• I apologize for the lack of Daily Doses recently. The Summer 2008 Preview is taking a lot longer than I thought to write because I have quite a bit to say about some of the series. I’m compiling this Daily Dose because I don’t want to fall too far behind on the news, and because I want to point people to the newest Parallel Works video.
  • This week’s Gurren Lagann Parallel Works belongs to artist SUEZEN, and it combines the instrumental track BafBaf! Sonna ni Moeru no ga…Suki Kai? with video of Viral and the others playing a Gurren Lagann themed pachinko machine. It’s an amusing watch, though I still like last week’s more, both in song and in accompanying video. It’s hard to beat “raw! raw! fight the power!”
  • Gonzo plans to stream the upcoming summer anime Strike Witches on crunchyroll and YouTube like it did with Druaga and Blassreiter.
  • There were a lot of new anime announced this week. First up, MOON PHASE reports that kiss x sis, the manga by Mahoromatic author Ditama Bow, is getting a television anime series. Details will be released in next issue of Bessatsu Young Magazine.
  • Tabletop RPG Queen’s Blade is also getting a television anime series.
  • Popular shoujo manga Skip Beat! is getting a television anime series this fall as well. It will be produced by Hal Film Maker and will be directed by Sayama Kiyoko.
  • Game company Leaf‘s White Album is also getting an anime and a PS3 port.
  • In music news, the new ED theme for SOUL EATER will be Style by Nishino Kana. The new ED theme for D.Gray-man will be Changin’ by Stephanie. The new ED theme for Bleach will be Gallop by pe’zmoku. Thanks Haz.
  • The website for upcoming summer anime Koihime Musou has (finally) updated with new information.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.

    1. I’m just nitpicking at this point but can these segments really be called “The Daily Dose” if it’s not daily? Unless of course your definition of a day is something other than the standard 24 earth hour period.

      Nevertheless, good job on this update. I’m looking forward to your summer preview.

    2. Skip Beat turning into an anime is one of the best anime-related news I had heard all year. If the anime is as good as the manga, then it should be one of my most favorite animes ever.

    3. Great job Omni keep it up. With the daily dose, your blog is going further and further above and beyoond what others have. Loving the daily dose, gives me so much info I would never know otherwise.

    4. About the new Bleach Ending… well I was also one of them who *gasp* on it, and den found it on YouTube too… but den looks like there was confusion on pe’zmoku website noe, there was also one .net instead of the .com, why can’t they just make up their minds?

    5. Queen’s Blade? lol

      Sexy warrior women with almost-not-there skimpy armour beating down on each other with pointy weapons? Yes please, that sounds interesting. 🙂

      nobody important
    6. falconx0101: Did you miss this post where I basically said I was suspending the daily part of the Daily Dose until I finished writing the Summer 2008 Preview? The daily part will return once I’m done with that (which should be soon hopefully), but I’m not going to change the name because that’d just lead to more confusion.

    7. “The new ED theme for D.Gray-man will be Changin’ by Stephanie.”
      omg yes O____O -has made my day- i can’t wait to hear/see it, the animation plus the song 8D omg!! -awaits episode 91- x3

    8. Well when I read this post yesterday I decided to check out skip beat and OMG, if the anime is done right I’m going to be very happy, instead of a “shoujo heroine with a broken heart” lead we will will get a character that was a good person till their abilty to love at was destroyed, if done right it will be shoujo for guys and I for one am stoked.

    9. Do you know when Kiss x Sis is coming out? By the way, do you think that it will be like Kanokon? I see that someone mentioned the manga being explicit and the link you gave us had mentioned ecchi and mature as one of it’s genre.

    10. The show could very well turn out to be another generic shounen fan-service fest, but I really like the character designs for Koihime Musou…

      Can’t wait for the Summer 2008 preview.

    11. The moment I found out the news of the Skip Beat anime last week, I was jumping for joy too ^^ Too bad they decided to “skip” on animating Tokyo Crazy Paradise, which is another EPIC shoujo manga by the same author as Skip Beat. Here’s to hoping a TCP anime will come after this >_<

    12. Finally, I can’t wait for Skip Beat to premiere.


      Tokyo Crazy Paradise being animated would be another one of my favorites! Stories like this should get more attention.

    13. Pachinko/Slot Machine game was a novel idea, but the main problems was it went far too long. The cast and music feel wasted, just turning their wrists and watching metal balls bounce around. Maybe I just don’t like the slots, but watching reels flip endlessly does nothing for the “ZOMG EPIC!!!” feeling that Gurren Lagann usually gives me.

      Looking forward to the Summer Preview. That will be the stuff legends are made of!!

    14. Ron sqirming around while Simon was “drilling” the machine… *Shivers* And I agree with Omni, last one was much better. We got to see Viral’s sweetheart! Anyway, I hope the summer season animes will be great. Looking forward to Sekirei, and few *other* ones…

    15. Haha, pretty amusing vid, although I have to agree it went on a tad too long. Still, I particularly liked the fact that they used Kamina’s black and white death pose in the anime to signify his defeat in pachinko. Speaking of which, pachinko is an odd game. There were a few pachinko parlors out near where I used to live in Okinawa and usually did brisk business with the locals there every night. I typically stayed away from those machines and went for the racing games instead, heh. Rawr, rawr, fight the powah!

      Looking forward to the summer previews! Queen’s Blade looks, um, interesting. 😛

    16. I always figured that Skip Beat! and Tokyo Crazy Paradise were not ever going to get animated because of the rather distinctive style of Yoshiki Nakamura’s art (very detailed for a shoujo series, actually having backgrounds, sharp facial expressions). Usually series that look like that get “dumbed down” into a more generic art style.

      Still, Hal Film Maker did all three ARIA series and the OVA, as well as Uta~Kata, and those all fit their specific art styles perfectly.

      Best anime news in months.


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