Facing off against the Union Flag-type mobile suit, Setsuna knocks away its sword and tries to go in for the kill, but Graham dodges. After batting away the Flag when it grabs the Exia’s shoulders, Setsuna charges with beam saber drawn and slashes Graham’s rifle in half. This leaves Graham no choice but to retreat, and Billy calls him really unpredictable when he returns to their transport plane. Still, Billy doesn’t care that Graham lost a rifle because the Gundam data from the battle is worth losing even an entire Flag suit for, and he thinks that the paint from when the Flag came in contact with the Gundam will allow them to trace it. Graham is actually more concerned with how he thinks the Gundam’s pilot is young based on the feelings riding on its movements. Meanwhile, the JNN agency is scrambling for stories related to Celestial Being and the Gundams, and a woman named Kinue Crossroad is doing her research on Aeolia Schenberg. It seems that Schenberg was a rare master of invention from the late 21st century who was an advocate of the basic theory of the solar energy generation system. He didn’t appear in public, and his existence was only known through that name in the generations after. Despite this information, the question for Kinue still remains why Celestial Being has only started acting now after over 200 years.

At that moment, a man is reporting to the head of the AEU’s intelligence agency about the lack of leads on Schenberg, from his blood relatives to his assets. The head of the agency suspects that the information could have been tampered with given the security of the 21st century, and he asks his subordinate to prepare materials for a Parliament report. Over at the Human Reform League’s orbital elevator, Setsuna arrives late for a meeting with the other three Gundam pilots concerning their next mission, and Tieria leaves for space soon after. They are transporting Tieria’s Gundam back to space using the elevator by disguising it as raw materials for colony development, and this leads to Allelujah worrying a little about their weakness if they didn’t have their Gundams. Setsuna warns him not to talk about secret matters, and the guys leave the terminal once Tieria’s train takes off. Riding alone, Tieria thinks about how he’s finally returning to space and how he hates the Earth. Unbeknownst to them, Sergei is arriving on the planet via the same terminal, and he tells his escort that he wants to stop by Ceylon first because he’s someone who only believes things he sees with his own eyes.

Across the planet at Union’s MSWAD headquarters, Graham and Billy get orders to transfer to the new Gundam investigation unit because of what they had witnessed, and they’re to work with Professor Leif Eifman. Back in Japan, Saji and Louise are in class learning about the ongoing Irish conflict and are assigned a report on Northern Ireland. Once they get out, Saji voices his frustration with how he has to take a history course even though he’s in the engineering department, so Louise points out that he needs to have historical perspectives if he is to work with engineers from across the world. She then starts talking about how her study abroad is going to end in two years, and she wonders if she’s in Saji’s plans for the future. After Saji admits to only having vaguely thought about it and says that she’s vaguely in it, she gets angry with him and stomps off. When he doesn’t immediately try to stop her, she turns around and tells him that he should be chasing after her in times like these. Later that day, Wang Liu Mei meets with a man named Alejandro Corner in a lounge to talk about watching the third mission. Her butler is watching them from the bar, and Alejandro’s subordinate surprises him by asking if he’s peeping.

By now, Sergei has arrived at the Human Reform League’s base on Ceylon and inspects something that is identified as a mobile suit’s optional equipment for bombing made of the latest materials. In investigating the residual traces of the missiles, they learned that 300kg guided ones were used, but there is no country or maker for this kind. This leads Sergei to conclude that it was independently developed. He also learns about the light particles coming from the Gundam and speculates that this is why their radar and sensors didn’t catch it. Around this same time, Graham and Billy are discussing how the Gundam has the output power of six Flag-type suits and how the light allows it to achieve its mobility. Graham thinks that the particles aren’t only for stealth, but also for controlling the mobile suit, and Professor Leif Eifman appears at that exact moment to suggest that it can be used for weapons too. Eifman then comments on how Schenberg is a frightening man for having technology that’s years ahead of them, and he expresses his desire to capture a Gundam. Agreeing with him, Graham asks Eifman to tune his Flag for this purpose and gives him a week.

Both Graham and Sergei then get word that Gundams have struck in two places: at a South African mine and in a South American region called Taribia. Graham wants to go to the Taribia location, but Eifman stops him and notes how much he hates narcotics, so he actually wants to support Gundams if they burn the fields down because he recognizes that they are trying to eliminate a source of strife. Indeed, Allelujah is doing a bombing run on those fields and completes his mission. Sergei meanwhile gets word that the third Gundam is coming to Ceylon again, and he wants to personally confront it because, as he said earlier, he only believes things he sees with his own eyes. He arrives on the scene as the Exia finishes off some Tieren-type suits, and to Setsuna’s surprise, Sergei tosses his gun and wants to fight melee. The Exia manages to cut off the modified-Tieren’s arm, but Sergei responds by immediately whirling around and grabbing the Exia’s head. Setsuna isn’t able to cut through the modified-Tieren’s other arm with just the Exia’s blade, so he’s forced to pull out the beam saber to do the job before the Exia’s head gets crushed. One more slash completely disables to modified-Tieren, and, as the Exia stands over its defeated foe, Setsuna tells his opponent not to touch him.

Up in space, the Gundam Virtue emerges from a container and returns to the Ptolemaios. Once it’s onboard, Sumeragi informs Tieria that their mission ended safely and proposes a celebratory drink, but he respectfully turns her down. Setsuna meanwhile returns to his own apartment and happens to run into his neighbor Saji on his way in. Since Saji introduced himself and revealed that he lived with his sister, Setsuna gives his own name, but he doesn’t stick around any longer than that. Saji then enters his own apartment and finds his sister leaving because of her job. Shortly thereafter, he gets a call from Louise telling him to turn on the news. It seems that the Real IRA terror group announced today that they were completely freezing all terrorist activity. With this, the 400-year-old Northern Ireland conflict is over, a new path to peace will be opened, and Saji is amazed at how the world has changed.


Well, things are starting to come together (Setsuna being Saji’s neighbor, Graham and Billy transferring the Gundam investigative unit), but the episode itself still jumps around a bit too much for my tastes. It feels like we’re trying to look at too many sides at once – the Gundam team’s, Billy & Graham’s, Sergei’s, the governments’, Saji’s, etc – and I’m just not a big fan of this approach. That being said, characters like Graham, Sergei, and Saji are still getting a decent amount of development – to the point of overshadowing the Gundam team this episode – so I can’t complain too much. The only places Setsuna got to shine were in battles where he proved that no one can currently stand up to him and the Exia.

Politically, this episode was as involved as the others since we have the Gundams going after sources of conflict that are extensions of things going on right now: African mining (think blood diamonds) and drug-producing countries. I find it hard to believe that just using military might will put an end to things like that, and since the Gundams and Celestial Being don’t exactly look like they can offer an economic solution too, I don’t know how much good they’re actually doing. Perhaps the best proof that Celestial Being’s tactics might be working is the Real IRA announcement, but I almost find it unbelievable that a group like that would just randomly give up without being directly targeted. In any case, next week looks to continue what got started this week with Taribia declaring independence from Union and the Gundams getting involved.


  1. It’s a girl. The official info said so, and in one screen shot you can see breasts. (Though I think she is the loli of the show, so surprisingly she isn’t as stacked as every other female.)

    Vallen Chaos Valiant
  2. So.. How did Graham fare? He probably lost. There’s no way they’d allow their main protagonist to lose.

    Which I can understand, but dislike the thought very much. Graham’s three times the character Setsuna is, and way cool to boot.

  3. Damn…I still find the whole series a bit similar to Gundam W, and Setsuna really reminds me of Heero (GW) and Sagara (FMP)……who cares. At least the Gundams are still kicking ass.

  4. Not surprising. They wouldn’t have the main character lose so soon. Still it would have been nice to have a longer fight or at least a stalemate. Sergei seemed to do a bit better, but he lost too. One can only hope that someone can at least get a stalemate with a gundam or beat one (and again not in a gundam themselves. I’m sick of that). Was that old man that was talking with Graham talking about modifying the FLAG more? I look forward to a much longer FLAG vs Exia fight in the future.

    I do like the fact that Exia is a close-range fighter. It makes the fight scenes more interesting.

  5. Graham will kick some ass later on, I predict. His Union Flag was basically the same as everyone elses’, if it ever gets upgraded, then yeah, he will be able to put up a fight against the Exia. I can’t wait for that.

  6. Angel themed gundam… sort of. That what’s I recently thought of. There is that prototype-gundam with ‘wings of light’,the name of Celestial Being, and they even have the gundams named after order of angels (Virtue and Kyrios at least. I dunno what Exia and Dynames stand for).

    Anyway the Celestial Being remind me to Perfect Peace People(from Gunadam W manga). They seemed to have similiar ideas, except that the P3 was actually hypocrite egoists who just wanted power. I wonder about Celestial Being’s final goal. To be some sort of divinity who watch over the world like their namesake or what?

  7. It’s interesting that they’re being up Northern Ireland when just recently the IRA has agreed to give up arms. I wonder how people in that region of the world think about this episode. :\

  8. Personally, I don’t think Setsuna sucks. But neither do I think he is great personality wise (obviously he is a good gundam pilot). I’d like to know more about him and his past. Right now he just is too similar in demeanor to Heero from GW. I don’t want a Heero clone. I hope that we see him break out of his mask and develop more of a personality.

    IMHO Graham is amusing and interesting. Though I would also like to know more about his history. I do think they are going to make him Setsuna’s main opponent in the future with a modified FLAG. So be prepared for some great battles. 🙂

  9. Its pretty disturbing that they’re trying to capture the Gundams. If they just want the Gundams for its energy source, then its still ok but they’ll most probably use the GN Drive on warfare instead. It sort of make me feel disgusted, and because of that, I’m hoping Graham will never be able to capture the Gundams. Then again, I doubt whoever that develops the Gundams will be so stupid to let their enemies discover their secrets. If one of the Gundams are captured, I doubt anyone will be able to pilot it except their designated pilot. Remember the eye scanning part? And if things are really that desperate, there’s always the self-destructing device……

  10. Considering Celestial Being is using the GN drive for warfare I think it’s perfectly logical for the other side to consider using it for warfare as well. Especially with CB interfering all over the place. The only reason I wouldn’t want the other side capturing a Gundam is because they’d just build their own and then we’d have the usual old Gundam v. Gundam battles. I am hoping Union can come up with something on their own to challenge the gundams that isn’t actually a gundam but is equal to them in battle.

  11. I am very worried about this new gundam 00(0080 0081 0083,etc….like) being a boring anime with characters just like gundam wing!!I mean non expressive and void characters just like soldiers on the war without personal life!!!
    * no romance
    * no drama( but a nice and good drama not the sissy ones you already know from crap animes)
    * and a nice relashionship with the main characters

    But hey never forget that:


    Tensai Otaku
  12. Not too shabby, its like an HD Gundam Wing, but the purple haired one still disturbs me.
    Anyone else notice Setsuna=Heero, Graham=Zechs, Lockon=Duo, Allelujah=Wu Fei, Tiera=Quatre, Sumeragi=Lucrezia or Sally, Liu Mei=Relena or Une?

  13. well what can we expect from the original creator….he is very old….and old people NEVER change their mind….look at those nintendotards with more than 30 years….have they changed their mind??????????
    Wait yeah I know I am 31 but not a nintendotard( For the HOLE(Y) virgin maria´s pussy THX GOD!!!!) 😀 yeah I am not a religious person too!!!T_T

    Tensai Otaku
  14. Why do I have a feeling all the Gundam shows are simliar in way or another…? xDDD

    LoL~! But I still watch it…hm….I must like watching gundam fights…xDDD

    But yeah, it’s pretty okay at this point, more emotions and character developement needed though. x]

  15. A shame that Graham lost so fast. I hope to see the modified FLAG in the next episodes. Then Graham will be able to put up a good fight.

    Just me or the FLAG is the best looking Mobile Suit in this series? Maybe just second to the Exia.

  16. ramiel_salbazier: I’m thinking that Celestial Being’s main objective is not to rule over the collective world as a sort of benevolent group, but rather to unite the world in fighting AGAINST them. Basically, their goal is too piss off the entirety of the world by constantly interfering in their battles so much so that eventually they will be the Worlds no. 1 enemy. They will be the common enemy to unite the world, so to speak. They’re striving for martyrdom.

    (Also, I hate that Tierde looks and acts so feminine. I know this is Gundam and Sunrise, but oh my god, that guy dresses and carries himself like a woman. They should have just made Tierde a woman and be done with it because there is no way that is really a guy, aside from the deep voice.)

  17. Katz: That is pretty much the gist of it. They want to unite the world by making themselves out to be the biggest enemy. I believe it was even stated, passingly, in episode 1 or 2. Don’t really remember.

  18. At least graham didnt got totally defeated, from what i read he was just trying to get some data info on the gundam
    But the old coronel guy with the scar, definetely gave setsuna a run for his money and his gundam just looks damn old. And he even throwed his rifel before engaging him, he was just trying to test him also.
    Put him in a really competitive gundam and they are in trouble.

    The only thing that i finded hard to believe was the IRA giving up situation, FIRST is still unresolved after 300 years?. and is not credible that they would surrender so easily just because of fear of the gundams…
    At least they could have explained if they were fighting against the european union or something.

    Overall, next week a new girl is coming so is gonna be good.

  19. xstriker: the only similarities i see is setsuna a little like FMP guy, and lockon as webber. And to anybody that knows a thing about gundam knows that every single gundam antagonist is made to look as the only Char Aznable, with the mask and everything.
    AT least Graham does not wear a mask and has shorter hair…

    Allelujah NOT remind me of wufei, and neither Tieria as Quatre.
    How can people compare liu mei to the likes of relena? She definetely has a style of her own.

  20. What amused me was at the end of the episode where despite continuing to fight in Ireland quite heatedly and violently for another 300 years (as suggested in the classroom scene) that Celestial Being’s couple of attacks convinced them to sign a peace agreement. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

    With the exception of the absurd geopolitical plot devices that Sunrise has come up with for this show, I am enjoy it. The action is good and most of the characters are acceptable for a mecha action show. Plus in HD it looks so very pretty.

  21. Given how things fallen out with the IRA, i think gundam 00 is falling onto a touchy subject. Even today, their are victims of the IRA as well as those who supported it. This wasn’t a clever thing to do and i really hope the people watching this from ireland don’t take it to heart as things are still somewhat voltile in certain areas.

    Elegant Destruction
  22. love the show,,,BUT 300 years in the future you would think we’d have MUCH MUCH MORE advanced technology….i mean cellphones??? COME ON!! 300 years is a LONG DAMN TIME, EVERYTHING should be different

    BROOKLYN otaku
  23. I agree with Brooklyn, the show is ok but in 300 years not much has changed. I mean 200 years ago we didn’t even have America! The IRA suddenly giveing up is a HUGE well, unrealistic event. The show’s still entertaining though.

  24. they should lay off the politics or w/e for a episode
    and give a episode developing Setsuna’s freaking character
    since he gets like 6 lines a episode all relating to warfare in someway usually

  25. The reason that the IRA is giving up wasn’t shown or said in this episode, which would mean (at least for me) this episode ends on a cliffhanger.

    Anyone notice on the extended preview that the park that Setsuna was “hanging out” suddenly getting blown to bits, would really love to see how that happened.

  26. My guess is that there’s more than meets the eye for this sudden ‘giving up’ by Real IRA.

    On another topic, how i wished that Gundam 00 could be used to teach Social Studies/ History in schools. I bet it will be an interesting teaching/classroom experience ^_^

  27. @Omni
    You really should add the poll option “No, it’s terribly boring and f*cking ass”. The mecha designs are ass, the story is ass, the animations is more or less ass and the characters are almost all ass too until now.

    Jk, but it’s really boring to watch atm.

  28. @FlameStrike
    The very fact that we have America now is the very reason why there’s nothing new 300 years into future 😀 In fact I am happy that we a tleast exist in this future lol and we haven’t nuked ourselves yet. Or that the Bush is not some kind of Immortal emperor of the world bathing in oil lol. That said its the best outcome of the current situation.

    Unknown Voice
  29. my guess,
    setsuna x saji

    my hope,
    Wang Liu Mei=anti-Relena

    Saji steals the Gundam.
    Saji saves Liu Mei.
    Saji joins the Gundam Investigation Unit.
    Graham becomes Saji’s big brother.
    Graham dies.
    Saji replaces Graham’s duties.
    Saji’s relationship with Liu Mei is strained when he sees her bodyguard Hong Long both kiss.
    Saji drowns himself in work.
    Saji leads the final attack against Celestial Being with Liu Mei’s music singing along.
    Saji becomes an Admiral in later years and finally marries Louise Halevy.
    Years later, both of them lead the first expedition of man to the stars.
    But, an unfortunate accident gets them stuck in a star system under attack by slug-like creatures.
    They win of course, but get stuck in an anomaly that they themselves cannot get out off alone.
    Help arrives, and they finally return home to Earth.
    The End.

  30. @umm i think everyone. I have but one qualm Why is it that even though Graham SAW with his own eyes the fact that the exia had a Beamsaber was he then suprised to have it used against him. I dont get it. thats poor

    WingZero zxt
  31. gundam oo i dont destroy mai otome mai otome she my friends gundam 00 and mai otome i need your help to stop gundam seed naver to destroy mai otome JOEL PEREZ the light side gundam exia become of gundam 00 beat gundam seed no more thanks arika you wellcome setsuna f. seiei and you too JOEL PEREZ THANKS YOU by sunrise mai otome and gundam 00 thanks for JOEL PEREZ SUNRISE


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