The drama club has its members… which just happen to be the cast of the show, as their recruiting efforts were unable to convince anybody else to join (if only they had Nagisa) – but regardless, there’s more than enough members to put on their first play of the season. It’s a love story – big surprise there – which involves a guy… and a girl! So the search for the heroine begins. It’s not anyone from the club – they’re all too shy to do it, so Hiiragi has to scour the school for his girl. We find out late in the episode that the girl is the rich girl who also happens to play piano, admired by all but not befriended by any, but she seems to be a nice girl anyway. All girls voiced by Noto Mamiko are nice.

Another storyline progressing along in this episode is the Kazuki x Eriko bit, which still baffles me time and time again. Still, Kazuki (unknowingly) finds the balls to ask her on a date – he wants to prove to her that there’s better food out there than the crap she’s been eating, and she stubbornly agrees to go. Hey, how about soccer chick?

Finally, we have Kai x Mao, which is even more baffling, as Kai continues to seem like the guy that has no idea what he’s doing so puts on that façade of coolness just cuz he’s tall and kinda good looking. Well, at least it worked on this dumb girl Mao. In the back alley of the jazz club, he grabs her and gives her one of those “omg what’s going on!” kisses, to which she endures the length of, but immediately runs away afterwards in a flustered blur of euphoria. Yep, that’s all it takes to bring this tease of a girl to her balking knees.


The drama club finds their heroine, Kazuki asks Eriko on a date, and Kai molests Mao in a dark alley. In the Kimikiss world, I suppose you would call this an epic episode?


This means that the show is gonna end on 13 eps, right? Please?
Captions up


  1. LMFAO ‘Kai “molesting” Mao’

    Yes, the manga is hardcore. Well, i only read the first volume though. Which makes the anime more interesting if you know the background (for me).

  2. I think Mao like Kai, but it looks now her is confused, because that I think Mao know who are her true love…??? Kouichi?? But in fact why her always approach Kai?? now i confused too..>.

  3. OMG!Kai scored! HOW ANNOYINGGGG!?! I would have to agree that this had potential.After episode 3, it just started going downhill. WTF was that? I know Kouichi is a wuss but at least he’s actually making an effort but Kai???What has he done?Mao…did all the work for him.Needless to say I’m very disappointed.Like someone said before,what does she see in him?

  4. I’m very agree with tabs05, What Mao see in him??. Mao, you must not lose to Yumi! and Don’t approach Kai againnn, if you don’t like him, why do you always approach him…?? You must go approach your childhood friend, Kouichi!! GO YumixKouichi, KazukixErika, KouichixMao??, KazukixSakino??

  5. Mao is so lacking character. The anime gone bad from the start by attaching the north pole to her and the south pole to Kai, Kai has been acting cool all the time, and forced a kiss on Mao. Like wth, Mao is just trying to seek a shelter, she’s envious of her little brothers and wants some too, unfortunately the only male companion in his year she knows is this jerk named Kai.

  6. ohhh! It seems Kai get rejected by the this . I have not watched the episode yet but it seems she doesn’t think of Kai that way and she has someone else in mind. if Omni calls it “MOLESTING” it give the idea the kiss was not well received.

  7. Well, I don’t like watching raws since I couldn’t understand it anyway but I just had to see the kissing scene.I was satisfied after that, “MOLESTING” was more than appropriate to describe the whole incident.Although I don’t think it was all Kai’s fault, I still feel that he deserved a good bitch slap from Mao.

  8. I also watched the episode and I have to admit that if I was Kai I would have also thought that she liked me and probably would have done the same move. IT is all Mao’s fault for getting so friendly to a loner. I feel sad for Kai, he was a loner before and now if Mao actually rejects him there will be a lot of damage control to be made. I can’t believe that it never occured to Mao that he could have feelings for her.

  9. @golthin
    I don’t think Mao was leading him on intentionally but I have to admit it looked that way.It’s more like “unthoughtful kindness” in her part being too friendly that was mistaken as such. But I don’t feel sorry for Kai.I mean c’mon, after being like a total ass and a brick wall around her, then suddenly kissing her out of nowhere and expect it to be mutual?Like I said, no effort at all.

  10. now I dont understand mao…does she like eiji or not? at first I thought that the face at the end of episode 6 was because things with eiji werent going as well as the relationship between koichi and yummi but now that he finally shows her some emotion and afection she rejects him??? maybe that face I am talking about has another meaning…

  11. It was apparent that Mao’s expression was a face saying “That could have been me in her place”.But let me tell one thing unrelated.BANZAI! No frog action this episode!It was getting lame. Is this really a 24 episode series?Geez…this drags….

  12. Wow, the show managed to do what it wanted, hahha. Just incase you didn’t notice it guys, and i’ve been saying it from the start. Kei is there to mess around with the Mao x Koichi pair for a few eps or whatever. Everyone hates him, and that’s the goal really. That’s why they don’t give him any more screentime or any real personality. He’s just a loner loser musician who thinks he’s cool. So later on, when we get a Mao x Koichi thing going and Kei gets totally blown off, all the fans who hate Kei so much will be super happy and excited.

  13. Oh, also forget to mention. Now since everyone hates Kei, this also makes it easier to pass the Koichi x Mao pair. If kei was an ok guys and you sorta liked him, then you’d want this pair to workout. But nah, we hate him, so that gives more points to Koichi.

  14. Yeah GP, except for until the time has come when we see some Mao x Kouichi couple they’ll already be aged to about 40 at that damn pace..
    Yet I also think Kai should go screw himself, noone really wants to see him either way.

  15. @GP
    i like the idea, maoxkouchi, kai is just,, not so interesting. He’s such a bore.

    you shouldnt bash kai to much, he’s just one of those guys who needs to get laid. XD

    less kai screentime please, ive had enough loners winning the girls again.

    seriously kai, your character has been so sold already, 20 other animes
    have a guy with an attitude like you, go run off a cliff, if better, go boat already. XD

  16. Lol I didn’t know he was so unpopular. I don’t think he wants being “cool” and have that unfriendly aura, some people are misunderstood or just lack social interest, or just like being alone. It surely gets tedious, but he was opening up to Mao, inviting her to places and such.
    Haven’t watched it yet, but come on, if somebody starts trailing you and accepts going on a date and being all alone with you, it means something. Mao isn’t evil, but either she is confused with Kouichi somehow or just thought she liked Kai more.

    The show has become quite dissapointing, but I really like Sakino/Kazuki so I’m just waiting for him to understand Eriko is just lame.
    But, if the assumptions are right, and Mao is going for Kouichi, let’s say, what would happen with Yuumi? I think both are quite comfortable by liking each other -but I don’t like them together at all. Slowness ftl.-

  17. Relax people this is just……er……SEX!!
    in the future….of course!!
    one..two…or….three kisses …maybe…a…little blowjob here and there…..WHO cares….WE ARE LIVING IN A NEW GENERATION WORLD THAT EVERY PERVERT ACTION HAS NO NEW MEANING IN SEXUALITY!!is like they say ” ONE OF THE NATURE MISTERIES!! ”

    😀 😀

    This nonsense was presented by ” !!TENSAI MOMMENTS!! “

    Tensai Otaku
  18. You guys can bash Kai all you want, but out of the whole male cast, he is the only one who has some guts. By a huge margin, he is the most manly. I do agree that he is socially retarded though.

  19. @darklord
    Yeah, he is year ahead of his peers, but that will work against him. He should have confessed to her, but he misunderstood and thought they were already a couple so he skipped the step and went straight for the kiss. Mao only thought of him as a friend, she kind of took pity on him because he was always alone.

  20. Ok first up I dont think everyone should be flamming Kai. People call me a loner at school too so I can understand how he acts, but no one ever makes an effort to beomce friends with loners. The only people who do are either stupid or are romanticaly intrested. Though I’m not saying its right, if I was in Kai’s possition I would do the same, as would most of the world male population. In real relationships today there usually isn’t any ‘confession’, you just pick up the ‘signs’ from the other person and go for it when the mood is right. Mao should realise that, and her actions are what brought this, yet I think she acted shelfishly, wanting to be the ‘good samaritan’ and not paying attention to what Kai was feeling.

    I cant beleive I’m commenting on something like this….how the mighty hath fallen.

  21. I say we just turn this series into a harem for the hell of it, I mean the story is already screwed as it is… So Kouiichi suddenly seduces all three of the main heroines in this series, and the fun begins! But wait! Add a little lolicon pantsu fanservice, throw in a little romance, and you just targeted everyone as an audience. Yay Harem! >.>

    Kazuki Shikimori
  22. DiscoNick

    You’re right about this being mostly Mao’s fault, but wait! Like I said before, they did this bit of “missleading” to make you think that, “wait, she’s just a big sister to Kouichi, see look she’s going out with Kei!”

    The fact is that, and this is just the way it seems to me btw, if Kei and Mao was going to go somewhere they’d do more to his character insted of the one-dimentional generic missunderstood male.

    Mao went on her date with him because of Kouichis words to her in the scene earlier in the same episode. So she said, what the hell, why should he only get to go lov lov with some girl, and went for it. But as a few other eps have shown since then, it does seem that she’s got feelings for him other than just childhood friends. We’ll see how it turns out, not that I really care, I don’t fallow this show much like I do a few others which I think are better. But i’ll keep up with raws and the blog. Maybe when it finaly gets to the good part (episode 18+? god I hope not.) I’ll start watching the subs.


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