• The third Bleach movie will premiere in December.
  • The Slayers Revolution website has updated with a cast list (the main voice actors are still the same as always) and airdates.
  • The first episode of the mobile phone anime Chocolate Underground will be available this Thursday, June 12th.
  • The production blog for the upcoming Mission-E anime (the sequel to CODE-E) has updated with airdates.
  • The official site for the new Sky Crawlers movie has a trailer for the Ghost in the Shell 2.0 movie. Both are Oshii Mamoru-directed works.
  • According to MOON PHASE, upcoming GAINAX series Shikabane Hime Aka will have Murata Masahiko as director, Aikawa Shou on the script, and Kubota Chikashi & Sadakata Kikuko doing the character designs.
  • The official Nodame Cantabile website has updated with staff and airdate information for the Paris sequel. It’ll be returning to FujiTV’s Noitamina programming block on Thursday nights starting in October, however this sequel will only be 11 episodes long. That’s unlikely to be long enough to cover a lot, so I wonder what point they’ll stop at. As for production, J.C.Staff is still animating the series, but I was surprised to see that Kasai Kenichi will no longer be directing – instead it will be Higurashi director Kon Chiaki.
  • The To Aru Majutsu no Index website has updated to reflect the upcoming anime series.
  • Hearts Grow‘s Sora will be the OP and Afromania‘s will Let’s go together will be the ED to the upcoming Birdy the Mighty DECODE series. The official site also updated its airdates list.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
  • Image at left courtesy of 瀬奈 on pixiv (account needed to access).


    1. Gee another Bleach movie. How sad, I’m just sticking to the manga.

      Yay an animated version of Nodame Cantabile. The live version of paris was funny and super sweet.

      Hmm I should check summer anime series. Winter’s failure still looms in the back of my mind.

    2. I’m curious to see Gits 2.0 as I loved both movies. The trailer is very poor however, mostly show scenes from the first movie and just in the end a bit of the upcoming second version.
      By 3D the mean it’ll be completely CG animated?? Like the .Hack Movie GU Trilogy??

      Nice to see another light novel series being adapted to an anime. The story sounds interesting too. 16 books out already – hope that won’t turn in such a merchandise mania like Shakugan no Shana – which second season rather disappointed me.

    3. Slayers is BACK?! O_O omgwtfbbq! I was just listening to the soundtrack earlier and wishing I could see it all again! やった!最高!幸せ! Cherry’s the bit about all the old staff coming back! *涙* Sure hope Xellos is still Ishida-san~ T_T

      Will never really understand why such cheery shows get shown at 1am though. But hey! It’s BACK!

      Best news for me ever since the year started! Thank you!

    4. Agreeing with Sycia SLAYERS IS BACK!?!?!?!?!?!!?!


      I seriously think hearing theres a new Slayers show/season/movie (whatever it is, it seems to have Zel and thus I’m happy) has made my day.

    5. YAY!! Slayers is back!
      And it’s going to be a continuation too, I hope?
      So we get to know how Gourry will get a new sword and maybe get introduced to Luna Inverse and Xelloss’s master Xellass Metallium?
      Amazing how my memory is. I can’t wait!

    6. Well, they took one year to start with movies, but now bleach has taken the same path as every shounen series with one movie per year.

      Only 11 episodes for Nodame? I feel a little dissapointed with this news; and I know one of my bets friends will feel the same.

      Nice art BTW

      Syaoran Li
    7. Woots! Now that I’ve finally gotten over the excitement, I’d like to add a bit more:
      Slayers was my first anime that reeled me into the world of Japanese cartoons more 9 years ago. That kick-started something in me that led to me working towards a dream, going to Japan to study, becoming a fansubber and even a paid anime translator. I’ve always admired the lead character and used her personality as strength till today. Childish–it may seem–but hey, we all have our heroes (er, heroine).

      Through the years I’d go on Slayers marathon now and then, going through the entire 3 series within a few days–and would usually end up wishing and aching for more. But we know that Japan is famous for ending most of their animes for good.

      So this piece of news is a pleasant shock to the old fans. Suddenly the words ‘FIREBALL!’ ‘DIGU HALT!’ and ‘DRAGU-SLAVE!’ come back in a nostalgic rush. I’ll be going on another marathon very very soon.

      Omni, you can bet that today’s Daily Dose has not only been enlightening; it’s rekindled old passions and will reunite a community once lost in the sea of newer Japanese animations… 😀

    8. Kasai didn’t direct Honey and Clover II either, so I kinda anticipated the change. Nevertheless, I hope that he’ll be on hand to supervise the series or direct some episodes.

    9. Haha seems like a lot of us are Slayers Fans, yup I am still remembering the good old days, Slayers is a classic, great to see it coming back. I hope this is a TV anime series and not some Cheap OVA or movie, but one thing I really wish is have them introduce Naga into the TV series. No matter how many times I seen Slayers, I always get the feeling the TV series and Movies are two different worlds. Bring Naga and her famous Laugh will definitely make the anime much more interesting.
      So Welcome Back Slayers 🙂

    10. New Slayers is welcome news indeed! Ditto for Nodame.

      Not so certain is the GitS 3D movie. While the original movie was well animated for its time and certainly very moody in its setting, I much prefer the SAC series since it sticks closer to the material and spirit of the manga. GitS 2: Innocence kinda left a bad taste in my mouth despite its beautiful animation; way too much quoting from obscure philosophers and nonsensical technobabble for its own good, plus the story wasn’t very effective (on the level of a subpar episode of SAC).

      I’m not saying a GitS 3D movie won’t be great; I’m just afraid it’ll be another soulless effort in futility, much like the recent Appleseed and Vexille 3D movies: pretty to look at but as devoid of personality and emotional impact as they come.

      At least Sky Crawlers looks very interesting. Anything that deals with aviation in anime sparks my interest (which is why I loved Laputa Castle in the Sky, Porco Rosso, and Last Exile).

    11. A lil old news for me but thanks, Omni. Keep on updatin`!
      ah, Nodame~!!!!!! Can’t wait for that.
      I wonder what will be the Bleach 3rd movie about… one of the captains again? (I haven’t even watch the 2nd!)

    12. Bleach Movie, I’m bored with this anime anyway until they return to Hueco Mundo arc again.
      Slayers, A+ I hope there would be romance now…Lina needs a big break
      Nodame Cantabile s2, I’ve been expecting the sequel since season 1 finished almost a year ago.
      Mission E, well considering I watch the season 1 and it is really disappointing a lot of openngs. Hope *she* become assertive now.


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