I just noticed that it’s been five whole months since the last time I blogged a PV (not counting the melonpan song). Now is as good a time as any to start up again since the new season brought several good new songs, and my favorite by far is the second ending theme to Gundam 00, Stephanie’s Friends. Like Angela Aki (who remains one of my favorite singers), Stephanie comes from a mixed background with an Armenian-American father and Japanese mother, and she’s got a pretty powerful voice.

Friends is my first exposure to her singing – she also sang the ending themes to the Kissdum anime from last year – and I absolutely loved the song. I’d been waiting to see the PV for it, and it finally turned up on M-ON’s KissXKiss program yesterday. The PV itself doesn’t turn out to be too special since it just involves Stephanie standing in an industrial-style room singing into the microphones hanging around her, but it’s thanks to the PV that I’ve been able to listen to the full version of this song on repeat for the past many hours. If this is any indicator of how her music will be, I look forward to hearing more of it.

Friends is due out on January 30th, 2008.

Note: You may have noticed that I’ve switched from using screencaps to uploading a streaming version of the PV. This is something different I’m trying out because I think that screencaps just can’t capture the feel of a full song.


  1. …Stephanie comes from a mixed background with an Armenian-American father and Japanese mother, and she’s got a pretty powerful voice.

    When you said “mix heritage,” two things came to my mind: Jotaro Kujo, and “nikkeijin.”

    Regarding the music, it’s pretty standard fare, since the rhythms are similar to some of the new-wave songs: two parts, divided by two chorus, followed by a quiet period of solo singing and less guitar/drum noise, and the finale is the chorus itself. I have to admit, though, it’s really better than most of the songs I’ve been listening to [on most Internet radio stations].

  2. This is someone I’ve been following since I saw the Kissdum ED’s. This is another great song from her. You should check out Kimi ga Iru Kagiri and All The Way, two more good songs from her.

    Mighty Mouse
  3. “Friends” is the first time I have heard Stephanie sing and I was blown away instantly. I was caught up in her vocals straight away. I’ve since listened to her other songs and I must say that Steph is definitely one to look out for in this coming year as a very hot talent.

  4. The song is ok, I can’t say if I really like her voice or not – sounds like every other jpop singer out there. I did find the PV hilarious though, with the wind blowing in her face, and the microphones hanging in the air, I thought that at any moment she would literally blow away.

  5. The reason the PV is like this is because they want minimum face exposure XD
    I’ve been following Stehpanie’s career ever since the mysterious “no face” artist was announced…they meant to keep her appearance top secret until she debuted.

    Well what can I say Friends is by far her best song yet (the only one without all those damn whistle notes she whores out)…I just hope they manage to put more money in her career…you can see how low budget this pv is, and all of hers are the same quality. (the PV for winter gold is lol quality, and personally winter gold is my fav song from her XD)

    For contrast, check out the FAR superior PV of kana nishino’s “I”
    She just debuted and is on the same label, and “I” is kinda catchy but has decidedly weaker vocals, yet her PV blows away all of Stephanies XD it looks like the budget of all 4 of Stephanie’s combined + more.

    Just goes to show looks may play more in this than many people want…

  6. Hmm, must say i like the song.
    Although its too pop-py for my tastes.
    I knew there was European blood in her! When i saw her in winter gold, something irked me, there was just something in her face that reminded me of a turkish friend. Hehe armenia, now thats something!

  7. not the best song i’ve heard in ages…personally prefer the two gundam 00 OPs more, but definately one of the songs to take note of.
    friends is probably one of the best songs i like from her, although winter gold and because of you were some of my faves. well done for one of the new artists xD definitely caught many people’s attention with this new single ^^

  8. I like Stephanie from the moment I watched her on Music Station last year. This song is different from her others, in the sense that she didn’t hit her five-octave note. Nonetheless, it’s a nice one. Can’t wait for the release, hehe…

    On a side note, I

  9. It’s has been a lone time since i last heard any anime songs…and i must say this is one of the best and not forgetting the one from gundam seed “fly away” and “field of hope”

  10. Actually, when I heard this song, I really didn’t think too much of it. It only caught my attention that it was “Stephanie” too. XD That might be kind of shallow, but ah well. I kind of agree with Sanada_kikyo. I didn’t find her to be too much different from any other Jpop singer either, but I suppose it’s still a nice song.

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