From her command center, Xianglin gets reports of what’s going on inside the palace and realizes that their plan is being used by Zero. Toudou meanwhile bursts onto the scene onboard his new Knightmare Frame Zangetsu, but before he can attack Schneizel, Suzaku arrives on the Lancelot. This allows Schneizel to get away safely with Odysseus, and Zero makes his own escape with Kallen and Kaguya via a container carried by Nagisa’s new Knightmare Frame Akatsuki. Suzaku notices Zero leaving, but this takes his attention off Toudou long enough for Toudou to cut off part of the Lancelot’s Float System. Without it, Suzaku isn’t able to chase after the Black Knights, and Zero recalls Toudou from the battlefield. They regroup at a moving truck that’s being driven by C.C., and Toudou and Kallen take care of their immediate pursuers. Once on the truck, the young Empress realizes that she’s outside the palace now and learns that Kaguya had remembered her dream to leave. Zero then informs her that he wants the United States of Japan to be part of a larger United States alliance, and he needs her for the United States of China. Zero intends to have this alliance oppose Britannia, and they’ve already been in contact with the Indian Army and have also gotten confirmation from Mongolia and Burma.

When Kaguya changes the subject to Xingke, the young Empress reveals the promise he made to her six years ago, and this causes Kaguya to call him the young Empress’s destined one. At this point, Zero leaves the conversation and joins Tamaki and C.C. in the truck’s cabin. Tamaki ends up asking him about becoming the minister of finance, but C.C. thinks that Tamaki should just be the Grand Minister of Banquets. The truck then arrives at a destroyed bridge, but instead of being a dead end, it’s actually a Black Knights trap for the Chinese forces still chasing them. The Chinese forces thus get annihilated, and when the Eunuchs get word of this, they have no choice but to turn to Xingke. Sometime later, the truck rendezvous with the Ikaruga, and Diethard reports that the reinforcements from India have already arrived at Hourai Island. The Ikaruga’s return path is not clear though because its Knightmare escorts suddenly come under attack by a new enemy: the Knightmare Frame Shenhu piloted by Xingke. He demands the return of the young Empress, and when Kallen flies out in the Guren to challenge him, he matches the Guren’s radiation wave cannon with the Shenhu’s charged particle cannon.

Recognizing the unit, Rakshata reveals to Zero that it was her team that created it, but at the time, no one could handle it. She now suspects that the Maharaja handed it over to the Chinese. On the battlefield, Xingke uses the Shenhu’s slash harkens to grab the Guren’s leg, but Kallen sees this as an opportunity to strike directly at her opponent without him being able to get away. Unfortunately for her, the Guren runs out of energy right before she can use her radiation wave arm, and Xingke successfully captures her. He holds her hostage and once again demands the return of the Empress, but he then starts coughing up blood again. Luckily for him, Chinese Federation reinforcements arrive before anyone else can challenge him, and he’s able to bring Kallen to the Chinese warship without incident. Since they still have radio contact with her, Zero tells Kallen not to give up and vows to save her. Diethard, however, advises that they retreat because he sees Kallen as just a single soldier. He proposes that they preserve their forces and join up with the Indian army, and he thinks that doing anything more than what Zero had already said to Kallen would be favoritism that would destroy their organization. Faced with a hard decision because Diethard is pressing him to separate compassion and judgment, Zero eventually decided to go after Kallen, citing the possibility that the Indian army would betray them too.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Schneizel has decided not to do anything until the Chinese Federation requests it. Suzaku thus gets some free time to sit down with Anya and Milly, and Anya shows him some of the pictures from the Ashford welcome party that she has on her cell phone. One of them is of Lelouch and C.C., and when Suzaku identifies Lelouch, Anya recognizes it to be the same person she as a younger picture of. Back on the battlefield, both Xingke and Zero lay out strategies against each other for their forces to follow – Xingke has his Knightmares push forward through the middle while Zero tries to trap them with flank attacks. However, Xingke is doing this merely to see what moves Zero takes, and he then floods the area they’re fighting on with water from a nearby canal. This causes the Knightmares caught in it to start sinking into the ground, and Zero realizes that Xingke had figured out what he would be doing and had set this all up. With the Black Knights forces stuck and Toudou still in his own way, Xingke sends the rest of the Chinese Federation forces forward at the Ikaruga. Faced with the impending defeat, Zero finally decides to take Diethard’s advice and orders a retreat to a place he had scouted out beforehand. He now recognizes that Xingke has his level of resourcefulness and Suzaku’s level of heroism, and he wonders if the heavens gave Xingke both.

As a parting gift, Zero has the Ikaruga fire its two Hadron cannons at the Chinese forces and manages to destroy a good number of the Knightmares. By nightfall, the Black Knights regroup at the mountain tomb where all the past Chinese emperors are enshrined, and since the place only has one entrance, they face the Ikaruga with Hadron cannons out in that direction. While the Black Knights wait for potential reinforcements from the Indian army, the Chinese Eunuchs meanwhile turn against Xingke for rebelling against them in the first place. They keep him in check and don’t need him anymore because they’ve asked for powerful reinforcements from Britannia. Xingke, however, feels that the Eunuchs don’t understand the person they’re dealing with in Schneizel – the man who took half of the E.U. With all this in play, Zero decides to order Diethard to make some preparations, and he vows to win under this seemingly hopeless situation. Back in Japan, Shirley, Rivalz, and Rollo watch a news report detailing what’s going on in the Chinese Federation, and Lelouch – who is there as well – takes a phone call from Milly saying that she’s safe and sound.


Alright, things got to the point this episode that I didn’t know who to root for anymore. The battle was interesting because it pitted two masterminds against each other (kinda like watching Light and L trying to outwit each other), but the sides kept changing. Based on the way his character has been developed, I just couldn’t see Xingke as an antagonist – but nor could I see Zero/Lelouch as such (even though some of the things Zero does can seem pretty bastardly). Fortunately it looks like they might end up on the same side again after all. I think all Zero needs to do at this point is to convince the young Empress that he’s on her side and then use her to win Xingke over. If she’s truly all that Xingke cares about, then it should be an easy decision for him since he already doesn’t like the Eunuchs.

The other interesting development this week was how Lelouch appears to have a doppelganger now. Either that, or he’s somehow traveling back and forth from a siege situation in no time flat and without anyone noticing. This could also be someone’s Geass power, but what’s curious to me is the purpose it serves for the story. It feels too major for it to be just someone in disguise or someone covering for him – especially since they made it the end-of-episode cliffhanger – and I would guess this is the introduction of a new power or an introduction of a new character. I didn’t see any obvious clues in the preview for next week indicating anything like that though, so who knows. The preview does manage to have plenty of other juicy images for the upcoming battle, including more Jeremiah, and it also reveals that the new OP/ED will start airing on July 6th.


  1. OH GEASS NO!!! The mechs in this anime are starting to look like Gundams O____O Although there were signs of this in the start so Mah~ As a last note, Kallen fanservice never gets old XD

  2. wow this thing turn so complex now…
    this one is nice something about anya having feelings for lulu now?
    wow i certainly didn’t expect this kind of stuff ๐Ÿ˜›
    and so many cheese-kun… i wonder how lelouch manage to buy so many of cheese-kun soft toys in various size for c.c.

    kallen looks evil in that screen shot:

    anya to go berserk in next episode? thats fun i guess. ๐Ÿ˜›
    i think i need more info on anya… i starting to like her more and more

  3. @Ryggim: I have yet to see any mech that looks anything remotely like a common Gundam. Knightmare Frames aren’t even the same size to start….as in if we were talking Super Robot Wars then Mobile Suits would be M size and Knightmare Frames S size.

  4. @jeffng9: Lelouch didn’t buy the cheese-kun toys. C.C. traded her pizza hut stamps for them. When you eat pizza for 24/7, 5 meals a day, 150 times a month, you would be able to gather that many pizza hut stamps too. Cheese-kun makes a happy C.C., although I can’t say the same for Lelouch’s bank account. >.>

    The chance is that Rollo is playing double agent and disguising himself as Lelouch back in the Academy. He probably used a wig and the voice changing device that he deployed back in episode 4. They have the same eye color as well. The only problem is that Rollo is half a head shorter than Lelouch in terms of height. Umm…

  5. @Chad001: Because of fanservice, fanservice!

    According to an interview with the head director of Code Geass, Orange-kun has survived far more episodes than he originally planned. The power of 2chan, baby! The People out there want more Orange actions!

  6. @Ryggim NO im mean really could u ever see the lancelot destroying an entire space colony!!! Could u ever see the Mordred Vaporizing a large piece of a falling space station! Compared to gundams knitgmares are toys that zech marquis children play with ๐Ÿ˜› (i know he had no children we know of!) for apparently accurate details.

    Reagrding the leouch getting worse (more evil ) situation i agree hes taking it a bit far theres only so far 1 raison’d’etre will take your fans before you come across as being obsessive. But to be honest he still better than the alternative because the alternative is far worse. When fighting an ENTIRE regime (might of spelt it wrong) based on oppression of the weak and leeching of strength off of those who have it and of blatent rascism then if one man who fights them whilst knowing it wrong has to kidnap a small child inorder to bring down the greater evil then so be it! (In a world with obviously no higher moral authority.)

    WingZero zxt
  7. Aiya, even though I want to see this episode, I wanna see the next episode even more >.<!! C.C!!!! Kagura looks pretty cute in chinese clothing O.o. Oh dear, Anya, what the heck!?!

  8. I worry for C.C’s airtime, it’s already episode 10, and she’s hardly shown up at all T_T
    Fortunately next week it seems like there’ll be lots of C.C, so here’s to hoping <3

  9. hm… i dunno but seeing how anya captures the photo of lelouch and now viewing back the younger days of lelouch i think anya is secretly in love with him… might we see another nina who went nuts after zero died? XD

    i’m getting more and moee interested at anya now

  10. Show Spoiler ▼

    WingZero zxt
  11. wait a sec, anya has a picture of lelouch?! someone clarify this please coz i may just be over-thinking that shot . . . and, doesn’t she look sad looking at it?! o.O woah! cool! luluxanya! bwahahahahaha!

    seriously, someone please clarify this! i’d hate to get my hopes up over nothing. . .

  12. screw spoiler tags ) erm actually to be honest the grounds strategies that bth the chinese federation and Lelouch employed were pretty ordinary to be honest (until the flood came and swept the all away!) I use similar strategies when playing cpu on Supreme Commander (aint got second one yet and i dont like playing people online to tiring and stressful!!)

    WingZero zxt
  13. @jugzaw
    ALWAYS looks sad and bored lol -.-

    But the question is HOW she got that pic… >_>By her current looks she can’t be as old as Lulu, but…heck wtf V_V Show Spoiler ▼

  14. @jugzaw Its possible that they once had a ply date (with anya being from a noble family or somthing) Maybe lelouch was once betrothed to her or somthing and being lelouch she recognised him as the only person who didnt bore her senseless, An then when he was expelled then apparently presumed dead she was upset and became even more withdrawn to the point she is now though she has never forgotten the memories they shared that one time

    WingZero zxt
  15. Anya has been keeping pictures in her blog since that long ago?!?
    I hope there’s significant plot advance in this turn.
    Is the China arc over yet?

    And, Duh, I came here to spoil myself just because I couldn’t wait for the raw.
    I like Zero-raws so I refused to get Horrible raws.

  16. erm… looks like everyone forgot our little loli empress Tian Zi i read all the post and not even one guy mention about the empress… XD

    i know my post is all about anya now for i think this new plot might spice up things a little more. anya u go! o/

    r we going to have a lulu x kallen vs anya vs shirley vs c.c. now?

  17. Well given Anya enters males CR (Scaring even the hax asassin Rollo, probably wishing he used his geass and got out of there) I take it Anya was quite a busy body even as a child.

    Finally it is not about Leleouch Lamperouge being Zero but as his true identity as Lelouch Vi Britania is being uncovered.

    To the rest of the world he’s supposed to be dead.

    Well Nunnaly was too. But Anya may start to question what the heck is really going on.

  18. Lelouch obtaining Anya will almost complete his harem errrr loli collection… then only Nunnally would remain and it would be one big happy loli harem.

    I think Lelouch save Anya in some way when he was still a young prince. And Anya remembers everything and probably the big reason of her joining the Knights of Three. Maybe her wish to the Emperor is to get Lelouch for herself.

  19. the screen shot get me confuse… how come lelouch be in two place?? izzit flachback or some ppl disgust as him, well not only lelouch but cc too.btw cc nice disgust just like the resident evil4 the guy with the chainsaw ^^

  20. Reminds me to Romance of the Three Kingdoms from tactics of this episodes.
    -Ten Attendants (but it had only seven)
    -The flood plans
    -The strategist fight like Sima Yi Vs Zhuge Liang

  21. Yeah although Mordred looks pretty lame to me, it would not hurt to have an additional loli to the growing harem. Zero and his lolis. Every loli contributes something. Add the empress in, and maybe Zero will have the Shenhu as well. OOh so fun.

  22. @furinyue

    has anyone remembered that image of Lelouch and C.C. took place a few episodes back. I have not seen the raw but its a probability that she is looking at the images or video from the Welcome Back Suzaku party and then remembers that lelouch there looks like the prince lelouch. Can’t wait to watch it. Eclipse, please release fansub soon.

  23. @wahaha
    thats why i personally like watching code geass. i was impress how lelouch use the same tactic that zhuge liang apply in one of the historical descisive battle in s1.

    this episode talk of the week is definately anya x lulu all the way~!
    i’m impress with the new flagship ship of the black knights that lakshata combine it with gawain hardon canon. s2 serious has a lot of fortress units (example: lelouch’s shinkiro , anya mordred and now the order’s flagship.)

  24. hei look at this joke:
    the war start:-
    lelouch/zero: fire the hardron canon !!!!
    xingke: damn it!!!
    the following:-
    broadcast station:- due violence act, we have cut down the broadcast temporary, this brought to u by Pizza Hut !!
    back to the sceen:-

  25. @furinyue
    nah it didn’t
    this shot must haev been taken without both lelouch and c.c. knowing it…
    it must be taken right at the start when lelouch realize c.c. dress up like chachamaru to attend the pizza event

  26. Anya goes through the pictures, and Suzaku points out “That’s Lelouch! What’s he doing with that that girl when he already has Shirley..” and Suzaku apparently doesn’t recognize C.C.’s green hair and talks to Millay about Lelouch, then Anya opens the picture of little Lulu and says “this person is Lelouch too”.

    Someone actually remembers. Lelouch is naive after all, as C.C. once pointed out.

    I didn’t think there was much in this episode. Don’t think I’ll be rewatching it much. But next episode! Orange at the Geass ruins, C.C. piloting a knightmare, C.C.’s geass activating, Lulu and hopefully his new Shinkirou = Oh YES!YES!YES!! Next week can’t come fast enough!

  27. @yukiruchan
    well i dont really understand but i thinki will support ur idea
    haha from a paperbag mask chnage into chachamare’s antenna
    where do u c nunanly in the preview??

  28. btw where u guy get the idea of sayako is a ninja, even if she is , she follow zero to pelai island rite how can she be in two place in one time … arhhhhhh my head go spinning must see the episode for the answer !!!

  29. Going along with the Xingke isn’t an antagonist idea, I remember seeing a character that looked like him listening to Zero’s declaration of independence in the last season, episode 23 around 9 minutes in if you’re interested.

  30. No no Suzaku-the-dog will find out the truth from Anya’s pics. What will ya do then Lulu-chan? Go save Kallen-hottie and CRUSH SUZAKU DOGGIE, of cozz…

    Damn, XingKe is quite smart. But the way he did with his hair quite scares me XD It makes him look like an acient Chinese Empress XD

  31. Xing-ke is one holy shit man, even Zero now realises that he is not only as tactically astute as himself, he is a hell of a pilot. Just saw the Chihiro subs, and assuming they did not translate anything wrongly (they tend to do so at times), the Shen Hu was never piloted before because no one could match the high demand (of the pilot) of it. This means that Xing-ke could be even better than Suzaku and Kallen. He even never piloted the Shen Hu before. There was one sentence said by his subordinate which was very true I thought, ‘he just does not have enough time’, in pseudo-response to Zero’s realisation that Xing-ke has bith tactical awareness and heroic piloting skills. In the literal case, it probably refers to his illness, and how he probably could die soon. In the figurative case, it probably refers to the odds stacked against him, the High Eunuchs in particular. It seems like a case of evening the odds, don’t you think? Or else Xing-ke has the capability to totally overwhelm BOTH Lelouch and Suzaku, and seeing that he isn’t the main character, the producers probably had to install some weakness to stop him from becoming godlike.

    He is also a very likable character. He had respect for his enemies- Kallen and Toudou’s skills and Zero’s tactical strengths, honour in his own duty towards his country and his life’s saviour and also the humility to admit that him threatening Kallen was in some ways despicable. Of course, he is an exceptionally talented pilot and tactically smart as well. Zero should really try to get him on his side. And I think it is possible. He does not intend to Geass the Empress or anything- he could always save Xing-ke from his would-be captors and then return the Empress to him whilst explaining to him his grand plan. Xing-ke should know by now that the Chinese Federation is simply a superpower waiting to fall- the High Eunuchs are definitely on Britannia’s side. Since there is no option now of remaining sovereign, the second best choice would be to join Zero’s plan of creating a United States Alliance. Xing-ke probably does not dislike Zero (bar the kidnapping) but he palpably holds a similar contempt for Britannia and Schneizel in particular. Zero also recognizes Xing-ke’s talent, and notes that he should have gotten him on his side as well. Nevertheless, Xing-ke is probably a short-term character- he seriously looks like he is going to die anytime soon.

  32. @Code Geass Fan really???!?!?! ihe hasnt had any impact on me to be honest specialy since hes prob gonna die

    It came to me in a dream (no really just now) but has anyone considered the possibility of Gino being a rapist?? I know its nasty and he dont seem like the type but combine it with what he keeps saying about Kallen (shes his type) and the fact thatshes is crying for some reason in the opening and u have inverse nina syndrome!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  33. @WingZero zxt

    What did you see in the Opening Sequence about Kallen crying? I am very worried for her actually. She is probably in Chinese Federation hands, since Xing-Ke has no power now, and chances are very high that those darned eunuchs will hand her over to Britannia. Kallen is an extremely valuable piece in the Black Knights army, if you disregard emotional concerns. The Guren itself is just as important. If you consider the morale, only Diethard will be unaffected by the loss of her. Look at how everyone was so relieved that Lelouch gave the order to save her- even C.C. looked happy. She is however too big a character to kill off, unlike Xing-Ke, so I am really hoping Lelouch could save her. Knight in shining armour, eh?

    I, for one, think Gino will die. Maybe he will betray Britannia to save Kallen or something. He is not a rapist (haha) but I do feel love will prove to be his downfall in the end. I think there is room for development between the past between Anya and Lelouch. Chances are that they do not know each other, but Anya probably had a crush on him since young, thus the photo. Chances are that her loyalty to Britannia could possibly be a manifestation of her love for Lelouch. You could see where that would lead to. MORDRED THE TRAITOR!

    And then she will kill Suzaku with her own hands. Or Kaguya could do it. Eh, Kallen could do it as well. Then Code Geass will be my favourite anime of all time.

  34. Dunno, seems to be very Jeremiah focused, we’ll see.
    What’s pissing me off totaly is that Brittania is slowly taking over the world. Half of the EU conquered and the Chinese Federation weakened and in their hands.
    Hope they’ll get their asses kicked. They just perfectly fullfil their antogonist role..
    The whole bunch of self centered idiotic nobles – it gives me the creeps..

  35. I don’t know why I’m spoiling myself. I’m waiting for Eclipse but i don’t want to wait anymore!

    I don’t know what to say since i haven’t watched it yet…..the preview for 11 looks interesting what’s happening to C.C :O

  36. wow -_- so wow. save kallen! it would really be sick L if that was the case that if kallen is handed over to britania, she’ll be used as a hostage to get hold of cc. ugh…

    so apparently diethard can sense the manifestation of the relationship zero and kallen have, remember this guy is smart as hcll. telling him to seperate good choices and bad choices, between their goals and compassion. even kallen can see that hes going to stay and fight and we see her expression change with, “that lelouch..”. plus earlier she abruptly turns to him as he and cc go up to the bridge. so but it seems a leader needs compassion, i believe that myself, except for diethard, everyone else on the bridge is pressing onward. though i do sympathize with diethards explanation for retreating, fact is zero’s point for staying and fighting is love-compassion, but also his decision to stay has stretegic battle. think cause zero scouted out that mountain beforehand if the battle with xieng ke would drag on like we’ve seen just happen. so zero cited the possibility of the indian army betraying them. the strategy here implies that the indian army, along with burma, and.. there was another region mentioned, but these powers within the chinese federation want to defect – likely from the tyranny of the high eunichs, and simply are not able to fight on their own, so zero is willing to take them in his cause. so this coming battle at the mountain is also to prove that zero and the black knights are capable. also the reinforcements could simply say they are uniting behind tianzi, the empress, then with the high eunichs out of power – this would force schneizel and thus britania to retreat.

    here are my thoughts on how the next episode – 11 – might play out. the next is called something like the battle of wills. based on where we left this episode, it appears that schneizel and zero are playing chess once more except this time over a larger battlefield. so if we treat this as a chess board, we can clearly see that the queen is in trouble, which causes me to think that episode 12 so called, Love Attack, zero will attack the chinese force to save kallen. but first their situation has to improve and they have to endure beforehand. it is night time as well so that means some time has passed between the earlier battle. what can zero do? what comes to my mind is that the hadron cannons on the ikaru would be used to keep the knights of round and britania at bay, through – radio transmission tianzi will talk with xieng ke and declare her support behind him and his remaining forces, xieng ke wonders if this is was one of zero’s plans and concedes that they must now both fight on the same side, however with the britanian air support and the high eumich’s army closing in – things are looking bad, but then the indian army arrives as reinforcements for the black knights enabling them to counterattack, this causes the eunich’s army to panic allowing xieng ke’s force to encroach upon the high eunich command center, then finally zero – in his new personal knightmare frame(didn’t catch if they named it yet) goes straight for kallen. next episode love attack. of course that also includes whatever subsequently might be going on with cc’s memories and jerimiah’s presense at probably, another newly discovered geass shrine.

  37. @mutio

    I am not doubting the Black Knights’ motivation to get her back. I am just commenting on how important a hostage she would be. She is not the ace without reason. Having her fall into Britannian hands is just like having Suzaku falling into Black Knight hands. Or maybe worse, since there are other pilots as capable as Suzaku in Britannia, while few as strong as Kallen in the Order. She would do well, like Zero, to learn her lesson as well. Charging into battle without recharging her mecha is idiotic. As much as I like her, she needs to learn to be a bit humble- that would make her a better fighter.

    Also, falling through on previous symbolisms, the Queen being captured is quite a bad situation for any player.

    On the other hand, I thought this episode showed the human side of Lelouch again. The non-Kira side. It reflected his concern for Kallen first of all, and secondly his unwillingness to leave a comrade to die in battle (but one cannot help but wonder if he would have done the same if it was not Kallen but someone else). I felt the Zero of Season 1 would leave her. Of course, the look on Rakshata also showed why he could not do so. Letting the Guren fall into enemy hands is a pretty bad situation as well. It is like capturing the Shen Hu or the Lancelot. The situation is THAT bad.

    Lastly, I am not too confident that the Black Knights could succeed in getting her back easily, contrary to what Megaman0 might think. If I was Schneizel, I would either kill her or keep her in some damn high security prison. Black Knights without Kallen is like them without their dominant right hand. Their brain is still there, the main body is still there, but most actions will be very much impeded.

  38. Oh, and I felt Diethard was a very good member to have in the Order. He represents the inhuman but definitely capable side of Zero. You know, the Kira-side, which would ultimately enable him to claim victory, but at the expense of his own humanity. It is important to have him in, but also important for Zero to stick to his own judgment and values, and decide for himself, which he did well.

    Also, Zero did well in acknowledging his own weaknesses and failures. That could only aid him to improve into a better commander. And showing the emotional side of his leadership may not be a bad thing totally. It probably lost the Black Knights a chance to escape with most of their forces intact, but I feel it inevitably earns him the respect and admiration of most of his subordinates. You could see how relieved they were when he gave the order to save Kallen. Even C.C. was visibly pleasantly surprised. The Zero of Season 1, the Zero that they knew and therefore expected, probably would not have behaved thus.

  39. I think the major plot twist will now be Anya figuring out that Lelouch at Ashford is the supposedly long-dead Britannian prince.


    Erratic Communist
  40. @L and all personally i agree with Gino not being a rapist but you know how it is when you have dreams and everything is so clear when your only 2 thrds asleep (sleeping but u have the option of awaking yourself without external influence) I piloted the guren in my dream aswell though i fell over twice is was FREAKIN crazy!!! i woke up after i misteriously blew up guilfords grey Vincent!! who just happened to be there.

    as for kallen according to storyline i genuinely beleive that she will be handed bck after the eunuchs lose power when they hear the Tian Zi over the speaker phone

    regarding current state of afairs (What kind of freak royal or not marries a near infant!!!! Odyseus has no pride in himself as a man!!!)

    WingZero zxt
  41. cont. Also i dont think lelouch will end up with kallen i think thaTjust as he is about to he will get distracted by this new pink haired girl who reminds him of Euphie then suzaku will kill her out of spite making everyone realise why suzaku is still lame!!! and kallen is ends up crying whilst piloting her frame like in the first OP sequence (provided my dream dont come to pass! MAN I HOPE NOT!!! i always dream worst case scenarios tut watching
    Ai Yori Aoshi hasnt changed my negative mental sleepstate one bit!!!)

    I HATE PINK HAIRED GIRLS IN ANIME for three main reasons

    Lacus Clyne/Meer Cambel
    Euphie (her death was obvious from time at school festival)

    The new girl seems to be a fanservice type!

    Lelouch wll never end up with shirley cos us Brits hate gingers (really its true, i dont know why… think it has something to do with Mick hucknel and Chris Evans ๐Ÿ˜› i personally am indifferent to hair colour unless pink ๐Ÿ˜› )

    WingZero zxt
  42. damn it – guess its impossible to put spoiler tags around my last comment -_- nan da yo…
    if anyone gets spoiled it was not my intention, sorry -_…. wait not entirely, there are screen caps alone used with the summaries that also act that way. gomen nasai.

    anyways, -_- at the cliff hanger at the end…. definitely a new character,Show Spoiler ▼

    LOL wow, who knows.

  43. This episode was awesome and nice battle. I picture that Anya probably will play an important role for the future episodes that will come by, if she met Lelouch again. Since she hold a picture of kid Lelouch. I just hope they rescue Kallen from the Chinese Feredation. Also, how the heck Lelouch arrive to Area 11 so fast?

    Your thoughts for episode 11 is good. But you are overlooking the fact that at the end of the episode Lelouch was in Ashford Academy and there must be a reason why he is there. My thoughts is that Lelouch probably ask Rollo for help and maybe Viletta to help out in his battle for the next episode. Also, in the preview for the next episode Lelouch was hold an phone? or something.

  44. anya probably knew lalouch before he was exiled to japan. cant say too much beyond that.

    it’d be cool to see xiang ke come back and free kallen since he captured her, she could help him hold off the eunich army while zero launches his attack to retrieve them. its all so exciting.

  45. @L riiiight damn nope i am always a guy in my dreams cos i am a gy in life lets just say that in the dream people weerent happ with me piloting itยฌ!!!!` im not explaining anymore of the dream cos it fades with each passing moment as they all do (and cos its hugely embarasing)

    my death list for R” is as follows

    Gino/Anya :aint decided which yet but will only be 1
    Jeremiah :Cos hes annoying like mao
    Pink haired girl: nostalgia
    Millay/Rival: Random death to spice it up
    Odeseus: Because he seems genuinely clueless about whats going on around him and just wants to marry children ?!?!?!?!
    XingKe: in battle with suzaku OMgoodness how cool would that be!!!!!!
    Rollo : Just as lelouch begins to like him
    Akatsuki pilot: Genuiniely cant rmrember her name toudos future wife

    theres more but i doubt many more then this will die

    Again Lelouch = Genius : How is it it that the entire brittanian millitary (controling 2 thirs of the world) hasnt once thought , ” You know what hadron cannons are quite powerful i know ill mount them to our flagships” !!!! Lelouch on other hand , “Hadron cannons are quite powerful. I know with my meager force and comparitively VASTLY inferior resources ill mount hardron cannons to my flagship” ?!?!!?!? Its almost like how in Stargate the aliens (goa’uld) failed to destroy the earth for the sake of 4 people with machineguns running around inside their spaceships

    WingZero zxt
  46. G, we can clearly see towards the end that Lalouch was in that mountain on the bridge of the ikaru, the actual mystery comes from the figure at the academy. we could see beyond his mask, beyond the green. he says i have to win, i can get out of this for sure, plus he already has a plan of action, before it cut out, he told diethard to prepare the communication device. zero probably plans to speak with xiang ke.

  47. to add further onto to the Q1 symbolism, she did seem to rush out on her own against xiang ke. you can compare that to prematurely rushing with your queen in the starting game. also the two knights couldn’t retrieve the queen. dont know their names, the ones who were going to cut the cables.

    anyhow, as for miracles and zero, we can say that even if you loose your queen you can still get her back – and you can still win the game. ^^

  48. another thought just came to mind. lelouch suggested that once he had the chinese federation under him, that he would have “almost” enough power to face britania. my thought it that it could be a subtle indication that might involve the EU. it was mentioned about schneizel taking half the EU. so in a broader sense, does zero plan to fight schneizel head on to free the EU? its inconcievable now to think of another battle beyond the seemingly hopeless circumstances surrounding the current battle. for now though it serves as food for thought.

    also you got to love when zero says, “all conditions are cleared,” you never know what will happen next.

  49. I can’t wait for R2 soundtrack to come out! WOOT!

    I agree with teh communication with Xiang Ke, XK is being used by the Enuch (ack can’t spell their name but i hate them so who cares)so he probably will join force with Zero and get to meet his empress before he dies…. tragic i know but this episode shows him coughing too much blood out.

    on the subject of Anya, maybe they were best friends but she saw him more than just a friend. Once she heard he was supposelly killed she fell into that cold state? who knows can’t wait until they clear it out. ๐Ÿ˜€ time to eat seafood! be back later

  50. o.O, i dun think lelouche has a doppleganger or anything. If u listened to the news on the T.V in the end, it seems like Zero got killed in the Chinese federation. It seems to me that lelouche got owned, and escaped back to ashword, and the image of him is actually suppose to be in future episode. They probably showed it now to foreshadow whats going to happen.

  51. posting again, but just thought about kallen in her battle with xiang ke. lelouch/zero’s tenacity seems to be rubbing on her. i mean look at what she says and her expression right before her guran’s power dies. kallen is changing on the inside. she rushed out to battle with her heart, when she was captured she was greatly relieved that to hear zero say he was going to save her, it wasn’t zero talking, it was lelouch telling her to hold on.

    i agree, the previous zero might have left the field prematurely. interesting strategy, or at least how things play out — by dragging the battle out and falling back, the enemy will get over confident and pursue. this will narrow the forces that hold the queen captive enabling the chance for rescue. figuratively speaking.

  52. Alright, I’ll take a wild, wild guess at the identity of the ‘new’ Lelouch back at Ashford.

    Perhaps its another Geass-equipped Britannian assassin that Rolo knew, and has agreed for some reason to help Rolo and Lelouch. A shape-shifting or illusion-generating geass could be involved, and such skills would make the user as valuable a killer as Rolo.

    Could the new ‘Lelouch’ also be the pink-haired girl scheduled to join Code Geass in a week or three?

  53. if its about deathlists:

    Gino/Anya: Agreed one of them definately will die, they are setting it up for that. Either she will die saving lelouch or gino will die saving susaku.

    Jeremiah: he’ll probably die by episode 15 im guessing if he’s another mao. or he’s their ace and used in the last battles.

    Xingke: Probably will die in battle, he would die anyways given his illness, but that would be a weak way to die. I doubt fighting susaku. probably more likely a higher round like round 1.

    Rollo: He has it coming to him from both lelouch and the brittanian intelligence

    Todou: Probably by Susaku (there was some hinting at it this episode)

    Zero: zero cant exist in the world he’s creating. Either zero dies figuratively and lelouch returns to ashford or he has to go with C.C. somewhere (as she frowned upon the comment lelouch made to kallen to return to ashford)

    C.C. & V.V: If lelouch is to go back to ashford and have his geass removed so he can live normally. They have a weapon that can kill her. Im sure it’ll be used to kill V.V. first probably by C.C.

    Emperor: Probably will be killed by Schneizel (the emperor doesnt trust him either) or less likely in my opinion by susaku who choses lelouch over the emperor (a very gungrave moment)

  54. lotuskonoha, thats interesting. but it all seemed as it was real time….. i think it was in real time. hm, ……. wait!

    zero getting killed in the chinese federation…. maybe he will continue his rebellion without his mask! to fight as himself, as lelouch lamperouge!

    sounds somewhat plausible. based on current events i’m not sure how it would all play out.

  55. What a terrible episode. No wonder its rating is going down with each episode. Lelouch seems to be out-casted by almost everybody in the show. His plans never work and worse of all every nobody in the world is able to beat the crap out of him.

    This show is starting to suck hard.

  56. @ Silver: Highly plausible, I agree, accept but i don not think Rollo as any clue. IDK it just seems strange though he could. Rollo fools me with his “always happy” face.

    @Quick if this isn’t a death note re run.. Lulu will live at the end. But somehow i am getting the vibe that peoples memorize will all be erased. <.< That would suck epically.

  57. @L The broadcast was cut off before Zero showed up, but apparently not the cameras.

    Lelouch is really lucky that Suzaku didn’t recognize C.C. – especially when she has green hair….

    Rollo is definitely not acting as Lelouch or Zero. He is clearly on screen when everyone sees Lelouch answer the phone. As for Zero, it’s clear that Lelouch is Zero throughout episode 10 and from the previews of episode 12, he’s dressed as Zero in an area that looks like it might be on his ship somewhere. Besides, there was no way for him to travel that distance in that kind of time let alone get past the besieging armies. Even if there was, there’s no way he can expect his forces to win without him in their current situation. As important as hiding his identity may be, there’s no way that he himself can be back at Ashford at this stage in the game. Unless, Lakashta invented teleporting for him (which would have way more useful applications than hopping back and forth between school and the front lines), there’s no way that the Lelouch at Ashford is the real one. I think that we’ll just have to wait and see how they managed such a good doppelganger.

    You know, it will be so fitting if Lelouch is indeed Britannia’s downfall in the end. It would be a great example of how their own philosophies can backfire on them. Getting your princes to fight amongst themselves can result in some majorly nasty consequences for the established emperor….

    By the way, the first place that we saw hadron cannons was on the Avalon when it first appeared in episode 18 of season 1, so not only is Lelouch not the first person to think of putting hadron cannons on a ship (assuming that it was his idea for his ship given that it wasn’t him designing it) but that means that the Britannia ship that came with the Knights of Rounds at the end of episode 10 of R2 also has hadron cannons. And of course, Anya’s knightmare does as well. So, Lelouch really doesn’t have the advantage here. He’s outgunned and holed up where one blast from an enemy hadron cannon timed between the blasts of his hadron cannon could totally destroy his ship (assuming that the shields can’t block a hadron blast. I’m not sure if they can, but if they can, that will sure deplete power fast).

  58. i concur with your list, quikstryke, it does make senese. only change i would make is about gino and anya, they could both die. it seems that gino likes to work with suzaku but anya has feelings – inclined to lelouch.

    i especially agree about that zero assessment. at the beginning cc has lelouch all to herself so now we’re really starting to see a shift with kallen. they’re both emotionally attached to him and are jealous of the other. which is cute, by the way. ^_^

  59. About Lelouch’s clone… My crack theory is that Sayoko-san has a geass that allows her to physically look like another person. I mean, Sayoko was in charge of making sure the Student Council doesn’t get suspicious of Lelouch’s absence. And *that* Lelouch sounds a little too bubbly and happy if you ask me. XD;;; I wouldn’t be surprised if yet another person had a geass at this point. LOL.

    It’s either that scenario or Sayoko found a guy, gave him purple eye contacts, a black wig like the one Rivalz wore in episode 1, and told him to act like a playboy. XD;;;

    I think fans just aren’t that excited about the China arc. R2 started out great, then we were thrown into the China arc which felt kinda rushed IMO. I hope that the show will start to pick back up after episode 11. ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. regarding the lelouch clone, if the shirly condition is cleared (i dont think he geassed anyone else in his ashford clique cept shirley and kallen) its very possible he just geassed them to believe someone else looks and sounds like lelouch (even though it really is just viletta or someone). unforuntely shirley is there and for now we only know lelouch can use his geass one time per person.

  61. i think rolo knew what was going on – at the end of the episode. rolo knew lelouch was going to the chinese federation, he and vileta are acting as cover. though we see him in the preview standing there in the ikaru.

    i think if there was something bothering rolo, we’d see that unhappy expression with him looking downward slanted, deep in thought. like at the welcome festival for suzaku, at the beginning of that.

    just watched the end part again, there is a long pause with that face shot of lelouch on the phone – at the academy. i’m really confused! but its a good cliff hanger. makes you think wtf how…. we have to wait til next week to see! -_^

  62. i got it! zero tells diethard to prepare the communication device to prepare a false report that we see on the news, back at the academy! hes not wiring through to talk to xiang ke, its part of some bigger plan. maybe its that zero would die and lelouch would continue his fight with his mothers maiden name – Lamperouge. it would also serve as an awesome way to start off the new opening and ending sequences. it doesn’t explain how lelouch is standing there on the phone however. because it was all real time.

  63. so lelouch becomes stronger as a human and a leader, but say with the death of zero and rebirth of lelouch lamperouge – he has to win this current battle and unite with indian army and company. i think kallen will be saved by episode 12 and 13 and zero figuratively will die because of the decision he made to stay and fight after kallen was captured. zero had made a decision that zero would never normally make, but lelouch on the other hand would. so before the battle is won he cant reveal himself. anya might likely switch sides if it means fighting for lelouch.

  64. I have a feeling that diethard will eventually leave or betray zero. It was mentioned that his mission was to make zero some sort of god, but if that illusion is shattered than he’ll end up leaving. I mean lelouch has been showing signs of weakness lately and seems to be more emotionally driven compared to season 1. Diethard realizes this and hence warns zero about the retreat during the battle. Diethard’s smart enough to not follow someone who’ll lead them to their demise, and perhaps he’ll jump ship before it’s too late.

  65. i dont see anything wrong with the china arc, it all seems to be connected with geass shrines and britanian doctrine of aggression and oppression. so its only natural for the rebellion to spread out of area 11 – japan. it did seem rushed, it might be their way of picking things up, setting things on a new stage. the idea was to take the battle away from nunally so shes not in danger, also this enables to zero to reach out to other potential allies and gain the power he needs to face britania.

  66. i dont think diethard will betray zero, after all zero himself may figuratively die, during the million zero exile suggested lulu’s intention to make zero a symbol for the cause. also he hates britania and their hypocrisy, not to mention he’ll see that it was actually the son of the late emperorss mariane who seemed to have a lot of respect. imagine being able to announce to the world that lelouche lamperouge lives and is waging war against his former country to free the area colonies. i don’t believe diethard would turn ship whatsoever, after the black rebellon ended in failure he ran away to the federation. look at the first 2 episodes at the beginning with clovis – he hates them and its also later mentioned by lakrata(spelling?) that he really does have no loyalty towards britania.

  67. main part of the question what zeros plan is, is the question what that geass ruin at the end of ep 9 does. i thought of two possibilties: either it enables lelouch to da a mass-geass-> he draw the main enemy forces to that ruin then uses his geass to make them his follower. or… it will upgrade his geass somehow, remember that the emp and mao had a two-eye-geass.
    somewhere far up the comments someone wonders why the blacks knights main ship is the only one with hadron cannon, but if remember correctly doesnt schneizels flagship fire hadron cannon too when it first appears in s1?
    as to the lelouch at ashford, if lulu hasnt learned to teleport(whioch i somehow doubt because its too powerful) it must be either sayako or the the new character (maybe theyre boith working together).
    im pretty sure the new girl has geass as well since the 14th ep is named geass hunt

  68. someone mentioned the idea of lulu just geassing everyone at ashford to forget everything then gpoing back to their sweet regular life, if that happens ill really freak out. i seroiusly hope lulu will end up as emperor, either controlling just britannia (as the united states of brit) or the whole world. he cant just leave after destroying everything, he has a duty to rebuild as well

  69. Wow looks like this time it was Lelouch who forgot the map!

    But damn how many times does he have to be pressed into a corner before he starts at least trying to plan for unforseen circumstances. By now there should always be a contingency plan for the appearance of a new uber suit.

    Is this whole recharging business also why sakuradite is so important??

  70. what is this new character i’m hearing about? is it a girl? only thing i can think of is that this girl or whoever has a geass than takes advantage of illusions making people see what they want to see, so really the girl is on the phone but lulu’s friends see lelouch. eh i dont know anything about this. is there any information or screens?

  71. great episode im wondering about the doppleganger of lulu as people are saying, new geass or something cause im pritty sure the mentioned a clue to it earlier in the episode needs to check

    well the fighting of the princes is meant to make them more ruthless happened all through out history , im just taking a guess that lulu is kind of like the emperors favourite underdog out of all his sons/daughters

  72. Diethard will never betray Zero. Like Lelouch said to Karen, he wants to elevate Zero to a godlike status. And as long as that don’t happen, he will still be beside Zero’s side.

    On another note Karen just risen up to no 1 status of Lelouch’s Harem. I was quite surprised that he actually said he was going to save her. It that was Zero speaking he would have given her an order, but that was Lelouch who wanted to save her. As Diethard pointed out, that was not made out of comradeship, that was just love.

  73. in the preview hes doesnt have his mask on… unless hes in the gawain with cc. no nevermind hes not, you see him standing…

    i wonder if gino and anya will fight each other. hm

  74. i almost had a heart attack in this ep in the middle when the pink haired girl from the knight of rounds was showing suzaku pics and there was one with lelouch and cc…i can’t believe he didn’t pick up on that what a dead give away! i actually really like the chinese dude with the long hair..i really hope that he and lelouch get to be on the same side…oh and was that awesome or what when lelouch was all freaked out when kallen was captured and promised to save her? i luved that part!

  75. yeah thats definitely jealousy. ^_^ yeah i was like awesome. ah my heart broke when i saw her being captured but its also good to see hints at reciprocation. cannot wait until they reunite. it already is a love triangle. more like a tug of war except hes pulling both kallen and cc closer to him.

    is it just me or after watching this episode, doesn’t it seem as if kallen is becoming more tenacious? it seems like some of that is rubbing off on her from lelouch/zero. look at her expressions and how inspired she was fighting with xing ke. what about the elevator scene we saw that look on her face. then when xing ke arrived she was upset from earlier scene with elevator and rushes off in some attempt to proove herself to zero/lelouch. since lelouch freaks out after seeing her taken away, she seems to relax – swoon over him. telling her not to give up, then instead of retreating he stands his ground to try and rescue her.

    yeah i was surprised suzaku didn’t get that myself. luckily he seems to have missed it. the whole point of that scene i think was to illustrate that anya and lelouch are related somehow. suzaku was just thrown in there to let the viewer know they’re on standby while all else is going on.

  76. Well, thanks to spam issues with the system, my last comment ended up having to get fixed and posted by Omni and ended up being posted just now but listed as 8:00 pm at the end of page 6, so just so you know, there’s a new comment there. My thanks to Omni for getting up in spite of the anti-spam system.

    Additionally, I have to wonder whether Zero/Lelouch would be surprised if he knew that there was a Lelouch at Ashford right now. You’d think that he’d know, but other than his talking to Diethard about something, there’s no indication of him doing something out of the blue at the moment. I wouldn’t expect Diethard to be involved in any Ashford anything since he doesn’t know who Lelouch is (though he does know that Jeremiah and Viletta suspected that someone at Ashford had connections to Zero which may be why he’s hung out with Sayouko so much). And if Diethard doesn’t know about the Lelouch-Zero connection, he isn’t going to be involved with any Ashford-Lelouch cover up.

    Assuming that the person posing as Lelouch is using a geass to do so, who knows where they came from. If V.V. gave them the geass, then they probably figured out Lelouch’s situation and decided to help him for personal reasons of some kind (maybe it’s the new girl that’s supposed to be showing up and she’s yet another girl with a crush on Lelouch/Zero). I don’t see why V.V. would have anyone cover for Lelouch even if he did realize that Zero and Lelouch are still one and the same.

    If C.C. gave them the geass, it’s a bit weird. You’d think that that would have come up earlier if it were the case and the only reason that I can think of that she would do so at this point would be specifically to try and hide Lelouch like the doppelganger is doing, but unless C.C. can choose the geass in some manner, there’s no reason to think that that would work. So, it would be quite odd for the geass user to come from C.C. unless it’s someone that she had previously given a geass and just recently enlisted to help them.

    As for it being someone without a geass, how would they be so exact? It would have to be someone of similar size and build, and would probably have to be a boy. That would be one amazing mask and the voice changer would have to be built in somehow. There’s no way that Sayouko could do it sans geass for instance – she’s way too busty.

    Assuming that the Lelouch at Ashford is not actually Lelouch – and I don’t see how he could be – then it almost has to be a geass user, but if it is, we really have no way of knowing where they came from…. I’d have to say that we just plain need more information to be able to figure out how there are two Lelouchs.

  77. As for those asking who the new girl is, here’s a link that someone posted earlier in this thread:

    Unfortunately, it’s all in Japanese, so I don’t know what it so – but you do get a picture. I recall reading about her somewhere, but I don’t know where, so I can’t point you to it. In either case, I don’t think that they gave us a lot of info on her.

    Personally, I think that there’s a good chance that she relates somehow to Lelouch’s doppelganger – particularly when she’s obviously at Ashford given the uniform and not much is happening at Ashford these days with the Black Knights over in China.

    I do find it funny that Zero has had C.C. be his doppelganger a few times, but now he appears to have found himself a doppelganger for Lelouch. It’s almost like instead of stuffing Bruce Wayne/Batman stuffing Alfred in a Batman suit to disguise the fact that Batman=Bruce Wayne, he stuffs him in a Bruce Wayne suit….

  78. hey i beat you! :d i watched it the 2nd part 10 times, i keep playing wings in my eyes. -_^ wait does that mean we’re even if i only watched the 2nd part 10 times.. -_- lol

    i agree kalessen, theres not enough information to go on, but having a lead that suggests geass user at least for right now is as good as anything, ^^ there has to be something up, obviously. they took the time to pause at the academy lelouch and if you turned the volume up you can distictly hear a ‘heh’. judging from appearances the first thing most people would think would be oh lelouch had a plan going, but if they’re an enemy what reason would they have for seemingly helping lelouch? its a tough one to call, but we have to wait.

    also a lot of good points in your comment from page 6.

  79. You know. I’d have to say that if Zero/Lelouch knows about his doppelganger (and he likely does), then he set up prior to leaving Japan, so while we haven’t seen the doppelganger before now, he/she was probably already there. It really wouldn’t make much sense for Lelouch to come up with a doppelganger at this point. He’s too smart for that. If he was going to do it, he’d have done so prior to leaving Japan. It’s likely just the case that the revelation of the existence of such a doppelganger was delayed for dramatic effect.

  80. lmfao kessen that bit with batman/bruce wayne and alfred was funny ;d

    who is mia? is that the new girl? thanks for the link kalessin. after looking at this girl and the whole mystery of the doppleganger at ashford, i really want to say geass user.
    eh.. hm, one of c.c.’s immortal witch friends? i doubt that, but who knows.

    too bad there isn’t anyone here who knows japanese, at least we’d be able to know what it reads on her profile when you click her picture.

  81. im thinking, but wow suzaku really thinks that lelouch is still at the school. or maybe he knows its him. if he does he isnt going to say anything cause if something happens he wont get his chance to ask about euphemia.

  82. suffice to say i used babel fish, luckily you can copy the text to the clipboard. her characters name is miya – miyake,

    “V [miya] I [hirumitsuku] (CV: Miyake pupil) Swimming staff of ash Ford school. โ€œDay of forced couple formation event queue/cue pit whichโ€ [mirei] set up the heroic deed which is achievedโ€ฆ. ”

    heroic deed huh. part of the swimming team at ashford academy. i wonder what her signifigance means. shes obviously important if their throwing her into the mix in the middle of all the goings on in the federation. so i think logical deduction points to her being a geass user. theres no way to verify or confirm that until next episode.

  83. Did you guys find it funny when Todou comes in in the begining and Loyld hides behind Milly? lol priceless What does C.C mean she new the area from the past? O.o since Tamaki was showing her the way.
    There’s also a pic of a panda at the scene where C.C and Lelouch talking while Kallen is having a drink lol

  84. Well, trying to translate the page on the new girl with google, it doesn’t end up very clear at all, but it seems to indicate that she’s in the swim club. It does manage to translate the voice actor’s name properly however, and looking it wikipedia, it looks like the new girl is name “Mia I. Hilmick” and “is a member of the Ashford Academy swimming club. Her name is inspired by that of her voice actress.” That’s all that I’ve been able to find on her at this point.

  85. It looks like dragon beat me to attempting a translation. By the way, mia appears to be in a picture with Viletta in Anya’s diary in episode 10. Maybe she was in one of the earlier episodes at school too….

  86. i saw that, haha. they all hid in a corner lol, suzaku was the only one to come running with sword in hand. -__-

    i see that picture kalessin. it is her. why are her boobs so big. -_- not complaining but like.. idk oh well. she seems cool, ^_^ anyways it seems we might have a bit more to go off of. its still next to nothing but at least serves as an important clue.

    so maybe she has a geass like rolo. still theres no way to go deeper since we have no clue as to what her motivations are when compared rolo or viletta. she could have been in one of the earlier episodes. was never apparent so you wouldnt notice anything out of the ordinary until that scene at the end of episode 10. i wonder if she appears in the welcome festival episode. or season 1 somewhere. -_- im not looking lol

  87. makes sense that theres a second lelouch somehow, those dumb britannians still think he hasnt remembered. But then again, the King is probably letting them do all of this anyways since he obviously knows its lelouch

  88. yeah charles knows i think, and vv and possibly jerimiah. every time i say his name out loud i think of strawberry jam. -_-

    so i wonder what mia’s deal is… seems to be working with vileta and rolo. or something.

  89. rolo’s geass has a time limit. we see that at very beginning of episode 6 when he uses it on suzaku, you see him counting down with his fingers while lulu pleads with sister on the phone.

    careful you dont end up watching the whole series again. lol not a bad thing but i wanted to find information before when i was building my case with c.c. and her relationship to marianne and her assassination but i ended up watching 5 of the episodes -_- :d

  90. i’m just going to go with her first appearance being in anya’s snapshot of episode 10. which also means that lulu would know of her existence back at the festival as well. assuming shes a geass user and the doppleganger are related. hm

  91. Off topic frm this particular episode, but just feel like sharing my underlying theory to the show. I cannot help but feel that in the end the Emperor will congratulate Lelouch and say that of all his offspring he has persevered the most and is the most worthy of the throne. Maybe? Maybe not? If nothing else, as he is about to die at Lelouch’s hands maybe he’ll proclaim that in order to somehow distract Lelouch. I guess there’s not enough info in the whole story in regards to his deal with V.V. to destroy the gods and what not to make any kind of accurate conclusion.

  92. lol wow cool. just leave it to us, L and kalessin to have to know everything in code geass. -_^ :p

    still listening to this song. 3rd opening like its been all day. i still dont have a headache. -_- ๐Ÿ˜‰ ate some good chicken parmesian today, too. i cant wait to hear the new opening ending as well. this code geass is easilly one of the best anime out there. story if everything because if nothing else it draws you into the world. amazing stuff huh.

  93. Given how the emperor was talking to Lelouch in episode 2 of R2, I have a hard time believing that he’s going to decide that Lelouch was the best and brightest of his children and that he should be emperor – or anything close to that for that matter. The emperor may like how smart and resourceful Lelouch is, but Lelouch used that against him. It’s one thing to do nasty things to your siblings to get ahead and look good in front of the emperor. It’s another thing to go against the emperor himself.

  94. I know! Mia is secretly Shirley from an alternate universe where she found out that Lelouch was Zero but didn’t get geassed to forget. Instead, because she could never hook up with her precious Lulu, C.C. gave her a geass that made it so that she could be Lulu! She has come to our Code Geass universe in the vain hope of hooking up with our Lelouch. She dyed her hair purple so that no one would recognize her and she’s currently masquerading as Lelouch, hoping that he will notice her and decide that she‘s the one that he really wants to go out with!

  95. BLah finished all the avialbe eps of R2 nothing else to do. exam in a few hours i should get some shut eyes. hopefully there’s some more incredible essays to read ๐Ÿ˜€

  96. damn song put a spell over me or something. i cant get tired of it. i love watching the opening to ep 24-25, its so flashy and the characters split apart and im a big supporter of kallen x lulu x cc so its pretty sweet to see them closer.

    i got to turn off my pc for a while. my room just flashed, there is a storm outside. again. -_-

    if i like a song enough i can listen to it up to 30 times without getting sick and having to change it. this song just gets me excited idk. lol i’m weird.

    listening to the song also made me think more about characters and theories etc

  97. does anyone else think its hilarious when lelouch says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to viletta after shes betrayed by rolo at gun point and her gives her champagne after being threatened with her status. LOL god hahaha

    the expression on her face, the sheer look of horror is priceless! XD

  98. @dragon It was somewhat funny, but truth be told, I feel sorry for Viletta.

    I mean, here she was, just trying to move up in the world and work out a decent life for herself and along comes Zero, totally ruining everything for her. She gets demoted and a number of her colleagues end up dead. I don’t know how many of them she would have called friends or really cared about, but it’s pretty rare that you’d consider it a good thing when a bunch of your co-workers die.

    In search of fixing her life, she tries to chase down Zero and actually finds him, but instead of that promotion that she so badly wanted, she gets shot and loses her memory. Now, as a result she ends up with a really nice fellow that she falls in love with. But of course, once she gets her memory back, she realizes that she can’t be with him because he’s an Eleven – and a terrorist to boot – and she’s supposed to capture or kill him. That’s her job. So, caught between the choice of fulfilling her life’s dream and the man she loves, she ends up shooting the man that she loves. That’s arguably a pretty poor choice, but she was stuck between two worlds and was forced to make a choice. She went with her dream. At least she didn’t kill him. There may even be a really good chance that that was on purpose. She had to do something because that was her job, but she only wounded him because she didn’t want him to die.

    In any case, she gets her promotion, but lo and behold, what job does she get? She’s stuck posing as a teacher and spying 24/7 on the man that ruined her life. I really don’t think that that was quite what she was looking for. On top of that, not only can’t she be with the man that she loves, but he’s about to die. Zero saves him fortunately, but that just means that he ends up blackmailing her later. Now not only is she stuck in a bad job and can’t be with the guy that she’s in love with, but she’s constantly in fear of being caught and punished – maybe even killed. Really, she’s stuck between two worlds and can’t quite get what she wants in either one.

    I won’t claim that Viletta’s perfect or that all the choices that she’s made have been great ones, but she really isn’t an evil character and she’s really been getting the short end of the stick. Personally, I’m hoping that she ends up fully on the side of the Black Knights, ends up with Ougi, and maybe even gets a great position once Zero wins.

  99. ah i’m talking about her expression itself, not her character. just how the happy birthday sounds in japanese with her facial expression. i guess i wasn’t clear on that. i wasn’t laughing at her situation, just how random it was that lulu resolved it. oh well. ^^ besides that is true, lulu does have to remain vigilante so that he does not get caught so i dont blame him for going all out. otherwise he’ll be executed.

    viletta is cool. she is becoming a sharp contrast to jerimiah as they are pure bloods. sure jerimiah heavily leans in the opposite direction while viletta seems to be softened by ogi. i don’t think viletta’s life is ruined by any means. sure zero knocked some dents into her career but it was because of that she had met ogi who i’ll presume to be the love of her life and a contrast to how she ”hates elevens”. ogi was a teacher at the school and viletta seems to also be enjoying being a teacher even if its all part of the mission. i think she is better off how shes become much more so than jerimiah because hes going so far in the other direction. thats also what i think, she will switch to zero’s side. at least when she was with ogi she seemed to enjoy the time she had with him. jerimiah is constantly fighting…

    there is no good or evil characters, that would be perception. if there has to be something to indicate anything, i’d say whatever method comes across as the most destructive to positive human emotions to be evil. there are so many characters that are treated unfairly. but i think all humans are burdened with something that is unfair, that threatens their happiness, something or someone you want to protect more than anything.

    if it were me and i had to choose between a life dream or love, i would choose love. without it, where is your humanity?

  100. Oh well, rumours are there will be an R3, so don’t bet it will end this season.
    For me it would end with the contact lens would not be able to handle the Geass anymore, and there is where Mia comes in. Also Lelouch would finally choose Karen as his love interest. Honestly I feel that she is the most nearest to Lelouch in term of their personality, just that Lelouch is more brain and she is more brawn. Come to think of it it’s ironic that Lelouch is so athletically phail when his father is an Enegizer Bunny and his mom was a knightmare pilot

  101. @dragon

    Nope Villeta isn’t pure blood. If I did not remember wrongly, she is a half-blood, like Kallen. She just joined the Purists, and therefore has unwavering loyalty to Jeremiah because doing so could cement her a higher position as an Earl, Count, Knight, whatever. I doubt she really ‘hates elevens’. The memory loss probably showed that that was not her innate nature. She probably forced herself to think that way before, so that she could do well in her job.

    I pretty like her, actually. She has not really been a bitch to anyone. Hope Lelouch does not give her and Rollo too sad an ending, although at the back of my head, something seems to be telling me that it will not be safe not to do so.

  102. @L You sleep? LOL I’m stuck up finishing up the last of my homework for the quarter and I keep poking around here and posting. It’s not very efficient that way….

    You know, I really have to wonder what the folks that think that the last couple of episodes were lame are looking for. Both episodes 9 and 10 were cram full of stuff. Episode 9 had tons of intrigue and build up while episode 10 had lots of action. There’s some great stuff going on here. Maybe they just don’t like Zero being up against anyone that’s as good as if not better than he is?

    I’d love to know if there was going to be an R3. I really question it, but who knows. I want them to make it the length that will result in the best series overall. If it works best for it to be 2 seasons, then it should be 2. If it works best for it to be 10 seasons, then it should be 10 (though there’s no way that that‘s happening). Personally, I’d expect 3 at the most, but I’d guess that we’ll be done after this season. Given how quickly Code Geass can jump forward in terms of where things are, how powerful the position of the Black Knights is, etc., I think that there’s a good chance that R2 is the end. In addition, the R2 primer at this site basically states that we’re supposedly going to find out all the mysteries of season 1 in R2. If they’re really going to tell us everything, I don’t see any way that there’s going to be another season.

    I’d love more Code Geass beyond season 2, but I don’t want it to overstay its welcome either. I just hope that it has a great ending. I hate it when an anime is really great up until the ending and the ending turns out to be horrible. I’m unaware of any actual announcements about the overall length of Code Geass. I think we’ll just have to wait and see how R2 goes before we find out.

  103. @dragon Well, perhaps I was being a bit extreme when I said that Zero had ruined her life, but from her point of view, once Zero showed up everything started going wrong, and even when things started going right post season 1, she still wasn’t really where she wanted to be.

    I think that it’s fairly clear that she didn’t want to be a teacher, but on the other hand, on some level I think that she’s come to like it. I think that it would be safe to say that Zero’s actions have prevented her from having the life that she envisioned, but in the end she stands a good chance of finding happiness that she would never have found had she gone the way that she had hoped to.

    As for good and evil characters, I suppose that I don’t really want to get into an argument on that one, but I do believe that you can have characters that are pretty much outright good and outright evil. Perception doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it. A serial killer, for instance, is basically outright evil, while a Mother Teresa type character would basically be outright good. However, most characters are somewhere in between, a combination of good acts, evil acts, and acts that are difficult to label as one or the other.

  104. Heh OF COURSE I SLEEP. I am not Lelouch man. Code Geass never shows anyone sleeping.

    There will probably be a Season 3. C.C.’s story is yet to be revealed. And I doubt they will do so after Lelouch’s Rebellion is over. Which makes it very weird actually. You know, like how the initial arcs is going to be more interesting than the final arc? Code Geass will probably then take on a completely different genre. Like from the current military, mecha, action, war to say, fantasy, supernatural, love. It will be a totally different direction.

    I am quite sure you are right on the point about killing off characters stronger than Lelouch. The only example I can think of is Xing-Ke, and I am pretty sure this guy is going to die soon. He will probably die saving the Empress or whatever, and Zero could then use that to his advantage. Like I said before, love or affection for anyone is both the remaining evidence of a leader’s humanity but also the area of his weaknesses.

  105. Oh they sleep in Code Geass, but it’s in class, not in bed (at least for Kallen and Lelouch). Of course, since they’re not in class anymore, maybe they don’t sleep anymore….

  106. @Shamaticgrl and dragon, the timelimit is not his actual weakness. the weakness was he cant timestop kinetic objects (objects already in motion)like in ep 4.

    Also side note, the timelimit rule seems a little pointless according to ep 2 where he just kept using it over and over again multiple times ableit he gave it a couple second pause between use but still.

  107. Honestly, Rollo is not using his geass to its full potential. It’s only weaknesses listed so far are its time limit – which seems to be at least 10 seconds – and the fact that it only affects living things. There is no evidence of a need to wait between uses or a limit of how many times he can do it in a day. It’s unknown how close people need to be to be affected, but he can obviously adjust its range and it can extend for quite a ways (though exactly how far, we don’t know).

    Given all that, he should be able to keep turning it on over and over again, giving people a split second between the times that he uses at and effectively move so quickly that he’s not even there. He alone could take out an entire army as long as he was in a decent knightmare. That may be part of the reason that the writers left him at Ashford. If his geass were really used to its fullest extent, no one would stand a chance.

  108. @linkinstreet I was unaware that it was ever stated how many seasons that there was going to be. I only started watching recently to boot, so if it wasn’t actually stated in the show (and that sort of thing wouldn’t be) and it isn’t in some place like wikipedia, then I’m likely to have missed it. If they’re having a third season, I just hope that they don’t pull what they did with the beginning of R2. The first few episodes parallel season 1 quite closely and doing that a second time would seem incredibly redundant and unoriginal. Not to mention, in order to fully do that, you’d have to have Lelouch back in school and probably with his memory messed up again – which would be even worse.

    In any case, I’m all for a third season as long as the writers actually have a plan for what they’re doing and it continues to be good.

    Also, as the the radiation thing. I believe what Lakshata said was that it didn’t use radiation like the Guren. It was an entirely different technology. If Xing-ke doesn’t die in battle, it’ll be his disease that kills him. I don’t think that there’s anything about the knightmare that would kill him. It was just so advanced and over the top that no one had been able to pilot before him.

  109. agreed rollo would be a vastly powerful, same reason why i think they gave xingke a disease already, cuz he’s also too powerful. lelouch using them would be unstoppable.

    also it seems liek theres no limit to the number of people who can get geassed by v.v. or c.c. V.V. gave geass to the emperor, rollo, and probably orange-kun. C.C. gave it to mao and lelouch.

    Its possible for lelouch to ask c.c. to give it to someone else for the whole lelouch doppleganger thing, but i doubt lelouch trusts anyone in his team except kallen with C.C.s secret. Also probably very high probablity marianne (lelouch’s mother) had a geass.

  110. Hey this was a great episode. Zero was smart to abduct the Empress, it was cold but he’s recreating china in which the Black Knights are responsible.If Zero had let Brittania marriage succeed Zero would have lost the most populated nation in the world.If Zero joined Xing’he from the start and aided his plan Zero and his Black Knights would be second to chinese federation forces in the World’s eye’s. This may change now that Zero recognized Xing’he (miss-spell) I dont want to say his equal but his rival in war because that water move Xing’he pulled off only happened because china is Xing’he birthright (knows china like the back of his hand) if it was Japan I expect Zero would have done something like that 2 Xing ‘he. Now Zero I expect will somehow gain Xing’he like Todou still possible. the Shen Shu mech will kill the pilot. hope not. The difference being Xing’he will lead the new government or at least the military with the empress of United States of China. similar 2 Axis powers of japan, germany, Italy WW2

  111. Semi-random question that someone else brought up but no one ever answered that I recall: Why do you think that Kallen is crying in the opening?

    If you’ll look closely, when the OP shows Kallen in the Gurren, it shows her crying, but there is no obvious reason within the OP that she would be crying and there isn’t really an obvious one in the anime that I can think of. I could see her crying if Lelouch definitively chose C.C. over her, but he hasn’t really chosen either. There has been times when he’s been quite kind and relatively open with Shirley, Kallen, and C.C., but never has he really picked any of them so to speak.

    Come to think of it, I’m betting that half the reason that you had the Lelouch x Kallen bits in episode 9 was to bring more weight to her capture in episode 10….

    In any case, any thoughts on why she would be crying?

  112. @Sanchez78 Xing-ke may have one because of his location and Lelouch may have one if they’d been in Japan, but that just helps underscore the fact that they’re more or less equal in strategic abilities. It is actually rather fitting actually that Zero used the terrain to his advantage in episode 4 and Xing-ke did the same against him in episode 10.

    Personally, I’m betting that Xing-ke dies within the next episode or 2. There’s some indication that his disease is getting worse and he’s definitely in a bad situation militaristically and politically. There’s a decent chance that he’ll team up with Lelouch on some level – particularly if he can get Lelouch to promise that he’ll take care of the Empress – but his days are numbered. That appears to be a very key part of his character and I think that things are leaning heavily towards his imminent demise. He’ll end up being a character on par with Zero that Zero was never quite able to defeat.

  113. @Kalessin who sed it was lame i thought it was GENIUS shame on you those who poopooed episode 9 and 10. I honestly beleive that lelouchs rebellion will end this time with him having a country and series 3 will be about him and his USJ/USC ?!? against brittania and finding out all about C.C! in the process i dont think that theyll randomly change the feel of the show like L does (sorry for disagreeing :P) because i u look at whats happened so far R2s storyline or the bases of what happens is just a scaled up version of Season 1 with direct paralels between matching episodes up until the last 3 i think where they have moved everything forward slightly quicker. there will definately be three seasons apparently i heard it on here from Omni i think way back when we were all starving in the gap between ep 23 and 24-25 i think….

    Hitomi no Tsubasa is Awesome as previously stated

    Why does everyone want lelouch to be nice??????? its so silly (now im being nice :P) Think about it this way for those of you who watched the last episode of House in Brittain(ia) (Yes thats right we are ahead of you for once whos laughing now american tv critics) Reember what cameron sed about taking away one aspect of a geniuses personality!!!! her example was ,”What if mozart was well adjusted we could have been without*__Insert famous mozart song here__*

    Random Blahblah: Does anyone else remember back in the day when characters in anime couldnt tell the difference between an ancient cross bow and a plasma cannon (characters not on the side of the protagonists (spelling lol ๐Ÿ˜› ) i.e. ,”We are under ATACK by a gundaM!!!!!!”, “Which one” , “I dont know theyre all the same arent they like our leos?” , “No you idiot there are only 5 and theyre diffeent coulours” , “oh erm.. uhh the black one” , “The one with the scythe or the one with the twim metal blades??” , “Scythe!!” , “Oh right” , “So are you gonna help us ?, ” No your pretty much gonna die infact im quite suprised u lasted this long on the phon…..*BEEEEP* oh spoke o soon”. [The previous was a excerpt of a convo between lady une and communications officer A from gundam wing episode 1*] LOL
    Nowadays anime characters can pickout intricate details like in Ep 10 where Lelouch notes the Shenhu has the same floater as they do or in ep 25 of 00 where saji notes the particle colour is wrong so it cant be one of the militaries. Must be the advent of HD

    WingZero zxt
  114. @WingZero zxt

    I don’t know if wanting Zero to be nice is quite the best way to put it. It wouldn’t work at all if he were like Nunally or Euphemia. He’s at war. No, what we’re looking for Lelouch to be (well at least, what I’m looking for him to be) is not evil. There’s no need for Zero to be another Light Yagami. Zero’s bound to do some somewhat nasty things, but things like cold-blooded murder, treating all of your comrades like pawns and not caring one whit if they survive, etc. aren’t the kinds of things that you want the hero of a series to be doing. Yes, he’s going to kill people, and yes to some extent he’s bound to use people, but on the balance, we want the main character to be the good guy, not the bad guy.

  115. On a side note, what’s the point of the spoiler tags here? Anyone reading these posts is bound to have seen the episodes prior to this one and the blog post itself shows many screenshots from the episode along with an in-depth, blow-for-blow summary of the episode. What’s there left to spoil?

  116. To explain further
    @Dragon @L coments
    Axis powers of japan, germany, Italy WW2 are similar 2 Zero plan for United states alliance (United states of China, Japan, India). EU will be like russia minus the Stalin. Dragon great Ideas for ep11 read after posting mine however there’s something Zero’s gonna add to his broadcast when or if he recruits Xing’Ke. There has 2 be because y didn’t he he broadcast when it was just the ENUCH generals,Xing’Ke. He waited for Brittania’s intervention. Schinzel was brilliant tactically waiting for China call 4 help because Brittania’s help never comes free with the marriage still in the works will put Brittania in a position to seize china or 2 call in the Brittania’s regular army to set up shop on China’s soil under the guise to reinforce Prince Schinzel &China Federation. This however all gonna be used against Prince Schinzel because the fact Zero waited for him shows foresight to his motive. This broadcast will somehow ruin Prince Schinzel plans and gaining Xing’Ke.

  117. @Kalesin you say that but the reality is that if we had a character thats smart like lelouch but noble acting like suzaku (in otherwords stereotypical hero like Jil from Druaga) Then this show would loose alot of its appeal (atleast half of it) I am still annoyed that people call lelouch evil for killing Euphie cos it was an accident the real criminal behind the euphie incident is probably C.C because as we know from her *kissing/touching* you she can undo Geass as she did to lelouch the contract they previously shared surely is a mute point as to wether that works or not on anyone! Lelouch had he known that prob would have found away to hide her indefinately or handed her over to suzaku for protection. My point had he known her abilities he would have found a way! Lelouch is evil because in his situation being evil is productive and as seen by the popularity of death note evil geniuses get ratings when theyre fighting for a just cause ๐Ÿ˜› however i GENIUNELY DO NOT want to turn this into a lelouch vs Suzaku argument again cause weve had atleast 15 seperate ones of those over ten episodes also suzaku is evil and thats fact ๐Ÿ˜› Also i have a query on that front? when lelouch gets his country wont that make everything suzaku has done as a mere soldier worthless. Whereas even if suzakus plan worked lelouch could still be Zero for soe reason or purpose suzaku really has no imagination when it coms to scheming

    WingZero zxt
  118. To explain further
    @Dragon @L coments
    Axis powers of japan, germany, Italy WW2 are similar 2 Zero plan for United states alliance (United states of China, Japan, India). EU will be like russia minus the Stalin. Dragon great Ideas for ep11 read after posting mine however there’s something Zero’s gonna add to his broadcast when or if he recruits Xing’Ke. There has 2 be because y didn’t he he broadcast when it was just the ENUCH generals,Xing’Ke. He waited for Brittania’s intervention. Schinzel was brilliant tactically waiting for China call 4 help because Brittania’s help never comes free with the marriage still in the works will put Brittania in a position to seize china or 2 call in the Brittania’s regular army to set up shop on China’s soil under the guise to reinforce Prince Schinzel &China Federation. This however all gonna be used against Prince Schinzel because the fact Zero waited for him shows foresight to his motive. This broadcast will somehow ruin Prince Schinzel plans and gaining Xing’Ke.

  119. Also proof that the Gurren Flight type will never be like Guren lagann because unfortunately for kallen it does not run on pure spiral energy which she seemed to of forgoten. Shenhu at 40 percent. Awesome someone should give it to suzaku! easy way of ensuring he dies

    WingZero zxt
  120. Right now in order to predict lelouch success againt brittania im currently playing Age of Empires 2 as the Japanese against the Britains and the Chinese. And OMgoodness thats got to be the longest name for a cannon ever!!!!!! seriously the way Xing Ke speaks he prob just made it up!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  121. Why do people keep saying that its Rollo dressed as Lelouch when Rollo is in the same room at the same time?
    It’s Sayako showing off her ninja skillz!! Henge no jutsu??!!

  122. Lelouch is responsible for Euphemia’s death in the sense that it was his power that made her kill the Japanese. He did not do it on purpose, so it was definitely not an evil act, but he is responsible in the sense that it happened because he wasn’t careful enough. As for killing Euphemia, if there was no known way to fix her, then it was a mercy to kill her at that point. She would not have wanted to kill anyone and she would have continued killing the Japanese until there weren’t any left. It’s unknown whether C.C. could have undone the effects of the geass. Given the nastiness of the situation, I think that she would have told Lelouch if she could, but you never know for sure. Had Lelouch believed that C.C. could fix Euphemia, he certainly would have tried that route.

    Zero certainly doesn’t need to be the most noble person in the world – I don’t think that the show would work if he were – but I personally don’t like having main characters that continually choose to do evil acts for a good cause. I’m really not a fan of Death Note as a result.

    Lelouch does what works. He’s not overly concerned with good vs. evil I think, but he has his own set of rules as to what he thinks is right and wrong and what he will and won’t do. On the whole, I think that the choices that he makes are not particularly evil ones, but there are a few cases where he probably goes too far – like choosing to blow up the JLF boat in season 1. He generally does what he thinks will get results and so at times is borderline evil, but on the whole, he’s fairly good.

    As for what Suzaku’s doing becoming worthless…. Well, I don’t think that even Suzaku knows what he’s doing. He seems to have this vague idea that if he keeps working for the Britannians and does what he’s supposed to be doing, then he’ll be able to somehow change the world for the better. Notice that in episode 5 of season 1, Lelouch had a clear idea of how he was going to change the world – defeat everyone else – while Suzaku really had no clue. The closest thing that Suzaku has to a clear goal at this point is that if he were to become the Knight of 1, he could choose to rule Area 11. I don’t think that Suzaku has done much of anything of real note up to this point. He’s been an example to the Japanese that you can have success in the Britannian system even if all of the Britannians hate you, but he’s done far more damage to the Japanese people and the non-Britannians of the world than good. As a Britannian soldier, he keeps promoting Britannia. His only hope is that he’ll get high enough in the ranks to be able to change things, and really considering how Britannia functions, that would require becoming Emperor – which would be likely be impossible for anyone not related to the Emperor.

    So really, no matter what Zero does, Suzaku isn’t really getting anywhere. Zero, on the other hand, can keep on doing what he does as long as he’s not dead. It doesn’t really matter if Suzaku managed t be in charge of Area 11 or not. Zero is going to do everything that he can to bring down Britannia and he keeps getting closer to that goal, so Zero is making real progress while Suzaku never really will.

    Hopefully that goes with your question WingZero zxt rather than being the Lelouch vs Suzaku discussion that you’re not interested in.

  123. @Kal (can i call you Kal :P) its not that im not intrested its that i have grown tired of it being that no one who supports suzaku has yet to provide a decent argument! ill even post my leve msn address for anyone who asks for it and wants to take a crack at it . Though i know youl lose!!!! As for blowing up the JLF boat from a purely tactical stanspoint it made sense (obv) but i do agree with the fact that lelouch doesnt often go out of his way to do somthing nice err sorry i mean not evil ๐Ÿ˜›

    WingZero zxt
  124. @khazaar

    I have no clue why people keep thinking that Rollo is Lelouch. They probably just weren’t paying enough attention. As you pointed out, they were obviously in the same room at the same time. Someone else has to be the doppelganger.

    And as for Sayoko having Ninja skills, where is this idea coming from? Is there some other series with a ninja named Sayoko? There’s no way that she could be masquerading as Lelouch without a geass that allowed her to do so – not with that chest of hers anyway.

    Really, for the doppelganger Lelouch to be masquerading as Lelouch without a geass seems downright crazy. He looks too much like the real Lelouch. (S)He’d need an awesome mask and a voice changer that could be hidden (unlike Rolo’s) along with being the same height, weight, body type, etc. as Lelouch. I don’t think that any of the females in the series could do it (they’re either too short or too busty) and given the fact that the doppelganger looks and sounds so much like Lelouch (perfectly so really), I don’t see how anyone – male or female – could be masquerading as Lelouch without a geass or some kind of holographic technology or something. So, why do so many people think that he’s Sayoko….

  125. @WingZero zxt

    You mean that there are people who try to support Suzaku?!! LOL.

    I’d have to say that while the idea of working within a system to change it can work, given how wacked out things are in Code Geass, Suzaku doesn’t have a prayer of a chance of pulling it off. Given that and the fact that he betrayed Zero, pretty much no one seems to like him much, so I don’t see very many people wanting to support Suzaku. And since other than the fact that he’s higher in the ranks, there’s not really any evidence that his plan is working, I don’t really see much way to support him unless you’re just philosophically or morally inclined to think that rebellion or revolution is never a valid option and that all changes must be made within the established system at which point Suzaku’s way would morally be the only way to go. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it would work, just that morally speaking you’d have no other way. And really, I don’t see very many people thinking that way in general, let alone arguing Suzaku’s side with that sort of thinking.

    Really, there isn’t much ground for supporting Suzaku. I don’t think that he’s all bad, but what he’s doing isn’t helping and certainly the vocal fanbase seems to have a great dislike for him.

  126. To explain further
    @Klessin Im also having typos and a lot of grammar error. hope though it still make’s sense. Yea you are right. One thing it Xing’Ke will go down as the enemy Zero couldn’t quite beat. I think because of personal bias that Xing’Ke dies of his illness years to come and will be Zero’s key to stop Prince Schinzel plans for China since many Chinese forces support Xing’Ke, and will have support publicly through the Empress support of Xing’Ke. Xing’Ke really doesn’t trust the man Prince Schinzel behind the marriage proposal. half of EU through force. think of china with a legit reason to invade romving the ENUCH general’s through the rights gained in marriage. This was done regularly in medieval times often ending in a stalemate or complete surrender of a weak nation. so I know where Schinzel heading. question is Zero’s broadcast. anyway the battle in ep 11 will probably be similar 2 Dragons ideas with India making its move.

  127. To explain further
    @Klessin Im also having typos and a lot of grammar error. hope though it still make’s sense. Yea you are right. One thing it Xing’Ke will go down as the enemy Zero couldn’t quite beat. I think because of personal bias that Xing’Ke dies of his illness years to come and will be Zero’s key to stop Prince Schinzel plans for China since many Chinese forces support Xing’Ke, and will have support publicly through the Empress support of Xing’Ke. Xing’Ke really doesn’t trust the man Prince Schinzel behind the marriage proposal. half of EU through force. think of china with a legit reason to invade romving the ENUCH general’s through the rights gained in marriage. This was done regularly in medieval times often ending in a stalemate or complete surrender of a weak nation. so I know where Schinzel heading. question is Zero’s broadcast. anyway the battle in ep 11 will probably be similar 2 Dragons ideas with India making its move.

  128. @Khazaar

    Ah. Well, given how many people have been saying that Sayoko is playing ninja, you do have to wonder where it’s coming from. However, I do feel better about it if people are meaning it as a joke rather than seriously.

    I think that the only reason C.C. manages to get away with being Zero in spite of the fact that that getup covers her entire body is because the cape covers the chest most of the time (if you pay close attention in episode 2 of R2 for instance, you can tell that the Zero giving the speech has breasts). Having someone masquerade as Lelouch himself is even worse. Personally, I think that it calls for a geass of some kind, but I guess that we’ll just have to wait until next week to find out….

  129. @Klessin
    MY biggest challenge interpreting the ending. why? It so dam wierd. We know Lalouche is in China not Japan. IT isnt maid or anyone else because of how we duh saw behind the mask couple times and no one could have accted like Zero when Kallen was captured save C.C. but she was there in the crowd. So this leave three possible scenarios. 1 only credible give the shows power the other 2 less likly. A. first Lalouche real did manage to get back 2 Japan. (this has been nagging my mind since EP Million Miricles when he left, I thought he would have got found out by Brittania soon as next ep) B. Before they were exiled CC contracted either an existing character or new with power to change thier own body. C. mission impossible shit and the 2 Lalouche has a skin mask face

  130. @All who had problem with Ending : its possibile that he went bck to ashford after the retreat order because notice that when it was obvious that lelouch was in china (when he was fighting the shenhu losing kallen kidnapiing child brides etc.. Shirley couldnt get news) Lelouch gets bck to school and the media silence has been lifted now if u think how long on average it takes an army to stand down from a crisis and then start issueing reports to the media (they even gave the media file footage of the interuption to the marriage) its unlikely that lelouch wouldnt of had time to sneak bck to Japan! (they just edited it poorly they shoulda had lelouch coming throuh the door or somthing to make it more realistic. Also at this point theres no reason why regarding the kallen situation lelouch wont beg kallen to be released to school. recapture the guren from the chinese then re unite them on the battlefield there are man other ways to resolve the kallen situation especially with geass involved. On that note C.C and lelouch is relationshp is growig stale to me atleast considering elouch dont even think shes human i dont think it will work out (that and shes scarred in one of the worst possible places.

    i do have one reasonably wierd question? especially since it was a political marriage why di d they even BOTHER with the Ceremony!!!!!!! why didnt they just declare them married ship her off then say the next morning. the Tian Zi was married in secret last night to 2nd Prince Odyseus of brittania. Like some celebs do! Retarded or wat!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  131. if Lalouche did ask C.C. to contract another person. IM gonna take a crack at the 2 Lalouche Identity then. someone erlier stated Lalouche only trusted Kallen enough not true. He trusts 1 other completely. The maid/Nurse of Nunnaly. This nurse in season 1 knew both of them but not Zero but joined via recruited by Brittania Diethard (media, PR guy) 4 Zero’s spy network. she is often quiet next 2 Diethard. The fact she chose 2 join Zero’s movement probably because she also cares 4 Nunnaly like Lalouche. The fact Lalouche in the ep 8 scene where Zero takes off his mask 2 her shows her entering Zero’s Inner circle on par (increased her loyalty greatly 2). If this women who has served Lalouche for years inherited the geass. What would it be?. natural talent espionage. shape shifting. perfect 4 a spy. also she would be able to act like Lalouche and convince the friends since she lived with Lalouche (knowledge of his habits goes a long way) because that 2nd Lalouche acting convinced me it was Lalouche warped 2 ther

  132. The doppelgรคnger situation has two possibilities for me at the moment. The first is that Lelouch somehow managed to get back to Japan from China. However, this one seems somewhat unlikely.

    The second is that the picture Anya has of Lelouch as a young boy isn’t Lelouch at all. Instead, it’s some weird clone/twin of him, and that is who is acting as Lelouch right now. Where exactly this person comes from, why he exists, and why he would be on Lelouch’s side, however, is a mystery should this be the case.

    Now then. Time to occupy myself until next week.

  133. @wing zero zxt
    YES MAN if it was the real Lalouche your right I picked up on the media lift and China japan not long by flight or an sumerged trip. It could be possible but the media lift is the only thing tying that theory. when you take in account that its night and a one way entrance. It would be hard to get out an create a position where he could use his geass power but cant with suzaku there anyone with lost memory or time dead give away, so that leaves conventional methods of escape from a surrounded one way entrance. plus if he dared to use and ran into a chinese nightmare patrol, Lalouche better pray he can use his geass but again Suzaku problem. the whole point of the phone call was to trick suzaku till he can find a way to get Nunnaly.

  134. Also something that people might rewatch to believe me was when Anya was flipping through the pictures of Gino and school giant pizza. There was 1 pic of Lalouche when he was with C.C. the picture showed her with a bag covering most of her face but I saw her very unique Green hair and her eyes & face plus clothing was hers. Suzaku stared right at it not noticing at the time. My guess Zeros gonna succeed then Suzaku gonna have a second look. also remember how Lalouche already was worried a knight of the round might see her that day at school (I think this was foreshadowing) so he put that paper bag over her and got her out of there. This picture will be used again.

  135. I’d have to say that Code Geass is ill-suited for an OVA overall. Usually you get OVA’s when the nature of the show is episodic enough that you can tack a story on the end or insert it in the middle or when you’re doing a prequel of some kind. Code Geass is not a particularly episodic show at all and I would expect it to have an actual ending when the show ends such that having an OVA to continue it wouldn’t work very well. Assuming that Zero won, what would you do with a story that happened after that. And if Zero hadn’t won yet, I really wouldn’t expect the show to be over yet. I suppose that there might be room for a prequel of some kind that better explained events from the past relating to C.C. or Marianne or perhaps the fall of Japan, but even then I’d question that they’d do that since there’d be no Zero.

    As for a season 3, I really can’t say. Given the way that the shows been going, I can certainly see it ending after only 2 seasons, but some folks here seem to believe that it was previously stated that there was supposed to be 3 seasons. I have found nothing to support that, but that doesn’t mean that they’re wrong.

  136. @Sanchez78

    Yes, I noticed that Anya had a picture with Lelouch and C.C. It was actually rather pathetic of Suzaku not to recognize C.C. given her green hair. Of course, the biggest question there was what she was doing with a picture of the kid Lelouch – and him having a flower no less. We may have yet another Lelouch-lover on our hands….

  137. @klessin
    do u have msn. have a good code geass discussion lol. probably next ep .this series surpassed my expectations now hooked. I think your right about the 2 Lalouche usin geass 2 because if u read my erlier post to read my argument. It has 2 be the maid/nurse. Lalouche would trust her. she’s a black knight spy. who else would inherit a geass of shape shifting.

  138. @ Sanchez/All : Lets do this logically here are the facts . The last thing we see lelouch doing is talking to millay on the phone from what we presume is ashford. Scene before that we see him unhappy as zero about how he was beaten, declaring that this is the greatest stage and saying he will be victorious presumably from the mountain. the only thing we have to measure time is as ive said the media blackout lift and the fact that the battle start when its light and ends with them in mountain when its dark. Does anyone know the maximum line of sight on totaly flat terrain on a planet roughly the size of earth (u never no theyre planet might be bigger) im trying to determine how long it took them to get the gurthest possible away to be able to see xing ke men surrounded…..[nevermind ive gone off one one a bit havent i :P] Going bck to the begining how did lelouch disguise his leaving in the first place?

    WingZero zxt
  139. This anime is becoming better and better in every episode. I’m waiting for major change in the second episode. Zero’s final ace in the whole is waiting to be unleashed.

  140. @wing zero zxt Your still not explaining how he managed to escape unseen, he cannot use the geass because Suzaku will know since he is knows of geass not even Prince Shinzel. In ep 9 if Zero one at chess. Suzaku leaves. everyone can be put under geass. also if and how they had transport 4 Lalouch or did he warp. you have a one way entrance.enemy patrols probably with orders to shoot first. knightmares need the pilots out so he can use his geass. also the media reported no further movement from both side .also the media lift is the directors way to create confusion. did he magically warp there. plus his friends did not seem concerned where Lalouche was. In season 1 Lalouche would get phone calls in the heat of battle. explain why shirley and his 2 other buds don’t even seem worried like in season 1 where if Lalouche was gone less then couple hours surprise phone rings from shirley or another. this has happened 1 since ep 8 million miracles all hinting at a 2 Lalouche with geass of shape shifting.

  141. lol when i said lets think about this critically i wasnt disagreeing with u i was just trying to come to the most accurate guesstimate u could well be right. Im just seeing if theres a way of figuring it out without needing next episode anyway ADD ME anyone else wishing to join in on live please use your randomb blog names as it make it easier to identify u from stuff uve previously sed (and it sorta just makes sense)

    WingZero zxt
  142. Stupid_Drunk(brandon) is adding you Wing Zero srry for be on the offense but when i read your post must have misread something because it came off like you were disagreeing sorry – to WingZero

  143. By the way, I thought that I’d point out that Schneizel may very well know about geass and Zero being Lelouch. The emperor told Suzaku in episode 2 that Suzaku was the only one of the Knight of Rounds to know about geass or Zero. He also told him that Schneizel did not know about the Sword of Akasha. Many people here seem to think that the emperor said that Schneizel didn’t know about Zero or geass, but if you’ll notice, the bit about Zero and geass and the bit about the Sword of Akasha are two separate things. Schneizel could very well know – in fact he probably does – about both Zero and geass. Of course, he almost certainly doesn’t know for certain that the current Zero is Lelouch given what Lelouch has done with Rolo, Viletta, and now his stunt double (or perhaps it should be “study” double in this case). In any case, Schneizel may be very aware of who Zero is, what he can do, and what he’s up to. We really don’t know how much he knows and since he’s as smart as Zero, it really would be unwise to underestimate him. Look what that got Lelouch when dealing with Xing-ke….

  144. I have a question about Anya. How and why does she have a picture of Lelouch. I you look at his age in the picture, he is about 8 to 10 years old in it. That would make Anya 4 to 6 years old when the picture was taken.

  145. It wasn’t atypical for Lelouch to disappear for a day or two at a time in season 1 without much of an explanation. He’s already known for cutting classes. As long as Suzaku isn’t there and he doesn’t call up asking where Lelouch is, then Rolo and Viletta should be able to cover for him. Presumably the doppelganger is there to deal with the fact that having Lelouch gone for more than a few days would be too obvious to the other students and in case Suzaku shows up or calls.

    Actually, come to think of it, the Eunuchs said that the Japanese had been in China for 10 days. Given that fact, Lelouch has been gone for just over 10 days – not 24/38 hours. He’d have needed a doppelganger over the majority of that time or the other students – well the student council at least – would think it odd and might mention it to Suzaku. Given that fact, I find it even more likely that the Lelouch doppelganger is in fact a doppelganger and not the real one ditching his comrades in their hour of greatest need, somehow sneaking the hundrends of miles back home past all those Chinese and Britanian soldiers, and getting home in time to answer Milly’s call.

  146. Looks like it’s going to be Geass week next week. C.C. did mention when she was driving that truck that the roads did seem familiar to her… and of course there’s Orange-kun in the PV. and the inexplicable Lelouch double in Ashford.

    Aside from fearing for Kallen’s life, I’m totally excited for Turn 11!!

  147. Well, m-san, it’s good to know that fearing for Kallen’s life doesn’t get you excited. That would be rather weird (but then again, I’m the kind of fellow who doesn’t understand why people watch horror movies….). It certainly looks like the next episode is going to be a big one. I just hope that they don’t pull what they did with Jeremiah last week and show the doppelganger cliffhanger this week but not actually have him in the next episode, thus explaining nothing about the cliffhanger.

  148. for those who question why anya has lelouch younger days picture that would be obviously she has been making diary since she was very young or maybe she enjoys taking pictures at a young age. Anya having lelouch younger days picture when he was still a prince picture really added some spice to the story. If u guys think back, she comes from a powerful background family so her family might have visited Marianne in the past. So she might have wander around the castle while her family pays a visit to Marianne and she met lelouch there. (obviously its before the Marianne assasination incident). I think she will question lelouch about his identity if she ever meet him again in ashford or outside of the school.

    I’m not sure if c.c. is happy about lelouch caring for kallen or not, she seem surprise to me. as for those who favour kallen x lulu i personally think why lelouch is worried for her is because he has promised to bring her back to ashford after everything is over and besides that kallen would really acted rashly trying to escape by her own. (look back at the time where milly, shirly and rivalz shooting off the fireworks on the roof episode and episode 9)

    I personally think shen hu is a double edge sword knightframe which would hurt the pilot as well. The pilot of shen hu must be someone with strong physical to cope with the pressure of piloting shen hu. Lakshata did mention because her team overpowered the unit till a whole different level that is why no one is being able to pilot shen hu until xing-ke pilot’s it.

    key points:
    – kallen getting overconfident with her guren when fighting shen hu.
    – without kallen the black knights suxs in battlefield.
    – the miracle toudou save the day.
    – xing-ke & shen hu living up to expectation with the title for this episode.
    – lelouch recognize xing-ke ability both as a warrior and a strategist.
    – anya having lelouch younger days picture spice things up.

    i look forward to the new opening and ed of geass on july 6th

  149. 1. Suzaku not recognizing CC in the picture just solidifies that he is dumb.
    2. The burial ground they’re at currently is probably one of those special geass shrines that the emperor is searching for. I remember that britannia going to war with nations is to control these places, like conquering japan for the shrine on the island in episode 1.

  150. ยกWeird! I’l have used the little princes as a chip to bargain… for any of my men you shot down y cut one of her finger.. in your first attack you already gunned down 5 of my buddy’s so she already lost one hand “Are you sure you want to keep going” even better I’ll give you 4 minutes from now to eliminate your gay governors… and anyone who is a treat to my.self.. or I pop her cherry! (or some cool treat) & if you decide to approach my vessel y use her as my personal shield simple tied her to my other mecha arm (I name it the LOLI shield!) “obviously not my course of action.. but the dieing.MEn cold possible know” wen you act as the villain go all the way!

  151. @RoDaVis if my interpretation of your slur was correct then that was truly disgusting! Obviously subverting the small ruler is less disgusting then what youve sed thats y kaguyas talkin to her and lelouch tried (failed) to!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  152. @Jeffng9
    So you are saying a 4 to 6 year old girl was able to take that good of a picture of Lelouch.

    I personally think that the picture will play a big role to Anya because of the fact that everyone else in the room with her when she idenitfied Lelouch already knew he was a prince.

  153. @wingzero zxt
    i don’t think he mean that i think he mean how powerful is the knightframe itself. he is impress by with a mere 40% output can outwit the other black kights units.

    well yeah suzaku should recognize that the girl in paper bag is c.c. right away but hey its a festival that time, besides i don’t think he look into the picture properly he took a glimpse of it only. sometimes we make this mistakes as well we only look at the main but forgets about the background so its kinda harsh to call him dumb.

    i don’t understand what were u trying to say…

  154. @magixiii
    well the director didn’t mention how old is anya. if we take suzaku in the account who is the same age as lelouch. she might be a year or 2 younger only. Anya figure might be small but u can’t determine her age with her small figure right?
    Since her personal mobile diary is so small she might be using it since she was young. i’m sure that the picture is taken with the same mobile diary that she has been using it till now. well we can’t apply all the other logics like shuttle speed and etc into this anime. thier technology might be very advance (by 10 folds maybe?) till u don’t need to hold first before u snap the picture. Who knows right? ๐Ÿ˜›

  155. @magixii
    okok then she is 7 if lelouch is 11. well never doubt a child learning progress i guess… who knows even the children around us today learn things around really fast so we can doubt anya right? since he mobile diary is so small she could very well easily snap nice pictures with it. it might be her interest in snapping interesting pictures and like i mention in the post before

  156. @marinelzen
    the pic with C.C and Lelouch does not show Suzaku is dumb. It just shows how dumber he got. He’s already dumb for aligning himself with Britannia and “accidentlly” killing his father. I wouldn’t be surprise in the end he “accidentally” blows himself up.

  157. Well, Kalessin, that point (about the broadcasts) was directed to those who thought Zero was smart enough to make sure that his cowardly act would not be shown to the world. My point was that firstly, that it was a cowardly act, and secondly, kidnapping the Empress at gunpoint was not the smartest thing to do, because it will be shown to the world for sure- and this means his previous facades as an ally of justice are not very much in doubt.

    To those who argues that Lelouch is not to blame for Euphemia’s death, I will say this again. Ultimately, Euphemia was killed by Lelouch, whether he wanted it, or whether he regretted it. If that is not enough for you, consider what he told C.C. after the incident with Mao. He declared arrogantly that he would not succumb to the ill effects of Geass. He proudly told her that he would not be like Mao. What happened is all for us to see. Euphemia’s death, if not a direct result of Lelouch killing her, is definitely an indirect result of his pride in his own abilities. Any sympathy for him, in terms of how he regretted his actions, and how he did not intend to do so, is simply being superficial. Lelouch caused Euphemia’s death. Period.

    I shall be controversial here, and claim that anyone who supports Suzaku either likes his:
    2. (seemingly) HIGH MORAL STANDARDS
    3. (seemingly) PEACE-LOVING
    Oh, spare me. I could not find any other superficial points to add to this already longer-than-it-should-be list. Come on, Suzaku-lovers defend him! I would like to see your points.

  158. @L
    lol over exaggereating Suzakufans are hilarious. I don’t recall anyone still talking about Euphemia’s death other than the previous episode blog. Suzaku is not peace-loving whoever said that needs to get their head check cause i see no peace while he’s living

  159. @shamaticgirl

    Nah, I wasn’t at home when I last said the posts were 199 comments long. Came home and saw it at 270, therefore I read all the way from the top again. Heh. Someone did mention her death again, so I thought I should add it.

    Well, thus the ‘seemingly’. The only way Suzaku could do good for the world is to kill himself.

  160. @L
    why is it again on that topic again? isn’t the discuss about that topic ended in the previous episode?
    to all who defended lelouch that he is not to blame for killing euphy after his geass auto activate. its useless to argue about it like it or not lelouch did kill euphy and he is guilty of it.
    i given a example in the previous episode u guys should view there. should i give it again?

    its strange but i find that i like anya more and more now as episodes goes by. i even find her way of saying boring is quite fun~!!

  161. For those who might doubt it’s Sayoko’s doing, in regards to Lulu’s dopelganger, I found this spoiler for episode 12. Ofcourse there will be other theories, but there’s a high probability that Sayoko knows something about the doppelganger. she might be related directly or indirectly. =P

    Show Spoiler ▼

  162. @L yeah how is that possible though with lulu’s command to live on.

    As for sayoko, i thought she would have been on the island when the black knights were exiled. also since sayoko is working with diethard, does that mean diethard knows who zero is? since zero showed himself to sayoko. okay i just read spoiler.Show Spoiler ▼

    i think the doppleganger is related to the new character, Mia. just a hunch. if shes not related i wonder what her story is. i mean introducing a new character to ashford academy, she seems normal. hm

  163. lol i leave for 3 hours and then after im not here L brings up Euphies Death. Typical well atleast he apologised ๐Ÿ˜› jokes Today i had nothing better to do so i spent almot the whole day trying to figure out with Sanchez (on msn ) how lelouch could get from china to Japan easily. And with the informaio weve got there was nothing conclusive. This is what i like about code geass how they give u just enough info to get u thinking but not enough to guess what happens in the end like in a stereotypical American series with its near 2 dimensional plotline. Heroes being the exception (man im so far behind on that!)

    The posibilities were :
    1. Lelouch according to googlemaps was only approx 1:30 mins away from japan (less then 100 miles) [Damn straight i looked trying to unravel the mystery is all part of the fun] Given the chinese lack of radar and the ikaruga’s (awesome name rolls off the tongue) retreat he simply flew home and got there after an hour or so (villeta covered for him) (my idea: yeah im not happy with it either)

    2. Using a geass recently obtained from C.C as a result of her undying loyalty Sayako can now perfrom ‘Henge not jutsu’ atleast as everyone else sees and hears her (Sanchez idea: Dunno if hes happy with it i expect not)

    Does anyone know how lelouch got an excuse for absence or did he simply not go to school becasue villeta was covering and suzaku was too busy!?

    WingZero zxt
  164. @WingZero zxt

    Well, Lelouch was absent quite a bit in season 1 and he’s well known for cutting class. Disappearing for a day or two might easily not be considered anything out of the ordinary. The only thing that might be out of the ordinary about it is if Viletta didn’t bug him about it and she might not since he’s blackmailing her and she doesn’t want to risk getting in trouble….

    In any case, as I pointed out a few posts back, the Eunuchs said that the Japanese had been in China for 10 days. That would be way too long for Lelouch to be gone and not have the student council members wondering what was up. Since Milly was presumably at school until a day or so before the party, such a move might even result her mentioning it to Suzaku and then Lelouch would have been screwed. So, unless he’s been bouncing back and forth this whole time (which personally, I find unlikely), he really needs to have had a doppelganger in place ever since he left Japan with the Black Knights.

    On top of that, Zero is clearly in his ship not only when Xing-ke shows up, but when Schneizel shows up. So, assuming that there is no time jump between the phone call and that scene (which there may or may not be) then there’s no way that the doppelganger is actually Lelouch. And even assuming a gap of the 1 hr and 30 minutes necessary to get home, he’d have to get past all of those soldiers when there’s only one way out of that base and everyone’s watching it. On top of that, if you’ll notice, no one in the school council room is surprised to see Lelouch. They’re happy that Milly is safe, but they have no reaction to Lelouch himself being there which implies that he’d been there for a few minutes at least and had not been missing for days. Really, while perhaps not impossible, I don’t think that it seems very likely that the doppelganger is actually Lelouch. It’s stretching things too much for him to get back and given his army’s position at the moment, there’s no way that he’s going to leave them. He’s needed there if they’re going to have any chance of escaping, let alone winning.

    So, given the fact that Lelouch needs to have been at Ashford a good chunk of the time that Zero was in China and that Zero is definitely Lelouch in China, and the fact that it would be so difficult for Zero/Lelouch to get home at this point, and the fact that there’s no way that he’d risk leaving his army at this point, I really don’t see any reasonable way for the doppelganger to actually be Lelouch. Maybe there’s some crazy way that we’ll find out about next week, but I think that he’s pulling some trick with a doppelganger which probably involves a geass given how perfect the doppelganger appears to be.

  165. @ jeffng9
    True people make mistakes, but suzaku is on the watch lelouch’s every move every minute of the day commitee. He took a well enough look to notice that it was a girl lelouch was with. In addition, she had a paperbag over her head with eye holes cut out of it. That should have rung a bell somewhere in that head of his; especially since he knows and has seen CC upclose. You would surely take notice if you saw a picture with someone wearing a paperbag for a hat walking around at school or work. (thinking WTF? or make jokes about.)
    Most likely suzaku will think back and realize that it’s CC in the future. But for now he is to blame for overlooking this.

  166. @Kal the bouncing bck and forth in the ten day period is plausible purely because of the fact that in the pre war build up hes often not there all the time and usually directs things from school! he prob was there at begining and at end! His gigle to me atleast semmed ever so slighlty out of place whilst he was on the phone though if hes happy about fooling them it myight just be another one of his evil chuckles :p the time jump as i mentioned earlier is only supported by the media coverage being restored Him leaving doesnt make sense agreed but the fact remains that everyone who should be watching him is pre occpupied with Xing ke that being said why would he leave ! The difference in our theories is merely that man relys souly on the meager evidence provided (meaning at best its incomplete) whereas yours whilst seemly more likely is based more on circumstantial evidence. Honestl though i prefer yours though i defentely dont think sayako has learnt some kind of ninja technique or watever!

    WingZero zxt
  167. not trying to bring euphie discussion back, but i’ve read few points from another forum about lulu’s geass going out of control right when he made the joke comment about killing the japanese. what if contact with the shrine in ep 18 season 1 caused lulu’s geass to become stronger? what later when charles laughs and says , “he really did it!”, he wasn’t talking about lelouch but v.v. instead? at the time of the geass evolution – cc was also having flashbacks and fell down to her knees. now that i think about it, i certainly wouldn’t put it past v.v. to do something like that. i think we can also confirm the whole flashback at the island in episode 25 was also a trap set by v.v. to stall for time as he knew suzaku was on his way.

    also that 2ch rumor, i noticed that was sometime before episode 10 was ever aired.


  168. Issues regard 2 lelouch(s)?
    -Lelouch appeared in school is a Geass user in disgues.Highly possible if geass has the power to shapeshift, voice change etc.
    -Lelouch appeared in school is himself. Possible, as the exact time was not given.(Similar to the situation in the end of episode one)
    -Lelouch appeared in school is Sayoko in disgues. Unlikely.

    Gease user in disgues:(if)
    -Sayoko: no mention of geass power, know the true identity of Zero, familiar with lelouch’s behaviour.
    -Mia: unknown, ashford student.

  169. the “doppleganger” is actually Sayoko. (Remember: the Z for Zendatta scene where pretty much anyone is Zero and that all of them were exiled… LeLouche showed his face to Sayoko so… She is one awesome ninja”

  170. hasn’t anybody realised that letting kallen being captured is not possible?
    because she knows zero’s identity and is for certain that the eunuchs would torture to learn all she knows about the order.Not that she’d tell them anything but they ‘d also give her a truth serum(don’t know how it is named) or other substances and she’d tell them anything they want. Of course only lelouch and CC kno that but that would convince Diethard if he knew.

  171. i believe this to give some insight into some events in the future
    Show Spoiler ▼

    i think kallen will be freed next episode. apparently episode 12 looks like a comedic one.
    red and green are always beautiful :d kallens dress might have to do with episode 12, c.c. i wonder if she’ll participate. -_^ lol interesting.

    king and queen ๐Ÿ˜‰ lelouch and kallen, zero and Q1 ftw

  172. @Jimmy
    I don’t think the series would go beyond using any truth serum it seems like it goes beyond the world of geass to me.

    sunrise also help produce Gundam

  173. @dragon
    I think i’m gonna fall over and die if that happens due to over excitement. I love C.CxLelouchxKallen so both ways are fine but to see her participate in the Cupid Day is to die for. @_@ getting too excited for my own good now DX why must you say king and queen T_T that’s unbarable. but if she does comes in i’m guessing C.C will do something to spoil the moment..yet again lol

  174. pointing out the preview for episode 11, whose gloves are those at the controls – to a knf?
    its not anya… or cornelia, they both have white gloves, i just compared it to viletta. but could that be her?

  175. @dragon

    Thanks for that site with spoilers through episode 13. There’s some good info there. It doesn’t actually
    spoil much of anything, but just knowing the blurb for each episode does give some insight.

    As for the pink gloves, I really can’t say. It’s definitely not Anya since the same preview has her gloves as white. I don’t know about Cornelia, but that would certainly be a big surprise. I don’t think that any of the Black Knight female pilots where gloves like that – let alone pink ones – and I really hope that no guy is wearing those…. In either case, they’re the kind of gloves that I’d expect a Britannian to wear, so it’s probably one of them. Maybe they have some sutherlands or something and it’s one of the normal soldiers who happens to be female. Really, I don’t see any obvious choices for who it could be.

  176. i think the only obvious choice would be viletta, if just based on that shot alone. i doubt it would be a new character right in the middle of the fight, also it wouldn’t be a normal female britanian soldier because if it was; they normally wouldn’t show clips of cannon fodder characters who aren’t important. my guess is that its probably one of those things where we it will be some surprise in zero’s favor because the odds certainly are not in his favor as of this point. even if zero is capable of miracles, he still needs the military muscle to hold back the enemy.

    also to add to this somewhat, sayoko.. or whoever is responsible for that lelouch doppleganger might have enabled viletta to join the fight. though i can’t say what her motives would be for seemingly ‘just appearing’. so i don’t know. its all just speculation, but who else could it be?

    one thing i’ve come to terms with is that no matter how much we predict we’re always shocked and amazed; heartbroken and enchanted by the events and twists of each episode.

  177. i think viletta should change her name when she officially switch sides to support ohgi.
    then we will be calling her chigusa more. XD

    i wish there would be more xing-ke vs lelouch in battle tactics but i don’t see there would be anymore in near future since the eunchs stopped xing-ke from charging into the battlefield. sad it was interesting to see lelouch lose in battle tactics and admits his lost. Xing-ke you rock!

    i understand what u mean. suzaku was suppose to be on the watch out for lelouch lke 24/7 if he is in the school but take note the camera angle didn’t show that suzaku was taking a deeper look at the picture. he must have just took a glimpse of it and switch to talking to milly without looking deeper into the picture.

  178. hmmm interesting stuff i still cant see the dpG being sayako because i still doubt that lelouch would have given someone power the rivals his own regardless of how loyal they were
    althoug i definately believe sayakos involved i think in order for sayako to have geass diethart would have to know of its exsistence becasue he sent her there in first place

    WingZero zxt
  179. Xingke will definitely get better in the next episode. It is called the Power of Emotion. I bet he will live because the empress wants him to. Her name is literally “son of heaven”. I bet it will be a divine thing that saves him. It has been set as someone who will definitely die in the beginning but it would suck as a story if he does.

    Code Geass Fan
  180. Wow in reference to an earlier post i completely missed that mia is in Anyas photo album and does mia debut next ep i cant remember what was said (or where ๐Ÿ™ )

    Also i havent heard the new one Yet but ALI Project Rock!!!!!!! cant wait for Beautifully Elegant Flower of Evil!!! Ep 13 is it?

    WingZero zxt
  181. The big problem with Sayoko is : can we really trust her ?
    I know that she helped a lot and her actions prove that she is supporting the rebellion. But I keep on thinking that her emotionless face hides something. After all, we know NOTHING about her. Why does she chose to help the rebellion ? She takes care of Milly since she was a little child, so I don’t think she is on bad terms with the Asford how are Britanniens and I can also make the supposition that she knew that Lelouch was a Britannien prince. And she is an important character in the anime, so I believe that the fact that the mutism of Sayoko hides something.

  182. Hah hah… It’s the way LULUCHAN’S HAREM’S growing faster and faster at a lightning speed XDDD Now we have Shirley, C.C, Kallen, Kaguya… And there’re tons of MOES surround him day and night (Tianzi and those cute girls in the Black Night) Wish that I’m him.

    One of my kind friend give me the spoiler (dun read it if ya dun like): Lulu is about to KISS KALLEN in ep12 or so. Can;t wait till it happen… Poor C.C, wish that I have her XD

  183. Well, I think that Mia can probably be ruled out as having much of anything to do with anything, let alone being the doppelganger.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  184. As for trusting Sayoko, I don’t see why we can’t trust her. She’s pretty quiet overall but I think that she’s shown herself to be fairly devoted to Lelouch and Nunally. She definitely knew who they were. I don’t see any particular reason why we wouldn’t be able to trust her.

    From what I gather, some of the DVD extras in Japan are chunks of her diary – most of which is for comedic effect I think. For instance, supposedly they show how she had to take an entrance exam of some kind to enter the Black Knights and how it was C.C. who gave the final okay for her to join. Unfortunately, I naturally haven’t actually seen any of these extras – only read about them – and most of what I remember is the funny stuff. I think that her Wikipedia article might have been where I picked up at least some of the info on her.

    From what I was reading, the main fun of the diary was it showing how funny some things look from her skewed perspective of not having all the info. For instance, apparently she kind of had a crush on Suzaku when he first showed up but when she overheard Suzaku and Lelouch saying that they should hide their relationship, she thought that they were gay and that she was out of luck. It seems like she’s thought that Lelouch was a cross dresser and the like as well (though what she based that on, I have no clue).

  185. @Kal fair point having a 1 shot char in Code Geass is a bit sad really i prefer it the way its been so far with pretty much alll named characters being important to 1 or more storylines, everything being intertwined and such… if shes only in one episode will she pull a Heine and get killed off almost instantly ( lol@ dated Seed Destiny reference) or will she make it to the end due to the apparent underwhelming x pointlessness (so it wouldnt be a double negative ๐Ÿ˜› ) of her character

    WingZero zxt
  186. well do you know that the character Rouge the Bat from Sonic the Hedgehog was actually fan created? Also one of the secret bosses in the first Kingdom Hearts was created by a fan and consequently named after them. now I am not saying the situation withShow Spoiler ▼

  187. does anyone have the lyrics to the song ‘strange girl’? i can find lyrics for all the rest of the insert songs, but this one seems to be elusive.

    imaginary? hey its real! lol no well its like between lulu x kallen x cc and if you include kaguya (cause shes going to be his wife -_- lol) than yeah.

    of course the 3 of them are his main supporters with cc and kallen as the inner circle. as we’ve seen throughout the series thus far lulu shows signs of attachment to cc, cc even asks him about it during the mao arc and she kisses him later for caring so much about her. now that kallen is in the mix, she has grown attached to lelouch as both follower and adolescent love. some of the things kallen says and her actions are easily seen through by lelouch and cc who like to tease her. so basically we got alpha male dealing with two alpha females. since lelouch doesn’t seem to mind one way or another – its a harem lol. plus they’ve devoting quite a bit of screen time to develope kallen as the Love Interest as well as preparing CC for her story arc.

    i’ve also read around across different forums, i’ve seen people suggesting about the idea of a possible R3 since they are inclined to believe 99 percent of the plot won’t be confronted with the number of episodes left. however to contract this i’m going to say that if we step back and look at the china arc itself,Show Spoiler ▼

  188. you got a point there but to me every episodes they show are so pacted with info that it looks to me that there won’t be R3. But I may be wrong and I do’nt mind having a season 3 all the more to bother my sister. NO more school so now i can devote all my time to this site and watching the season all over again (lost count after watching them 3 times now)

  189. when i said contract before spoiler i meant to say contradict, not contract. ^^ yeah i dont think there will be an R3 myself, theres enough room to accomplish everything and then some. you watched it all 3 times? i must have watched the 10 eps in season 2 already 5 times. -_^ watched season 1 1.5 times ^_^

  190. here’s a thought about the preview. the communication lelouch had diethard set up at the end is not news broadcast – since the broadcast airing sounds like what britania would do. so could it be that lelouch patches through to xing ke to offer a truce, but xing ke refuses since he kidnapped tianzi. what if as to offer an assurance of zero’s good faith he were to take off his mask and reveal his face via private communication? its a risk on zero’s part but does he have any choice? aside from what looks like a Show Spoiler ▼

    lelouch needs to utilize all the options available to him.

    oh also perhaps idian, burma, etc. armies come to the aid ofShow Spoiler ▼

  191. Just one question:
    I remember in episode 1 of Season 1, the emperor Charles said the word, “Ragnarok” when Lelouch formed his Geass contract with C.C. I checked the definition of Ragnarok which means “‘Twilight of the Gods’ and the final battle waged between the ร†sir, led by Odin, and the various forces of the giants or Jรถtnar, including Loki, followed by the destruction of the world and its subsequent rebirth. Not only will most of the gods, giants and monsters involved perish in this apocalyptic conflagration, but almost everything in the universe will be torn asunder and destroyed.”….

    So, I’m guessing that since Charles and V.V. are working to “destroy the Gods” maybe their plan is to start Ragnarok which is why they have the Sword of Akasha and maybe C.C.’s wish is to stop Ragnarok. I don’t know. I’m just speculating….

    …what do you think?

  192. i think cc and vv are part of the same cult except that say who knows.. cc doesn’t want to kill the gods, so maybe her wish is to stop ragnarok. right now britania is the world. so depending on how you interpret things britania will face destruction and the world will be reborn. vv probably represent loki, idk. the giants probably could be said to be the britanian imperials like charles, royalty, elite, nobles; Aeser could be black knights led by zero and/or cc as odin.

    i really hope lelouch doesn’t die in the end of all this. because i like him and i know kallen would be heart broken to hell… it was already horrible enough to watch her be captured ^_^ <3 kallen

    the battle with lulu and xing ke is like zhuge liang and sima yi, zhuge liang was superior to sima yi but because of zhuge liang’s illness which should remind of you the illness xing ke has, sima yi that is lelouch would prevail in the end, if only by default. ^_^

  193. you’re watching it again? was that because of me? 0.o lol actually i was thinking of listening to the dub eps that are available in season 1, i forgot what they sound like. plus its kind of neat to see kallen grab lulu’s arm while shes in the shower, despite having a knife in hand.

    was it ever said anywhere that she might be royalty? i don’t think so, i’m pretty sure it was just nobility. even if shes not, i’m sure lelouch would take kallen as his queen just like charles did with marianne since she wasn’t noble birth or an imperial. Queen Kallen, hah. has a nice ring to it.

    can anyone find the lyrics to strange girl? its an insert song in series. i can’t find it… -_- from listening i can only make out, if i had only met you. curious about what the lyrics are.

  194. I’ve been trying to find that lyric but i’m not having much luck either.

    From what I’ve searched Kallen is a noble since her father is a prestigious noble. Queen Kallen and Queen Cheddar Cheese XD

  195. queen cheddar cheese? pizza girl? cc ๐Ÿ™‚ hell i’d order pizza hut online right now but i dont think they have my favorite toppings, cc and kaln :d

    the lyrics on that song, you can make out some of the words but when you try to make sense of whole lines, you end up with something that sounds out of place. 0_0 you don’t want to know what i thought it was saying .._.. good song, its catchy.

  196. i found myself liking stories, Black Knights, and Avalon – it plays during that whole dramatic revival in r2 episode 1 where hes gets revived, the wind blows across his face and he says i can do it, i’ll change the world right as kallen and urabe drop from the ceiling asking for his orders. i love that scene. there is also another song i dont think was released. it plays during r2 episode 1 where kallen starts up her guran, it sounds like a track from xenosaga. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    could you imagine if cc spent a day a chucky cheese? i could just imagine her winning all kinds of stuffed animals at the claw machine while kallen wastes all her money on it winning nothing and somehow wearing the chucky mouse mascot suit

    oh cool, when you said chedar cheese i thought pizza girl which is kallens nickname for cc -_- lol also watching the dubbed right now. lelouch is pretty good. kallen not so much… at first!! but i like dub too, she grows on you. ^_^

    actually i thought it was a bit over dramatic to have cc jump in the way screaming i cant let him die!!! who was she getting any sympathy from? ๐Ÿ˜‰ good thing shes immortal and lelouch accepted the contract.

    you know what? now that im thinking about it. listen to what cc says throughout episode 1.. she talks to herself throughout the series. but in episode 1, she refers to lelouch as if hes ‘her something’. just got to watch and listen for it.

    my theory is that CC has cells implanted in her from mariannes consciousness. so thats why she can talk to her. so that would mean she isn’t dead? but is dead. so what was lelouch; 17th prince and 2nd in line to the throne? is that right? then after he was exiled schneizel took his place? so that technically means marianne is living on through cc though the cell implants. this has long been overlooked. its not that hard to conceive either. the only trouble is we can’t go any further at least until jerimiah comes into play.

    also what about the irregulars in lost colors? i know its alternate from the anime, yet they were individuals implanted with cc’s cells and given geass like powers. also in the anime lulu first sees’ rolo in the vincent and says if thats the irregular.

    okay now that im on rolo, i don’t think he made a contract at all. he was probably implanted with vv’s cells and thats how we see geass manifestation. i think charles is the only one who has a contract with vv. rolo was what 6 years old and i think they had cc’ back then so they could have used her cells. they probably did. because they even used him to replace nunally as his ‘brother’, so they would have naturally gotten along well together when lelouch’s memories were rewritten. also because of cc’s cells affinity with marianne it would also seem natural to lelouch.

    what this all means in relation to marianne remains unknown.

  197. lol you switch topic soo many times i lost count lol

    i think i can see Cheddar Cheese winning almost every stuff toy in there.

    how can Lelouch be 2nd in line of the throne when Odessyus is 1st then Schneizel and then clovis…confused ๐Ÿ˜•

    It’s kinda funny how everything goes back to Marianne at some point

  198. I don’t know about this whole cell transplanting thing, but we know that C.C. is capable of having contracts with multiple people at the same time because both Mau and Lelouch had geasses from C.C. and both were still alive and well (well, physically anyway. I don’t think that you could really say that Mau was well mentally….). We don’t know for sure that V.V. is where Rolo got his geass from, but I think that it seems the most likely. He was basically working for the emperor after all. While there might be another explanation, I think that it’s going out on a bit of a limb.

    As for the term “irregular”, probably all that Lelouch meant was that it wasn’t a regular soldier. They were all in southerlands and the like. The Vincent was not a regular unit – hence it was irregular.

  199. Lelouch was the 17th prince. Now he’s not in line at all because he declared that he was giving up his titles when his mother died. Odysseus is first prince and Schneizel is the second. I don’t recall what number Clovis was. Presumably that means that Odysseus is first in line for the throne and Schneizel second, but you have first, second, third, etc. princesses and I don’t know if they’re in line in any way shape or form or if only the men are. I’d assume that they’re are numbered by the order that they were born and that that is where the numbers come from, but no where in the show has it said. For that matter, it’s never technically said that the first prince is first in line for the throne. It’s clear that the emperor likes his children competing but whether he has a selected heir or it’s entirely a matter of the ordering is never explicitly stated.

    In either case, Lelouch is definitely not in the running at this point unless the Emperor changes his mind and reinstates his titles (fat chance of that I’d say and Lelouch wouldn’t really want them anyway).

  200. i have no idea. okay, that was wrong. hes actually the 11th prince and 17th in line for the throne.

    sorry for switching topics all the time. usually i’ll say something and think oh wait i should say that too because it could mean something. -_- like i said before i’m weird.

    yeah its interesting about marianne. someone from another forum i was reading is very adamant about marianne being a villain = final boss. i doubt it, but who knows.

    LOL Prince Clovis! oh man. you know of Toudo right? the general who won that single victory against britania during the invasion of japan and without using knightmare frames. well Prince Clovis got really panicked during his assault on shinjuku ghetto, his expression widened and hes like, you think he could be better than toudo!? wow, so that means it was likely Clovis who was defeated by Todou in the invasion. -_^ not to mention lulu’s is playing chess commanding the rebels, Clovis says it right after Lelouch calls check. Lulu always won against Clovis in chess too. interesting. so i guess obviously schneizel is that stronger opponent lelouch is looking for.

  201. also about cc, her connection to marianne probably amplifies her desire to keep lelouch from dying. remember she had forgot who loved her and who hated her and became cold through being alone in the flow of time. it wasnt the contract being fufilled per say, that dictated her feelings, i think there was something unique with marianne and then being contracted with her son lulu. mao was also a victim from the recent past. i feel bad that she abandoned him, its a shame she had to kill him. its weird, but its sort of similar to how lelouch was forced to kill euphemia with the gun, because we know she really liked lelouch. ironic. cc and lulu really are accomplices. ^^

    yeah thats what i thought too when lelouch used the term irregular, but why would they go and use the same term in a game based on the cg universe without it suggesting anything? especially when it appears rolo has a geass and uses a special knightmare frame and the irregulars in lost colors also have geass like powers and use their own specialized knightmare frames. could be just coincedence as well. i wouldn’t look past it either, until we know more, we’ll probably learn more from jerimiah / rolo soon enough.

    didn’t rolo say he was afraid of ‘him’ finding them out? i dont know if this was said, might be my imagination. i thought i heard it somewhere, maybe around lulu’s confrontations with him in the beginning of season 2. well i thought ‘him’ might mean vv or it might also refer to charles since hes the emperor. of course who would i fear more? most people would say they’d fear the emperor’s wrath. i’d save that fear for vv because hes the one who gave charles his geass. vv might also have given rolo geass, but that would also create a need for a new contract which i think anymore of them would seem hectic, as we already are somewhat aware of the contract charles has with vv but also we dont know hardly anything about the contract cc has with lulu. so i wouldn’t entirely rule out the cell implanting especially when it comes to cc and marianne, i think that cc talking to herself the whole series and presumably to marianne is a possibility. besides we dont even know too much of the research that was carried out on cc and her and vv’s involvement with the cult.

  202. Okay. I just looked at the Wikipedia entry for Lelouch and it does indeed say that he was the eleventh prince and 17th in line for the throne.

    Per Wikipedia: “The numerical order of the princes and princesses of the imperial family is given by the status of their mothers, the queens. For example, Cornelia and Euphemia are the Second and the Third Princess, respectively, while Lelouch is only the Eleventh Prince. It can be inferred that Cornelia and Euphemia’s mother had a higher status than Marianne, the mother of Lelouch and Nunnally. Also, the numbering of the imperial princes and princesses is sorted by gender. For example, Euphemia is the Third Princess and Clovis is the Third Prince.”

    Marianne was the emperor’s fifth wife, so odds are that that’s why he and Nunnally are so low on the totem pole. Of course, given the description above, does that mean that if Cornelia and Euphemia’s mother had another son that Lelouch would then be the 12th prince and 18th in line for the throne (assuming that he still had his titles)? On top of that, how is it decided what the order is between the princes and princesses. If Lelouch was 11th prince and 17th in line, then that makes it so that he was the 11th son, but does that mean that there are then 5 princesses ahead of him? That would tend to imply that the first 4 wives only had 5 daughters. I guess that it would work then.

    Of course, then what’s the deal with Nunnally? According to Wikipedia, she’s 87th in line for the throne. Assuming that the emperor didn’t just tack her on the end (since presumably she had lost her titles as well), that doesn’t work at all. Wouldn’t she be in line after Lelouch and therefore be number 18 (now 17 assuming that Lelouch is taken out of the count)? I guess that she may have just been tacked onto the end from having lost her titles, but still…. It’s just not at all clear how the line of succession works.

  203. Remember that there are indications that C.C. is talking to people other than Marianne. Take episode 19 of season 1 for example. After telling the crew that Lelouch is alive and being treated poorly by the noisy, thin guy (I can never remember his name), she’s in the corridor complaining to someone about the fact that whatever they did make her have to talk to that idiot. She also appears to learn from this person that Kallen is on the island and calls this person a peeping tom. Giving the fact that I wouldn’t really expect her to call a girl a peeping tom for looking at another girl (presumably the person was watching her shower in the waterfall) and the fact that it’s implied that the person in question is the cause of the current problems, that implies that it’s V.V. that she’s talking to.

    Also, I recall reading that either the director said or some DVD extras stated (maybe it was the director in a DVD extra) that C.C. was talking to multiple people at once at some point. In either case, it sounds like C.C. is talking to more than one person – at least one of which is likely alive and well if they’re causing problems for C.C. – so I doubt that there’s any cell stuff involved.

  204. Reading to many C.C talking to herself makes me want to talk to myself XD

    the think annoying guy is Tamaki. yeah i was confuse on how in the world Nunnally is 87th in line. that’s some wicked stamina

  205. its not clear how the succession works and especially about nunally. 87th princess… well we know that low on the totem pole didn’t stop her from volunteering to be govenor of area 11. so what about lelouch? since he denounced his name and line, he adopted his mother maiden name Lamperouge. Nunally also goes by that as her last name. So did she forsake her title as well? if she did, why would charles reinstate her status? likely to use as a hostage should lelouch – zero rise again. because charles believes that if nunally is around in a position of power she can pose an obstacle to Lelouch as we’ve seen. So he gave her next to the bottom status in the royal line as 87th princess. but i think originally nunally might have been somewhere near Lelouch’s place in line to the throne. since she is his sister after all.

    i’ve heard that she might be talking to vv as well, it would explain why vv knows so much about lelouch. or that information might have come from charles. i dont know whats going on really deep inside, but on the surface just looking it seems cc is hiding a lot from lelouch. its like she wants him to succeed and his success will probably go towards her one wish whatever that is. thing is if shes contantly talking to vv, would that imply shes not being fully honest? yeah obviously. cc talking with vv is likely a game of taunting – back and forth between a member of the cult vv and a former member cc.

    any details we come up with seem to get fuzzy. -_-

  206. Well, if V.V. was watching the four people that ended up on the island in episode 19 of season 1, then he’d know who Zero was and given that he’s with the emperor, it’s not like it would be hard for him to find out stuff about Lelouch. Of course, the fact that he knew where Nunnally was implies that likely has other sources as well, but I don’t think that C.C is necessarily giving him any info on Lelouch.

  207. Do not think that CC has cells implanted in her from mariannes consciousness. It seems that they can speak to dead person. In the first season, Charles said that he spoke with Clovis after his death. But I do think that Marianne knew CC before her death and she is somewhat related to Ragnarok.

  208. I don’t know whether the emperor was really talking with Clovis (that’s normally the kind of thing that I wouldn’t think would actually be happening), but if he was somehow talking with Clovis, then he would have known about Lelouch practically from the beginning.

  209. maybe they can speak to dead people. i forgot about charles just speaking to clovis.. hm. the guard comes up behind him and charles said he was speaking with clovis. other than coming up with the idea that they’re talking to the dead, we cant go much further. probably has something to do with geass. but would that mean any geass user can talk to the dead? if that would imply cc was talking to dead marianne and charles was talking to dead clovis. something doesn’t seem right. it might be the case.

    okay thats the word i meant to use, stripped, but lelouch did forsake his. im saying later she might have been given another title.

  210. @shaticgrl The emperor knew that Lelouch and Nunnally went to Japan – and I believe that it was common knowledge that they had (not just the Emperor knew about it) – but Lelouch and Nunnally were thought to have died in the invasion of Japan, so I wouldn’t expect the Emperor to know that he was alive before Code Geass started.

    @dragon I can totally see someone who had a family member die talking like they could talk to the dead person. It might be a little bizarre, but I can easily see someone acting like that – especially if it was just once or twice and not a continual thing. Normally, that’s what I would think was happening when someone said something like what the emperor said about Clovis. So, I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that he was actually talking to Clovis, but the fact that C.C. appears to be talking to Marianne does make me wonder.

    Of course, my brother thinks that Marianne used a geass of some kind to fake her own death (a la Aizen in Bleach) which is probably farfetched, but there is something funny going on about her assassination, so who knows.

  211. yes, since cc was talking to herself and charles was too presumably, there might be a difference since cc can give out geass with the terms of a contract while charles is given geass and is under contract with vv. it might all be the same too if cc was indeed talking to vv. we don’t know yet the means so we can’t tell the end. talking to the dead. it likely has something to do with with geass itself also memories. because geass has a lot connection to the mind and how individuals percieve and think and recall things.

    i agree. marianne’s death is suspicious. so in lelouch’s struggle for the truth. Clovis probably was friends with lelouch to distract him from his mother – presumably. but he knew nothing of the details about marianne’s death and points the finger at Cornelia and Schneizel. Cornelia greatly admired Marianne and was upset with the news that her children, Lelouch and Nunally died – in the fighting during the invasion of Japan. Cornelia was also head of the guard under Marianne, yet Marianne relieved her guard. Cornelia than says that Schneizel is the one who removed Marianne’s remains. So Schneizel is clearly Lelouch’s next objective.

    I don’t believe Schneizel to be a villain at all. He is plotting against his father, Charles and is also deeply involved with the fight against the European Union and Zero, not to mention he seems to have some interest in Nina. Not sure if its romantic, but it might turn out that way. For right now at least, it starts off from a mutual hatred for Zero – because both of them greatly respect Euphemia.

    Despite renouncing his name, Lelouch still uses it to his enemies. In this sense Lelouch is also involved in Charles’ game of forcing his children to fight each other – for the throne. What does this all mean in relation to Marianne’s death? Its hard to say, but hypothetically what if Marianne wasn’t as innocent as she appeared to be. What if Charles and Marianne’s intention is to create that devil prince, one who will destroy the gods and reign as king, as emperor. Think about it, based on Charles’ whole doctrine, he would never take someone of lower standing as his wife, especially as the Empress of Britania. No, this was contrived. VV is using Charles’ power and influence to get what he wants, while Charles’ and Marianne think they will get what they want in the contract. With CC being essentially used as tool for this purpose, Lelouch is in a lot of trouble. Especially since CC herself knows VV and wants to keep Lelouch from dying, so let me say CC herself is good and even becomes attached to Lelouch. However, CC won’t even answer any of Lelouch’s questions about the contract they have or about her past. Its interesting how Lelouch found more of her past through vv’s trap. Just guiding things along i suppose. Even when Lelouch signed that contract, CC described the power of the king, and was asking if he was prepared to live a life of solitude.

    Now once again, lets say Lelouch gets to the end and is confronted with everything. This likely has to with Lelouch’s geass becoming a lot stronger than it currently is. Lelouch will turn down this power refusing to become a god – king. This is where vv and charles’ intentions split apart. vv wants to destroy the gods, so that he can become the only god left, as in god itself.

    >> So a lot of us are and were talking about Kallen playing a bigger role. especially with her being captured, her being Lelouch’ love interest, and also the director/producer saying she was an essential character(and all the screen time she gets). i wonder what she will do since she’d be at a real disadvantage against the final bosses. lets not forget the symbolism as well, her code name is Q1, the series has prominent theme with kings – battles – chess, Kallen is half britanian fighting as japanese for the japanese, her character’s color scheme is dominately red as well as her Guren Mk2. Since she is zero’s friend and bodyguard, red also fit the idealistic notion of Queen – while the code name Q1 would suggest Queen – as in chess the queen aside from the king is the most important piece on the field, and she is the most powerful on the battlefield. as in the anime she is greatly respected like zero – the black king – by all of the order of the black knights. so Kallen, what could she do? the only thing that i could possibly think of is for her to obtain geass somehow. well thats not the only way, we could go for the power of love scenario when Lelouche’s geass becomes too powerful, or maybe CC can give Kallen something to block Lelouche’s geass… so she can get close enough to him, you know one of those things.

    in any case, Marianne is suspicious…

  212. it’ll possibly be one of those things where kallen says if you’re king then i’ll be the queen, just like at the end of season 1 with cc as a witch and lelouch as a warlock. so just like cc in season 1, it would lighten lelouch’s mood and contribute to his resolve to return to ashford with everyone. the last scene before the series fades out will probably have everyone at ashford shooting off fireworks. <_< that is if nobody from that group ends up dead.

    ohh wouldn’t it be a wicked scene if lelouch was forced in some way to command himself to sleep forever? wow so many ways this can all go… plus if you add the dramic music and the love interest. -_^

  213. @dragon lelouch has used geass un himself already! ๐Ÿ˜› i reckon that if Kallen goes for lelouch then suzaku might kill her for the sake of irony making them hate one another all the more And if the whole speakig to dead people is accurate then Sharles knew leouch and nunally werent dead cos he couldnt speak to them so he knew they were somewhere since he was the only one not suprised after seeing lelouches face. Also in regard Geass being given to anyone i dont think thats possible you must have as C.C. put it a reason to stay alive brought about by some form o dispair (Mao) or a life long ambition (Rollo,Lelouch,Charles)
    Seeing that dotted image of C.C must be some form of deciding factor which is why i fell that unless C.C. interactions with him have removed it somehow then suzaku is the only other character capable (unless having royal blood counts) of obtaining GEASS: the POWER of the KING!!!

    WingZero zxt
  214. i knew he already did. but if his geass were to become stronger…

    before thought about his reason for living and getting his power, cc already saw him on the runaway truck and said there he is, he is my… and it cuts off there. so i think geass can be given to anyone wether they have a reason or not. besides, what about mao? what about rolo? in that case you can give any human a geass because all humans are fundamentally different, so their reasons for living would also be different. even if they didnt have a reason, people long to find a reason maybe through love, power, respect, pride. also i think the nature of the power of geass is different in any human who is given geass. for instance charles and lelouch are very different in their emotions and reasons for living. as such lelouch gained the power he needs to help him achieve his dreams and ambitions.

  215. Rolo we just havent seen him with C.C however we know he ahas a greater ambition. Also Mao was given Geass because C.C felt sorry for him but we have no reason to think he couldnt see the pixelated version of her like lelouch and suzaku could. Also the othe reason that i think geass cant be given to just anyone is the fact that If it cold be then there would be better people to give it to then orphans and royalty (like soldiers) Also lelouch would surely have factored making a second or third geass user into his plans but him meeting rolo was just coincidence and uunless im proved wrong in ep 11 he has yet to do so (giving geass to someone uve already told to be Nothing but loyal to you in every way would be logical right!?) but he hasnt done this!

    WingZero zxt
  216. that is true. to be honest i don’t think that possibility ever came to Lelouch’s mind. it might not happen at all in the series, but i think it could or would be possible in their universe itself. wether or not geass given to royalty and orphans are worse off than other people, i think that since Lelouch was so conflicted and knew so many people on both sides, royalty and his time spent in japan with suzaku formed apart of what Lelouch has become, as we can see he is continuously evolving and his resolve has also changed. so i think it was good that Lelouch got geass. but also you could say he wasn’t royalty anymore having been abandoned by his own country.

  217. its the blood that counts being of royal decent maybe. the bottoms line is if Geass could be given to anyone would they really have had to alter Jeremiah? wouldnt they simply have ask V.V to give him or anyone geass! Geass isnt somthing anyone could handle!

    WingZero zxt
  218. i can’t really say for sure about jerimiah. but i don’t think rolo is royal blood line at all. but why would that matter? the divinity of kings and of royal blood are simply humans who rose to power a long time ago. they should be the same as anyone who is not of royal blood.

    shamaticgrl i’m just thinking of what might make for a dramatic emotional climax, then we can have cc or kallen or suzaku save him somehow. ;^^

    i have to wait for a while to post anymore, i don’t want to get flagged again -_-

  219. lol i wouldn’t call that a dramatic emotional climax XDmore of a dramatic relax

    I think royalty comes from the mind. Zero can consider himself royalty once he frees japan and whomever he takes as his queen will be royalty and his children (shocking!) are too. i don’t remember what point i was trying to say…

  220. When i made the point about royal bloodline i merely meant that having royal blood is they key to bing able to accept a contract (sorta like how having the ancient gene is neccessary in order to operate ancient technology in Stargate Atlantis!!! It doesnt neccesarily mean non royals dont have it but mainly royals do have it! Which might of been how brittainia got so powerful in the first place and why the emperor(s) are/were so intenet on having so many children! (im not sure how long brittania has been trying to conquer the world for or if Chalres was the first to [randomly] start saying ,”The same thing we do every night V.V. TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!” (man i miss that show)

    WingZero zxt
  221. i think you’re right shamaticgrl, in the most common sense royalty comes from the mind. ^^

    geass gene? thats interesting. in that case if not just any human can take on geass, that could imply being injected with cells so that a person can use geass. maybe lelouch had experiments done on him as a child. it seems they had all kinds of children too, under charles. i think since we’re working with an alternate timeline, britania simply had the edge with the creation of the knightmare frame being debuted in the invasion of japan. also if you add in mass production and real time communication, there is no question how they became so powerful. the geass might also play a role in being so powerful.

  222. There’s a difference between nobility and strength. The emperor is very much into the whole survival of the fittest view of things. We don’t know a whole lot about Marianne, but she appears to at minimum have been a very good Knightmare pilot and probably very intelligent. She probably won the emperor over with skill, not nobility. Also, given how well Marianne appears to have been known for being a gentle, good person, I’d have to say that it’s unlikely that even if she did have something to do with her own death/disappearance that it was anything intentionally nasty. It would not surprise me at all if she’d made plans for her son with C.C., but I’d be very surprised if either her or C.C. had made such plans with the emperor or with the emperor’s consent.

    Also, while the emperor may want to use Lelouch in some manner, his actions in episode 2 definitely imply that he considers Lelouch a failure – for having opposed him if nothing else. It could be acting I suppose, but considering that everyone thought that Lelouch was dead after the invasion of Japan, I rather doubt that the emperor is enacting some long term plan with regards to Lelouch. He’s obviously got something going with V.V., but I’d say that Lelouch does not really fit into his plans. Lelouch/Zero is a nuisance that must be dealt with, not the potential heir to the throne.

    And as for Schneizel, he gives off a definite air of being a nasty, manipulative guy. Now, a good chunk of that may be because of how we know Lelouch views him, but he’s doing all kinds of nasty things to those that are against Britannia and there’s no evidence of him doing anything against the emperor himself. Sure, he’s bound to want to succeed the emperor, but everything that he’s done is pro-Britannia, not anti-emperor.

    Oh, and Lelouch didn’t exactly renounce his name. He renounced any right he has to the throne. That doesn’t exactly change his name, just what power or political potential he has. He’s been using Lamperouge as a cover, not necessarily because he was looking to change his name.

  223. That might explains why he continuously blurt out his name. then why send him and Nunnally to Japan as a hostage? O.o He has no political usage so what’s the point?

    If charles considered Lelouch as a failure why didn’t he eradicate him? Charles enjoys his game of survival of the fittest and clearly to him Lelouch fails so why let him leave?

    WOW imagine our world with geass genes. the world would end in 10 secs.

  224. This is probably a repost, but in the opening scene in season 1; where lelouch and suzaku were kids watching the incomming britannian forces, CC was there watching them. So obviously theres some hidden agenda and we havent been told what CC’s wish is yet. Kinda dumb for lelouch to make a pact to grant her wish when he doesn’t even know what it is.
    Like everyone is talking about there is some unknown conflict that hasn’t been fully revealed yet.(the whole sword of akasha, ragnarok, killing the gods business.) Even lelouch might be a pawn being used in the bigger picture.

    This kind of storytelling reminds me of the movie Oceans 12. Where the whole movie is shown through and at the end the hidden objective was already obtained and everything was just for show. I hope it wont disappoint me.

  225. @Kallessin As we know from the Euphie incident to renounce your name is to renounce your claim to the throne (i.e. u loose the Vi/Li Brittainia bit of the end) She did this before she went crazy and started killing everyone.
    Regarding Dragons point about lelouch having experiments done on him. Thats not the point i was making. I was making the point thatroyal blood might be !Inherantly! Special (sometimes) and the only way to have geass genes to be borne with them (rolo,Mao,Lelouch,Suzaku[in theory],Charles)b or be altered to have em like Jeremiah (apparently)
    Whilst what you said is a possibility in regards to my comment they dont connect!
    @Marinelzen One thing i hope about the storytelling point in regards your implication is that they dont twist it so that lelouch ends um being the ACTUAL BAD GUY in the end! I would hate for then to pull a REVERSEESREVER LORD VADER on us
    Also the reason why i thinki the way i do about The whole Britania /geasspower invasion thing is because
    1. Why use rolo too assainate pacifist government officials if your emperor already has ruled the possilityof peace out!
    2. (If u managed to answer the top question) Why give Rolo a 5 yrd old boy (i think) a geass power when you could give it to anyone of your loyal soldiers and permanently enslave them using your own geass!

    WingZero zxt
  226. lol i just realised im five hours ahead of you guys in te states (provided the times posted in the blog arwe accurate. And heres me waiting for a response (yes i was up all night!!!)

    WingZero zxt
  227. LOL hey go to sleep! its 4 in the morning where i am. i got caught up in debate at animesuki. i’ll respond properly after i get some sleep. a lot of sleep!! :d
    also i have to watch so i don’t get flagged, than i think i won’t be able to post for 3 days. -_-

  228. flaged? And sleep is overrated its 10 am in Brittainia now and just like poular british comedian Al Murray sez you guys dont sit down for your lunch until WE SAY its 1oclock ๐Ÿ˜›

    WingZero zxt
  229. Im genuinely worried that theyll kill kallen off now that shes shown an interest in lelocuh! i mean since this is code geass there are only a few ways it can go (and most of them end with her dead)
    1. After a spectacular romance of 3-6 episodes shes killed in combat
    2.*After a near miss romanticly* where lelouch comes up with a valid excuse not to be to close to her (cant be to close to my subordinates,loving u clouds my judgment etc…) She goes out into battle crying like the OP and ends up being killed by anya who is super loli-suzaku (its in dictionary honest ) angry cos the black knights had already killed Gino
    3.**…She ends up with Gino when the black knights super loose and she hasnt the stomach to continue
    4.*She survives to the end as the only person lelouch loved more than nunally and euphie* then the emperor kills her
    4.1/2.1**… Suzaku kills her
    5.#Getting genuninely angry that kallen after proffesing not to love lelouch in Season 1 comes bck to ashford and theyre suddenly all over one another goes super Schizo-nina# (again in the dictionary) decides to shoot her
    5.1##…Tries to shoot her but fails resulting in kallen being forced to kill shirley in self defence meaning lelouch pitying shirley and resenting kallen (also meaning she goes to jail/narrowly escapes jail due to order of the black knights intervention) resulting in the non ** bit of posibility 2
    6.Kallen being the longest surviving member of the black knights lives right through to see the destruction of britannia at the hands of lelouch and the fulfilment of C.C. contract by him however tthe fulfilment of the contract means lelouch ends up in stasis (not unlike a certain colnel/general oneil from SG1!) like dragon said and she spends the rest of her days looking after nunnaly since suzaku is DEFINATELY DEAD BY THIS TIME!!! and grows old and minging like Yoko from Guren-Lagann (nunnaly eventualy regains her sight and therefore marries rolo)
    7.Lelouch out of pity chooses shirley using excuses from option 2 leaving kallen to any of the endings of options 2,2.1,3,5,5.1 and 6

    8 (the one we are all hoping for) Option 6 except lelouch doesnt have to sleep for eternity and they live a long happy life making xingke-like babies with both mad mech skills and genius (and the geass gene) ensuring that theyre family becomes super powerful and lasts indefinately until those with the geass gene are eventually referred to as newtypes and appear in the next gundam series (MAN THAT WOULD BE AMUSING IF TRUE)

    There are way more possibilities but with the exception of the last one it doesnt look good. Thinking kallen will be both alive and Happy is self indulgent to be honest since we know code geass has a reputation of killing of the characters that find happinness or making them miserable

    (if this aint responded to im using it as my closer for my first post of episode 11 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    WingZero zxt
  230. @Kal (who are we kidding here!?) You and i know that there is absolutely ZERO (lol) president for expecting kallen to survive. The current series is still relatively parralel to the first and the standard so far is that quite simply everyone who in some way has found true love in Code Geass has had it destroyed by some means! there isnt a single char who found true love and kept it through season 1!!! even right down to damn near misc. members of the black knights (the blue haired guy and girl couple! never remember thier names!)

    Do any of us Honestly THINK not HOPE that the lelouch kallen situation will end up with them being both happy AND together???
    As much as we hope (even i hope ) that they live happily ever after the chances are that someting will go wrong alienating them giving them a pointless lame stale relationship like how it was between Kira and Lacus throughout prety much all of gundam seed/destiny.
    I was not thinking in the short term kalessin! even if it takes til season 3 kallen will end up broken hearted or DEAD! loving Lelouch was her undoing!!!! What a pity

    WingZero zxt
  231. @Kal i dont get your U.S of U.S point please explain also i doubt hewill end up with C.C since she is the onl on i think is guaranted to die at the end of it all. When i say lelouch and family becomes ruler of everything OBVIOUSLY i dont mean a a replacement for th e emperor! what i mean is he gets incharge and because of the inherent ability in his line he raises a succession of people who get prominent positions in government like george bush or Kenedy but for a longer time! And finally since this series is still moving along somewhat parallel to the first one i still despite your words strongly doubt that Romance will be mantained in his current situation. The romance is simply there to almost trick us into thinking it adds another dimension to him as a character when really it doesnt. Still i want to see his character find happines in that way even if just for short period of time

    WingZero zxt
  232. 1. it won’t happen the producer even says shes an essential character. they’re also really pushing her as the love interest.
    2. Kallen is the ace of the black knights, she won’t get killed in battle so easily, if at all. besides Lelouch wouldn’t say anything like that, since he found his new resolve to fight for everyone and he even stopped to turn his entire army around in order to rescue her. what do you think that kind of action says to a girl? to kallen?
    3. black knights won’t super loose any anything because zero/lelouch need an army to do anything. kallen is the kind of person to just give up, she will want to fight on.
    4. Lelouch’s battle is beyond Nunally, its for everyone. euphie was a tragic set back in lelouch’s mental state, but he continues on to change the world. emperor won’t kill her because she can be used against lelouch.
    4.1 Suzaku won’t kill her because of their unique friendship-relationship. Not to mention she won’t die because she is way too popular to die.
    5. she never professed not to love lelouch in season 1, she felt betrayed after learning zero was lelouch, who was also hiding about geass. she was upset because he never told her anything while she wanted and wants to be closer to him. lelouch will not shoot kallen ever, even if somehow she were to go beserk with a geass command, rewritten memories, etc. lelouch/cc would save her somehow. in any case lelouch would not do to kallen what he was forced to do to euphie.
    6. Shirly won’t die. Lelouch won’t try to shoot Kallen.
    7. Lelouch won’t choose Shirly because she is far too seperated from Lelouch’s conquest and he and kallen by this will have grown way too close to be called just friends. infact they are already at the tipping point.
    8. its uncertain what will happen to lelouch. but zero who lelouch donned in order to destroy britania will likely fade away, this would leave lelouch intact. they won’t leave kallen stranded without her lover.

    I’m also including my thoughts that i’ve posted from animesuki.

    yeah i see. although i’m leaning kallen as a pairing itself, i think there are 2 distinct romantic relationships. despite them saying there was no romance at all in season 1. my reasoning being the whole relationship Lelouch and cc have because of their contract. by the end of season 1 Lelouch finds more about her past and sympathizes with her feeling alone and she kisses him for his feelings and concern. lets face it they both became attached to each other not just through the contract itself. because remember back cc had was cold and often times cruel as we’ve seen with the Mao arc. So they really have a lot of trust in each other by the end of season 1.

    in season 1, Kallen starts to get more and more involved with zero – as Lelouch and there are some few scenes that indicate she has feelings for Lelouch. Then at the end of season 1 when she found out who was behind zero’s mask she felt shocked and betrayed. In the beginning of season 2, we can really see why she felt betrayed. “Lelouch you were lying to me all this time,” Lelouch lied to her about being her classmate and about geass. From the way it sounds its as if she wanted to feel closer to Lelouch yet she gets blasted with the fact that Zero who is leading their rebellion is actually her classmate, Lelouch. When kallen asks if her heart was twisted to his will with the geass. Lelouch says, your heart belongs to you, you have chosen… me. don’t you believe me? and kallen says, i want to.. Later on we see Kallen still gets upset at Lelouch for not telling her things. For instance she complains that zero is still hiding things from us and cc points out the obvious asking her if she really means me. Then there is when Lelouch decides to keep the identity of Vincent’s pilot a secret because of the Urabe incident. Kallen gets upset here too and blushes when Lelouch says how he hasn’t made their relationship public – saying that in order to switch the topic away from vincent. later she asks why he came back after she fell on him. that was intentional by the writers, i have no doubts they wrote that in on purpose.

    i love the part in the 3rd episode where kallen is dumbfounded that Lelouch switched places with cc and cc compares it to a, ‘magic show’. lol

    where do i think they’ll go in the future? cc and kallen will both play important roles in the plot. soon enough they’re going to really start pushing cc increasing her role with the plot while still developing kallen as they are both part of Lelouch’s inner circle. They are the 3 main protagonists, each derived from a different mindset to achieve the same goals, especially since Lelouge’s resolve has come to fight for not just Nunally but for everyone. so back to my original point, Lelouch has 2 very distict relationships with kallen and cc. besides all three of them seem to work really well together, call it the dynamics of the group. do i sound zealous? i’m really not. if i do i’m sorry, wasn’t my intention. i’m trying to be impartial. because i really like them both.

    so there are 15 episodes left… what would they need to go through. possible arcs in no particular order might be: britanian arc, jerimiah/cult arc, EU arc, world war arc – assault on britanian mainland. plus all the character development in between and just getting things resolved.

    the last scene before the series fades out will probably have everyone at ashford shooting off fireworks. <_< that is if nobody from that group ends up dead.

    as far as the inner circle goes, i fear something may happen to cc… or lelouch since cc doesnt want him to die….. so then she gives her own life to save him. besides if anything serious happened to lelouch kallen would be dead heart broken wtf, and since she wont die because shes an ace pilot, because shes to popular to die, she is the love interest, i would think anything that did happen to lelouch like permenant sleep or isolation would be temporarry and limited. besides once the contract is up and cc gets what she wants, lelouch can give up his power so nothing should be able to kill him either.

    now anyone who backs suzaku…. if for some reason kallen were to die as some ironic thing stemming from euphemia. there would be NO HOPE for him. plus kallen won’t die.

    the united states of the united states? lol he’s trying to establish an alliance between the chinese federation and his united states of japan. Lelouch isn’t the ruler of everything, because Li Xing Ke and Tianzi will be running Chinese Federation with the indian troops backing the federation on behalf of zero and the black knights. remember they wanted to leave the federation because of the rule of the eunichs. so now there is a united chinese federation along with the united states of japan. Yes Lelouch definitely plays the role of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi. tactics, battle, strategy, all out war.

  233. she actually said to kallen she had noting to do with him when she didnt know he was zero
    What reason do u have for saying shirley wont die?
    Suzaku has already almost killed her once
    When did the producer say shes an essential character (no really i need a source for that kind of detailed info
    lelouch obviously cant turn the entire army round to save one person every time!
    I dont bck suzaku i hate him honestly it haunts my dreams
    who are these people :Yes Lelouch definitely plays the role of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi. tactics, battle, strategy, all out war.]???
    i never said lelouch would shoot kallen i mis typed or u misread
    popular charactrs die all the time thats what in my mind distinguishes anime such as this from western dramas and soaps and crap like that.
    Never said elouch would be ruler of everything merely some form of president
    i prefer your opinion because it allows me to trust… to even have faith in the fact that my favorite (non-protaganist) character from day one(which turns out to be ep 10-12 s1) (mainly because of the Guren MK2 i dont have an anime girl fetish i dont judge you if u do however )

    I will probably join animesuki now because u are second person to say it forum worth joining

    Im still incredibly skeptical of there being an ALMIGHTY happily ever after for lelouch
    if not kallen then surely nunally will end up being sacraficed for the sake of it (the series) feeling normal (horrific and tragic is normal for the series)


    I couldnt help but reply to a post u made way bck about euphies death being lelouches fault
    He has a poorly made weapon
    He shows it to a freind
    It accidentally misfires
    At best thats manslaughter or even the fault of the weapon maker

    WingZero zxt
  234. i guess i’m more optimistic than anything. but think of when Lelouch was depressed about Nunally. Think of the fireworks Shirly and company were setting off because the field trip wouldnt be the same without Lelouch. Lelouch said he wanted to return and light fireworks with everyone. So based on that if anything, i think we might see some sort of fireworks at the end. it would also mean shirly wouldn’t die. ultimately at this point anything is possible.

    true popular characters can die, it depends on how you look at the glass. sure it can happen. will we see a tragic ending or a happy one? i think what matters most is a satisfying ending. how do we get there? i have no idea. but there will be a lot of drama throughout the rest of this series. its light hearted but also dark, so i think it could go either way.

    thank you, but by any means don’t take my speculation with grains of salt, like one serving of a food with many other opinions or foods as part of that meal. or i don’t know. sure i’m also biased towards kallen. she is my hero along with lelouch and cc. so like you i’m also hoping for a satisfying ending.

    about euphie’s death being his fault? no i’m on lelouch’s side on the matter. i was simply trying to find common ground between people who blamed lelouch outright and those who supported him.

    suzaku… i wonder if we can compare him to darth vader? nah.. also btw my name is yamibakura on animesuki

  235. @dragon incase ur up im on msn as
    When u said this :thank you, but by any means donโ€™t take my speculation with grains of salt, like one serving of a food with many other opinions or foods as part of that meal. or i donโ€™t know.* Did u mean dont take your aspeculation as solid fact especially regarding the producer info?
    When i say suzaku is like vader i mean in the opposite way as just like vader was evil then turned good (ignoring the first new trilogy) Suzaku is good but then turned evil when he jonied britannia and decided to impose his will on everyone! Honestly though to hear lelouch married kallen and had kids after savin the day would make me a verry happy man because funnily enough that would probably be the most imaginative original plot twist ever!!!
    The ending would be most satifying for me if
    1. Kallen didnt die
    2. Suzaku did die Willingly accepting that he is a RTARD
    3. Nunnaly doesnt die of if she does lelouch does pulla kira (when frey died [i was happy she did]) and screw up hs relationship with kallen
    4.Ougi and villeta come to some mutual understanding irrelavant of whether or not one of them die
    5. C.C. is given the sweet release of death
    6. Anya smiles once (not because i like anime girls but purely because it would signify resolution to her gormless demeanor)
    7. Guilford and Toudou go out to dinner as worthy adversaries
    8. Charles who is obviously a rtardgets what he deserves (no matter hat it may be!)
    9. Shirley Rival and Milly shun suzaku
    10. Nina dies (or kills suzaku)

    Seriously im hoping for msot but im expecting less than half of this to reach fulfilment

    WingZero zxt
  236. oh when i said that, i just meant that you shouldn’t take my speculation as fact because it is after all speculation. though what was said about the producers saying kallen was an essential character is true. plus there are a lot of talking points in Kallen’s favor as the love interest- at least thats how it appears. i think things will be relatively happy in the end. not absolute happiness but, wasn’t cc’s narrative at the ending of season one describing lelouch and his rebellion seeking just a little bit of happiness?
    also added you on msn.

  237. lol I always laugh at newly/old comments like sui. It’s getting old just reading “Lelouch won’t use the empress against Xing ke”

    Your endings suits me well too but i’m not sure about #3 or 5 I wouldn’t want to see her die but hearing that she no longer immortal is fine with me.

  238. @WingZero zxt

    Okay, I was afraid that I wasn’t clear enough on the whole “United States of United States” bit, but I’ll try with a longer explanation. The United States is a group of states which have united together under a single government. As such, having the United States of Japan is really rather odd to begin with since you aren’t really uniting anything, let alone states. Japan is already a single country. But on top of that, to have the United States of India, United States of China, and whatever United States of X Zero mentioned in episode 10 group together is uniting a group of United States. So, you’re you get a United States of United States or however you want to put it. Overall, using the term “United States” really doesn’t make sense in the way that Zero has been doing. At best, uniting various countries like he seems to intend to do could result in a United States, but none of the stuff that he’s labeled as “United States” thus far makes much sense. I guess that the Japanese writers were just thinking of the US as a place of freedom or something and decided to use the term but changed it to United States of Japan instead of America since they’re dealing with Japan.

  239. mongolia was the other one! i always said indian troops, mongolia, and ….. that other region. -_- What i want to know is once he does this, that’ll mean he “almost” has enouch power to stop britania. but what else could he do?

  240. Eat a banana split. That’s obviously his next plan. What else could it be? I can’t believe that you couldn’t see it….

    In any case, he’s obviously planning to use that group to take on Britannia – almost certainly with an army from that group. If he thinks that that’s “almost” enough power to take on Britannia, then he’s obviously looking for more power. The two ways that I could see him getting that power are to either get more countries on board (it would almost certainly be the EU given the general dearth of countries in the world of Code Geass) or he is looking to get some kind of tool or weapon to take on Britannia – be it a way to make his armies more powerful, a way to weaken Britannia for the inside, or something else that would give him the advantage.

    Regardless, I find it an interesting change for Lelouch to be thinking that once he meets his next objective he’ll be almost powerful enough as opposed to if he meets his next objective, he wins, since that’s the way that he seemed to be thinking at the end of season 1 and he’s already way more powerful militaristically speaking than he was in season 1 – even without the support of his list of “United States” of X’s.

  241. no i mean ‘almost’ is in Lelouche’s words. Thats where i was getting at. plus its nice to get other people’s thoughts. ^^

    Thought of the EU as well. Getting them aboard as well. There are a number of ways to do things. You’ve outlined some good possibilities for what Lelouch may do. i’m already waiting for that invasion of the Britanian mainland. i could imagine Lelouch calling the event D day lol…

  242. The best one was the combo phrase in ep 9 i feel but i also love the evil chuckle he did in the shopping mall in the way to meet rolo

    My current ringtone is Avalon it makes every time i pick up the phone a memorable ocassion your idea is good too though!


    ‘OH is that Right! hmmmmmmmhahahahahahauhahahaahahhahha HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!’ Glorious

    WingZero zxt
  243. i think i liked the one in 7 because of the echo like sound. was sweet.

    this is random but kallen seems a little angry there. eclipse sub episode 10 – at 10:40, keep playing that noise she makes a few times over, pretty violent there. scary. ๐Ÿ˜› can’t wait to see her fight again, if she is rescued next episode.

  244. LOL. I was reading posts from some of the episodes early in the season and I found someone else who was posting under the name Kalessin. I guess that there’s another Earthsea fan around here. I didn’t start posting here until episode 9 of R2, however. It would have been kind of hard for me to post comments on the first few episodes of R2 when I didn’t even see the first episode of Code Geass season 1 until after the 7th episode of R2 had shown in Japan….

  245. LOL. I was reading posts from previous episodes and I found someone else who was posting under the name Kalessin. I guess that there’s another Earthsea fan around here. I didn’t start posting here until episode 9 of R2, however. It would have been rather hard for me to post comments on the first few episodes of R2 when I didn’t even see the first episode of Code Geass season 1 until after the 7th episode of R2 had shown in Japan….

  246. LOL. I was reading through posts from previous episodes and I found someone else who was posting under the name Kalessin. I guess that there’s another Earthsea fan around here. I didn’t start posting here until episode 9 of R2, however. It would have been kind of hard for me to post comments on the first few episodes of R2 when I didn’t even see the first episode of Code Geass season 1 until after the 7th episode of R2 had shown in Japan….

  247. lol I never posted on here I usually just read the descriptions and leave but something told me to post a reply on ep 9 and that’s when i just kept going.

    I agree the best one was ep 23 where he’s laughing his head off killing all the britannian soldiers

  248. ASHITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  249. Well, it appears that my attempts to get past the spam filter earlier resulted in multiple versions of my last post being posted. Sorry about that. The spam filter blocks just about everything that I try and post on any machine other than the one at home that Omni whitelisted for me. I guess that it has a thing for me….

    Regardless, something tells me that WingZero zxt is excited about tomorrow….

  250. I think i’m gonna cry. T_T i made it too saturday without nagging at my sister. now all we need is wait a couple of more hours than we get our wish of the week.

  251. thats the beauty of life. there is no set ‘good’ or ‘evil’. though if you have to choose one and since this is an alternate universe, the terrorists are the good guys. Lelouch and his OoTBK are the good guys. After seeing the discrimination and oppression by Britania as a whole I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a world governed by them.

  252. @Andy tut i will help you fill your moral void! Remove motives from the equation whos philosophy do u beleive in! The Emperors Social Darwinism or Lelouch trying to make a safe peaceful world without war where everyone is equal?

    WingZero zxt
  253. OBVIOUSLY THE EMPEROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Rasisct Emperor who wants to RULE THE WORLD THINK STARWRS EMPEROR BUT EVILERERERER!!!!!!!!!!