A new Gundam 00 commercial aired today after CODE GEASS R2, and it’s got a lot of juicy bits – much more than the first commercial. Among other things, it looks like Wang Liu Mei grew up (her new haircut makes her look kind of evil), Saji’s going to be getting a bigger piece of the action, Louise is going to become a pilot, Allelujah is restrained insane-asylum style, and the Ptolemaios is back (or at least a variation of it). The song (probably the OP) accompanying the commercial sounds like it’s by UVERworld, but I was wrong about CODE GEASS R2 and ORANGE RANGE back when R2’s commercials were airing, so it’s entirely possible that this could be someone else as well. In any case, this was more than enough to get me excited about the continuation, and Gundam 00 should make the loss of R2 easier to handle come October.


  1. Man, this is kinda lame imo, Saji with a gun or w/e his bigger part will be will probably involve him being major emo and angsty like no other gundam character before.

    Also Omni, any way to get some screenshots from this? It’s so short and flys past so quick, plus the quality isn’t the best.

  2. Poor Alle o_0 I wanna see the other meisters bust him out now. XD And what the heck is Louise doing in a Gundam? Or GN-X, or whatever it is she’s piloting?! D: Whatever it is I don’t think that’s gonna sit well with Saji to know Louise is piloting a war machine.

  3. So it seems kind of obvious that the first episodes will be Setsuna picking up the crew.
    Alelujah was mostly captured by HRL, Tieria is somewhere there too.

    IMHO, the only one who I see with Setsuna at the start would be Lyle(aka the person who was testing out the new gundam post timeskip),

  4. So psyched!! Song sounds pretty good too, I was hoping for a slightly more upbeat song this time round. The other two OP’s were great too, though I personally think the second ED song was the best.

    I will admit the introduction of 4 new Gundams seems a bit over-kill, don’t want it to feel like the Seed generation by having a huge amount of Gundams. I guess when Gunpla rake in the profits this is the way to go, time to preorder some more HCM-pro’s (and a new set of shelves for that matter).

  5. @FX102 well the other ones got trashed so you gotta get new ones you know. Besides compared to SeeD the gundams without trans-am on (which only lasts for 20sec) are pretty even now that everyone has those clone GN drives.

  6. @ UnknownVoice

    It’s been confirmed that Tieria had been picked up by Celestial Being after the battle with the UN and that he took part in rebuilding the Gundams so he’s not on the rescue list. I do think Setsuna will be busting Alle out of the HRL in the first episode though (me thinks the clips are all from the first episode of S2). As for the new Lockon, the reason we don’t see him in the trailer might be he’s not recruited yet. What better way to create drama later on than to have Lyle!Lockon walk into the room with everyone assembled there. Just imagine their reactions.

  7. @mangaka-chan
    Well the one thing about recruiting Lockon – Assuming Lyle is Civilian, they should have already recruited him at least 3 years ago or so.

    00 so far was quite realistic and I just can’t see Lyle learning how to pilot in ~days/months.

  8. The thing that has me exited the most is the fact that the Earth Federation still uses old mobile suits (Tierens), so that means we won’t be seeing only those ugly fake-GN mechs from the end, and we might even see an upgraded GN FLAG.


  9. Man it is Uverworld and the small bit that they showed sounds pretty good. Can’t wait for the second season to actually start. And also…why no pink hair anymore Feldt?

    Random Rasta
  10. @UnknownVoice

    I do think Lyle would’ve been trained for a while before the second season started (he might even have been trained all along as a backup for Neil since season 1 as some people have speculated). But Lyle probably doesn’t need to show himself so early when the 00 Gundam can do the job of retrieving Alle. And I think by showing up earlier (i.e. before Setsuna goes out on Alle’s rescue mission) his presence might’ve been considered a negative distraction for Setsuna. When everyone’s reunited and it’s time to get down to their real objective, then he shows himself.

  11. This is some amusing song. It fits the series like a death metal theme in a south African tribal song. Very disappointed. I hoped the third one would continue the climatic opening line but instead we got some uverworld bleach-like pseudo song. A real letdown…

  12. I find myself losing braincells whenever I read more than one page of comments..

    Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it too. I mean, I enjoyed the first one. I hated Seed and Seed Destiny, so 00 was pretty new for me and hopefully the second part will have me enjoying it as much as I did the first.

    Llednar Twem
  13. Awesome,I know it’s going to be good.~
    I wonder what the writers have in store for us?Things look like they’ve certainly turned up a notch.
    I agree with you Omni that Gundam 00 should make the loss of R2 easier to handle come October. ;-;

  14. Louise a pilot! Yes I nailed it! Even though I was joking when I said she was going to become a pilot. This is going to lead to a lot of conflict between louise and saji. What I want to see now is….Louise’s mobile suit! Finally another female pilot. I get bored of the gundam pilots always being guys.

  15. @ George
    Um, maybe she got some sort of prosthetic arm? Y’know, with nerve attachments and stuff. Since they can’t regrow her arm/hand IIRC.

    Also, the jackets do look similar. But Allelujah looks normal being in it, whereas C.C. is way too hawt for that.

  16. I CANT WAIT!
    whats with the new Ptolemaios??? that thing is HUGE!
    I still haven’t seen the new Gundams, trying to avoid them online untill the episodes come out. I want to see Graham and Nina in action again! Oh and the Kryios wasn’t destroyed so hopefully a version of it will be back.

    btw i though the song was good, i dont know what the fuss is all about. haha

  17. toooooo short..I just closed my eyes and then opened and it was finished -_-
    anyway,there seems too be lots of actions and Gundam series have always one of my fav animes.
    and I also agree about that R2 thing.hope It makes up atleast abit for the days without R2.I seriously doubt we can expect a masterpiece like CG till the next few years.

  18. @SansNom01: NOpi that’s Saji how could you confuse them? XD

    nee a question is the second pilot (the one after “Loise” Regene? o.O

    … and it is just my Imagination or does the Red Tierien at the begining have a Fake-GN drive? *drools about GN-Tieries*

  19. hmmm
    very awesome very awesome
    i can already see the episode where Louise and Saji meet
    and when Louise finds out that Nena was the one that killed everyone and made her loose her hand

    and well Allelujah treated as Hannibal Lecter lol

  20. @Lord Octane

    Could you stop moaning already and just see how the show is 2 months later. Honestly, the nerve of some people. Anyways… I told you Allelujah would live! I told you all… that scene has significance way way back in the last episode of Gundam 00.

    Sora no Kaze

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