Back when she had activated the Dimension Eater, Grace had laughed despite the fact that Gallia 4 was her birthplace because she felt that it was finally finished. The other voices present in the collective known as Grace had understood that the sacrifice was necessary because it was the prelude to the true beginning. Now, as the battle outside the Macross Frontier concludes, Grace awakens another body to represent all of the voices inside of her. In the meantime, she recounts how their operation involves Sheryl Nome and how they scheduled her final concert for the Macross Frontier. Their main reasons include the fact that the bio-plant ship is weak to environmental fluctuations, the fact that there is an unusual banning of implants and cyborgs here, and the fact that the fleet’s planned route was the best suited for their goals. In addition to all that, they knew that the person known as Code Q-1 who was thought to be dead eleven years ago was actually on this ship, but that was low on their priority list. They were the ones who led the Vajra to the fleet, and with the commencement of hostilities between the Vajra and the Macross Frontier, the collective that is Grace have accomplished 72% of their strategic goal. They misread the military capabilities of the S.M.S though and underestimated the VF-25, but their biggest miscalculation was Code Q-1 Ranka Lee displaying a glimpse of her abilities at this point in time. They’re now very interested in her – even more so because of how she went to Gallia 4 on her own to sing – and have drastically altered their plans.

Sometime later, Grace rejoins Sheryl at the medical center and switches out a sample of Sheryl’s blood that a nurse had just taken. Grace pretending that Brera was on Gallia 4 and had saved her, and Sheryl is just happy to see her manager again. Sheryl is dismayed though at the news that the Macross Galaxy’s main habitat ship had made an emergency Fold jump to somewhere unknown after taking heavy damage in the Vajra attack, so Grace tries to get her to think positive about what happened. This leads to Sheryl being eager to leave the hospital, but Grace wants her to cancel her jobs while she fully recovers, and when Sheryl objects, Grace questions if she’s scared of Ranka and her rising popularity. She responds to Sheryl’s subsequent denial by saying that Sheryl will be okay since she’s strong, but after leaving Sheryl’s hospital room, Grace walks outside and comments to herself on how Sheryl came back alive after she had been gotten rid of. Regardless, she declares that Project Fairy was a failure and that Fairy 9 is being abandoned, and she decides to proceed to a new phase to obtain the pawn known as the Queen. Meanwhile, Ozma and Cathy are discussing how they think Brera is the same pilot as the one who had been appearing around the Macross Frontier even before Gallia 4 was destroyed. Ozma also finds it strange that Alto was called by the S.M.S’s owner Birla, but he thinks that it’s for something bigger than just keeping Alto quiet. The most suspicious person though for them is Leon.

Back at the hospital, Alto and Ranka are reunited and decide to pay a visit to Sheryl’s room. Sheryl gets excited when she thinks that it’s just Alto visiting, but that excitement leads to surprise when she sees Ranka there as well. The three then head to the hotel lobby where the video of Ranka’s performance at the Zentradi shopping mall is being played on the television screens, and Ranka is embarrassed to see herself like that. Sheryl makes it a point to say that that was when she and Alto were on a date, but she also comments on how wonderful the performance was. Ranka in turn attributes her success to Alto’s paper airplane and thanks him, so Sheryl goes ahead and thanks Alto as well for the times that he saved her. All this talk of being saved reminds Alto of the girls’ song that saved him during the battle during Sheryl’s farewell concert, and the girls are surprised to hear that their feelings reached him. This and Ranka’s What ’bout my star? video prompts Sheryl to start singing all of the sudden, and since Ranka doesn’t want to lose, she begins singing as well. Although Alto isn’t sure of what to do with both girls singing in front of him like this, he nevertheless recalls his happy memories with both of them. Unfortunately, the singing is cut short when Sheryl suddenly starts coughing, but she still claims that she’s okay. Ranka is then approached by representatives of the office of the Frontier president who have come to get her. Alto can’t do anything about it either because it is at this moment that he gets called to go see Birla.

Ranka gets taken directly to Leon, and he informs her that they’re creating a project team for her because her songs might become a trump card against the Vajra. He then introduces the leader supporting the project – Grace – and Ranka’s new bodyguard Brera. Alto meanwhile gets brought into a room decorated with a miniaturized city, and he is welcomed by the Zentradi Richard Birla. While this is going on, the collective inside Grace questions if Birla is trying to win over Alto, and they note how deeply connected Alto is to the current developments. They wonder if the people involved have good or bad luck, but regardless, the actors and the stage have now been set, and they consider this the true beginning. They are trying for the dream that even 500,000 years of Protoculture history couldn’t achieve.


I’ve got somewhat mixed feelings about this episode. It had enough plot content/dialogue to be considered a full episode, but the fact that probably 65% of the video shown in it was made up of flashback scenes was at best very distracting, at worst recap. Given that new parts here weren’t animated the best either and that last week’s battle was pretty high quality, it looks like they might have just been trying to save on the production budget (you may remember that the last episode to come after a major battle looked off as well). Of course I still enjoyed seeing what did happen – the sing-off between Sheryl and Ranka was certainly fun, and I loved all the music, including Diamond Crevasse 50/50 – and there’s are plenty of new questions brought on by what was revealed here.

For one, there’s the issue of what’s really going on with the Macross Galaxy because it would appear that Grace and the collective within her are either located there or are aware of where it is. Their goal is obviously something pretty big, but it’s still not clear what it is. What we do know is that they were planning on using Sheryl and are now going to be using Ranka, so it requires a special songstress of some sort. They had also apparently been keeping tabs on Ranka previously but had lost track of her, and the fact that they have code names and projects for both girls makes me think that this collective had a hand in the birth and/or the raising of both. They don’t know much about Alto though, so I’d imagine that they might underestimate him, making him the wild card. Brera might be one as well if he still harbors feelings for his sister and decides to side with her in the end. There’s also the mystery of Richard Birla. He no longer appears to be a bad guy (in fact he might even help Alto), but we just simply don’t know much about him yet. In any case, it looks like – based on a combination of what the Grace collective said about this being the true beginning and the fact that this was almost a recap episode – we’re now entering the second half of the story, and hopefully it will be as good as the first. Maybe this will mean that we’re going to have a new OP/ED next week too.


  1. It threw me off that it was kinda a recap episode at the beginning but I really enjoyed the singing competition. It was quite amusing to see a flustered Alto at a hospital pinned by two extremely popular singing idols for everyone to see. It was also nice to see Sheryl up and about and singing again.

  2. The sing off was awesome!

    I heard something about Minmei in the episode. Did they say Ranka was the next Minmei?
    And did anyone think that this version of Diamond Crevasse was kinda of … bleh. May’n version is better.

  3. ARe people keeping some sorta “blush count”? I don’t get how that comes into play at all really.

    And if they said anything about Minmei it’s probably that they wanna use Ranka the same way, sing and hope the enemy falls apart in the middle of the fight.

  4. I loved the look of horror when Alto got cornered by the two girls… with their images filling up his frightened eyes.

    As for the rest… well, Brera being Ranka’s bodyguard may set up Alto in a rival battle with Brera. And get Ranka more interested in an aggressive posture towards Alto, since she can’t assume that he’ll always be there.

  5. “Reiter at 10:27 pm on July 17th, 2008

    I wonder if the creators know that it’s impossible for sound to travel through space. 😛 Dunno how Ranka’s music could affect the Vajra as much as it does.”

    But it does seem to travel across large distances via a purple crystal which may be inside the Vajra and possibly Ranka too.

  6. And the plot deepens…looks like Galaxy fleet is alive and around somewhere in space.
    I see opportunity for Brera to bond with Ranka, being her bodyguard and all. Leon should be eaten by a Vajra. Alto looking pissy in the preview. Can’t wait to see what happen in next episode.

  7. OMFG. Clearly Sheryl is sick with something with that cough, and Grace decided that they’re going to “scrap” her and hid her blood sample so they can’t find out what’s wrong with her. F**K GRACE!

    I thought the sing off was so cute. SherylxAlto FOREVER!

    I swear that I will go on an epic EPIC RAGE RAMPAGE if anything happens to my queen Sheryl. Kawamori will shrivel up and hide under his sheets when he feels my RAGE. RAGE!!!

  8. Screw what was in previous and this Macross series. These elements defy the laws of physics! Sound cannot travel through space! There is no medium for them to travel through!

  9. It seems that Grace’s mission was to check whether or not either Sheryl or Ranka will be used in the fight with the Vajra. Since Sheryl has minimal effect on the Vajra, while Ranka has the ability to make the Vajra somewhat passive, it seems that Sheryl will be considered expendable. Though this does not relate to her final words on Gallia IV repeating HATE HATE HATE. It seems that there are more to her, but I’m sitting on the fence whether or not that she is on our side or the enemies….

  10. It’s a cartoon! NOT REAL.

    It’s a TV show to be enjoyed!

    It’s great watching Macross again. What a thrill. I’m a kid again, scary to have enjoyed Macross and DYRL, then that funky Robotech hack (Even got to meet Carl at the Ambassador Hotel back in the day [remember those comic events]).

    WWW and fansubs ROCK. Omni, your blog makes the days of uucp/bbs feel like the stone ages, you and your team are to be commended. You all are awsome!.

  11. Alto blushes a lot more around Ranka. I’ll be so sad if this ends up with AltoSheryl. =/

    Uh, Alto blushed because Ranka flashed herself in the hospital gown and wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Not that blushes matter.

  12. Aggg ever since the first episode this supposedly love triangle is not so, given that there are so many obvious Alto x Sheryl development and hints (and this episode is not different). It’s so boring to already know who he will end up with, I hope the writers can scramble things enough for me to not guess anymore.

  13. “I feel sad that no one rememebered that Ramaria is dead in this episode.”

    No! Not that… uh… pink! ya that’s right, pink haired woman who never said a damn thing? How will the story possibly go on!?

    Seriously, that random NUNS pilot in the last episode would have had more effect on the story if he died then what’s her name.

  14. I am a sheryl’s X Alto fan but after seeing episode 13 and 14, I am very disappointed to say this anime is kind of set at Alto X Ranka Ending. You all saw the reaction of Alto when Ranka was in trouble, that was no reaction someone has for a friend or little sister.

    So the quote about how:

    ” Brera is now Ranka’s bodyguard. I’m sure that won’t help RankaXAlto any, so it might push Alto back towards Shery”

    is completely pointless, the writer is just trying to make something up to confuse us in thinking Sherly might still has a chance, but episode 13 & 14 kind of make it very clear to us I say. I am a bit sad cause I prefer Sheryl X Alto too.

  15. Maybe Kawamori can innovate a little to make every fan of the AltoxSheryl and AltoxRanka happy by making two alternative endings. For examplethe Ranka or Sheryl chapter like in clannad there is chapter for Tomoyo.

    @Mike I’m also a SherylxAlto fan, but I think the reaction of Alto is natural due to the fact that he was entrusted with Ranka’s safety. So he felt responsible when Ranka was abducted.

    Alto blushes a lot more around Ranka. I’ll be so sad if this ends up with AltoSheryl. =/

    Uh, Alto blushed because Ranka flashed herself in the hospital gown and wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Not that blushes matter.

    I also think blushing is not an indicator of being in love

    OT: It seems that most of the female posters in other forums that I visited is rooting or Ranka. While most of the males are for sheryl

  16. That singing competition was awesome. The best scene in the entire series, scrath that best in the entire season. So cool to see Sheryl finally throw down the gauntlet and both fighting openly for Alto.
    The owner of the SMS is a Zentraedi with the greatest toy train in the universe. So funny.

    No one really asking about how Grace survived surprised me a bit. Sheryl should know that there should be no way for her to survive and so should Alto and especially Michel.

    It’s over for you Ranka fans, we won. Sheryl’s songstress carrier is doomed meaning she’ll get Alto.

  17. The recap stuff irritated me..
    As for the plot, Grace is so evil..

    I wonder what Sheryl will do, push her career herself (I’d do that, she’s a great singer, better than Ranka :P) or become a pilot like Alto. OR just be both (what I’d do).

    With all the things now my prediction is, that Alto ends up with Sheryl.

  18. Brera is hot stuff *__* I can’t wait to see more screentime from him next episode. Brera oniisama forever.

    I also think it’s going to be Ranka and Alto. They’ll drive us to a point where we think it’s going to be AltoxSheryl but in the end Alto and Ranka will still prevail. That’s Macross for ya. Alto and Ranka’re all over in the beginning and Alto keeps looking at Ranka more than Sheryl during the sing off too. Ranka being a Vajra queen should be a good enough twist for them. Kawamori just can’t sleep at night thinking his characters are having a field day with no worries, he just has to mess everything up.

    Sheryl should be with Brera and go against Galaxy together. Both of them are being made puppets, did anyone notice?? Those jerks, using Sheryl as a tool!

  19. Alto blushes a lot more around Ranka. I’ll be so sad if this ends up with AltoSheryl. =/

    Uh, Alto blushed because Ranka flashed herself in the hospital gown and wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Not that blushes matter.

    I also think blushing is not an indicator of being in love -alrick13

    9/10 times in anime, blushing is an indicator. Especially in shows where the ambiguity of everything is half the fun. I.e. “True tears” and it’s melodramatic addictiveness.

  20. Raramia is alive. She got ejected at the last minute. Klan Klan wouldn’t look that happy if she lost one of her posse. That would make her one cold little big Meltran b*t@h.

    Stop being too general about blushing. Blushing matters as long as it’s from the heart. Alto blushed while smiling from the bottom of his heart when Ranka came to him for his birthday. Ritsuka was right. Ranka earned Alto. If she chickened out and didn’t go to Galia 4, we’ll have a SherylxAlto set ending by now. Good for Ranka. What if we get a RankaxAltoxSheryl in the very end? Ranka camp will surely get cheated lmao

  21. I’m getting a chuckly at Ranka fans using blushing now as an indication to a win when back in episode 5 and 6 according to them it “didn’t count”.

    “You all saw the reaction of Alto when Ranka was in trouble, that was no reaction someone has for a friend or little sister.”

    Than going by episode 7 the real triangle is Luca X Alto X Ranka and need I remind you that Alto didn’t wait for permission to rescue Luca unlike Ranka! This is why Nanase is so set on hooking Alto and Ranka up to remove her rival!

  22. Alto wasn’t having flashbacks of the time he spent with Luca when Luca got eaten by a Vajra ship. He made a bigger fuss with Ranka. Don’t twist stuffs about Nanase and Luca.

    Erm, I said my piece. Leave me out of this shippers. I’m just commending Ranka for finally getting Alto’s attention.

  23. I am still waiting for the romance part to get more serious. I mean all we see now is the 2 girls liking Alto but not doing anything and Alto not choosing or even realizing the sittuation! We should have made some progress by now dont you think?
    When do they plan to take this to the next level? At the last episode? For Alto to choose one of the girls means that he has to first learn about their feelings, then accept them, then wonder about his own feelings and then in a dramatic battle or event he will choose one of the 2 girls. All of these and more are gonna have to be realized in the next 9 or 12 episodes and i think we are gonna be dissapointed! 🙁

  24. weng please get a sense of humor, also you’re a fool if you don’t think he would’ve reacted the same for Sheryl if her and Ranka were swapped, especially considering how frantic he was over Luca in 7. Row 10 pretty much sums up how things stand now.

  25. Brera ouji-sama!!! *fangirl mode*
    Move over Alto-kun, Brera is hot stuff, Cyborg body or not!

    This episode confirms speculations though that there’s been some experimentation using song to mitigate the Vajira threat. I wasn’t at all surprised to see Grace show up as project leader for this one. There’s something in Sheryl’s blood that will probably give away what she really is, because Grace furtively switched the test tube of blood the nurse took from Sheryl, then destroyed it.

    I’m also speculating that Sheryl’s illness is not unexpected. IF, she was genetically engineered clone for ‘Project Fairy’ she may have genetic weaknesses that are probably causing her health to deteriorate, and are only being mitigated by the drugs that Grace was last seen giving her. Of course, now that they have another seemingly better option or more interesting instrument in Ranka, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not going to waste too much effort keeping her alive, given that Grace pretty much assumed at first that Sheryl kicked the bucket on Gallia 4. It also explains why all Sheryl’s work has been cancelled, so Grace can focus on her new project – Ranka. Either which way this won’t bode well for either girls’ wellbeing.

    It was a nice surprise to see that the head of the SMS is a un-micronized Zentradi. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say to Alto.

  26. @oreo
    Good question. I would surmise that they already finished the entire thing. The one liners spoiler preview back in April still has 2 more lines that need to be said and we are already on the 15th episode.

    Has anyone noticed the Vajra first attacking ever since Grace and Sheryl arrived at Frontier? Sheryl being part of the Project Fairy has a high chances of being bio-engineered and having false memories of some sort. Her claim of her being all natural is losing credibility…. That said I’m expecting to see some real Ranka attack next episode.

    I notice the BGM played during Ranka and Alto’s reunion was the same one played in their lake scene during episode 13 in both slow and giddy version. It’s very soothing to the ear. I’m curious about its title. Alto and Ranka’s main theme, perhaps?

  27. @Leah- Thanks!!! I also think they wouldn’t set the date of the final episode if they’re not done animating everything, but I just have to ask ehehehe…..

    Hey, you’re right! RankaxAlto even have their own theme now? Doesn’t this just push the tombstone deeper on SherylxAlto end lulz

  28. I don’t understand why either set of Ranka/Sheryl fans can say “It’s going to be a AltoxSheryl/Ranka ending because of X, Y, and Z”. The advantage has been switching sides constantly every few episodes and I see no indication that this won’t continue for a good while yet.

    nobody important
  29. Oh my god, haha.

    I just watched the raw version of this episode and…

    I loved the little singing battle between two singing stars for the heart of a pilot! It was the best!

    I am hoping for more instances where this flame that drives the two to fight for Alto’s love to be seen in the rest of the series.

    Other than that, I do sympathize with Sheryl becoming disposable for Grace. I think that’s just despicable. Even if she is deemed useless now, you don’t have to go kill them off… Jeez… Just because she’s a failed Fairy Project, don’t gotta trash them. Why can’t you let them live? It’s not like Sheyl is bothering anyone… Besides when she’s there things are more interesting between the three with their triangle…

    Seriously, whatever Grace and Leon are planning better not get someone hurt in the process, otherwise I hope they really get it! D:<

    So, anyone wonder what ‘Ranka Attacks’ probably refers to in the next episode? It sounds very aggressive. xD

  30. The animation went down for this episode. Some of the characters look scary in some scenes. But who is Grace talking to in the beginning? There are other “souls” residing in her body?

  31. @harby there might have been a reason for that other then bad animation…

    I’m thinking that there won’t be a resolution to Sherl vs ranka, I’m thinking that Alto is oblivious to all of that stuff and just chosses both of them to be friends.(God its almost as bad as Inoe vs Rukia in Bleach :)) But if he had to choose on i would want him to go for Ranka, i like Ranka more then Sheryl.

  32. I still commend Ranka for not backing out from the singing challenge Sheryl brought up. I mean, if that was the OLD Ranka, she might have cried or walked out already but she actually confronted Sheryl head on! XD I just wish she’d stop wearing the same clothes though… Can’t she get a new wardrobe..? <_<

    I am still waiting for things to happen before I can surely say it will be Alto x someone but I hope it’s Ranka in the end~ Jeez, Alto is still being wishy-washy with things and doesn’t even realize the two’s efforts on him! Gr!

  33. From where did all those Alto X Ranka fans jump out of the woodwork. Sheryl X Alto fans, up with your voices! Westlo, choose one of your nice analyses from AnimeSuki and post it here.

  34. “Alto blushes a lot more around Ranka. I’ll be so sad if this ends up with AltoSheryl. =/

    Uh, Alto blushed because Ranka flashed herself in the hospital gown and wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Not that blushes matter.

    I also think blushing is not an indicator of being in love -alrick13

    9/10 times in anime, blushing is an indicator. Especially in shows where the ambiguity of everything is half the fun. I.e. “True tears” and it’s melodramatic addictiveness.

    Stop being too general about blushing. Blushing matters as long as it’s from the heart. Alto blushed while smiling from the bottom of his heart when Ranka came to him for his birthday. Ritsuka was right. Ranka earned Alto. If she chickened out and didn’t go to Galia 4, we’ll have a SherylxAlto set ending by now. Good for Ranka. What if we get a RankaxAltoxSheryl in the very end? Ranka camp will surely get cheated lmao”

    Haha, I wasn’t just talking about the hospital, actually more of the scene where Ranka stops the struggle with the giants and there’s a shot of Alto blushing when he is on his plane thing as she sings. Sometimes it’s plain sexyness that makes males blush, which IMO is the case of Sheryl, who makes more frontal approaches about “the topic”. Of course, everything could point out to be RankaAlto or AltoSheryl and things could change in the last minutes of the series. But, IMO, at this point Alto is having more romantic vibes from Ranka.

  35. This was likely the “turning point” for the series. Well the first one at least. So I assume next week will start the new OP since with that singing scene with Sheryl and Ranka the love triangle finally became obvious to both parties. You were kinda confused if Sheryl was just being flirty or not at first. But you know she’s interested in Alto now.(and doesn’t really like Ranka since she’s also becoming more and more popular. she’s “stealing her “Sheryl Thunder” basically) And everyone knew Ranka already was, and even Alto knows it now after what Micheal said to him. As for who he ends up with it is still in the air for sure. That TV announcer compared to Ranka to Lynn Minmay, but if that has any significance besides the Bajura thing we don’t know yet. Brera as Ranka’s bodyguard has potential to push the RankaxAlto relationship though. Since we know Alto won’t be happy about that. Perhaps he’ll even try and have himself become her bodyguard??

  36. I’m really looking forward for more character growth from Ranka next episode. I think I just see her on a space suit next episode. She needs to show MORE guts.

    @Eri- As for what Brera has to do with Ranka and Alto–>BreraxRankaxAlto ftw:) Too bad it’s harmless since I’m pretty sure Brera is her brother. He has yellow Green hair too. Such a waste. From the staff interviews, I heard Ranka was supposed to be in between Alto and another guy while Sheryl was just supposed to be a minor character Ranka admires lol Even if they did some changes, they “probably” didn’t trash the idea completely. I was grinning when Brera stepped inside Leon’s office to be Ranka’s bodyguard. Shame Ranka’s no Whitney Houston.:D I STILL say Ranka and Alto are going to happen. They’re just blurring the lines now since 13 & 14 seem to already declare a winner. Sheryl looks like she’s going to do an Alto Attack next episode and jeopardize Ranka’s love life again lol!

    Anyway….I’m glad more Ranka fans are starting to jump out of their lurker status and speaking out. I’ve seen some rational people up there. ^_^ It keeps the Sheryl fans from thinking they conquer the planet.

  37. Arrrgh, a SherylxAlto scene next episode?? Booooo…..I’m rooting 4 Renka all the friggiin way! I can’t stand that Sheryl! She knows Renka likes Alto but she does her ninja moves and steals Alto. Now she’s gonna use ehr sickness to charm him. Lamesauce!

  38. When I began watching “Macross Frontier,” I thought this show would suck. After the first episode, I thought I might like the show, but not care about any of the characters. But then Sheryl quickly turned into this wonderful character; and now we get to see Ranka grow up and become interesting. Too bad Alto is still a stiff. ^_^;

    “Macross Frontier” and “Seirei no Moribito” are the only two tv anime titles i have seen, which I intend to purchase in blu-ray format. I love the design and look of this show. I love how they skinned the cgi components. And I love how they updated those missiles that can’t fly straight. Lovely animation for television.

    Hopefully, future Macross titles will be as interesting. 🙂

    The Hand of Guren
  39. “@oreo: and you must of forgot about innocent green”

    Exactly, they haven’t even used the second half of that song yet and that second half sounds like the music for a hook up. Listen to Innocent Green from 1:30 onwards, goes from being a whimsical song to an emotional one. Last time I had this gut feeling was when the True Tears OST came out around episode 7 with track 30 “Afure Deru, Kimochi”… 6 episodes later I was right as the second half of that song was used for the hook up.

    “I’m really looking forward for more character growth from Ranka next episode.”

    Pretty sure Ranka attack is just going to be her talking to Brera and practicing the Minmei attack. My original theory on it is blown since the previews show Sheryl and Alto together and after 14 Ranka’s affected the Varja in a positive manner as opposed to sending them berserk.

    “Sheryl X Alto fans, up with your voices! Westlo, choose one of your nice analyses from AnimeSuki and post it here.”

    Sorry, don’t feel like getting into any prolonged shipping battles for the next couple of weeks at least. But on a good news front Sheryl seems to be getting more and more popular in Japan looking at some polls.

    Set pretty much 6-7 weeks apart each

    Sheryl keeps rising and Ranka keeps falling, last one resembles the AnimeSuki poll lol…

  40. Westlo: Yeah, all our plot predictions didn´t exactly pan out, but it´s good if the show keeps surprising us. Still, Sheryl X Alto will be the ending, of that I am sure. 😛

  41. so uh, i take it a lot of people don’t like strong, pretty, independent women? or is it that they like cheering on the underdog and watching her grow? I’m just curious….sort of.

    the groupie of ranka supporters just shows that she’s equal with sheryl. hell, alto doesn’t even show signs of being romantically attracted to either of them yet. Blushing as a significant romantic factor? expressing gratitude for being saved from raging giant rebels? he’s flattered, but as far as i can see, no where near thinking of committing to either. it’s already 15 episodes in, he might just walk out of this single.

  42. Tmoo: I agree Sheryl’s personality is waaay better than whiny Ranka’s. However, the ideal woman to a Japanese man is cute, little and submissive. That’s what Ranka is. However because of the SDFMacross you had the opposite outcome with Minmay loosing. Who knows. Frontier is still up in the air. As long as we still get a good story I don’t care how the love triangle ends.

  43. I may be the only one weird enough to respect Galaxy for their classy evilness. XD I love it when the bad guys are this tough! Sheryl is okay, I just hate it when fans prefer her over Ranka because Ranka looks too loli compare to her….How stupid. I’m rooting for Ranka-chan too. Hats off to her for not backing down in the sing-off. It’s not a matter of *who Alto blushes more with*, the issue is *who Alto is the happiest with*. And for the end girl, it shouldn’t be which girl is hotter, it should be which girl *deserves* the casanova.

    This popularity contest is entertaining but at the same time useless. Sheryl or Ranka can be the president of the world but her popularity won’t affect the storyline….The only thing that’ll affect is the production’s budget. More revenue for them. Fun fun fun! They probably finished the series completely back in April. It’s not easy doing animation ya know? Someone I know works in Disney Pixar. They start the project a YEAR before they start showing it in trailers.

  44. Actually the popularity or lack of popularity of certain characters can directly effect their fate in anime shows. For example in Gundam SEED Kira was suppose to die in the last episode but because of his overwhelming popularity he was kept alive. Dearka (sp) switched sides to Orb because his Gundam Model Sales were the lowest. In Geass Orange Kun was meant to be a joke and look what happened there..

    “Sheryl is okay, I just hate it when fans prefer her over Ranka because Ranka looks too loli compare to her….How stupid.”

    If Ranka looked exactly the same as Sheryl I really don’t think it would make a difference anywhere in regards to popularity… oh except maybe Japan… than I guess Sheryl would be even more popular because Ranka won’t be appealing to the moe loli crowd if she looked exactly like Sheryl.

  45. @westlo
    Keyword is *can*…That may be true but that usually applies if the popularity is affecting sales. If you check newtype and animage popularity polls and other JP polls, livejournals, and others. Ranka and Sheryl aren’t even worlds apart. Ranka was #4 in Newtype Sheryl #3 while Ranka was #21 in July Animedia contrast to Sheryl who was pushed down to #26. Ranka Lee being hated by more people isn’t really the case here. Even her single did well just like May’n and Maaya Sakamoto. If she were disliked, people will boycott her. That’s bad news for the producers. Now *that* should be enough to affect her fate in the show if it’s even possible. I see the production staff as done with everything judging from the final number of episodes scheduled. That’s why I think this popularity game between Sheryl and Ranka is pointless. Both girls are popular respectively.

    To add to this westl, an ‘anonymous’ styled voting poll from one site isn’t a good indication of Japan’s character preferences. I won’t right away conclude that Japan is beginning to dislike Ranka and hailing Sheryl just because of it.

  46. @AshPril222
    -Who cares about reason? We prefer Sheryl because she’s hot! It’s like that. Get over it. Ranka is cute as consolation.

    I love Sheryl but mannn…It’s going to be Ranka and Alto unless Ranka sacrifices herself for the Vajra. [I HOPE! Sheryl is too babe-a-licious to be just friends with Alto! hehe >________<;; Think I’ll watch the sing off in 15 again…

  47. I am so confused. Michael and Sheryl SHOT AT BRERA just before he KILLED Alto in episode 13…has everyone forgot about that? I mean Alto was really the only one who knew it was Brera, but it’s not like there’s more than one magenta VF-27 flying around…at least Kathy and Ozma know what’s up.

    Either “people” from Galaxy can communicate via instantaneous fold-comm or Grace has multiple minds residing in her one body…*bodies*. If the first case is true, where are Grace’s and those other voices storing their minds when not inhabiting a body…some kind of cyberspace? Within Galaxy itself?

    Where is that scene with Skull Sqadron flying in formation in the preview after the OP?

    I think Sheryl may have more in common with Ranka…watch her hair when she finds out it’s Alto at her door.

    @Magnus at 5:58 am on July 18th, 2008
    “Do you know what all those Valkyries and fold-boosters cost, young man?”

    That made me LOL hard! Thanks

    btw I think this week’s flashback ep is gonna set us up for some even bigger reveals next week

  48. Mmm… after watching this episode I have a couple of things in my mind… still, I will not spoil the party for those that are still watching XD :

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I am the only one that believes that Ranka-chan will eventually play a role similar to Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft? I mean, you just don’t call little queen every day…

  49. I’m still wondering about the ‘Nome’ reference if either Ranka or Sheryl is directly linked to Sara and Mao Nome like a.k.a the song of destruction and song of life from Macross Zero.
    From the title of the 18th episode on anime news network it seemed like a certain someone will most likely die like in the original around the same time.

    I remember Ozma saying Ranka and Dr. Mao was somewhat related, was it the fact that Ranka played her role in the movie which was based off her?

    I have to agree that it is good to see the bad guys this ruthless, but I am speculating somewhat they are not totally bad.

    Its also scary to see Klan Klien so happy after one of her squad members died…. But as for Sheryl I hope she doesn’t die just yet and I really do prefer her over Ranka mainly because she is independent and not loli.

  50. @RobotChicken

    MIRANDA MELLIN was babe-a-licious…whatever happened to her? I guess little Ranka “loli” Lee really casts a tall shadow lol

    Another thing…when Ranka makes that face at the doctor in the elevator made me think anyone who ships AltoxRanka is a closet pedo-bear lol. I know 16 is legal in some countries but she looked like 9 or 10 there lol.

    To be honest I think all shippers just want to be right for that “I TOLD YOU SO” moment at the end. Who cares? It’s just a TV show people – a great one yes, but nothing more. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinions but going to the point of arguing that your opninion is the correct one (especially over the interwebz) is beyond pointless 🙂

    /me goes back to lurking

  51. @ ani_d
    Anyway….I’m glad more Ranka fans are starting to jump out of their lurker status and speaking out. I’ve seen some rational people up there. ^_^ It keeps the Sheryl fans from thinking they conquer the planet.

    Says someone who thinks Sheryl is going to become a bridge bunny with no further point in Ranka’s staring role in Macross Frontier.

  52. @Tmoo

    For what it’s worth, I’m a Ranka fan, but I love Sheryl’s personality. I don’t dislike strong, independent women. Sheryl’s already there, so now I just want to see the underdog evolve INTO that strong, independent woman.

  53. First off I was going CRAZY waiting the whole day for this episode to sub. A couple of the people who sub Code Geass should also sub Frontier : [

    Anyways I was kind of sad at first thinking it was all recap. But they added some nice stuff esp. the singing competition.

    I feel like Mr. Pillard (Bilra?) is possibly the one ultimately in charge? And who are those voices in the background that Grace talks to? A couple of answers, but a ton more questions, can’t wait for next ep!

  54. Also the main reasons I believe AltoxSheryl or at least not AltoxRanka

    Following references for Ranka
    -Ozma comparing her to Mao in ep 10 (or 11) after the movie
    -Reporter comparing her to Minmei on television in ep 15

    Rewatching those two scenes and seeing how Ranka is being shaped up, it’s hard to see her being able to stay with Alto. Ultimately I think AltoxRanka would be very cute but too easy, while AltoxSheryl will be more rewarding. We’ll see in the next 10 ep’s ^^

  55. Hi,
    Below are my wild guesses base on current information from all the episodes shown:
    Varja might be created by the scientists in the 117th research fleet as biological weapon 11 years ago. The Varja are smart weapons design to use the fold communication waves as guidance to attack targets.

    Those voices behind the background are the artificial intelligence program those scientists created to carry out the experiments and still continue the experiment even the scientists are dead (they are program to do the experiments). This picture ( ) looks like a neural network and the artificial intelligence live on as very advanced, human like cyborgs in the galaxy fleet (galaxy fleet is very advanced in this field)… that’s why grace just need to reprogram another cyborg and won’t die. May be they are using the Varja to take total control of the galaxy fleet from the humans.

    Anyway, may be Ranka is one of the scientists daughter in 117th research fleet who create Varja and secretly embed some form of devices in her which cause the Varja to recognize her as their queen and won’t attack her as a precaution. This protect her from attack by the Varja, so when the Varja go out of control and destroy the 117th research fleet, she survives from the destruction of 117th research fleet.

    Sheryl may be used by the artificial intelligence as a convenience way to travel around all other fleets without any suspicion to find suitable experiments ground for their experiments. Her earring may be is a type of fold communication devices use by the artificial intelligence to monitor her every moment and that why Sheryl and Ranka voices can be hear by Alto during the battle as the voice travel through the earrings via fold communication waves.

    Brera may be Ranka biological brother and may be was seriously wounded during the attack of 117th research fleet by Vajra. Those artificial intelligence rescue him by transfer his thoughts to a cyborgs and control him.

    Anyway, all the above are just my happy wild guesses… hope it’ll turn out something differently.

    Happy watching and have a nice day.

  56. While i’m very much a supporter of Sheryl x Alto. I’m honestly getting some vibes that Sheryl might not make it to the end of the series. Course those are just vibes..hardly even speculation.

    Not bad for a recap ep. I esp. enjoyed the duet. (Sheryl’s Diamond Crevassie is better imo ><)

  57. @falconx0101

    but that’s not ‘normal’, you see.
    before they went crazy with the concept they use speaker pods.
    the sound beam was more like a psychic projection of sound, because, litereally sound is just a vibration transferred through a certain medium.

    I don’t really remember much of M7 though so I might remember sth wrongly, but I can always sing 7th moon 😀

  58. Haven’t read any of the comments yet (there are so many), but I was wondering how Macross Frontier ties in with the whole Protoculture arc that was setup in other series. Up til the Macross Zero ep, it felt very much like a standalone story. Despite it being a recap episode, it actually gave us a closer look (I think) at the true conspirators behind the repeated Vajra attacks. The conspiracy gives off an almost X-Files-ish vibe, rather like the Black Oil/Alien Colonization plotline that the X-Files was famous for. Except it won’t be strung out for 9 years.

  59. Ren, thanks for reminding me! Yeah, that duet/duel was definitely the highlight of the episode for me. It was Alto’s face that sealed it for me – classic scene! Remember there was a huge shift in tone between eps 13 and 14. The end of 13 was very romantic (to me), while the beginning of 14 gave the same scene a feeling of dread. So there’s no telling how Bilrer will be portrayed in the next episode.

    Despite it being a recap, my ONLY nitpick? A Ranka/Sheryl duet with Diamond Crevasse should’ve been great – if it hadn’t been for those stupid voiceovers! That really peed me off – how could they ruin such great music like that?!!?

  60. Thanks to all of you guys, I’m listening to Innocent Green very closely and I hear an unedited breath of air of the flutist and I just thought it was funny XD (it’s about the 1:07 mark)

    It’s good that the Ranka fans are getting out. But still… GO SHERYL!!!

  61. @weixing:
    Excellent theory.

    For the record Sherly for life. I haaaaate Ranka. Like “Me” said I have a feeling Alto is going to end up with Ranka. I hope Sherly doesnt die but I have a feeling a lot of people are going to get pinapple salads or have their death flags at full mast.

    Someone once gave the idea of a civil war between fleets. I think so thats the case With Macross Galaxy and Macross Frontier.

    I am going to need to see this episoe few more times, I am a little confused but ahhh another week to wait 🙁

  62. OMG… No one has realized yet that Sheryl is a new incarnation of Sharon Apple from Macross Plus?? What gave that away is her earring. It looks the same as the pendant on Sharon Apple’s forehead. In Macross Plus they were playing around with Artificial Intelligence. Grace, Sheryl and others from the galaxy are new incarnations of that technology. In Marcoss Plus, Sharon Apple did not have her own voice. Here she does as she is new and improved and a clone of one of the descendants of Sara Nome(Priestess) family from Macross Zero. That’s why Grace switched her blood so that no one finds out that she is an implant.

    Also, Ranka is a direct descendant of Mao Nome from Macross Zero. So, that’s why Sheryl and Ranka are related.

    They are tying Macross Zero to Macross Plus. The Vajra bugs are part of the race that Mao and Sara Nome are from. Maybe they are the defenders or soldier bugs of the Vajra race. The main Vajra mother ship in Episode 14 looks very similar to the Bird Man alien ship from Macross Zero.

  63. *ahem* EEE BRERA LOOKS SO HOT NEXT EPISODE XDXDXD! Aight, I got that out of my system!

    I’m going to be disappointed if they made Sheryl win!! The moment Ranka was shot by cupid the moment she laid eyes on Alto automatically made these two my OTP. They could’ve just ended AltoxRanka on episode 5 but nooo they have to push them together till episode 14. I’m really gonna curse the writers if they made a Sheryl ending. Who cares if she’s hot? Ranka may not be the girl of Alto’s dreams but she can show him what love means hahaha

  64. @dizzy:
    I cannot possibly imagine Sheryl becoming some super evil character all of a sudden, though I can picture an incredible death scene…i’m feeling very pessimistic at the moment 0_0

  65. @jho:
    Sheryl may not be evil but like you said, she may die at the end or something like that. Sheryl is like Lisa Hayes of Macross Frontier, while Ranka is like Lynn Minmei. I like Sheryl a lot better than Ranka. Alto and Sheryl has a better chemistry.

    But you do see the similarities and the tie ins right?

  66. Also, the Artificial intelligence things that were talking to each other were not connected to the vast array of the network. They were kind of disconnected which tells me that not all of the people in galaxy knows what these 3 AIs are doing. Also, they are all some sort of polygon looking which farther tells me that they are tied in to Macross Plus.

  67. So Grace + All the Other Voices are AIs? Is that the assumption? They seem tied to Galaxy in some way.

    Sheryl not having had any relatives starts to make you wonder in light of all this doesn’t it? I wouldn’t be shocked if she’s an earlier version of whatever Ranka was supposed to be (maybe that’s why Ranka’s mother looked like Sheryl w/ green hair-though I think that was just artistic coincidence). Btw, I think Grace took her blood to prevent the medical staff from realizing Sheryl is being drugged; not to prevent them from finding out she’s a cyborg or whatever. I imagine Grace won’t bother drugging her anymore though, as it seems that was mainly to make sure she’d falter in front of the Zentradi and cause that incident. Now, Grace will just ruin Sheryl’s career and let the depression that causes take care of Sheryl while she puts her firm guiding hand on Ranka’s shoulder.

    I’m not sure I’d relate Sheryl to Lisa Hayes. Lisa wasn’t a singer. She had her strengths that Minmei didn’t, which allowed keeping Lisa around as a central figure. While I’m not saying Sheryl is weak, she’s a singer. Anyone who thinks she’s got piloting to fall back on must be on crack. I don’t see a good future for Sheryl. The best I see is her not letting her oncoming fall from grace embitter her too much to keep her from maybe joining her voice with Ranka’s at the end at whatever climactic battle occurs.

  68. it’s not that sheryl’s a singer, pilot, or whatever, it’s her personality that ties her to lisa. she’s head-strong, has visual resemblences to lisa, and even has the tsun-tsun attitude in the early stages of her friendship with alto, as did lisa with hikaru. it has nothing to do with her occupation. she could be a janitor and she’d still be like-able. and on that note, ranka isn’t really anything like minmay save for singing talent. as far as i know, she hasn’t become star-struck, she just wants alto to notice her. hell, ‘minmay’ as we know her doesn’t exist in frontier, which is a huge plus as tsun-tsun/cute loli > brats.

    for a last comparison, sheryl possesses strengths that ranka doesn’t yet have, and ranka has plot armor to counter them. and maybe a plot device too, depending on what happens later.

  69. @ tsuchiro

    thanks! i’ve been noticing the rivalry between the 2 of them since the first time they were screened together. lols.

    @ ani_d

    yeah, i’m a RANKA FAN all the way! i have nothing against sheryl but she annoys me so sometimes! especially when she’s wrapping herself around alto whenever ranka’s there. POOR RANKA!

    @ brera fans

    YEAH, HE IS HOT. He’d give alto a run for his money!

    I am dreading the next episode since it’ll be so obvious that there’ll be MORE altoxsheryl moments! Ranka will even be more busy because of job commitments. Waaaaah!


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