After the events on Ceylon, the leader of the Human Reform League makes a public speech about how they lost 148 soldiers and how Celestial Being has committed nothing less than terrorism despite how the group talks of eradicating war. Hearing the leader challenge their so-called terrorism, one of the Ptolemaios’ crew members think that this is a natural reaction, but Christina points out that the Human Reform League is now increasing their military preparations because of this. Tieria, however, feels that if the Human Reform League does this, then Celestial Being will just continue intervening since the eradication of war is its long-cherished desire. During this time, Setsuna is in his room watching the broadcast and reading a newspaper article about how the founder of Celestial Being is Aeolia Schenberg.

Over in the kingdom of Azadistan that is being rocked by a wave of terrorism, Princess Marina Ismail is talking with her adviser Shirin Bakhtiar about how they have to move ahead with reforms before the moderate faction will ally. Marina understands that because of their reliance on fossil fuels, they now need the help of the nations with solar energy generation systems to get the country back into shape. However, Shirin points out that their country didn’t participate in the orbital elevator’s construction project, so they don’t have a right to the energy supply. And with oil currently being subject to export regulations, she wonders if a country would help them free of charge. Marina knows that looking for that is her duty now that Azadistan’s parliament has restored the monarchy, and so there’s one thing they have to do. Still, Shirin notes that if their domestic problems continue, then Celestial Being will appear before long.

Lockon and Allelujah are meanwhile discussing the Real IRA’s announcement that they are halting activities and how countries fear the military intervention. Allelujah thinks that without them, those countries would soon be back in action, and he knows that eradicating war isn’t something that can be so easily achieved. After Lockon urges him to get some rest, Allelujah looks at the hanger and comments on how the Gundams are for realizing permanent peace. At the Human Reform League’s General Command Center, Sergei is telling his superior that there isn’t a mobile suit in the world that can go against the Gundam. His superior thus orders him to seize a Gundam and to do it before Union or the AEU does. For this, they’re establishing a full-time force under Sergei, and there’s one soldier in particular that his superior wants him to look after.

This soldier is a white-haired girl who introduces herself as Super-Soldier No.1, Soma Peers, from the Superhuman Agency’s Technology Institute. Sergei’s superior explains that this superhuman program is thought of by the brass as a trump card against the Gundams, but Sergei is privately concerned about how she’s too young for this. Back in Tokyo, Setsuna is in a park by eating himself when he suddenly envisions an artillery shell landing in front of him and killing everyone. He is unaffected by the sight of death and destruction all around him, and everything soon returns to normal. By chance, Saji is walking through this park with Louise and recognizes him, though Saji’s forgotten Setsuna’s name. Meanwhile, at a Union base, Professor Eifman is introducing to Graham a customized Flag that has had its backpack and each part strengthened, has gotten an anti-beam coating, and is armed with a prototype rifle. Also joining Graham’s Gundam investigation unit are two pilots named Howard Mason and Daryl Dutch.

At the residence of Union’s president, the leader is talking with his subordinate David about how a television commentator was discussing Celestial Being being designated as the world police. David jokes that it’s a good idea because unlike the United Nations, there are no upkeep costs for them, but the president thinks that no one would cooperate with them. He then receives news about how Taribia is going to be issuing a statement. Up in space, Sumeragi gets her computer’s predictions and finds that it matches her own forecasts. They have 12 plans to deal with the problem, but Sumeragi knows that choosing any of them would jeopardize their position. Christina then informs her that Taribia is making their statement, and being broadcast around the world is Taribia’s leader giving a speech on how, despite Union’s parliament system with over 50 countries, the United States alone controls the solar energy distribution rights. Since Taribia is succeeding from Union, the Union president tells David to call a special assembly with representatives of all the major powers.

Taribia’s leader then talks about the right to use their own energy and finishes his speech with a declaration of adamant opposition to United States control. Watching the broadcast from her palace, Marina is a little surprised that Taribia would go as far as to secede even though it’s always had strongly-rooted anti-American sentiments. Shirin, however, thinks that it might be a strategic move in advance of the next Taribia elections. Marina is worried about the deteriorating situation affecting the operation of the solar energy generation system, but Shirin is confident that Union will launch a military intervention at the request of the United States. That being said, she also thinks that Taribia has predicted this. Over at the Human Reform League’s General Command Center, Sergei asks Soma if she knows why Taribia is pursuing such an extreme plan, and she answers that Taribia thinks that Celestial Being will intervene if Union takes military action.

Shirin tells Marina the same thing about Taribia using Celestial Being, and attributes their ability to use such blackmail with how they are located near the orbital elevator. She’s not sure if Celestial Being will appear, but she feels that how they deal with the Taribia will affect the future of Azadistan. Despite all this though, Wang Liu Mei is at this moment thinking that even though they know they’re being used, Celestial Being will still act. And as planned, a new mission is begun and the Gundam Meisters are contact by the Ptolemaios. Setsuna, Lockon, and Allelujah quickly get to their Gundams – including the Exia which is hidden underwater – and they all proceed to fly towards Taribia. In the meantime, Union succeeds in taking control of Taribian airspace and positions its fleet off the coast. When the Gundams do get there, they each head for one of the three major cities, but nobody is sure what course of action Celestial Being will take. If they intervene against Union, then it’d be helping Taribia’s hard-line stance, but if they don’t intervene and thus permit Union’s military action, then their ideals would fall apart.

Everything begins when Sumeragi orders the start of the mission, and Setsuna starts blasting the Taribia mobile suits despite the fact those forces haven’t acted yet. What the Taribia leaders weren’t counting on is that Celestial Being targets countries that aid and abet war, and it now sees Taribia as such a country. The Taribia forces are soon wiped out, and their leader has no choice but to contact Union President Bryan. When two talk by phone, Bryan notes how Celestial Being regards Taribia as the cause of the dispute and claims that he feels Celestial Being’s actions are regrettable. Since the Taribian leader brings up withdrawing the succession, Bryan agrees to send his army to defend Taribia. And with that, he orders the American forces to attack Celestial Being in order to protect the now friendly Taribia. The crew of the Ptolemaios had been expecting this, and the Gundams start to retreat according to the plan.

However, one particular Union Flag mobile suit is going after the Exia, and it can move twice as fast as a normal. This Flag is Graham’s custom, and not only is it fast enough to dodge all of the Exia’s ranged attacks, it also manages to hit the Exia with its prototype rifle. Unfortunately for Graham, Setsuna elects to take the Exia underwater and out of the fight. With everything now over, Shirin tells Marina how the U.S. military helping Taribia has quieted anti-American sentiments there and allowed American-led policymaking. The current Taribian administration also gets the backing of the America. What’s more, other countries won’t come out with blatantly anti-American policies now in order to avoid what happened with Taribia, and Shirin asks Marina who gained the most from this series of events. Shirin feels that if Marina doesn’t know, then she’s not qualified to save Azadistan.

Having watched the news report on what happened, Saji in Tokyo asks his sister why Celestial Being attacked Taribia if they hadn’t done anything yet. He finds it strange that Celestial Being is causing the battles even though they claim to want to stop them, but his sister tells him that the world isn’t that simple.


I didn’t think it was possible, but there seemed to be a lot more political speak (export regulations, distribution rights, policymaking) and maneuvering this week than in past weeks. A lot of that might have to do with how we were basically treated to a foreign policy lesson from Shirin, though it does set the stage for whatever Marina ends up doing for her own country later on. The actual situation with Taribia was interesting because Celestial Being didn’t do what was expected, and you can rationalize it if you say that doing this might prevent future rebellions, and that would lead to less war. However, the flaw is that less war might not be good for humanity in general, especially if situations develop where certain people or countries are being oppressed. That wasn’t quite the case here, but it’s not too much more of a stretch.

I’m still a bit disappointed that the story is focusing so much on what’s going on in the world politically rather than the Gundams and their pilots. Setsuna got a little bit of character development this week with the nightmare-like sequence to show how unaffected he is by the violence, but this was a relatively small portion of the episode. Graham getting a custom Flag and performing well with it is a good sign that the Gundams will have at least some competition, and the supersoldier Soma might be the Human Reform League equivalent. I’m not quite sure what they mean by supersoldier yet (aka. Newtype abilities or what), but I hope it’s not a redux of SEED’s Extended humans. Speaking of Newtypes, it looked like Allelujah was getting a Newtype reaction in the preview, and next week seems like it might be focused on him.


  1. Half-ass character development all over the place. This is becoming really stupid, they should focus on one specific group or person. This show is slowly starting to walk in the same direction G. S destiny walked. The cast is huge; this is not going to work.

  2. G.S. Destiny failed because it developed characters that didn’t need to be developed any further, i.e. Athrun & Cagalli, while completely forgetting about all of the new cast. This show distributes even time to everyone so after 50 episodes everyone would be freshed out. It won’t be the same.

    at 10:11 am on October 27th, 2007

    GSD failed because Shinn and most of the new cast didn’t deliver. That’s why Jesus Yamato and his party returned.
    Up to now, 00 hasn’t develop much of any major character and only centered in the world wide conflict. The Gundams are so overpowered that any battle is already a lost battle for everybody who fight against CB. What’s worst, they’re stealing (yeah, stealing, not adapting) not only UC concepts, but concepts from most Bandai/Sunrise productions up to now.

    The only thing that left to crown 00 is that Sousuke… I mean, Setsuna meets with Marina Ismail.

  4. I need to watch the subs first to comment further, but so far I am liking this series. More politics and serious characters. Not the kiddie characters or story line plot of GS and GSD.

  5. I can understand complaints about there not being so much character development so far, but at this point it’s not focusing on the characters.

    I believe they’re getting the ground set with the conflict first, then getting to the characters. It just makes sense for a show set on a grand scale.

    I think it can really go somewhere. Once the pace picks up and it gets out of this preliminary plot development, I’m sure it can.

  6. > The Gundams are so overpowered that any battle is already a lost battle for everybody who fight against CB.

    Umm… Graham matched up pretty darn well with Exia this ep… In fact he did so well Exia was forced to flee underwater. So how’s that overpowering?

  7. Actually, SeedStriker, if you watch this episode, you realize the Gundams aren’t as overpowered. Yes, they’re still more powerful than any of the generic mass-production mobile suits, but you see Graham’s new Custom Flag landing a shot on Exia and forcing Setsuna to retreat. Also, we’re introduced to the new girl (who’s probably going to be a Gundam hunter specialist), so I’d expect to see more powerful suits coming out soon from the other factions.

    What I like so far about 00 is its realistic take on politics. A group like Celestial Being, despite their noble intentions, IS more or less a terrorist group. And in real life, nations (like the US) would immediately respond by ramping up millitary production and development. We are starting to see this sort of thing happening in this episode, and this reflects the sort of reaction that is happening in the US now with all its military contracts.

    It’s also a bit naive to say that 00 “steals” from conscepts of most Bandai/Sunrise productions. C’mon, man, this is a GUNDAM show, and almost EVERY FRICKIN’ GUNDAM SHOW borrowed (especially nowadays) from previous shows in concepts.

  8. Heh. It’s funny how people start judging everything now-a-days without waiting for the story to progress further. Come on people, it’s only ep 4. Don’t think you can guess the last boss just by seeing who doesn’t get your so called “half-assed character development” label. And as for the rip-off part, For your christ sake, IT’S A FRICKEN GUNDAM SHOW. Of course some concepts are borrowed. But only those who really enjoy this can look past the used out cliches.

  9. alot of people are just comparing this with previous gundams or whatsoever. Just treat this as a new series and you will definately enjoy it.
    So far so good for me. Sufficient character and plot development, also nice battles

    the animation looks damn nice with the earth in the preview.

  10. How is space elevators and NO COLONIES borrowing from past Gundam shows? Some people are just ignorant. Gundam 00 is dealing with issues that past Gundam shows haven’t gone near, and the political landscape is nothing like previous Gundam.

    And I swear, if I hear another Souske/Setsuna comparison, I may just strangle a kitten. If Setsuna goes anywhere near a school and becomes a student, then yeah, maybe. but until then , NO.

  11. Thanks Kai. God why are people so quick to judge? Whine whine, there’s barely any character development, whine whine the gundams are too powerful – UM HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GUNDAM SERIES BEFORE? The Gundams ALWAYS start out as the most powerful MS in the series, which forces their enemies to get strong enough to actually fight them – which is usually what happens. Just like how Heero’s Wing eventually found its match in the Talgeese, Setsuna’s Exia is already starting to get trouble from the other megapower’s MS (in episode 3 notably, his hand was forced twice). Plus, it’s ONLY EPISODE 4. How much character development are we going to have by then? Any good writer of any good story knows that you first lay the groundwork, the foundation – get the readers up to date knowing who the characters are and what the main conflict is and how they might fit into it. Then you continue from there, expanding on each character as is necessary.

    Plus, like Kai said, EVERY GUNDAM SERIES STEALS FROM EVERY OTHER GUNDAM SERIES. It’s a friggin tradition. So why are people whining? Or I guess people just have fun when they have something to bitch about.

  12. I totally AGREE with Kiasu .. what he/she said about the storyline and characters is so true .. finally we get to see some mature serious characters aging between 17 and 30 .. and that is kinda making the anime more mature..not mentioning the nudity or what so ever that GS and GSD was famous of … I’m expecting a good storyline .. and GUYS don’t just go around judging the anime from its FOURTH episode .. take sometime , relax and enjoy watching ! ..

    thnx for the fast summary and screenshots ^.^/

  13. Ya all the political speech is actually quite refereshing. Unlike Seed/Destiny that focused more on teen angst, couples and naked people (with a little ABC politics thrown in there to help advance the plot, not that most of the fans even really cared amongst the – OMG FLAY SLEPT WITH SEXY KIRA THAT BITCH!), this series feels more mature. I mean really people, war and politics are completely, directly tied to each other. You can’t watch a good war story without having to slug through some of the political maneuvering. But this show seems to be balancing that with much needed brain-ded fanservice (through the pretty pretty characters). So really, it’s got the best of both worlds.

  14. for some this series can be considered slow compared to GS/GSD but i feel that its a welcome change of pace we will actually get a fully functional storyline where MS battles take an ALOMOST bck seat rather than Crazy OMega-class Gurren Lagann fight scenes like in the last series we are getting more realistic (well you know wat i mean) combat scenes. Regardless of content some bits of this make my head feel the same way as when i watched G.I.T.S (as in you have to watch it twice to grasp all)

    WingZero zxt
  15. P.S. i do however miss the indiscriminate use of the beam saber Setsuna seems to not like using it and he always turns it off aftwerwards. (Whatever happened to activate weapon – Strike pose (pun-tastic)- Charge at enemy) formulaic

    WingZero zxt
  16. I absolutely agree with Roro, and I indeed prefer this more mature-oriented new Gundam serie to the teen train-wreck that Gundam Seed and its sequel have been. Soap-operas in my Gundam? No thanks. War, politics and a serious/mature moood? Yes please. And so far this show is delivering, thankfully.

  17. Most of the time when a series requires the viewer to figure some of it’s content out without beating them over the head with it, you tend to get a lot of whining. For someone who is into politics and unpredictable maneuvers though this series is like a godsend compared to what else is out there this season. And every series has it’s critics of course, so people who aren’t into this kind of thing are going to hate it. Usually though Sunrise is good at alternating and broadening it’s series appeal to draw in the maximum number of viewers, so they may come around to like Gundam 00.

  18. for all those kiddies whining about it not being like GSD,pls,this is in a totally different class of its own.more serious/political stuff,not the cannon fodder crap where every frickin gundam in GSD/GS was superpowered,paper thin plot line
    no way,this series is just my cup of tea
    just go back and cry to mommy gundam isnt nice anymore

  19. My problem is the lack of characterization. I like the politics too, but you can still have that AND interesting characters. It does concern me that the characters (with some exceptions) are really flat and one-note. But, I’m not giving up on this yet. The fight scenes are good and I’m guessing we’ll be seeing the back stories of the pilots and learn more about them with time. They are just starting slow, that’s all.

    It was nice seeing Graham force Setsuna to retreat. It gives me hope for a really great Exia v. FLAG fight in the future.

  20. “What I like so far about 00 is its realistic take on politics.”

    Right because countries usually move towards a monarchy after a having a representative parliament …

    It have all the signs of “Japan Fairyland” when it comes to politics, as expected from Sunrise.

  21. “Right because countries usually move towards a monarchy after a having a representative parliament …”

    It CAN happen, especially if the alternative is anarchy. If the former royal family ended up possessing more political respect than the current collapsing government, people might bring the Monarch back just to stabilise the nation. It is a case of “anything is better than the mess we are in right now!”

    Of course, now that the Monarchy was reinstated, the princess is now stuck with the headache of how to fix everything. If by some miracle, she solved all their problems, she might be kicked off the throne again.

    Vallen Chaos Valiant
  22. “It CAN happen.”

    Yes and pigs CAN fly you know.

    Only reason it “happens” is because of the unrealistic romantic notion of monarchy in Japan, even Code Geass that was the opposite of that at the start ended up on that track … every time I see a royal in anime I know what to expect from then.

    Its a cultural thing, I know but still when there is a claim this is realistic on politic and I see the usual stereotype of royalty I will point it out.

  23. My fav. ep so far. Loving Graham as usual but I’m beginning to like Setsuna too. He’s quite emotionally detached from the world he is living in. It was so sad when Setsuna remembers Saji’s name but Saji doesn’t remember his name…makes me mad (Grrr).

  24. “Only reason it “happens” is because of the unrealistic romantic notion of monarchy in Japan”

    …But Marina is the Princess of a fictional country in the Middle East, not Japan. Or are you saying that having monarchy in the show in general is unrealistic and therefore bad? Huh…? So if any anime set in the real world decides to put monarchy in their show, that’s automatically a negative – a sign of a negative Japanese stereotype? I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it. All sorts of shows, books etc add an element of monarchy in their stories. It’s not limited to anime, nor does it soley correspond to some Japanese Fairyland stereotype (plus from what I can see, there’s nothing romantic or fairyland-ish about Marina’s country and situation – I mean terrorism? Trouble with natural resources? Political strife? Ya, I can totally see the cherry blossoms). As for as what I can tell, what you’re implying is that unless it’s in the past, monarchy in stories should not be allowed, or else they’re catering to a specific Japanese stereotype – which not only doesn’t make any sense, but is pretty stringent criteria to place on anime and other stories.

    But anyway, yes Megaman0, that’s a black character all right! +10 points for 00.

  25. “Obviously Drakron missed his classes on the French Revolution.”

    Oh I do not, it gone from a monarchy to a tyranny (since “The Terror” was it) and back to a monarchy again and after much confusion it end up being a Republic.

    You be better off with Spain but not by much (since I doubt we can call Franco regime anything more that a dictatorship), people usually do not say “hey! lets go back to a system of government based on a bloodline” since its going from a horse to donkey.

    And as for “…But Marina is the Princess of a fictional country in the Middle East, not Japan.”

    And I say … Orb anyone?

    Also as I am at it … why they made up fictional countries but use real terrorist groups names? is Sunrise building insured against terrorist attacks and they are trying to piss off someone to bomb it so they can collect the insurance or something?

    The problem with royalty in anime is because 99% of the time they are natural leaders that care about their subjects and really nice people as in reality … well, depends on the time period but a lot of then were not nice people and most could not afford to be nice people.

    If you want to see a good description of monarchy see “Seirei no Moribito”, even if Chagum is a nice person and a natural leader his position however requires sacrifices, its a good example of how to do it.

  26. @Drakron: You are right in principle, but this is still really harmless. It’s still a far cry from what happened in Gundam Wing. There the shit really hit the fan in terms of ridiculous political systems.

    It’s quite funny how Sunrise didn’t have the guts to call it Venezuela or perhaps the US isn’t the only highly advanced nation where 20 percent are unable to locate their own country on a map, because they are too poor to afford them, and they thought if 20 percent can’t find their own country 80 percent won’t know about Venezuela.

  27. I can believe Marina’s country reverting to monarchy though.

    They didn’t really say how mature that parliament is, how good the monarch was before, and how capable+representative (there are lots of parliaments out in the world that’s not democratically voted in, you know) that parliament was before it was disbanded… right?

  28. I’m still kinda pissed that the Real IRA isn’t given much background as to why they got disbanded. I don’t know, I just believe if they were willing enough to fight and die for 400 years, there would be a better reason for disbanding than some other terrorist group killing everyone. As far as this series is considered, it is definitely a fresh breath of air from previous gundam series since its more based on our reality and it doesn’t involve extreme characters like Kira in GS (though its still early in the series to see if they don’t go down that path). The seriousness and thought put into the political process can become a two-sided sword as well. On one hand, it can make the series stand out as more mature and watchable to an older crowd, but on the other hand it could touch extremely volatile aspects that the show’s creators might not be experts on. But, anime and tv shows in general are all about their entertainment value. Whether this series lives up to its potential is still debatable considering a divide on the opinions of the show’s quality.

  29. there are several reasons why i stop watching this show, and one of them is the ever present and boring political talks in the ever present political narrarations. It just plain makes it so hard for me to watch when there is a power struggle between a a number of groups and all this politics get in the way. Sure there are theses main characters but they dont have the excitment i was looking for in this gundam series. However the only reason i would watch a few episodes of this season is just to watch a few kick-ass gundam fights, the mech designs this season are nicely collaborated. The designs are less angular and (dare I say) simplistic than GS’s mechs, and the weapons assigned to each gundam is realistic in a sense that the deign of the mech is capable of weilding that weapon, i.e unlike strike’s snap on parts for the different modes. In conluding this entry, i just plain dont like watching this series because of the long boring talks betweem the political figures and other characters since it seems irrelevent in my viewing taste. I like the mechs


    ASDAS 3.0 (TO THE MAX)
  30. The political background is really intriguing; there’s far more depth to this Gundam series than any of the previous ones. I also find it great that the characters aren’t “angsty”…well, at least for now.

    And as much I kinda like Graham’s character, it disturbs me how much he looks like an older version of Suzaku from Code Geass 0_o (It may just be the hair though).

  31. I would like to tell you that revert from democracy to monarchy is possible in real world, even today is still possible. Read foreign news in the past year and you might get some clue. If some factors is slightly different you might see it happens last year.

  32. @Caeser: Rome may have been a republic, but it wasn’t really that democratic. Ultimately it was more of an oligarchy.

    @Mr.P: There are ways for a monarch to get reinstated, but they would be along the lines of the modern parlamentary monarchies like the UK, Sweden, Japan etc. The king/queen/emperor would be the nominal head of state, but with no real authority what so ever and its most important role is to keep the boulevard magazines entertained.

  33. Let’s says that King of some country(under constitutional monarchy) has very high charisma and almost every single people in that country respected him for decades. One day, there is possibility that violence in capital city will occur and solving the problem politically seems almost impossible. If the king says a word the whole country will become his. It there is a vote to choose between Democracy and him, more than 80% will support him. I am sure of that.

    Actually some scholar even suggest to give the King a temporary power to govern country or let the king decide who will become prime minister.

  34. The Roman Empire was not a monarchy in the strict sense, the Emperor was chosen by the
    Senate and lacked the dynastic succession in theory.

    Also it did not changed from Roman Republic to Roman Empire because they were bored, Ceaser because Dictator for a number of reasons and similar Augustus because Emperor for a number of reasons.

    Also funny enough (well … no) the republic come to be after the overthrown the monarchy … as I said people usually do not change from a horse to a donkey.

  35. @Drakron: Yes if things are going all fine and dandy then a country will not usually change from a Democracy to a Monarchy. But to me, it seems pretty clear that Azadistan’s situation was far from ideal. It seems like the ruling bodies of Azadistan were backed into a corner, the fact that there seems to be large scale terrorism happening in the country indicate that a number of people are disillusioned and unsatisfied with the current administration and believe that a change would be for the better. The core of the problems seem to be the energy shortage within the nation due to the fact that they did not participate in the building of the orbital elevators, likely a decision by the ruling body. Now the country is a mess and the parliament reestablished the monarchy in hope that she will fix the problem.

  36. Well the story starts to move and everyone want a piece of those gundams.
    Something come out of my mind
    Maybe this would be interesting in my life time if there’s a vaccum of space immediately open up and throw out Char Aznable escape pod and Amuro Ray’s deteriorated gundam into the series haha (solves the mystery of their disappearance for good)would make all gundam fans of the world say OMG and I consider this original…

  37. @Drakron: Also it did not changed from Roman Republic to Roman Empire because they were bored,…

    Bored? The people of Azadistan is not bored. They are desperate! If they are bored, they are bored with the chaos and this issue of energy shortage. You say it is unrealistic, but desperate people sometimes do unrealistic things, right?

    I think there are worse things than return to monarchy. Some dictators maybe not a king but they did gain support when they rise to position and still have some support during their rule, eventhough they exercise absolute rule, which may possessed by a monarchy or not, and some of them did things far worse with that absolute rule than claimed the throne for a lifetime then passed it to a descendant (say Hitler?)

  38. I must say I am very positive about the show atm. Every episode makes the story better and better. And for those saying that there’s no character developmen I can say better to set out a story at first. I don’t know but I wonder what the contract, or that treaty of celestal being will mean in the future. So we can be sure that countries with a military agenda will be attacked.

    Man I am looking forward to more, and it seems that the gundams will have more diffculties

  39. Wow, so many GSD haters come up and start bashing Gundam OO at episode 04. That’s new, anyways I’m proud with what they’re doing. Gundams aren’t overpowered anymore! bam, plot development there. Btw, I swear to god, Graham gives me a Amuro Ray feel.

    I say give it another 6-10 more episodes til the real character development comes up. Ah, man I can’t wait to see what happens if people catch on their delivering to space routes and if there are more gundams (I’m wondering where the gundam that saved Setsuna went from the episode 1). This show has an interesting direction, so please people who didn’t like Gundam Seed Series, give this show a chance already.

    Sora no Kaze
  40. @Sora no Kaze ohh nice nickname ^.^/ ….hmm as for GSD haters .. hmm I don’t think the ppl talking here HATE GSD/GS .. else they wouldn’t know all these details cuz hating means not watching .. am I right? .. I watched the two series .. and I liked part of the plot .. and some characters .. lol need to mention that I’m AthrunXCagalli Fan XD .. so the issue here that we are getting heavy political attack .. hopefully that will be changed as u said after couple of episodes .. and sadly the anime won’t last long .. only 25 ep… then we will be having along break .. by remembering that .. I kinda feel that I need to stop watching till the whole thing is out .. >.> i’m sure they will keep us burning with excitement

  41. Great, all these pointless complaints. I personally think this show is great and the more realistic take on politics is very intresting. If you just want to be stupid and stare at your screen with gundams flying and shooting with 20 DRAGOON bits killing an army then don’t watch it. Some people are complaing about the character development stateing that this show IS bad because the characters aren’t doing a 360 degrees turn in development in four friggen episodes. That’s fine and all but don’t say gundam00 is shit because of that. Some people like the way it’s going. Opinion =/= fact. To me this show is doing a pretty good job in storyline, and the lack of overpowered gundams is refreshing (The gundams are owning the grunts, but the gundams are considerably more balanced compared to past shows, just look at how that custom flag matched up to EXIA with only a few upgrades) and I’m sure they have 20+ episodes to work on character development later.

  42. @Flamestrike: Well it’s like I say, every studio has to deal with these kinds of complaints from all across the board….except one that is. I think people are still confused about this beings a 50 episode series that needs to build itself up now. The reason Gundam Seed Destiny failed is that it failed to use it’s early time to do what Gundam 00 is doing now, building up it’s scenario and introducing it’s characters over time. With Gundam 00 I doubt we’re going to see any scrambling to develop characters when it’s already too late (Meer Campbell getting a backstory after she died) or just plain not at all. Gundam 00 has managed to build a better framework for itself in 4 episodes then GSD did in about ten times that many episodes. This is Sunrise learning from it’s past mistake what it needs to do differently this time around, and I have faith it will pay off.

    To summarize I would comapare GSD and Gundam 00 as such. GSD is like a Michael Bay movie as Gundam 00 is too a Quentin Tarintino film. Both have a lot of action, but one combines it with intrigue and slow expository character development rather than trying to do too many things all at once.

  43. Setsuna…is…awesome. x_x Geez why is this anime so addicting? I’m like going crazy waiting for the summaries and videos being uploaded on the new episodes, if I could only make it to Saturday… :[


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