Having borrowed his new weapon from a secret storeroom when he was leaving the hospital in the real world with Urahara, Ishida calls it the Seele Schneider – the only Quincy weapon with a blade. It turns out that Cirucci already knows about the Quincy, though she refers to them as a pitiful group that was destroyed by the Shinigami. What she doesn’t understand is why he’s working with Ichigo, but Ishida feels no need to answer her. Instead, he attacks her again and strikes her wings, causing the blades to break off. Ishida explains that a high-speed vibration can be destroyed by an even higher speed vibration, and his Seele Schneider is like a chainsaw that has spirit particles moving around at 3 million times per second. In comparison, the vibrations of the spirit particles on Cirucci’s wing-blades clock in at only around 1.1 to 1.3 million times per second – less than half of the Seele Schneider. Realizing that her wings have no more effect on him, Cirucci decides to dump all of the transformed parts of her body, leaving only her headdress and her tail attached.

Cirucci then explains that the Arrancar’s sword release is called resurrección, and it is where their original Hollow abilities are given to their Arrancar body. Returning to their human form requires resealing her sword, but since Cirucci has thrown away her wings, she can’t do that. Her wings and arms consumed too much spiritual force, and since she wasn’t going to use them anymore, she abandoned them. Instead, she’ll now be concentrating that spiritual force onto her tail, and she uses it like a blade to attack Ishida. He’s sent reeling from her first strike, and after a lot of dodging, he finally pushes against it with his Seele Schneider and nearly cuts through it. Realizing that the flat and wide shape won’t work, Cirucci changes the form of her blade to that of a sword because she thinks that if they’re both using swords with the same abilities, whoever has the longer reach will win. Ishida, however, reveals that the Seele Schneider’s high-speed vibrations aren’t for cutting, but rather for loosening the bonds between spirit particles on whatever has been cut so that it’s easier to take the particles away. A Quincy fights by converging the surrounding spirit particles into his weapon, and the strongest embodiment of this is the Seele Schneider. In short, Ishida gathers the spirit particles from Cirucci and uses them in his own weapon against her.

As Cirucci charges him in desperation, Ishida explains that there’s one more thing that she got wrong: the Seele Schneider is not a sword. Quincys only use bows, and Ishida draws the Seele Schneider blade as an arrow and fires it right at Cirucci, cutting through her blade and piercing through her. After Cirucci falls down defeated, Ishida decides not to finish her off because he’s not going to conform to the style that the Arrancar do things. However, shortly after Ishida and Pesche leave the room, the Exequias appear and do just that. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Las Noches, Sado is in the middle of his fight with the Privaron Espada Gantenbainne Mosqueda and is getting beat up left and right. Sado manages to land a few surprise hits, but once Gantenbainne really gets going, he makes Sado into a punching bag. Gantenbainne, however, thinks that Sado is hiding his true strength and wants a fair fight. He then tries to bash Sado’s head in, but from the dust emerges a rejuvenated Sado who apologizes because he wasn’t trying to hide anything. He had merely felt that there was something different about his power after he came here, and he’s finally figured it out. Sado is now sporting what he calls his right arm’s true form, the Brazo Derecha de Gigante.


These battles with the Privaron Espada have a lot of cool points – mainly whenever the good guys show off some new ability – but my main problem is that they’re also formulaic for that exact reason. Both Ishida and Sado have to pull out a new power to defeat their opponent, and even Ichigo had to bring out his mask to defeat Dordonii. Kubo Tite usually does a good job keeping Bleach fights interesting, but I remember I stopped reading for a period of time at this point in the manga because it was turning into a straight fighting series without much story development. Now that I think about it, that may be one of the reasons the anime producers decided to put the Aaroniero and Rukia stuff between the Privaron fights since that at least had some story implications.

As for the episode itself, it covered chapters 258 and 259 in their entirety with only a few minor dialogue additions. The animation quality was better than I was expecting, especially during this scene and during the Sado fight (though it looks like someone on the staff went a little overboard with this punch to the face). Next week will probably finish the Sado fight and move on to the next part of the story, and we’re getting ever closer to the point of no return, but for now, there appear to be no signs of going to anime originals.


  1. lol Keiotic. 😀 I hope they jump thru the Ishida-Chad eps. I can’t wait the Ichigo-Grimmjow fight. In the manga that fight was hell awesome but the anime is moving to fast and its already behind the manga so i’m almost 100% sure that fillers will come. 🙁 ps.:sorry for my bad english

  2. Yes… spoiler tag. Not everyone wants to rule the world. (huh?! LOL!)
    Somehow, this episode’s pace felt right. Ishida and Chad = timeshare. LOL!
    I noticed that Chad’s fight with Gantenbainne was almost over the top dramatic… thanks to the background music. The “Falcon Punch” scene was a refreshing animation element for Bleach. =)
    “Mine is BIGGER than yours… LOL!”

    And oh…
    @ BROOKLYN otaku… Chad’s “abuelo” (grandfather) is Mexican, so he is not new to the Spanish language. If anything, he should be fluent in Spanish, as he spent his childhood and early adolescence in Mexico. =)

    uno = one / dos = two / ciento = one hundred

  3. Can someone tell me why didn’t Ishida use the barrage of arrows he used before … to finish this fight … i mean when he used it before he seemed to use it with ease and it didn’t seem to require any extra effort from him at all … so why not !!!?

  4. @ Hunter-Wolf… Cirucci’s wings (blades) vibrate at a high frequency, this activity deflects Ishida’s arrows. Even if he wanted to use the 1,200 arrow-trick from the start, it would seem that setting up the attack would take a moment… Cirucci was ready and waiting for Ishida in that room.

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