As the various divisions spread out across Soul Society, Ichigo and Amagai receive Kira’s message about Rurichiyo. On their way to save her, they see her kidnappers carrying her in the opposite direction, so Amagai decides that he and Ichigo will give chase while his men go to Kira. These men arrive at the arena to find Kira fighting Kibune, and the latter responds by sending his massive blade spinning towards them. Kira protects his men by using Wabisuke to weigh down Kibune’s zanpaktou, and afterwards, he questions why Kibune is involved with the Kasumiooji family. Kibune thinks that Kira doesn’t need to know, but he does reveal that there is a great power in the Kasumiooji family, and he wants to use that power to become stronger. Kibune then attacks again with his zanpaktou – despite its weight – and the force of it sends Kira hurtling backwards into the nearby tower. When Kibune comes inside after him, Kira hides and questions why Kibune wants more power when he’s already got so much. This angers Kibune because he sacrificed a lot for this. He eventually finds Kira again, but Kira surprises him by using a demon spell. While Kibune is subsequently down, Kira leaps forward for the killing blow, and this gives Kibune no choice but to reveal the bakkoutou around his left arm.

Kibune uses this to repel Kira and to to send his blade against Kira with even more force, and this knocks Kira back outside. After explaining what a bakkoutou is, Kibune reveals that he’s using it to gain power. He had felt wronged because he had strength yet no one acknowledged it. Back when he was at the academy, he had done quite well, yet he never got an offer to join a division. Kibune had been instructed to think about what he was lacking and had trained until he was finally allowed in. However, he was ruthless in destroying Hollows and took out even other Shinigami who were in his way, and that didn’t sit so well with everyone else. He had been put on an expeditionary team, and that continued until he received the bakkoutou. Having this new power made him think that no one could ignore him any more, but he now feels that it’s still not enough. He despises Kira because he thinks Kira is weak and undeserving of his position, and Kibune uses his power to direct his zanpaktou towards Kira again. This knocks Kira to the ground, and Kibune goes in for the kill.


I realize how important having power and being strong is in shounen series like Bleach, but I still have to say that Kibune’s raison d’être is quite weak story-wise. All he apparently cares about is getting stronger and having everyone acknowledge him – as opposed to taking over the world or destroying Soul Society or something grandiose like that. I guess it just goes to show you how minor of a villain he is, and I’m sure that Kumoi will prove to be a bigger threat with bigger plans. At this point though, I’d just like to see Kibune get smacked down by someone really strong such as Ichigo or Amagai so that we can move on. It looks, however, like this will stay Kira’s fight and will drag on a bit longer through next week’s episode. I just hope Kira doesn’t attempt to resolve everything by doing something like trying to convince Kibune that he’s mistaken in his ways.


  1. Well, I just saw it and it was a good episode. The opening is different. I prefer kifune’s “raison d’être” because every bad guys want the world and I’m tired of this. We need a new bad guy because amagai and ichigo are two so.

  2. Good to see that Kibune is NOT “zomg im gunna take over ZA WARUDO” person. It makes him stand out out of all cliched bleach vilains.

    On second note, really enjoyed Kira’s fight. This as I expected, reinforces the stuff to come when it goes back to manga story.

    Third – animation quality was really good this time. Good job with character expressions.

    Waits for thousands of bleachtards and narutards to go on bashing on “tha fillahs”

  3. was a alright episode for a support characters episode, i still like kira’s weapon’s skill and cant get enough of it, he should use it more often, since basically everyone uses a sword in bleach to fight.. u know… alright bring in the next episode, well cant now huh ill go re watch Macross F for now. and start on Wagaya no Oinari-sama, by the time i finish those it be next web. right? ya… NOW again talking about Kira, man he really should develop a Bankai, for being the rank he is…

    ANd ya i really dont like that General-Captain Yamaji, whatever his name is. his attitude and his whole character. im labeling him EVIL boss for later… lol will see

  4. Hey guys, haven’t watched bleach for so long now, the last episode I’ve seen was when ichigo was fighting grimmjow. Anyone know how long has it been since then, and when will the fillers end?

  5. Well, i never expected something great from Kibune as a villain. Anyway, motivations of people like him, is what make some stories to move on, i saw some good stories to be like that, i’m not saying this one is one of them.

  6. @ Michael

    I agree, it’s nice to hear “raison d’etre” being used. However, it’s overused everywhere, not just Ergo Proxy. I think three or so well-known visual kei bands even have songs with that title. I know Dir en Grey, Nightmare do, and maybe Rie Tanaka if I remember right.

    Anyways — I enjoyed this episode, mainly because I’m a mild Kira fan. Although, gaaaad, I wish they would get back to the main story already. They stopped at such a bad spot…!

  7. I had forgotten how cool Kiras sword actually was until this fight, and I agree he should use it a lot more often because it seems the most useful. Though if he is against hand to hand people it would be kind of usless.

    And Kibunes reason was just so boring to me, yeah you want power to show everyone that you are superior to them. *Yawn* heard it a million times before…


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