Though Ichigo dealt a severe blow to him, Grimmjow refuses to go down and proceeds to plunge his hand into Ichigo’s abdomen. As he does so, he recalls his past, including how he started as a Menos. Normally, Hollows eat human souls in order to bury their lost hearts and to quench the thirst of their own souls. In rare cases though, they have extremely strong thirsts that cause them to seek the souls of other Hollows. These Hollows tend to gather with others of their kind and start to eat each other, and this leads to them eventually combining into a Gillian. However, there are times when one of the Hollows’ abilities and ego surpass the others, and in these cases, the Gillian retains that Hollow’s individuality. Those Gillians consume other Gillians to continue their evolution, in the process turning into Adjuchas. Once this happens though, the Adjuchas are in danger of regressing back to being Gillians if they don’t continue to feed on other Hollows. If that occurs, then the Gillian can never return to being an Adjuchas again because they lose their individuality.

In Grimmjow’s case, he was confronted by a group of Adjuchas led by Di Roy and Shawlong, and it was Grimmjow who delivered the wound to Di Roy’s head. Seeing Grimmjow’s power, Shawlong had wanted him to join them and had explained that their group planned to become Vasto Lordes. They needed a strong power to pull them forward, so Shawlong had given Grimmjow the chance of being their king. The problem was that after eating thousands of Hollows, the members of their group weren’t getting any stronger and knew that they couldn’t become Vasto Lordes. Thus, they wanted Grimmjow to eat them because he was the one who could move further forward. Back in the present, Grimmjow gets pissed off at the look in Ichigo’s eyes and puts another hole in Ichigo with his other hand. Vowing to crush everyone who underestimates him, Grimmjow initiates Desgarrón – his strongest technique that creates giant energy claws stemming from his fingertips. Ichigo is barely able to stop the initial claw strike with his sword, but once he gets his footing, he drives his blade into one of the claws and shatters it.

Despite having almost entirely lost his mask now, Ichigo rushes towards Grimmjow and admits that he did come here to fight. He then lists off all the things that he’s going to do – defeat Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and Aizen, and bring Rukia, Sado, Ishida, Renji, and Inoue back – before driving his sword through Grimmjow’s body. This finally finishes Grimmjow off, and after catching and laying his opponent on the ground, Ichigo jumps back up to Inoue. The first thing he does is to check if she is okay, and since he no longer has any more of his mask on, she realizes that he’s returned to normal. Nel then tackles Ichigo because she was concerned about him, so Ichigo thanks her. After putting Nel down, he urges Inoue to come with him to reunite with everyone else, and she takes his hand.


Aside from the transition to the anime original story (which I’ll get to in a minute), there’s one thing that really bothers me about what happens this episode: if Grimmjow ate Shawlong and the others, how come they still showed up earlier in the series? There’s a shot during the episode that seems to indicate that he might have just taken a bite out of each of them, but does a single bite mean that he’s eaten them? Still, despite this, I’m glad to see that the Gillian -> Adjuchas -> Vasto Lorde process was finally explained and weaved into the story via Grimmjow.

The big thing about this episode though is that it serves as the transition (or the beginning of the transition) into the new anime original arc which will involve the new captain who’s replacing Ichimaru. This week closely follows the manga up until the final minute where, instead of Ichigo slinging Inoue over his shoulder to carry her off (and all the stuff that happens after that), the two join hands and look out onto the blue sky (another sign of IchigoXInoue perhaps). And instead of the normal “To be continued”, this week it was “To the next episode”. The preview and the Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book segment show the possibility/likelihood of just magically returning Ichigo to Karakura Town (and thus school life) for the new story, though I’m not sure if they were just making fun of their predicament or hinting at what they’re actually going to do. When I saw that, I felt as bewildered as Ichigo sounded, however given what the production team had to work with, I guess this is as good a transition as I could have hoped for. It’s also quite possible that there’ll be something more concrete next week, but even then, I still wish that they would just put Bleach on hiatus for a year or so until they felt comfortable picking up with the story again. Oh well, hopefully the new OP and ED next week will be good.


  1. Fantastic looking episode. It particularly liked the Grimmjow developm… Who’s there? Oh know, there are a crowd of screaming shippers with torches outside and they don’t look happy about that last screne. Quick, Omni, we must flee!

  2. He’s a filler captain. As in he was never offically in the manga; nor has it ever been stated that they promoted any shinigami to captain.

    As of right now manga wise, their is no 3rd, 5th, or 9th Division Captains

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  3. I haven’t watched such a ridiculous episode in a while. At least 60% of it was recap but the ending was the best! I almost fell off my chair; I thought I was watching Moulin Rouge!!

    Pata Pata Patapon!
  4. Heres hoping there will be smooth transition to the filler – its a really strange place to decide to stick the filler arc! It will be interesting to see what this filler is like, just hope they dont shoot themselves in the foot by inventing a new non-canon captain :S

  5. NOOOO! why!! yeah man, its true, just go into hiatus. its alright we’ll be patient..i mean how in the hell can he go back home and then transition to whats supposed to happen next??? ahhhhhhh well,, thank goodness for other fall back anime *immediately goes to look for new one piece episode*

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. okay, Ichigo n Orihime holding hands at the end of the episode is weird *runs away frm ichihime fans*. No matter; as long as the animation staff don’t includes those dudes from Hueco Mundo in the filler arc, I’m fine by it (else, it won’t make sense).

  7. Look, we’ve had fillers in Bleach before. Are they great? No. But they beat the everloving crap out of most other series fillers. And given that the author of the manga is actually someone who works on the fillers, at least on some levels, complaining about it in favor of the manga storyline because its ‘pure’ because he wrote it is sheer folly.

    I.E. Don’t think it will suck until it actually does suck.

  8. Lol, perhaps instead of trying to transition the filler in a way that makes sense, they’re just saying f**k it and blatantly telling us “Look, we’ve got no more shit to work with, deal with it and watch this stuff until we can get back to it.”

    I wouldn’t even care, haha. I mean we all know it’s going to be filler anyways, they might as well own up to it and just say directly that it’s not going to follow the plot but oh well.

    Actually it would be pretty entertaining if they (on purpose) made a completely non-sensical filler arc just for fun and laugh. Like Ichigo suddenly being back in town with Nel and that gang, and totally not corresponding to the main plot at all. xD

  9. Ah… One Piece did these fantastic side story episode where all the characters were placed into medieval Japanese roles and stuff… if they did that with Bleach it would be so damn awesome. One Piece really pwns all the other long running shounen shows, seriously. Even the fillers are 80% of the time brilliant.

  10. Aizen,
    my friends and I have final exams at school tomorrow and need to return as quickly as possible. Please find the time in your schedule to escort us through the nearest portal – if you wouldn’t mind of course.
    ichigo & friends

    Ichigo & friends
    Find the time in my schedule? Of course I can you silly tease! But before we bid farewell please grace me with your company in a tea party at Three O’clock.
    Your humble friend,
    P.S. There will be crumpets and coffee cake too!

  11. This filler is going to be like J.R. being shot on Dallas; It was all a dream… but we’re still gonna watch it. I wish they were really back and then we could see what Tatsuki and the rest are learning from Kisuke.

  12. Perhaps the fillers won’t even involve Ichigo and gang at all and will simply show what’s been happening in Soul Society while we’ve been focusing on Hueco Mundo. That way, they won’t have to make up a way to take them out of Hueco Mundo and then put them back in smoothly.

  13. Episode 166 was done Amazingly by the Animators. However, 167 Appears rushed and overall embarrassingly Cheesy. [Which by the way I NEVER thought I would use in regards to BLEACH]I’m really hoping Kubo will force them to change production houses but unfortunately he’s already signed so much away… Hopefully after the fillers future Episodes will be up to snuff!

  14. I just hope we won’t be still talking about fillers this time next year because the Bounto arc lasted for the whole year. I think that maybe Aizen has the power to separate the strong Adjucias from each other when he made Grimmjow a Espada that is my theory about how Shawlong and others appeared later in the anime. Lastly one thing that bothered me is that why do Ichigo stop Grimmjow from falling after all the crap he did to him. I know Ichigo is the good guy but things like that make the character look stupid not valiant to me.

  15. LOL .. the joke at the end of the episode really cracked me (higher ups=anime studio) .. they know the filler is forced .. i’m glad they understand how the fans feel about that sudden shift in events XD

    Speaking of events .. none of the side battles were solved like Ichigo’s
    -Rukia is dying
    -Chad severely injured
    -Renji & Ishida are waiting for the arrancar to change his clothes ( or did they run away XD )

    So we’ll have to leave all that behind and watch some filler .. sigh .. they could have at least finished those events first instead of leaving them hanging like that XD

  16. I think they’ll be able to move back into the Hueco Mundo arc by making another fakeout from Aizen, or something more revealing about what they did to Inoue. I think it’ll be like “zomg Aizen has the Hougyaku and he’s activating it in Hueco Mundo! Lets go! Send the captains!”

    And they’ll have the fights against the respective Espada when we get there. Until then, manga’ll still be kickin ass!

  17. Damn, that episode was crazy. The new Captain looks very plain and I hope the fillers don’t last very long but i guess new episodes (even fillers) is better then no Bleach at all.

    Grimmjow's Penis
  18. well seeing as episode 169 talks about a transfer student that means that Ichigo,Rukia and co will most likely be just back in school. Which I think is awasome. Ichi Ruki in a school setting was always so cute. Fighting is ok, but not all the time, I just hope they have more school episodes then this filler captain stuff lol.

  19. Well, it seems that the fillers have the potential of being rather interesting. First of all, as stated above, it will most likely show whats going on elsewhere during the gangs visit to hueco mundo, not only SS, but also in the human world. (remember that keigo, miziuri and tatsuki followed ichigo into urahara’s shop when he was going to go to hueco mundo, and that the fathers of Ishida and Ichigo are rather powerful, and what the viziards do in the mean time) But, if what i think is going to happen does happen, it was a must to place the fillers here, and they should blend into the manga storyline rather nicely. Dont want to mention specifics of what happens there(spoilers anyone???), but if you feel you must know read the manga (i beleive it starts in chapter 297 or so).


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