Ten years ago, representatives met with Sakaki and Kiril about the Girouard Military’s new, Type-X warhead. All they needed was a new type of shuttle to use this weapon against Thanatos, and it was the ISDA’s responsibility to develop the shuttle. Kiril, however, had reported that the development of the new shuttle had been a failure. To everyone’s surprise, Sakaki had suggested dragons instead and had revealed that the D-Project was to use dragons to directly attack Thanatos. Back in the present, the members of the Lindworm Unit are picking themselves up after getting defeated, and they see another dragon battling Ostolm in the sky. Yuuri arrives on the scene to explain that it’s Atolm, the third original dragon, and that Atolm is actually Nozaki. After crashing into the ground together, both dragons return to their Communicator forms, and Nozaki has figured out by now that Ostolm is here to eliminate the dragons born on this planet. Ostolm responds by saying that Nozaki has gotten too involved with the living beings of this planet and that “Mother” doesn’t want humans raising dragons. Nozaki, however, refuses to let Ostolm lay a finger on what he refers to as his children, and he believes that if Ostolm went through a Resonance, then Ostolm would understand why he changed.

Meanwhile, on Mars, Toa thinks about how it’s because of Jin that she remains as a Communicator and doesn’t want to return to her original form. She then gets brought up in front to Asim again, right as he’s getting another report about what’s going on from Earth. Feeling that she has to do something, Toa offers to show Asim her true form, but Asim knows that she can run away if he lets her out. Asim wants her to beg for it, but even after she does, he still refuses her because he sees her defiant eyes and knows that she’s not under his control yet. Back on Earth, Ostolm fights a heated battle with Nozaki, and Nozaki ultimately gets knocked out when he lowers his guard because Yuuri was in danger. Ostolm then senses that there’s another dragon left – Gio – so he changes back into his dragon form and attacks. Seeing the subsequent destruction as Ostolm chases Gio, Howlingstar and the other members of the Lindworm Unit decide to return to the fight, and they help get Ostolm off Gio. During all this, Kiril is demanding assistance from the Girouard military, but Asim decides to wait until the ISDA is destroyed first. Hearing this causes Nanami to think about Yuuri, and she ends up excusing herself from the throne room.

Nanami secretly heads to Toa’s holding cell and asks what Toa intends to do once she’s free. Toa admits that her mission is to bring back the Dragons born on Earth, but since Mother was unable to communicate with her, a new dragon was sent. In other words, Toa knows that Mother has abandoned the Earth-born dragons. Nanami doesn’t care about all this though since she just wants to know if Toa will save Earth or not. Toa’s answer is that she doesn’t know, but she specifically says that she wants to protect the person she loves. Hearing this leads Nanami to decide to free Toa, but moments after she does this, she get shot in the back by Garnet. This in turn causes Toa to cry out, and, back on Earth, Jin is suddenly able to hear her song. He figures out that it’s coming from Mars, but just as quickly as the singing started up, it ends again because Garnet reactivates the field confining Toa. Still, now that they know Toa is on Mars, Akira wants Jin to leave things on Earth to the Lindworm Unit so that he can go get Toa. Jin and Gio thus take off towards space while the other dragons try to hold Ostolm back, but Ostolm is able to break free.

Fortunately, Itsuki and Otohime then join in the battle, and Otohime is armed with a Type-X warhead. To avenge Yuuya, Itsuki intends to force Ostolm to space before using the warhead on him. This plan almost succeeds except that Ostolm fires several fireballs in the air above them, and the explosions causes the warhead to fall out of Otohime’s reach. To Itsuki’s surprise though, Jin and Gio suddenly swoop in to grab the warhead, and they force Ostolm upwards into space right as the warhead goes off. This appears to take out Ostolm, and though Gio is injured, both he and Jin manage to survive the explosion and return back to Earth. With Ostolm now taken care of, Sakaki immediately orders the D-Project to go into its next phase.


Despite being shot in the back by Garnet and bleeding all over the place (dark colored), I have my doubts about Nanami’s really being dead. It’d be rather unsatisfying if she died like that without getting a chance to fully redeem herself to Yuuri (whom Nanami is apparently quite infatuated with). Speaking of dying, I thought for a few seconds during the episode that they might have the balls to kill off Jin and really screw things up in the story, but he ended up surviving the explosion after all.

I have to say though, after watching the first episode of Macross Frontier, the CG in Dragonaut is like looking at cave drawings. I’m exaggerating (a little), but Macross F really spoiled me for CG and animation quality. I’m not sure I’d trust Gonzo to do that good a job with that big of a budget though. Maybe they’d just spend it on drawing more detailed cleavage. 😀 Anyway, the focus of the story appears to be shifting towards the ISDA’s plans to destroy Thanatos, and I get the feeling that Jin might join the Lindworm Unit since they’re all now getting along so well together. There’s no episode next week though – episode 14 airs on January 9th, 2008.


  1. whoever is posting that stupid meme, stop being an idiot.

    he said that the CG in Macross F are better than Dragonaut’s, not saying the show is (since that’s basically up to opinion). Stop being a faggot.

  2. Ok my opinion now is

    1 Ep Macross F > 13 Dragonaut Eps

    I guessing the person is male and just reached puberty, yeah I know coz’ at that age Shounen and Harem anime’s were all I wanted to watch. And here’s wishing that Nanami isn’t dead, she is probably the only attractive character in the series (for me that is).

    Big boobs are overrated….

  3. Comparing Dragonaut and Macross F overall is stupid (matters of taste, blabla)… as for CG quality, yeah, Dragonaut doesn’t have a chance. Nothing short of a movie (or maybe Gurren Lagann last arc) does. The big question is wether they can keep the quality on somewhat the same level through the entire run.

  4. golthin:

    I agree. The only thing I can think of is at the last moment, Gio shoved the Type-X warhead into Austrum and then kicked him away (meaning he wasn’t right at the core of the explosion). *shrug*

    When I was watching that last scene, I also thought, “OMG did they just kill off Jin and Gio?” I thought maybe Gio would die and Jin would be alive somehow at the very least. One minute later, they’re both miraculously alive! *rolls eyes*

  5. I am glad things are getting wrapped up from now. I do not care about whatever CG or whatever quality of the show. For me what matters to me most is I love to watch Dragonaut. Liking to watch Dragonaut matters to me the most. Because of faith, things did turn out fine. Was glad Toa took the advantage to shout and that her cry -> song reaches Jin. Although for now she is yet to reunite with him, it’s the least he knows where she gets confined. I was right that Asim was a real jerkheaded psycho to know every single aspect of Toa’s ways of doing things. Ah well, he’s able to figure any of her trick to escape. Well, not surprisingly to see why he keeps her contained in a ‘glass container’ with strong forcefield barrier. Although it was revealed that Jin may not be able to hear Toa for being contained by the stupid forcefield barrier when probably Asim knew all along that Toa could easily call for reinforcements to escape.

    Ah well, now Nanami feels the conviction to change due to her friendship with Professor Kitajima and all sudden Toa’s urgency to do something important. Well now that she feels the need to change, I believe not to see any reason why she would die just like that. Screw you Asim, still want to think of getting full control of Toa when u urself havent even kill Jin off first. Screw you Asim jerkheaded horse brained slimehead.

    On the other hand, I think I could understand why Jin and Gio could survive it was because of their deep bond of friendship and their true hearts to do right -> to protect Toa. Probably these reasons may explain the survival. I dunno. We still have yet to know about other “somethings” of the show that remained unexplained/unanswered.

    Jin himself even won the recognition of Laina and then now perhaps Sakaki. Well, he already won the respects of both Akira and Siegliende. He is a true Dragonaut and is the only one who makes the biggest differences throughout the show. Well, on the other Toa is already doing something in return to make up for the ‘murder’ she caused (reason behind that we are yet to know). Ah well, loving Jin and being with him is what she could do. Gio is keeping Jin standing up as always. ^^

    In my opinion for now, the villains -> Asim and Girouard as usual, Ostrum the 4th dragon…..

    To know about from now: (they maybe could be Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Please don’t compare Dragonaut with Macross Frontier. Base ur opinions on the shows themselves alone respectively. Some of u guys always complain about graphic quality or here and there so on….. For me I am already impressed and content with the graphic quality of Dragonaut.

    Jin is handsome and genuine. Toa is beautiful and unique. Gio is different and only greatest earth-born dragon.

    Asim the hot hunky typical villain that female action fans would always expect. Kazuki the jerkheaded psycho where fans have something to grr….. about. Machina, Garnet and Professor Kitajima the big-chested lasses that some male anime fans have something to lol or exaggerate about…… And how some of our friends that posts here referring to some female characters as ‘sluts’….. o_o….. Whoa~~~~

    Jin X Toa, Laina X Itsuki, Nozaki X Yuri, or journalist X Yuri where some fans like lolling around typical anime pairings….. pls ah no yaoi/yuri ah (some of u guys tend to exaggerate in this thingy like how some of u other guys did with some characters of Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny)….. I am sharing this post out of love for the show.

    Pls forgive me for any rudenesses/offensive words caused/aroused. >.

  7. Am I the only one feeling that “Dragonaut” blog category is becoming like “Negima!” I mean….dozens of trolls constantly whining about how they hate this show and stuff…

    If you hate it – don’t watch it. One comment with arguments on why you hate it is enough…

    Unknown Voice
  8. Well, on the internet, everyone is allowed to insert thier thoughts as long as the webmaster allows it. Even if everyone else wants him to either grow up pasts the age of 8 or something horrible happen to this computer or internet so he wont ever go on again -_-

  9. By far better than macross f? I think it’s pretty early to tell, plus, onces CG for a tv series which will probably be 26eps (at the least), and karas is a 6ep OVA that took 2 years to finish.

    The fact macross f’s CG looks as great as it does for a tv series (and this is just going off of the first premiere episode), says alot about the animation studio and the budget.

  10. Wow, I came to notice that Gio had been the only earth-born dragon to defeat an original dragon (Ostolm) and also the only one to do “suicidal rescues”.

    “Interestings” discovered:
    1) Jin – the source of Gio’s dragon strength, the source of both Toa’s Communicator form and dragon form and perhaps maybe the ultimate “key” of defeating Thanatos. Also the one whose heart increases the fighting powers of other earth dragons and fighting spirits of their masters. And also, he seems to be the “pillar” that Gio did not grow out of control.
    2) Nozaki – Strong because of his devotion and maybe growing “attachment” to Professor Kitajima. Feels because of the sad face of Professor Kitajima from the episode everyone watched earlier.
    3) Machina – Dragon strength is growing tremendously as her existence and just herself being acknowledged as importances to Akira.
    4) Amadeus – Will grow stronger because of his deep devotion and attachment to Siegliende.
    5) Basil Sakaki – May turn out to be the best ISDA leader due to Jin’s suffering of loss of loved ones.
    6) Gio – The rock that maintains Jin’s fighting spirit….. And perhaps he may remain his battle comrade throughout the show. Well, we have yet to know.
    7) Toa – The object of Jin’s affections and pillar of Jin’s heart. She could be something like “princess of the dragons”…. Who knows…. She thought she could do things alone, guess she needs her beloved “master” and perhaps “would-be lover” Jin after all to help her with her missions. Obviously the “torch” where earth-born dragons would no longer go out of control as long as she is there to tell them that their existences are necessary and are items and are important ones to their masters.

    Wei, do not blame me for sharing these. I love to watch the show. I share because I care.

    I’ve come to realise now that the reason I have gotten different and stronger now because of the deep influence of watching “Naruto”. I became again much more different due to the influences of good characters of other animes. ^^

    Well, some of us do become better people because of watching and loving the bright side of animes.

  11. sorry ah about the sakaki part…..

    Meant why he is the best ISDA leader because he changes better due to the influence of Jin’s suffering of loss of loved ones…..

    Ya, screw Kiril….. Screw Asim….. Screw Garnet the vixen….. Screw Thanatos….. Screw Kazuki the octopus spiderhead…..

    On the other hand, Laina is changing due to the influence of his acknowledged Jin’s Heroic Noble Act…..

  12. The CG isn’t anywhere near Macross F standards, but Dragonaut is still pretty fun to watch. People should stop trolling the hell out of it and just watch. It’s not nearly as bad as some would like to assume. The last couple of episodes have been very good. I like how Jin is finally making a turnaround and being less focused on only Toa.

  13. I agree. GONZO spends more time and money on detailed cleavages. Obviously they won’t kill off Jin at this part of the story. Otherwise it would be like the end already. The thing that I was curious then was how should he be able to survive the explosion. I mean he survived the shuttle crash once. Why can’t he survive this explosion too?

    I don’t know about Macross F but I spoiled myself with SUNRISE’s Gundam 00 with their stunning drawing details and great animation quality. That is why I felt like Dragonaut is way below par at this point. Nonetheless the animation GONZO brought up in Dragonaut is still satisfactory (besides the boobs).

  14. Info on original dragon Show Spoiler ▼


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