Having now seen the bakkoutou, Yamamoto explains that the Kasumiooji family has been producing swords for generations and has kept the forging process a secret. Because of what’s been going on, he orders the Kasumiooji estate to be stormed and leaves Byakuya in charge. This leads to a halt in the fighting between Rukia and Rangiku, but the peace is short-lived because they soon come under attack by Kasumiooji family assassins who are all wielding bakkoutou. Another set of assassins attack Ichigo and Shuu, and after Rukia catches up, Ichigo decides to have her and Shuu go on ahead while he fights. The rest of the Shinigami meanwhile start to overwhelm their opponents, and with some help from Soi Fon and Yoruichi, they capture the workshop where the bakkoutou are forged. This leaves Kumoi with little in terms of options, so he decides to take Rurichiyo hostage.

Ichigo, however, finds them and quickly takes down the remaining guards, but he’s stopped because Kumoi threatens Rurichiyo’s life. When Kumoi refuses to reveal what his real objective is, Rurichiyo speaks for him and reveals that he plans to destroy the order in Soul Society and take power as head of the nobles. Hearing this pisses Ichigo off, but everything gets interrupted when Amagai suddenly appears. He surprisingly steps in between Ichigo and Rurichiyo, and after slaying Kumoi in one swing, he collects all the eyeballs from the used bakkoutou. Amagai then creates a blinding light and proceeds to disappear with Rurichiyo. Once Amagai is gone, the dying Kumoi wonders aloud why this happened since he had done everything that Amagai had told him to. As it dawns on Ichigo and company that Amagai was working with Kumoi, Amagai meanwhile has taken Rurichiyo to Yamamoto.


I had been wondering how they were going to get rid of Amagai at the end of this arc if he had remained a good guy since it could have potentially screwed up the manga story. I guess he could have stuck around like Ririn and friends did, but for now, it looks like that won’t be a problem because Amagai’s going to be the final boss after all. I have to say though that a part of me thinks that the writers could try to pull another reversal or something, but maybe I’m just too used to all the plot twists in CODE GEASS. In any case, I suspect that this revelation means that the anime original arc won’t be able to finish before the new season begins next month, and if that is indeed the case, then they probably won’t be returning to the manga story until next year. A preview for next week might have hinted at what direction the story is going, but there was actually none this week. If this story does continue on though, what I really hope they cut down on is the use of the Kasumiooji family assassins who remind me of zombies with the way they get back up. I groan every time they appear because it’s just a waste of time for Ichigo and company to be fighting them.


  1. It’s a real shame if Amagai does become the final boss, but you’re right… I don’t understand how it could resolve otherwise :\ Will wait for the subs, but I guess we won’t know till next week :\

  2. omg haha i haven’t watched it yet but, just Skip-ed watched it,so i know know the details, but that last Pic is making my theory more true, that Captain X-LongBeard or whatever is EVIL.. so is Amagai i guess

    Also man when Ichigo confronted the Monkey King i thought there was gonna be a nice fight cause finally u get to hear Ichigo’s battle song. but that dam Amagai…

  3. Booooooo Amagai will definitely die
    cuz in the manga
    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Captain Commander and Captain Amagai working together? Kinda expected it but I can’t tell because the last scene says a lot of things. Maybe Amagai is bargaining to the commander or they both have a scheme. Lurichiyo’s involvement in their plan is anyone’s guess. I’m guessing there’s going to be a split in the 13 squads because of the commander’s blurry actions and a rebellion. Hoping at least the commander gets killed he’s a douche bag.

  5. man i might get tell off for this but this bleach filler arc was’nt what i thought it wud be kinda imitating the whole aizen thing with the captain being the evil one and stuff well for right now D.gray-man kicking asss anime wise and manga LVL4 coming next WEEK YOSHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    iron keg
  6. i now understood what they did with the esapada arc they needed to finish this arc because the other arc is more interestin that this filler arc hoply amagai isn,t bad in the end need to watch the subbed version to confirmed what happened cuz that came has suprise to me .

    Jynn Cross
  7. @Justin Olbrantz (Quantam)- oh ya in the Manga its right a away, but the anime just adds another adventure of sort fo let the manga get further ahead.. butu should watch that arc too, its alright, tho the beginning may piss u off. u know the 3 dolls acting like enemy just like what happened in Yu Yu Hakusho lol…

  8. This is obvious… almost to obvious… this arc is now dragging on although I will admit its better then the bount arc. But I think I already know what is going on.

    Captain Commander Yamamoto is a good guy but this is a last test…

    Remember when he planted the fake menos a while back? That was a test to see what would happen in a decisive situation.

    Then waiting so long before he allowed the squads to look into the Kasumi-Ooji caused them to doubt the decisions of the captain commander and those who were close to ichigo started to fight against other squad members.

    This is the final test… How would the squads react and act if a captain or multiple captains were to betray everyone in the middle of conflict. He wants to see how they would handle the confusion.

    I think this whole arc was a conspiracy to begin with. Luri-chan was never in danger and this was all a test…

    It will be interesting to see if this holds through… I hope not I do enjoy plot twists ever so…

  9. @Mr.K
    I don’t think this is a test. Remember Captain Amagai killed the evil old guy. In a test someone might get hurt but not to an extent that someone gets killed. Amagai obviously assassinated the guy to shut him up. Amagai’s hiding and plotting something and that involves Yamamoto and Lurichiyo. Kifune was chosen by Amagai too and Kifune turned out to be involved. Remember the old guy said that ,in the subs anyway, Commander Yamamoto promised that no one will infiltrate the mansion and he’ll be protected he said that Yamamoto was a traitor. When Renji brought the Bakotou weapon to Yamamoto he immediately ordered the mansion to be raided because Yamamoto doesn’t want to be caught. When the old guy was dying his last words were: ‘I did everything he ordered me to do’. This might refer to either Yamamoto or Amagai.

  10. even if we return to the espada arc they gonna be writing to be continued in every episode just when things are getting to the climax of fight sequence so u guys should put ur hopes up yet about the espada arc cuz remember when the esapda arc was still going on ichigo was always beaten to a pulp dude is always getting his ass beaten by some espada strong or weak it just seems to me that no matter whether they return to the arc everybody wants to bad things might slightly change so prepare urselfs

    Jynn Cross
  11. i don,t think kibune is dead yet and amagai was just playin along that whats i think, i think that yamamoto might be the real one its just to unrealistic to believe he was workin with kumoi was is there to gain by do that u the head of ssoul society for christ’s sake

    Johnny Babel
  12. I am thinking that Amagai might have his own reasons and follow the path of Urahara. It would be really cool to see him loose captain status and stay around in Soul Society. Then they could add a little anime original in next arc where Show Spoiler ▼

  13. I thought that too. Yamaji didn’t want to go after kasumioji’s family. Maybe because amagai was there for this, like a spy. And after that leave the sereitei. Too bad, he is a good character.

  14. Good. I always felt like that fight between amagain and ichigo was totally unfinished and lacked everything. i dont like Shuu, “oh luri-chan blablabla, we have to save luri-chan!”
    also these episodes with the kasumi oji baddies were pretty gay and hard to watch without being half asleep.

  15. Huh. Kira has really bad luck with captains. Serious, serious bad luck. I’m willing to bank that if he ever became the captain of his squad, he’d eventually betray them and hate himself for doing it.

  16. Why would the commander conspire something when he told Toushiro and Bayuka that he suspected the Kasumi were bad guys all along? Why would Amagai waste his time on the group training exercises if he was the bad guy anyways? Why does Amagai need the princess if he could escape so easily? Sounds like some sort of test again, well maybe…

  17. Well, to me, it seems all to unrealistic. I mean, why would Amagai need to do any of that? And what would his goal be? Like Kifune, “I want to be the strongest”? Hell, he is already strong….so, what, he wants to take over SS…that’d be a funny one…. 11 captain VS 1….and maybe the commander….

  18. Wow, I hate to sound like an ass but come on, are you all that stupid? They’re not going to have any of the characters that were around before the filler began die or change sides or anything like that. As if it wasn’t obvious enough already, the fillers have no effect on the actual story whatsoever. Did anyone ever notice how there hasn’t even been a mention of any character or event that happened in the last filler arc? And I hate to break it to you, but until the next filler comes around, there is no chance that we will be seeing anyone that was introduced is this filler, that’s right, Lurichiyo, Amagai, Enryuu, Kenryuu and very likely the Kasumi-Ooji name will never be heard of (or from) again outside of the remote possibility that they might show up in any of the future fillers.

  19. Right, I forgot to tell Kannie that s/he is still counting Aizen and Tousen as captains because as of yet, the only one of those three to be replaced was Ichimaru. So it would only be the remaining ten captains (including the commander) vs. one.

    There, my asshole quota has been filled this week. No more outbursts from me.

  20. As far as I know, there’s never been an explanation for how this filler arc works into the timeline. (Well, beyond “this is the filler arc we were planning on doing after the Hueco Mundo arc, but needed to slot it in now, but we can’t explicitly say it happens after the Hueco Mundo arc or that kills even the slight suspense that exists in a shounen anime that everything won’t work out in the end”.)

    Personally, my favorite theory (though I don’t expect in the slightest that this will be the explanation) is that the entire filler arc is just an illusion that Aizen trapped Ichigo in to slow him down and screw with him.


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