In order to fight Amagai, Ichigo initiates bankai, but even with it active, he has a hard time doing battle because of how Amagai’s bakkoutou is able to seal off his spiritual power. Ichigo nevertheless continues fighting for Rurichiyo’s sake, and he surprises his opponent by firing off a Getsuga Tenshou wave. Amagai responds by attacking with pillars of fire, and when Ichigo tries to dodge, Amagai hits him with a fireball. Ichigo refuses to stay down though, and this leads to Amagai powering up further. Amagai then launches a massive wall of fire at Ichigo, but as the smoke clears, he finds that Ichigo is still standing. This is no longer the normal Ichigo – he now has his mask on. The transformation gives Ichigo enough speed and power to start hammering away at Amagai, however Amagai isn’t defeated so easily and gets through the assault with just a few scratches.

During a pause in the fighting, Ichigo questions why Amagai is so obsessed with revenge. Amagai thinks that Ichigo wouldn’t understand the empty feeling and hatred, and he reveals that he had decided that he couldn’t find the answer to his own existence without killing the people responsible for his father’s death. He then attacks Ichigo with a new ferocity and when that doesn’t stop Ichigo, he uses a special attack that traps and burns Ichigo in a prison made up of pillars of flame. Ichigo loses half his mask as a result of this, but he still gets back up and resumes the fight. He eventually catches Amagai off-guard with another Getsuga Tenshou, and Amagai isn’t able to block it. Although this causes him to drop his zanpaktou, Amagai rebounds with the power of his bakkoutou.


Doesn’t Ichigo showing his Hollow mask in front of Yamamoto screw up things up? Letting him know raises awkward questions about how Yamamoto can allow something like this happen right in front of him without doing something. Having a Hollow mask has to be a big no-no in the Soul Society rulebook, especially considering what happened in the Turn Back The Pendulum manga arc. I guess they could “fix” it with a memory wipe or something, but that’d seem cheap and stupid at this point.

As for the battle itself, it was good by anime original arc standards, but nothing really spectacular. It was cool to see Ichigo unleash his powers, however in the end, he barely does any damage to Amagai. It probably means that Amagai won’t be defeated by normal means, and so like almost every other bad guy this arc, he’s going to end up being consumed by his bakkoutou. As I noted last week, the bright side to the fight being over soon is that we’ll get to see something new. The message at the end of this week’s episode announcing the return of Bleach to Tuesdays showed all Hueco Mundo scenes in the background, and that seems like a pretty good indicator that they’ll be going back to the manga story.


  1. @nutsy

    actually, even the manga’s not quite that far yet…

    @Kyaa +
    It’s most likely because they need the time for various things (production, new filler ideas… etc) and that way more people will watch it on Oct 7 because the hardcore fans will be all like “omfg new bleach LOL yayz” >__>;;

  2. Its airing on Tuesdays starting October 7th.

    it was ok, but wth i mean really wth was up with all that voice he was letting out every sec during his mask on… i mean he didnt use to do it that often that noise, and it did not sound like that… that made the whole fight stupid and unfun to watch for me…

    IF any one of u did not notice that, re watch this episode and Ichigo’s vizard fights in the original story arc and compare, u will be stunned, with the stupidity in his voice this episode. Cant believe just the voice made me pissed.

  3. It doesn’t suck, its just that when they are making such episodes are they not thinking. It seem like one person does the episode, but there is no Proof Reading or Proof Checking to it. Basically it needs QUALITY CONTROL. man my fingers is hurting from typing to much today everywhere.

  4. I was wondering if Zaraki fought with Amagai who would win. Since Zaraki doesn’t even seem to need to use shinigami powers to defeat the previous 11th squad captain I think he probably can win Amagai

  5. This episode sucks! They could have ended the arc at this point but no. I have to see another battle with Amagai and Ichigo next episode and I know for sure that Amagai will be defeated. The problem with this arc is that Amagai ain’t that scary or threatening compared to other Bleach villains. Everybody expects that Ichigo will win with every villain which makes it boring. To counter this boring expectation the fight scenes need to be amazing and the villain to be strong and evil. Neither of these were present in this episode.

  6. MOneyM are u saying we are all in denial?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!! u may be right, or not? i’ll tell ya though i’m begining to see ,it just aint easy to pull of these 300+ shonen animes. it JUST GETS DRY. all i can say is GOD BLESS ONE PIECE. they be at what?? 514 chaps STRONG!!! and still got a nigga FEENING to see what happens next! meanwhile bleach come out and a dude is like,”heh ,maybe later”. That says something. BUT thats just my opinion

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. Believe it or not, the whole Yamamoto/Hollow mask thing dose make some sense…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. im glad they are heading back to the manga, here comes no 5 espada fight 😀
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. The chamber had decided in the Pendulumn arc, there it’s Yamomoto’s unique decision and it’s not like if everyone know, there is only Byakuya, Yoruichi and Kisuke, then him. Plus Ichigo is only a substitute, not a real shinigami, so his situation is just becoming more troublesome.

  10. the episode was not all that but it was good to see ichigo in a tight spot i find interesting when ichigo overcomes his obstacles most of the people he fights do not know about his vizard abilities but someone like Amagai had a little info on it but stil underestimated him cuzin him to power up more. about yamamoto findin out about his powers
    i guess u can look at it likes this yamamoto also hasn,t been forthcomin about his involvement in this whole noble family mess besides he doesn,t have the right to point the finger at anyone despite the fact his zanpouktu was sealed he still keep quiet and watched helplessly as ichigo protected him at least he could have told ichigo that to stop fighting for his sake and the others worse comes worse he would ban ichigo from steppin a foot into soul society and wouldn,t inform the rest about what he saw i don,t think yamamoto was that suprised about ichigo has a strong reiastu i think he was more suprise about the fact that ichigo of all people had such power besides he is not the first to exhibit such power (vizards) i,m such he was informed about it in the past been that soul society has a research department in their basement.

    Cancao Cargo
  11. @Omni

    This is alternate-universe filler. THey can kill off whatever they want and do whatever they want, then go back to the manga plot, interpreting this “universe” as dream or something Aizen was watching during the whole hueco mundo plot. Heck, we might even sew ahat would happen were ichigo’s “powers” revealed in our timeline.

    ANd no matter what you do , you do not go interrupting the fight to ask about something – that can only be done by Ichigo. I am sure that Yamamoto will inquire Ichigo about it after the fight is done. They would not just add Yamamoto’s reaction to mask just for nothing.

  12. The only way I can think of for the anime writers to transition this back to the manga is for this entire filler arc to be someone’s dream. Who’s dream it would be I don’t know, but they could conveniently wake up and everything would be in Hueco Mundo as it was.

  13. Ugh, so this garbage isn’t over yet…& the next screwy eps is 2 weeks away, hehe. Yall can tell me how it ends when the story switches back over to the manga. I didn’t watch the bound bs arc & I knew I shouldn’t have watched this one either.

  14. @Brooklyn Otaku

    Maybe Kubo Tite should try to end it like the Sopranos ended?

    Bleach situation(Kubo tite’s SOS signal)

    KT:mayday may day….we have lost control of the plane(bleach)…may day..!!!!
    Control room :can you regain control sir?
    KT:negative, negative…. the plane is not responding!!!!……
    C.R:do you have parachutes?
    KT:negative, sir… we forgot to board them on the plane!!!
    C.R:then there’s nothing i can do for you…….you are…..fu…………….cked!!!!!!!!!


  15. I skipped this whole crappy episode, only to find out there is no Shinigami Golden either!
    The only nice thing is, that in the preview Ichigo seems to continue the battle in Hueco Mundo (is about time).

  16. Have to say this filler arc has sucked some major balls, although I must admit the animation was pretty good for this particular episode.
    Like a few others have said, the only possible way they can expalin this arc is if it’s someone’s dream. Maybe Ichigo’s while he was passed out after his fight with Grimjaw.
    Either way, nice to know we’re moving back to canon material in an ep or two.

  17. DEAR LORD! Sometimes when I think of all the shows out there that have a lot of potential that RC drops or doesn’t blog I go back to this series just to shout (to myself, of course) “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING STILL BLOGGING THIS?!” This anime is cheap, stupid, and only worthy in North America where “American Otaku”s thrive. And oh God, don’t get me started on them…
    Please! Think of the poor, poor, anime out there with so much that these retards aren’t even looking at. Bleach. Ugh.

  18. the fight was flashy and all, but it was repetetive and lacked “umph”. the fight scenes didn’t “hit it” for me, just because of the talking in between, his hollow voice, and he was basically whacking the guy for the whole episode.
    I’d love to see some effort put into sounds like increasing the bass, making it louder every so often, oh and not to mention adding music or something catchy, so u dont just sit there watching pong back and forth..

  19. @desho?

    its kool dude, im watching those anime Out there so dont worry, many here are too… why cant we watch Bleach and those other ones, who cares dude… if u dont like Bleach u should not even be in this Bleach 188 comment room. Oh and i wont reply anymore im not about to start something, maybe i did by writing this but im stopping, no more reply. Till next, um next, i mean next week 189 yeah…

  20. I don’t get why people are saying the animation was great when it really wasn’t. I actually feel asleep during the fight scene with Amagai and then when I woke up the ep was over, but given this arc’s lack of unexpected material so far I doubt I missed anything. Along with others, I’m predicting Amagai gets consumed/raped by his bakkoutou and so on.

    @murph: how about it being Orihime daydreaming?

  21. bleach is a filler arc NOW HAS EVERYONE ACCEPTED THAT so please stop complainin people, why is it people come on here and complain well knowin the fact that u sat down and watched this episode why don,t watch an anime that is not in filer phase common sense pls. animes like bleach , code geass will not always give you what u want so prepare yourselves and stop complain this blog is talk about the series and the episode not to come here and that discouraging others from watchin like the past episodes sucked come on now.

  22. @ desho
    If you exclude fillers from the Bleach anime, it’s well up there with Naruto, One Piece and D.Gray-Man as one of the top airing shonen shows right now.
    I think it’s great that it’s being blogged here, especially considering the length of the series and it’s certainly got the fanbase meaning more hits for the blog.
    If you don’t like it then fair enough, but don’t go bitching about other people’s tastes and stating what should and should’t be blogged here.

  23. this arc in itself doesn’t make sense and did not make sense within the continuity of the anime. it should be forgotten and considered as filler within filler or something like a dream. so in that sense it really doesn’t matter that he showed his mask in front of yamamoto since it isn’t cannon.

  24. People bitch too much, Bleach is bleach just watch the fucking thing. As long as Rukia and Ichigo are in the episode I’m happy. They need to just have school episodes for awhile after HM this way we have a break from fighting. Movie 3 a major spoiler was given by the director so there going to build on that soon as well. ^^ IchiRuki forever pyon!

  25. @ blinx01

    And how many filler arcs do you think Bleach has had? I can tell you, their not over, and they’re not going to be. And anyways, who said that even if it was popular, if it’s worth anything? While this is a pretty personal biased opinion, there’s still plenty of other people who agree with me, but they’re probobly too mature to actually say something about it. XD Look, I’m not looking to start a fight, I just wanted to point out to those of you that let Bleach take a huge chunk of your life out for…this…just let it go. That’s hours of Bleach a month if you follow the whole damn thing. And to all Naruto haters (I’m not one of them. Just don’t have taste for it.) Check and see if you’re still watching Bleach. Keep, like, rethinking your life if you are.

    If you’re gonna be a nerd, DO IT RIGHT.

  26. …I’m getting sick of Ichigo. Great that he can bankai, great that he’s got hollow powers, great he’s got such a self-righteous ego. I mean, he doesn’t give a damn about Yamamoto being a murderer, but he doesn’t like to see little girls cry (I’m sure she being a nobility has nothing to do with this…) so he goes all out to push Amagai to the limit, even though Amagai warned him several times, its none of his business. The best part is when Amagai goes over the limit of sanity, and then suddenly Ichigo says: “Now look, relax, hold on a sec buddy.” Geez… isn’t Ichigo going around creating his own enemies? But I’d like to see Ichigo fight Yamamoto then, see who’s more self righteous! =P

  27. It’s pretty simple how it’s going to end. This arc took place before the whole Hueco Mundo arc. This reminds me of Revolutionary Girl Utena, where the black rose story arc had a villain that had his memeory affected by the main antagonist of the series; where he believed something that didn’t happen. I think thats how the this arc is go. Aizen used his zanpaktou to give Amagai the impression that it was Yamamoto that killed his father, when it could be possible that it was Aizen(or Gin) to cover up their involvement with a certain plot. Its sorta like what Kibune did to the teammate that saw him leave Lurychrio’s cell. Anyways, I rather enjoy this arc because, I prefer reading the manga over seeing the anime. People complain(or rather act like followers “oh that guy says this filler sucks and that he can’t wait for it to go back to the main plot. ILL DO SAY THE SAME!)but I don’t mind since I would rather watch something I haven’t seen than see something in which I already know whats happen. kinda like when ppl say I liked it, but the novel was better.^_^

  28. I just had to drop by. Has anyone watched Diamond dust Rebellion? Don’t you think that movie fleshed out and given more time would of been a Much better fill in filler then this? I mean that had a lot of potential, and on top of that it would of actually fit in (placed in between the last arc and right before Orihime left)

  29. @Agevhunter: This arc couldn’t possibly have taken place before the Hueco Mundo arc. This filler doesn’t take place anywhere at all, it’s probably just a dream Rukia is having while lying unconciouss in Aaroniero’s crib. Why? Well, there are alot of reasons… Let’s see. Chad learned how to use his Devil’s arm in the HM arc, yet he also used in the filler which means it must have taken place after the HM arc. Same thing with that 5 sword thingy Ishida used… Also, Ichigo could only hold his mask up for 10 seconds before HM, and he learned to keep it longer(by renewing it) in the fight against Grimmjow. Yet in this filler, he’s had it up for who knows how many minutes against Amagai. So there’s enough proof that this filler doesn’t take place before HM. I like your idea about Aizen being the bad guy in all this though… If only.

    There is only one reason I don’t like this filler, it’s because it doesn’t take place during ANY time in the story. Not before HM, not after HM. Other than that, I’ve so far really really enjoyed this arc. Not as good as the Bounto filler but still fun to watch.

    And I’m going to ask one more time… Is there no more Bleach until 7th of October?

  30. If you hate bleach, what r you doing here commenting this episode, don’t even thik naruto is Great, I hate all of you thinking that naruto is better even than Dragon Ball or Saint Seiya. Bleach is going to be a classic soon… Screw Naruto and One Piece.

    Damn Naruto, stupid character, and Sakura too, she is a stupid girl that only keeps moaning “Sasuke!!!!!!”

    Bleach is better, and is funny. And damn 4KIDS that screws all kind of anime putting censorship to everything.

  31. does any1 know whats the name of the song that starts when ichigo gets hit by amagai’s attack and than he puts on his mask, in the smoke and when its cleared they start fighting and there is a cool background song!?!?!!


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