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Shakugan no Shana II – 16

In the aftermath of the festival, everyone helps clean up, and with the exception of Shana and friends, they’ve all forgotten about Konoe because her power of existence has disappeared.

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After Tomoya and Nagisa bring Mei to her brother’s incredibly messy room, she decides to clean it for him.

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Dragonaut – 17

As enraged Machina lashes out towards Jin, Toa is forced to use more of her own power to stop Machina.

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Bleach – 158

With his new arm, Sado explains that he had felt a stir in the power inside of him when he came here to Hueco Mundo – something that he hadn’t felt when he went to Soul Society.

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CODE GEASS R2 – Promo 01

The official CODE GEASS website released their first promotion video today, and it included several new shots that weren’t in the DVD Magazine trailer.

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Spice and Wolf – 04

Lawrence and Horo meet with Zeren again, but this time, they’re under watch by someone from Milone trading company.

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RADWIMPS – Order Made PV


More likely than not, you’ve probably never heard of this group before. RADWIMPS is a rock band consisting of four musicians who are apparently all fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They got their unusual name when they combined the English words of rad and wimp – their official website even defines this as “excellent weakling” and “superlative coward”. In any case, they’ve been steadily growing in popularity, and this past week, they had their first Number 1 single on the Oricon charts, beating out even the release of Koda Kumi‘s latest single. And it’s for good reason too because Order Made is a great song. The lyrics (translation here) are about love and putting together the different parts of a person, and unlike some PVs, this one actually tells the lyrics like a story. Put together, I found it to be beautiful, and the part about tears even reminded me of the series true tears. I liked it so much that I’ve been scrambling to find more of RADWIMPS’ music, and Order Made has been on repeat on my playlist for several days now. Even if you don’t like J-Rock songs, I’d recommend at least listening to this one.

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Persona – trinity soul – 04

Sitting on his bed, Shin contemplates whether or not he should get a copy of the “A” list for the inspector.

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Shigofumi – 04

Yahiro Ran is a high school girl who plays tennis and is very popular with the first-years.

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true tears – 04

On the way home, Hiromi reveals to Shinichirou that it was last year during an interleague basketball game with Hotarugawa High School that she met Noe’s brother.

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CODE GEASS – DVD Magazine 02

The second CODE GEASS DVD Magazine came out yesterday, and unlike the first one, this one has a trailer that actually includes scenes from the upcoming second series.

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Gundam 00 – 16

When the pilot of the Gundam that saved him checks to see if he’s okay, Setsuna questions who she is.

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Standing in a field of wheat, the robot sees lights rising around him and remembers that he was in a different world either a long time ago or in the distant future.

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Shakugan no Shana II – 15

Everyone, including Yuuji himself, is shocked at the sight of the armored arm that’s sticking out of him and into Pheles.

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Dragonaut – 16

After laughing maniacally at the power of love, Asim sends Garnet forward to attack Jin and Toa, but Gio blocks her way.

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