In the aftermath of the battle with the GN-Xs, Lockon is put in intensive-care unit of the Ptolemaios. Dr. Moreno thinks that he will need at least three weeks to recover, but Lockon insists on getting back to work because they don’t know when the enemy will come again. His other reason is that he realizes Tieria would worry as long as he is sleeping. Lockon thinks that, no matter how strong Tieria is, he is also fragile, and in fact, Tieria does indeed blame himself for Lockon’s injuries. Down on Earth, a Union general is holding a press conference about how a special force under the UN has been formed for a Gundam search-and-destroy operation called Fallen Angels. Billy meanwhile tells Graham to wait a little longer as they install a GN Drive onto his custom Flag. Back on the Ptolemaios, Ian and the pilots are assessing damage on the Gundams, and Ian notes that the Dynames in particular is beyond repair until they return to dock. Elsewhere on the ship, Felt spots Lockon moving through the halls and proceeds to eavesdrop as Lockon finds and urges Tieria to go back to being his normal highhanded self. Tieria, however, feels that he’s lost his qualifications as a Gundam Meister because he can’t link directly with Veda anymore. In response, Lockon suggests that, since Tieria is merely not able to link, he can still become like the rest of them.

When Tieria comments on how their plan won’t work without Veda, Lockon asserts that it can and points out that they’re piloting Gundams to fight for the eradication of war. Lockon feels that they should do stuff rather than talk about it, and he uses Setsuna as an example of someone who recklessly does what he thinks. As Lockon turns to leave, Tieria apologizes, but Lockon just points to what Sumeragi had said about making mistakes and being human. Meanwhile, somewhere on Earth, the Trinity siblings are forced to eat canned food while they hide out with their Gundams. Johann is on the phone with Wang Liu Mei to ask for arrangements to return them to space, and he is shocked to find out from her that there’s a UN force already headed their way. Unfortunately, they have to work with a lower particle generation rate from their Throne Gundams’ GN Drives, so Johann warns his siblings not to be wasteful. Sergei leads the UN forces again, and when Michael launches his GN Fangs, the GN-Xs fall into a circular formation that allows them to shoot the Fangs down. Video coverage of this battle is being beamed all across the world, and Marina is relieved to see that none of the Gundams belong to Setsuna. Watching the same video feed is Saji in a dark room and dark mood, and he wants the Gundams to be destroyed. The battle ends after Soma’s GN-X succeeds in slicing off part of the Throne Drei’s armor, and Johann orders another retreat.

As they review this battle footage aboard the Ptolemaios, Sumeragi and the Gundam Meisters discuss how the world is organizing against them. Setsuna questions what Gundams are there for and points to how the Trinity siblings have been expanding the ravages of war even though he feels that Gundams should be eradicating war. In response to this, Lockon suggests that the attack on the Trinity siblings by the UN forces is a dispute that requires military intervention. Setsuna decides to go despite Allelujah’s objections, and after Lasse volunteers to join him in the GN Arms, Sumeragi gives Setsuna a mission plan along with instructions for him to come back. Tieria watches from the observation deck as Setsuna and Lasse take off, and when Lockon, knowing that Tieria was worried about Setsuna, says that Tieria could have gone too if he wanted, Tieria calls him foolish. Meanwhile, the Trinity siblings have stopped on an island in the Atlantic to survey the damage to the Throne Drei. To their surprise, an Enact suddenly flies in, and from it emerges Ali Al Sarshes. He introduces himself as a mercenary and claims that someone requested him to be here, but when Johann questions if that person was Laguna, Ali Al Sarshes reveals that Laguna is dead. As the Trinity siblings are still reacting to this piece of news, Ali Al Sarshes pulls out a gun, shoots Michael in the chest, and at the same time admits that he was the one who killed Laguna.

Johann attempts to retaliate, but Ali Al Sarshes is too fast. He trips Johann and shoots him in the shoulder, though after Johann urges his sister to escape, Ali Al Sarshes actually decides to let Johann return to the Throne Eins so that they can continue their fight that way. However, Ali Al Sarshes doesn’t go back to his Enact; instead, he takes over the Throne Zwei. This shocks Johann because the Zwei is programmed to accept only Michael’s biometrics, and this means that someone changed it by using Veda. Unable to match up against Ali Al Sarshes’ superior skills, Johann is in disbelief because he feels that they were created to become Gundam Meisters. The Throne Eins blows up moments later in a cloud of GN particles, and Ali Al Sarshes turns his attention to Nena. He uses the Throne Zwei to knock her Throne Drei to the ground and is about to skewer her when the GN Arms suddenly appears and hits him. The Exia then emerges, and when Setsuna realizes who’s now piloting the Throne Zwei, he questions why Ali Al Sarshes is in a Gundam. At roughly this same moment on the moon, Libbons finally breaks through the final level of Veda and gains complete control. This allows him to bring out the capsule that contains the frozen body of Aeolia Schenberg.

Approaching the body with a golden gun, Alejandro comments on how Aeolia Schenberg won’t be able to see the transformation of the world. Declaring that he’ll be the one to change the world, Alejandro fires several bullets into the capsule while laughing maniacally. To his surprise though, a recorded video of Aeolia Schenberg suddenly begins playing. In it, Aeolia Schenberg recognizes that malice appearing there means that the world hasn’t become like how he wished. He thinks that mankind still foolishly likes fighting and is leading the world to its destruction, but at the same time, he still believes in the human race. Because he feels that the world and the human race must change, Aeolia Schenberg activates something in the Exia’s GN Drive that causes the entire Gundam to glow red. Gaining amazing speed just in the nick of time, the Exia avoids an attack by the Throne Zwei and proceeds unleash a lightning-fast counterattack. As Setsuna is still coming to terms with the Gundam’s new capabilities, he receives a transmission from Aeolia Schenberg that is also being broadcast to the Ptolemaios. Aeolia Schenberg acknowledges in the message that although he doesn’t know if the people who have GN Drives are the ones following his intentions, he’s entrusting with them the full capabilities of the GN Drive so that they can attain true peace. He prays that they’ll continue fighting to eradicate war not for Celestial Being’s sake, but by their own will together with the Gundams.

Setsuna then uses the Exia’s newfound powers to slice up part of the Throne Zwei and thus forces Ali Al Sarshes to retreat. Afterwards, he notices that his display screen indicates that this is the Trans-Am System.


Well that was all sorts of awesome. The entire second half of the episode felt like it was one big surprise right after another. I had suspected that the Trinity siblings weren’t going to survive, but I didn’t expect that Ali Al Sarshes would be the one to kill Johann and Michael. Nor did I think that Ali Al Sarshes was going to take over the Throne Zwei, or that the Exia was going to get another power-up, this time from Aeolia Schenberg himself. I do have to say though, the name Trans-Am makes me think of old muscle cars, not some incredible piece of technology. Anyway, this was all very exciting to watch, and it was good to see the Exia kick some ass again.

This all also means that the mystery behind Aeolia Schenberg’s has mostly been solved and I imagine that his image won’t be showing up much more now that he’s given the Gundam Meisters what looks to be a final present. There’s a certain irony in how he’s giving them more power to fight to get rid of war, but that’s something that’s been prevalent throughout this series. Moving forward, the bigger question is what impact this all will have. Nena probably has a good chance of surviving for a while longer since she didn’t die with her brothers, but I also can’t yet see her as one of the good guys. And while I’m curious to see what Graham’s Flag will be like with a GN Drive, the Trans-Am system means that Graham is still losing out in the arms race. There also remains the issue of Saji who appears to be creeping further along the path of the dark side, though that’s probably something that they won’t have time to really develop until the second half of this series. Regardless, Gundam 00 is getting more interesting with every week, and I can’t wait to see how this first half concludes.


  1. So Lockon survives, funny that since this is the 22nd (or was it 23rd? i forgot) century, they should at least be able to put a cybernetic eye or something.

    A red Exia? is that the GN-arms? haven’t watched the raw yet.

    Shinn Agami
  2. Well at least Aeolia isn’t a giant brain like we expected. He just trapped in suspended animation attached to a computer. Yay! Lockon is okay albeit he has to wear an eyepatch but thats okay.

  3. @ Shinn Agami:

    They explained in epi 20 that the GN particles cause some sort of genetic mutation wich makes re growing an arm or an eye impossible (that was regarding louise, Lockon was exposed tot he gn particles more openly). They do have the means to heal/regrow but because of the GN particles it doesnt work on “intervention victims”.

    The red glow isnt the GN arms (thats the cool thing at the end of epi 21), it’s some sort of mode for the gundams, it’s called trans-am. It probably makes the GN drive go imbah strong and thus making the Gundam kick more ass 🙂

    God i want that raw, GIEF!

  4. dont tell me they made zwei was the coolest of the trinities just to let it be stolen by Ali the mass murderer…. weird i actually regret that michael is dead. he was a fun character….

  5. @Bobby
    Only the original 4 Gundams possesses anti-theft technologies like retinal scans and voice activation. Actually, this is the first Gundam series I’ve seen where biometrics were a part of the Gundam.

    Hope the tragedy changes Nena for good. I do feel sad for her in this episode despite her cold-blooded killing of Louise’s family in episode 18.

  6. Well that kinda relates to the ball of light setsuna was holding in the first OP turning white. But Exia turned to red from white and we still haven’t seen the green particles used on his swords and wings so there has to be at least one more mode in Exia. Wonder if TRANS-AM carries on when they get the Avalanche pack. Too bad Ali going to die next episode, he was a really good villain.

    By the way, to those who said the gundams this season were dull, a gundam that goes berserk red like that is definitely going to be remembered.

  7. Yesss, Lockon is back! Thanks God, now he becoes the pirate Lockon! ;p
    Man, I love the expression on Johann’s face when he died. I also love Nena’s shocked expression. The only thing I don’t like from this episode is Setsuna saved Nena’s life. Eeerrrrggghhhh!

  8. As much as we would’ve love to see Nena get pwn’d I thought Setsuna saving her was more of a “Hey. You still have some uses left to help eradicate war.” Or something to that degree.
    Love the Exia glow, it was very interesting to see.

    And, yay for Lockon using GN arms and still being alive

  9. Setsuna x Marina has taken a blow, ironically struck by Setsuna himself in saving Nena. Oh well, there’s still plenty of time for Nena to redeem herself if the plot does swing that way.

    I think it’s a shame Micheal and Johann snuffed it so soon after they first appeared, especially when they were made to appear all-powerful at first impression. The trinities are very underdeveloped characters, there are still so many questions regarding them. It would have been nice to have seen more character growth before killing them.

    nobody important
  10. I’m kind of glad they saved Kugimiya Rie’s character since I wanted to see more character development in her. Right now, she’s a spoiled and obnoxious girl that has no sense of morales, so it’ll be interesting to see how she changes after coping with the loss of loved ones.

    To me, she’s likely to join up with Celestial Being now since she has no where left to go. I’m personally hoping that she’ll turn a full 180 degrees (personality and morales wise) and try to eradicate warfare “tactically” like the rest of CB. (This is just my hunch, so please don’t take it as an attempt to start a debate. If you don’t think so, that’s perfectly fine.) Of course, another possible outcome is that she’ll go berserk and get herself killed, but with a drained Drei right now, she’d have to at least “use” CB’s help first. i.e. get their help to repair/recharge Drei before leaving them to avenge her brothers on her own.

    On the other hand, I wonder what’ll happen when Nena comes in contact with Saji or Louise, which is likely to happen IMHO. If she somehow finds out how she victimized them, it might be the turning point for her character (one way or another).

    All in all, I can’t wait to see the remaining 3 episodes in this season and the second half of the series in Fall 2008.

  11. wow…wat an ep…i cnt wait to watch the subbed ep…!
    im kinda disappointed to see michael and johann go…T-T
    when i heard that 2 of the trinity siblings will die…im kinda wishing that it’ll be nena…cmon she’s so annoying…!!!!
    it sucks that setsuna saved her…ehy in the world did he save her??!!!c’mon let that brat die already!!!
    hahahha glad that lockon is ok…except that i hate the eyepatch-thing…(mustang-like…ahahah :p)

  12. Saji’s eyes are… scary… “Step-into-the-darkness” Mode!!!??? Hope to see more about this.

    Nena didn’t die??? Hmmm… Ok, forget it. Just wait and see why the hell she’d grow up like this.

    except that i hate the eyepatch-thing

  13. For the poll I’m all for the idea IF first they release one episode to the public via tv or internet doesn’t matter so we know what we’re getting into and has English subtitles w/ Japaneses subtitles

  14. This episode is awesome!! Thanks for the summary.

    Welcome back, Lockon! Can’t wait to see Dynames dock on GN-Arms in the next episode!

    It’s fun to watch Alejandro’s evil plan is finally ruined… “System Interrupted!”… Little did he know that

    Aeolia has decided to switch to another OS … Trans-Am, Tieria’s new love 😉

    Nena, sorry about what happened to your brothers. Now you can feel the pain of what you did to Saji, Louise and

    her family.

    Ali, you’ve done too many untolerable damages to other people. It’s your turn to pay them back.

    Agree. IMHO, I would prefer Exia in green instead of red when it’s in hyper-mode to match its GN particle’s color, not to mention that I was given impressions that those red GN drives are fake.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  15. well now this is getting interesting. one gundam down for repairs, one gundam stolen, and one gundam with a power bost, and also with a mobile weapons platform. from the preview, i bet theres going to be a big war between the un army and celestial being. and with setsuna saving the day. LOL

    Shadow zERO
  16. Oooo~! Is Lockon still gonna be a Meister despite his eye? Since I see him in his little get up in the preview~! xD
    And Woot! Go Ali, thouugh I don’t care much for him nor the Trinity People! LoL, I just thought it was cool how he took out two of them! xD

  17. I am so, so glad that Lockon survived! I cried with relief when I found out! ( I don’t know why, but that’s what I did!)

    Michael getting killed by Ali really, really surprised me! I was 100% sure that he was going to be killed by Graham! I think they killed both brothers to give Neena a chance to repent, (and turn her good) by showing her how it feels to lose everyone. (But she’ll have to ditch the evil Gundam however. You know, with the whole “leaving your victims as cripples” thing it as going on) You never know, maybe she’ll end up with Setsuna after all.

    Now, seeing as Graham has no-one bad to kill now, he’ll probably end up dying himself.

    And Saji is becoming darker and darker. But I just don’t agree with the theories that are going around now, that’ll he become a pilot and/or take his sister’s place as reporter determined to find out the truth. I don’t know what he’ll become, but I know it ain’t good.

  18. wow, Lockon totally looks like snake from Escape from NY 😀

    Hooray! Nena is still alive! She is soooo hot! That whole psychopath thing she has just give her that dangerous sexy feel. She seems like the kinda of a girl who would use for her own pleasure, and then murder you as soon she was finish, HOT!

  19. @ kompression

    In the preview we see Ali’s Zwei all battered up and running away with Dyanmes hot in pursuit trying to shoot it down. Then in the next shot we see Lockon with a murderous look on his and he says something like this.

    Lockon:”Come back here you murderer!!! I ain’t done with you yet!! I’m just getting started! If you don’t want fight, I’ll just end this right now!! Haro, activate TRANS-AM SYSTEM!!!

  20. reference to Ryou_san of
    spoilers leaked by a member of the animation staff :\ but whoever posted it up added some of their own nonsensical things into the mix.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. Found these from …

    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. And here I was fantasizing about them introducing a new Gundam model like the Freedom or somthing similar
    that would have super speed and would be able to wipe the floor with the GNX suits that the
    other World powers got ahold of,I just can’t stand the fact that they can compete with the Gundams so easily now and act cocky while doing so.Too early on in the series I thought.Kind of lame they killed off Johan though, they made it look like the Trinity pilots had no skill at all.
    Didn’t think my fantasies would be come realised until I saw Exia’s Trans AM System though kinda of cool& cheesy at once

  23. i think ali is a pivitol character of this gundam but i do think he might die but he deserves it after he killed all those people including saji’s sis that son of a bitch i hope he dies slowly.

    gundam 00 god
  24. Hmm…since Lockon lost one of his eyes, isn’t it going to be a bit difficult for him to aim and shoot, since the eye that was lost is the one he uses to aim? I think when they fix his Gundam, they might have to reposition the aiming device in order for Lockon to shoot.

  25. -Yay so do all 4 gundams get the Trans Am system or Setsuna only? Nena should join up since her bros are dead, hope Ali Sarshes dies and the mass production of Fake Gundams all die HAAHHA.

    -Saji should get his own gundam and kill everyone for tearing his family peace by peace even his girlfriends family is dead just the two of them alive.

    -Aeolia is dead right, permanently? After getting shot up? Damn that sucked only if his coffin was bulletproof.

  26. I found a lot of irony in this episode. Nena can finally relate to Saji/Louise in terms of losing those close to you at the hands of a maniacal killer. This experience might just bring about her conversion to good. As for Saji, that one little clip of him watching the thrones battling the GN-Xs was scary. The once innocent Saji now becoming consumed with hatred and revenge.

    The action was awesome. Too bad Setsuna didn’t finish off Ali in this episode…would have been easy with TransAm. I was just itching to see the tables turn on the smug looking Alejandro Corner. Perhaps that coffin w Aeolia was a decoy and the real Aeolia was hidden somewhere else just in case of that very emergency. Or maybe Aeolia has done the Zegapain thing and has his consciousness stuck in cyberspace … sorry… imagination running amock

    Looking forward to the final episodes of season 1.

  27. So Setsuna and the Gundam meisters (kids) don’t have the skills to survive now that the playing field is leveled and voila they get another upgrade. I really enjoy the fighting style of the UN suits and the superior class they show.

    I hope most (or all) of the Gundam meisters get killed before the end of this part. The second part should be more about the concequences instead of the same old. This will open room for new developments (and more mature characters I hope).

    On a side note Lockon is probably useless as a sniper now that he has only one eye. Without two eyes humans have no depth derception.

  28. So its is confirmed the purple haired dude with glasses and conner’s pet are both cyborgs thats why they can connect to veda. it also seems that the thrones were genetically engineered. now of course who gave out the symatics for the false gn drives. Conner or was it the short chick whos buddy guard is the tall guy. sorry i cant remeber names.

  29. What an interesting turnaround of event totally unexpected, I was expecting a special ability of setsuna to have a power like tieria where his eyes will glow. when in desperate circumstances; but its the other way around its the gundam that rise to the occasion, LOL. dont hate me Exia’s fanatics, its just my opinion.

    Trans-Am System Activated, cool, it kicks Ali’s ass big time XD…

    To bad GN Drives Cloned, that includes the Throne Gundams; You are not part of the Trans-Am because you’re all Fake GN drives. LOL.

  30. Wow, red Exia. Kinda like the first gundam that Setsuna saw when he was a kid.

    I thought Aeolia is like a mastermind of sorts, but now I think he is more like a father-figure, to Setsuna and to the Meisters. I know that I can’t live to see the day I envisioned, but I shall bestow up you this final gift and entrust the future of mankind to you. The scene almost made me cry.

    PS: Lockon with a black eyepatch reminds me of Fai from Tsubasa. And if you want further comparisons, Setsuna — Shaoran/Kurogane…. that’s about it. lol… wait… Haro — Mokuna. ^^

  31. i just say WTF That Stupid Ali Bla Bla Came Down and Killed a meister Stole His GUNDAM in 2 Second ( u Can’t Steal a bike in that time ) and simply Destroyed another throne and almost kicked Setsuna’s Ass in 1Min and More importanly Run away After Doin All This Job
    LOL Well Done Pretty Thinking Behind This Episode

    and btw he knows everything about using a close combat GUNDAM
    Freaking STRANGE
    Guys Try Bleach or Naruto This Anim is Too Science Fiction… 😀

  32. Next episode looks like a fight in the Asteroid belt where the Celestial Being’s secret dock is hidden(ep14). I speculate that the Ptolemaios becomes engaged while in dock after Dynames is repaired and claims its set of GN Arms. How Ali Al Sarshes thinks getting involved with his Gundam in the middle of a 3 Nation combined assault is a good idea escapes me. Or maybe he’s really taken a walk off the map.

    Just Guessing
  33. @kompression

    Well I’m not sure if Veda being down was the reason the hijack was permitted.

    For one Veda never actually went down to begin with but was hacked into.

    Actually, this is only speculation so take it for what it’s worth but I think Ali an Alejandro may know each other very well. Ali purposely let Johann go for a few seconds just so he can continue the fight in a Gundam vs Gundam fight.

    He didn’t even think about going back to his Enact, it was more like:

    “I’m gonna use this Gundam because I know I CAN.”

    Also Johann stated himself that Ali shouldn’t be able to because the biometrics encoding protection…


    Now, Ali can’t use Veda BUT…

    …someone who is with Alejandro at the moment can!!

    This is too much of a coincidence IMO and not to mention the fact that both Alejandro and Ali are very anti-Celestial Being’s ideals.

    Also to anyone who thinks it’s good that Nena survived, I agree with you. Phats is right, she is hot, =D!!

    I kind of figured she would at that moment. It just kind of had that feel to it that “here comes Exia again.”

  34. Concerning the GN Drives:

    I think that the use of the TD Plunket is to produce infinite energy by using topological defect (duh TD) and produce GN Particles using that energy. The fake GN drives use conventional energy, solar energy? or just anything, so it needs to be charged. The reason for the different colored GN particles must be the energy used to create the particles. The GN Drives uses energy to create the particles and the meisters need unlimited energy and particles to fight the whole world.

    Ali and Alejandro:
    It can obviously be seen that Alejandro hired Ali to kill the thrones. The biometrics of the Gundam were changed by Libbons.

  35. ^yeah… maybe… libbons maybe have changed the code for all the gundams… except for the original four gundams having the original GN drive that is.. since the system working on the four now was the one developed by felt and christina… that explained ali being able to use the Zwei

    @Disillusion – maybe ali knew the fact that he won’t be able to win in his enact that is why he rode the Zwei… he don’t care which gundam he will rode to, its just that michael was so violent thats why he recieved the first judgement and make johann rode eins for ali to show that he is capable of maneuvering the gundams more than the meisters were….

    it just bug me since, aeu have detected the approach of lesse and sesuna in the atmosphere and still have managed to land on earth unhurt by the aeu’s force…or better yet by the U.N. army’s GNX

    and one thing… whats with setsuna helping nina’s drei when he didn’t know that ali was the one with zwei and harassing nina all the way.. hmmmm… ??????????

  36. Aww hell no! The Zwei was my favourite and it gets hacked by that maniac and it kills Johann who is the least messed up of the Trinity trio. Ali Al Saachez, you better die by the end of the series!

  37. Exia is just plain uber awesome… *blink here-slash, blink there slash* woohoo kicked Ali-Al whatshisname’s ass!! Who said Gundam 00 was a dull series?!

    Nena is gonna be more clingy to Setsuna now that he saved her… i hope they develop their relation as well as with Marina.. NenaxSetsunaxMarina anyone? 😀

    Are they gonna get replacement or new model gundams? it would suck if they didnt tho, im so used to seeing new mobile suits towards the end of a series, ah well it is still the first half cant wait next week! 😀

  38. @Kelbek
    I agree about Aeolia being a father figure. I really like how we kinda got to a see a side of him. This episode totally proved his intentions for creating CB in the first place.

  39. i pray for setsuna’s godly trans-am gundam exia to pawn those evil-doers etc ali al sarshes. and oso tat nena trinity shud repent for her sins. and a new war has yet to begun intensive. good thing setsuna will have trans-am power.

  40. i feel that lockon’s eyes can be fixed T.T Well, the doctor said it’ll take 2 weeks to “repair” him, but he couldn’t be under treatment for that long (enemies might attack! =DDD) Thats why hes wearing an eyepatch? Perhaps CB has the technology to heal Gn particles injuries =o

  41. I have a feeling that Nena will become a good girl and restore what she altered on Ptolemaios’ Veda system which may mean that Tieria might be able to pull something cool off later on.
    As for Nena and Setsuna hooking up, i reckon is better if Setsuna got with Marina Ismail.. but this will probably be in the next season..
    Anyway, I wanna see red Nadleeh!!

  42. Actually we don’t how the effect of the GN particles propulsion affect the pilot. The GN Particles may just move the Gundam rather than pushing it forward, it may be a reason why the pilots can perform incredible amount of acrobatic feat using the Gundams and not suffer g-forces.

  43. I don’t think Trans am is too powerful, when you consider 3/4 vs 90+. I also don’t think they can stay in that mode forever. If they didn’t have that advantage, there is no way they could have a chance.


  44. AHHHH

    Exia should have DESTROYED the Zwei ah i HAT Ali for Killing the Trinities, i actually liked them. They, unlike the misters, had the guts to change the world, true with force but it worked. and the Drei is the coolest looking Gundam.
    I hope Nina hides on the Ptolemaios.. or at least her Gundam haha.

    and forget Graham. he need to move on from his Flag. Its a Bad realationship that suit will get him killed haha , GN Drive or not.

    … and does anyone else think the GN-X’s look just a little AKWARD? haha!

  45. dear allelujah haptism i like me JOEL PEREZ i my me mai otome good gundam 00 two days making own gundam 00 4 gundam meisters that dreams like mai otome ever one weeks argo gn-03 gundam kyrios so cool gundam 00 are rocks be happy for days at meisters gundam 00 and mai otome otome meisters love my firends alleujah and JOEL sunrise thanks you


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