Faced against the massive blob that Aaroniero has become, Rukia thinks about how she had told herself that she had saved Kaien by killing him. She realizes that it was a mistake, and she feels that she doesn’t have enough power to swing her sword anymore. All this means that Aaroniero has an easy time breaking through Rukia’s blade and impaling her with his trident. As she loses consciousness, Rukia says goodbye to Kaien, but the next thing she knows, he is hitting her on the head for not responding to him. She soon realizes that she’s back in the mountains of Soul Society where Kaien had trained her for the first time. Rukia remembers everything from this time, including how a bird distracted her during training and how Kaien subsequently disarmed her. She originally hadn’t been talented in using a sword, and though she managed to do well on her demon arts, it was average compared to the rest of the Gotei 13.

It was back during this time that Rukia had wondered where her heart was and had questioned out loud what she was there for, so Kaien had told her that it was to fight and protect. Since Rukia wanted a clear answer, Kaien explained to her that Captain Ukitake’s philosophy centered around there being two types of fights: fights to protect life and fights to protect pride. Kaien personally felt that those end up being the same thing – heart. For him, heart isn’t something inside of you, but rather something that is born between two people. If there was only one person in the world, heart wouldn’t exist. Thus, he asserted that if she truly wished to be there, then her heart was there. And if her heart was there, then that was the reason for her to be there. Kaien, however, had also warned her not to die alone because he believed that when they die, their heart is entrusted to their friends, meaning that it lives on within those friends.

With these words in mind, Rukia regains consciousness in her fight with Aaroniero. Her broken zanpaktou can’t reach his face, so Aaroniero doesn’t feel threatened until it’s too late and she reforms it, impaling his head in the process. Rukia then tells him that she remembered where Kaien’s heart is. Though Aaroniero has his body, Aaroniero is not Kaien because Kaien entrusted his heart to Rukia. Driving her zanpaktou through the jar that holds Aaroniero’s two masked heads, Rukia causes his body to explode in a sea of green liquid. After both masked heads die, Rukia struggles to get back up and remembers what Kaien said about not dying alone. As images of her family and friends flash through her head, Rukia thinks about how she knows both the solitude of imprisonment and the joy of being saved by friends. She also knows the fear of her friends getting injured and defeated, and she wants Inoue not to worry about it. Despite all her efforts to get up though, Rukia collapses and lets go of her zanpaktou.


Once again, the animation on a Rukia episode looked great (not that I’m complaining). The entire Aaroniero mini-arc has been done well – better than all the Privaron Espada fights – and I loved the perfect cliffhanger this episode ends on. The end of this episode also made me realize how similar Rukia’s situation in Soul Society was to Inoue’s situations in Las Noches – something I hadn’t noticed back when I was reading the manga. Now that I think about it, they’ve been remarkably similar in terms of Ichigo spearheading the effort to save the girl, and everyone getting more powerful as they fight a wide range of enemies (many of whom are certifiably insane). Then again, that’s a pretty common theme for these kinds of shounen-oriented series.

Anyway, this episode covered two chapters worth between chapters 267, 268, and 269. And from the preview and future episode titles, it looks like they’ll be continuing with the manga story at least into March. I know I mention this almost every week, however given Bleach’s past record, it still amazes me that they’re this close (within 40 chapters) to catching up. I keep expecting them to throw in an anime original arc, but so far so good.


  1. As far as the anime’s shown, we still have ranks 1,2,3,4,5, and 7 unaccounted for. I’m guessing she’s number 3. A few of those ranks can be eliminated given information revealed in the manga.

    She shouldn’t have that long a scene next episode, probably a few seconds’ worth. As for Nel….that’ll be in another….oh 5 to 10 episodes. Maybe more, if they put in more fillers.

  2. OMG the circus is back again!!!!
    and if vexx were here I could say that the clown is here too!!!
    Come on writers…just kill this anime for it´s own ” nice start” good!!!
    if this is supposed to be their image of Hell them this is a real hell for me…and by that I mean those characters in ECA MUNDO( ECA = REAL BAD STINKY CRAP IN PORTUGUESE ^_^ )
    ” before it´s too late…….nahhh…forget it….it already is too late!!!! ”

    I BET OMNI is disapointed too!!!! A BIG WASTE!!I hate you …you suck writer!!!!

    Tensai Otaku
  3. The best part of HM arc is over, (sigh!) that is until….(chech the manga if you want to know). Whats coming is pretty boring, in my opion, more Orihime angsting and hugging herself in the sideline, more Nell yapping, Ichigo fighting, and get his ass kicked. For all the powerups in the group they are fairly useless when it comes to fighting the real badass with the exception of Rukia of course. She is the first shinigami to kill an espada. The similarity between SS and HM is superficial, Rukia was a prisoner whose stregth was severely weakened,drained in fact. Orihime has all her power, could have escape if her iQ is as huge as her boobs but nooo, she prefers to play the useless maiden. Ichigo didnt get any powerup or train especially to rescue Orihime, he trained with the Vizards after Rukia got pawned big time by GJ, previously all his friend — Orihime, Chad and Tatsuki got owned by arrancars he didnt had the motivation to train and improve himself. In my opion SS arc is far superior than HM and will be glad when KT wrap this up.

  4. Tensai Otaku when are you gonna shut up? If you dont like the anime don’t watch it! Just how old are you anyway? Like 10? You wanna act like you know so much about mangas and anime but you just keep making a fool of yourself when you write all of your nonsense. Do yourself a favor and the rest of us who do enjoy Bleach and keep your useless comments to yourself.

  5. I was so looking forward to this scene being animated – and it rocked. Though the closure was handled a bit better in the manga (a little anticlimatic in the anime) it was visually stunning. The only sad thing is such moments are almost always ruined by the embarassing and utterly pointless “comedy” elements. Bleach could be so much more if it wasn’t a stereotypical shounen manga.

    And Tensai Otaku, post something even only slightly productive at least once please. Or just go and die in a fire.

  6. Ahah, can’t wait to see the next Shinigami Illustrated Picture Books ! I’m predicting a few hilarious pictures ! And correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s been a while since we saw that; it was always the Arancar Encyclopedia or something.
    Oh and Tensai Otaku, I taught you were finally having a life, but no, it seems you returned … well talking about big waste, you opinion is, that’s for sure; hooray for non constructive comments *sarcasm*

  7. Hey this is just WHAT i am watching!!!
    I mean….

    ” CRAP ????????????????????? ”

    the comments from a bunch of a retarded (nintarded) folks that think they do know what ANIME really is…is just WAY TOO hilarious!!!Do you know why my nickname is called TENSAI…..NO I bet not…..Because I am the TENSAI one….and for more than 25 years watching animes…this is a nice background …and make me confident in EVERY comment I make!!!

    PS: I am adopting the word nintard here because i´ve been in many forums and I could proof that in most pools and forum the ” nintendo ” fans are really retarded even if they are more than 40 years….I AM AMAZED BY THAT!!!!It´s like a bunch of Spoiled and retarded people that venerates a trademark but their never gets their return in good games as a prize for their FANTARDED veneration……LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this is sooooo hilarious……they just keep liking nintendo´s ass …but nintendo only constantly keeps crapping at their mouths….giving in return NOTHING…no good games and only receiving money from casual gamers…..and joking around with the hardcore ones….THAT´S SO LAME…AND SO FUNNY …….LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
    that´s why ” NINTARDS ” are sooooo hilarious!!!AND MOST OF THEM LIKES SHOUNEN ACTION!!!

    Tensai Otaku
  8. This episode was pretty well-done. I like the pacing of the music.
    As for TO, no one really cares what you think, because the opinion of a retard (and anyone who thinks Naruto Shippuden is epic is definitely one) isn’t worth much. With the way Bleach is animated right now, Omni doesn’t have any reason to stop blogging it, so you can go hide in your little closet and jack off to Naruto’s screams

  9. I am not ASKING omni to stop blogging bleach ….are you a nintarded too????
    I love ALL ANIMES and for the most that they are CRAP or have turnned inTO crap I WATCH THEM ALL NO MATTER WHAT!!!
    I watch animes for more than 25 years….And I LOVE ANIMES…when bleach started I LOVED IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE…I even called friends that liked animes to watch it….and I did not called them to watch naruto….BECAUSE NAURTO WAS A REAL CRAP…CRAP…CRAP… AT THE FIRST TIME I SAW IT!!!!! A retarded GAKI anime with nothing but just good animation in fights and that´s all……But bleach had this final fantasy 12 story behind it that kept you tunned wanting more and MORE no matter what! and suddenly they had to turn it into a circus…even my friends call me sometimes to ask why are they doing this….the main plot in bleach had this spiritualist concept that kept me watching it no matter what( and I am not catholic ) like the bad wandering souls(the hollows) and etc…but they had to turn a nice adult(different from the crap retarded KIDDY naruto show )shounen action into a CIRCUS…and I have to explain it because I´ve found even more clowns in this blog like you *kaisis* that thinks that everyone that hates bleach likes naruto(LOLLLLLLLLLL) you really like nintendo don´t you T_T!!!!
    someone should sue this company for the brain DAMAGE it´s causing to our society!!!
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    Tensai Otaku
  10. ^This is what happens when you don’t leave your house for a week.

    Episode was good, kinda shitty death, i mean common, what espada dies like that, it just seemed strange how he let it happen..

  11. Well I thought the whole connection with Rukia and Inoue’s situation was incredibly obvious, but that’s just me :).

    Rukia wins due to enemy stupidity. Guy gets way too overconfident, holding Rukia up there while laughing like an idiot. Just finish her off, yet he leaves her room to win. All that boasting about the hollow’s he absorbed and he went down like that. But guess with Rukia not having a bankai to go with they had to find some kind of loophole for her to win.

  12. the thing I’m hoping for is for tite kubo to finish the manga soon.Preferably after the inoue arc and they all lived happily ever after.Of course this seems as if it will never happen since I was hoping for the same thing to happen to naturo years ago.

    P.S. A certain person named tensai-bakayaro(天鹿やろ災~馬)is seriously getting on my nerves.The comments have gone from annoyances to flat out spam now.

  13. The best episode in the whole hm arc ^^ so emotional T^T rukia’s so cool in this episode ..i like her line whe she said “farewell espadaaa” fumiko did an excellent job to show the pain of rukia’s voice T^T I like the selection of the ost as well (they chose the best touching osts for suitable scenes) my heart is still hurt rukiaaaaa T^T

  14. And yes this is really a good episode, especially the ending was really well done! Oh hey guys by the way does anyone know where Arroniero’s hollow hole is? And how come his masks ain’t cracked like the other arrancars?

  15. omni , dude i nearly laughed when you stated that you just noticed the save rukia/inoue arcs! dunno what kubo is up to but doing another soul society with simialr setting,enemies(i.e two mad scientists, two berserkers, two that mark to kill, soifon & ??? etc etc) even the beating are similar(chad wins then immediately gets beat by stronger enemy!

    DEJA VU, but there must be a valid storyline reason to do this!

    ark noir
  16. *henry
    ” RESPECT!!! ”
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    Tensai Otaku
  17. @ark noir

    actually, the entire similarities BUT a lot of unexpected differences, did a really great job on implying how SS is similar to HM and that not all enemies will be as friendly as in SS.

    Unknown Voice
  18. Hey don´t blame me I am just a little(31 years old ) kid…….right!!!!!
    said that I can say whatever I want….isn´t that true mommy….I want my PEE mommy!!!
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    :D( I love that shit )

    Tensai Otaku
  19. I tink like tensai otaku. only for some things, when he say the story is important. Manga are great but when this manga become an anime… this is crap.
    The story is awful, the character design and color is even worse. I like bleach more than naruto but I watch naruto too.
    It’s two different storys and it’s great. But two storys for kids without a brain. Soul society and hueco mondo are similar. I don’t say kill this show like tensai otaku I want more shiver, story ( with fight of course and more mystery.
    Where is the first bleach, dammit.(With rukia and ichigo.)

  20. i hear some one doesn’t like my anime, im very sorry, i will kill it.
    sorry for the trouble im causing you MR.Tensai Otaku \the “Tensai one”
    I will kill my anime…

    you’r a FAG!!
    no writer will actully care what you think,also there’s no anime writers here so stop pretending like they will actually read your fagot ass comments. no one can kill an anime, they can cancel it…so who’s the retarded one.

    Bleach writer
  21. I think TO hates Nintendo cause he couldn’t afford one when he was a kid
    because he was poor and leaving in Brazil. he would always ask his PAPA for one
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  22. Otaku its so ironic when you call people retarded when in fact the only retard on this blog is no other than you!31 years old? writing like you´re 12. Man, don’t be giving out your age like that! One thing to be a looser but even worse to be a 31 year old looser. Bleach! good anime by the way! Can’t wait to see the upcoming fights animated!

  23. like Daiske said, it does fell like old bleach, mainly SS arc (especially near the end, around ep 45- 60), sadly, nothing interesting comes up for a long while….. personally i think (MAJOR SPOILER!!!!!)
    Show Spoiler ▼


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