At a Glance:
Prelude to the events of CODE GEASS R2, C.C. and Kallen are staying in a safe house under the guise of a sickly older sister and her supportive, cute, lovable younger sister respectively. (Depiction courtesy of Kallen.) Living together proves to be quite a messy affair though and C.C. isn’t too happy about eating the same food day after day either. In the meantime, they go over some pictures Kallen has of Lelouch, which she claims are for surveillance purposes, but C.C. suggests otherwise. They subsequently talk about how Lelouch learned to play the piano since he was three years old, how Shirley uses any excuse to spend time with Lelouch, and how Lelouch’s chess club likes to embarrass arrogant Britannians by taking all their clothes. Kallen then gets a call from Urabe, informing her that preparations for the airship are complete, after which C.C. feels that she’ll make Lelouch’s halted time move again. Kallen on the other hand feels that Lelouch has to become Zero again, or else… *sound of a gun cocking*


This is hardly new now, but lack of time from our current anime coverage and real life commitments has prevented both Omni and me from blogging a lot of things we’d like to. In any case, with the summer season drawing to a close in the next month, I’m planning to make more time for other posts such as PVs, DVD specials, TV appearances, etc. Also, while RC has generally been about “the latest and greatest anime”, I’m personally considering making mention of things that aren’t necessary so recent in order to give some exposure to older series and all-things-anime that have been on my mind lately.

As indicated above, the first CODE GEASS R2 Picture Drama is a prelude to the second series (episode 0.923) and features some “interesting” discussion between C.C. and Kallen. In Kallen’s case, it also shows her stance on the Black Knights after learning of Zero’s true identity at the end of season one. There isn’t a whole lot else to mention, except the fact that this was released on Blu-ray and can be enjoyed in glorious 1080p, so I hope everyone has their 1080p HDTVs or 24+ inch (e.g. 1920×1200 resolution or higher) monitors ready for later on. I know I do. =)


– C.C. / Yukana (ゆかな)
– Kallen / Koshimizu Ami (小清水 亜美)


  1. it was interesting to watch, i saw this yesterday, at first i though it was after episode 19 was it, where Zero left, but then remembers ohhhh this is before season 2 started.. ya it was fun to watch

  2. @Alisa: I miss her now, too. T__T
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Lolz, Rolo taking some Britannian’s clothes with him. Now that I think about it, maybe they should put a picture drama for Rolo. I’m actually curious to see how he lived with Lelouch. Although it’s already obvious how much he cares for him, I want to see it. Yay, angry Kallen…

    the burnt shadow
  4. Hehe there both a bunch of slobs.


    “Kallen on the other hand feels that Lelouch has to become Zero again, or else… *sound of a gun cocking*”

    Damm, she really wants Zero that bad.

    A Anime Loving Republican
  5. This picture just proves that it Lelouch should definitely be both their husband:

    Both C.C. and Kallen doesnt care about household chores, while Lelouch despite being sooo busy with his schedule (mind you, he has to manage two lives: one as Zero and one as a student) but still he has the time to keep things tidy – now that’s a great prince!
    In conclusion, CC X Lelouch X Kallen FTW!!!


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