Ulquiorra thinks that Ichigo and company coming to save Inoue should mean nothing to her because she’s already one of them. He then specifically has her state that her mind and body are for Aizen. Ichigo meanwhile breaks through the wall to Las Noches and decides to leave Nel behind because she’d be seen as a traitor if she followed him any further. Nel, however, chases after the group because she knows that she’s already considered a traitor. Her crying just about convinces Ichigo to let her come with them when her voice suddenly fades away. Worried, Ichigo turns back around and realizes that she fell into a large pit, so he jumps down and finds her safe on the bottom. The others follow him down, and after a small cave-in nearly buries Ichigo in rubble, the group decides to head through the nearby passageway to look for a way back up. Since it’s dark, Renji tries to light up the way with a kidou spell, but it turns out to be an embarrassingly dim light. Dondochakka then notices something in one of the side passageways, so the group follows him to a stone wall that Ichigo proceeds to break through.

A set of stairs and a few more walls later, the group arrives in a circular room with five passageways. They can feel a great spiritual force in the distance, so Ichigo once again thinks that it’s time to part ways with Nel. When he then objects to Rukia’s suggestion that they each take a different path, Rukia tells him not to worry about her because she didn’t come here to be protected by him. This is enough to get Ichigo to go along with the splitting up plan, and before they do, Renji leads the group in a cheer of sorts that includes a vow to return to this place alive. Nel, Pesche, and Dondochakka are the only ones left out and left behind, and Nel decides to chase after Ichigo. Pesche and Dondochakka watch her run off, but they realize afterwards that they’re going to have a hard time going after her because they didn’t note which of the five passageways she took. Meanwhile, Ulquiorra is approached by Nnoitra who wants to know how their pet – Inoue – is doing. Ulquiorra tries to ignore him, but Nnoitra insists, so Ulquiorra reassures him that Inoue had fallen into Aizen’s trap even before she came to Hueco Mundo.

Ulquiorra goes on to explain that he had Inoue in a psychological trap because he gave her no choice but to surrender because of his threatening her friends’ lives. The subsequent 12 hours she had to say goodbye to someone served two purposes: it lowered her guard because she mistook it for compassion and it gave her the illusion that what she was doing was based on her own choice. What’s more, because it looks like she was acting on her own will, she will be seen as having betrayed her friends. Though this last part wasn’t a complete success, Ulquiorra knows that Inoue doesn’t have the power to run away from here now. At this moment, back in her room, Inoue is thinking about how Aizen had shown her the Hougyoku when she first arrived as proof to her of his trust. He had then told her that he needed her power and asked her to use it for his sake. Though she is grateful towards Ichigo for coming to save her, Inoue now feels that she’s found the one thing that she has to do here. It is something that only she can do: return the Hougyoku to the state before it existed.


I had forgotten how long of a speech Ulquiorra gave around this part of the story, but it did explain why he let Inoue have those 12 hours to say goodbye to one person (which was something I had wondered about in the past). With a series like Bleach, I tend to remember the battles from the manga rather than the conversations between battles, so hearing all this said in the anime version actually acted as a refresher of sorts for me since this part of the manga is now over a year old. Anyway, this episode covered chapters 248 and 249 with some additional anime original stuff about Nel falling down into a pit. I still think that using the Scooby Doo mentality of splitting up is an incredibly stupid thing for them to do since each of them separately isn’t quite strong enough to take on an Espada, which the exception of maybe Ichigo. Or rather, I should say that doing it this way ensures that everyone will be in for a struggle in the fights they’ll be getting into, which doesn’t make sense from a practical standpoint, but it keeps the story interesting.

Next week’s episode looks to continue the manga storyline with the introduction of the Privaron Espada Dordonii. I wonder who’ll be voicing him…


  1. lolilol… they’re Loly (brunette) and Menoly (blond).
    (non-spoiler, Aizen said their names after all)

    this is like half filler, half canon. LOL!

    i wonder how tall Ulquiorra is… if we’re gonna take the principle of how an Arrancar’s power level is directly proportional to how much it can resemble Humans, then i believe Nnoitra’s size is a tell-tale sign of his power level in contrast to Ulquiorra’s.
    (i actually managed to keep that spoiler-free. LOL!)

    there’s definitely something wrong with Aizen here… like a plastic surgery gone bad. LOL!

  2. We do not know, actually this arc is still not finished in the manga. I do think that this will be the last main arc in Bleach. If you think about it, both Soul Society arc and this one are conected by the Hougyoku. If it is destroyed/recovered that will be the end of it.

    However, there is one possibility: if they fail rescuing Inoue (something that is actually possible), then they’ll would have the final fight in winter, right? Well, in any case, Bleach will finish once they retrieve Inoue. Only my opinion, of course.

  3. @Kakosan

    You seem to forget that there is still the whole Royal Palace stuff, including the King…
    Oh and Hell also…We saw the shady figures of “hell people” in manga (during the story of talking parrot).

    Also there’s still the whole lot about Isshin, Urahara, and the history of SS.

    I predict atleast two arcs after Hueco Mundo.

    Unknown Voice
  4. Who are the arrancar girls(And why were they shown?)?

    They still got a lot of explaining concerning the Vizards “role” in this anime.
    And there’s still the mystery Vizard leader, no?

    And I think the group still wants Ichigo to join them after HM arc is done.

  5. Thank god! ;-; These last few eps having been driving me insane. D: I was like omg there going to hueco mundo finally!!!!!! 😀 I was all stoked but then here comes a lame ass filler. >O

  6. The splitting up is a common theme in shounen shows. It’s been done in Naruto, One Piece, D Gray Man and probably many others. The reason is so that each character has their unique battle and the opportunity to show off their skills against their respective opponents. Of course, from a story perspective this does not make much sense, since as you said, they are all too weak to fight against an Espada individually.

  7. “The story can theoretically continue on as long as Kubo Tite wants it to. I suspect we’ve still got a long ways to go.”
    Sometimes I wonder what people like about this never ending animes..
    Maybe it’s just that I need variation in my life..

  8. They also split up because it’s THAT MUCH COOLER to fight one-on-one instead of, y’know, having all the heroes gang up on one guy, which I admit would be awesome to see. “There is no way you can match my HOLY CRAP THERE’S SIX OF YOU.”

    I also feel that the Hueco Mundo arc can’t be the last arc of the manga because they built up the “Winter War” so much.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. I do agree with Bleach ending in a couple of arcs because first of all there’s nothing really that any Soul Society captains and Ichigo can do to “evolve” their powers anymore, especially since Ichigo has already released his hollow self, and S.S. captains only have to bankai. I honestly won’t be able to stand bleach if it continues like the Inuyasha series (Always hated that series; anime and manga, just using it as a reference) unlike Naruto (also just using this as a comparison), the characters in Bleach can’t really evolve, however, Bleach does allow for more of a background story telling because of all the characters who still haven’t had their histories revealed yet… The most I can see Bleach extending to is maybe another 2-3 arcs at most with at least one arc dealing with characters’ histories and how they came to be where they’re at now. The possible still-up-for-debate “finale” arc will most definitely deal with the S.S. king and his palace. But if the creator continues with the story after that, Bleach will lose my interest, and will fail as a good manga in my personal opinion, I think that by giving limitations to powers of some of the main “races” (Shinigami in general), the overall storyline is confined to as what they are able to achieve in strength, however, he has at least allowed for the spiritual-humans (Chad, Orihime, etc)to be able to still gain even more “powers”, so those characters still have a chance to “evolve” in the series without any limits to their powers so far. Honestly if the creator allows for any new powers to arise with the Shinigami other than gaining Hollow powers, Bleach will just turn retarded, though this is a highly unlikely scenario within the Bleach universe.

  10. Ah, I should have probably posted this here instead of episode 149 responses. Did anyone notice how they left out that part in the manga where Ulquiorra tells Orihime she looks nice in Las Noches clothes? They did a small dislogue by Orihimme during the ep 150 preview in ep 149, but that’s it.

  11. “Bankai can be trained, didn’t you know?”

    This requires Kubo Tite to actually, y’know… choreograph his fights, which he doesn’t. He just has his characters bash their swords together until it’s time for the plot to take over, at which point one person is deemed to be “stronger” and they thoroughly PWN the opposition.

    Except Kenpachi vs. Tousen, that was very nice.

  12. I agree with IfOnlyYouKnew. I read the manga and watch the anime. I hope there won’t be a episode 300. Because to me the show is kinda getting tiring and other than Ichigo and Rukia
    there is not enough background story on the other main characters to make them interesting
    for that long.

  13. for how this is going… ichigo wont be able to rescue orihime and he will have to retreat really pisted off… because to rescue orihime… its like ichigo have to kill all spada and izen lol and i dont think so.. so after he leaves hueco mundo he will start training like crazy XD

  14. hmm.. i didn’t relise that shinji (the vizard dude)was in the background of the first manga chapter on page 2.. good point IfOnlyYouKnew, and come to think of it, maybe the next arc may have some vizard action.. kind of miss them, i mean there was kind of alot of charaters they introduced and did nothing with them.. and then theres the thing with ichigo dad being a captain and stuff.. background story is probally the next few arcs..

  15. I hope we hit the Inoue and Ichigo reunion in the anime quick. It’s a good part of the story imo, just like the scene where she last sees him and leaves.

    Now I know many are probably Rukia fans, but meh, i’m tired of her. Plus shes short and flat heh. Inoue ftw! And imo she’s got way more character development and a bigger role to play in the overall story than Rukia does. Rukia peaked with Aizen taking that thing outta her back in soul society.

    Don’t hate me Rukia fans, but Inoue x Ichigo all the way!

  16. Oh yeah baby we’re getting into the good stuff now!

    And I think this is definitely not the last arc considering how popular bleach is.. They are not going to dumb a good money maker just like that, and like said before there’s also the winter war stuff..

  17. why are the two girls blushing at aizen in that picture?
    no furinyue its not even halfway to the climax… it gets way more interesting from here, trust me…

    anyways, i’m pretty sure that guy in the preview is some kind of espada, ignoring how rediculous he looks…

  18. I think it was Omni who said back around this part of the manga that this was the beginning of the end of Bleach.

    Hearing Orihime’s monologue pretty much reinforced that for me.

    It doesn’t mean it will be soon, or at the end of this arc, but I don’t think there will be another major goal after defeating Aizen/destoying the Hougyoku.

    The way I see it is once Orihime rejects the Hougyoku’s existance, that everything that’s happened in the series up to now will revert back, ie. Ichigo will never become a shinigami, his friends will not gain powers from him, basically the perfect out.

    Last scene is Ichigo back in Karakura like nothing ever happened.

  19. GP
    //I hope we hit the Inoue and Ichigo reunion in the anime quick. It’s a good part of the story imo, just like the scene where she last sees him and leaves.
    Now I know many are probably Rukia fans, but meh, i’m tired of her. Plus shes short and flat heh. Inoue ftw! And imo she’s got way more character development and a bigger role to play in the overall story than Rukia does. Rukia peaked with Aizen taking that thing outta her back in soul society.
    Don’t hate me Rukia fans, but Inoue x Ichigo all the way!//

    Are you sleeping while reading the manga?

    Orihime becomes more pathetic within her arc, her fans became sick of her weak character and for doing nothing but screaming kurosaki kun all the time as if her world has nothing but ichigo >_> till the recent chapter she did nothing , what it’s there to be proud for.. really nothing..if I was her fan I’ll be so disappointed…even though I don’t like her, I dislike seeing her in this state..

    And rukia had the most important moment in this arc which led to develop her character… the thing that made her suffers all of these years, it revealed and ended in hm arc..

    So just because this arc is focused on orihime doesn’t mean that there’s no role for rukia..after all she came all the way for her sake -_-

  20. @hananon

    WTF are you going on about? It’s been a well explained fact that Inoue can’t outright fight an Espada, so what the hell do you want or expect her to do exactly? And becoming pathetic? Please keep your own opinion as being your own opinion and not that of “every” bleach reader. So what if we get Rukias last bit of background, it doesn’t change anything in the plot at all. It wasn’t “the most importatn” part in the arc anyways, hell the HM arc isn’t even OVER yet in the manga. She’s got nothing left to do except fight and help out here and there.

    She’s just like the rest of the supporitng characters now, just like Renji, just like Chad and just like Ishida. We also have parts of their background stories also (not all of them yet, but Rukia shows up first so going in order her background would be filled in first) so they’ll have, by your logic, “important moment” in the HM arc or the future arc when we do get their last bit of background and development. But yet NONE of them (Rukia also) have much to do with the story at this point, they just fight and help Ichigo. Ichigo does all the important stuff (main character etc).

    Inoue on the other hand has a bigger role to play in the story, if you’re too blind to realise this, then I’m sorry cuz I can’t help you there. And saying she did nothing? Again, maybe you’re sleeping while reading the manga. How many times has she saved everyone elses life after they get pwnt by some stronger enemy? Or is that “doing nothing”? Seriously, get off your Rukia high horse, her time is over, once Aizan took the Honyoue (or whatever it’s called) from her she was automatically kicked off into the supporting character role with the others.

  21. And one last thing, but maybe because the show is long, and the manga is long also, you and others have missed it.

    But there are signs/hints that there is more to Inoue and her character to the plot than we’ve gotten. And she does have more character development than Rukia. Rukia is STILL more or less the same she’s been from the start. Knowing why she’s like that helps, but her character/personality hasen’t change much.

    Inoue on the other hand has had a bigger change in character from the start. She started off as a dittsy airhead (which we now know isn’t the case, it’s just an act). Now she’s more serious and she gives us way more emotion than at the start. How you can overlook this as character development is so very very weird, and wrong really. Her goodbye to Ichigo in his room before this arc started was one of the BEST story points and a big chunk of her character development.

    I can go on and on, but I beleave I made my point.

  22. GP

    Haha it seems I’m dealing with a child -_- honestly how old are you? Really what a rude way of arguing with my points >_> anyway, you’re the one who gives out personal opinions not what’s happing in the manga..seriously what have she done to say that her character’s developed to the better.. if you mean she has changed from airhead and silly character to a serious character, that’s correct but that was a worst thing ever happened to her.. Because she’s boring and hopeless right now..if you have one evidence from manga that she did something major and useful thing in hm arc other than healing someone, please write it down here with the spoiler tag…

    Plus all of us know that orihime has a big role in hm arc, but hasn’t established yet.. either way that doesn’t change the fact that rukia is the female lead whatever you like it or not (open your eyes plz) and saying that rukia’s role in hm is over, you’re not kubo to make this decision as long as the hm arc is far from over, there’s still some room for her..and don’t forget that the fight is the main thing in this arc which’s the thing that orihime’s missing right now..she has to participate with them on the fighting to prove that she’s capable not just watching and being protected all the time >_> really if you’re her real fan you’ll wish her the best instead of deceiving yourself with the development thingy that she obtained when she actually has not achieved it yet .. and to be clear what I meant for saying that she did nothing but healing her friends, I was talking about hm arc not before arc is her spotlight arc, so she needs to standout more than anyone…we still hope that we’ll see some changes very soon hopefully..

    rukia’s fight was one of the best and important fight, because it ended developing her character, if you didn’t see it I can’t help you… moreover, she has changed a lot since the beginning of the serious, because of ichigo, she started to value her life (when he rescued her from death) and now she started to become a societal person when she wasn’t..because she met ichigo, she was able to make friends like orihime..she cares for orihime more than you realize, that’s why she’s ready to sacrifice her life for her..she’s that kind of person…if you don’t consider these are developments, I feel sorry for kubo who went all the way from the start to show that or maybe you have to read bleach all over again…

  23. hananon

    Not all lead characters need to know how to fight. besides, does orihime really look like the fighting type. shes best at what she does which is that time reversal healing in the dome technique. oh yea i thought orihime the damsel in distress (when rukia was in the same kind of position wtf did she even try fighting her way out? NO, because there were others alot more powerful around that blotted the idea out.) Believe it or not orihime’s Healing technique’s is a part of fighting in the anime world, its her way of fighting in a GROUPPPPPPPPPP………..

  24. Well there are different kinds of fighting…it can be by words if you’re weak physically..but orihime didn’t even try…I can’t go through into the details because I don’t want to spoil it for anime watchers… orihime has tsubaki, even if she believes he’s weak, it’s better to try.. I know her healing power is so important, but did she use it on any of her friends other than ichigo.. and her situation is completely different from rukia.. rukia was powerless and locked up in a room to be prepared for her sentence.. on the other hand, orihime was treated like a princess with having a new clothes and her life is so important to them so there’s no way she’ll be killed no matter what she does.. Moreover, we saw how rukia was struggling in ss to save her friends even though she was powerless, she tried to save ganjou and hanatarou..she was harsh on ichigo to make him give up so that he’ll leave and be safe and she asked yamamoto to release her friends after her death..

    But honestly so far we didn’t see any touching things from orihime about her role toward her friends may be in the future though..

  25. i love ichigo for JOEL PEREZ ichigo/akane soir bleach and mai otome thanks for JOEL PEREZ GOOD GUY LOVE BLEACH TWO WEEKS THANKS YOU JOEL YOU WELLCOME COME TO BLEACH AND MAI OTOME WELL OK

  26. I don’t plan on coming back to this site once I finish this so you need not respond.
    I am unbiased about this so I can explain with a clear head unlike some people. I’ve been reading these fanboy comments that have been going on and feel that you have missed the point. If you haven’t noticed Rukia and Orihime are both leading ladies in this manga/anime. They have both added a considerable deal of development in the story not to mention how much they have helped ichigo grow to become what he is. There is no reason to say that either of the girls are more or less important than the other they just have a different way about them. To the comment about orihime being useless, how can you say she doesn’t help? Don’t you remember when rukia almost died in the bount arc “I know its not the manga but that doesn’t really matter it was part of the story” orihime healed her. Both characters developed substantially through the story, rukia was first cold and always put her duty above all else but met ichigo and became more warm, loving, and cherishes her friends deeply. orihime was sort of withdrawn and not too willful when it came to what she wanted and felt but as time progressed she has opened up alot and we can see the strength and courage she has. Rukia went to hucho mundo to save orihime against the order from the captain commander and orihime has gone to save her friends and try and make a difference. You say either of these ladies aren’t progressing then you haven’t fully grasped the story. I can not wait to see how both of them turn out later in the story, especially orihime since she does seem to have some sort of plan cooking up in that cute little head of hers, she isn’t as weak willed and frail as people might think.


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