Seeing Ishida struggle in the battle with Cirucci Thunderwitch, Pesche panics because he thinks he went on the same path as the weakest person in Ichigo’s group. As he wonders if he should help, Pesche’s attention is drawn to how he can almost see Cirucci’s panties, and he drifts out of his hiding spot to get a better look. She eventually notices what he’s trying to do and throws her chakram weapon at him, causing Ishida to realize that Pesche is there too. Cirucci thinks that Pesche looks like a termite, but he takes offense and describes himself as a stag beetle despite the fact that he’s white colored. Seeing Pesche argue with Ishida about whiteness, Cirucci decides that Pesche is Ishida’s friend and attacks them both. After Pesche reveals that he’s actually looking for Nel, he pushes Ishida aside and tells Ishida to leave the fight to him. Pesche claims to have a special ability, and when Cirucci throws her weapon again, he demonstrates by shooting a slimy goo from his mouth. Surprisingly, the goo getting stuck on the weapon causes it to bounce harmlessly off of Pesche.

Pesche is quite proud of this, but Ishida has to pull him out of the way when Cirucci attacks again. Pesche then proceeds to spit all over the pillars that Cirucci is using, causing her to slip and fall off of one. Even prouder now, Pesche announces that his ability is called “Infinite Slick,” but an angry Cirucci then releases her zanpaktou and transforms into a creature with giant wings made of vibrating blades. Ishida’s arrows aren’t able to pierce through those wings, and since Pesche insists on fighting alongside him, Ishida comes up with a plan and asks for Pesche to use Infinite Slick again. Unfortunately, unlike the name implies, Pesche discovers that he’s run out of it. When Cirucci strikes again, Ishida has to use his Hirenkyaku ability – the Quincy equivalent to the Shinigami’s shunpo – to quickly take himself and Pesche out of the path of danger. Cirucci follows this up by repeatedly firing her wing blades at them, so Ishida tosses Pesche out of the battle in order to allow himself to concentrate. Realizing that he can’t get in any attacks or chances from any range as long as Cirucci has her bladed wings, Ishida feels that he has no choice but to use a special ability.

Pulling out one of the tall cylindrical objects that he has been wearing around his waist, Ishida is suddenly able to cut right through Cirucci’s blades. The tall cylindrical object has become the hilt of a blade made of spirit particles, and though Ishida had wanted to save this for a little later, he’s willing to fight with it now.


Is it just me, or have a lot of the Ishida episodes looked sub-par? It’s not the worst of Bleach I’ve ever seen, but the two episodes with Cirucci both have stood out because they’re before and after the very well done Rukia vs. Aaroniero episodes. I know they have several animation teams working on episodes so that they can keep up the weekly rate (unlike normal 13/26-episode series where production gets started early), and looking at the credits, it appears that, unlike last week, a lot of the key animation was done for this week by a group of Korean animators (most likely as a money-saving measure). Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when the good episodes spoil you on higher quality.

In any case, this episode covered two chapters of the manga (256 and 257) with relatively few changes/additions. Ishida finally became a jedi got to use his new abilities, but I’m a little discouraged that it’s against an enemy who isn’t more powerful (like an Espada). Pesche meanwhile is good for comedic value, and the more I hear him, the more I like Koyasu Takehito in this kind of voice role. Next week looks to finish this fight and continue the Sado one, and looking further ahead, it appears that Nnoitra will be appearing again in episode 159.


  1. ” lol i wonder how long the animators can go without inserting a filler in every now an then ”

    my dear otaku brother I really think that this anime is pretty much a very huge filler! after the soul society season it has become a CRAP!!CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP and nothing more than just a crap!!

    Tensai Otaku
  2. And not just that…I must confess I hated the retarded first naruto series(the kid one)….BUT!….this new adult season is alot more interesting and I am starting to like watching naruto!!But bleach??? ichigo Vs the ” IASASHI ” creatures from hell(eccho mundo)…OHHH come on ….this is not a walt disney cartoon that the bad becomes the good just to enchant a kids heart(how cute)….For gods sake …this is an anime that went against the law of phisics….they have bodies, souls, the soul society(the “good”) and the accho mundo(the hollows, the “bad” ) …but no …they put ichigo to play with hollow kids just to introduce a new grown up female character(yes try to imagine who I am talking about)….OH COME ON!!

    Tensai Otaku
  3. Shut up Tensai Otaku. You’re just as bad as those retards that put “Go watch Naruto you bleach-tards!” or “Animu izz ghey!” no one gives a shit about what you care about what shows you think are better than Bleach.

  4. Actually I’m with Tensai Otaku in this one, but only concerning the manga. I really do like the Naruto manga last couple of volumes, while Bleach seems plain.. In the anime it’s still “boring+crappy-animated-fillers” Bleach and “overly-stretched+awkward-flashbacks” Naruto 🙁

  5. *Vandro

    It´s nice to see some people have a brain in this blog!!


    It´s not about narutoXbleach my little kiddy otaku boy!!
    think before you answer!this anime was the best shounen action in story pacing at first in my opinion….and naruto was a real crap! just fights and fights and sasuke this sasuke that…the main hero of bleach is still ichigo…and the feeling of a main hero in naruto was not first at naruto´s character…this is the real deal here!but bleach with the passing of the years has been explored in a very wrong way…it´s a dull empty story now with nothing to make you stay tunned like it was before! BUT!! naruto that is the most watched program in the world( a magazine posted this info) for me it´s was pure trash and just nice sequence fights on anime form….now…is interesting at a point that you want to watch just to see what will happen next (aside from the stunning animated fight sequences) and that my little friend is a shame!! I am more than 25 years watching animes….and animes like this one are been butchered by real bad writers…and are still braodcasted…while animes like kekkaishi that are very interesting and have a real nice animation will finish with only 52 ep( a shounen action that has stopped been sponsored )

    if you don´t give a shit about what real OTAKUS think what are you doing here my friend?????? and if you don´t give a shit ….after they choose to stop this anime for it´s poor audience would you care???( yes because if they stop buying the dvds and the audience dropping very fast from the crap story and poor animation they are FOR SURE GOING TO CANCEL WHAT´S A REAL WASTE!! )

    PS: don´t cry kid…I am not a bad person and I am not throwing anything at you!!!you will have your bleach 157 next week!!

    Tensai Otaku
  6. What a strange way, just when the last episode was near the climax of Rukia VS the 9th espada and here we have this episode which concentrate all on Ishida’s fight, it looks like a cliffhangar to Rukia’s fight… why they would even do that

  7. lightsaber ftw

    *Tensai Otaku

    personally, manga-wise and storyline, I find Naruto and Bleach to be on the same lvl. Anime-wise though, Bleach wins by a big lead. Naruto was quite enjoyable until the Rescue Sasuke arc, after that it was boring and repetitive filler episodes for a whole year, give or take. I got excited when Shippuden came out, but what did I find? Anal-retentive episodes. Obviously the animators ARE still scared that the anime will catch up to the manga, and so they decided to animate chapters to episodes at a rate of 1 to 1. And so they fill up the 20+ minutes of each episode with wind-blowing-through-grass scenes, repetitive dialogue that could have gone faster, 2-minute long stare downs, flashbacks galore, and Naruto screaming his head out every 3 minutes (GARRA!!!, SASUKE!!!). Pretty obvious they’re drawing it out, the only marginal benefit is seeing extended fight scenes, but it gets bogged down with lengthy pauses and characters monologue-ing to themselves. Heck, at least Bleach’s Bount Arc was interesting, Naruto’s I HAVE A MISSION FOR U!! was pretty meh. Oh well, this place really aint where you should hold such debacles.

  8. Tensai Otaku,

    Admittedly, I don’t like this Hueco Mundo arc either. It just doesn’t match up to the Soul Society Arc at all. There’s little to no character development and I personally won’t find it intriguing at all until Aizen or whatever finally shows up.

    That being said, though, some of your words have irked me a little. I find that “real” otaku’s out of Japan (and maybe Korea because of its close proximity both culturally and geographically) are a rare breed. I say this because the majority of otaku’s outside the originating point of otaku-ism are not otaku’s, but people who have problems socializing and use anime and the wish to be japanese as an outlet. The thing is, the situation of otaku’s in Japan is not this utopia “otaku’s” outside japan think it to be. In fact, the tagline “otaku” is almost never used as a symbol of pride, as you have used it. It’s either a fact (or a emphasis of fact, which may be confused with pride) or a mark of shame.

    Another thing. Your need to become fired up on such a subject also puts your claim to be a “real otaku” in a strange position. Naruto is Naruto. Bleach is Bleach. It’s all generic shounen material. It isn’t marketed for otaku’s. It’s marketed to young boys, casual manga readers, and otaku wannabe’s outside Japan. “Real” otaku’s wouldn’t give a shit either way. What’s important right now is anime like “Wolf and Spice” and “Aria”. And soon it’ll be Haruhi 2, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. Maybe i’ll even stick Moegaku in there because it’s marketed towards otaku’s specifically (what with Hirano Aya and the ridiculous amounts of moe in it).

    Your arguments about the anime are sound (although I never watched the naruto anime to begin with because both the first episodes of the child half and shippuden had horrible animation and if you can’t make the first episode any good, there’s little hope for the future) but stop with the condescending tone. There’s nothing admirable in what you’re doing.

    PS: Currently, Sasuke is a huge part of the reason Naruto is any good. He, along with a couple other people I will not mention here, is driving the story along. Naruto is just doing the Dragonball style power-up thing (to be honest, Sasuke is doing the Dragonball “I have trained and will be GODLIKE until I show my true powers when I fight TEH LAST BOSS”, but at least it’s going somewhere). Your failure to recognize that just comes off as you being a Sasuke hater.

    Wannabe Otaku
  9. Tensai Otaku, you were obviously a naruto fan to begin with if you think the new shippuuden episodes are better than what bleach is showing, if not, then you’re just full of crap. I watch both shows episode by episode and seriously came very close to stop watching naruto shippuuden. It is so fucking repetitive and minutes are CONSTANTLY wasted with staring contests, the showing of birds in the sky or the rustling trees. Don’t get me started on retarded fight scenes with team gai fighting their doppelgangers. After 5 episodes (probably more) “Oh hey let’s try harder” BAM they win. What kind of shit is that? Naruto is easily more empty than bleach. There are plenty of times where you’ll watch an episode, and almost NOTHING is accomplished. This is very true of the fight scenes.

    I will still watch both though, and it’s not that I’m simply bashing you because you dislike bleach, but the fact that you give some bullshit reasons when comparing it to the likes of naruto.

    I am liking the naruto shippuuden manga a bit more though, due to some of the wtf factors that have come in as well as wondering how a long awaited fight scene will turn out.

  10. you know…… if the animators decided to set aside the money thing and condense this into, I don’t know, 50 episodes of straight, serious plot and action – Bleach would have been a great series

  11. *Crev


    *Wannabe Otaku
    Bleach was always way too better in story wise than naruto(more adult wise)!!
    but now naruto is caughting my attention that´s all!!
    sasuke hater…. 😀 …. I was always a naruto hater and I mean the whole anime!!!T_T

    ….And you still can sit and type????

    😀 😀 😀

    by tensai momments!!

    Tensai Otaku
  12. *Tensai Otaku
    what caught your attention? the 4 minutes of seeing sakura pack her bags preparing for her missions? Don’t get me wrong, Bleach also suffers through its own problems, animes that last longer than 24 episodes generally do. But I’d rather see some original filler than a scene I’ve read in a manga book get stretched out and played through a snail’s pace. I’ll keep watching Naruto though, hoping it eventually changes it’s tune (after the current arc maybe?)

    I try 🙂

  13. So, what’s with the Aarancar Encyclopedia on this one? What does Aaro and Niero combine to make? Why do they say it isn’t a combination? I’m confused… Does anyone understand the joke at the end of the episode?

  14. What does outsourcing to Korean animators have anything to do with it? They’re obviously strapped for budgeting especially when they do this on a weekly basis and I don’t think it’s possible even know which Korean animated episodes were the well-animated ones since the quality check is everywhere as far as Bleach is concerned.

    Also, Takehito Koyasu has always done the wacky roles very well. Shingo from King of Fighters anyone?

  15. Tensai Otaku

    I totally agree with what you said, imo Bleach was just the best from episodes 16 till about 70/80 – the plot was moving and twisting like crazy, soul society was developing fast, the fight scenes were nearly always good. It left enough gaps at this point to make at least 1 more amazing arc, and probably a few

    Then it dropped with the bount arc, and had its ups and downs. For a filler though, it wasnt bad – but it got off to a crawling start in the museum

    Then back to episode 110 and the amazing revelation, I thought wow, Bleach is once more going to be amazing…. but nope… months of the show taking ages for any development, some AWFUL fillers about 130ish, and now some of these Heuco Mondo scenes, which develop no more back story for the original and amazing characters, and have good potential fight scenes ruined by what seem the filler dolls recreated.

  16. *rukia

    an otaku using an anime female character´s name calling others by ” FAG!!”

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA…… Who´s the FAG here???I mean…my little dear queer as folk chan!! 😀 trying to visit me here on this blog …you remembered me that serie :
    ” Queer Eye for Straitgh Guy ” ;D my little bitch!!

    And by the way I am 31 ” AND VERY STRAITGH!!! ”

    PS: I know I know you´ll say you are….. a….. girl…I know you have become one!! 😀


    And Ryan I sign above our agreement…I have watched this episode yesterday and it was like watching ” CLOWNS IN A CIRCUS ” As after I was watching TV and changing the channels I passed by cartoon network and it was broadcasting “Space Ghost COAST to COAST “…and I thoutgh …OH MY GOD BLEACH THIS WEEK WAS WORSE THAN SPACE GHOST???????
    HOLY SHIT…I mean the best shounen action is story….has been beaten by SPACE GHOST AND from COAST TO COAST!!!…..
    Just like ALI G would say in a situation like this:
    they should have more…
    ” RESPECT !!! “

    Tensai Otaku
  17. I have to agree with what someone said before me – if your a true otaku, then it wont matter what anime or manga it is — and I wont go on a holier then thou rant about how the Bleach anime kicks the Naruto anime’s ass or anything like that. I DO admit that certain things are left to be desired in both series. However, that hardly gives one the right to so blatantly declare it sucks and or that something is better then it. That’s your opinion, and your entitled to it, but common courtesy says to think of others and their feelings. I, personally, was insulted at your accusations about Bleach being crap and the story sucking. You said Bleach needed new writers but … the person writing the storyline is Tite Kubo and if you HONESTLY think that anyone can do his job better then, honey, you have some issues to work out.
    The animators can do nothing but either follow the manga faithfully – or steer itself off into a completely different direction. For example, the last half of Fullmetal Alchemist was nothing BUT TV original material – and yet it still rocked. My point being, that if the anime comes to a point where it catches up with the manga it can only take one of two courses of action.
    1: Create fillers to allow the manga to lengthen further before going back to it.
    2: Branch off in a completely different direction with a completely new plot line.
    So, the question I pose, is what would you guys prefer happen? Bleach screw around a bit with TV original episodes or create it’s own plot, separate of that which Tite Kubo has? I can’t imagine many fans would enjoy it if it branched off from the amazing plot of the manga so, I have to say this:


    That includes Naruto fans – though I won’t deny they DID go over board with the fillers. And I will also say this while I’m at it — the Naruto anime has always sucked in comparison to the manga — in my opinion, the art is disgraceful, the fight scenes and whatnot are atrocious and I am truthfully appalled that it is as popular as it is. (I know I said I wouldn’t talk about the Naruto anime, but, I guess I lied. XD) The manga DESERVES the popularity but the anime? No.
    As it turns out, I can not wait until AdultSwim starts airing new episodes again – I cannot wait to see the Bount arc in English and I am half way to having a heart attack with anticipation of seeing the Hueco Mundo arc. I’m very interested in who they’ll get to play Szayel. ^_^
    So I end, what turned out to be a small rant, with this statement; you like your anime and I like mine. Deal with it. Fillers are not the end of the world. And — Bleach a 50 episode series???? O.o Um … gross. I’m STILL disappointed that the FMA was only 52 episodes! Lord only knows I’d have gone into a state of depression had Bleach lasted as long.
    The Bleach series rocks. Period. The Naruto manga rocks. Period. And, while I’m at it, I think I’ll say that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! rock too. Let’s all try to get along, ne?

    DoYouFind MeDreadful
  18. Bleach is still the best after all…I also like Naruto. What I like in Bleach is the concepts and ideas…very great and uniquely crafted, Naruto is also the same, great and unique, so unique that both of these anime doesn’t have conflict with each other, the latter being soul-related and former being ninja-related. Isn’t that amazing? The cons about these animes are the following: Naruto characters are off-modeled, with some many flashbacks, awkward drawings, and some instances poor illustrations, in Bleach- some fillers which are not that important…

    Syazel Aporro Gruntz

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