Still standing inside the crater left by the FREIJA, Suzaku is joined by Nina who is finally realizing what a horrible thing she caused. Suzaku drives home the point that she killed a lot of people, but he also calls it a big success and thinks that it’ll bring victory to Britannia. Meanwhile, Lelouch is reasoning that since the Emperor didn’t go to Tokyo even though he came to Area 11, the Emperor’s goal is something else: the ruins of Kaminejima. The Emperor is in fact here because it’s the best spot to let him synchronize all the ruins around the world and make use of the Sword of Akasha again. In connection with this, Anya has another painful reaction, but this time, her eyes glow red, and she pays a visit to C.C. on the Ikaruga afterwards. Anya comments on how it’s been a long time since they’ve met directly, and when C.C. doesn’t recognize her, Anya enters the World of C. There, she finds C.C.’s real personality just sitting around, and – so that C.C. will recognize her – Anya transforms herself into Marianne. C.C. thinks that Marianne is so worried about Lelouch that she came here, but Marianne denies it and wonders if C.C. felt she was such an ideal mother. Marianne’s reason for being here is because she wanted to know if C.C. was still their ally, and she questions why C.C sealed off her own Code since Charles would have been able to grant her wish to die. After C.C. admits that she doesn’t know, Marianne suggests that they have to find out, and she reveals that she’s always messing with C.C. as gratitude for C.C. giving her Geass. In response, C.C. notes that Marianne didn’t fulfill their contract, and Marianne then proposes going off somewhere together.

Elsewhere on the Ikaruga, Cornelia is asking Villetta what she plans to do, but Villetta isn’t sure. Cornelia’s advice is that there’s more to the world than just a title of nobility. At around this same time, Diethard is trying to convince the other Black Knight leaders that they should announce that Zero was killed in action. Diethard feels that even if the real Zero reappeared, no one has any way of proving that he’s real since a masked hero is just a symbol. Lelouch meanwhile calls up Rivalz to check on everything at school, and he wants his friend to tell Milly that he won’t be able to keep the promise of enjoying fireworks with everyone. He’s determined to defeat his father, though he’s relatively unaware of how his father has actually already synchronized all of the Geass ruins and proclaimed the beginning of Ragnarok. By now, Schneizel and the Black Knights have gone forward with telling the media about their ceasefire agreement, and the Black Knights further reveal that Zero is dead. This is met with disbelief by many, including Jeremiah who demands to see Zero’s face, but Ougi avoids any conflict by putting off doing that for now. Kallen isn’t happy that they’re treating Zero as disposable after he got them this far, but Ougi feels that it was Zero who did exactly that to them by deceiving them about Geass.

Onboard the Avalon, Gino, Cecile, and Lloyd are taking some recreation time when Suzaku comes by to ask about the Lancelot Albion. It’s almost ready, but Lloyd doesn’t want to hand it over to Suzaku right now, especially after Suzaku tries to order him to. Cornelia and Schneizel interrupt this conversation, and when Cornelia asks about Guilford, they reveal that he’s missing. Schneizel tries to praise Guilford’s service, but Suzaku takes responsibility for firing the FREIJA and claims that such merit is needed to become the Knight of One. Suzaku realizes now that he’s been naive and had valued ideals and aesthetics even though he had said that the means was more important than the result. He wants Schneizel to make him the Knight of One, and since only the Emperor can do that, Schneizel decides to try to take that role. As part of his explanation on why he’s willing to do this, Schneizel talks about how the Emperor saw the war with the Black Knights as a mundane affair and how the Emperor was completely absorbed in dangerous research. Schneizel feels that his father treats war and politics like a game and thus isn’t qualified to rule, so he decides to let Suzaku go assassinate the Emperor. Gino opposes this, but Suzaku is fine with killing because what’s important to him now is the ends rather than the means.

With this, Suzaku quickly tracks the Emperor down to Kaminejima and accuses him of two sins: abandoning his duties as a ruler and being involved with Geass. Suzaku believes that Geass brings out the evil in people, and he thinks that the Emperor could have saved Euphemia. Unfortunately for him, Bismarck appears and protects the Emperor, allowing the Emperor to go into the ruins while Bismarck handles Suzaku. The Geass effect that Lelouch put on Suzaku urges him to run away, but he resists and tries to fight. Bismarck easily knocks him down though and is about to kill him when a nearby explosion interrupts them. This explosion was courtesy of Lelouch who had just arrived on the island, and he’s created some chaos amongst the Britannian forces by using his Geass power to turn some of them against the others. Worried about what’s going on, Schneizel tries to excuse himself from a meeting with Kaguya and the other Black Knight leaders so that he can personally go to Kaminejima, but Kaguya insists on coming along because she can only think of one person who would challenge the Emperor in such a situation. Anya meanwhile arrives at Kaminejima in the Mordred and attacks Bismarck in the Galahad for supposedly taking part in the coup d’état. When Bismarck tells her that she’s mistaken, Anya pretends to believe him and uses the damage incurred from their brief skirmish as an excuse to land on the island. Anya had been acting all along because she knew that she didn’t have time to explain things to Bismarck, and she had figured that he wouldn’t suspect her if she suspected him first. Riding with her in the Mordred is C.C., and Anya wonders aloud if she should save Lelouch.

By this point, Lelouch has entered the place where the remains of the Sword of Akasha are. He finds his father addressing a pair of twisting pillars so he interrupts to say that his father won’t be settling things with the gods but rather with him. The Emperor remains confident because he knows nothing can kill him, but Lelouch’s plan is to seal off the exits and trap them there. Doing so means that they can’t interfere with the real world, and that’s the same as death in this case. Lelouch sees this as a prison of the soul, and he’s ready to suffer through eternal penitence together with his father.


So after all this time, Marianne does reappear, but it’s certainly not how or where I was expecting. I was surprised that they put the biggest plot twist of the episode near the beginning, making the end seem tame in comparison. Regardless, it seems that not only is Marianne inside of Anya (which makes me question how Marianne’s actual death worked), she was also given a Geass power from C.C. so that she could do so. That in turn implies that she’s aware of everything that’s going on, and she comes off as somewhat more devious than everyone always made her out to be. It’s not clear if she’s in cahoots with Charles or if she has her own agenda, but it’s a little worrisome that she adopts a rather flippant attitude towards saving her son. On the other hand, I have a hard time believing that she’s evil, and this could very well set us up for another revelation that Charles isn’t as bad as we might think he is. I suspect, however, that Schneizel’s probably still the one to keep an eye on since he’s likely to make a big move now that he’s decided to replace his father.

Looking past the Marianne revelation, I thought the whole latter half of the episode (especially the part with Suzaku where one minute he’s with Schneizel and the next minute he’s already attacking the Emperor) happened a bit too fast, so I still have the feeling – carried over from last week – that they might be rushing things. It doesn’t help either that the animation quality was off this week as well – it’s not horrible, but a noticeable drop when compared to recent episodes. I still don’t think that there is cause for big concern, however it’s worth noting that I’ve seen a lot this past week about how all was not well in the production department. In any case, I’m hoping the pacing will a little better next week as we head into what appears from the preview to be some deep background power-of-Geass plot stuff, with a hint of religion thrown in.


  1. Marianne is EVILL!!! I TELL YOU EVIL!!! Lol

    So now, Marianne and Schneizel will be competinf on “final big bad” position and Charles will probably turn out to be “good guy who was just misunderstood as he was trying to save the world”

  2. @bingo
    One possibility is of Marianne’s geass being “mind-tranfer”. she just hid herself in Anya at the moment of death and now completely took over Anya’s body.

    Now for preview shots -the last one with C.C and V.V – Roots of Yggdrasil?

  3. @Whispo
    I think so too.

    Damn, who would have thought that Mariane as alive. The worst thing we can expect is that Nunaly is really dead and then Lulu finds that all what he has been doing about revenge and a better place for his sister was only a game set by her mother -that would be really cruel.

  4. @banzemanga
    We do not know IF marianne itself is alive(yes, itself).

    If Marianne’s power was that of “mind transfer” she completely could have transfered herself into Anya, who was at the scene of Marianne’s “death”. Thanks to that, Anya forgot everything and Marianne hid herself in Anya’s mind. Then, when the time is right, Marianne completely takes over Anya with her geass and goes on with her plans.

  5. How come i feel weird about this episode?I must say,today’s animation was terrible…for the Code Geass series that is..and there’s no knightmare frame fight???Weren’t the black knights after lelouch?how come they didn’t search for him…weird…

  6. @Boo
    Rollo took care of all those who went to search last week ^^”

    Lelouch was basically hidden in forest, without anyone left alive who know on which direction he is. So BKs assume he is dead – so they could ask Schneizel to fulfill his deal

  7. I have the feeling that the Geass plot will end with episode 21 (Charles, Marianne and C.C.). With no more revenge and some truth revealed, Lelouch gaining power from Britannia will engage a power hungry Schneizel (with a Damocles weapon thing to threaten the world) in order to create a peaceful and fair world. Nunnally come back pleeease…

  8. The is definitely one of the best episode EVER, starts with Marianne’s memory inside Anya to Lelouch trapping his father THAT EASILY?! Another strange thing is that Suzaku starts pronouncing himself as “jibun” again. WIth 4 more episode it definitely looks like they’re rushing cause the next episode seem like they’re going to reveal stuff that is still in question. Now I wonder what geass Marianne has since such a thing to Anya.

  9. I’ve love watching Code Geass and enjoy listening to Code Geass while doing homework over and over.

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but, does anyone feel like Code Geass R2 has lost it’s ways to give us an interesting / thrilling impact somewhere from the point where Shirley dies ????
    Cause some of the twist that happened or are happening just doesn’t seem to make much sense or logic or has an actual purpose.

    Now I am just watching to know the ending instead watching it because I am thrilled to know what’s gonna happen and why.

    and sorry if my english doesn’t totally make sense

    Geass kun
  10. both father and prodigal son inside the sword of akasha next week eh…, looks like suzaku is gonna get his behind kicked by bismarck’s geass. schneizel is a sly one for taking advantage of the situation at hand.if ever lelouch and anya meet and lelouch realizes that his dear mom is inside anya and he starts rushing towards her with teary eyes and hugs her while calling her mom would be somewhat disturbing(lolicon alert!)=))

  11. It kind of amuses me that for todays nitpick it’s ended up being Bismarck’s eye and not Marianne being inside of Anya. I mean I know there has to be one scene that people dwell on, but I think they chose the weirdest candidate. Heck I’m hella confused about the whole Anya/Marianne thing and I’m usually the guy telling everybody not to blow things out of proportion.

  12. @setsuke

    maybe marianne’s geass is “Soul transfer”, jumping from body to body.

    maybe the real Marianne is long dead, before she met charles and the person who married charles is already someone who jumped into marianne’s body. LOLOLOL!!

  13. @Shirotora

    It’s actually more like “Memory transfer” but since she can also somehow make C.C regains her memory then there were also times where she talks to C.C through mind linkin so thats why i wonder if all these are her geass power.

  14. My Theory for Anya in the beginning for her to lost her memories was that she held information / witness of the death of Marianne when I realise that she likes recording things.

    Never felt that Charles were the one that ordered the kill Marianne cause there were always Schneizel that I feel like it’s him. Of course, not surprise if it is Charles.

    When I first saw that FIRST picture of Marianne on a knightmare, I could see that there is a Reason why Charles or Schneizel, maybe have wanted her dead. But that lead me to thinking maybe Marianne may not be innocennt after all and feel like maybe there are a reason why the royal family hated/disliked her, since there were never any saying that Marianne was a great nice person e.g.

    Now knowing that she’s alive or somewhat alive. here’s a few theory that may lead to what’s gonna happen

    1. Let’s say that Marianne want to take over the world. And her GEASS is to transfer soul / take control / implant herself to someone else. Her plan might be
    A – To take control of Charles body once Charles has taken over the world.

    B – Her plan is now to take over Zero’s body

    C – She may have somehow knew calculate that Lulu would try to average her death and so she knew he will become powerful to over power Charles one day. And when Lulu does so, she will take in control of her own son’s body. >_<

    – Anya could be a sister of lulu too!!
    – If Marianne GEASS is to transfer SOUL!!! THEN the one that has died 10 years ish ago is ANYA !!!! O.O

    These are just some theories, might sound a bit reckless but it makes kinda of sense right? : D

  15. @setsuke
    And you know that how?

    For all we know Marianne “took over Anya” now, hence the “geass-ed circles” around her eyes .

    My theory is on Anya, as child being in that “event” in which Marianne was killed. Marianne during the death, transfered herself into Anya(thus Anya lost her memories) and hid herself there in Anya’s mind.When the time is right, Marianne completely took over Anya with her geass.

    And C>C regained memories in the same way as Lelouch did. Its implied that Marianne kissed her or did something like that. W/e. Think R2 Ep1 Lelouch 🙂

  16. “why the royal family hated/disliked her, since there were never any saying that Marianne was a great nice person”

    Akira, you’re wrong, both Clovis and Cornelia liked her, just watch s1 and you’ll see.

  17. Uhh . . . something that’s completely unrelated but, didn’t CC used to talk to marianne vie mind-link/telepathic connection? Does that mean she was talking to anya’s subconsciousness? and why didn’t CC recognise anya, then? this plot twist kinda looks like a spur-of-the-moment thing by the directors . . . then again, i haven’t read the summary so i might change my mind later on. . .

    still . . . >_<

    Round Square
  18. @Round Square

    My bet is that Marianne was “hiding” inside Anya.

    Mind you C.C never saw Anya in person – the moment she got in touch with Mordred she said “so thats how it is” – meaning she noticed Marianne in Mordred’s pilot(did not see her in person)

    So Its normal for C.C to NOT recognize how Anya looks 🙂

  19. We all love Lelouch’s gar since he always regains it, but how about Suzaku’s moment with Nina in the beginning? :O Nevermind, it mustn’t matter since most of you hate him anyway.

  20. @Mk
    It was great moment, with him “congratulating” her.

    Of course “not as planned” at the end, when Live activates and he RUNS RUNS RUNS…. And here I thought that he will man up and do something >_>’ :/

  21. My take on the whole Anya – Marianne thing is that Marianne is only superimposed over Anya’s mind and the real Anya in just suppressed as opposed to dead.
    My reasoning for this is that Anya’s eyes have the red circles around them as opposed to the Geass insignia. This also leads to 2 points A. Marianne is stuck in Anya’s body scene her original one is dead, and B. Marianne can be purged from Anya with say a Geass canceler.

    As a follow up to point A. maybe Marianne needs to transfer back to he original body between Geasses, as in she cant jump from person 1 to person 2 without going back to her original body.

  22. 2 episodes ago I made a joke about how Anya might be Lelouch’s mother (ripping off the scene from star wars).

    I can’t believe i accidentally hit the nail on the head. Who’d have thought?

    nobody important
  23. What I forsee is now factions of
    – The Emperor
    – Sneeze-kun and Suzaku
    – Marianne and C.C.
    – Lelouch and Kallen
    Kallen will surely go back to Lelouch. She’s basically adores him now and IMO that feeling is mutual. I also forsee more development on our favourite Ninja meido and the undeath of Nunally.

  24. wow that was interesting. Anya turning out to be marianne and what not… looks like the “Anya is lulu’s sister” rumor was false, well maybe. anyhow the episode looks good.

  25. did anyone else see lelouch left eye flicker slightly??? looks like hes about to get double geass! also it amuses me as he now apparently just recognises himself as nothing else except the guy with the eye!! hes embraced his power completely and is using it on everytihng that breaths also ive come to a nw conclusion! Fleja was suzakus fault contrary to my previous statement because being geassed (particularly his) was open to interpretation!!!

    WingZero zxt
  26. I loved this episode!!
    It had a shocking revelation – I watched Marianne’s part many times – it was so great to see Marianne and the real C.C. talking. It’s a nice revelation for once. After just too many depressing disasterous tragedies. My Anya = Marianne reaction was “Huh? For real?? I thought the speculations”

    Suzaku also got MUCH more interesting. His philosophy is now “results are everything”. Which is kindofstupid actually since he was so against this – in the end he couldn’t stick to it until the end. But since he’s not stupidly stubborn anymore and has shown some sense, my hate for him has gone a lot down. Finally he’s doing things that make sense! I approved of him trying to kill the emporer and supporting Schneizel. I also liked it when he said for Nina that she “…KILLED them.” and ended it off with something like “Great job/You did it!”. I can’t wait for the subs so there’ll be some good Suzaku discussions. Notice how he betrayed again for his own desires?

    Lelouch has finally started using geass to make slaves. “From now on, you will move according to my orders!” I feel sad about this. I still hope things turn out better and that Nunnally isn’t really dead. Though Lelouch in despair is as cool as ever. <3

    I haven’t felt like “I want the next episode NOW” for a while.
    Earlier episodes were all “Oh.. I know there’s gonna be more tragedies.. sigh”

  27. Sounds like it got stupid.

    I kind of figure, Suzaku already knew he couldn’t beat the Knight of One, which is why he didn’t challenge for that position. Though, I am glad to hear that they can fight outside of thier knightmare. The fact that Lelouche is using his Geass like crazy now is even dumber, but then again, maybe enslaving the world will make him a better person. They actually did something with Anya and Marianne …oh my god, this show went from good to horrible in a few seconds.

    My hopes for this series:

    Everyone dies, I am on Charles side now, becuase, if it’s as stupid as it seems to be getting …that would be best results.

  28. I certainly wished that Sunrise would have allowed the production team to have retained its original version of Code Geass R2. From episode 13 til now, nothing but action, action, and more action all the way. It’s clearly nothing like R1 with its mature audience content. It makes no sense for Lelouch to not go back to Ashford Academy. But the revealation that Lelouch is now the Demon King painfully turned out to be true.

  29. Marianne does seem to be cold and calculating… What Sniezel has to do with her plans I have no idea.
    The “Anya being a victim of Geass” thing, Marianne might be permanently trapped within Anya as… why chose her as a host? The other option would be that Schniezel took Marianne’s body, implanted her brain into Anya while the Emperor Geassed her. This did two things, suppress her Geass and take her away from the spotlight of the Royal family as she was an embrassment to Charles while still using her incredible piloting skills thus she attained a knight of rounds rank.

    Redemption's Geass
  30. Wait, what Max? Which one of them is it you call mature again? And tbh, I like the episodes where everything is not just “I CAN HAS LARGER MECHA”. Character development, and Lelouch slowly but surely making his own personal hell is a far more interesting set-up for a series than a “Guren is stronger than Lancelot”, “NO, Lancelot is stronger than Guren” standard setup.

  31. im not sure i agree with this being a horrible series if you think that just because lelouch is falunting his power more and finall getting on with it makes it horrible then idisagree you should have seen somthing like this coming since Geass is a random and malevolent power that the audience still know almost nothing about!!! therefore it was never gonna be like season1! in season 1 we were more clueless about everything then now and as for schniziels coud etat unless lelouch seals the emperor its not gonna work cos emperor is immortal(ish) besides schniziel knows almost nothing about whats going on (but thinks hes the worlds greatest gift to itself ( a lot like what lelouch thought in S1)

    Ultimately everything which has happened up until now was the last shreds of lelouchs conscious trying to fix the world/make ammends/punish brittania but now everything is over in that department hes finally getting on with it!!! adressing the issue of what geass really is whats ACTUALLY HAPENING and what the emperor is actually doing in his free time! almost everything else till this point has been an (interesting if nothing else) stop gap/learning curve for lelouch! but now hes finished the tutorial does he really have what it takes to be a king/master??? Ofcourse most of this is just opinion based conjecture i wont be able to give accurate thoughts till the sub comes out!!!

    WingZero zxt
  32. @WingZero zxt
    Yep. I noticed it. If Lelouch is gonna get am even fight with the emporer, he’ll need a fully evovled geass soon.;)

    Other points of interest:
    – Probably the Knight of One has a geass too. (Can things get even more complicated?)
    – Suzaku’s live geass told him to run away from him. LOL!

  33. Sunrise totally killed R2 I suppose. I always had this feeling that R2 had one too many battles, because there’s supposed to be answers and heavy plot development for this second season. But, sadly, to me, real plot development only started in this episode. I mean, what the hell were the 19 episodes for? Besides mecha-battles, character development, and little secrets here and there, there were too little heavy twists, from my perspective. And even with revelation of some secrets, there wasn’t any explaination behind them. I have NO idea how the next few episodes can be carefully paced out, and my bet is R2 will be quite a disappointment. I had expected R2 to focus more on plots and expand out into the Britannian Empire instead of getting restricted to Area 11.
    And yes, the animation was off.

  34. @Tiff its like i said the previous eps were nothig more than a side trip from ultimately this event!!
    Emperor was finally worried about lelouch!!! AMUSING! i bet bismark had to have his eye sealed cos his geass simply results in nothing more than a weapon (it just kills anything he looks at! or makes stuff explode!) bcause the did say that geass maninfests itself by allowing you to achieve a (perhaps hollw) reality of your innermost desire! C.C.: Love Emperor/lelouch:Destroy and recreate the world
    Mao: not to be alone
    Yusain Bolt: To slow down time by 0.5 of a second!
    George Bush: For people to take him seriously (he had it sealed 1 minth into his presidency) 😛

    WingZero zxt
  35. That Bismarck had Geass it too obvious to me, given his shut eye. And the strange way that it was sewn up – leaving the eye generally intact.

    Wow, I knew it would get weirder and weirder. It might get Final Fantasy-like in the next episodes. Nice. 😛

    That Monica Knight of Rounds sure is cute.

    Chino F
  36. wingzero zxt@

    No,the reason I say that it’s so stupid …is the fact that any shred of intelligences that lelouche has had …has slowly been on the decrease since the end of the first season. THe fact that he is now recklessly using his Geass ..makes me shake my head. Suzaku’s entire battle with the Sword of One, or lack there is of one …if that gif is right ..makes me sick, and this episode though meant to show the overall results with the death of Nunnelly …just makes the character’s personality flimsy.

    I believe that …for the most part …we are going to get the stupidest ending ever …though maybe we won’t have to wait that long. Suzaka snaps and now think killing is okay? ….Alrighty then ….Lelouche has decided to be the demon king [didn’t he decide that already] and is now using his Geass stupidly. I mean …I am foreseeing him making a stupid slip up and getting himself killed by his own followers, or his group act like mindless zombies.

    It’s like they are trying to give him a army even though …he really doesnt’ have a leg to stand on.

  37. @Silentveil

    This reminds me of Light/Kira from Death Note, in which the character mind goes into a decline until he is dead by what he was given. This has been a real disappointment on the Executives part due to the changes that they made upon the production staff for R2. And to think that R1 was slated to end on a positive not with Episode 23, which means that Euphemia would not had become a victim of Lelouch’s Geass by accident. I think that the direction of the series would have been much better if the creator was allowed to tell the tale in its original entirity. It might have been quite interesting to have seen Euphemia alive as she was one of my favorite characters. Could you ever imagine her as a student at Ashford Academy with Lelouch, Suzaku, and Nunnally? I would because it would make the series more interesting.

  38. @Silent Veil
    there was more to the battle its just that was the main point! Also theres still lelouch and Emp to deal with everything uotside of that it seems is being ignored for the time being! (watch it raw on Veoh)

    Also could someone please explain in Detail the production team issues or whatever

    WingZero zxt
  39. wow this site was down for long. i watched this ep this morning, and as omni said, theres quite a drop in animation quality(lelouch has longer hair at the end-_-). Other than that, i felt the ep was paced a little too fast. How did CC just HAPPEN to be where Anya/marianne was landing, why did Kallen only have 5 seconds of screen-time when the ending of the last episode left many fans hoping to see her reactions more? How do C.C. and marianne proceed to “help” lelouch(what can they do exactly)?
    Really, i dont care who lelouch ends up with, cause i like all of the possible choices(espescially Kallen). i just want him to end up with SOMEBODY(altho that possiblity is decreasing everytime a new ep comes out). I hope we dont see a GSD ending here, but its also quite possible(to my dismay).
    I think this ep was good, and introduced some “interesting” plot twists. They have to explain them now.

  40. So Suzaku’s finally given up all pretenses of being righteous and just believes in the ends justifying the means. It’s about time.

    Bismarck having a geass shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It’s just a matter of what type of geass it is (the fact he has to shut his eye out probably means it’s a geass that comes with a high price and/or he has trouble controlling or just doesn’t want to use on account of honor or something similar). Nunnally having a geass (one that might have saved both her and Sayoko from the Freya blast) is becoming more and more of a possibility too.

    This season has its fair share of inconsistencies and it doesn’t surprise me that the director has had problems from the higher ups as far as the creative process. But like a dramatic trainwreck, we can’t just look away. 🙂

  41. I dont think C.C. Will abandon Lelouch, if she is told to by Marianne.. maybe at first, but probably will support him. cause of what happened right before losing her memories.

  42. Does anyone know if this is the last season for Code Geass or if there is a third season? If there isn’t a third season then I have to agree with some previous posts that the earlier episodes this season were wasting time and now they’re going to rush an ending, which usually doesn’t turn out so well.

  43. Actually, the geass makes Suzaku want to run away at first, but he DECIDES that he must fight, well at least until he gets his butt whupped a few seconds later, then he really runs away.

  44. OMNI pls can you explain .Also, why did Marianne ask C.C if she’s still ‘their’ ally. Who is the ‘their’ in her sentence? If it’s her and Charles then it means her plan has always been to create this mess so Charles can go ahead with the plan. But if that’s the case then why did she ask C.C if they should help Lelouch. On that note, that should not even be a question that a mother should ask to someone else. So the fact that she had to ask C.C kind of makes one questions her decision in all of is most likely that lelouch was needed as a pawn in otherwords his parents knew lelouch would become zero so that his parents can destroy the Old Gods.which makes me think that C.C first encounter with lelouch was no mistake.

    Johnny Babel Santoz
  45. This is a little far-fetched, but it’s not beyond the writers, from the way that Marianne is acting, and from the out-right disregard for human life that appears within the emperor, coupled with the fact that the Emperor and V.V. set out at the beginning to ‘erase the lies’ (Marianne still alive at that time) –

    – I think that this entire situation, or series of circumstances shall we call it, were engineered by Lelouch’s parents. Objecting being put him through all this, have him experience it, and in the end become what they see as their true goal. A person who will destroy the current world (Lelouches goal for Nunnaly) and create a better world, a world without lies (Emperors goal).

    As I said, might seem far-fetched but take a moment to think about it. If this is how the story plays it out then it’ll be magnificent, but then again a shitload of things can happen now.

  46. Also there is a possibility that nunally is alive maybe geass saved her or she escaped in time or maybe she got lucky and landed somewhere who knowa maybe charles got to her first even though the production department is having issues the episode wasn,t bad at all plus i,m hopin they reveal some unanswered questions in the last few episodes.

    Johnny Babel Santoz
  47. When Lelouch trapped himself and Charles in the “Other World” I thought back to Dragonball Z when Piccolo trapped himself and Gotenks in the hyperbolic time chamber with Majin Buu LOL ….. Sunrise just ripped something off of DBZ!!!

    Peachy Zutto
  48. Too many shocking news on this episode, SUNRISE strikers back!

    Anya was indeed Marianne (it reminds me how Xavier transferred his mind to the comatose patient on that hospital to save his life before Phoenix broke him to pieces). Then she decides to act, first bringing back C.C.’s memories, afterwards coming to terms of their next step. The same way, Suzaku snapped out and decided to act; just like the US Redeem Team, Suzaku wants to redeem himself of everything wrong he did, acknowledging he was at fault and not the Geass. This move played in Schneizel’s favor to take the throne. Finally, Lelouch snapped out and did exactly what he had to do since the beginning; bring down his Father.


  49. – _>… It’s pretty obvious that he has one now.
    – Just noticed, if you watch the opening carefully when they show all the characters, you can see Anya and Gino’s expressions change. (Gino gets serious/angry, Anya smiles [probably Marianne])
    – There has to be a way out of the Sword of Akasha realm, I can’t see anyway they’ll end it without Lelouch meeting C.C. again.
    – Poor Rivalz… Lelouch hung up on him lol.
    – Surprise attack or not…how were Sutherlands beating Vincents? >_> Aren’t Sutherlands 5th gen and Vincents 7th gen mass production models? <_< Or is it because they both had the same modeled flight units?
    – I’m looking forward to the next episode. Kinda wondering why they flashed “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” (Abandon all hope, ye who enters here) across the screen in the preview.

  50. Oh dammit, the end of it got cut off too.

    There’s no way Mari-Anya is evil >_> well…it depends on your definition of evil…but she’s with C.C. and they’re helping Lelouch aren’t they?

  51. Wow, this plot twist better be well thought out and not a piece of Sunrise bullplonk. Cuz if it is, I swear, Code Geass R2 can go die in a hole.

    I’m hoping for the whole parents betrayal setup thing, so this will actually go somewhere.

    Otherwise, this will wreck the entire thing and lose my support.

  52. guaa!! que bien super episodio me quede bien sorprendido que la madre de Lelouch tuviera su propio Geass esperamos mejor epeisodio y ya tengo el raw con subtitulos en ingles grax por las imagnes son siempre lo mas rapidozz!

  53. lol suzaku ran away good job… finally super bad ass lelouch is here
    as for Marianne and anya… from the first season of code geass we know C.C. was talking to Marianne so i assume she is on lelouch side but who knows.
    C.C. as it appears just hid herself in the world of C to prevent the emperor from taking her code. Do you think she will give up her code in the next ep??

  54. My thoughts on this ep..

    Kaguya and xingke already realized that zero is still alive.. just watch their reaction during the meeting with schneizel.. those knightmares where ordered by lelouch without schneizel knowing and they suggested there was only one person who could have done something like that.

    Whe know for fact now that the geass of the knight of one has been sealed away.. this is going to be a bad one..

    Regarding Anya.. she is NOT Marianne. It’s obvious Marianne has sealed away her soul in Anya only to be awakened when needed. Which means means Anya has now been sealed away for a while. If you like, compare it to a violent split personality, where one person is actually not aware of it’s other self and thus has no memories of this “other” persons doings.
    Also looking at her interaction with C.C., it seems her being sealed away in Anya was no coincidence. She did this on purpose with her geass. My gues is to hide herself from the world and come forth when she is needed again, it actually makes sence know.. Her being“killed”, as she at that point was the only one strong enough to oppose the emperor, when neccesary. The emperor is under the impression that she has actually been killed. She can even enter C.C.’s own little world at will, so chances are high that she’s mastered her geass.. And my guess is that she awakened again to oppose the emperor and stop him from using Ragnarok. From what I’ve seen, I’m certain she’s not with the emperor on this one. All though the now released subs are still missing some sentences.

    Maybe the next episode will prove me wrong, but I don’t believe Marianne to be evil. Besides the emperor just got seriously owned by Lelouch, just look at his expression.

    But please let someone bring out some decent subs fast, cause the speedsubs from nightspeed and gg are seriously lacking at some crucial points.

  55. Who knew 😀 well I knew Anya was geassed, but to think that the person behind it was Marianna, who has the same geass power as Lelouch… So does that mean she kinda transfered her mind over to Anya, saying from today onward you are me 😀

  56. To be honest I had a bad feeling Marianne might have been part of this “game” all along, as if all this (the Area11 conflict, Lelouch’s actions, all the killings, etc) was in fact her doing while Charles was just a patsy who is about to be disposed of later on.

    Sailor Enlil
  57. Tamaki will never stop amusing me: he had tears in his eyes when he told them that Zero was his best friend. I think of all characters, he acts the most like a girl who had her heart broken.

    I just realized how uninteresting the BK can be, if there isn’t some half-genius with evil tendencies using them.

    The circumstantial evidence was decent, even when it was backed up by Ougi, but I am quite disappointed that so far, not once, at least Diethard, is thinking of Schneizel’s possible hidden agenda, even if Schneizel was right about Zero or if he was twisting all sorts of things, for all they know. He is a royal Britannian, their opponent, so it is unlikely he was telling them all the Zero stuff because he feels that they deserve the truth and justice <- sarcasm.

    And way to go Suzaku…now you realize that treasured ideal alone won’t cut it? However, he earned brownie points for pointing his sword towards the person who could have done something about any event at any moment (from the moment Lelouch and Nunnally were send to Japan to any point in the recent affairs), being the one who knew of everything, unlike all other characters (except maybe C.C. and Marianne). He earns those points also by mentioning something clever, that the emperor could have done something for Euphie and for realizing Lelouch and Nunnally were victimized by him as well.

    Suzaku has a point about Geass making people go evil; such power has proven so far to corrupt people. Because of that, I don’t hold my breath for Marianne to be very sympathetic or a “good guy”.

    Nice entrance Lelouch. I was looking forward to see him just doing his thing, without anyone stopping him (for now), or anyone to protect. However the dramatic “anyone who can match my despair” made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Even without the Zero mask Lelouch likes being theatrical.

  58. I think it’s time for Taniguchi to quit Sunrise and meet with the other ex-Sunrise members at Manglobe to produce Code Geass Ultimate. The interview/write up explained a lot about why R2 seems nothing like R1 anymore, the guy who did Planetes can do much better … Sunrise kills its own series by wanting to make more money (= new timeslot) >.<

  59. Marianne inside of Anya? It’s a bit ridiculous. IMHO more possible solution is that her geass allows to change her appearance in people’s minds. By the way, her eyes suggested that she was using geass or that she was under its control?

  60. now ther answer is reaveal

    actually contain mariane soul ,come out to help lelouch. from manga she is nunnnaly knight tat will be higher chance marianne enter her during the killing. the only question is unsure : who is anya to lelouch ? sis? knight to protect their family? o lover?

    he becoming more soreeye, i start dislike him, now he start to betray the emperor who giving him the position to kor, untill now i still dunno which side he is emperor? japan?o schizel? i only can think of him tat he will only join the force with higher advantages.till now he still dont have his own pride, britanial’s dog

    seeing this situation, his loyaty is to emperor, most probaly he will join kallen to overtrown shcnizel.

    still think zero is alive and continue to wait for him, juz like romeo and julia. i think she maybe give out bk and will support lelouch, the thing is doest she noe zero”indentity??

    ditheart, tamaki, laskata,kallen,orange:
    will join to lelouch but in a diffrent way.

    ohgi and the rest of the bk:
    well the can go hell for all i care, they thinking are too narrow, not noticing that they have becoming same path with suzake in season 1. britania’s dog. ohgi was the worst character ever , he shose love over his country. well touda and therest arecompletely moron, if not zero they would be die by now a)dueing the persecution hold by guilford b)the submarine blast attack by suzaku.

    i think she will have geas juz like from the manga, i dont c reason y she muz die here where else in the manga she hold an important role. maybe she will have her own knightframe -nemo

  61. Erm..furinyue. You don’t have to write in perfect English if you can’t. But at least do try to write in English.

    That said, I think people should try to hold comments on whether Marianne is evil or not till after the next episode at least. There’s more to her than what is revealed in this episode (which really isn’t a lot mind you).

  62. Ain’t dat nice. The two can finally have a nice little talk as father and son, lolz. That is actually a big possibility now. Especially since episode 22 is called Emperor Lelouch. Regardless, if those two actually reconcile and Lelouch starts following his father’s footsteps, there could be tense problems, especially with Schniezel, Cornelia and the Black Knights. Which reminds me, who exactly is Anya now?

    the burnt shadow
  63. @furinyue
    Kaguya does not know who Zero is. The only members of the OotBK who definitely knew before episode 19 and are currently alive are Kallen, C.C., Jeremiah, and Viletta (if you count her as a member of the OotBK). It seems like Ougi and Diethard might have learned it from Viletta prior to Schneizel revealing it. Beyond them, the only ones who know now are those who were in on the betrayal and Rakshata. So, Kaguya, Xing-ke, and anyone they brought with them don’t know who Zero is or that he was betrayed (though Kaguya and Xing-ke certainly seem to suspect something).

  64. I suppose that some of the major questions that this episode raises are:

    1. What exactly is the deal with Anya and Marianne? It seems like Anya might have been Lelouch’s sister or some other person close to him when he was younger and that Marianne used her Geass to put herself in the back of Anya’s mind to take her over later, but what exactly is going on there isn’t clear at all.

    2. What is Marianne’s objective and who is the “us” that she’s referring to when she asks whether C.C. is still with them? My first guess is the emperor – which certainly implies that she’s a bad guy – but we’ll have to see I guess. I don’t really see who else the “us” could be though. Of course, even if she is a bad guy, she could still change her mind and decide to side with Lelouch instead of the emperor. Her motives and general situation are far too murky right now to determine what she’s up to and what she intends to do.

    3. If C.C. can just lock away her Code at will, why didn’t she do that ages ago? She would have been able to die of old age ages ago if she’d done that before. Maybe the Sword of Akasha made it possible somehow and it’s not something that she can normally do, but right now it seems like a plot hole.

    4. Is C.C. immortal again? It looks like Anya/Marianne basically just went into the World of C and talked C.C. into leaving it. But since it seems like C.C. entered it in the first place by sealing away her Code, that would imply that she unsealed it (regaining her immortality) when she left again. And if that’s the case, it certainly makes the whole C.C. losing her memories bit seem a bit contrived.

    On a smaller note are these questions:

    1. Why did Suzaku think that the emperor was “all-knowing” and thus was able to save Euphemia if he’d wanted to? Suzaku seemed to think that that was part of the power of Geass or something. Geass doesn’t impart omniscience. While the emperor may very well have been able to do something to prevent Euphemia’s death, it’s not like he knew that Lelouch was going to Geass her and kill her (by accident or otherwise).

    2. Why did they bother having Anya see 2 Lelouch’s in episode 12? She’s never brought it up and now that she’s be Marianne-ized, she seems to somehow know all about Lelouch being Zero (there’s no evidence that Schneizel told anyone other than the members of the OotBK and Suzaku certainly didn’t say anything about it) so knowing that she saw 2 Lelouch’s before doesn’t exactly tell her anything interesting. As such, it seems rather pointless to have had Anya see both Lelouch’s. As it stands, it only served to make the fans nervous for Lelouch and make them wonder what she was going to do.

    3. Why did Lelouch lock himself in with the emperor? If his goal was just to lock away the emperor, why not just blow up the gate from the outside? Does he want to sit in there and gloat at the emperor until he starves to death? Not to mention, the emperor has gone to the the Sword of Akasha from other gates before, so why would blowing up the one near Japan lock him in there? In either case, Lelouch, at least, will get out or we won’t have much more of a show.

  65. I wonder what Xing-ke and Kaguya are going to do when they find out what happened with Zero. They obviously suspect that Zero is the one at the island and that something’s up with the OotBK declaring him dead. I doubt that they’ll have quite the same reaction as the members of the OotBK who betrayed him – especially after they see that he’s still taking on Britannia in spite of the OotBK turning on him. Their betrayal tends to look bad when Zero is continuing in the goal to defeat Britannia in spite of him supposedly being a traitor to the OotBK. Of course, they don’t seem to have really doubted that he was truly against Britannia so much as whether he’d screwed them in the process of trying to defeat Britannia.

    Also, it’s a bit of a shame for Kallen and Jeremiah. The two characters who were most likely to want to join up with Lelouch get almost no screentime at all this episode. Of course, given what Lelouch was up to, I’m not sure that they’re help would have done much. If anything, having only Britannians attack Britannians made it more of a surprise. Also, it had the interesting side effect of making it look like Schneizel was instigating a fullscale coup d’etat when the only thing that he’d done was agree to order Suzaku to go and kill the emperor (and Suzaku didn’t even claim that it was Schneizel that sent him).

    Well, the fun continues. They definitely managed to show that the show can still be great without Lelouch actually being the leader of the OotBK.

  66. @WingZero zxt
    Where/when did you seen Lelouch’s eye flicker like he might be about to get to the two eye level of his Geass? I haven’t been able to find his eye flickering anywhere.

  67. WTF is wrong with you people?! Seriously! Where are you getting from anything in that interview that Taniguchi is saying that Sunrise execs interfered with the series. All that happened was that the timeslot was changed and he decided to rethink the first episode of R2 so that the new people viewing as a result of the different schedule would know more about what happened in the first season and could pick it up easier. There is absolutely nothing in the actual interview about him saying he was forced to make any changes. Read the actual interview people instead of listening to what random people are speculating.

  68. “Producer Kawaguchi wasn’t exaggerating when he said in the early R2 promotion articles that the Code Geass team had to throw out all their existing plans for season 2 and start all over because of the new timeslot.”

  69. @Minikui: Ummmm…..yeah, see that’s just the person speculating on the Roman Album interview, which is what the entirety of the version that Omni has linked is. Taniguchi never even brought up Kawaguchi in the actual interview. That’s why I said people shouldn’t just believe whatever they read on the internet. Which is unfortunately exactly what people are doing.

  70. I want to see the complete interview as well. But that one statement is refering to Kawaguchi and what he appearently mentioned even before R2 started airing. So it won’t be in the same interview … I’d really like to know what interview or promotion material that Kawaguchi statement is from.

  71. Well, I don’t think that it’s clear at all how much they had to change R2 because of the timeslot change. They definitely had to alter the first few episodes and generally explain more than they would have had to had the timeslot not changed and they’ve probably had to make some changes with regards to the content as they’ve gone along, but I doubt that they had to completely throw out the original R2. They obviously had to make compromises and there’s definitely a possibility that the result is not as good as it would have been, but I think that R2 has been quite good in spite of the fact that it’s not quite what the creators of the show wanted to do.

    However, the fact that they had to alter the first few episodes and include more explanations likely explain why things have been moving so fast of late. They don’t 25 episodes to cover their original material because the beginning of the season had to have new material added. So, there are places where the storyline had to be altered or compressed. That’s likely why things seem a little rushed now. Though honestly, I don’t think it’s all that abnormal to have a lot of build up followed by quick resolutions once you get close to the end of the story.

  72. @Kalessin
    “Kaguya does not know who Zero is.”

    Actually, it is possible that Kaguya already knows who Zero is. After all, in ep 12 of the first season Zero showed himself to that guy (what was his name Kirihara?) and he clearly recognized Lelouch. It is possible he told the other members of his faction, which includes Kaguya. So she may already know who Zero is.

    That’s probably not the case, but it is a possibility. And I’d love to see the BK’s reactions when they tell her: “Zero is a prince of Brittania!” and she responds with: “*smile* I know!”.

  73. @shadowblack
    That’s certainly conceivable. I hadn’t thought of that. Certainly, I wouldn’t expect Kaguya to react negatively like the others did. If nothing else, the fact that she knew Suzaku means that she might have known Lelouch as well.

    Still, I would be very surprised if Kirihira had told anyone. He wanted to know who Zero was so that he could know whether he could trust him. However, I suspect that he was perfectly willing to let everyone else stay in the dark on the matter. If nothing else, once he knew who Zero was, he knew that it would pose a major problem if it became generally known that Zero was a prince of Britannia and the more people he told, the more likely it would be that it would get out. Also, he did say that he intended to take the secret of Zero’s identity to his grave.

    In either case, as far as we know, Kaguya doesn’t know who Zero is. Still, it would be rather funny to have her know and not care when the others broke the news to her. It would fit right in with her personality.

  74. @JordiBlau whats wrong with GG??
    what di pachi say?

    1. Anya is just some random kid who marriane geassed herself into (not completely unlike a certain Captain Ginyu since we are randomly flaunting the Dragonball Z refferences!)
    2. I got nothing
    3. We arent entirely certain that C.C. could die when she lost her memories even though they seemed to vaguely point to it (lelouch plastering her [no inuendo] didnt neccesarily
    mean it wouldnt of healed super fast by itself though we have no way of knowing for certainty now!
    4.Even after looking it up im not entirely sure what you mean by contrived in context. But C.C. losing her memories does seem a bit pointless

    1. Granted suzaku is a moron buti think he was making the point that suzaku knew that the emperor was by far the most informed person (throughout the series) and therefore if he had wanted could have put s stop to it all (Zero, War, everything etc…) but didnt

    2. Probably the easiest question to theorize an answer for! C.C. and Marriane have been having random conversationd for a while now!! (the entire series) My guess is it was through the world of C or perhaps the power of Marrianes Geass! on that front her deepest desire seems to be (if a little vague) to live forever which is why her geass allows her to take over people! (this is just a guess but if true why didnt she just go straight to having a Code as they put it in the first place!!)

    3. Now that you say it, it does seem a tad retarded. Maybe it was t ensure he didnt get out like last time!!!

    My own questions
    1. WHAT THE HELL IS C.C. name!!!
    2. im sooo excited about bismarks geass it best be on par with Sasuke’s new Sharingan (in manga! sorry for ruining it for you if u dont read it!)
    3. How will the romance side of things turn out (at this stage theres enough quality chracter setting (<<cant remember the right words her) between Ksllen,Gino and Lelouch for it to be anyones guess
    4. Why is everyone irritated about the end result of Code Geass saying its not the story that should have been told and so forth! since so far as i know its production has nothing to do with us whats the point in such comments the story thats being told IS BEING TOLD and no ammount of bellyaching about an alternative plot that may or maynot have ever exsisted in its entireity (no matter what the makers say) is worth the Hard drive space its stored on! (this is not just about the last page)
    It seems that part of the process of come down from a great series is the whole misery blahblah that makes it easier for some to handle when its finally gone!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  75. Oh yeah, That loong “leeeelouch!” yell that the emperor let out when lulu trapped themselves in the dimension was fuckign epic and hilarious at the same time, I swear Ive watched that scene abotu 50 times, laughing so hard after each time I go over that part.

    That voice actor is really awesome, “AAAALL HAAAAIL BRRRRITAANIA!

    leeeeeeeeelouuuuchhha huh
  76. @Wingzero zxt

    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean that gg was bad in any way. It just feels like their rushing their subs lately to keep up with that other group, nightspeed. I don’t understand much Japanese, but I can tell when some phrases go untranslated. In the past there was hardly ever a gg sub that missed any phrases, I could be wrong though. But still al lot off praise to the people that bring us the subs this fast, without really getting anything back for it. I watch their subs regardless, but lately I tend to pick up another sub later on during the week, in order to get the missing phrases.

    By the way don’t tell that when C.C. said she had still someting left to do before they left, she was going to beat up Diethardt. That would be crazy…

  77. Marianne’s Geass is to copy her mind over to someone else!

    Explains who C.C. was talking to all this time. But.. I’m confused whose side is she on.
    She doesn’t seem bothered about Lelouch and Nunnaly.

    And maybe Nunnaly has Show Spoiler ▼

    Since Marianne’s alive, I’m startin to hate her. She faked her death & Lelou and Nunnally were living in hell ever since. Worst of all, she’s not bothered about them. tsk. How can she call herself an ideal mother.

  78. @ drastikhate

    actuallu she doesn’t… C.C. implies this and she replies that she doesn’t she it this way. For her it would just be an added bonus if she saves lelouch in the proces, another reason made her return to this world. And for now, we don’t know what reason that could be..yet.

  79. Well, I give up on you people. Just believe everything you read and make up whatever crap you want about the interview. No problem of mine if you want to let one person’s guesswork ruin the show you’re watching for you. I just hope people aren’t this gullible during some more crucial time. Or rather I hope most people commenting here aren’t old enough to vote.

  80. @WingZero zxt
    1. I find it unlikely that Anya is some random kid. Assuming that Marianne had to use her Geass on Anya right before she died, Anya would have had to have been in Marianne’s palace at a time when most everyone had been told to leave. If Marianne could have used her Geass on Anya a while before she died (in which case it had to have been a copy rather than a transfer), then Anya could have been a bit more random, but if she had the opportunity to choose whoever she wanted, you’d think that she’d pick rather carefully and that, therefore, Anya wouldn’t be random at all. On top of that, Anya’s supposed to have looked like Marianne did when she was that age. That would just about guarantee that Anya is either Marianne’s daughter or at least very closely related (a niece, for instance).

    3. As I understood it, it was officially confirmed that C.C. had become immortal. Now, if that confirmation was from the correlative (character chart), then it’s more or less confirmed that she’s immortal again since the red text that had been on her is now gone. I’d figured that it had said something along the lines of “Lost Memory” though.

    4. Well, I’m not very good at defining things unfortunately. The dictionary entry that I found (and you probably saw something similar) says “Obviously planned or calculated; not spontaneous or natural; labored.” Basically, it feels like the writers made it happen because it made the story go where they wanted to go without it really flowing naturally from the story. It seems odd that C.C. would have locked away her code “just because” and that’s basically what it seems like what happened. That’s not quite what happened (she doesn’t seem to know why she did it and maybe it has something to do with her feelings for Lelouch), but still, it feels odd that she’d choose to lock her code away – especially when it comes right at a moment where it means that she’s not there to help deal with the OotBK’s betrayal.

    2. Good point. I should have thought of that.

    Your Questions:
    1. Cheese Chan 😉 I’m a bit surprised that we never found out what C.C.’s name was when she didn’t have her memory. It’s not like the young C.C. would have gone by the name C.C. I guess that they’re saving it for a major Lelouch X C.C. moment or something.

    2. Well, it had better be important or it will have been stupid to add yet another Geass into the mix at the last moment.

    3. I’ll certainly be interested to find out, but they’ve set up both Lelouch X Kallen and Lelouch X C.C. strongly enough that it could go either way. I’ll feel sorry for whichever girl doesn’t get him. Though maybe he’ll be like his father and just marry them all….

    4. Forcing the creator(s) of a story to alter they’re story stands a very good chance of making it worse. Assuming that they came up with the best story that they could to begin with, forcing them to change it is basically guaranteed to make it worse. Of course, there are cases where forcing them to rework their story actually makes it better (overcoming obstacles can make you stronger after all), but I don’t think that it would be wise to expect it. As such, we’re naturally going to tend to want the originally intended story. However, even if we knew that what we’re getting is worse than what it would have been, that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. As you rightly point out, what they’ve done is quite good (though it always seems like someone has something to complain about for each episode and a lot of episodes seem to get both people who think that it’s the best episode ever while others think that it’s the worst). So, I think that it’s sad that they had to alter the story due to the timeslot change and what the execs said and that it would be nice to know what they had to change in the story, but I also think that what they’ve done is quite good.

  81. @Kalessin: Isn’t it obvious why Lelouch had locked himself up with his father???

    Didn’t you hear Lelouch’s last line in the episode? He was prepared to spend eternal repentance with someone he hates more than anything and anyone else in the world.

    Man imagine when someone asks you what would be the worst punishment? IMO one of the most worst or cruel punishment would be spending a lifetime (like in jail or something) with someone you hated the most.

    In Lelouch’s case is even FAR MORE WORST! He is willing to accept the punishment for his SINS by spending ETERNITY with someone he hated his WHOLE LIFE! Lelouch probably thought of this after being saved when he was to be executed, he probably now thinks that Death is not enough for him to atone for his sins. This is why I like Lelouch far better than Suzaku, since not only does Lelouch know and accept that his ways are evil, but he is prepared to accept the punishment and atone for his sins.

    If Lelouch was like Light in DN (which btw should be a crime for comparing them – they are completely different, can you blame Lelouch for acting that way? after all the crap he had experience in his life? Unlike Light, who was living so great and was just bored out of his mind) Anyways, if Lelouch was just entirely selfish and just looks out for himself (since some people dislikes Lelouch because he is simply using Nunnally as a pretext for revenge and to gain power) then WHY DID LELOUCH SEAL HIMSELF? Simple, he isn’t as evil as people may think he is! He was willing to accept such a fate, in order to repent for his sins, and at the same time stop Charles’ plans.

    You know just like some people suspecting Marrianne to be evil, IMO I dont blame them, even I was like WTF? If she was alive (maybe not in body but at the very least in mind or spirit) then WTH didn’t she even help or save her children? I also disliked her attitude towards Lelouch, seeing as she cared more if C.C. was their ally or not, rather than Lelouch’s well being.

    I somewhat started to suspect Marriane ever since ep.7 in R2 where it seems that C.C. implied that Marriane was worried of the fact that Lelouch said that the Black Knights and Zero was for Nunnally’s sake, and also it implied that Marriane was worried of Lelouch abandoning the Black Knights. Basically, it seems that Marriane cared more about the power Lelouch obtained, compared to Lelouch’s well being.

    Also, whether or not she was just teasing C.C. by asking her if she should saved Lelouch or not. Since, C.C. said that Marianne likes to toy with C.C., so it is a possibility that she was just teasing with C.C. to see her reaction. However, I didn’t like the way she even phrase her question, it seemed that she was treating Lelouch as someone disposable, as if she was using Lelouch the whole time. She was like “Hey, you think I should save him?”

    Anyways, we still dont know whether or not Marianne’s side is, however we all know by just as OMNI pointed out that Schneizel is indeed EVIL!!! Lol I knew from the very beginning, he is basically just hiding under a mask all the time.

  82. Also I’d like to add, wasn’t it confirmed from one of the picture dramas that Lelouch’s real mother isn’t Marianne? It was the picture drama with Orange and Villeta. It was mentioned that Lelouch and Nunnally was the orphans adopted by Marianne.

    I would believe it because, even though it seems that Lelouch inherited Marianne’s intellectual prowess; it’s still a fact that Lelouch isn’t as adept in piloting Knightmares.

    Also it would make more sense or understandable about Marianne’s attitude towards Lelouch. Also if indeed Marianne is just using Lelouch all the time, then it would make sense, seeing as she might’ve adopted him simply for that reason – like she saw his potential when he was a child. Just my own thoughts. If it is true that Marianne is Lelouch’s real mother, and that she had been using him all the time, then she is no better than Charles.

  83. @X
    I guess that Lelouch has been of the mind that dying will make it so that he pays for his sins. Personally, I don’t think that trying to pay for your sins is very productive. I think that it makes a lot more sense to try and fix the wrong things that you’ve done where you can and to strive to do better where you can’t actually fix things. As such, locking yourself up with your worst enemy as punishment is self-destructive and quite unproductive – and thus foolish – but if Lelouch is thinking that it will somehow improve things, then I guess that it makes sense that he would do it.

    The one thing about locking himself in there that sort of made sense was that then theoretically (as far as he knew) all those with Geass powers were locked in there, but then again, it’s not like his being outside with his Geass would have made that worse. What he needs to do is get rid of everyone else who has Geass powers if he wants to get rid of Geass. He can control whether he uses his Geass or not and it’ll die with him. It’s stopping anyone else from doing evil things with Geass and stopping anyone from passing it on that’s the problem. So, it still doesn’t seem very productive to lock himself in with the emperor. If nothing else, he doesn’t know that everyone with Geass-related powers is locked in there. He just thinks that they are. He could be wrong. And in fact, with C.C. loose (maybe with powers, maybe not – though probably with) and Anya/Marianne loose (who may or may not have powers, but probably not since it looks like she’s being affected by Geass rather than having it) it seems like there are other Geass-related people loose – even assuming that there’s no one that we haven’t met yet who has Geass-related powers.

    In any case, it just seems to me like Lelouch was being a fool to lock himself in with his father. It was pointless and self-destructive. Still, I suspect that it will turn to his advantage in the end because he’ll learn something vital from his father and – honestly – I have a hard time believing that there’s no way for them to get out of there on their own when there are other gates that weren’t damaged or destroyed so assuming that he’d actually, successfully locked the emperor in there wasn’t necessarily a good assumption.

  84. @X
    I’m fairly certain that the whole idea that Lelouch and Nunnally aren’t really Marianne’s children is a misunderstanding of what Jeremiah said. I believe that he was referring to the fact that Lelouch and Nunnally were orphans with the loss of their mother (I guess that the emperor doesn’t count). Certainly, the sub of it that I saw gave me know impression whatsoever that Jeremiah was claiming that Lelouch and Nunnally weren’t Marianne’s biological children.

    Besides, Marianne looks more like Lelouch than anyone else in the whole show. Granted, that doesn’t necessarily mean all that much, but it certainly looks to me like the two characters were designed to actually look like mother and son.

  85. Has anyone noticed that the art throughout this episode looked rather crummy? Like, Suzaku’s deformed head in the beginning, Marianne’s weird nose, Lelouch’s looking really bizzare while on the phone with Rivalz?

    Seems like someone got lazy?

  86. Worry not Kaoshinsama in brittain last time i heard only 19 percent of people voted anyway!

    1. No guarantees my friend its possible that a change in appearance is an end result of Marriane using such a geass on someone!
    3. All possible (within reason) romantic couples involving lelouch and his partners alternatives

    LelouchXAnya (SICK I KNOW)
    KallenxSuzaku (Sicker than anya lelouch)

    Now lets explore thoroughly: Now based on current character information it aint gonna be C.C. because she wants to die! (X)
    It Still might be kallen (O)
    If its Anya it wold be the biggest plot twist in entire series because in all honesty its only wrong on principle (-)
    Kallen Gino would anger alot of fans i think (it would irritate me slightly being part of the hive mind called Code Geass fan :P) (-)
    KallenXSuzaku would annoy even more people since theres no need for it and last time i checked everyone with logical and valid reasoning hated suzaku (though that could be almost completely upset if it turns out he was geassed!) (X)

    4. Complaining about somthing of that nature (as genuinely seriously) as some people have been wont change anything

    @X I can see how you got that from the wording but all i got from it was that Lelouch and Nunally were orphanated by losing thier mother and then being shipped off to Area 11. Him being a only slightly below spectaculr pilot is just genetic variance or for the sake of the story (i.e opposite of suzaku deliberately whos physically amazing but a moron!)

    On a side note everyone seems to think that you can teleport using these doors basing it on the fact that the emperor came out of one! i dindt catch it before due to bein mentally preoccupied but ask yourselves if you came home and just before you opened the door and stepped into your room your brother or roomate who was supposed to be on holiday half way around the world came out would you honestly think he teleported! More likely he was simply there before you got there!?!?!?

    Also i had a random notion which im not relly invested in but how cool would it be if mariane ended up having to go bck to the ikaruga for some reason, stole the guren and beat suzaku in the albion! HOW AWEOME WOULD THAT BE! Lamperouge family: 1 Suzaku: 0

    Also I WANT THAT SAT NAV i dont give a DAMN if i dont know what hes saying!!!! i wonder if when you get to a destination he ses, “you have reach your DESTINATION ALL HAIL BRITTAINIA

    WingZero zxt
  87. I wonder if C.C, sealing her own code, will make her a mortal being. Because if this was possible, then I think C.C. and the nun (who gave C.C. her geass) should have done this a long time ago.

  88. It just like to point out that Lelouch probably didn’t mean to be in that world for eternity. His father would be there for eternity, Lelouch can still die of old age, as he’s not immortal…right? But I agree it’s still a cruel punishment, but hell we all know that he’s going to get out.

    I’ve heard all these complaints about the script that it’s being rushed and that it’s not what was supposed to be, just relax and enjoy the show or just stop watching and find yourself a new anime!

    I mean, I even read about guy complaining that Marianne / Anya would not have played out this way if the script hadn’t been altered. It was inconsistent with the story. Come on, seriously at the end of season one, I believe it was cornelia who told Lelouch that his mother had send away all guards! So she must have known of the assassination and had already planned for a way out, why else send away your personal guards? Which brings us at the revealings from this episode about Anya and Marianne. Doesnt sound inconsistent to me.

    My point is the story may have been altered at certain points, but not in a way that some people are suggesting. At least I still enjoy the story..

  89. @Kalessin: That’s true, I guess I misinterpreted that, my mistake. Still I hope that Marianne isn’t just using Lelouch, cuz man that is really cruel for Lelouch. Unlike Suzaku, who is the one who betrays; Lelouch, is the one who always gets betrayed, by his father, his country, his best friend, his own army, and even by his own geass (I really keep wondering, why was it such a bad timing when his geass went permanent all of a sudden just when he agreed to help Euphy)

    @WingZero zxt: “Also I WANT THAT SAT NAV i dont give a DAMN if i dont know what hes saying!!!! i wonder if when you get to a destination he ses, “you have reach your DESTINATION ALL HAIL BRITTAINIA”

    LOL SAME HERE! Have you heard of the SAT NAV with Louise’s voice in ZnT on it? lol so hilarious, a tsundere SAT NAV calling you a stupid dog lmao!

  90. Now, this might not exactly be what one might consider the most desirable situation, but what if Lelouch becomes immortal and hangs out with C.C. forever? It seems likely that C.C. is immortal again (though that, of course, still needs to be confirmed) and if Lelouch manages to kill the emperor, gaining his code, he’d become immortal. They’d then be able to stay together indefinitely. It seems to me that the main problem with living forever like C.C. and the various other Geass people were and weren’t happy about it was not that fact that they lived for so long but that they lost everyone they loved along the way. Living forever isn’t the problem. Living forever alone is.

    Now, it’d have thought that after making such a big deal about living forever being bad they wouldn’t go for an ending like that – regardless of whether the real problem with living forever is being alone forever. Still, it’s a thought.

    Oh, and I don’t think that C.C. really has a death wish so much as she doesn’t want to live alone forever. So, either being forever with someone that genuinely loved her or being able to somehow grow old and die of old age would probably suit her just fine (though I’m sure that even if she were to age and die, she’d prefer to do it with someone that genuinely loved her).

  91. I don’t see how people anyone can call Marianne evil or even have high expectations of her being. I suspected that Anya was geass’d and possible fighting it like everyone else since she always seem to get headaches whenever she was close to harming C.C or Lelouch only. In every situation where she could have either killed or harmed either, she got a headache. This suggest Marianne might have been looking out for her son as best she could since the limitations of her geass aren’t known and her personality as it has been described various ways shows her to be very playful if not scarily so. I doubt she’s going to wear her feelings on her sleeves and say what she feels, but I’m thinking that everyone who is quick to say Nunnally is alive because she has a geass might want to think Anya’s “headache” might have been more useful than usual. Assuming Sunrise didn’t just confirm her death already by the looks of that chart.

    @WingZero: Lulu has only one true romantic option in my mind, C.C since as the series has dragged on the two seem to get more like the perfect couple given what they share in common. C.C and Lulu both entertain the idea that they wish to die (although for different reasons), both seem to have the closest understanding of each other of possible couples since Kallen’s knowledge of how Lelouch’s mind works seem rather… low. But given that they both are so similar and seem to be heading towards self destruction… might get a Romeo&Juliet ending for both. If C.C dies though, I don’t see Lelouch developing emotions towards Kallen that extend past the “friend zone.”

  92. I think you’re right about C.C. not really having a death wish. We know her true wish was to be truly loved. Lelouch made her realize that with what he said, when she was about to give her code to the emperor, or at least it was implied. Also this episode Marianne hints at C.C. motives for shutting herself of from the real world (she questions her deathwish). Which probaby has something to do with lelouch’s last words that made her feel loved or cared for by lelouch.

    What if in the end Marianne took over C.C’s and the emperor’s code and thus enable her to live somewhat of a normal life and give her a chance to grow old with lelouch and friends.

    Or maybe C.C. and Lelouch both end up immortal as Kalessin says.. that would at least be somewhat of a happy ending

  93. @X
    As for Lelouch’s Geass going permanent when talking to Euphemia, the simple and totally stupid answer is that that’s what the writers wanted because it suited where they wanted to take the story. The question, I suppose, is whether there’s actually a reasonable, in-story explanation.

    Lelouch’s Geass going permanent obviously has to do with the fact that his eye and C.C.’s eye were hurting shortly beforehand. Either it was the cause or it was the effect. If the eye thing was the effect, then it was likely just the onset of the Geass going permanent and doesn’t have anything to do with the why.

    If it were the cause, then that brings up the question of why the eye thing happened then. Lelouch wasn’t doing anything other than talking. C.C., on the other hand, was approaching Suzaku. She’d never been that close to him before, so I suppose that she could have had some reaction to being that close to him which made it so that Lelouch’s Geass got that extra push it needed to become too powerful to turn off. If that were the case, you could sort of blame Suzaku for Euphemia’s death – which would be wonderfully ironic – but I really think that the eye thing was a symptom that the Geass was going permanent and it was Lelouch’s condition which affected C.C. (as opposed to the other way around), so as fun as it might be, I don’t think that we can blame Suzaku.

    In fact, I would have thought that since a Geass gets more powerful as you use it, it would go permanent at some point when you used it, but that doesn’t appear to necessarily be the case since Lelouch wasn’t using it at the time. I suppose that it could have been a delayed effect (that is, the last time he used it made it so that it became permanent, but it didn’t do so immediately), but regardless, the timing seems to be totally contrived. Lelouch’s Geass appears to have turned on permanently when he was talking to Euphemia simply because that was the most inopportune time (is there a term for the opposite of deus ex machina?). I’m not sure how they could have done it differently to make it seem more plausible and yet still have Euphemia Geassed when and where she was, but it certainly looks like it happened then only because that’s what the writers wanted.

  94. Ooh imagine if Lelouch can die in that realm. His father’s immortal so he’ll be stuck there alone forever. Lulu-rin is such a bad kid XD
    Gino was very cool this ep. Kudos to him sticking to his oath, he’s one of the few people who do in this series.
    lol @ Suzaku, bye bye ‘means’. What are you fighting for Suzaku?

    Who’s the loli, have we seen her before

  95. @Senefen
    She’s the Knight of 12, Monica Kruszewski. I think that the first time that we saw her was last episode (unless she was in the room with Suzaku and the other Knights of Rounds back in episode 2 when they were watching Zero’s announcement).

  96. If we have to guest I think that maybe Anya is indeed related to Lelouch in the past because if you remember well when she battle C.C. in China one of the images that the Geass activated was of Nunnaly and Lelouch at the time that they were children in Brittania.
    This could be explained that either she is related by blood, I don’t like to think that she is yet another child of Charles, (man this guy or either said he is pretty lucky or need a TV), and also is still the question if Nunnally is truly dead, I don’t think so, or either if she is technicaly Lulouch can contact with her in the Sword of Akasha, remember when Charles says that he was talking to Clovis even before he was noticed of his dead?.
    But now I have a new question, Lelouch truly get the Geass from C.C. or it was just awaken? because both of his parent have the Geass so it may be a posibility that is his heritage, but that maybe means that Nunnally also have one.

  97. On the Geass going permanent, didn’t Lelouch’s eye hurt sometime during his conversation with Euphemia?

    On another note, is Marianne’s contract with C.C. the “same” (to die)?

  98. this episode is giving me an impression of Evangelion:

    *Marianne, possessing Anya’s body….man, I’m guessing Anya must be a relative….
    *Bismack has a geass? Whoa, no wonder his eye sewed..
    *Ragnarok…I’m having a sense that it is really going to be like The End of Evangelion…

    In the next episode, I’m guessing:
    *Lelouch and Charles are playing chess and talk about their past
    *Origin of Geass
    *what the heck….the whole episode will be just like Evangelion epi 24 and 25…

  99. Marianne is good. there is no way she can be evil. when she said “to confirm it with your own eyes.. in the real world” she was saying to see him (lelouch) one more time and she will understand. C.C. must have fallen for him for real. In her past, she was loved by many, and she was confused which love is real or fake. also, she only wished to be loved, she didn’t even love anybody because of her geass. even though lelouch wasn’t your boy next door prince, he really cared and showed genuine concern for her during crucial and important times, especially when the three, her, lelouch and his majesty were trapped in some sort of alternate world. she also knows what lelouch suffers and feels all the time. she knows that behind that mask, he really does care for others, friends from school, black knights, and his so-called pawns. maybe that is why she fell for him. maybe that is why she doesn’t want to die anymore.

    And for Marianne asking C.C. about whether she should save “him”. she meant charles, not lelouch. she still loves His majesty. That is what I think.

    My only question is why the heck does that reporter guy, the one who is in charge of media and information gathering, bruised up in one scene??? he didn’t have those bandages in the beginning of the episode. why did he have them later on?? who did that to him??

    the prophecy
  100. @Hazard
    Yes. Lelouch and C.C. both had major pains in their left eye just prior to Lelouch’s Geass becoming permanent. However, whether that was more than a sign that his Geass was becoming permanent, we don’t know. Certainly, after it was done, the Geass was permanent, so it looks like the pain was from the Geass becoming permanent.

  101. ^
    Correction. I just rewatched that part and the Geass did not become immediately permanent. While it was on when he uncovered his eye, it turned off again once he calmed down. It stayed that way until after he had looked away from Euphemia and looked back at her. It was at the moment that he told her that he could order her to kill all the Japanese that it actually became permanent. Of course, that then begs the question as to why it activated permanently then as opposed to after his eye hurting on top of the question of why his eye hurt right then….

  102. btw, the official site was updated with the character sketches:

    *Marianne vi Britannia
    *Knight of Four, Dorothea Ernst
    *Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley aka useless piece of shit
    *Knight of Nine, Nonette Enneagram, dammit when she will have her appearance?
    *Knight of Twelve, Monica Kruszewski
    *Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein

  103. Also, I think marianne knew that she was going to die. she knew that her husband, whom she loved was strayed in the wrong path. maybe she accidentally found out about the Geass order and meet C.C. by coincidence. Knowing her fate to be near, she made a contract with C.C.

    the prophecy
  104. as for why CC seal away her own code. well it not for sure but i can guess why. as u recall, b4 her code was seal, Charles was about to take her code and make her mortal. lulu plead CC not to die like that full of regret. he told her that if she gonna die, then atleast die with a smile after her true wish come true and die with lulu not the evil emperor. at that point i’m pretty sure even if CC beg Charles not to kill her, hell do it anyway so i guess CC have no choice but to seal her code. i guess she seal it right b4 charles can take it tricking charles to believe that CC have lose her code also. pretty much CC chose Lulu over Charles with that action.

    As for after CC regain her memories and she said she need to get something be she take off with Mari……i dont want to be silly but i think she went back to get her yellow stuff animal. she always with that stuff animal even when on teh battle field. i dotn think i seen her at all with teh yellow stuff animal when her code was seal but after after she regain her code and take off withe Mari, int eh copit of the Mech, u can see CC hugging her stuff animal again behind the pilot seat.

  105. @Kalessin: Oh my god it’s me and I’m getting a little appreciation. Nothing makes my day more then that so thank you. 🙂

    Hmmm…yeah to be honest though I’m kind of disappointed in that one actually. I feel like I could have covered or gone over a few more things and changed the order I wrote about some topics in to make it flow better, but wanted to wait until next episode before trying to hammer out anything significant. I feel like I kind of rushed it a little just the same though.

    Anyway my M.O is to avoid copying the thoughts of other bloggers whenever possible because I don’t think it adds anything to the discussion or understanding of the series for the readers. A lot of the blogosphere can feel like an echo sometimes where you see the same few comments and the same type of summary article over and over and you never learn anything new about the episode nor are you really given much insight beyond the obvious. I’ve noted this over the years prior to becoming an anime blogger and for that reason I try to be a seperate voice, even if I end up getting drowned out in the process by the masses and their popular opinion. Anything you read are thoughts I came up with on my own while watching the episode. That and I’m never afraid to break from the crowd or have diferring opinion on a subject. The price? It’s made me more then my fair share of enemies. 🙁

    Anyway Damocles for those who are genuinely interested:

  106. @Kalessin

    >If it were the cause, then that brings up the question of why the eye thing happened then. Lelouch wasn’t doing anything other than talking. C.C., on the other hand, was approaching Suzaku. She’d never been that close to him before, so I suppose that she could have had some reaction to being that close to him which made it so that Lelouch’s Geass got that extra push it needed to become too powerful to turn off. If that were the case, you could sort of blame Suzaku for Euphemia’s death – which would be wonderfully ironic – but I really think that the eye thing was a symptom that the Geass was going permanent and it was Lelouch’s condition which affected C.C. (as opposed to the other way around), so as fun as it might be, I don’t think that we can blame Suzaku.

    Gosh… You reminded me that Suzaku is actually related to Geass… Didn’t the interview informed us that the original story was scrapped?? That event could be very important IF they follow the original… Though… It might still be an important turning point for the new story…

  107. @XenoDragon it flashed like that because marriane was in there theres still no concrete evidence to suggest that anya was ever anymore than some other nobles daughter that marriane used for her own ends! Think about it unless shes illigitamte (which was my previous theory) Millay or the Knights would have known and mentioned that she was related to lelouch in some way shape or form!

    In regards to Why Lelouch Geass went haywire just as C.C. approached suzaku it has all to do with the remaining side afect of what happened when C.C. was showing Suzaku images of his past and Lelouh touched her causing them all to have issues way bck in episode 11 called the battle of narita i think (one of my favourite episdes fight scene perfection til kallen falls of edge-good times)
    And actually Kallen is on par with suzaku!(though a little clumsy at times) its just being almost equally on par means that whoever has the best equipment wins so tie in s1 ep 11, kallen lost in ep s1ep24/25 etc… Albion vs Seiten cant wait!!!!!
    @sui no thats not what i got from the interview! all i got was we changed certain bits to
    fit in the new time slot and at the time of the interview he hadnt even finshed with R2 where did you get that from?????

    WingZero zxt
  108. Won’t it be SOOOO AWESOME If the GEASS Power’s origin is ‘Sakura’s Feathers’ !!?

    Reason – Clamp. Tsubasa Chronicle – Cross Dimension – XXXHolic – Yoko
    Just an OVA would be awesome!!!
    Too bad Tsubasa Chronicle already made OVA for the Tokyo’s Arc or they should have made an OVA for Code Geass & Tsubasa Chronicle before Tsubasa made Tokyo’s Arc!!!

    ( Tokyo’s Arc is where Tsubasa become serious for those who does not know )

    Love to see Tsubasa and Card Captor OVA as well but if anyone has read up to ch 183 – 197 manga, then you will know they are actually!!!!!!

  109. Akira i was gonna get into tsubasa chronicles but it wa sto much effort beyond watching the anime! Knowing the anime is child friendly ive watched the Tsubasa OVA so could i just start reading the manga from the relevant chapter (if so wat is the relevant chapter) or did i miss some important info due to the apparent lameness of the animated series up til now??

    WingZero zxt
  110. Hey WingZero zxt

    For everyone who can’t be bothered watching episodes that doesn’t affect the main storyline, I reckon you all to just watch Episode 1 & 2 of Tsubasa Chronicle anime series. Probably watch until the group leave their first world they arrived in. (NOT XXXHOLIC world)

    Then you could just watch the OVA of Tsubsa Chronicle ‘Tokyo Revelations Ova ‘ (Cause that’s where everyone & main storyline turns serious )

    After start reading ” Chapter 136 ” as the OVA comes to this unless they DO make something special before Season 3 of Tsubasa Chronicle. [CODE GEASS XD – wow imagine Sakura in Knightmare XD]

    ( = WARNINNG = this way does make some of Tsubasa Chronicle’s twist to story less affect and give not as much impact )

    Cheers ^_^

  111. Ta so all i have to do is read from 136 of the manga thanks (atleast the syaorans not a complete loser)

    Also second question regardingTsubasa ( ikno its completely off topic but u is here so…)
    Aside from eps 1 and 2 is the anime super different from the manga??

    WingZero zxt
  112. @WingZero zxt
    The anime and the manga are fairly close overall. Initially, it’s the same storyline with minor variations throughout. However, once they get to the point in the story where the OVA’s story occurs in the manga, the anime goes off and does its own thing on some level as I understand it (I haven’t seen past the first season yet, so I’m not 100% sure what the deal is with the tangent). The OVA contains a major plot twist that has a serious effect on the series and I guess that they wanted to postpone that in the anime. The result is that there’s some question with regards to where the part of the anime that happens past where the OVA should fit in actually fits. I think that it’s more or less officially retconned, but I’d have to verify that.

    In either case, the anime and manga are fairly close overall. Personally, I really like it. I’m not sure I’d call it kiddy (it’s not Cardcaptor Sakura after all), but it’s something that kids could certainly watch. The overall storyline is rather serious, but it does a lot of stuff along the way that isn’t directly related to the main plot. As Akira points out, the main story does heat up a bit once you get past the major plot twist that’s in the OVA.

  113. @WingZero zxt
    Personally, I would think that going straight to chapter 136 would be highly confusing and that you’d be losing out on a lot. It’s definitely the case that the major plot twist losing most of its impact that way. Still, it’s your choice.

  114. @WingZero zxt
    2 hours??!! I know that it doesn’t take very long to read manga (especially when it’s action oriented), but that’s fast. I suppose it depends on how long ago “ages ago” was, but still….

  115. @WingZero zxt
    Also, while it’s not strictly speaking necessary, Tsubasa makes a bit more sense if you read XXXHolic at the same time. Much of what happens in both is unrelated, but the main plot of both is related, so they each make a bit more sense if you read the other as well. Of course, that’s more reading (though there aren’t as many chapters in XXXHolic), so it’s up to you. They also happen to be quite different in the types of stories that they have, so it’s quite conceivable that you like one a lot and don’t care much for the other.

  116. AND XXXholic?!?!? AWW Man!!!! i wouldnt be complaining if it wasnt for the fact that i have a inability to put a story down once i start reading (Hence anime Epic stories=my near undivided attention Also the reason wh despite the fact i knew it was rubbish i finished watching dragonaught at the time of airing and will probably attempt to retrieve by some means episode 26 hence the reason i said in the daily dose it was an attack on my sense of taste!)

    2 hours? it may have taken four im not sure however the first part was mostly skiming ish (i also have a less prnounced inability to skim through somthing i enjoy i almost always go bck an read parts i skipped!) since it was so like the anime!!! looks like im not gonna be on Warcraft tomoz after all (dont judge me i assure you im not the stereotypical Geek/Nerd type!! For one im British 😛 LOL ITS 9:12pm GO TO BED!!!!!)

    WingZero zxt
  117. On a side note however after watching ep 20 over and over did anyone else notice:
    The ‘DNA strands’ in emperor land are actually intertwined bodies/corpes
    Monicas voice sounds exactly like hikaris from Special A (further supporting my hypothesis that Special A is what happens after Code Geass OMGoodness people we are watching the after story the same time as the story :P)

    WingZero zxt
  118. @WingZero zxt
    I’m not sure that that’s exactly a good thing. It just shows that there isn’t much of anyone actively posting at the moment. On top of that, every post on this page so far has been Tsubasa-related rather than Code Geass. More in the way of interesting Code Geass discussion would be nice, but at the moment, it looks like we’re running a bit dry.

  119. @WingZero zxt.. you’re right about the bodies. Nice touch from artists, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything.. Maybe all the souls of the death people are stored in there. Which would explain why Charles could talk to Clovis before.

    Indeed looks like we’re running dry, but there is still something I can’t seem to comprehend. The emperor took the code and thus became immortal, this gave him so to speak the highest rank in the pecking order of the show. You could even state that he is a god now. Yet he still keeps going on and on about killing the gods.. on a side note he plans on wiping out the existing world and create a new world from its ashes.

    But how is recreating the world, going to kill the gods.. And how does killing the gods rid the world of all it’s lies, aren’t humans at fault here? Well, the writers better do some serious explaining next week.. I’m keeping my hopes up for now, as it seems like the emperor is going to explain his plans and some things that happened in the past to Lelouch next..

  120. @JordiBlau Your asking for valid reason for a known sociopath and murderer to act does not having a good reason only apply to sociopaths in the american/british media??
    @george Amusing
    @Silentveil NO because his geass was all incompasing and part of the functionality of lelouch’ geass means its open to interpretation!!! I.E If lelouch were to tell a woman to lick the bck of thie knee its plausible that they themselves would contour thier body in a manner to which they were able to do so! however if Lelouch were to saythat to a guy (who wanst very flexible its not entirely inconcievable that he would simply break off knee area and bring it to his mouth!(this example was originally dirty but im no a big fan of being a potty mouth) Just like how lelouch can tell one set of people die and they shootthemselves and another set die and they shoot on another! Therefore Suzakus geass to live woulldnt have had complete effect if he wasnt entirely sure he would die if he were to continue a course of action!! (I.E although fighting guren Seiten was obviously risking his life his geass didnt kick in till he was absolutely sure he would die it what would have been the most Glorious way possible!! As it stands the most Glorious death Award goes to Luciano Bradley Congrats
    On that note what was kallen thanking him for before she killed him i never understood that part???

    WingZero zxt
  121. how funny would it be if suzaku accidentally got trapped in the Code Geass end of the ‘Hyperbolic time chamber@ with the emperor and lelouch got out!!! I WOULD LAUGH UNTIL THE END OF THE SERIES IF THAT HAPPENED!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  122. @JordiBlau
    It’s never been clear what on earth the emperor meant by “gods.” As such, what he’s really trying to do is not at all clear. I suppose that destroying and recreating the world would get rid of lies in that there wouldn’t be much in the way of people left to lie, but as for the gods…. Perhaps he thinks that the gods are screwing over humanity in some way, making it so that there are many lies out there. Who knows. It’s not like he’s been any clearer on what he means about getting ridding of all the lies than he has been with getting rid of the gods.

    Fortunately, it looks like we may be getting most everything explained in the next episode. The extended preview shows Lelouch just sitting there chatting with his father, so we’re bound to get at least some explanation. Maybe even the emperor will manage to convince Lelouch that what he’s up to is a good thing. It probably isn’t, but it’s not like we really know what he’s actually up to. In either case, I think that we stand a good chance of finding out at least the majority – if not all – of what we’ve been waiting to find out about Geass and what the emperors doing. If Schneizel ends up being the final boss (so to speak), then it’s even more likely that the emperor’s about to spill all the beans (so to speak).

  123. Ahem…

    SUNRISE is rushing~ They always like that (They had done the same on Gundam 00 last quarter episodes). Damn… I wish the story could be rather elaborate and not fast pacing with drop quality animation.

    PS: I note that Marianne is kinda evil~ Maybe more that the Emperor

  124. WoW marriane is a strategist like lelouch. As far as im concerned they are all evil i tell you, and if they arent evil then they are hopeless like the current blacknights. 😀

  125. @Wingzero zxt
    The chances are high that there is a reason, you don’t become like that for nothing. Besides not having a reason is used by criminals as chance to reduce the penalty that stems from their actions, at least in my opinion. To many people these days try to convince the court that they killed because their mentally ill. Sociopath is just a just another term normal people use to define people that are “to” different from the rest, and thus seek the cause for murder of strange behavior there. But still that doesn’t mean these people can’t have a reason, they probably have a very good reason. But no one will ever find out.

    Besides prove me wrong, but Charles is the probably one of the few who actually hasn’t killed anyone in the series. Unless you count taking the code from V.V. as murder, at least I’m not certain that he was the one who murdered Mariannne. Maybe that was Scheizel’s doing, probably depends on which side Marianne was on…

  126. @Sui
    From everything that I’ve read which was at all certain, they definitely had to make some changes to R2 due to the timeslot change, but the only changes which they clearly had to make were to the early episodes to properly introduce things for new viewers instead of just hopping into the thick of things like they’d originally intended. While this almost certainly resulted in some things getting cut out in the long run due to having less time for what was originally intended, I’m unaware of anything that definitively said what was cut. The Cecile and Suzaku’s relationship and Suzaku’s connection to Geass for instance, were only speculations, not actually, confirmed cuts.

    Some posts on the interviews and changes are here:

    Note that most of what is said there is speculation. There is some solid info there, but basically all we know at this point is that they were forced to alter the beginning of R2 to make it easier for new viewers to start watching it. Anything beyond that is speculation at this point and likely always will be.

    If anything, I think that the last link there (which contains the actual interview) implies that the overall plan was not changed (Taniguchi thanked the fans for the opportunity to do the ending that he’d originally intendend), though he seems to be talking primarily about season 1.

  127. page not found Sui but ive read the actual interview and unless you can explain to me using quotes from that interview (IN CONTEXT) that Code Geas story was changed beyond what kallesin mentioned or have some other source equally as valid then im sorry but this entire issue about them changing THIER story before telling it to us is pretty null an void!

    WingZero zxt
  128. Just noticed, but back in ep16, Lelouch didn’t have his contact on when he was with C.C, so it looks like even if they said she sealed her code she was still immune to Geass in some way, maybe even still immortal (my guess is that the code grants the power to pass Geass to people, and that you can’t turn back from immortality even if the code is sealed)

  129. @jeff667
    They’re not terribly consistent with what constitutes a command from Lelouch such that his Geass activates. There are times when he pretty much seems to make suggestions and it counts as a command and others where he says things that could be construed as a command but the Geass doesn’t activate – presumably because he didn’t intend to command them. Of course, his intention isn’t a reliable indicator either since he didn’t intend to Geass Euphemia and yet he did (on top of the fact that he just said that he could order her to kill all the Japanese rather than actually ordering it).

    My guess is that they just weren’t careful enough in having Lelouch keep his Geass eye covered around C.C. since they didn’t intend for him to Geass her and she was previously immune. As I understood it, they had officially stated that C.C. was mortal (probably via the character chart) after she lost her memory. That being the case, she should have been quite Geassable. However, since the writers didn’t want it to happen, it didn’t. They do a fairly good job overall in Code Geass of making things consistent and reasonable in terms of how things work, but they don’t always succeed.

  130. @WingZero zxt
    You mean the drama CD’s? One was released by Bandai redone by the English dub cast with the limited edition set of the first 2 DVD’s from the first season. It’s almost all comedy stuff, so while it’s interesting to have, it doesn’t really tell you that much more about the story.

    You can probably find translated transcripts for them all online somewhere, but I’ve never gone looking, so I don’t know where. But you’re never going to really get a “subbed” version of them since there’s no video.

  131. @shadowblack
    So, either it’s literally the sound from an episode without the video (at which point, I see no point in it since you presumably have the episode with the video as well) or it’s like what they put on the drama CD’s only it’s not from drama CD (in which case, I have no clue where it comes from).

  132. It seems to me o be essentially a picture book without the pictures just the sound (in function!!) and shadowblack is Obviously commenting because he knos where we can get it in english right?? (HOPING)

    WingZero zxt
  133. I rewatched the episode and thought about what WingZero zxt said about the DNA straints from Emperor land.. I looked it up and it’s actually a representation of the “tree of souls”. It stems from judaism and is supposed to hold all souls that ever existed or will exist.

    Just another thing I was wondering is the Ygdrassil tree from the preview (also known as the tree of life), clearly shown with C.C. and V.V. at it’s roots. They both have/had a code.

    This might get a bit long but I have a theory about where C.C. race comes from (all those people with the code shown in flasbacks). First off it is in no way an alien race. This race stems from earthlings and to explain this i’ll go be taking parts from the bible, judaism and some norse mythology.

    The most important part is the tree of life (Yggdrassil), the tree of wisdom and Ragnarok. What if the geass race origins stem from a differentiation in the story of the existence of mankind. While in the garden of eden mankind had two choices, either eat from the tree of life and become immortal or eat from the tree of wisdom and get to know what is good and evil.

    If mankind had trusted in god he would have eaten from the tree of life which had made him immortal. But what if he was lying, so in our history the first man chose the three of wisdom. After that god decided mankind didn’t trust him and this kicked them out of eden and blocking there acces to the tree of life.

    Now taking in account that Ragnarok is an never ending cycle. As a new world is reborn where always “2 PEOPLE survive” and a handful of gods, by sticking to the tree of life which cannot be destroyed. In the first episode the emperor actually said that the myth of ragnarok was about to start again. This implies that it already happened once.

    So now stick with me as this might be confusing. Ragnarok happened in the past and two people survived. As it is a never ending cycle, these people got to choose from the tree of life or the tree of wisdom and actually trusted in god and choose the tree of life. Thus granting them immortality. Next someone among this race thinks this race is at fault and once again decides to ignite Ragnarok. Meaning that again only two people survive, which are in this case two immortals (the two people that passed their code on to C.C. and V.V.).

    Only thing that doesn’t fit then is, they would now choose the fruit of wisdom again. Would this mean that their offspring become mortal again and thus create the modern world of code geass with just to immortals.

    It doesn’t explain geass but it might explain where C.C. immortality is coming from.

  134. @JordiBlau
    Interesting theory. I doubt that it goes quite like that, but it may be similar. Of course, that raises the question of why there were a lot more than 2 Geass people before. The only way that we’ve see to make new ones thus far, is for a person with a powerful Geass to steal their code and become like them (resulting in the Geass person becoming mortal). Since the emperor was going to take C.C.’s code from her (presumably that’s how he’d kill her), that makes it possible to reduce the number of Geass people, but it looks like you can never increase it. Previous Geass people probably took codes from other Geass people so that they could die, thus reducing their number until we have the current two (though we don’t actually know that there aren’t more of them hiding out somewhere).

    In any case, your idea is an interesting one, but I doubt that that’s quite what’s going on. Hopefully, find out all that sort of stuff in the next episode.

  135. Nah, I know it probably isn’t whats going right now, but well they changed the timeline for this world so I thought let’s go back to the beginning..

    I read the omakes.. ghehe they’re quite funny indeed

  136. WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE!!!! As soon as Kalessin makes the point that stuffs drying up and i loose interest in posting for this episode JordiBlau makes his name Completely memorable (to me atleast cause i dont remember blog names unless u say somthing more than superficially interesting more than once) by saying all that!!!! Godd job im fairly obssesive about stuff or i woulda missed it!

    Couple of things im not sure if thier using the term ragnarok in the loosest sense of the term (i.e because its a cool word) but i thought the whole concept of ragnarok was that it would/could only happen once! (based on reading three different definitions from i.e not an expert!)

    Second thing if as put; Yuo couldnt die unless you give up your code making you mortal (This is a multiparter and stretches to a second unrelated subject) Why would the numbers of people with Codes ever go down??? since they would logically all rely on transfer to die (Although contradictory to this was C.C. random ability to seal her own making her mortal which i think is the general consensus! i think i was somthing to do with the emperor having a strong enough geass enabling her to do it however. ALL SO VERY CONFUSING!!!)

    This relates to the second (less important??!?) subject matter if C.C. remains immortal her ending up with lelouch would be just as she put it ,”Just more experience” i.e a complete waste of lelouch’s life! So ultimately i dont think it will/should happen like that!

    Gong bck to your point (whilst its unfair of me to even try to poke holes in what seems like a good idea) If according to what you said ragnarok is a never ending cycle did you mean that and the end of every cycle two New people had to make the choice or (provided they chose to stay livnig and not pass the buck as it were) the same people got to reaffirm thier choice? Im a little lost! because if one is true then logically that woulld mean that all offspring of the people who chose life would also be immortal! But if the other is true than it means in order for C.C. to die if she pleased all shed need to do is make ragnarok happen (using charles machine??!?!?!) then choose wisdom (in the options menu LOL)

    I only came bck to post my own theory ( A less fun and/or gloriously contrived in a good way theory)

    Here it is:… Ive forgotten *damn* no wait… here it is (though ive forgotten the beat bits):

    The secret surrounding marrianes deathh:

    Marriane acquires geass from C.C. to thwart Charles and V.V. plans ultimately. her geass manifests itsself in a twisted form of her deepest desire which is to live forever (HUGE GUESS). Charles gets wind of this and makes plans to have her killed however just before she dies, Marriane copies herself into anya the result of which screws up aya completely and makes her lose a shed load of memories including hanging out with lelouch at the mansion as a kid!
    The result of anya essentialy haivng two personalities cohabit inside her (though one is slightly dormant) means that marrianes behaviour manifests itself (either deliberately or not deliberately on marrianes part, my guess: deliberately) in anya hence the hair and the fact shes a kinght of rounds soldier whilst being only fourteen; basically marriane putting her in a position to be able to keep a good eye on the situation of the world and therefore on charles with a view to thwarting him/enacting her own plans

    C.C meanwhile follows lelouch and nunally bck to japan (as we know from the VERY first episode of code Geass in which she is there) with a view to her attemting to die because since marriane at this point isnt techincally alive she cant really recieve her code and therefore has broken part of the contract meaning she wouldnt be able to grant her wish!
    She trails lelouch for most of his life in Area 11 until she randomly gets captured by Clovis and General Bartley (How embarasing) after a few tests they try to move her secretly from the emperor not realising who or what she is but she escapes and the rest as you know is history

    Notes: She was probably gonna copy to Nunally but it didnt work or maybe only worked partially cos nunally was injured which might be why nunally cant open her eyes they said it was psychological and she was shot with her eyes open if you remember! maybe nunally got marrianes geass power and anya got the actual consciousness (though this point only even matters if nunallys alive) Maybe nunally eyes dont work cos the connection was severed part way (again only matters if shes still alive)
    Or, final nunally point: aybe before leaving C.C gve nunally a super powerful geass that meant shed have to keep her eyes closed for as long as she didnt want to kill anyone (but again only matters if shs alive)

    WingZero zxt
  137. @WingZero zxt
    The emperor was going to kill C.C. If he had killed C.C., that would have reduced the number of Geass people by one. Presumably, he was going to take her code in order to kill her, but in either case, if one Geass person can kill another Geass person, then their number can be reduced. And since we know of no way at present for their number increase, the number of Geass people will always either remain stable or decrease.

    Of course, since the only way that we know of to kill a Geass person is either to have a powerful Geass user take their code (and become a Geass person themself) or for another Geass person to take their code, you’re never going to have fewer than one.

    Of course, that’s excluding the weirdness with C.C. How could she take her own code? I mean, sealing it and letting yourself die isn’t a crazy idea by any means, but if they can really do that normally, why would they keep on living forever if they hate it so much. All they’d have to do is seal away their code and let themselves die. We had better get a good explanation about that or Code Geass is going to be left with a huge plot hole.

  138. @WingZero zxt
    Well, I see 2 real directions that they may have gone with Marianne.

    1. She opposed the emperor’s plan and he had her killed for it. The Geass that she had received from C.C. allowed her to transfer or copy herself into Anya.

    2. She agreed with the emperor’s plan and her death and subsequent transfer/copy to Anya was part of that plan.

    Personally, I’m leaning towards #2 – primarily because Marianne asked C.C. whether C.C. was still on their side – meaning that she and someone else had a plan of some kind. The only person who I see that it could possibly be is the emperor. That being the case, you’d expect that she was working with the emperor rather than against him.

    Now, assuming that she’s working with the emperor, then what happened with her death and Lelouch was likely a setup to play the whole “survival of the fittest” game with Lelouch and get him to become strong. The fact that C.C. sought him out may have something to do with the plan as well.

    If Marianne is not working with the emperor, then what happened is likely similar to what you laid out. In either case, your description of what the situation with Marianne and Anya being in the same body is probably fairly accurate. However, I’d be very surprised if she’d intended to put herself in Nunally to begin with. If she’d attempted to transfer/copy herself to Nunnally and failed, then she would likely have not had the opportunity to do it correctly with Anya.

  139. On a totally unrelated note, I just watched the dub of episode 18 of R1 and I noticed this time that when the Avalon fired hadron cannons at Zero and Suzaku, it was actually the Gawain that was firing. The Avalon itself doesn’t have hadron cannons. When I’d watched it previously, I’d understood that that the Avalon itself had hadron cannons, but apparently not.

    Also, on a somewhat related note, in the intro for that episode, C.C. basically said that Lelouch had two paths before him and that he had to choose one.

    1. Take revenge for his mother’s death and end up destroying the world.
    2. Create a better world for Nunnally.

    I haven’t generally seen the revenge and better world as being mutually exclusive, but when thinking about that and what Lelouch is up to now, it may be that Lelouch’s actions with regards to his father and Ragnarok are when he effectively must make that choice: get revenge and destroy everything or create a better world. Certainly, by the sounds of it, Lelouch is likely to be in a position where he’s basically going to be choosing whether he allows his father to go through with Ragnarok or whether he stops it.

  140. There is a correction to the translation for the recent interview with the director: . Basically, the part where it was talking about episodes 24 and 25 of R1 being delayed because of religion actually should have said that it was because of production. Personally, I think that it makes a lot more sense that way, but apparently the pronunciation of the two words are the same in Japanese and it threw off the translator. It doesn’t really clear up any of the questions about what was or wasn’t changed about R2 though. Personally, I think that it was pretty much just the first few episodes that were majorly affected, but we may never know.

  141. i already knew about the gawain im suprised you didnt also its makes brittania seem like complete morons dont it!? Even though they control so much of the world i was only lelouch/Rakshata who thought, ” I know lets put hardron cannons on our flagship!!! Not even schniziel!!! i mean they werent even on the Brittanian flagship for goodness sake

    Also i thought hed made tha choice when he decided to seal himself in with his father for eternity!!!

    The annoying thing with the interview was that ,ultimately it was written before R2 was even finished so you cant say stuff was super changed more than production allows!!! Its not like they did a George lucas whereby they wrote a story, made it into a movie then for the second set of movies the altered bits of it ever so slightly (but it was noticeable)!!! in production or when you write anything fictional you have to be prepared to revisit earlier bits to make it more seemless and to create the flow you want!!! (provided you havent finished orairing it yet so you dont contradict yourself)

    WingZero zxt
  142. @WingZero zxt
    When I originally watched R1, I watched everything past episode 5 all in one go (basically, I couldn’t wait after seeing the dub for episode 5, so I tracked them down fansubs for all the rest). That sort of viewing spree doesn’t necessarily lend itself to catching everything and it appears that I missed it on my first go round. And since it isn’t one of the episodes that I really felt like rewatching much, I evidently didn’t end up going back to watch it. So, sadly enough, this was the first time that I noticed that it was the Gawain doing the shooting. But in my defense, you only see the Gawain for a split second, so it’s fairly easy to miss.

    Still, it does tend to make Schneizel and company look bad for not installing a hadron cannon on their ship. About the only valid defense that I can think of is that they didn’t have fully functional hadron cannons until R2 (long after the Avalon was built). The Gawain’s cannons didn’t work properly until Rakshata fixed them.

    And as for Lelouch’s decision, he did make it in a way, but I really think that he’s basically going to be given the choice to decide whether or not to start Ragnarok after it’s been fully explained to him and that would be a major decision point which would decide how the series ends.

  143. From what I’ve read about the Brittanian knightmares it seemed that they don’t use Hadron Cannons because without Rakshata’s technology they don’t work correctly. So they use weaker versions of the Hadron cannons. But even so it’s a good question why they didn’t put Hadron weapons on their ships and instead use them only on knightmares.

    On the other hand, why is the Ikaruga the only place where the BKs use Hadron weapons? Why not put them on knightmares too?

  144. @shadowblack
    The Shinkirou has them – though the main version it uses appears to blast balls of the hadron energy rather than full blown blasts. I think that it can also do more conventional hadron blasts, but I’d have to go back and rewatch some of its fights to verify. As for the rest…. Well, the OotBK doesn’t really have that many custom knightmare frames (as in a specialized unit for one person) and both the Guren and Xing-ke’s knightmare have some pretty powerful blasts whether they’re related to the hadron tech or not. And since hadron cannons seem to be one of those weapons that only custom frames get, there aren’t that many suits with it. My guess is that hadron cannons suck up enough power that it’s not all that practical to put them on knightmares generally speaking. Mass produced suits just aren’t powerful enough for them.

    So, in any case, for whatever the reasons, the hadron cannons only seem to show up in a few places and are arguably underutilized.

  145. @WingZero zxt

    You’re probably right about Marianne’s death.. the only other I’d like to add is that she possibly planned her own dead (she did sent the guards away). Why do I think this? Well it would have been the ideal way for her to operate under the radar and thus go ahead with her plan without interference of others. Which explains that from time to time Anya’s memories of what happened aren’t consistent with her diary, because of Marianne taking over. Which means that Marianne is probably dormant in Anya’s body, but is still aware of her surroundings and can take control when neccesary.

    Besides it’s no coincedence Lelouch got his geass. This has been set up lang ago, probably by Marianne or even maybe by the emperor. Depends on if both are aligned with each other. But it would make sense if she planned her own death.

    In my opinion this theory of yours about Marianne’s death could perfectly fit in with what I said about Ragnarok before.

    Now for the points that you mentioned. I’ve read some things about Ragnarok and it implies that there have always been survivors, as well as in Judaism as in Norse Mythologie. Which makes it possible for Ragnarok to reoccur, its just a logical assumption I made. Most people just assume it can only happen once, as they assume it destroys the world and everyone on it. But the myth clearly states there where survivors which basicly makes a never ending cycle possible.

    Second: About the number of people with geass going down, we assume it can only be done by transfer because they’re immortal. But even the people with the code have a soul. That was when the remark of the dead people in the dna straints hit me. The tree of souls as ignitor of Ragnarok (Remember the emperor raising his hands towards it), the synchronisation of the ruins (at which point we are shown a picture with the words mental network). Then in the preview they show us the ygdrassil tree as a rock painting containing C.C. and V.V. at it’s roots. What if Ragnarok doesn’t destroy the world, but simply returns all living souls to the tree of souls, meaning no one is left alive, even immortals cannot function without a soul (and thus wiping out an immortal race in just on blow is made possible). The only ones to survive are those near the yggdrassil tree or three of souls (naming depends on religion). Which for code geass would apply to those near the tree of souls which the emperor was activivating. Bismarck actually called this world the safest place the emperor could be when the revolt broke out. (did that have a deeper meaning maybe?).

    Now for the last: at the end of every cycle two people get to choose, meaning two people who survived Ragnarok. So this could be anyone, remember C.C. and V.V. got their code from someone else and they actually weren’t there when the last Ragnarok happen’t. But in the past the code people chose number one (immortal life) and thus created an entire immortal race.

    The biggest question to me is: was the ragnarok thing build by the geass/code people. Or has it always been there as a way to reset the world. Because if it was build by them then my theory is obviously incorrect.

    But this all depends on if the writers choose these mythical names just because they sounded cool, or if they really thought this through.

  146. There’s another thing i’d forgot.. In some myths it is believed that the yggdrasil tree connects worlds. Does anyone remember the rootlike energy strings that came out of the door in the geass shrine that pulled Lelouch into the other world. I’m not sure here but I believe all those doors in code geass had the tree on them.

    By destroying the door last episode lelouch actually destroyed a part of the symbolic tree that connects these worlds (heaven, earth, hell or something like that). But we already know this.

    What keeps bugging me though is all the clockwork and the white masks with clockwork on them. Might this symbolize the actual functioning of the mind.

  147. Yeh your final point gets me i do think epsecially wih so few episodes left that they chose the names because they look call and the relms , geass, and Codes are all remnants of somthing else. My thinking is based on the fact that i prefer science fiction(with superpowers to straight up magic men!!! i.e Starwars=Good Harry Potter=Bad. So naturally my thinking is biased and geared toward the surface explanation. also regarding lelouch got his geass like i said in my theory i dont think this has much to do with the emperor especially or even marriane but rather with C.C and her wishes to die! If lelouch’s role had been planned i dont tihnk things would have gone so horribly wrong for Brittania

    Emperor: Damn that lelouch i set al this planning up and arrange for him to get geass and what does he do? he starts a rebellion, risks one of the locations and threatens to kill me then locks me up in here with him for all eternity!
    I dont buy it! i good plan is baased on mis-informaion not no information! since you could say the emperors plans have almost nothing to do with tihs current world sending lelouch to Japan was merely a political ploy of some kind to ultimately end in invasion! however suzaku betrays his country for the very first time and lelouch being thier is no longer needed! the invasion happens ahead of schedule and japan is forced to give up!

    If lelouch was there because of geass then he wouldnt of had t leave in the first place however it may have been he was sent away to lure out C.C> who would have tried to find marrianes children

    I do however agree with you saying that marrianes death was planned

    WingZero zxt
  148. @ Shadowblack/Kalessin

    The Brittanian Gareth is a semi mass produced knightmare that uses hardron cannons its esentially the MProd. version of the Gawain remember Kallen coincidentally hit one when she launched in the Guren Seiten! HOW FUNNY WAS THAT i genuinely felt sorry for who she hit (one of darltons adopted kids) SUCH BAD TIMING FOR HIM whistling a friendly tune ina average battle then all of a sudden BANG!!! ARRRGH What the hell was that????!? then he gets taken out by chiba!

    WingZero zxt
  149. Have to agree with you that it’s probably C.C.’s doing that gave Lelouch his geass. But I’m really interested in what the emperor has to say next episode. Regarding intelligence I believe he will be on par with Schneizel and Lelouch…

    I also have to agree with the fact that he didn’t see the return of Lelouch coming.. Bummer for the emperor.

    We’ll know more by tomorrow!

  150. I guess that I’ll have to pay more attention to the mass-produced knightmares. Even among the OotBK, I only recall the fancier mass-produced knightmares – such as what the Holy Swords were using – having anything based on the Guren’s radiant surge and they have fancier mass-produced knightmares than the other groups. I certainly don’t recall anyone having mass-produced knightmares with hadron cannons or anything similar. The main upgrades in tech that I’ve noticed in mass-produced knightmares are that they’ve become more mobile and that almost all the knightmares can fly now.

  151. @JordiBlau

    The other reason theres no way lelouch having geass was planned by emp was because V.V. who was in league with the emperor actually sent Jeremiah and Rolo to kill lelouch should he ever become Zero again!!!
    With the gareths is obvious also lucianos hardon cannons are similar to the shinkirous! However the gareths fire sustained beams (though not as long as the gawain) compared to the pulse fire of the shinkirou and the percival!

    WingZero zxt
  152. I don’t think for a second that this is true, but I think that it wolud be kind of funny if the whole Geass people thing was a bit like Highlander in that the last Geass person alive gets special powers of some kind. “There can be only one.” LOL

    We appear to be down to 2 Geass people left and if they’re actually going to get rid of Geass in the show (as in no one will ever again be able to gain a Geass), then they’re almost certainly going to have to get that number down to 0. If it were Highlander, you’d do that by taking it down to 1 because at that point the one whose left is no longer immortal but picks up some other (presumably) handy (and ill-defined) powers. Really the whole point of Highlander is the fighting that takes it down to 1. What the prize actually is doesn’t really matter. You don’t really have fighting like that in Code Geass. But still, it would be interesting if there was some significance to having only one Geass person left. If so, we may see it after the next episode. Given episode 22’s title, I’m guessing that the emperor will be gone after either the end of episode 21 or the beginning of 22.

  153. @WingZero zxt

    Well actually in episode 14 the emperor asked V.V. just before taking his code, why Lelouch attacked the shrine. It is only then that he finds out that V.V. send an assasin after Lelouch. So the emperor did not order the assasination, V.V. did this secretly.

    Another interesting thing in this episode is that V.V. goes crazy after the mentioning of Marianne’s name. Why was that?

  154. lol just saw episode 21 and Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  155. @JordiBlau
    The emperor is arguably crazy enough in the whole “survival of the fittest” category that he’d specifically set it up so that Lelouch would have to survive against Rolo in order to succeed. How far the emperor will or won’t go towards the goal of making his children compete against each other is unclear. It’s also unclear how much he’s really interested in them competing against him. He basically called Lelouch an ungrateful idiot for going up against him when Lelouch was captured, but he’s acted almost excited when Schneizel and Lelouch have gone against him. Certainly amused at the very least.

    The emperor appears to be crazy enough to be willing to outright destroy the world in order to save it. I don’t think that we can definitively say what he will or won’t do to manipulate his children – or anyone for that matter – in order to achieve his goals. Personally, I’m not taking any bets on what the emperor has really been up to and what he’s really been planning or how far he’s really willing to go. We’ll just have to see what happens, I guess. Hopefully most (if not all) of the questions relating to the emperor and Geass will be answered in episode 21.


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