「心紡いで」 (Kokoro Tsumuide)
“Spinning Heart”

Episode at a Glance:
Feeling responsible for everything that’s happened, Yoite no longer desires to be erased and has chosen to die alone. Miharu however claims that everything’s his fault and explains that he wanted to help Yoite disappear if that’s what Yoite really wanted. After hearing how everyone sees him as an invaluable friend though, Yoite decides to live out his remaining days, so that he doesn’t waste the sentiments that everyone has shown him. Yoite also decides not to change the fact that he learned the Kira even though it would save his life, because he feels it’s the reason why he was able to meet Miharu and everyone else. Eavesdropping outside, Kotarou is disappointed that the Shinrabanshou won’t be used like he was hoping and decides to take off. Likewise, the Shinrabanshou is shocked about being cast off Miharu, who tells her she’s not needed anymore.

Back in Banten, some of Miharu’s regular okonomiyaki customers are surprised at how much he’s grown and how lively he is, while his grandmother surprises herself by recalling memories of Akatsuki and Asahi. Miharu, Raimei, and Kouichi then stop by Kumohira and Hana’s place, where Yoite and Gau are now both staying. With a lot of free time on his hands, Yoite has taken up knitting and hopes to finish a scarf before it’s too late (or too warm to use as Miharu puts it). Gau on the other hand is growing accustomed to going to school in Banten and has joined the kendo club to feel closer to Raikou. Hearing this, Raimei is reminded of how Gau searched for Raikou’s body at the temple but only found a charm he was carrying, which she asked him to hold onto instead since Raikou will always be in her heart.

In the kitchen, Hana tells Kumohira how having everyone around seems like they have children, and wonders if this is motherhood even though she’s never thought about having kids before. Shocked by the notion of children at first, Kumohira reveals that he never imagined he’d be able to live such a peaceful lifestyle and figures it makes him happy. Coming by to see if there’s anything they can help with, Raimei and Kouichi inadvertently walk in on their kiss. Over tea and cookies, Miharu and Kouichi catch sight of Shiratama outside, prompting Miharu to ask about Kouichi’s secret and if he’s okay with things like this. While he’s not sure what Shijima plans to do, Kouichi explains that he’s decided to live as Aizawa Kouichi with the parents that raised him. Elsewhere, Shijima discusses with Kotarou how he was quick to accept Miharu’s decision not to use the Shinrabanshou, which the Fuuma leader suggests can’t be helped. Despite being a bit disappointed, Kotarou adds that there were a lot of hosts that were unable to control the Shinrabanshou, but Miharu was the first to conceal it and refrain from using it. Feeling that there’s more to look forward to in the future, Kotarou is content for now, but Shijima points out that he’s not immortal like her and Kouichi. However, Kotarou retorts that she’s mistaken him for Fuuma Kotarou the human, when the successors of Fuuma Kotarou exist among the information collected about the Shinrabanshou.

Needing to pick up a few groceries for the restaurant, Miharu leaves early but Hana sends Kumohira with him to pick up a few things. On their way there, Miharu confirms that Kumohira knew the truth about him all along and finds out that he didn’t want to forget about his grandfather or Miharu’s parents despite how painful it was. With Kumohira feeling grateful to Asahi now, Miharu suspects that his mother purposely left Kumohira’s memories of that day because she felt that the feelings then were important. At the shopping district, Miharu asks Kumohira to cherish his memories of his mother, after which Yukimi and Kazeho run into them and drop off medication for Yoite. While Yukimi is concerned about Yoite’s health, he haven’t visited him once and refuses to do so since he’s a Kairoushuu. Kazeho on the other hand explains that the medication is merely a placebo now, but hopes it can relieve some of Yoite’s suffering. Before taking off, Yukimi entrusts the recipe of Yoite’s favorite hot lemonade to Miharu and says they’ll never be involved with them again. At the bottom of the recipe, Kumohira notices an address. Meanwhile, Kazeho thinks that Yukimi plans to go help Yoite, but he shows no signs of doing so and says he’s fine with things the way they are.

Some time later, Miharu and Yoite head to the address at the bottom of the recipe, which turns out to be where Yoite’s parents live. There, they run into Yoite’s father, but Yoite merely comments on how nice his garden is before taking off. Yoite later thanks Miharu for bringing him here, feeling that it was a small house with a beautiful garden, before expressing how he thought his father was taller than that. Not quite sure if he’s disappointed about this, Yoite simply feels grateful that he met Miharu. Back at Kumohira and Hana’s house later on, Miharu and Yoite are waiting for everyone to come by to visit. Miharu then steps away for a bit to get some drinks and comes back to find Yoite’s body dissolving into the air. Clutching onto the scarf that Yoite’s been knitting, Miharu vows to never forget him.


I don’t think the culmination of everything that Nabari no Ou represented really hit me until the credits started rolling. While there wasn’t quite enough impact from Yoite’s death for me to shed tears, the music leading up to that point resonating a real sense of bittersweetness, which comes off loud and clear after becoming fond of these characters for the past six months. Yoite moving in with Kumohira and Hana, dressed up in grandmother-like clothes and knitting a scarf, may inadvertently draw a lot of gender-type jokes, but it came across to me as someone on his last legs, trying to enjoy his last days as peacefully as he can. Gau attending school at Banten and learning kendo so that he can be closer to Raikou was a nice touch, as was Yukimi entrusting Yoite’s favorite hot lemonade recipe to Miharu. I was also glad to see that Miharu no longer held a grudge against Kumohira anymore, and instead asked him to cherish his memories of his mother. Most of all, it was nice to see Yoite make peace within himself by visiting the parents that didn’t want him, even though his father didn’t recognize him. It was a long epilogue, but I found myself glued to the screen listening intently to all the dialogue.


Final Impressions:
Despite Nabari no Ou not being the ninja action series that a lot of people expected it to be, I didn’t mind it one bit. While Miharu and Yoite’s relationship could easily be turned into a yaoi one, I never quite understood why a lot of people used that as the reason not to watch the series. In actuality, the whole yaoi premise never took off (nor did I ever think it would), so I imagine it was there just to appeal to the female viewers out there. Regardless, I still really enjoyed the unconvential ninja premise presented in the series and would recommend it to the more mature viewers out there, who are looking for something different than your usual shounen action or Sunrise mecha/politics. Looking back on the past spring and summer season, I kind of wish there were more shows like this, which proved to be relatively unpopular because it strived to be different from the norm. Since the anime is an alternate conclusion to the Nabari story, I think it’s time for me to pick up the mangas I bought and enjoy the ongoing one.


– Rokujou Miharu (六条 壬晴) / Kugimiya Rie (釘宮 理恵)
– Yoite (宵風) / Saiga Mitsuki (斎賀 みつき)
– Kumohira Thobari Durandal (雲平・帷・デュランダル) / Namikawa Daisuke (浪川 大輔)
– Aizawa Kouichi (相澤 虹一) / Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)
– Shimizu Raimei (清水 雷鳴) / Fujimura Ayumi (藤村 歩)
– Yukimi Kazuhiko (雪見 和彦) / Tsuda Kenjirou (津田 健次郎)
– Fuuma Kotarou (風魔 小太郎) / Okiayu Ryoutarou (置鮎 龍太郎)
– Seki Hanabusa (関 英) / Mitsuishi Kotono (三石 琴乃)
– Shinrabanshou (森羅万象) / Tamura Yukari (田村 ゆかり)
– Shimizu Raikou (清水 雷光) / Suwabe Junichi (諏訪部 順一)
– Meguro Gau (目黒 俄雨) / Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本 信彦)
– Amatatsu Kazuho (天立 和穂) / Kano Yui (鹿野 優以)
– Kurookano Shijima (黒岡野 しじま) / Shindou Kei (真堂 圭)
– Yoite’s father (宵風の父) / Koyatsu Hisanori (小谷津 央典)
– Grandmother (祖母) / Takizawa Kumiko (滝沢 久美子)
– Regular customer (常連客) / Saitou Jirou (斉藤 次郎)
– Regular customer (常連客) / Mori Natsuki (森 夏姫)


  1. Wow, staying up all night (to dl the raw when it came out AND to read this synopsis while watching it) really paid off… I didn’t all-out cry but my eyes did sting. It might sink in later though when I’m less tired… ^_^;; At least he went in such peace, rather than in blood-coughing agony, and having finally gotten to experience friendship and acceptance in his final days. It really was a beautiful ending.

    I figure those who stuck with this series, did so out of caring for these deeply-developed characters… and so they wouldn’t mind a long epilogue centering on everyone’s development. Well done, animation staff, well done.

    And thank YOU very much, Divine, for making it possible for so many of us to keep up with it with your beautiful synopses, and determination to see the whole thing through.

  2. long epilogues are way better then short or none – you have to admit, right? ^^

    the ending was very calming, unlike some certain shows >.>
    i’m satisfied with the way everything went, no complaining possible, thought it has a some sad side-effects on me.

    now i’m looking forward to natsume yuujinchou, since it’s similar to this anime.

    thanks for the summaries! without them, i wouldn’t be able to understand the raw and would have to wait till they are subbed and as we know, the subbers are kind of busy and delayed, nvm. thanks a bunch!

  3. I remember reading about a kind of Shonen ai that just showed very close friendships between young men that bordered on more…that might have been what people meant, I dunno.

    Yoite’s death reminded me of the death of my friend, a peaceful and happy death after years of struggle, so somehow it doesn’t bother me like I thought it might.

    Anywho, a very beautiful series and I hope that it recieves the respect it deserves. I highly suggest you read the manga…Kamatani’s art is amazing and you will appreciated how it the storyline differs and understand things a little differently….(Plus I think it goes on a little longer)

  4. Nice ending. This show is definitely one of the top 5 among this season’s anime for me, so it will be missed.

    So the mysterious white cat could be actually Shijima in another form. That was one surprising find in this calm, slow, bittersweet but heartfelt ending.

  5. +: Yoite’s peaceful death. Not the good ending where he would live I’d hoped, but a nice one nevertheless; it actually went for the unconventional turn and killed off two important character
    -: Yoite’s looks srsly disgusts me

  6. I can’t thank you enough, Divine, for carrying through these synopses until the end. They’ve made it possible for me to follow this series that I came to love so much over the summer, and–what can I say, I really owe you. =)

    I’m content with this ending, too. As much as I love Yoite, I would have felt the ending dishonest if it contrived a way to save his life, since it was made clear so many times that his physical damage was irreparable and that medicine could do nothing. I only hoped there would be a way to use the form, if not the circumstances, of his death from the manga, and as they essentially did that I have no complaints.

    Liked the tying off of loose ends overall and the ‘life goes on’ vibe. ZaCloud is right, the affection that’s been built up for these characters made it completely worthwhile to check in with each one at the finale. I can’t help but feel sad that Yukimi regards his Kairoushuu loyalties as enough reason to break off ties with Yoite, even though the Kairoushuu must be in a pretty unstable state after these events. Maybe he just wants to distance himself from Yoite rather than face his loss…anyway, the lemonade recipe bit was my first tear of the episode. What a nice touch. [I’m lucky the name is in ‘Englanese’ so I could understand it. =)]

    I, too, fail to understand the resentment so many seemed to feel for the emotional aspects of this show. We could quibble all day about whether the Yoite-Miharu relationship is deep friendship or love (indeed, does anyone know where that line lies?) but the fact will remain that it’s exactly that–no less and no more–and to either wish it into sex or to try to unsee it completely is equally unfair. It’s portrayed throughout as a beautiful and powerful relationship which gives two withdrawn people the courage to take great risks and express intense feelings for the first time, and there’s nothing whatever to be ashamed of in that.

    I could say a lot more, but I’ll just say thanks again and leave. What a wonderful series this is. I can’t imagine this summer without it.

  7. I really encourage people to pick up reading the manga if they have yet to do so. It offers much, much more than the anime ever did. It’s not finished and it draws the story on much longer.

    I really enjoyed the anime, but the ending disappointed me a lot, but I guess that’s what I get for holding my expectations so high and trying to compare it to the manga for so long, which are respectively two completely different stories in the end.

    That being said, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an anime that much in a long time, and I definitely haven’t been so excited for Sunday to come every single week just to watch it. A very good anime, and extremely beautiful art work. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone.

    Thank you yet again, Divine for your amazingly detailed summaries. =)

  8. I am one of those “people used that[yaoi] as the reason not to watch the series”. Because at that point of view, everything seemed to lead to nowhere. And the main focus was on Yoite and Miharu… Mind you, I don’t like all those yaoi suggesting hint, it’s just so wrong… but it will be a nice series had they lessen those scene. Great ending… too bad Raikou had to die… Show Spoiler ▼

    Hmm… Not a very bad series in general. ^^ Sarabata, Nabari no Ou!

  9. im a little behind but ill finish this soon, to me i just think of them being really close friends not boy love or anything… and ya it did move away from the manga bit, but it is still worth watching for me since im still catching up, but yeah like most or some of u im gonna go read the manga after this, i left off when they went to that crazy school.

    And yea for later this week and on for all the new coming anime. yea…

  10. Wow, Nabari finally ends. The anime version of the ending was wistful and touching. I like it a lot. It’s one of those shows that takes time to get into but once you do, it became an enjoyable experience.

  11. Yoite died… I was somehow not really prepared for that- I even had tears in my eye’s! I was secretly hoping that Miharu could save him, but I can also understand, and respect, his decision to make the most of the time he had left.

    I am really going to miss this series. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something this compelling. I think I will cosplay as Yoite at the London Expo as my way of paying tribute to him.

    I know everyone’s said this, but thanks divine, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known how this wonderful series would have ended!

  12. T_T I knew that Yoite would die, but I still cried a little anyway…

    Nabari no Ou was such a good series, I’m really going to miss it. It was a great blend of characters who developed over time and dramatic action. And I really liked the almost-yaoi relationship between Miharu and Yoite, it made my inner-fangirl happy. There should definitely be more shows like it…

    Angel Reaper
  13. I agree,I’m also going to miss this series..
    Though Yoite dieing still shocked me in a way.
    I was really hoping that he’ll live and be by Miharu’s side. He was a big part in this story you know..the fact that he ALSO dies in the manga doesn’t help one bit. *sighs* D’:

  14. Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for this spoiler. I don’t deal well with sad endings at *all*,and so have learned to research things before watching them especially when it comes to Japanime. Now that I know what to expect, I can finish watching the show.

  15. asleep on his shoulder. Shin Hon realizes how much of father and daughter they’ve become for her to be able to do that. When they get back to the cafe, Shanin remembers that they still haven’t solved the mystery of why Yume’s father’s face was so calm when he was killed. Shanin reflects that because they were similar, he had probably wanted death just like her. Ryo thinks that it’s because Mad Dog really felt like he was her father, and had wanted to die before she could learn the truth about him. On the way home, Ryo has to carry Shanin because she’s once again fallen asleep. The voice of Kaori asks him if he really intended to allow Yume shoot him instead of Shanin. Ryo replies that he didn’t want to lose the person he loves a second time. In her sleep, Shanin mutters that she loves her father. Ryo thinks to

  16. I cried at the end. it was a beautiful series. I wish there was more but it cant go on without yoite. i miss him. his and miharu’s relationship was really nice. great drama and characters.

  17. I will remember you, Yoite. ;_;

    I really, truly cried my eyes out when I watched him die. I know i’m very, very late onto the whole Nabari bandwagon, but i’m so glad I watched this anime.

    I’m still crying, actually.

    I loved that tight relationship Miharu and Yoite had, and i’m glad that it was really just a good-friend relationship.

    … Sayonara, Yoite-san.


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