Despite being surrounded by Soifon’s forces and stopped by Soifon herself, Ichigo tries to make an appeal to Rurichiyo. Apologizing for making her lonely, he tells her that she doesn’t need to burden herself with everything and says that they’ll support her on whatever she decides. He urges her to do what she thinks is right, however – much to Kumoi’s delight – Rurichiyo responds by questioning what he’s talking about and by stating that she won’t forgive his rudeness. Frustrated with what’s going on, Enryuu suddenly releases his zanpaktou and slams it into the rooftop that they’re standing on. Ichigo uses this opportunity to go after Rurichiyo, but she claims not to know him and stabs him with a knife when he’s not looking. Based on the male voice that briefly taunts him, Ichigo realizes that this Rurichiyo is a fake, and he draws his sword when Kumoi appears. Soifon stops him from attacking though, and Kumoi is able to get away with the fake Rurichiyo while Soifon keeps Ichigo busy. She doesn’t believe his claim that the Rurichiyo who was here was a fake, and after nailing him repeatedly with quick attacks, she releases her zanpaktou Suzumebachi. Before Soifon can use it however, Rukia separates the two combatants with a huge blast of ice and thus gives Ichigo a chance to go after Rurichiyo instead of fighting. To his surprise, Kannogi Shuu helps him out by leading them in the right direction.

In the aftermath, Soifon wants her men to search the Kasumiooji estate, however Kumoi refuses to let her in and wants her to wait outside until his own men force Ichigo and Rukia out. The two are at that moment hiding out with Shuu, and when they ask him why he’s helping, he replies that he wants to be of assistance to Rurichiyo. He’s worried about her and wants to protect her, and he recounts how he’s loved her ever since they first met. After Ichigo reassures him that they can all protect Rurichiyo together, Shuu comes up with the idea of letting them take him hostage so that they can escape the estate grounds. Soifon meets Ichigo at the gate and tries to stop him, but she can’t do anything while he has Shuu hostage. Instead, she reports back to Genryuusai and the other captains, and everyone is surprised to hear about what happened. The only one who doesn’t have any history with Ichigo is Amagai, and for that very reason, he volunteers to help in the search. Soifon also reports on how Kumoi was acting strange by not letting them onto the Kasumiooji estate and how something had happened between him and Ichigo, but Genryuusai decides not to do anything about it.

Amagai then returns to the third division and meets up with Kira at the gate. Kira is surprised to hear about Ichigo, and because it involves the Kasumiooji family, he decides to tell Amagai about how he saw Kibune entering the estate. He also goes through all the other times Kibune has acted suspiciously, but Amagai feels that they can’t judge Kibune so quickly. Still, he recognizes the odd timing of it all and guesses that there’s something behind all this, and he asks Kira to keep an eye on Kibune for the time being. Their priority for now though is still to capture Ichigo.


Well this episode was more exciting than last week‘s, and it was cool to see Soifon get some action time. After Soifon beat Ichigo around like that though, I thought he’d respond with ban kai, so it was perhaps a little anti-climactic to see Rukia instead end the fight like she did. Incidentally, how the heck is Soifon deterred by just a block of ice? Couldn’t she just jump over or shatter the stupid thing? In any case, we also finally got to see Enryuu release his zanpaktou, and though it’s better than Kenryuu’s, it still wasn’t all that impressive. The color scheme of the two fists reminds me a bit too much of Sado’s fist, and Enryuu only used it once here so it was barely shown. It makes me think that there’ll be an episode or part of an episode focused on his background sometime in the near future.

Regardless, it looks like the two storylines are starting to come together now that Amagai is going after Ichigo and now that Kira has finally told Amagai about the Kibune connection. That would seem to indicate that we’re a good ways through the anime original arc, though it’s hard to tell just how much is left. Even if it does end (for example, by the time Fall season rolls around), I highly doubt they’re returning to the manga anytime soon. That’s a shame because, as I alluded to yesterday, I really want to see Turn Back the Pendulum animated now.


  1. I have a question about this series. I haven’t watched any of this series, though I did read as much of the manga as a friend had, a ways back. As the manga he had didn’t finish the arc, I was wondering if somebody could tell me about where the arc ends in the anime, so that I could pick that much up.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. well if u want to watch the first major arc, start somewhere around episode 20, however if u already read about it and don’t want to watch it(which is stupid because i would watch it anyways, there are some good fights in that arc) then start at episode 64.. then ur set…

    Now on to commenting this episode… WTH man these filler makers sure are experts at downgrading Ichigo, he did not even put up a fight, physically or in word(argumentation)… just made me pissed at that aspect… its cool that we finally might get to see captain Amagai and Ichigo fight, a little bit, depending on if Amagai joins up with Ichigo after understanding the situation and stuff and what not… but they better bust out the Bankai’s and tr to test each other out…

    Preview does make me want to watch the next episode.

  3. Personally i think this episode everyone is in hurry to see some action already but i think the fillers are also important now that we know that kumoi is under suspicion by soul society this can become more interesting the part that bothered mewas soifon’s lack of knosledge about what was going but it evens makes the series more better i can.t wait for next week’s episode

    Niola Lash
  4. still haven’t seen an episode that would make me catch up from episode 175, (sigh), i want to see the “turn back the pendulum” animated, or at least another heuco mundo battle arc or something 🙁

  5. Fillers definitely sucks… I’m wondering how script-writers can do such things… Thank you Tite Kubo for giving us a story like the arc “turn back the pendulum”, really xD

    (sorry for my bad english)

  6. Drop it already.
    Every week is the same.
    The episode was boring/badly animated/dissapointing/cliche written/ manga is better.

    Next review will be the same. Just drop it untill the fillers end.
    It would save you a lot of time and agony

  7. Soi Fon seems to doubt of Kumoi…

    I thought it’s strange that no captains complain about Amagai going after Ichigo for not having tied with him, they didn’t even argue nor they told him what was his strenght.

    Why they aren’t questionning about how Ichigo had come in touch with one of upper class noble family ?

  8. At least this episode is better than the ones they showed before this they probably left that arc for a good reason otherwise it was worth watching so for now this arc is makes me think its related to the huenco muendo arc for some reason because of that kibune dude he looks like one of them espada people who knows maybe a brother seekin revenge so that should be interesting i hope i,m wrong though

    joi flymez
  9. Omni good thing you caught up with the manga!!! its so dam good!!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    At least they have an arc instead of those really terrible pesudo-anarcar, remember the cake episode! it is me or do they purposely make a non-talking characters in these arcs to save money on voice actors? (EG Enryuu(current filler) and Nova(bounts)) and with this being called the Amagi arc its about time they got to him! and another thing WHEN THE FK IS THIS SET IN relation to the time line!!! it has to be post hueco due to ishidas bows, chads 2 arms, inoues back on earth?? rite or not???

  10. Personlly I’m liking these filler episodes tons of IchiRuki hehe ^^

    The storyline actually isnt bad at all. Quit bitching theres worse shit out there right now.

    Who am I kidding, Just having Ichigo and Rukia teaming up against the Whole soul society is enough for me! ^^ Renji most likely will be joining them soon.

  11. My sincerest wishes go to Tite Kubo that he may recover from the sheer embarrassment these fillers have cost his otherwise wonderful franchise. I wish that the TV producers would take the petitions of Bleach fans into consideration before executing their plans. They might find that simply skipping a season of Bleach would do less harm to their pockets than wasting money on these substitute episodes.

  12. Hmm it wasn’t that bad…but Ichigo getting totally beat and then the captain being stopped by a small slab of ice. But please get to the real stuff…its a distraction at the moment but i like the good stuff.

  13. Bleach and Naruto fillers usually have no quality at all. Japanese people need to eat more of their traditional food so they get better brains and better ideas for fillers.


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