Although his mask is broken, Ashido survives the attack, and since Rukia feels responsible for his injury, she fights the Adjuchas instead. She finishes him off with her first shikai attack, and all the Gillians just turn around and walk away afterwards. Rukia then tries to apologize for the broken mask because she knows what it means to Ashido, and she suggests that he return to Soul Society. He, however, thinks that he should decide his own path. Ichigo and company meanwhile have found the area where Nel was being held, but neither she nor any other Hollows are there anymore. Bawabawa seems to know where they are, so the group rides him until they see Nel on top of a cliff with Pesche and Dondochakka. Before they can reach her however, they get ambushed by another one of the Adjuchas and his legion of Gillians. Since their objective is Nel, Ishida uses his bow to take out the Hollows guarding her, and Renji and Ichigo quickly grab her, Pesche, and Dondochakka. The group then turns their sights on their opponents. While everyone else fights the Gillians, Ichigo faces off against the Adjuchas and defeats him with a Getsuga Tenshou attack.

Ashido and Rukia are trying to make their way towards Ichigo’s group, but they are confronted by the fourth and final Adjuchas. Having faced this one before, Ashido fights with the intent of this being his final job in this forest. The ensuing battle has Ashido cutting the spikes that come out of the Adjuchas’ tail, surviving a Ceros attack, and chopping off the Adjuchas’ right arm. When the Adjuchas tries to go after Rukia instead, she freezes him and lets Ashido shatter him. The two then continue on their way and find Ichigo shortly after he and the others finish off all the Gillians. Rukia introduces Ashido to everyone and, because they hear more Gillians coming, she reminds them that their goal is to rescue Inoue, so they should get out of here. Ashido shows them the way, but before they can reach the exit, they come under attack one more time by Gillians along with the Adjuchas that Ichigo had thought he had killed. Ashido decides to face these enemies by himself while everyone else gets away, but one of the cero blasts gets deflected into the ceiling of the passageway and creates a cave-in that cuts off Ashido’s own escape route. Urging Rukia to go save her friend, Ashido leaps back into the forest after the Adjuchas that he just stabbed.

Rukia and the others are able to make it back to the surface, but she laments over how she wasn’t able to tell Ashido that it was another Shinigami who is using the Hougyoku and working with Hollows to try to change the world. Hearing this, Ichigo suggests that they take the Hougyoku from Aizen when they rescue Inoue. Before joining everyone else in continuing towards Las Noches, Rukia looks back one more time and vows to return for Ashido. Around this time, Ulquiorra visits Inoue’s room in Las Noches and informs her that her friends have invaded Hueco Mundo. When she wonders why, Ulquiorra suggests that it’s for no reason other than to save her.


This arc was okay as far as anime originals go – nothing great, but not horrible either. The enemies weren’t exactly a challenge for Ichigo and friends, but seeing the Menos forest setting and hearing Ashido’s story were at least somewhat interesting to me. If it had dragged on longer though, I probably wouldn’t have liked it at all. Of course, this might not be the last time we hear of this or see Ashido. He didn’t escape with the others, so he likely won’t be making any appearance again anytime soon like I had feared, but he’s also not dead, and it’s possible they’ll revisit him before this is all over, especially given that Rukia wants to return for him. Either way, next week looks like a return to the manga storyline, and based on Newtype’s spoilers, it looks like we’ll be sticking with it for several episodes.


  1. I think this Ashido guy will be making an appearance again…since these anime original episodes was done by Tite Kubo (right?), I’m quite sure there’s a reason why he wasn’t killed off.

  2. Well, the final part of this episode is the end of chapter 247. That gives a little over 50 chapters of manga to go through, and depending on how long the various battles take and how many chapters per episode, that could take anywhere from three months to half a year to cover. I don’t remember if there are any particularly good stopping points since the Las Noches stuff seems to be composed of pretty much all fighting, but I could see them going back into a period of anime originals after the Privaron round.

  3. One of my favourite fillers! I love Ashido. Although I am glad the anime is returning to the manga I dread the storyline past the awesome Rukia-AA part, especially where Orihime (her first name for those who still didnt get it) turns seriously dumb and passive and hence drop from my list of favorite characters. Sight

  4. cant read this

    148話 (11/14)
    》脚本=十川誠志 演出=碇英雄 絵コンテ=西片康人 作画監督=未定
    ■149話 (11/21)
    》脚本=十川誠志 演出=西村博昭 絵コンテ=小柴純弥 作画監督=Moon Ju Youn
    ■150話 (11/28)
    》脚本=吉村元希 演出=福田きよむ 絵コンテ=下田正美 作画監督=Park Chang Hwan
    ■151話 (12/5)
    》脚本=大久保昌弘 演出=岡崎幸男 絵コンテ=河村明夫 作画監督=小林ゆかり

  5. Renji is really pathetic man imean comeon even in fillers he goes bankai and ichigo is like shikai taking on 50

    also they shud give ISHIDA a bigger part he only said one line the whole show

    Konoha's Golden Flash
  6. too bad.. fillers just makes the anime degrade worst. they fit in too much drama, why dont they just focus on the animation instead? there are a lot of times that the animation suck! Bleach would have been a great anime if not for the stupid fillers. ill stick with the manga if i were you, but the manga too is loosing interest, whatever the heroes side gets, the enemy gets..i mean, ponder this guys, you have shinigami, they have hallows, now you have captain levels, you have arancar, they have bankai, they have bankai too! they have soul society, they have huenco mundo. its just too predictable and boring..

    and what in the name of all that is good in manga is kenpachi able to keep up with arancar level 5? ichigo, who was able to defeat kenpachi without bankai, who was able to defeat byakuya with bankai, now super powered becoz he gained hollow mask, was almost the same level as level 6 grimmjow! and now, kenpachi figths level 5?

    please kubo tite, dont just draw fight scenes, make the story believable!


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