With his new arm, Sado explains that he had felt a stir in the power inside of him when he came here to Hueco Mundo – something that he hadn’t felt when he went to Soul Society. This feeling kept growing while he was here, and it wasn’t until Gantenbainne attacked him that the feeling started to subside. It made Sado wonder if the stir was that of joy – the joy of his power returning home to Hueco Mundo. Ever since he obtained this power, Sado had questioned it because it wasn’t the same as a Shinigami or Quincy’s power. He now feels that he’s found his answer: his power is closer to that of a Hollow than anything else. Sado then demonstrates the power of his Brazo Derecha de Gigante by smashing Gantenbainne through a wall. Gantenbainne attempts to counterattack, but Sado’s reactions are now fast enough to block him. In fact, Sado is now fast enough and powerful enough to force Gantenbainne to release his zanpaktou Dragra. In his transformed form, Gantenbainne creates and fires a huge energy blast at Sado that vaporizes everything in its path.

Unfortunately for Gantenbainne, Sado is still standing afterwards, and as the dust clears, he apologizes for not telling Gantenbainne something. He feels that the soul of his grandfather is in his right arm, and what his grandfather had taught him was how to use his power to protect. The power to attack, on the other hand, is something he finally found inside of himself, and he calls it the Brazo Izquierda del Diablo (left arm of the devil). Indeed, Sado’s left arm is now armored too, though unlike his right arm, it’s colored white and dark red. Gantenbainne responds by throwing a dragon-head-shaped energy blast at him, however Sado easily catches it with his left arm and dissipates it. Surprised, Gantenbainne then tries to put everything into a punch, but Sado easily blocks it with his right arm and counterattacks with his own special punch that he calls La Muerte. This knocks Gatenbainne through a wall and outside to the area with blue skies. With Gantenbainne defeated, Sado decides to let him live because it was through Gantenbainne fighting at full strength that Sado was able to discover his own power.

Sado then notices where he is and finds it strange that he appears to be outside in the daylight even though he should still be inside that huge dome of Las Noches. Lying on the ground, Gantenbainne suddenly notices that someone else has arrived and urges Sado to run away. That someone is Nnoitra, and Sado immediately retransforms his arms because he knows a fight is inevitable. Despite Gantenbainne yelling for him to run away, Sado decides to try to settle things with a quick first strike since Nnoitra’s movements appear to be slow. He succeeds in hitting Nnoitra right in the gut, but to his surprise, Nnoitra is completely unfazed and questions if that’s everything Sado’s got. Nnoitra then strikes back.


This was another good fight episode that let Sado show off his stuff. Like previous weeks, it covered two chapters (260 and 261) with some more anime original stuff in the beginning between Ishida and Pesche. I really don’t have much else to say about the actual episode other than the fact that I noticed all three of the Privaron Espada were portrayed in fairly positive and sympathetic lights (even Cirucci towards the end). As manga readers might know, this won’t be the case with the actual Espada, and Nnoitra’s crazy grin (akin to Ichimaru’s) is a good indicator of that. In any case, we can move on now to the good stuff…theoretically anyway. There’s still the conclusion of Rukia’s fight with Aaroniero, and I’m very curious to see if they actually start the Szayel battle like the preview hints the next episode might. That battle lasts for a long, long time and could technically carry us all the way to the latest chapter of the manga, though I suspect it won’t quite happen that way. We’ll find out next week…


  1. “Awesome. I can’t wait for the Ulquorria vs Ichigo though.”

    The best fights in this anime belong to Zaraki. The fight between Zaraki and Nnoitra will be orgasmic. While I like Ichigo his fights are basically “big blast…. KO”. While Zaraki is a power head of his own his fights are more elegant, intense, and plain enjoyable to watch.

  2. Common courtesy is to use spoiler tags. I also read the manga and know what will happen but a lot of people don’t and you are fucking it up for them just be considerate and use spoiler tags to cover it up so people can choose to read it.

  3. Chad’s left arm looks way cooler than in the manga. Nnoitra’s scene, on the other hand, felt a lot more shocking to me when I read it, but that’s kind of obvious, ’cause I didn’t see it coming that time. Nnoitra still rules, anyway.

    PS: Go Roger!

  4. Yeah… spoiler tags where needed. =)

    Seeing Chad’s new guns animated looks great! Can never quite get the proper perspective of how powerful an attack is until you see it in the anime… the “skull on the wall” part could’ve used a little more work though. (like, instant skull instead of wall cracks appearing first, and a more eerie sound)

    LOL = Pesche & Ishida…

    @ Izuru… True that the Nnoitra scene was shocking. You’d think after pWning Gantenbainne with almost little effort, Chad would at least last a minute or so… but, Gantenbainne being 107 (which is pretty far up) and Nnoitra being in the current Espada does leave a huge power gap.

    I’m just wondering why the “persistently long-you know what” hasn’t started yet… in any case, the slow pace is better than another set of “cake” episodes. LOL!!!

  5. i can’t until the true nel comes out… she has the number 3 on her back…. but u hav to wait until ichigo and ripjaw fight… its after thier fight that nel true form comes out to save ichigo but she doesn’t get to save ripjaw… that asshole is Nnoitra i tink… i cn’t remba it all but its gonna be a good fight with ichigo and ripjaw….. ripjaw goes in hes true form..

  6. Yeah, great job sado! you managed to beat a crappy espada, and subsequently get totally man handled by someone way way stronger then you.

    Seriously its cool and all to have a supporting cast but having them go in get their asses kicked for a few chapters/episodes is a real drag. They could have spiced it up a little like have sados punches… I dunno wrinkle dudes cloths or something? something to really set him off? O well what ever.

  7. “While Zaraki is a power head of his own his fights are more elegant, intense, and plain enjoyable to watch.”

    This is because his fights are actually choreographed, instead of just looking like a kid’s bashing two action figures together and the bad guy flies off the screen Smash Bros.-style.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. OMG…OMG!!!

    what happened to my beloved Bleach!!!

    Are the writers the same as the ones that writes the clowns plays from A CIRCUS???!!!

    Now we have an afro(jackson five style) enemy that likes his oponnent because he is determined fighter(shado)….Go fu…ck yourselves BAD WRITERS…you have killed this anime for me….Also I have 2 friends that stopped watching this anime, because all this crap happening…and now for them this is a big waste of time!!!
    That´s what happens when alot of AFUREKO start to give them more money than the real deal(the anime)!!!THEY CUT THE BUDGET!!!BUT they don´t CUT the CRAP!!
    and don´t come to me saying that graphics doesn´t count(like Nintards) because that´s what you got when you have no self respect( just like videogames like nintendo Pee and NDS ) good hardcore games…and here with this you´ll have nothing..more than 2 years on air with the best potential in my conception but wasted to the trash…as if the writer had passed his project to his 10 years old son , because he is tired!
    Gess what I think i´ve found the problem after all!! T_T

    Tensai Otaku
  9. this characters are fighting in HELL with some real ” SWEET ” devils that have pants ,afro hairs, make jokes, love their enemies, raise children and have compassion……OHoooooooooo….Du,DI,DU,DI,DUuuuuu…AGUH!!!

    ” HOW CUTE !!! ”

    ” OMGFGSJFO!! ”

    * OMGFGSJFO definition: O My God For Gods Sake Just Fuck Off!!! 😀

    Tensai Otaku
  10. @Roger
    “Is it me or does Dattebayo Bleach 158 look like they subbed it from a YouTube raw.I guess I will wait for Flomp H264 sub.”

    Yeah, laggy and pixelated RAW this week.
    There will probably be a V2, as they said right after the intro. (It’ll most likely delay Flomp release as well).

  11. chad sux!(at least inoue is part of the main plot)

    where is zaraki, byakuya, ulquiora, ichigo, the vizards, vasto lords, etc…?

    i am tired of all this stupid small characters.
    why are they tryin to drag this animes? i’d rather have 200 great epsiodes instead of 500 episodes that inludes alot of useless episodes
    i already gave up on slow-ass naruto! the ninjas are just staring & flashbacking (new word, relax!)
    at least bleach is full of action, but enough with the chad plz! he’s by far the weakest main character.
    i bet inoue can kick his ass, i hope they beef-up one day

  12. @goukison

    Tensai Otaku is (hopefully) not a serious poster. Remember, this is the guy who said “anime is way better than books because books have no pictures” or something like that.


    You and everybody else.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. sado says that he can now fight with his full power, and so he fights with both arms finally. But that means no more powerups, right? maybe he just meant upper body and so 160 ep later he’ll be able to kick people with Las Dos Piernas de ¡Que Inútil Soy en Esta Anime!.

  14. Tensai Otaku is just a 13 year old boy, his name is david,Arlington North Carolina


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