normal which isn’t, Makoto will die someway, somehow, by someone and maybe more than just him who get shank, or else there will be no justice in this world.

  19. ok lets see this ep is surprisingly stupid from what i seen yes makoto gets off the hook with just a simple apology fuck that, but think about it school days ending-to my children.
    makoto ends up with kotonoha-check, sekai is pregnant-check, sekai is pissed-check, all we need is for makoto to go to the piere with kotonoha and talk about having a baby and then we will get out long awaited bad END so dont count it out just yet but things are taking a turn towards good end as i see it and from what i can see makoto acually feels guilty and does indeed love kotonoha seeing as how he was crying in the one pic after seeing what he did to her also i know this is a long post but bare with me does kotonoha do the whole laughing thing on her balcony just liek in the game i wanna see that even though talkign to her phone is creepy enough lol

  20. Still don’t under stand how did Hikari, Kumi, Natsumi, and Minami join the mokoto fan club, just because their leader otome slep with him they gonna do the same thing saying I want what shes having @_@. But I gonna admit having a foursome is every man’ s dream ^o^.

  21. Now that I think about it, maybe we will be getting the ending where

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Wouldn’t be surprised now that he is getting back with Kotonoha. Maybe he got all those girls pregnant and they will all have his babies! XD

  22. Oh, boy!

    Makoto has now come full circle. He started the whole show going with Kotonoha, went through pretty much all the other girls in the show and in the end returned to Kotonoha again. Honestly, I did not expect this to happen, but in a weird way it kind of makes sense.

    So, at this point the possibility of Kotonoha going berserk is pretty much over which eliminates the “saw” ending that they were leading to, but now since Sekai is pregnant and Makoto is back with Kotonoha presumably, the “stabby” ending seems to be in order. Of course, everything could still turn out fine with no one dying and everybody forgiving each other magically, which in turn would contribute to yet another disappointing finale to such a show. If only things were so easily fixed in the real world just by saying “sorry”!

  23. DARNIT! Makoto must die D; NOOOOO!!!! But maybe Makoto will get killed afterall, since the game had the ending with Sekai also being pregnant but Makoto choosing Koto, so Sekai killed Makoto XP I hope that will be the ending. Nooo, Koto!!! Why didn’t you kill him off!!!!

  24. this anime is only shit !!!!!!! xd. I cant think there is all that stupid girl on 1 much will he f**** before the anime end???????
    School days is only making me want to PUKE.Stop putting bullshit under our eyes!!!!!!!!!

  25. i think the ending is gonna be makoto getting killed. here’s the deal anyways why do these girls wanna sleep with makoto he isnt the only man in the planet and i really don’t think he has the best moves for s@# or the biggest d#$%, so why do they keep doing it with him?

  26. hm… Considering the fact that every girl has been Makoto’s harem line and has “done it” w/ him…. cept Kotonoha… myabe in the last ep they’ll do it and then sekai finds out and butchers Makoto?…………Oh god i wish that would happpen.. but then agtain.. the poor baby >..

  27. shit this is gonna end wtih makoto died because he is gonna get back with kotonoha and sekia is pregnant and sekia is gonna stab him because she left her with a baby in her utarist . but another then that makoto is pimpin man thats fuckin awsome.

  28. I think Makoto gets back with Kotonoha out of frustration due to he being dumped by Otome.
    Otome is my hero now, first girl to dump him, now to hope this is not a trap and she doesn’t get back with him. Otome probably wanted more that a Sexfriend relation with Makoto but she is smart enough to know that it won’t happen.

  29. You know guys? I think it’d be best that the ending would be an entirely different one compared to the one from the game. If you want the game ending – play the game. Let the anime play its unique roles.

    This anime has enough twists to keep me glued to my screen – anticipating Makoto and the girls’ next move.

  30. What the hell… so he really does bang nearly every girl in this series. And what, a Kotonoha ending? And how is she going to react to Sekai getting pregnant? And what light did Makoto actually see to realize that he loves Kotonoha?

  31. Well, I think Makoto might be killed by Kotohana because it is always showing the kitchen knife, right?

    By the way, Kotohana is not that easy to forget what Makoto has done before and ……

  32. ok this episode was not as bad as we thought, Makoto gets pusnished a little

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Bt what happened in this episode I doubt that Makoto is going to get anymore women besides Sekai and Kotonoha!

  33. Hm this does leave Sekai open to stabbing him since Kotohana isn’t pregnant I guess you could rule out the christmas harem ending. UNLESS they decide to push through with that ._. minus Koto’s pregnancy.

  34. gurrr god dam it… finnaly the girls are starting to ditch makoto.. i hope sekai ditches him too and leave him wif tat pervertly in love wif makoto kotonoha… sekai is a kind and nice girl.. she deserves some 1 better 100 time better not a bastard play around guy like him… u guys angree rite!!!!??

  35. Oh crap…I really was hoping Katsura would at least kill 1 of the girls…
    Man, there is seriously something wrong with the girls at this school, i mean wtf…? Is everyone THAT desperate to get something they have to go to the worst guy in the series that is willing to do just about anyone..(No wonder Sekai got pregnent….whenever Makoto wasn’t doing her he was off doing someone else, so someone was bound to get pregnent..) Also dear lord, Japanese never heard of condoms?! For how many times they had sex you would think the girl would at least recommend one? I mean for gods sake they are only freshmen in High school, which means they are what, 14-15 years old?..kinda young to be having a child eh Sekai?

  36. Hopefully with the way things are setting up we should-if the writers decide to go with the Bad Ends- see Show Spoiler ▼

    Boy do I wish…

  37. 3 possiblities:
    one: go for the harem ending (makoto sleeps with all girls – but they only use him once and he still have some responsibility to take…
    two: chrismas special ending…the lord is born..well the lords..polygamy in japan..he he he ^^
    three: new ending – can be what the f*ck ever – maybe makoto wakes up as sekai, or the girls got connections to some high tech yakuzas and make him a girl…well, one week and we will know – however this anime got…tensions…i mean…just one episode – and besides we know some of the possible endings – theres still room for a anime-only ending…happy or not…1 week…damn – i want some quali subs at least of the next 3 episodes…argh ^^

  38. I hate him please let him die. Of all the animes ive watched (Code Geass Dragn Ball Z, Tsubasa chronicles, Nodame Cantible, Zegapain, Gundam, Gurren Lagann etc… (oh so many more) Makoto is the one most deserving of death

    WingZero zxt
  39. Are you shitting me up the asshole? Makoto fucks another four girls in one episode and theres now the potential opening for him to not be killed? They better pull some crazy off-hand plot twist and have Sekai drive a rail spike through his skull or something or I’ll be royally pissed. Makoto needs to die!

  40. Kumi, Natsumi, and Minami had the common sense to use a condom when they did Makoto.
    Those three are riot, i laughed when Natsumi told one of the girls to let her borrow her boyfriend for christmas 🙂

  41. Ppl use to compare mokoto to Takayuki Narumi from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, no way Takayuki Narumi can come even close to how pathetic, selfish, irresponsible bastard mokoto is in school days. At least for Takayuki Narumi he had good reason to act the way hes acting consider the situation he is experiencing at moment, makoto just wanna bang everyone and not take any responsiblities, he will be in for a rude awakening soon. I really have no word for the kind of punishment he deserves, death is the easy way out for him now. I think the perfect punishment for him is a big fat ugly bit#$ has her eyes on makoto and pick him up forcing him to marry her, and he becomes her pet slave forever, working all day support her fat ass and their ugly children, never get fed with a full stomach. I think this be the perfect punishment worst than death, making him suffer for the rest of his life is better.

  42. Endings from School Days(h-game) that includes sekai or kotohana being prego.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  43. I just dont understand some people say POOR SEKAI, when she’s the one who bring out all the mess. But anyway, it’s not that I hate her (actually she is still or maybe was the one I like the most…but then she turned out to be…) but I dont give her pity.

    Kotonoha is…what I would say “POOR Kotonoha”! She got raped, that stupid makoto ditched her, Otome and her gang mistreated her, etc.

    but anyway Makoto is my hero now. He did Foursome! 😀 What a pimp! XD

  44. Hmm the way this is going…the ending is either gonna be

    Show Spoiler ▼

    BAD ENDINGS OF THE GAME!! -Kotonoha -Sekai -Makoto
    The last one is up for discussion if its a bad ending or a good ending…i think its a good one XD

  45. Itou has to die, but not because I think he’s a playa, because he’s not. He’s basically the Golden Dildo all the girls must have.

    The reason why he has to die is because as the male lead of a harem show and H game, he is supposed to represent us, the male viewer. The problem, here, is that this guy barely resembles a man. He’s stupid and utterly useless; a complete and utter TOOL. I don’t want this pathetic POS representing me. He could go bang the entire female cast, and if he showed a hint of decent manliness about doing it he’d be my hero.

    And another thing — the producers obviously decided they weren’t going to make this a serious drama in the same fashion of the game, which, like a romance novel, was over the top — but just a little bit. This completely flew off the handle of anything remotely believable, so basically let’s just enjoy the stupidity until the end. The only other girls interested in Makoto in the game are Otome and…that’s it. You could bang Hikari, but that was basically conversion based on rape, and was an omake ending anyway.

  46. WTF ….he’s gonna sleep with the rest of the girls too??? and he goes to Kotonoha after?? she really really have to be stupid if she forgives him after all he did….If Makoto doesn’t DIE i’ll regret for the rest of my life for wasting my time watching this thing….


    you could say that whatever walks and has a hole between the legs HE DOESN´T FORGIVE!!
    phrases like:

    A dream that came true.. I real man´s identity impersonatied on an anime character!!
    Well as seikai is pregnate I trully think THIS IS THE WORST ENDING….IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN 😀

    Tensai Otaku
  48. double post, but I don’t see how a harem ending can work since Makoto is sleeping with anything that moves. He’s only saying he loves Kotonoha because nobody else will sleep with him now that they know Sekai is pregnant with his baby. So, he obviously has no love for any of the girls. I say they both kill him.

  49. Dang man! Makoto’s the man. Not a single one of the harem lead can even come close of what he did. For the record, the takayuki from KGNE is a coward but a very good guy because he values love, and he deserved either haruka or mitsuki. Makoto is a ultimate pimp, he’s gonna die for sure. Hey, at least he bang all the girls before he dies.

  50. hmmm interesting turn of events and to think this is the same guy who was stupid enough to look at porn on his first date. It must be that stupid book’s fault which Taisuke now has (which probably taught him to rape girls if they reject you). I really wonder how Makoto can score 8 girls, 4 in 1 episode. So far he almost made it to second with Kotonoha, made it to 3rd with Sekai and scored several homeruns, scored a (2) homerun(s) with Otome, made it to first with Setsuna and possibly made a homerun as well, made a homerun with Hikari and then subsequently made a Grand Slam with the 4 girls. hmmm… who are left? Kokoro, Kokoro’s friend Uzuki, Makoto’s sister, Sekai’s mother, Nanami, the evil basketball club senpais. It would be so funny if the ending would be the duel between Sekai and Kotonoha from the Summer Days omake. Sekai with the knife and Kotonoha with the saw fighting for the evil bastard who is a better “Mega-Playboy” than DNA2’s Junta Momonari.

  51. Cannot believe my eyes… if only this is in real life. A fantasy come true for horny guys. 🙂

    @nycs : DNA2 is so long ago! At least Junta “transforms” into a hunk before he gets on it. And I think I remember most of the series for its OP from L’Arc~en~Ciel.

  52. This man must die. There can be no other result. After 12 episodes of “Let’s see how many girls I can bang behind my girlfriend’s back”, If he somehow deus-ex-machinas himself into a good end, Then I don’t care how good jaa and omni think this show is, It will have been a train wreck.

    Not Anonymous
  53. Don’t worry he will almost die on Kotonoha’s hands before Sekai even reach out and stab Makoto.
    Guys remember there is still 3 OVA after the final episode. So hope they do the bad ending here probably not getting Makoto killed but critically wounded to be hospitalized.

    So sad he won’t die but anyway he still get the beating from those girls.

  54. let just hope so ppl dun learn from this anyway =-=”
    i just dun really like bloody dam thing at all….

    was hoping all girl just stab and he survived but is suffering
    …fighting for his life maybe good instead of a fast quick death for him..

    cos it like letting him off with just a stab and den die after that..

  55. Ha ha… and so the 11th episode has aired!

    what a turn of event …
    Show Spoiler ▼

  56. Holy shi*. He slept with another four girls? He isn´t normal even for Makoto. And Sekai is really pregnant? Thank god the next episode is last. I coudn´t keep with this much longer. But still it was a good anime at least.

  57. How many he want to have grandson and grandaughter???. At the first it will be hard to have many child..:p He is don’t think that?? what a crazy man..poor the child when have father like that…but the women want doing it with makoto is crazy too..i don’t know what the real reason the women want doing it with makoto..>.

  58. come on everybody sing along with me

    there’s three in a bed and the other one said roll over ,roll over!

    makoto is a hero to all men. Even I haven’t have a foursome(3some I’ve had))! Makoto has got game.

    Though a true player is someone who can talk themselves out of a situation,makoto has got some way to go in that respect but its a start!

    blame the randy wenches for putting it on a plate rather than makoto. No use in moaning when theres a bun in the oven. its all fun and games til someone gets hurt/jilted.

    bit disapponited with frigid katsura coming out of SEED mode but is it a bluff?

    ark noir
  59. Although I hate Makoto purely because he’s a dumbass, I can’t say it’s truely just his fault. All the girls bloody saw how crap he was at relationships, and yet they still all fell head over heels for him. It makes me a little sick to think how such a moron could get so lucky.

    Konotoha on the other hand, I really don’t know. She’s just been thrown all over the place, but I’ve really lost alot of respect for her now that she went back to Makoto. I mean, she wasn’t out of the loop that long. She would have known that Makoto was being a freakin jerk in the time she was out. /WHY/ is she going back to him? I really hope she’s acting and she goes full pshyco on everyone. Either that, or everyone except her dies in some horrible ‘accident’.

  60. What really piss me off is he have no remorse for everything he has done.
    A. There are the a-hole that do bad things to other ppl but they understand and admit they done bad stuff to others purposely to hurt them.
    B. Makoto on the other hand do bad stuff to ppl but is so f@$king stupid that he doesn’t realize hes hurting other ppl, he thinks he did nothing wrong. thats what piss me off so badly hes playing ignorance or is really that f@$king stupid.

    My personal opinion is I rather take the guy A who acts like a jerk but at least have the intelligence to understand he had done something wrong and admit it than a totally freaking dumbass that have no intelligence to understand his actions, basically I really hate stupid ppl. When a person is so stupid to the point of being Makoto’s level they just don’t deserve to live, is a waste of human oxygen.

  61. i somehow doubt some ppl will like makoto going off “ALIVE” with 2 girls…
    but one possible of the bloody end is the sekai killing makoto…

    is either he alive with 2 girls OR death with no1 to care 4 him…

    dun flame me anyway…
    it just that i was narrowing the possible…

    and i MIGHT be wrong too >=P

  62. No respect for Makoto. Theres defiantely no thoughts that this isnt a hentai game lol, he really bedded them all which is pretty crazy and think a first for hentai to anime translations.

  63. Haven’t seen the game, but… how about Sekai gets Makoto up on the school roof (where all this started) to tell him her decision about the baby. The idiot thinks she’s going to get rid of it. She says she wants to keep it. Just then Konotoha shows up, here’s that, and leaps on Sekai. Makoto moves to intercept and they both tumble off the school. Splat.
    Ending: Sekai gets a call from Setsuna. She’s coming back to look after her. They’ll be a couple…

  64. In my opinion, the last part of the episode does not show that he felt bad about cheating on Kotonoha earlier. He was desperate to sleep with someone and but all the girls blocked him (on their cells). He scrolls through his contacts list to find someone and finally gets to Kotonoha, and he shows up in front of him telling him that she still loves him. He was worried about her state but that last part when he cried and hugged her was because after all he’s done to her she’s still willing to take him. It may seem to her that he loves her still, but Makoto will only take her for sex, as seen by the brief close-up when he reached behind her and grabbed the back of her skirt (which he also did in earlier episodes to Sekai when he wanted her). I think he apologized to her for dumping her earlier, not for cheating on her with Sekai, which he is still too stupid to realize/care. Anyway, looking forward to the stab ending =)

  65. What an ep, just can’t believe it went by so far. Makoto’s lust for sex has gone beyond the point of no return, even going as far as having an orgy (well I doubt they just sat round drinking tea and playing cards). So thats conquests 4 – 8 in this ep.

    Of course, Sekai’s pregnancy really took me by surprise, I loved how it just came out of the blue and Makoto’s reaction was priceless. I am worried about that short-haired girl who was caught on tape in the “lounge”, I seriously thought she was gonna commit suicide when she was looking out of the window. I also for some reason really thought Otome & Kotonoha were gonna bump into each other and that she would be Kotonoha’s first victim. But now, with her insanity seeming to die down, Makoto is on track for conquest no. 9 (of course if he had just made it no. 1 and left it, he wouldn’t be in so deep the shit as he is now) and she seems to have calmed down. I will admit, his guilt-fest at the end almost seemed real, but I have a hard time believing after all he’s done so far.

    Only 1 more ep to go, its sad to see such a dramatic show end and I hope it’ll go out with a bang. I wonder how Kotonoha is gonna take the fact that Sekai is carrying Makoto’s child and call me twisted, but I hope at least one of the knives see’s some use, cos otherwise they will have been added just to taunt us / lead us on.

  66. Ah i can’t believe Kotonoha forgave him.. She SHould KILL HIM! If she doesnt do it, I HOPE someone else does. Jesus Makoto is the ONLY main character who I HATE. I can put up with stupid characters but Makoto is fcken retarded, he shows no respect for the girls and just bangs everyone thats available to him

    HE had better die or i won’t be satisfied :/

  67. Madness? This is KOTONOHAAAAAA
  68. I have to say…poor Makoto, everything wouldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for his big fat ego and thinking about pleasure. After all what he did its basically what greed would do and thats to get the best of you. Sad though I actually cried a little bit because I know how it is to feel alone and do something so incredibly reckless and stupid. No one deserves to die, he just needed a slap on the face to tell him who he should of stayed with in the first place because honestly…Kotonoha loves him for his kind self, and he forgot all about it until she said “I love you” (in her denial) she still did and she didn’t care. She honestly was his love charm. Though for the rest they should of known and avoided him and for Sekai I feel bad enough to know that happened.

    Jason Isenberg
  69. hmmm everything will still lead to a bloody ending I suppose after meeting a requirement which is Sekai pregnant and the ending I would feel to those who “watched” the game would be to my children…

  70. Oh god…if Makoto doesn’t die, I can just see all the retarded Makoto-flamers on this board screaming their heads off about this being the worst anime in history, just because the ending didn’t suit their taste. Ok, you guys hate Makoto. TRY POSTING SOMETHING THAT HASN’T BEEN POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE x9999 TIMES ALREADY. Why don’t you guys try contributing to the discussion instead of saying, “Makoto needs to die”. If you really hate Makoto so much, GO BACK TO WATCHING GURREN LAGAN. *holds up anti-flame shield*

    On a side note, hooray for Makoto getting back with Kotonoha. I didn’t think it was going to be possible, but it was : ). The script-writers never cease to amaze me.

  71. I love this ORGY feeling!!!
    I hope the girls on this blog learn something from watching this anime…….WHAT you all ask me….the answer is:


    Tensai Otaku
  72. What the hell. I don’t see how anyone can say this is a good drama anime. It’s driven by horrible writing.

    I mean, really now Otome. Who was the one so eager to get into Makoto’s pants when they knew Makoto was with Sekai while still Kotonoha’s boyfriend? Talk about double standards.

  73. *shakes head in amazement*

    Wow, now that’s what I call bad storywriting. Surprising – sure – but real nonsense, contrived and utterly non-believable. SD has been entertaining, but over the last 2-3 eps it turned from questionable to nonsensical.

    Jaalin, you seriously believe that this show comes even CLOSE to the incumbents of the genre (KGNE)? I mean, for real?

  74. Mentar, I don’t think it’s bad story-writing at all. I doubt School Days is meant dead-serious. It’s just way overboard to be taken serious. I’m pretty sure it’s meant as a fun-ride and it works quite well as such.
    Seeing all the people here wanting to kill Makoto is kind of cute. Makoto is really shallow but the girls don’t deserve any pity at all. Even Kotonoha has little reason for behaving like a psycho. She should be utterly but relieved that she never had anything with him. Sekai is a silly fool for not taking the pill. I’m sure you guys are just jealous of Makoto who gets to bonk all these healthy girls – each of them being well aware of “his” cheating.

  75. Here is what i call one of the best drama anime that i have seen i a wile and there basicly all i watch. I think that it is great that makoto has gone back to the best girl in the hole anime (kotonoha) i mean i felt bad that she was jest some simple easy going girl and then makoto cames in and mess up her life up only to make her go crimcly insane. I am roting for her in the end. I know this is going to piss like all of you off but on the side of makoto y did he not sleep kotonoha the by far hotest girl in this anime. I like most people want to see him die and look forward to it but i do want to see him and kotonoha have sex and then him trying to dump sekai.

  76. I consider the GAME to be the spiritual successor to kgne and second best H game of all time. But the anime seems like an omake re-telling or something. Whereas the game was just a little over the top, the anime flies way off the deep end. The whole thing thing has devolved into this huge fanservice sex-fest leading up to a blood ending, but still pretending to be a real story.

  77. I’m pretty sure the ending will probably be sekai who will be dead. If you listen close enough, in the end of the episode, you will hear an ambulance siren. That pretty much tells you that someone is going to die. I doubt any of them will kill makoto cause if they wanted to, they would’ve done it earlier. Plus sekai has no motive. He is the father of her child, she probably won’t give up hope no matter what, and I highly doubt she’ll kill kotonoha. But kotonoha, at this point is like a fragile glass. She regained her consciousness. Which means that, once makoto takes his eyes on anyone but her, she will definitely snap. She won’t kill makoto cause she doesn’t think anything is his fault, who else is left but sekai? But seriously, even if she is the most pitiable person in the story, if she kills sekai, she will be the character that everyone hates. But at least now, we know that makoto will choose one of the two heroine. Im guessing its sekai, but you’ll never know.

  78. ^ so damn true. actually, i’ll modify that a little. “You are the only one I haven’t bang yet. You can suicide or whatever you want, but at least let me taste some of that…” well you can continue the rest…

    what a (expletive) d!ck that bastard is.

  79. @Mentar

    I completely agree with you. This show is so illogical it’s funny. If you want to make a good drama, you have to make it realistic and make the characters believable. KGNE was a great drama show, perhaps the best. Sure, the three main characters were all messed up but at least they had reasons to make bad decisions and I could see how all three were thinking. School Days has become a complete nonsense since about episode 9. I feel like the producers decided to throw in a bunch of random scenes from the game in order to bring the level of drama and fanservice to the top, but in the end it is the show’s flow and consistency that suffers. The main characters are not just stupid, they are outright ridiculous.

    This show is nowhere near as good as KGNE, let alone some other shows that are airing right now.

  80. You are missing the point of this show, this is not trying to mimic KGNE, this is NOT a drama, its a comedy. All the stuff the characters do is totally nonsense (in that i agree), but that is exactly the point, makoto is suck a pathetic character that is not even believable, that kind of player at least would have guts and inteligence to pull of that many cheats (that is leaving aside the circumstances that are total fiction). So the point of ths show is to be so ridiculously dramatic and fictional that turns into comedy.

  81. Remember the scene when kotonoha found makoto and sekai on the roof? di anyone even thought about crying? (the music, char faces and lines would suggest a very dramatic moment) off course not, i laughed (and really hard btw). that is exactly the point of the show imo.

  82. I don’t know…as much as I want Matoko dead, I just don’t see that happening…pity…anyways, this comment thread has over 200+ comments…imagine what the last episode comment count will be like if I am correct…

  83. From todays episode, I think there’s a possibilty we might get that game ending.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    It would be really interesting though if Koto had her knife with her at that moment and we find out next episode she knifed him, but that’s probably not going to happen. D=

  84. Knowing full well, we won’t get time to see the harem ending with both of them pregnant, because for that outcome we needed for Sekai and Kotonoha to get along throughout the whole series, have sex with him at the same time and finally come in terms with each other on Christmas Eve.

    Now, for a bad end to happen; we need some R-15 classification before the final episode starts on Tuesday; if really someone will be stabbed in this kind of series, they need to change that fact only once. So far Makoto has the most probabilities of be the one who will die; after all Kotonoha and Sekai have suffered enough; more Kotonoha. Or everything can go to hell and have an all new ending.

    Only two more days…

    Syaoran Li
  85. OMG OMG OMG OMG I HATE MAKATO it not my fault its not my responsability OMFG what kinda of a child are you I mean that is the most lamest obviouse excuse that your scared of responsability. He says I´t Isint his fault then whos is it? I mean if he was a good boy and keept his penis in his pants this event would not have happen´t I though he was naive but I didint think he was that naive where i come from my friend had a same event but between 2 girls not this many, One of his friend the one he knock up for just one night stand who was just looking for some fun and then was the girl he liked and she liked him. He took the one who was carrying the baby and is now to day a beautiful little girl, soon to be 2 years old 🙂 But he still isint forgiving me since im currently with the girl he liked and me and her and our 1 year old child…. YES MINE DONE A D.N.A test. Are currently happy thank you.

    And no Im not going to give names or tell you any more about my personal life, Im just telling you an exemple how he should act like my friend did during that time.

  86. The People who didn’t bed with Mokoto actually did it with their BFs…as said in the game~ anyway i think the ending will be this….

    Show Spoiler ▼

  87. God, Makoto deserved to die more than anything else, first he dumped Kotonoha when he’s the one chasing her first.
    Sekai is also a freaking bitch since she betrayed Kotonoha after promised to support her in earlier episode, but give in to Makoto after some push from him.

    Now what really piss me off is Makoto loyalty, and his inability to keep his pants on, this sucker is a f***ing trash. I feel really sorry for Kotonoha in earlier episodes (yeah, Taisuke deserved to die too for taking advantage of her)…, now, with Makoto come back to her, the only problem remains with Sekai’s prenancy (but this slut deserved it anyway).

  88. f**king makoto!

    i wish kotonoha would love another guy(except taisuke) and forget about makoto.
    makoto made her crazy. i dont care about sekai because she was the one who made makoto a sex addict. however, even if the story pissed me, i would say that this anime is great because it made me cry by feeling very very very very very very sad for kotonoha. i wish she would be happy at the ending. and makoto would turn into a crazy guy with his p*nis cut off! i love kotonoha!

  89. Man i never played the game that this anime is based on but man makoto has been busy of late lol. I kinda dont want him to die since hes the main char but sleeping with so many girls and gettin on pregant i dunno where this is going to go. I hope they air EP 12 soon.


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