On the banks of a river in Karakura Town, two Shinigami suddenly appear with a girl on a carriage. Since the stuff they arranged for hasn’t arrived yet, they decide to wait there, but the girl then announces that she’s hungry. Meanwhile, Ichigo goes about his normal life and finds out that his neighbor suddenly moved away. When Rukia gets notified of Hollows in the city, both she and Ichigo leave school to fight them. They find it odd that more than 50 Hollows have appeared all at once, and they have no choice but to split up to fight them. Back at the riverbank, one of the Shinigami reports to the girl that he can’t shop for food because their gigai hasn’t arrived yet. The girl becomes impatient and tries to take off her hat, but the Shinigami stops her because that hat is keeping down her spiritual force. He instead urges patience until her special gigai arrives, and for now he’s more concerned about the important experiment that the other Shinigami is off preparing. While he’s turned away from the girl though, she runs off on her own.

Walking through town, the girl happens to see Ichigo battling the Hollows and calls to him. Seeing that she’s a soul, Ichigo heads down to her to investigate and is confused when she talks about wanting to eat. As she approaches him, the girl trips and her hat falls off, and Ichigo ends up helping her back up. However, his attention is then turned to the Hollows, so the girl gets annoyed because she’s still hungry. She grabs onto Ichigo, and while the two are struggling, her Shinigami guards find her and grab her. Unfortunately, they’ve brought with them a horde of Hollows that subsequently bury Ichigo, and Ichigo decides to initiate ban kai to quickly get rid of them all. The guards and the girl disappear while he is fighting, and the battle ends only after Ichigo is joined by Rukia, Ishida, Sado, and Inoue. Ishida in particular had sensed an unknown Shinigami’s spiritual force and had figured out that the people Ichigo met had used bait to lure out the Hollows.

That evening, Kon informs Ichigo that they have new neighbors. These new neighbors turn out to be none other than the girl and her two Shinigami guards, but when Ichigo confronts them, the lead Shinigami refuses to tell him who they really are even though they already know who he is. He even sets up a barrier to keep Ichigo out of the house. Since the girl and her guards are now using gigai, Rukia goes to Urahara’s store to ask about it, but Urahara isn’t there, and the others decline to tell her anything. The following day at school, Ichigo and friends are shocked when the girl and her guards show up as new students: the guards’ names are Kenryuu and Enryuu, and the girl introduces herself as Kasumiooji Rurichiyo.


Ugh, this arc might be hard for me to get through if Rurichiyo (the new girl whose character design reminds me of Dorothy Catalonia from Gundam Wing) remains the bratty kid type. I really don’t like those kinds of characters. On the topic of her character though, I recall that back during the Soul Society arc it was explained that there were four noble families (Yoruichi’s family was one of them). Perhaps Rurichiyo is a member of one of the other three. If the OP is any indicator, she’s going to get kidnapped, and Ichigo will have to go to Soul Society to save her.

Overall, I’m still pretty on the fence about this arc since we’ve barely just gotten into it. The story so far is nowhere near as exciting as some of the fights in the Hueco Mundo arc, but it’s just interesting enough, and I actually think it gives Bleach a fresh feel (a part of me was a little fatigued of the almost non-stop battle in Hueco Mundo). Plus, I’m enjoying the fact that Bleach is now broadcast in 16:9 aspect ratio too instead of the old 4:3.


  1. Well… truly looks like Dorothy, but… also looks like Shinji’s brother (prettier, and with lace hair) Of course, personality must look a lot… childish… (just to don’t say worse)

  2. So confused…
    Ichigo has bankai so it’s after soul society?
    Ishida still has his power so it’s before soul society?
    Rukia is still living with Ichigo i think…
    BUT in the episode before Aizen Tousen and Gin are gone…and they have a new captain

    Oh well I’ll pretend this all makes sense I guess…

  3. So, they where in Hueco Mundo and now they are back on Earth. This filler makes no sense as the battle in Hueco Mundo wasn’t even finished yet. Way to ruin the story with this pointless filler.

  4. They’re back in Karakura Town?!

    Maybe this arc takes place between the last arc and the one before… it… and the characters just… don’t acknowledge– nah, it’s because of the filler. >:( So much for continuity. At least the last bits of filler material didn’t disrupt the time/space continuum.

  5. Actually valid point. Rukia IS supposed to be dead at this point, innshe? Huh…

    I’ll be interested to hear if they even bothered to try to make this transition seem natural. Or is it some sort of time frame shift?

    As long as it doesn’t start taking over actual manga arcs, like the Bount characters, that might be okay. But who’s to say?

  6. Looking at the manga chapters we might expect this fillers to last for maybe a year and a half to two years. I still dun understand how they are going to connect the HM arc to here unless they use a deus ex machina of its all Aizen’s power

  7. i guess we just have to see whats going to happen.. in the mean time lets just enjoy these fillers.. 🙂 and everyone is complaining about fillers and stuff, well they shouldn’t if we don;t fillers there won;t be any story… so stop complaining! yea apparently these fillers are gonna last until end of this year minimum…

  8. Maybe it’s right after Ishida got his powers but before gg to HM.

    Bah. Whatever. Just treat this like a fanfic. You know, taking facts from the original story and inputting your own storyline? That’s it. This way would be better too, since it won’t interfere with the manga and screw up the anime (like how the Bounto arc did).

  9. ok..filler arc again,,,hell how are they going to explain the fact that they’re all back in karakura town now..nd how the hell will they connect the story back to its manga plot??hmm i wonder..-_-‘ anywayz hav to check the new ep..heheh

  10. I know everyone is pretty pissed about the fillers, but nothing can be done. It had to happen eventually since the manga can no way keep up ahead of the anime. It really doesnt matter how Rukia can back or what happpend in HM as it is a filler and when its over just dont register it as part of the main storyline. For those who don’t watch it then all you can do now is wait till bleach gets back to the HM arc. Otherwise just enjoy the fillers as much as you can

  11. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that Ichigo passed out due to exhaustion after his big fight to rescue Orohime and this is just his dream of what would have happened if the Arrancar didn’t show.
    While I’m no fan of filler, this could serve as a welcome break as the HM arc was getting rather tiresome in my eyes. I just hope this doesn’t run for more than 26 eps otherwise everyone would have forgotten what took place before this. ^_^
    Also, to the person who said this is the first widescreen ep of Bleach, wrong, 168 (the start of this season) was. 😉

  12. Ugh this transition was so horrible and so confusing the only possible make sense is a dream but if the dream is more then 1 episode long thats more like they just making up an excuse cause they ran out of content or ppl reject the main content so much that they are giving the writer time to rewrite it lol….

  13. I’ll say the same thing that few others have said, but I’ll add to it as well. People stop asking where this fits in the timeline, it doesn’t fit, it’s AU, they aren’t going to try and fit in the timeline, one there’s no way that they can do this, and two they don’t have any reason to. The filler is not that bad, and personally I welcome a change from the constant pissing battles that went on in the HM arc, and this gets back to some of the elements that made Bleach cool in the beginning.

    The anime got wayyyyy to close to the manga, they have to go to fillers, or they could stop production for about a year. Bleach fillers are not that bad, the Bounto arc looks as bad as it was, because it came right after the end of the SS arc, not much could have topped the SS arc. Don’t worry about what you are missing, just accept it and try to enjoy the fillers, don’t make sense of them, just try and accept what they give.

  14. stop whining about fillers, guys. stop whining about whether or not this story fits into a timeline. it is not part of kubo tite’s story, it simply involves his characters and world. you KNOW fillers are going to happen because the bleach animators want to leech money out of the franchise. so shut the hell up and either enjoy it or don’t watch it.

  15. Ducky07 is so right ! With the constant battles in the HC arc, it was beginning to looks more like a DB-like shounen =_=… The first friendly and funny arc is what charmed me to Bleach, so it’s kinda nice to see this atmosphere back.

  16. Actually, after the ending theme in Bleach 167 there are some hints about this sudden change in story. When Nel flies to his face and says goodbye because the ‘Higher Ups’ said there would be a change. Fortunately Ichigo is as confused as we are so we’ll just have to wait and see. I sure hope they keep this filler on steam, because I personally hate fillers that are stretched out to long. I wish they hadn’t made this transition so horrible though, but I have to agree that the Hueco Mundo battles were becoming a bit dull. I sure hope they take this chance to see Kurosaki Isshin and Uruhara in action again like in Ep. 111.

  17. In response to 242, I dont think fillers are there just so the animators can leech money out of the franchise, I think its more in relation to the Anime catching up with the main arcs currently being printed in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine, the Anime will continue once the main arc has been printed again, which i believe Noriaki Kubo (aka Tite Kubo [pen name]) still needs a few month to complete it.

  18. “With the constant battles in the HC arc, it was beginning to looks more like a DB-like shounen”

    It has been since the Soul Society arc–not that that’s a bad thing. I find I like Bleach the most when its plot-to-battle ratio leans in favor of plot, because it sure as hell can’t maintain a steady balance.

  19. In response to HC, it is about leeching money. Where other long running shows take long breaks in production, anything from 6 months to a year, shows like bleach run continuously for an indefinite period, only take short 2 week breaks here and there, even with the knowledge that they will run out of manga material pretty quickly. Why? Not because they -have- to, but because the series makes so much money in advertising for the station showing it, but because people are so obsessed, they will continue watching regardless of quality, and buy all the merchandise with it!

    Me? I stopped watching Bleach a long time ago. I’ve been keeping up with it on this blog only to see if it ever returns to its former glory. For me it went down hill as soon as the SS ark ended, both in the anime and the manga IMO.

  20. This filler is shit and doesn’t make sense at all. I was waiting for kenpachi n byakuya to come to HM but they simply ruined it. N why the hell do they need fillers when they have so much of manga to work on. You wait for two weeks and all that comes out is this nothing new filler. I’m bored!!

  21. Why do people continue to whine about the fillers? Yet continue to watch it every week? Expecting someone to care? Also when did it matter, where fillers are placed into the story? Filler is filler, no matter how you look at it, enjoy it or don’t bother, simple as that.

  22. Question : Did Urahara voluntary disapeared because he didn’t want to face Rukia and Ichigo? Because it seems he can’t get along well with Kenryuu, he compared him to Byakuya. I think this will be a problem.

  23. Jax. I didn’t watch the fillers. Just like in Naruto. I’m downloading the eps but i ain’t gonna watch them. I’ve just got the perfect person for that job….a stupid sister xD

  24. Well I don’t think Ruruchiyo is a member of the four noble houses. I remember reading somewhere saying that the four noble clans are the Shihouin clan, Kuchiki clan, Shiba clan (yea i know it’s defucnt but it’s unclear whether it has been replaced) and the last one is the Kyouraku clan.


  25. Just when I thought Tatsuki, the most underdeveloped character in the Bleach universe, would have more in-depth developments in the filler, we have three totally out-of-place “transfer students”. It is just like last time what four seated members (Matsumoto et al.) did in the previous soul society arc, or like what the Hirako did in the vizard arc of the manga story. The author and the production don’t seem to care whether it is reasonable or not. They just make somebody a high school student whenever it is convenient to squeeze juice out of the characters. It is one thing to have an “eternal kid” play the role of a captain or lieutenant in soul society; but it is another thing to have adult-looking or grade-schooler-looking people to play high school students in the supposedly real world. This just contradicts the original setup and undermines the believability of the whole story.

    I understand why people would say things like “if you hate it so much then why don’t you just quit watching and stop complaining?” The filler has bad parts. But it is not all bad, and it is not bad enough for me (and presumably for most fans) to quit. While I appreciate the good parts, I am also entitled to criticize the bad parts as a fully informed audience. I believe this forum is not just about idolizing the anime or exchanging one-liners. I think fans are entitled to complain (even though they continue to watch) as long as their opinions are based on relevant facts and genuine feelings.

  26. during the entire grimmjow/ichigo fight i was sadly…unexcited..the HM arc did sort of start to kill the actual drama of the show and make it somwhat plain. AND WTF IS UP WITH ALL THE OTHER SHOWS BEING POINTLESS RETARDED PERVNESS NOW? WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME 2

  27. ATTENTION!!!!!!
    why are you all worrying about Rukia being dead..u all clearly dont read the manga…no need to worry shees not dead…if she was i would currently be in Japan stabbing penciles in Tite Kubo’s chest.

  28. Erm.. right, to me this makes no sense, is this set after the hueco mundo stuff or before? Isn’t Rukia dead? I know she’ll survive anyways but I want to watch that enfold naturally. Why couldn’t they just put these episodes after the HM arc? Plus it’s shit to boot =(


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