OP Sequence

OP: 「PHOSPHOR」 by 宮崎羽衣 (Miyazaki Ui)
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Recent transfer student Oyamada Kouta is on his way to school one morning when he’s met by a girl named Minamoto Chizuru. She’s so happy to see him that she buries his face in her large chest, much to his embarrassment. Her rubbing her chest on his head is eventually interrupted by Kouta’s classmate Asahina Akane who yells at both of them for their indecency, but Chizuru doesn’t care and just pisses Akane off more. In class, Akane tries tell Kouta to stand up to Chizuru, however Kouta isn’t really inclined to, and their other classmates wonder why a beautiful person like Chizuru has been sticking to Kouta like this. They also wonder why Akane is so concerned about Kouta, so Akane tries to justify it by saying that she cares as the class representative. Chizuru meanwhile gets stopped by one of the teachers – a man named Yatsuka who comments on how much she’s sticking to Kouta and seems to know her secret. He also questions her about a previous incident, but she claims to know nothing about it.

During lunchtime, Kouta has a hard time buying bread amongst the crowd of students and gets a handout from Chizuru’s little brother Tayura. When Chizuru finds them, she opens her shirt and pulls out a letter for Kouta – a love letter. In it, she asks to meet him in the music room, and reading this reminds Kouta of a similar letter she had written him back when they first met. Back then, she had said that she wanted him and kissed him as soon as he entered the room, but in the process of doing so, her hair turned golden and she sprouted a tail and a pair of fox ears. She had tried to say that it was just cosplay, but Kouta didn’t believe her, so she eventually admitted that she was a kitsune. Chizuru felt ashamed of being non-human, and had told Kouta that if he was afraid to come to school now because of this, then he could tell everyone her secret. She had then started to cry, but when Kouta had said that he thought she was beautiful, her mood brightened, and she pushed him onto the floor.

Chizuru was so happy that she started to take off Kouta’s clothes because she wanted to take their relationship to the next level, however before she could actually do anything to him, Tayura interrupted them. Tayura was concerned to see his sister in her true form with a human, but Chizuru didn’t care as long as she and Kouta loved one another. This didn’t placate Tayura though, and he explained to Kouta that humans and youkai live in different worlds. In response to this, Chizuru decided to show her little brother how much she and Kouta loved one another, so she kissed Kouta and disappeared in a flash of light. Though Chizuru was physically gone, Kouta discovered that he could now hear her voice in his head. What’s more, he now had fox ears and a tail, and Chizuru briefly took over his body to prove to Tayura that their hearts were open to each other. Unconvinced, Tayura wanted to test this with a show of power, so Chizuru created a giant ball of energy and blasted him with it. The ensuing explosion blew a hole in the side of the school building and knocked Tayura out. Afterwards, Chizuru separated from Kouta and explained that their power gets stronger the stronger the connection between them is.

These are all part of Kouta’s memories as he now stares out the hole that’s still in the side of the music room. When Chizuru then appears, she wants to continue what they started before and pushes him back onto the floor.

ED Sequence

ED: 「恋の炎」 (Koi no Honoo) by 榊原ゆい (Sakakibara Yui)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Both the opening and ending songs sound pretty average to me – nothing too special, but not bad either. If I had to choose, I’d say I like the ED a little more, at least until it reaches the chorus part.

So if there were a competition between this show and To Love-Ru over the most risqué content, I think To Love-Ru wins out, mainly because of its OP. Nevertheless, Kanokon delivers what all the promotional material promised, and that’s something like one part comedy, one part plot, and three parts fanservice (pretty much all of it Chizuru). What sticks out in my mind was the opening kiss Chizuru gave Kouta and the drip of saliva, but that entire scene was very sexually charged.

If there were one good reason to watch Kanokon (and as I mentioned in my spring preview, why I watched this first episode), it’s to hear Noto Mamiko do her shota voice opposite Kawasumi Ayako. In that regard, I enjoyed the first episode. Still, that can only carry the show so far, and while there are some hints that the plot involving the divide between all the youkai and the humans at the school could get more interesting, I just don’t really see this show really going anywhere. Basically, short of a really impressive second episode, I probably won’t follow it anymore (especially if Druaga ends up being a solid Friday show).


  1. Tayura’s personality gets twisted in the anime, in the manga he was much more to himself, hated Shouta (because Tayura himself likes Chizuru), and wouldn’t want anything to do with Asahina.

    To Love-Ru > Kanokon

  2. lol I was waiting for this to show up on RC. The lunch scene and the twins scene was funny. Male lead is so tiny. lol I need a relaxing show after watching super serious R2. I might put this in that slot.

  3. plz add to love aru if u aren’t going to add kanokon so that site get some shows that got fanservice. it’s always fun to have a fanservice series getting blog once every season.

  4. Hm…Nothing interesting in those one, just as i thought. I did not really like the animation style and the overly-ecchi character designs. Main being a wuss just added up to all the cliches.
    Overall: FAIL
    Won’t watch next ep.

    Unknown Voice
  5. furries ^^ well : to-love-ru vs kanokon…demon fox vs demon girl..school boobies vs…moar school boobies.

    and for our mental grave – Rosario + vampire Season 2 (anime, manga season 2+3) and season 2 (manga)–> braindead

  6. Kanokon was unsurprisingly ecchi, but surprisingly entertaining. As Omni already pointed out, Noto Mamiko and Kawasumi Ayako are the main appeals of this show if you know your seiyuus.

    As for what’s in store, I translated some episode titles for ANN which you can find here. Mmm, looks like things are going to get ecchi-er (and hopefully more humorous) in the upcoming weeks.

  7. I can understand the fanservice, but why is it always that the main character looks like he is a little kid?

    This guy looks like he still pisses and shits himself. He probably stopped watching Transformers a few weeks ago.

    Seriously what the fuck is up with making main lead male characters seem 10?

  8. I’m not usually one for ecchi shows… but the Kanokon manga was really interesting to me… Glad to see the anime director can take a good manga and F it up royally. I figured things would get shuffled around to introduce all the characters quicker (the wolf girl doesn’t even get introduced till volume 3 of the manga for instance)… but this isn’t just trying to rush all the characters in, but completely changing 2 important side character’s personalities. Why? Why screw with something that works? Why take out some of the story’s complexities and turn it completely into just a fanservice show? -sighs- I’ll give it another episode or two… but it looks like I’m going to have to stick with the manga if I want full enjoyment.

  9. I’ve seen Mamiko Noto as a girl-fearing shota and Ayako Kawasumi as a naive girl in Girls Bravo, and that was great. Now we have Mamiko Noto as a (not-so-much) girl-fearing shota (though still easily embarassed), and Ayako Kawasumi as a super ecchi girl with super powers (super-spirit-flame-thrower and body-merge) and a weird temper… all I can say is… KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Ahem… anyway, entertainment-wise, I still think To-Love-Ru was much more hilarious, though Kanokon ain’t bad either. Wonder if the story was like this in the manga though… but in any case, another great fanservice-y anime for the season. Will be following Trouble for the hilarity, and Kanokon for the seiyuus. Each time I watch an Ayako Kawasumi series, she’d never failed to impress me (even in shows like Kaibutsu Hime).

    Let the heavens rumble and the earth quake, my (or our) prayers for fanservice have been answered.

  10. Well, it looks just like the volume 1 of the manga..it will start with a lot of fanservice, but calm down after a while. The plot gets good even listening to the drama cd.

    Looking forward to it! =3

  11. I think it’s lame that Chizuru just suddenly gets attached to him.

    Whereas Rito in To-Love-Ru actually did something heroic to get Lala’s attention, though the sad thing is that he doesn’t like her.

  12. the fan service is well…. just hope that it will stay in my tolerant limit and have some story plot. I stop watching rosari in ep1, hope this wont repeat the history again.

  13. I believe everybody has a right to pursue happiness and the people dissing this anime while others are enjoying it is simply appaling.Step off and just enjoy the show.Since when has fanservice been a bad thing when done right?

  14. @kamina : it depend on ur taste that is all xd. Like some like drama, others like comedy, and it applys for echi too. Like how u want the echi paly out and at what scale, etc

  15. as I expected..I enjoyed the first ep alot and I’m gonna follow it till the end….well i have always been a fan of ecchi anime but seems they overdid it abit in this anime..though that made mae like it more..

  16. not sure I’ll be able to make it to a second episode. I mean, I didn’t expect much but frankly to opener of To Love-Ru makes it look more interesting, or at least a little more stylish. But I guess I’m not exactly a huge fan of the genre, I prefer it when they make me work for my panty-shots a little more.

  17. There is a difference between cheap laugh and just being cheap. Tower of Druuga is cheap laugh. Kanokon is just cheap– really cheap. Like Kanokon, Rosario from the January, 2008 season is also a comical ecchi on the relationship between monsters and humans. But Rosario was much less repulsive and even funny at times. In contrast, I can see little potential in Kanokon.

  18. All I got to say is wow, wish I was that guy haha. Jokes aside, I’ll probably give this a few more episodes but I can’t see myself watching this to the end but who knows, a few months from now I might actually go back and say why did I drop this but then again maybe not. This show isn’t all that bad, it’s pretty entertaining and it does look like it will have a plot or I could just be hoping haha. Anyways, not bad, not good, only fans of this type of show will truly enjoy it.

  19. i watched the first three episodes and skimmed the first 7 chapters.
    i read rosario and to-love-ru, and even though i am very fond of chizurus character design…it is not enough to keep me watching this anime o.o it so ecchi,it kinda bothers me….and i can handle a decent amount of ecchi.the end of episode 3 was the dealbreaker for me.its like watching softcore o.o
    it isnt very often that i feel guilty reading/watching ANY series,but this one does it.
    at least rosario has a storyline….to love ru kinda does as well. konakon??? no real storyline.i thought something cool and meaningful was gonna happen post-fusion,but it was all a lie >:I
    the character design and dekapai lured me in,the spanking in the science class made me leave @_@


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