Since Sid has no luck talking to Chrona, Maka and Marie bring Chrona out of her room to show her around the school. Chrona, however, doesn’t think that she’d do well here, so Maka suggests composing some poetry. Unfortunately, Chrona’s poetry turns out to be so dark though that it depresses everyone who reads it. Chrona then joins Maka in on an extracurricular lesson to a golem making village where an old golem has suddenly gone berserk. When Shinigami-sama learns out about this, he finds it alarming because golems are programmed only to protect, and he suspects that it might have something to do with the wavelength of madness. He tells Sid to contact Stein about this because he’s curious about Stein’s opinion about the matter. At around this time, Stein is off thinking about Chrona when he gets visions of Medusa telling him that he’s been infected with madness. It starts completely overwhelming his thoughts until Marie finds him and asks him about the golem incident. Returning to normal, Stein explains that golems aren’t programmed to destroy things, and though recent technology allows other programming, the golem in question is the oldest one.

However, Stein doesn’t think that this incident has to do with the wavelength of madness either because the order is all wrong: people should be the first affected, not a soulless golem. With all this in mind, he heads to the library to try to figure things out. Maka, Soul, and Chrona meanwhile have arrived at the village, but they discover that none of the people there want to tell them anything. They eventually meet a man named Giriko who offers to show them where the oldest golem is. That golem does indeed eventually appear, and Maka is shocked when she senses that it has a soul wavelength. What’s even more surprising is that Giriko is a weapon with a grudge against Shibusen, and he transforms into a chainsaw for the golem to use. Maka has a hard time going up against the golem on her own because of their difference in mass, but luckily, Chrona and Ragnarok are there as well, and after some negotiating with Ragnarok, the two are ready to fight.


Well the story’s moving along a lot quicker than I thought it would. It wasn’t so long ago that Chrona and Maka were fighting against each other, and now they’re fighting alongside each other against a new enemy. Stein also has progressed to the point where he seems to be mere seconds away from completely snapping, and so despite last week’s episode and maybe even the first half of this episode, it feels like they’re not wasting any time with the plot – that a very appealing aspect of this series for me. I’m curious to see if Stein ever does completely lose it or if he finds a way to channel that madness into power or if Marie remains the key to keeping him sane. For the time being though, I’m excited because it looks like Justin is going to reappear next week to help Maka and Chrona, and a new witch is going to show up as well – this time a spider themed one.


  1. don’t get too addicted to chrona or else…you will suffer soon -muahaha…

    unfortunately the resolution is too high for my pc to watch it properly 🙁 gotta wait or look for a stream site >.>

  2. Just like Claymore, the Soul Eater manga is monthly. This episode is chapter 24 and the most recent release is 53, so we’re almost halfway done. The current arc in the manga isn’t finished yet though, so I wonder how this show will end?

  3. i dont like that the story doesn’t continue with kishin.
    it was getting really exiting and now there are some trolls. stupid trolls. just get the story going and get that kishin chopped up i wanne see that. shinigami – chop !

  4. ๑silver
    That’s how it is in the manga. I guess that Kishin probably is going to be some kind of last bosses, so the mangaka decided not to go straight to him right away. Moreover, there is the problem that Shinigami-sama is the only one who can fight Kishin equally and he can’t leave the city, so at least some of the characters has to level up before they can truly catch on with that.

    However, since the manga is still on going while anime has to end before that, they probably tie in the story for the character to meet Kishin somehow in the end.

  5. Hopefully since they are redoing FMA it means they learned their lesson and they won’t screw up Soul Eater in the same manner and decide to go anime only half way through :<

  6. The best way for them to end this series, imo, is to (hopefully) finish the current manga arc then stop, leaving the rest for another season. That’s assuming the current manga arc is finished before the anime gets to that point.

  7. My fave part of the episode was actually when Marie/Marry came running at Sid and took the time to move Maka out of the way, and the way she said “chotto matte ne…” was adorable.

  8. After watching last episodes, I can’t help but wonder why there isn’t a single normal person in this show. 😛

    And Stein… I hope he does not become a villain, but can have a “tearing apart” situation wherein he has to make a choice.

    Chino F
  9. @xXichigoXx

    I usually download at

    Not the best episode of Soul Eater but I like some parts of it. Marie x Stein FTW! I also like the part that Ragnarok is still a strong weapon even if it’s thinner now.

  10. btw the name chorona is Czech for crown, and is the Czech currency. I thought there might be some thing to do with the story, now that in this episode that the Czech republic was mentiond, maby there is a link.


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