Learning about Eriko’s sense of taste (or lack thereof), everyone takes turns apologizing for whatever retarded shiz they pulled in the previous ep, and MaoKai takes another step in the perverse direction as Kai takes advantage of a frantic situation by copping a feel… to hold her hand. The very last scene, even more confusing. You know, at least it’s not so bad anymore… I actually find myself paying attention now that things are starting to move.

Captions up



  1. i’d say hes trying to mirror mao’s surprise so he can get away with the stunt he pulled, but i seriously doubt hes that smart, so i’ll just attribute it to his surprise of actually being able to pull it off. in terms of “manliness” on the part of the guys, i’d say it goes something like hiiragi >>>> kazuki > kouichi >>>>>>>> kai

  2. well, Kai is a smooth player! He know how to pull the strings! that move of grabing her hand was VERY smooth. The surprise is because Kouichi didn’t know that Mao was “seeying” anybody, and Moa was not surprise, but embarrassed to be found out, she had been keeping it a secret that she was “seeying” somebody. The fact that Mao is ALWAYS talking about Kouichi is another “canvas2” hint. The fact that Kouichi eyes were trembling with Emotion is another “canvas2” hint. I don’t really know how they are going to work this so Mao and Kouichi end together, but it will be a ride with a 20+ episodes series!

    Now, it is not a matter of Mao and Kouichi ending together, but a matter of how it is going to happen. I don’t know how they are going to do it.

  3. I hope the next episode about kouichi and yumi kiss…^^, i don’t care about kai again..Mao you must like Kouichi.., are you crazy falling in with kai??? can’t wait for next episode!!

  4. its kind of painful to watch this…..
    i thought that it will be like this
    She will returns after 10 years , then will start to live with him , then they will became couple , lots of stuff happends , happy end.
    but when i watch her to go out with some guy who play saxophone , that makes me sad very very sad for some unknown to me reason….

  5. @golthin

    I’m with you, this whole show is just one big setup for Mao x Koichi in the end. The problem with all of this is that shis show really shouldn’t have been 26eps long. 13 is more than enough. But I think how it’ll workout is like this.

    Because there are technically 3 main characters, they’ll develope all three but 1 will go faster than the other. At this point in the show it’s Mao, we’ll see her do her little silly love bit with Kei (totally pointless relationship) so we can see her develope more feelings for Koichi as time goes on etc.

    Next up will probably be Kazuki and then finally Koichi which will lead right into him and Mao somehow.

    I haven’t seen Canvase 1 or 2, so I don’t know about those hints you’re talking about, can you fill me in please?

    For me though, it was clear from the start that Mao came back for some deeper reason than just for the sake of coming back, and that it’s related to Koichi. And the small hints from the start to the fact that she’s staying at his house, wants to spend more time with him (using video games as an excuse imo) and always talking and remembering events in her past with him just add up to it.

    Maybe there is more there that I didn’t list or pickup on. But at this point, I agree with you. It’s not “if” Mao x Kouichi happens but “how”?

  6. In Canvas2 there were two girls in love with one guy. One of the girls was the guy’s childhood friend. The other girl was his cousin. during the whole show they kept building the relationship between the guy and the childhoodfriend and it seemed that the guy had feelings for the childhoodfriend, but he was holding back. He became a couple with the childhood friend. he had a trauma that he couldn’t paint anymore due to the girl. During the whole show hints of he having feelings for his cousin were dropped here and there, but most people missed them.[I missed them the first time I watched the show. They were subtle hints similar to the one we are getting for Mao and Kouichi.

    Well, everybody thought that the childhood friend couple was going to end together, but the guy had a changed of heart during the last 15 minutes of the show and ended with the cousin shocking many people in the anime community.

    the show was backlogged in here and you can find it in the list to the right.

  7. this is weird, especially the ending of these episode.
    if mao and koichi does have feeling to each other , then…what will happen to kazuki.
    nah may be I think too much lolz. and of course I am surprised to find out that this anime is 26 episodes

  8. @golthin

    the setup does seems like canvas 2, but there is a significant difference where in canvas 2 the cousin clearly doesn’t fully support the guy and the childhood friend relationship, while in here, why should mao support kouchi and the girl kouchi like to be together. kinda weird for me I guess.

  9. Kai supporter here too. Honestly some people are way to harsh on characters. Do you remember what you were like in high school? Anyway, there’s no definitive amount of episodes mentioned for this show yet, although I speculate it’ll be something like 24-26 eps.

  10. I actually think that we’ll have a happy end for all 3 characters, each with their own pair. 24-26 episodes should be enough for the following arcs:

    * kouichi feels jealousy for Kai, but gets resolved as he finds out that he’s just protective of Mao like a little brother would his older sister. Final pairing for Kai and Mao.
    * kazuki’s never-stopping effort to break through eriko’s tough outer shell finally pairs them together
    * after the mao thingy, we will finally have the pairing of kouichi and… well, that library girl.

    And in these arcs, we can have devices such as:
    * eriko’s past
    * Mao’s past

    Of course, any of these arcs could be in/out of order depending on which character is the main focus. eg, if Mao has a complicated past, then we’ll probably have her pairing at the end; same goes for eriko. Eitherway, I’m anticipating a “dark secret” for that character just before the end of the series as a “final hurdle” that needs to be overcome before a happy ending.

    Well, if I were to direct the series and I wanted to play things safe, that would be how I would let the story flow. In the end, 3 pairs of happy couples.

  11. What’s up with the last scene? In my opinion, there’s no reason for Mao and Koichi to over-react like that. Just look at koichi’s face on that scene, it’s as if his favorite goldfish died, whereas Mao and Yuumi looked like they were caught cheating. As for Kai, its the usual cool guy effect lol whatever. Well, at least something happened.
    Anyway, I hope the following episodes would get more interesting. Like plot twists here and there.
    I still hope Mao and Koichi would get together, coz Yuumi is too plain and Kai is too cool. lol

  12. hmm honestly i dont understand why everybody is against MaoXKei, imo they are a great pair, he is a loner, but at the same time honest and has courage (the only male here with balls …. he even confessed to her). She is open and could show him much of the world which he wouldnt explore alone.

    and he is tall and more handsome then the other 2 lead character too

    i think MaoXKouichi is boring, because its then like every other fucking shounen-anime.

  13. I wonder why is everybody, as usual, making conclusions about relationships. Just let the show flow and enjoy while watching. Damn it.. this show is not even getting warm yet. May be in two more episodes. I think the time to make your conclusions will be when -4 or so episodes left. MaoXKoichi, MaoXKei, MaoXNobody… who cares =)

    One more thing. Aren’t you tired of the same damn plot? It’s like most of you like to play safe and get your “normal” shounen anime setup and ending. Come on! ask for something different. I loved Canvas 2 for that reason, it was damn weird and shocking if compared with the “normal” we get.

    The way this anime is developing can be a big hit or a big failure. But I’m foreseeing a big hit here. If not.. to the hell. I have a loot of animes I’m enjoying as well. Life is not perfect why would an anime be?


  14. get it right guys, it KAI. Kei is a girl’s name. Anyway, anybody that doesn’t see is in the crowd that the people that are making this show hope to surprise. The hints are there, Kai is a made character for the anime that doesn’t exist in either the manga or the game. His purpose is to serve as the insentive for Kouchi to get jealous. I am not saying that my opinion is gaspal, but I see all the hints everywhere. In anime you can’t not predict anything because the Writers are fickle and can go with anything at the last minute. They could abandon all the ralationship build up for Mao and Kouichi at the last minute.

    Kai is a smooth oparator, i give him that. We will have to see who is right and who is wrong. My record is very bad when it comes to pairings, but I hoping I am right with Kimikiss.

  15. Kouichi probably misses hanging out with Mao, and vice versa. It could also be that they feel guilty about “leaving” each other for someone else. Either way, I hope there is some BIG conflict between the two + Yuumi.

  16. Why don’t most people like Kai? It’s simple, he’s too one-dimentional and boring. You people seem to think he’s cool or smooth because he’s the only guy who’s doing anything right now. But the thing is, as golthin said, Kai isn’t in the game or the manga. He’s their to cloud your judgment and give you doubts. When you look at it, Kai is only seen from Mao’s point of view, never on his own. We don’t really get any character development out of him. He’s more or less just there to fill up space.

    As a character he’s generic, that’s not to say the others aren’t either. This show is full of “generic” it’s not even funny. Kazuki is another typical SR male character, and to an extent Kouichi is also. But Kouichi isn’t an idiot or dense like normal male harem characters, and to some extent that’s Kazuki actually. Kouichi is just a nice shy guy, normal HS kid. He talks and has friends, he just gets toung-twisted when he tries to talk to the girl he has a crush on right now.

    What makes his character differ from the other guys is that he’s got none of the over-used attribues the other two have right now. What I mean are things like being an idiot (Kazukis job), Being the loner that no one understands and everyone thinks is some delinquent (Kai’s job), etc. Those two things, and you can also add dense to the mix (also kazuki’s job) are things found in many other male harem/sr characters. Look at clannad, the main male characer is mostly like Kai, though since he’s the main and not some secondary tacked on character like Kai, he’s got more backstory and other things going for him.

  17. This sucks.Going on the peverse direction is right on the spot.Kai is honestly a retarded character, I can’t blame the some people prefering him to end up with Mao but that would be such a waste.With all the subtle hints between Mao and Kouichi,building this up every episode just wouldn’t make sense if she is going to end up with Kai anyway.Unless this is the twist the writers had in mind.I’ve never liked characters like Kai(reminds me of characters like Hiro from Gundam Wing) but if he does get some backstory and character development later on, it might be a worthwhile pair.I still prefer the KouichixMao pair though, Yuumi is ok but she doesn’t get me interested at all.As a 24+ series, they will probably have to drag and think of conflicts.This will be painstakingly slow…

  18. You know, i don’t have anything against Kai, it is just the i like the kouichiXMao better.
    All the subtle hints between MaoxKouichi are there, but like i said before Mao and kouichi have the biggest handicap in anime, “childhoodfriend” but she also has the biggest advantage in anime that is “first girl met” at the start of the show. I will be really disappointed if at the end the writer just shock us and MaoxKouichi never happens.

    I will be more worried if Mao had accepted Kai’s confession right away. There is hope yet, but with next episode kiss who knows. the fact they had 24+ episode project is a good sign for change of pairings. I really hate this type of shows, but I can’t help mysef but to watch them. To think we have to wait till april 2008 to see the ending. 🙁

  19. i heard that the first volume of the manga sold very well, but the other volumes didn’t.
    Also the first volume is the only one scanlated and trasnlated so i guess MaoxKouichi is very popular.

  20. I like this show a lot but I really dont know what to think about the direction it is going…I have no clue at all of what will happend with all the pairings or even what is happening now. just when you think tha everyone is doing fine and the things are clear something happends that makes you go WTF. what! we´ll have to wait till april to see the end? thats so bad…

  21. @vale
    i think so, that is why i am worried, when it started I thought that it was going to be about three childhood friends and their romantic interest, then I got all this hints here and there, then I read the manga and I thought it was going to be MaoxKouichi, then Kai kissed Mao, then what happened in episode 8. My gut feeling tells me it will be MaoxKouichi, but my record in regard to pairings is AWEFUL, but I am due for a winning pairing considering how many losing pairings I have been suporting..

  22. Ahh….I cringed when I watched those lost fifteen seconds. Things were going so well, the awkward kiss had been semi-resolved, maybe Kai and Mao really would get together….and then they had to have that. The meeting on the street, the embarrassment, the eyes widening in surprise.


    All I want is my MaoxKai, my KouichixHoshino, and my KazukixSakino. At first, I thought I might get the first two. Two out of three is pretty good, considering the fact that my tastes in pairings aren’t usually the general consensus. I know everybody loves Kouichi and Mao together, but they never seemed to have any romantic feelings at first. Now, it’s all, “Oh, we tricked you! Didn’t thing they had feelings for each other? TOO BAD!!! They’re childhood friends! Of course the love each other! Now, bow before the evil writers and our over-used scenarios as we take over the world! MUHAHAHA!!!”
    Me: *stabs nearest writer with fork*

    But the show has twenty-five episodes, plus the darn writers I mentioned above. That’s enough for Kouichi and Mao to realize they’re in love (gag), causing Kai to end up with Mitsuki (meh), and let Kazuki bring Futami our of her shell and have them end up all lovey-dovey (double gag) while cute little Hoshino and my poor, poor Sakino are left all alone.


    Simple Conundrum
  23. conundrum: the shirakawa always loses 🙁

    in anime, nice girls finish last! kotori in da capo, toujou aya in ichigo 100%, honoka in suzuka, kaede in shuffle…

    the only time they do win is when she is clearly the main character, and all others are the side characters (Mahoro, Aoi from Ai Yori Aoshi)

    of course, the fact that i am now comparing kimikiss to these shows versus the early comparisons to nodame and honey & clover is a depression notion in itself…

  24. @Simple Conundrum
    lol, this is funny because you are reading this like me, but I am worried because even though I think like you, the writers might be trying to do the opposite and might be giving us a MaoxKai pairing to laugh at our faces. IT is too damn easy, with all the hints that they are dropping. Though for the unexperienced anime watcher it seems that KaixMao is going pretty well, but we know better.

    Argh Argh! I don’t know what to think anymore, i wish they weren’t dropping so many hints about Mao and Kouichi or at least make them less obvious. It is pretty obvious that Kai likes Mao, so we don’t have to think about him. Hoshino seems to like Kouchi so that is easy too. Kazuki is not of importance because he also has 2 girls to worry about and I am fine with either one, though i lean a little more to the tomboy.

    We need to see if they will give Kai a little more of development in the next episodes and then he might become a contender, but so far he has just been used as a plot device and not as a real love interest. Actually, Kai has had more alone screentime that hoshino, but not real development, I guess this is because Hoshino is a given love interest and Kai was not until now.

  25. @jaalin

    Who do you consider the Shirakawa in this show? hoshino and who else?
    Some of those shows you mentioned had pairing I wanted and didn’t come true 🙁
    toujou aya in ichigo 100%, honoka in suzuka, kaede in shuffle.

  26. well in this show it’d be hoshino, but unlike the other girls i mentioned, i’m not actually cheering for her – hell, i even like eriko a lot better than her.

    wait, i’m actually cheering for characters in kimikiss? aghhh must.. not.. get… sucked in!!

  27. I guess everyone loves to guess plots because it’s fun, not to mention good exercise for one’s brain. No more no less. And other people shouldn’t be affected by it because guesses are just guesses. It’s not like we’re not enjoying the show; in fact, we’re enjoying it so much that we are putting extra efforts in emphatising with the characters and predicting what’s going to happen next, and presenting them in front of a firing squad.

    Personally, I don’t mind play-it-safe (generic) endings. At least these are the shows that I’ll watch again and again. There are other weird, unique shows out there with the budget to pull it off. Just because a show has the potential to be unique doesn’t mean it has to. Bottom line is, I find kimikiss much more enjoyable with its linear, predictable storyline, and that’s all that matters. Can’t imagine it with a deep, twisted storyline.

    Here’s to hoping that KimiKiss will continue to be a nice, generic series. Less drama, more lighthearted-ness.

  28. in shuffle Asa came from no where at the last minute, we were giving VERY small hints but i myself discarded them, they are very much the same kind of hints we are getting from Kimikiss. the Main difference in shuffle was that the male lead had not rivals so he didn’t have to work hard, only had to choose. In kimikiss there is a lot of soul searching and work to do for a MaoXKouichi pairing to happen and it won’t be easy. MaoxKai is too easy and not fun. Same with KouichixYuumi.

  29. damn, this is going to be hard to predict because J.C. Staff doesn’t have a story with controvertial endings. this is the first time they do an anime based on a Ero game,
    and their previous harem type of show (which I don’t consider kimikiss a harem but it is the closer thing) was Ai Yori Aoshi.

    This make it much harder to predict now ARGh ARGH!

  30. Like Golthin has said Kai is a plot device. He’s only shown when Mao is around or directly after it shows Mao. He has zero development and zero backstory. He’s not in the manga or Ero game. He’s just someone they made up to throw us off, for the sake of d0rama.

    Look at it this way also, the Mao x Kai pair happend too early for this kinda show. It moved ahead fast while the other 2 pairs got nowhere. Well Kazuki doesn’t have a pair really, he’s just a dork hungup on a girl. Kouichi is taking it slow and steady, like the turtle you guys all know about. heh. Anyways, had this show only been 13eps then maybe this Kai kid has a chance, but it’s going to be a long ride guys. And hints aside, no show has ended with the original/first pair choice imo. Even in shuffle, remember Rin goes out with Shia first, and they’re pretty much a pair right there, but it was early and the first one, and went nowhere. btw, Asa-sempai FTW! I know from episode 2 that I loved her. And it had lots of hints also but yeah, if you didn’t notice then oh well.

    Anyways, we’ll see in the next episode how Kouichi and Mao handle things after the ending to this ep. It’ll be interesting, and imo it’s THE ONLY way to make this show interesting. Having them both wakeup to their feelings for each other as the show goes on + d0rama here and there till the end is what I see them doing. But I’m not the writer so who knows.

  31. The hell with it! I can’t take it anymore! I deserting to the MaoxKai camp! At least that way I can’t get the couple I wanted from Blood+ that never came through. I am going to go with the history of J.C. Staff of not doing plot twist in their anime. It is too bad because I thought this was a good candidate for Childhood friend to win. I might change my opinion in the future because I thought that the pairing of MaoxKouichi was cute in the manga, but the more i think about the look Mao gave Kai and then the hand grabbing have me worried. I will be looking for more hints but the more i think about I am convinced that J.C staff is not going for a plot twist. Plus next week kiss also got me worried. 🙁

  32. Too bad but I have to agree that the usual pattern will happen (which sucks …) and mao will end up with that loser Koichi :/ I still have little hope it won’t though. If it does i’ll just stop watching shows like that. WTF do they have to be so predictable ?? Kai is the man, unlike gay Koichi ;p

  33. hahha, The thing is, IT DOESN”T HAPPEN. I don’t remember the last time a childhood friend has won unless she was the main character in a none harem/romance show. If Mao x Kouichi does happen it’d be first for me. But maybe I’m forgetting some past show somewhere.

    That said, Kouichi isn’t gay/lame imo, he’s just your average guy. The idiot/dork falls to Kazuki with the quiet anti-social wannabe cool Kai who’s a loner in the other corner. Those two characters in these types of shows have been used to death. We’ve never gotten just a “normal” guy before. And before you jump on him for being shy and so on, that’s just at the biggening. It’s really not the case now, and he only acts like that around the chick he has a crush on, again normal.

  34. l wonder who will give on who first to clear the path for these two?
    will kai give up on Mao first or will Yuumi give up on Kouichi first?
    are we ever going to get some loli yuri from those two froggy obsessed girls?

  35. Moreover GP, not only is Kazuki some really depressed loser because he’s got a crush on a girl who’s so damn cool she doesn’t even need to talk to anybody and drinks some sort of “coffee” that looks like raw sewage, but also because that hot soccer chick whose name I forgot because the series is so boring would say yes to everything he’d ask her for without thinking twice.
    Kai is really a loner and if I were Mao I’d desert him in an instant. I mean, yeah, actually he’s so cool he would match that Futami Eriko so they could stand in some dark place all day long and conduct experiments to find out if staying in the dark means being cooler depending on the length of your nose hair.

    By the way: This show REALLY needs something to happen, and I don’t mean Kouichi holding hands with Yuumi or such. If right now you would try watching episodes 1-8 at once you’d probably bore to death.

  36. I hate childhood-friends pairings. Honestly, I seriously don’t think Mao and Kouchi match. If the anime has been giving hints of this pairing, I haven’t noticed them. Hopefully Kai will get some good solid development during the course of this show, because I’m cheering for him and Mao to end up together. Only sad thing is, I haven’t picked up any clues about Mao’s interest. It’s a 50-50 whether she’ll begin to like Kai. Even then, like someone has said, the KaixMao pairing is happening too soon. The best thing to resolve this would be Kai and Kouichi fighting for Mao, then both characters will get development. Only thing is, I really don’t know who Mao will end up with. Kouichi should get just get lost..
    Kazuki? He should end up with that genius girl, because that relationship is the most interesting and difficult to develop. The library girl; I feel sorry for her if she gets dumped, but too bad, she’s too shy and that sucks. The soccer girl; she’s hardly a noticeable character although she obviously has a crush on Kazuki just that she’ll get dumped as well.
    All in all..I’m only watching KimiKiss because I like the MaoxKai and KazukixGeniusGirl pairing. Other than that, nothing else. The keychain frogs are disgusting, and I hope the anime doesn’t strictly follow the game or manga pairings. ‘Nuff said.

  37. This show is kind of boring. But well for the pairing, I still think Mao X Kai is better than Mao X Kouichi. I got sick of childhood friends love now. Let Kouichi be with that Yuumi please….

  38. I think this is going to happend, or at least i think this may be interesting:

    • Mao made a promise with Kouichi many years ago, and she come back for that reason (get married, kiss, etc), she will stat to have feeling for him, but at the end she will rejected.
    • Kouichi is going to start to see Mao us a girl, not a childhood friend. But at the very end, I think he will drop her and stay with Yuumi, just like in Ichigo 100% manga ^.^
    • Kazuki is still stupid about Eriko, and not realizes about other girls feelings, but slowly he’s going to have a better relation.
    • Kai will be as “smart” as always… But at the end he will stay with Mao.
    • Eriko is going to make friends and become a more “human” being, and start to have feelings for Kazuki, and yes, at the end they will be together and have little ice mutant kids.
    • We know Asuka is in love with Kazuki, so she will try to get him.
    • Hiragi will go for Mitsuki.
    • Narumi… maybe a yuri relation with Nana, or go for Kazuki.
    • Don’t discard Megumi, she may be important in the plot, maybe another love triangle.
    • Finally the frogs will make a hentai serie.

  39. I don’t see how people can get “sick” of childhood pairings when we NEVER get them. The only times they do happen is when the girl or boy is the only love interest, ie not a harem. If the show is about two friends who then fall in love over the process of 20 or so eps fine, but that’s something set from the start of the show. I don’t remember the last harem show that had the childhood friend win in the end. If others do please fill me in because my memory doesn’t give me any titles.

    And remember, before you post, we’re talking “harem” shows, ie, 1 guy and lots of girls. Granted kimikiss has 2 guys and Mao, Kai isn’t a main character, it’s not a traditional harem show. But right now Kazuki is in his own love story, so he’s on his own. The episode shows us that the Koichi and Mao parts WILL cross, and I still think they’ll end up together.

    There are just so many things giong agenst Kai right now. First off, he’s got no development or backstory. He’s too one-dimentional and his character has been reused to death in many shows. Second the pairing and overall pace of their relationship is moving too fast and started too early for a show that’s going to be 24-26eps. That’s like a sign that it won’t last. Add to that all these other little hints, major one being that Mao only agreed to go out with him after remembering what Koichi told her. With her always talking about Kouichi in every episode and remembering their past together, it’s just clear that there are bottled up feelings in there.

  40. Based on the episodes I’ve seen so far, I have thoughts from time to time that Mao and Kouichi might have hidden feelings for each other. Although, I am not 100% sure. Just a “feeling.”

    About Kai. He’s a cool guy. I think he’s helping Mao “grow up.” She isn’t experienced at all (when it comes to relationships)

    Personally, I’m rooting for Mao and Kouichi, but who knows what could happen. It’s like predicting weather.

    Alpha Assassin

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