Another new Gundam 00 commercial aired after today’s episode of CODE GEASS R2. This one is accompanied by a new Ishikawa Chiaki song titled Prototype, and it features Lockon, Sumeragi, Louise looking like she’s going to throw up, Felt, a short-haired (and rather plain/boring looking) Saji, and a creepy shot of a damaged Exia in battle. It’s interesting stuff, but I liked the fast-paced commercial that debuted three weeks ago a bit more. Of course, that probably has as much to do with the songs accompanying these commercials as anything else, and I definitely prefer the UVERworld one. I would guess that that’s going to be the new OP whereas Prototype will likely be the new ED.


  1. btw, for those who watched CG20, who else thought Marianne’s geass allows her to exist without a body, tl;dr she can be a ghost? That would explain why C2 was talking to her in R1, why she’s in Anya (she poessessed her back somewhere?), and why she could bring C2 back from the World of C (or death), cause she’s technically a ghost!


    LOCKON ;____;

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  3. ok~ SUNRISE is continuing their campaign…
    I’m becoming more excited each day… drawing closer to 2nd season…

    Chiaki Ishikawa who will perform theme song (ED probably) is one of my fav singer… It’s just that 15secs of CM “song” can’t hit any string of melody in my heart… I wish there will be a longer one..

    PS: OP theme by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR (on the previous CM) is kinda awesome!!!

  4. Seeing Exia with a cloak is cool, and i am guessing that Exia was never recovered by Celestial Being and that which was mentioned at the end of ep 25 is that only Exia’s GN drive is left to see if it matches in 00 Gundam (It will, obviously). So the only question is, where has Setsuna been in the last 4 years to have Exia in that state without finding his way back to the asteroid base and who is responsible for the faulty reconstruction, no offense but very few pilots are also engineers or the mechanics to their units, planes or mobile suits (Setsuna might be the exception).


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