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OP: モノクロのキス (Monochrome no Kiss) by シド (Sid)
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Both the OP and ED here are pretty good (the ED animation is very cute), but what I find surprising is that the ending is entirely in English and sung by relatively unknown female American artist Becca. Her voice reminds me a bit of Pink, and I find it interesting that an artist like her is being promoted like this in Japan.


-The first episode somewhat follows the manga, but diverges in the second half to make the story darker and more actiony. They did a good job creating a creepy mood, helped along by some strong production quality with the background chanting. In fact, I was impressed by how good the series in general looks and sounds.
-It appears that they’re jumping into the fun stuff next week, and that’ll be where the action really begins. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to continue following this series, but I’m definitely going to watch at least next week to see Sebastion kick some ass.


  1. oh, and also wanted to say that they really did good job with the ending. they really made it creepy (compared to the manga it didn’t have any of the stuff seen after the dinner) that’s why the manga has a more light-hearted tone in this part.

  2. i can,t help but think that the boy has a strikin resemblance to miharu in nabari no ou not that it has anythin to do with it cuz this anime is different although the character design might just be the same i wasn,t really interested in watching it and wasn,t hopin u would blog it honestly speakin but the opening of the episode got me hooked and the animation is well done so i thinkin of going with flow for the meantime.oh yea and a little bit curious about his eye it had a different does anyone have any info on it pls.

  3. Awesome!I’ve been waiting for this! It looks as great as I’ve expected it to be.
    Nice OP/ED..I thought the ED song was nice!It’s definitely a refreshing change.~

    I’ll love to have Sebastian..erm,as my butler. X3

    Eh?! Please blog this one,Divine!I mean,this is like one of the best shows this Fall 08!D:

  4. OMG!! Sebastion is so sexy >.<!! Well, the tone is a tad bit darker but I still love this anime/manga, I’m excited to watch the next episode, definitely gonna get hooked some more on this XD.

  5. @babel

    You find about this more next episode or in ep 3 depending on the flow of the anime, but if you want to know Show Spoiler ▼


    Eh? I thought Omni blogged this first episode, so why are you asking Divine to continue it? Unless I missed something, or that your asking Divine to continue if Omni isn’t?

  6. OH MY GOD XDDD THEY’RE JUMPING TO CHAPTER 3 OF THE MANGA ALREADY XDD Yea, some parts were unfamiliar…I think I’m going to watch RAW XDDDDD damn….can I take the suspense? XD


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