When Ichigo and company get word that the Kasumiooji family is preparing for Rurichiyo’s wedding to Kannogi Shuu, Urahara suggests that a body double will be used in her place since she’ll still be in the real world. He also thinks that it could be a trap to lure them out and capture Rurichiyo. At that moment, she is watching over the injured Sado and Ishida with Inoue, and she blames herself for what happened to them. After helping Inoue, Rurichiyo goes up to the rooftop and is there by herself until Ichigo finds her. Ichigo tries to make her understand that she wasn’t at fault, but Rurichiyo doesn’t believe him and reveals that she knows that Kumoi is out to kill her. When Rurichiyo starts crying, Ichigo explains that they each decided on their own to protect her because they couldn’t leave her alone. Rurichiyo thanks him for comforting her, but she then throws his badge away and kicks him in the face.

While Ichigo is down, she opens a doorway back to Soul Society and leaves through it because she doesn’t want to trouble everyone any further. Ichigo and company have a hard time chasing after her because Kenryuu is now locked out from reopening the gate, so they have to use Rukia to go through the main Soul Society gate. When Ichigo, Rukia, Kenryuu, and Enryuu arrive in Soul Society however, they are held up by the gate guards until the following morning because they hadn’t made an official request to pass through. The four are then prevented from entering the Kasumiooji estate because Kenryuu and Enryuu have been accused of abducting Rurichiyo, and they’re forced to flee the Kasumiooji guards. Instead of trying to look for Rurichiyo, Ichigo comes up with a plan to go after her during the wedding, and the group waits until the ceremony is over to make their appearance. Ichigo tries to call out to Rurichiyo, but she doesn’t respond to his voice, and Soifon suddenly arrives with her men to stop him.

ED Sequence

ED: 「ギャロップ」 (Gallop) by pe’zmoku
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Streaming

Well if the last two EDs are considered to be heavy on Inoue, this one is definitely focused on Rukia (and thereby RukiaXIchigo). I’m sure that won’t help any Rukia vs. Inoue debates. The song itself didn’t really stick with me though, so I’m rather apathetic towards it, but maybe it will grow on me after a few more weeks.


Ugh, we’re back to the standard bratty-kid-blames-herself-and-does-something-idiotic kind of plot. It makes the episode rather uninteresting to watch, and I think the only redeeming factor here was the potential for a battle between Soifon and Ichigo. The preview for next week doesn’t show any fighting between them though, so I’m not getting my hopes too high – I just don’t want Ichigo and friends to let themselves get arrested or something stupid like that. It also look like we might finally get to see Enryuu do some fighting, and given how this episode ended, next week will surely more exciting.

On a side note, I wonder if it’s a bad sign that I still can’t look at dead eyes like these and think of anything other than School Days


  1. Wow…that ending song REALLY sucks. It’s just…ugh. The tune seems so erratic and the whole thing isn’t very pleasant to listen to. -.-

    I’ve given up watching bleach anyhow. Instead of sitting through a crappy episode each week I just quickly browse through the summaries here. I’ve had it with horrible filler material.

  2. O that ichigo…. always making little girls cry

    i really like bleach, however.. am i the only person that thinks the movies SUCK big time?
    they always feel so empty, it gets so bad i feel i’d rather watch a naruto flick. “yes” i know… INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. Como que huele a que ya se va a acabar esta saga. Gracias a Dios, ya no soporto más estas mamadas que meten para reyenear el espacio televisivo, están tan mal como Naruto los tios estos que animan la serie.

  4. @Omni

    I’m so annoyed with the Bleach fillers, is it ever going to end at a point of time. I watched the new Bleach ending i didn’t really like it that much. There’s something that bothers me, how is Mr. Kubo going to end the series, think Mr. Kubo. I wonder where Grimmjow and all the other freaks are at? I’m so confused? =(

    I forgot to tell you that i’m new here, great job on the bloging Mr. Omni keep up the nice work. =)

  5. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the new endingggggggggggggggg XXXXXXD
    iit’s so ichiruki O_____O it’s the only ending that has only two people (couple XD) so happy:yay

    I don’t care it’s filler or’s definitely the best couple ending I have seen in bleach ^^

  6. Two things. That bother me.

    1- why would soul society so quickly think Ichigo is guilty of kidnapping a noble when he risked his life before saving one (Rukia). Even though she technically isn’t one, but has the status of one.

    2 – Why does stupid noble girl constantly refer to herself as “We”? Is she bipolar or something?

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  7. There is no surprise…after all, it’s only in the anime that we have scene like Ichigo who is holding Inoue hand at the end of his fight with Grimmjow; The manga is definitely focused on IchiRuki…and even in the anime, ending focused on Ichigo/Rukia are clearly a lot of blablant that supposed IchiHime…
    I think I could never understand how this can be possible to think about those last as a pairing…
    This ending was really pretty (but not the song…)

  8. loli I really don’t get what are trying to say.. but ichiruki has a deep relationship (bond)romantic or not.. so seeing hints between them in the anime and manga is not a surprise.. but having some fishy scene(hand holding) between ichiori was so out of place considering they hardly talk together..

  9. I always thought of Rukias and Ichigos relationship as a more working one then a lover one. I’m still sure Inoe and Ichigo will pair up, Inoe just has to let him now her feelings.

  10. @Sylar:
    So what if Inoue opens up to Ichigo? Are you ilmplying that Ichigo is madly in love with her that he’ll eventually jump onto her? Where is the evidence then?

    Just because of IchiHime fans’ illogical posts I started to ship Ichigo and Rukia. Ichigo can be even gay, it is no problem for me. Ichigo with everyone but Orihime is OK. It’s wonderful if he’s with Rukia.

    Opening/Ending fans (aka IchiHime nation XD): what will you say now?

  11. i don’t think he is madly in love with Rukia either. i just get the feeling that Inoe and Ichigo both have hidden feelings about each other. i get it more with them then I do with Rukia and Ichigo.

  12. Sylar, that’s just your feeling XD hiding feeling lol XXD so his look in ch 213 (ep121?) didn’t give hint about his true feeling XXD so busy focusing on orihime it seems XD

  13. Banzaii XXD I agree ^^
    not that often, only when there’re some posts about shipping in bleach, you can see my posts come from nowhere XXD but if you want to see my posts in ichiruki vs ichiori debate I can link you the thread link from animesuki forum <33

  14. ok XXD I warned you’s over 300 pages XXD I only participated starting from 90s pages ^^ my username in there “HaNa-san” there’re alot of great ichiruki posters there too <33

    here’s also another link that was discussed in random C when ep 141 came(orihime try to kiss the victim and the sleeping ichigo XD)

    ENJOY ^^

  15. I like the animation for the new ending but I can leave the song. As far as Rukia v Orihime I don’t care either way. The endings are supposed to keep people interested and raise questions. By keeping it up in the air the viewership has at least stayed constant for the outcome. I could see it working either way but if Rukia wins out I’d feel sorry for Renji. :)He seems to really like her and all…

  16. even though I like ichiruki the ending is probably more on the ichiuki side becuase of the new movie that’s suppose to come out in Japan on December 13 2008 and the main character is Rukia (and ichigo).

  17. @Ally

    i totally forgot about that, but yeah Renji and Rukia have a longer realationship between each other then Ichigo and Rukia. And i see them being paired up as well. All very confusing, and the animators don’t help much by making these kind of endings 🙂

  18. loveing rukia (renji) won’t do anything if she doesn’t feel the’s like orihime hopeless love XD he (renji) can’t even bring himself to stand inbetween ichiruki relationship it’s like as if he accepted it.. as long as ichiruki shares a special bond, I can’t see them ending up with someone else ^^

  19. @Hananoon: If I remember correctly Renji stood inbetween Ichigo and Rukia at the beginning of the Hueco Mundo Arc and I think that there were some other scenes in which Renji did go inbetween them… but oh well… maybe I read a different Bleach series. *shrugs*

    Oh and… no love is hopeless.

  20. you mean the chapter when ichigo was so worried about rukia, even though they came to save orihime XD yeah renji stood there inbetween them to remind ichigo of rukia’s pride as a warrior.. did this proves his challenge as a rival to ichigo.. no.. since ss arc there’s nothing calls as a sweet interaction between rukia and renji.. if you have problems with it, complain at kubo who writes the manga XD

  21. Nightseer, I think you might not reading the manga properly XD or maybe you’re skipping the texts or something coz I’m sure of what I’m talking about, since KUBO has written it in the manga..

  22. All the idiots talking about RenRuki fails to see that this pairing is dead. Renji may pine and cry over Rukia all he wants, but he has ONE HUNDRED YEARS to make his move and he didn’t. Too bad for Renji Rukia is never gonna look at him more than a brother now that Ichigo is now in Rukia’s life. He will protect Rukia, he respects her space, and that’s all he plans to do.

    The pair is dead. Too bad.

  23. The pairing is DEAD when Renji does not DO ANYTHING, which kills any chance of Rukia even CONSIDERING Renji as a lover. Renji has ONE HUNDRED YEARS to make his move, and he never did. To Rukia, Renji is her protective brother and friend and nothing more, as he wants to remain that way. Stop reading into things that aren’t there, and will never be there.

  24. @Nightseer: Why don’t you show some proof if you’re that sure? You haven’t said anything that can decay Hananoon’s or sia’s opinions. You’re just saying “nope, it’s not that”. And that’s just a waste of space here. And that’s also disrespectful to other’s opinions. If you have anything to state, write it; if you don’t have anything extraordinary (that hasn’t been decayed by other people before), then just stay quiet.
    And an extra note: you’re reading WHAT YOU WANT TO read. That’s what makes differences.

    And I hope noone will start talking about the most idiotic crap ever: Black Moon & White Sun

    @Hananoon: great job at animesuki 😀 I may join to animesuki and talk about stuff when my exams are finished (I’m attending summer course =( ) Your posts there are epic win. <333

  25. Seeing you childishly arguing this is quite annoying. First off, remember that the characters are not real people, only charactures that we want to see. Second, the pairings are all unproven and unknown and ambiguous. All of them have crazy and illogical reasonings (IchiRuki: The gazing into each other eyes thing and Orihime “accepting” there love is utter bullshit. I could interpret that Ichigo’s whining about her scarred breasts given different premises about that page. IchiHime: Get a grip with the “eagles without wings” thing. It also drives me up a tree. RenRuki: … Since these fans haven’t really gone nuts yet, I don’t care. IshiHime: Same with Renruki. UlquiHime and other crack pairings: no basis. Stop claiming things that have no real premise to begin with.)

    Whoopdie doo about the ending. It is a song with pictures, end of story. It biases to both audiences. Since the Bleach audience is so divisive, they have to continually appeal to all sides and each extreme view to get the maximum number of ratings. This show is no longer about thte story, but rather a great cashcow.

  26. We know the characters are not real but soemtimes its good to talk about a show we like and give these opinions to each other and have a discussion. And a discussion brings in your opinions and evidence, and then you talk about them.

  27. > 2 – Why does stupid noble girl constantly refer to herself as “We”? Is she bipolar or something?

    That’s a custom from ancient China, which normally only the Emperors do that, since they represent the entire nation, so they use ‘we’ when they talk.


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