Hagino is telling Mari about not being from this planet when she gets a transmission from Shivariel about the disappearance of a probe. As Shivariel warns Hagino to err on the side of caution, Tsubael tells Mari how they were supposed to do research and about the accident that Hagino feels responsible for. Hiroko then comes into their room to invite Hagino to her house and sits on Tsubael because she can’t see her. Later, Mari finds out that their teacher Yuuko wants Michiko to write the script for the school festival play. Michiko turned it down because she’s not confident of her abilities, but Mari suggests that Michiko do it. Meanwhile, Shivariel sends the Kelbil after the Blue. The Blue suffers some major damage in the attack, but Tsubael manages to shake off the other ship. She contacts Hagino about the damage, and Hagino wants to assume direct command the next time the Kelbil attacks.

At school, the principal is found collapsed behind his desk sometime after a meeting with Akane to discuss some discipline problems. Hiroko thinks that Akane should visit him at the hospital since he’s her father, but Akane refuses. It seems that her parents are divorced, and Akane couldn’t get close to her mother’s new husband, so she came to live with her real father. She had the kind of relationship with him where they sat around quietly drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, but Mari still thinks that Akane should go see him. After a lot of thinking that includes watching a kitten she had temporarily adopted getting reunited with its mother, Akane tries to sneak out that night and gets caught by Hagino. Hiroko, Mari, and Michiko all try to make up excuses for her, but Akane is personally determined to go and leaves.

While the others eventually sleep, Hagino heads outside and orders the Blue to shift and appear directly above the Kelbil when it attacks, and the explosion from the ships colliding forces the Kelbil to retreat. The next morning, Akane returns from the hospital to find that the girls are cooking breakfast, but they’re being rather slow, and Akane takes charge. In class, Yuuko announces, much to Michiko’s surprise, that they’re going to be performing a play that Michiko writes.

Well, there was some interesting ship vs. ship combat this week, but the focus was mainly on Akane and her father. They’ve been hinting at it for a few episodes, and it was nice and all, but it leaves me wondering if it really fits into the main story or if it’s just a relationship that the writers wanted to explore. I guess the main part to take away from it all is Mari lecturing Hagino about the things important to her. Anyway, I’m still more interested in seeing the development of Hagino and Mari’s relationship and how Hagino deals with her fellow aliens from now on. From the preview, next week sounds like more will be happening in that latter department, and it seems that we’ll find out Yuuko is some sort of secret agent sent to monitor Mari.


  1. Just finished watching the raw… keeps getting better (and they are way better at doing ship-to-ship battles than at doing “normal” fight scenes).

    Also, it is just me is Hagino’s blushing getting more and more kawaii with every episode? 😉

  2. A strangely satisfying episode ^_^ … and quite a creative tactical decision to combat the attacking vessel. My my my. And the blush ratio is definitely rising now. However, at the going rate, I wonder what will happen once Mari finds out that Ekaril/Hagino is responsible for the disaster…

    Right now, Blue Drop is my most-expected raw of the week. Which shows once more how much more enjoyable original works are, where you do NOT know how the story will go.

  3. Germanguy:
    Actually, this might be the first series of which I import the japanese DVDs.

    Hm, the one thing I miss in the summary is what Hagino said when she finished dealing with the Kelbil: “大切の者…か?” while looking at the dorm (where Mari is sleeping) – that she wonders about (her) important person is a very strong hint that her feelings for Mari are developing beyond the simple guilt-angle, especially considering that the lecture mentioned above which brought the whole matter up was about the “ichiban taisetsu no mono” – the most important person.
    Which might be the entire point of the Akane-arc.

  4. Hmm…I remember the principle making a call to someone…however…it seemed that Tsubael answered it…I think (in regards to ep. 4).

    Though…this sounds interesting and all…but…there could be more to some of the characters than it appears to be.

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