In midst of the chaos, Louise almost gets killed by one of the mind controlled soldiers, but Saito saves her. The two then escape with the rest of the Tristain forces back to their base at Rosyth as the Albion army captures South Gotha. Henrietta also gets away safely and meets with Cardinal Mazarini while Agnès explains what happened, including how the enemy has 70,000 troops on the way. Nevertheless, Henrietta insists on holding off on leaving until the last boat back to Tristain so that she can make sure everyone else is safe. Mazarini then goes privately to Louise to ask for her help as a rear guard to protect them while everyone else gets away. Louise takes the job even though it’s not an order, but Saito is completely against it and points out that she’ll be sacrificing herself. Although she doesn’t want to die, Louise feels that dying while protecting her allies is honorable for her as a noble. Saito is conflicted because of his own desire to protect Louise, but she tells him to escape.

Saito decides to stop resisting and suggests that they have a drink to celebrate before they separate for good, so Louise goes as far as to say that she wants to get married. She picks out a pair of Éclair d’amour flowers before heading to the church, but when she’s praying there, she doesn’t notice Saito putting some of the sleeping potion into her glass. As for the actual ceremony, Louise isn’t quite sure what to do, but she knees Saito in the crotch for wanting to kiss her. Instead, she feels that they should hold hands and say their vows, so Saito tells her that he loves her and that he’s glad to have been able to meet her. Louise in turn admits that she had at first been wary of him as her familiar, but she’s now glad that it was him. She also says that she loves him, but right as those words come out of her mouth, Louise faints because of the potion. Julio is waiting outside the church, and Saito hands Louise off to him. Saito intends to face the enemy by himself, but he’s not doing it for honor. He’s doing it because he told Louise that he loves her, and he feels that he has to go for that to stay true.

Louise wakes back up on a boat leaving Albion, and upon learning from Julio what Saito did, she has to be restrained because of how much she wants to go to him. By now, Saito has fought his way to the front lines of the enemy force and jumps right into the middle. Although he battles valiantly, Saito is vastly outnumbered and soon gets mortally wounded. As the enemy prepares to finish him off, Saito thinks about Louise and how he doesn’t want to die after all. Back on the ship, the glowing Éclair d’amour flower that represented Saito dims and withers. In the aftermath, everyone else makes it back safely to the academy, but there’s a heavy air all about because of the loss. Louise’s sisters try to get over it, but Saito was too important to her, and Louise just wants to be alone. While she’s crying over the dead Éclair d’amour though, it suddenly starts glowing again. This can only mean one thing, so Louise runs out to the front of the school and sees Saito standing in the distance.

The two run to each other and are happily reunited, but Louise’s attitude soon changes when she learns that he was saved by an elf. It seems that the same girl that Guiche was talking about had recognized Saito as God’s left hand Gandalfr, though Saito remembers her mainly because of her large chest. Louise gets angry because she thinks Saito likes big breasts, and it doesn’t help that Saito starts staring at Siesta’s chest when he sees her again. This anger leads to more explosive bursts of magic from her, and for now, things look back to normal.


So there were a couple of minutes toward the end of the episode where I started wondering if the writers actually had the balls to kill off Saito. Turns out that they didn’t, and so we got what I call the deus ex machina ending where Saito was saved by the elf (Tifania, voiced by Noto Mamiko). I wouldn’t have minded so much if it didn’t come in the last few minutes of the episode, making it seem like it happened just so that Saito and Louise could be reunited. This is where not having enough time to flesh out the story hurts because I think things would have been a lot better off if Saito had been “killed” at the end of last episode, and the reunion was this episode.

That’s not to say that this was a horrible ending (Saito’s battle scene and death were pretty good), but it wasn’t great either. Was it too much to ask for them to actually end on Louise X Saito instead of having her be mad at him like usual? I realize that that’s how their relationship works, but for crying out loud, she was just reunited with someone she thought was dead and had been crying over all this time. Along those lines, I also wish they hadn’t used the normal ED and had instead shown an aftermath montage of the characters like they did at the end of the first season.

Final Thoughts: This entire season didn’t seem like it was very well thought out – they focused on Agnès too much in the middle and let the more important stuff at the end get rushed through. I probably wouldn’t think so poorly of this if the series was 26 continuous episodes long since that allows more room for other stuff, but I suspect that they would have followed the novels a lot closer if they had that many episodes to work with from the very beginning. The 13 episode single season format is just too short to waste time on anything that’s not moving along the main plot. Since the war’s not even over yet and since Sheffield is still out there, I get the feeling that they came in with every intention of there being a third season. Right now though, I’m not too keen on watching more of this series. Maybe I’ll feel better about it by the time they announce another sequel (if they do).


  1. I’m sure they’ll be another series next summer. I’m hoping that Saito will take over the teaching duties after Colbert was killed in a battle, including teaching what Saito’s real world is like and its history.

  2. Does the light novel shed more light on the war between Albion and Tristain(sp?)?

    Season 2 just felt weird because there were all these missions, but the importance of the missions sounded kind of flimsy.

  3. I’d also love to read the novel..

    As for this episode I’m a bit disappointed. Not that I was expecting something great from the preview, but at least the ending could’ve been filled with a bit more love >.>
    Looks like there’ll be a third season since they left this second open (main wrath still there bla bla..).

  4. Wow what a strange ending because I did not expect this to happen. I have heared of a thrid season but I think Zero no tsukaima really needs a third season. The war thing with Anies really annoyed me because it could have been shorter. This needs another season to justify the series.

  5. Yeah, the novels do go into further details as to why the war between Albion and Tristain comes to pass.

    In fact, I’m quite disappointed that we had a lot of character development (Henrettia, Louise, and Siesta) get cut out.

    They really should’ve went with 24-26 episodes for this season.

  6. Actually they played it smart by making it only 12 episodes since there are many powerful animes at the time this anime started last July (Gurren Lagann, Lucky Star, Claymore, Seto No Hanayome, and Darker Than Black ownage) plus the animes that started at the same time like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and School Days.

    Shana won’t have any big opponents this Fall (Clannad and Gundam 00? maybe)

  7. Yeah, this season focused too much on other characters.There would most likely be a 3rd season since a lot of things were unresolved and left hanging since they didn’t end it with an anime original to just wrap things up.But who knows, maybe there won’t be.There had been anime series like that in the past with no closure where in you have to read the manga or light novels to continue and find the real ending. Looks like some marketing ploy to stir up more interest(and sales of related media) for the novels.It wouldn’t really bother me this much though if they actually had the novels out in the store and translated.But oh well…here’s hoping for another one and a one year wait if ever.

  8. dont worry… there is a tird season of zero no tsukaima… and i readed dont remember where that one of the finals episodes of zero no tsukaima are when saito return the ring to the water spirit…

  9. lol. Actually if all the episodes had fight like this one would be nice. Also, Saito ended up killing people even he didn’t want to. I wonder if it ends here in the novel.

    Why? Because it ends here?

  10. Well, I think they didn’t end it on purpose since they were waiting for the novel to end which is sometime this year probably or early next year so they can animate it.Although the author did express his desire that the manga,anime and novels should have different endings.Anyway, it would be a somewhat odd if Louise and Saito didn’t end up with all that had happened.

  11. Wow, they left out alot of the stuff from the novel. still is a good episode. Can’t really expect them the put in any more details with only 12 episode. Hopefully they will be able to include some of the details left out into season 3 if there is one.

  12. They should made Saito stay ‘dead’ until next season… There will most likely be a next season right? Though at the downhill rate this anime is going, i think its gonna lose a lot of watchers. Its getting worst and worst. Except for maybe certain nice scenes?

  13. Pretty good episode, the 70,000 on 1 sequence is actually better than the novel. It really shows how heroic but helpless Saito’s try is and how much he loves Louise. Sure, there is a lot to be desired, especially for avoiding a rushing impression, but I think it’s quite good episode nonetheless.

    Kugimiya Rie and Hino Satoshi’s acting is superb on this episode imo. I keep hearing that the two are actually very close with or without a microphone in front of them, and i think that their relationship really made difference here.
    The pair is coming back soon with the 2nd season of Shana. I’m so pumped up with that.

    Lastly, as for the 3rd season of Zero, I will be shocked if there is no 3rd season.

  14. all i can say is that im just depressed on how much the anime has strayed from the light novel. there was really so much more to the events that take place in the ending but i guess they had to kill off the season. Lets hope they dont do this to Shana II.

  15. The ending was very (quite?!) disappointing, even though the fighting part was very nice i kinna wish it lasted longer and more detail and what the heck was that giving Tifania 5 sec of appearance like she was just some minor character. Saito being summoned was much better than just appearing like nothing happen, really was not all that great. Hope a 3rd season can polished it.

  16. just watched the raw they could have milked the angst more imo it was just to short also the fight scene they could have shown more of it thou i really liked the partShow Spoiler ▼

  17. They really mess up on the second season, they have too much material from novel but not enough episodes, in the end they rush everything and turn this into a disaster. Now Zero no Tsukaima has a bad stain on its name because of this, thats why I always say I rather wait 2-3 years for a well thought out anime series then this crap that are rushed and end up being a disasters.

  18. I have a feeling they end this season, liked this is only the start of a third season. If a third season is made, then the plot should get interesting. Tiffania looks pretty and I want to see her more. The ending of Louise getting mad at Saito looks like it’s for the tsundere fans. I’m looking forward to a third season for the time being.

  19. OMNI i tottaly agree with you man!!
    Plot spaces filled with crap stories and nonsense characters getting the most of the animation episodes….where´s the end of the story from that girl( with blue hair i think it was tabatha or Charlotte??!! )…and that sensei´s death ???….oh shit it was a tottaly crap!!
    I am very disapointed this season because most anime writers are screwing up the ending of most animes , by killing main characters for no reason at all( see….I mean terra-e I was reapeting that ” TANONMU WAKAZO!! ” all the time at that crap ending laughing alot!! and a nice anime with a TOO CRAP ending it´s a shame…that´s my best phrase here…If they blow up the HEROIC AGE or gurren laggan next week I am going to be very angry!!Because for me this is just like wasting your precious time for nothing good….and the WHOLE PACKAGE is important even the ending!!

    By tensai momments!!

    Tensai Otaku
  20. Hey, i like the endimg in the 2nd season, r they going to make a season 3 , cuz this is the most funnyest show, LOL ^0^, if there r season 3, i will gone NUT, my email is, if u have any information for Zero no tsukaima for season 3, plz mail me the website u find, THANK YOU ^.^

  21. they better make a third season after introducing tifannia when she comes in everything gets interesting!!

    Yea, they have way more than enough to work with, and hopefully if there’s enough fund/support/etc. they could do it.

    Louise’s dere-dere and reaction was sooo 0_0 and saito going into the battle with I SAY YES (wedding ver.) made me cry almost hehe….

    Guiche/MonMon/Tabitha/Kirche were just there on the sidelines and they focused a bit too much on agnes. now that they have tiffania, they better redeem themselves for the 3rd season if possible.

    Louise’s tsuntsun in the end and saito’s pervertedness KILLED DIS EP! oh well the ending theme was sooo funny (side-effects)

    And is it me or did Tabitha say “shit” when she saw those two at their usual? well the subs aren’t out yet so it sounded like that hehe

  22. This was a weak ending, it is weak compared to the visual novels. I really hate the lame ending where Louise Blows up Saito as usual. C’mon man!! Even Louise would know that blowing him up at that time would not be a good idea. >:(

  23. I was wondering, does Saito ACTUALLY die in the novel??? I’m still confused about that part…

    And yea; I really do hope there’s a 3rd season, ’cause the ending for this one was kinda dumb. (To me at least)

    Random Lurker
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  25. spam detected.. is just lame to see people giving links when the rule is just on top of the chat box..

    Anyway i just find it a very weak ending and i agree with arthur..
    Dunno are they trying to make a cheesy ending but it was really screwed up..

  26. Novel:

    Saito died for a few moment in the novel until Tifa use the full power of a ring (another one from the water elemental, belonging to the Elf’s dead mother) to save him. He then continue to be “dead” to the other casts for a long while. His status of Servent was undone because he had once been dead. Louise and others knew of his fate because of this but Louise and Siesta do not want to believe it. Louise tried to kill herself after weeks of saddness by jumping off the fire tower and Siesta was caught in the act. Both were saved and some development of the two start with them going off to Albion together to prove that Saito is alive until they see his dead body.

    In between you get the casts questioning part of their silliness and compared to the “commoner” Saito who done a great deed. Note that what Saito has done was kept secret and disgard as nonsense by all other except the main casts, since most people do not want to believe or completely disgard that their live and country were saved by a non factor.

    After Louise and Siesta finally arrived the place where Saito fought bravely against 70,000 they by chance found the forest path where Saito headed. With the help of Tifa and the childerns the two stand before Saito’s grave. Saito was hiding behind that because he felt he cannot protect Louise anymore since he is not a servent now. Final words and ~ToT~ ensured.

    The rest are spoilers, please support the novels.

  27. Season 1 was good. Season 2 was fan service. who know, maybe season 3 might turn into a 4 gal hentai war with 1 delicious elf gal, 1 fabulious princess, 1 busty commoner and 1 2D failure of a master all aiming their site at the Legendary Ghandalf.

  28. I HOPE SO much there is a 3rd season because i like teh anime very much its a cheap anime but i love it also there are still more novels also they didnt bring the ring back also the war is not over and the bitch is also living we need to write a email the the publisher 😀

  29. I havent read the novels but i think it would be rather intersting if Saito and Louise go to Japan in the zero fighter. That would make an interesting season. any everyone ever thought about Saitos parents i mean they gonna be depressed that their son just disappeared from planet earth entirely.

  30. They really should have kept more to the Novels. The fight, Saito’s death, resurrection by the elf, and re-summoning were much more dramatic than him simply appearing again. Also Leaving the elf in just a few screens completely destroys her character as well as any logical explanation for why Saito heads east. The Julio character was also left rather shallow, he is much more interesting in the novels, and agnes was way to fleshed out.

  31. If everyone keeps ranting and raving about how the novels are so much better, why don’t you help baka-tsuki translate them for us so we can all agree with you and hate on the anime version as well.

    I appreciate all they’ve done, but they are either too short-handed, or utterly unmotivated to translate anything but Haruhi novels.

    Regarding the above comment, last I heard Zero’s Familiar was being translated into English and will be on sale in most book stores that sell graphic novels at some point. They may have stopped due to copyright issues.

  32. It’s pretty obvious that there’ll be a 3rd season.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  33. Why do they always have to end with Louise being angry about Saito’s pervertedness… Whats wrong with making it more peaceful? From season1 >> season2, it has deprived significantly. If they do make a season 3, i hope it doesn’t deprove even more!

    PS: Whats the anime thats taking over Znt’s timeslot?

  34. Loved the ending! They really didn’t finish any of the story though, so if there isn’t a 3rd season I’ll be dissapointed. Rozen Maiden still doesn’t have a season 3 though, so it really wouldn’t surprise me if this stopped here.

  35. It would have been wonderful if Saito had really died at the end of the series, just to revive him in the next one… But i was completely amazed by the battle scene… it was incredibly well done… perfect until louise goes mad again and tries to kill off saito with her void magic…

    I think the series was still pretty good

  36. I have a feeling that season 3 will explain the weird ending. There will be flashbacks…. Anyways that is the only way they can turn the ending from a bit shameful to logical and great.

  37. They deserve a Season 3. The battle and fights were rushed to quickly. When I saw the last episode, I was like WTF! why didn’t they show this awesome action for one whole episode or in fact, why did they wait so long to show it.

    Saito, you make any modern kid who wants to be a swordsman proud ^_^.

    Sora no Kaze
  38. If you don’t worry about the somehow messed up story, you still got an amaizing anime with great emotions I think, and like everyone else I’d like to see a 3rd season coming, but as we might all know, its not most likely that there will be another season.

    Keep those emotions,

    so long

    I like Cake ^.^
  39. at 2008, we will see many anime airing.. like xxxholic 2nd, zero no tsukaima 3rd, code geass 2nd, vampire knight, minami-ke 2nd (okawari), gunslinger girls 2nd,sayonara sad sensei 2nd, the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi 2nd, otome wa boku ni koishiteru, higurashi 3rd,kanokon, persona, etc..( and maybe FMP! 4th..)
    next year you will see many anime with second season.. so wait for a bit..

  40. Hmm, yes, the fact that Saito was randomly revived by an elf at the end was a little meh, and rather obvious that it was writers’ intent on making a season 3. However, that doesn’t mean the conclusion is bad; in fact, I think it’s one of the best endings to any anime I’ve seen thus far. I didn’t like season 2 very much, but this episode is definitely its saving grace and an end to the season on a very high note.

  41. to answer lilian, i read somewhere that in the novel currently, Saito’s harem include, Louise,Siesta,Kirche,Henrietta, and Tiffania(elf) and yea season 2 ending would probably be more dramatic as a cliffhanger but maybe at the time the producer wasnt sure if there’s gonna be a season 3 or not and they dont want to end the series with a sad ending

  42. i dont think there is going to be a 5th season. i read the 13th novel and its getting pretty close to ending i think. i absolutely agree with everyone that they rushed ending way too much. in fact its nothing like the novel, and i have no idea how they are going to fix that up in anime. In the novel louise and siesta become close because of this event, and they learn something that is extremely crucial to the series.

  43. D**n…… Looks like the ED is made like that on purpose…..
    They’re sayin’ :

    “SO WATCH SEASON 3 PLZZ!!!!!JULY 2008!”

    And the audience say :
    “HOPE 4 A GOOD ED!!!” OR Will you guys will prolong it even more?

    Well Guess What? -That’s Called Marketing Strategies~ ..Hehe.. I Can’t Wait..

  44. D**n…… Looks like the ED is made like that on purpose…..Playin’ with other’s feelings
    They’re sayin’ this precisely :

    “SO WATCH SEASON 3 PLZZ!!!!!JULY 2008 (Correct?)!”

    And the audience say :
    “HOPE 4 A GOOD ED!!!” OR “Will you guys will prolong it even more?”

    Well, Guess What? -That’s Called Marketing Strategies~ ..Hehe.. I Can’t Wait..

  45. I was really disapointed about the second season 2. but I did like the fact that Saito went 2 war 4 her, but their married. arn’t they? y is he still flirting with other girls?

    I might watch the third series.


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