• According to an announcement in the September issue of Nakayoshi, the Shugo Chara! anime will be continuing for a second year.
  • You may remember last month that I mentioned that there’s a CODE GEASS themed laptop being sold. Well now you can buy a USB memory stick in the shape of the key to the Lancelot. It’s horrendously expensive though at a price of 9240 yen (approx. $86 US) for a 2GB memory stick. Still, it’s bright and shiny, so I’m sure it’ll be popular.
  • There’s supposedly a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie in the works.
  • Upcoming Fall series CASSHERN Sins now has a website, though it’s only a teaser page.
  • The new Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) series coming this Fall also has a new website.
  • And finally, I got caught up on the Bleach manga last night. I had previously stopped right before the Turn Back the Pendulum arc, and now that I’ve read that, I just have to say that Kubo Tite is 100 times better at creating an exciting and gripping plot than the writers for the anime original arcs. It’s probably not even the best part of the Bleach story, but the comparison is just that stark. Hopefully the upcoming grand battle will be just as good.
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  • Image at left courtesy of 西原いさお on pixiv (account needed to access)


    1. Live-action Cowboy Bebop? Not a good idea because I think it will be totally inferior to the anime series. Some things are perfect the way they are. Why mess with them?

    2. Bleach is amazing, that is the Manga of course. It becomes even better if you read many chapters in a row, as you did hear. The build up and actions become 100 times better than reading individual chapters.
      Btw you said Stark, what do you think his rank is? One, two or three? :/

    3. The Geass USB thing looks pretty damn good, and the price isn’t THAT overpriced for a designer good.

      As for Hokuto no Ken… It’s HOKUTO NO KEN!!!!!

      Hopefully it’ll be more consistent than the latest Souten no Ken and have better production. Great news for HnK fans.

    4. I’d give live-action Cowboy Bebop a much higher chance of success than say, DBZ. It’s clear the original Bebop was made with a great deal of western style and form, so an American production hardly needs any thematic changes to appeal to a western audience’s sensibilities. A major hurdle is already cleared, so then they just need to focus on quality acting and writing…

    5. I agree with your statement about the Bleach Pendulum Arc, I really think it’s what pulled Bleach out of the slump it was in due to the dragging of the Hueco Mundo arc. Kubo Tite is a genius at writing dramatic, suspenseful story arcs; now if only he could translate that spark to his sometimes-too-long fighting sequences, and we’ll be all good 😉

    6. Personally I think that the filler-bashing is biased..

      YEs the fillers are not as good as SS storyline was, but they are certainly better than the boredom fest of HM. Although the Pendulum was interesting, the arc which started after that now is…strange to say at least. Strange in dbz style (with 10 chapters of people standing and thinking out loud some stuff. Well its all okay, thinking that is. But they stand in front of their enemies >_>). From what I get, the story flow is very SLOW and it seems that Kubo just does not know what to do next…

    7. I’m actually looking forward to the Cowboy Bebop movie. As long as Watanabe is seriously involved in teh production, it should come out fine. 😀

      Damn Sunrise and their marketing schemes… >_>

    8. Good to see that people have got taste here:


      hehehe :p

      I especially admire how Karen keeps her key carefully tucked away in a cushioned place in episode 1 of R2. >.>

      The Hand of Guren
    9. standing around looking at each other ,talking in their minds, not sure what to do next????
      Hmmmmmmm? does kubo tite by any chance write for Naruto?? anyway!! yo! i thought that pendulum arc was going togo all the way back from “99 to 1”. sure hope it does not. I’m probably one of the minority but at this point in time, i couldn’t care less about their past. LETS GET ON WITH THE PRESENT!! AND that code geass memory stick, OHH MAN! how many of u dudes already had that idea way before, still cool should be 6 gig fo dat price

      BROOKLYN otaku
    10. Gotta say, if they’re going to make a live-action adaptation of an anime, Bebop is a good choice. Not as natural a choice as, say, Black Lagoon, but both are very beholden to their own American live-action inspirations, so the move to American live-action should be fairly smooth. Pretty much guaranteed, by quality of the source material and adaptability of the genre, that a live-action Bebop will be better than the live-action DragonBall, and someone seems to think that will be successful…

      Maybe they should get Joss Whedon involved. He’s done very good work with a curiously similar premise in the past…

    11. Cowboy Bebop can only be done with four unknown actors, (five if you count Ein) and would have to have the type of visual special effects like Independence day had.

      I don’t think that is what they have in mind. I think they will try to do a dark version ala Batman, which will screw the whole color and sound of Bebop to hell and gone. Ed will be some poor kid that will be asked to click and beep like a hyperactive R2D2 and we will probably get Keanu Reeves as Spike, Kristen Dunst as Faye, George Clooney as Jet, and someone like a young Wilham Defoe as Vicious, with dirty nasty city scenes in gray and black and a somber foreboding beat to all the action, and no YOKO KANNO!!!!

    12. I prefer the Guren’s USB 😛 . By the way, I agree with the Bleach’s manga. It’s better than the anime. That is the reason I stopped watching Bleach… I don’t see sense anymore… I switched on reading the manga.

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