Despite Inoue trying to get the jealous Loly and Menoly to leave her room, the two girls continue to bully and hit her. However, they are interrupted when the nearby wall suddenly explodes. The culprit is Grimmjow, and after identifying the girls, he backhands Loly and vaporizes the top half of Menoly. Since Inoue doesn’t understand why he’s doing this, Grimmjow reveals that it was because he owed her for healing his left arm. However, he also has something else he wants her to do that requires her to leave with him. Elsewhere in Las Noches, Szayel introduces himself to Ishida and is excited to hear that Ishida is the Quincy that defeated Cirucci. Ishida, however, immediately gets to work and moves close enough to Szayel to fire off one of his Seele Schneiders. It hits Szayel right in the chest, but to Ishida’s shock, the arrow dissipates moments later. Laughing with glee, Szayel reveals that he had already analyzed all of Ishida’s abilities from the earlier fight.

Back in Inoue’s room, Menoly wakes up in one piece and finds an uninjured Loly sulking nearby who explains that Inoue healed both of them. Grimmjow had earlier wanted Inoue to heal up her own face first before heading off with him, but Inoue had rushed to Loly’s side and started to heal the Arrancar instead. Loly had questioned what Inoue was doing and even slapped her during the process, but Inoue quietly continued anyway and succeeded in healing Loly’s injuries and in restoring Menoly’s upper body. All of this makes Loly think that Inoue is a monster. Meanwhile, Ishida finds unable to do anything offensively against Szayel’s Fraccións because his arrows have become weakened. Szayel then nullifies Ishida’s ability to use his bow, leaving Ishida vulnerable to be attacked. Fortunately, Renji saves him before he gets hit, and the two decide to work together.


With all of the action and fighting going on, I thought that they would end up covering more than just another two chapters of the manga story. But with a good dose of recap and extra fighting scenes, they managed to extend two relatively fast paced chapters into an entire episode. The one thing I noticed that was cut out was Grimmjow snapping off Loly’s leg. It showed how merciless he was and probably would have been one of the more intense parts, but I guess it was too gory for an evening broadcast.

The big news this week, if you haven’t yet heard, is that they recently announced that a new character named Amagai Shuusuke would be taking over the third division captain position that Ichimaru Gin vacated. More importantly though, the story will be returning to Soul Society starting sometime in April for what looks to be something anime original. It was of course only a matter of time before something like this happened, but I really don’t know how it’s going to work since, according to some spoilers, everyone will still be in Hueco Mundo at least until the April 2nd episode (with the next Grimmjow fight). Here’s to hoping things don’t get completely screwed up…


  1. On second thought – maybe the filler arc won’t involve our main characters -for example we will get a LONG arc of that new captain, hitsugaya, etc…as to show on what is happening in ss at this moment.

    Unknown Voice
  2. if they r going to add some fillers i would like to c the past of the parent’s of ichigo and other charater’s like urahara and yoroichi. also the story of ichigo’s sword like why is ichigo’s sword the only one without a hilt does it mean anything?.

  3. Meh… it is all downhill from here(or rather, after Ichigo’s fight with Grimmjow).
    Just to save you guys the time withough giving away any spoilers, I’ll just say this: After this next awesome fight… it just isn’t worth it to keep on watching Bleach because everything becomes so boring.
    This anime basically runs on deus ex machina based power-ups. -_-

  4. I only hope they don’t fuck up the H.M storyline. They can add a parallel to the current story, by for example showing what happened in S.S when Ichigo went to H.M. that makes for some episode but why the hell now when it got to the best part?
    On a separate note the new captain/vice captain look fucking gay. A copycat from Szayel. At least have some goddam originality.


    * HAYATE NO GOTOKU will finish on ep 52 and there will be a second(or third) that will start been broadcasted at dawn!!!The producer says it is just to put more “adult” content and surpass the limits of their jokes to hentais too!!(NICEEEEE!! 😀 )

    * SLAYERS new series confirmed to be a 13 + 13 epidodes in 2 seasons.(DRAGON SLAVEEEEE!!)

    * TRIGUN the MOVIE confirmed to be on 2009( GO MADHOUSE GO!!)

    * THE BROADCAST OF ANIMES AT DAWN ARE IN THREAT IN JAPAN – Yes thats right in order to spend less energy the justice minister Moriyama Mayumi said that to cut some expenses in Japan it is needed to stop broacasting programs at dawn just like the time it occured in the oil crisys years ago! Saying that they have to protect the kyoto protocol to stabilaze the extreme espenses in eletricity!!( OH…DAM!!!…have you imagined animes with NO MORE ADULT CONTENT….KIDS SATATION ANYONE???)



    Tensai Otaku
  6. dude your nickname rocks:

    ” patapon ”

    it reminds me of ratchet and clank tools of destruction when the seller says:


    OK…OK..I know ….this joke was ridiculous!!But the nickname is nice MAN!!

    Tensai Otaku
  7. Wow i can’t help but envy the viewers that arent reading the manga, this must be pretty entertaining!! as for me, i’m gonna go dig up the chapter where u mention grimmjow ripping of that shorty’s leg,,i just don’t remember that..

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. The new captain has two swords…I thought the only two people in Soul Society with two swords were Kyouraku and Ukitake. And why did they replace Kira as a Vice-Captain.

  9. Hmm… I don’t know what to think about this filler arc. It would be kinda cool to see the aftermath of Aizen, Tousen, and Gin leaving. Buuuut… This is filler. So, won’t the new captain have to be… gone by the time the arc is over? o.o

    We’ll still be seeing Ichigo and everyone in Hueco Mundo, right?

  10. Is the girl really the vice for 3rd squad? Coz I remember the 13th squad lacks a vice..

    And here’s hoping for another gd set of fillers. They enhance the story very well if done right

  11. Heaven 13廷shellfish protection corps and the third team assigned to the third seat. 寡黙でクールな印象。 Cool and silent impression. 調整能力が高く、剣の腕は一流。 Adjust to a higher capacity, leading the sword arm.

    Google translated.

  12. Why are people complaining?!?!? bleach isnt getting worse its getting better, and the fillers are great, you could cut them out and the show would be finishing soon enough but luckily with them you get more bleach! why are people complaining about extra bleach?! but yes i do agree the captain doesnt look too great, two swords is shunsei and ukitake’s thing!! and why the hell is there a new vice capt.? whats gonna happen to kira??


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