Inside the volcano, Clare has further Awakened her body for the sole purpose of killing Priscilla whereas Priscilla continues to see Clare as Teresa and as the Yoma who killed her family. Priscilla opens up this next round of fighting with another wave of the green projectiles from her wings, but Clare avoids it and tries to strike back. The two are relatively evenly matched at first, however Priscilla eventually manages to grab Clare as she’s moving around. Priscilla sees that Clare isn’t Teresa, but since Clare smells like her, Priscilla wants her to die. However, when Priscilla throws her into the air with the intent of finishing her off, Clare rebounds and counterattacks. The sight of Clare as Teresa scares Priscilla into running away instead of defending herself, allowing Clare to almost rip her to shreds. The thought of Teresa scares Priscilla so much that she reverts back to her human form as Clare approaches her to cut off her head. Fortunately for her, Raki steps in between them and begs Clare to stop. He knows that Priscilla probably killed someone important to Clare, but he points out that she lost her family to a Yoma, just like everyone else has lost someone. Since he doesn’t think that they should be killing each other, Raki tells Clare that she’d become the same as a Yoma if she killed Priscilla.

This doesn’t seem to work, so Raki tries hugging her and talking about their promise and how he loves her. These words cause Clare to start crying, but she’s still tells him to run away and is unable to control the Awakened parts of her body. Raki would then have been stabbed and killed by Clare if not for Jean suddenly pushing him away and taking his place. Jean remembers how Clare had saved her last time and wants to return the favor, but Clare realizes that Jean would die as a result of it. However, since she knows that she’s already suffered a mortal wound, Jean wants to use her remaining life for Clare’s sake. Clare still protests because she doesn’t think she has a reason to live anymore if she can’t kill Priscilla, so Jean responds by saying that Clare can find the meaning later. Jean feels that it’s more important for Clare not to forget that there are people who want her to live, and she’s one of those people. Her final words tell Clare that she was glad to have met her, and a back-to-normal Clare finds Jean lying lifeless on the ground after it’s all over. As Clare grieves over Jean’s body, Isley retrieves Priscilla with the intent of leaving. Though Miria, Helen, and Deneve are ready to fight him, Isley addresses Raki about how they’ll meet again, and he soon disappears with Priscilla in his arms.

Some distance away, Galatea reports to Rubel about sensing Isley and how she doesn’t sense the other Claymores. She tells him to go see for himself if he’s worried, but Rubel decides not to. Miria, Helen, and Deneve have left Clare with Raki at Jean’s grave, and Miria thinks that it’s up to Clare to decide whether to stop or move forward. Before Miria goes off by herself, the three of them promise to meet again. Further up the mountain, Clare is kneeling at Jean’s grave and remembers what Jean said before she died. She then turns to Raki and apologizes for not looking for him earlier. Clare reveals that she doesn’t intend to go back to the Organization and thinks that their journey will be more difficult than before, but Raki just wants to stay with her and hugs her. For the first time in a long time, the sky clears and the sun comes out. As she takes one last look back at Jean’s grave, Clare wonders if Teresa would say it’s okay for her to live. She then sees Teresa’s figure standing there and hears Teresa tell her to live as a human among humans.

Ugh. So the only person who ended up dying was the person who was already dead at this point in the manga, for the exact same reason she died in the manga (Jean turning Clare back). I guess you could say that they actually followed the manga in a way, but it wasn’t really satisfying since everyone else is still alive and kicking. By that I mean that not nearly enough got resolved plot-wise since Isley and Priscilla are still out there, along with the other Abyssal Ones plus the sinister Organization. In short, I really didn’t feel like this was an ending since there wasn’t much closure to the story other than the fact that Clare was reunited with Raki and returned to her human form again. The former of those prevents them from directly continuing the manga story in a later sequel (if there ever is one), but it’s not entirely out of the question since Raki could get abducted again or something.

Final Thoughts: Claymore’s been an interesting ride for me because this is one of the only series I’ve ever picked up mid-season. Despite how the ending turned out, I don’t really regret watching this since the animation adaptation overall turned out pretty well. I just wonder how far in advance they production team planned this and if they had considered following the manga up to a certain point and then just ending, especially if they intend to eventually animate the rest of the manga once it gets written. It would have been interesting to see a series end on a big “To be Continued” cliffhanger, but I guess that might not have gone over so well with casual viewers who aren’t familiar with the manga story. For now though, I’m just looking forward to seeing how the manga continues.


  1. Hehehehe!!! I knew that every1 would be dissapointed.u must be in Mad dogz place, they proposed an original happy ending in my opinion.Personnaly this ending is shit,i hav read that Priscilla was the strongest Awakened so how can Clare that isnt full awakened beat Priscilla? Secondary, why is raki so feminine? and to finish will they produced and second season and how will it start coz they cannot come back on the manga

  2. they had a million different ways to end it and they picked the worst one… i was at least expecting a decent fight… decided by a hairs bredth.

    I was secretly hoping Raki would get pwn3d, causing clair to go mad.

    All in all they made a decent anime, but the ending = crap…

    And if you have read the manga like i had… ending = epic fail…

  3. well how about this for a second season. the fight with Clare have have fully awaken Pricila and her power now surpass that of the other abysal one. Pricsilla and Easly decide to continue on thier journey afterall and is determined to face off with clare one last time in the far future and the juorney to continue the war is liek their trainning. Since all fully awaken Pricsilla is travel around in teh south now, every1 assum that Clare and company is dead and any1 who know that they live in teh organization is somwhow behead. Clare and Raki sitting under a tree relaxing. Preverted Raki try to steal a kiss form sleepign Clare. he slip and fell down teh hill and into a fast moving river ans is carry down stream. Clare wake up, shyt Raki is gone. she though Raki is roaming lose in teh icy cold blizzard north. she continue to look for him and happen to join up with the rest of her crew. decide that they will help her look for raki, they all stay up north supreesing thier power. Raki is then fish out by Priscila and easily farther south. he decide to stay with them til they meet up with clare. They move on teh fight the abysal on in teh south. 7 years pass, Clare INC decide the stop looking at teh north and move their search to teh south and everythign pick up with teh manga again and stay as true to teh manga as possible to avoid more dissapointed anime ending.

  4. this ending aint that bad either. Easily finally found a cheerful mate to be with. Rifus still have her overgrown golem Duff and Clare is reunited with Raki. jene got what she wanted and that is to die for the happyness of clare. Maira, helen and deven form the Yuri trio and all is happy.

  5. Well, really, they fucked up any way of this getting a sequel or a OVA if you think about it. Mostly because of the fact Raki is with Clare. If they wanna make an OVA later on fallowing vol13 of the Manga, it’ll be kinda hard to do. They could probably fallow the general plot minus any Raki stuff, though that plays into the main plot also. I dunno guys, it’s another example of a good manga getting a fucked up anime ending.

  6. *sighs* It’s finally over!
    I might just pick up this anime since I was smitten by the original work by Shakespeare. But the first I watch a month back was quite good but the only thing that threw me off like any other series is the characters falling in love at first sight. It’s just to unconvincing. Romeo & Juliet is simply the same in which the hero/heroine thinks they’re in love with the idea that they’re in love, but really, all I can feel is as if it was only infatuation. But of course as the story unfolds, you can clearly see the development if there is any >

  7. Pues a mi si me gusto este episodio, han dejado un final abierto para una posible continuacion, lo cual me agradó, algunos dicen “pero como van a continuarlo si Raki y Clare ya se juntaron,y en el manga eso aún no ocurre”, pues recuerden que en el manga han pasado 7 años, derepente Raki ya se cuenta que Isley es un Kakuseisha, y ya no lo esta acompañando

  8. its kinda screw-up with the anime version of claymore specially with the last few chapter moving away from the manga version.

    infact, they should stick with the manga version and carry on the 2nd season with the cold war and stuff like that.

    the current ending really show no justice to the claymore-anime as priscilla suppose to be the most strongest awakened far more greater than the abyssal (the 3) and its the last boss!

    what happen to alicia/beth? the organization? its just stop… so uncool

  9. The arc has been aired on Nippon Television. It began in April 2007, with the latest announced episode scheduled for September 2007. A total of twenty-six episodes were planned for release by Nippon Television[1], however Madhouse Studios has said that they will extend the run of the series for atleast another 26 episodes to total 52.


  10. I’ll pray that Alicia gets animated next season…..if there is one.
    Acutally I just want all of 72+ chapters animated.

    And besides screwing up the story with Clare being reunnited with Raki
    WHERE ARE Uma, Tabitha, Cynthia!

  11. WTF i see i everyone talking about second season . Animes that more popular than claymore don’t get second season or OVA. Plus to do second season they would have to wait about 4 to 5 years. while it all cool to say they should do second seasons it mostly never happens.

  12. Ugh, what a disappointment. If this is the best idea they could come up with and deliberately left it open for another season they should have just followed the manga. I pray they don’t make another season, least not right now, cause there is not enough manga for a 2nd season. If they make one now its going to be over 50% original and I have no confidence in them being able to do a good job now.

  13. Hope there’s a second season or something….or this just ruins my mood. If they do make another season though, maybe they could find a way to turn everything normal: somehow separate Raki and Clare, etc.

    Well, all these anime endings reminds me to ask if your going to do the whole upcoming Spring anime cause I really can’t find info on the new anime coming this season. Your my only hope 🙂 .

  14. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that if they do make an OVA of some sort, maybe they can do the whole ‘forget the anime ever existed and create an OVA that strictly follows the manga’. Hey, a few manga>anime>OVA series have done that before. You never know.

  15. Those circus clowns over at $unrise should be taking notes.

    Somebody over at YouTube said that Nanoha was more “Gundam” than 200X’s Gundam. No. Claymore is more “Gundam” than Gundam. Claymore is Cosmic Era Gundam minus the industry whores, the idol boot-licking, the un-called-for sex scenes, and the corporate bandwagoning.

    Although I wished for Raki to pick up SOME skill. I also wished for Claire’s VA to utilize her “studder girl” characteristics (ala Zombie Loan’s Michiru).

  16. The only way to animate the rest of story is do whaat tsubasa and hellsing authors did – release an OVA which would ignore everything from anime…

    Seriously the most bullshited ending i seen for a long time…

    Wikipedia is user-edited community. Till i see a viable source, i will think its bullshit ;]

    Unknown Voice
  17. wow…….that was………lame

    well…i dun midn them having a OVA to end everything
    but no more second season plz…
    i rather just let the manga go on and read that then to watch another few episodes of crap!

  18. I honestly don’t see what you people dislike about this ending. It was neccesary for Claire and Priscilla to fight, otherwise non manga readers would probably think that the entire series was pointless, since the main character never got to face her arch-nemesis in battle. That aside, the ending was still open ended enough not to piss off manga readers (no unexpected character deaths).

    As for those who think that Claire defeating Priscilla was pure bullshit: Clare was just lucky. Priscilla completely overpowered her during most of the battle, but she lowered her guard at the worst moment. Besides, her irrational fear of anything Theresa-related clouded her judgement, thus preventing her from evading Claire’s desperate counter-attack.

    All in all, I found the ending to be rather satisfying. I guess most people here won’t agree with me, but most people here are rabid thickheaded manga readers that won’t tolerate even the slightest deviation from the source material.

  19. @Erilex

    YOu entirely missed the point. The point is that this was not necessary(the whole priscila stuff). I can’t see Priscila as arch-nemesis or vilain of some way. She is just a victim of organisation. Anyway, the battle itself had no reason, it was too forced…

    But the main point about hating the ending was :
    A) It was too happy. THe series were dark, and, thus it should have ended dark, but instead of it we get a unbelievably fluffy end
    B) PLOT-holes. ~24 Claymores at Pieta entirely forgotten. Isley going through north for no reason, et cetera, et cetera.
    C) OOC-ness of characters. Everyone were not themselves these two last episodes. MADHOUSE seemed to just rape up the characters for them to fit their twisted way to end this show.
    D) It was not necessary. It was still cliffchanger. Atleast if they would have completely followed manga, there would have been a feel of closure, with last episodes explaining lots of stuff. What madhouse did, was to go into anime-original ending, which ended up explaining even less than manga-ending would have had.

    Unknown Voice
  20. I don’t know why people are so upset with this ending – is it just because it’s happy? The anime follows the manga Show Spoiler ▼

  21. @Flopstall

    Um nope…The main reasons why they messed up the timeline and can’t follow the manga are:
    1) All The Claymores in Pieta are still alive.
    2) Raki was not captured by slave traders, thus he had not left any signs in north, etc.
    3) Claire gave up on hunting Priscila. First Reason to go back East gone.
    4) Raki knows on who Priscilla is.
    5) Raki is with Claire. Second reason to go back East gone.
    6) Isley did not go towards South. It seems he never was heading there in anime. So Rafaela, Luciela, Alicia and Beth storylines are not possible, as there are no Awakened army to deal with and Isley is not even heading into Luciela’s territory.

    That said, Anime only followed the manga with Jean’s scene. Everything else was an utter crap which completely ruined the possibilities of any continuation.

    Unknown Voice
  22. as sumone who doesn’t read mangas i have to agree with Erilex, i liked the series. and i hope theres a second season. – if the story drifts away from the manga, who cares?! show me wut kind of damage a stray clayore can do!!

  23. They totally followed the manga as much as they should have i think =/. They added pricilla in which was good. The only part that I think was bad was adding raki in too much of the scenes. But in the end jeane turned clare back like in the manga and the living claymores that lived in the manga (all except one i think >.

  24. The ending was… there was no ending. There’s no closure for non-manga readers, and there’s no closure for manga readers either. Ok so everyone got back together… BUT NOTHING HAPPENED.

    Yes, this sort of joins up with the manga, except for the fact that Clare is now with Raki.

    All I could think about in this episode was… WTF I HATE ANIME RAKI. I didn’t hate him at the beginning, but he turned into a real annoying bitchy prick.

    I think Madhouse could have executed the last episode much better. The plot didn’t make any sense (why would Priscilla be afraid of Clare when she was about to kill her? no reason to think she was Teresa if Clare hadn’t increased her power level). Raki’s reasoning was completely dumb, and he knew Priscilla for what – 5 minutes? No matter that she eats people and Clare is fighting to kill someone who killed her protector and killed bad guys. I think touching her boob really messed with his adolescent mind.

    Overall, I’d rather have had Easley step in to save Priscilla before the last blow; Raki’s step-in was completely lame. Something along the lines of: Easley steps in, Clare goes nuts at not being able to kill Priscilla, Raki tries to plead in like a sentence (but Clare tries to kill him), and Jeane sacrifices herself.

    I don’t really know where the anime is going to go second season; Clare is already resigned to the fact that she can’t kill Priscilla so her main plotline is gone.

    All in all, this ending was either a cliffhanger or a total non-ending.

  25. i finally saw this episode and the only thing that was shit and i know that every one have seen it: Raki sucks he makes me puke with his homo attitude!!!! the best moment was Jean death.that make me wanna see the ending to know wether or not it will hav a second season .There is one question im asking myself how can a 40% i mean 26% yoma could possibly kill an awakened that is more powerful than an abyssal?!! Such improbability is improbability!!!!! and thing again i want to thanks Esmo with his full of sense comment and Valkyrie with a very good prewiew on the second season.
    -award of good acting to Jeanne ^^
    -Pink card for Raki xD

  26. Yeah, because you know how we all enjoy watch the EXACT same thing that we read about. That’s why it sucks, right? Because they gave us something NEW instead of “let’s read about something for 15 hours, now let’s watch a video of the exact same thing for 15 hours”. =/

    It was an AMAZING series and an AMAZING finale.

  27. Being someone who never read the manga, I can say this anime has very profound moments. It all depends on how you look at things and what is your attitude. I don’t expect it to follow the manga, and I accept the common uses of many elements.
    For example, a CRITICAL moment was when Clare cut Rigardo’s arm, that was Major. To really apprehend that fact, that absolute determination and concentration can make happen the improbable, the apparently impossible.

    I also think that if you know what is going to happen, or what SHOULD happen,(according to the manga) then you can’t enjoy it in the same way as someone who doesn’t know anything at all. The less you know the more you can be surprised. And I don’t agree with the thought of expecting something and then being surprised by the opposite or different. No expectations = better.

    I’m personally looking forwards to more seasons, and if there won’t be any I might end up reading the manga.
    Manga however doesn’t have VOICES, MUSIC (super important for me), and Motion (very important also). I think manga and anime are so different experiences that should not be compared. Like books and movies. Not even if someone managed to select the key scenes and important moments, the nature of imagining (text) vs cinema (audio+video in motion which doesn’t leave as many possibilities open) is so different. I don’t expect poetry (soundless) to sound like music and I don’t expect music (silence-less) to feel like poetry.

    Berserk still is the best anime I have watched.

  28. It seems that the only intellectual comments came from Erilex and Ary.

    Many complain about Raki being a wimp but you’re acting the same way. So what if Madhouse deviated from the manga, can’t you die-hard manga fans rationalize and creatively think of any way how they could connect it from the manga’s main plot?

    If you hate anime not staying true to its manga counterpart. DON’T WATCH THE ANIME. Or if you want to see an anime EXACTLY like the manga, then make one yourself. If you’re not happy with the anime, it’s not intended for you.

    My point is, you don’t have to be TOO critical about the changes. THERE ARE people who didn’t read the manga and was satisfied with the whole series. Be thankful you have seen the manga in motion if you’re not enjoying what you’re seeing, why bother? Stop right there and leave the anime alone!

  29. The story ended very abruptly. They left a lot of cliffhangers and dead-ends to some characters but all in all it was enjoyable for me. The fight between Priscilla and Clare was pretty cool! And for those of you upset about the lack of manga trailing, I don’t think it’s completely impossible to get back on storyline. Most anime today don’t follow the manga completely anyway. Does it make it worse? For those of you that actually read the manga, yes probably. But for those who don’t, they don’t care! From that perspective, it wasn’t THAT bad of an ending!

  30. Can’t believe they wussed out after that fight by not killing anyone off. I don’t get why they half-assed the manga material at the end by leaving them alive AND Priscilla AND having Raki be reunited. They should’ve just ended it at eps. 23 post-rigardo fight and animated the ES material for the final episodes.

  31. Everything in the end of the episode points towards the story continuing, so I’m expecting more from this series.

    Atleast I totally missed out the whole “LAST EPISODE” part. (apart from this blog)

  32. Well, I stood defending the anime till the end. 😀 But honestly, I was a bt disappointed as well. The fights were amazing, but….feels quite lacking, esp after reading the manga (which I’ve marathoned like 5 times now). Even if I were to judge it purely on its merits, it makes all the previous build up kinda for nought.

    Why did Riful appeared in the series in the first place?
    Did it make sense for Clare to NOT take Pris’ head when she had the chance?
    Who TF is Isley? Why have him in the show if all he does is stand around?
    Why bring out Galatea in the final episodes and not have her do anything (well, besides talking, breathing and walking. But that’s all)?
    What happened to all the other claymores?
    What happened to the rest of the awakened beings?

    I really thought that they could’ve ended the series (even tho if it was different from the manga) a lot better. Eg, one huge, and by huge, I mean HUGE-ASS fight.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    That would’ve set things really nicely if there were to be a 2nd season, and the only mismatch they have to fix are that pris had dueled clare, and that Raki knows who pris is. But hey, give em 1 episode, and it’s possible to come up with something, eg, the duel with pris was the main motivation for her to work harder, and in Raki’s case… maybe he lost his memories due to concussion. And that would prolly allow Pris to be even more attached to him. And when the end finally comes, they can then use their own again in case the changes really were incompatible, eg with clare saying “so we meet again, biatch. Gimme my boy toy back”.

    At least it would’ve been a lot more satisfying for *me*. Everyone else can just go write their own fanfic ending.

  33. First of all, the animation and art was pretty good in this episode. Sadly, that’s about it… No different opening/ending, NO story development at all (you could call this story un-development actually), no outstanding fighting scenes or whatsoever. Why is the crybitch Raki still alive, standing besides fights and doing a whole lotta nothing but whining like a girl? Why was there absolutely no need for this past few episodes when the story didn’t advance at all? Why did they destroy almost all possibilities to further follow the manga storyline? Why did they throw in the same flashbacks again and again in the last episodes (didn’t really excite me, it was rather boring to watch)? The list goes on…

    Don’t get me wrong, the anime was really worth to watch and sometimes even better than the manga when one’s favourite fights got animated (untill Pieta that is T_T). Claymore is a good show, after all, and I would still want a threesome with Miria and Galatea (well, the earlier mentioned yuri trio would work aswell :p) but damn, why didn’t they just follow the storyline without scaring the manga fans away and keeping a path for the 2nd season open? The last ep was really kinda shocking when Deneve, Diria and Helen got butchered to pieces… just to leave the battlefield unscarred? The whole point of the “anime original ending” is kinda lost on me now… maybe because it’s not an ending at all? Well, going back to the manga, thanks for picking this series up and blogging it to the end, Omni.

  34. I seriously think the last episode was full of crap. I didn’t like how they ended it but I guess they didn’t have a choice. And what happened to the rest of the survivors? Too many loose ends imo. I was hoping somehow they’d have Isley fight but that didn’t happen. huhuhuh T_T Would have seriously liked that.

    I dont’ think they’ll be having a second season of this though since the manga is being produced very slowly.

  35. Come on, you really should know better as a veteran anime viewer how Japanese media companies work. Yeah, I didn’t like it either, but what with the manga still ongoing and the better-than-average likelihood of a Season 2, you *had* to have seen this coming. It’s the standard odus operandi producers employ for getting us to watch the second season. Even though we hate it, you have to agree it’s one of the most effective advertising strategies in existence.

  36. The point is – it was not needed. They could have concluded it with manga story, covered up even more than it did with anime-original and have a perfect finishing point and good ending. The anime original ending was not needed ;]

    Unknown Voice
  37. Flopstall, what are you smoking exactly? Maybe some voice actresses have a star status under otaku but voice acting is one of the last steps during anime production and even if the producers gave a crap about the opinion of voice actors, it would be too expensive to animate additional scenes. Also, Japan isn’t the USA, so “violation of contract” sounds pretty silly. In the worst case, you have to pay someone money to shut up – certainly less than it costs to animate several scenes. It’s not like someone is going to make a million by suing someone outside of the USA.

  38. for all of you who complained about the anime….i just want to say something…. you’re all suck man …. get real man it’s not impossible to adopt all story on manga to anime ’cause a tight schedule, budget and any other stuff…. but madhause did a great great job to present this so stop bitching around…!!!… for me and may be for other anime freaks out there claymore is one of the best anime this year…

  39. I hope that there is a second season, because I can’t accept this as an ending, if this was the end they should have followed the manga till the end of Pieta

    anyway, this same ending would have been acheived better and would have made much more sense if Priscila wins the fight against Clare and Raki saves Clare from Priscila (its still weird, but not as weird as wanting to save an unstoppable killing machine who feeds on humans, even if she is just a victim (yeah Raki, many people will die and its your fault, the thing has to eat you know?)) that way they could also have saved Jean

    anyway, if there is a second season I hope it does not follow the manga at all, because then it wouldn’t make any sense the changes they made to this one. so I wish they do something diferent and I would be following both as completely diferent things

  40. i didnt read the manga, but after a quite good anime like this, a similar ending just left me unsatisfied. not only the story didnt finish, but it closed the series poorly…

    the only two words clare said this episode were: “kill” and “priscilla”… didnt like this…

    you’ll be a yoma if you kill her…
    what the hell was he talking about >:O
    he better have matured in the time gap in the manga

  42. The only joke here is you folks. So what if it deviates from the manga? Who gives a damn? They have artistic liscense. I dont mind seeing two versions of the same thing. As in reality, there are myriad alternate outcomes and realities within a given moment of time. Go cry some more, why dont you. If you like the manga so much more, then so be it. Move on with life.

  43. Raki was a fool to let priscilla live she will kill people to feed and all those deaths are in rakis head. Then again i never liked him but that decision was stupid beyond words how many people will have to die before raki gets in his tiny little brain priscilla is a monster that kills and eats humans what a moron. Maybe he should become an awakened like them and join up with them cause he is worthless as a human.

    Vampire Warrior Francisco
  44. I have not read the manga.

    This is one of the best Animes I have seen in a long time. ONE OF THE BEST. See I had to use caps.

    It hooked me after one episode (I started in the Teresa arc). It has been highly addictive and very pleasing.

    Just had to say that. So much negativity around here.

  45. i thought it was similar to trinity blood too, but at least there is still chances of further production. I guess people who have read the manga first hate the anime, and people who havnt read the manga find the anime cool, i liked the anime and hope for a season 2

  46. I havn’t read the manga though I skimmed the summary of the story on wikipedia just to have an idea on how it goes and how the anime goes. And yeh, they deviated pretty hardcore the last 4 or 5 episodes I would say, compared to the manga. Either way, I liked the anime though the final episode left me wanting so much more. Alot was left unsolved, although the characters said alot of things that would make one think that perhaps that isnt the end. An OVA could fix the final 4 episodes I would say, and if not, they could twist the story a bit to get back on track with the manga. Its quite possible.

  47. hmmm
    im kind of disapointed for this ending
    i spected more drama and a lot lees tears from raki
    and the fealings are in a wrong way….
    why did clare was so shoked when she stabed jeane…
    the one to be stabed was suposed to be raki..
    and she did it careless…
    is kinda confusing…
    the production made the girls in a really lesbianic way U_U
    and raki is sush a pussy

  48. raki resoaning is good
    because clare is making all the way to be a aweakened
    she only has in his heart, heatred, vengance, pain, suffering etc..
    cant you seee
    all you fucking otakus !!!!
    the only diference between clare and a aweakened is the reason that they made their choices
    one who kills another for plassure cannont be anymore a human being.
    just like number 4

  49. Teresa does die in the comices, the first 20 episodes of the anime are directly from the manga, the last 6 leave much to be desired, Eisley, Prescilla and Raki were all suppose to be in Eisley’s home, and raki was suppose to rake up with Prcilla laying on top of him and when he opens the door he see’s Eisley practicing with his sword and thats when he agree’s to train him FOR 7 YEARS!!!! Clare is not suppose to mean Raki yet, in fact SHE STILL HASN’T MET HIM AGAIN in the manga….

    The last 6 episodes sure did twist the story somthing fierce.


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