Ichigo tries to stop Amagai from powering up his bakkoutou because of what’s happened in the past when others have done that, but Amagai doesn’t stop because he’s able to actually control it with his spiritual force. He smacks Ichigo into a building with his new strength, however Ichigo doesn’t stay down and counterattacks with a Getsuga Tenshou. Ichigo is pissed off that Amagai will do anything for revenge whereas someone like Rurichiyo never ran away from her problems. When their fight resumes, they go back and forth in their attacks until Ichigo uses two simultaneous Getsuga Tenshou attacks to take out Amagai’s bakkoutou arm. This leads both of them charging at each other to finish things, and though it appears that Ichigo is victorious, Amagai gets back up and goes after Yamamoto again.

He succeeds in stabbing Yamamoto, but Yamamoto barely reacts except to tell all the other captains who just arrived on the scene not to move. Yoruichi takes this chance to explain to Amagai that back when Amagai’s father was still alive, Yamamoto had tried to investigate the Kasumiooji family but was stopped from doing so by the Central 46 Chambers. Amagai’s father had volunteered to do it secretly, but he was captured and corrupted by the bakkoutou. Yamamoto had no choice but to kill him, and he had to keep it all a secret. Realizing his mistake, Amagai remembers how his father had warned him about the bakkoutou before dying. His pride forces him to kill himself, and before the flames engulf him, he apologizes to Kira. In the aftermath, Shuu decides to stay with the Kasumiooji family, and Ichigo and Rurichiyo part ways.


Well, that wasn’t a bad conclusion to the anime original arc, but it wasn’t particularly good either. Part of the problem is that they tried too hard at the end to make Amagai not be the bad guy and pin all the blame on someone who’s already dead, and that didn’t feel very satisfying. Fortunately it’s all over now, and the fighting managed to keep things at least a little interesting. Plus, I was pretty amused at the meta-humor with how Ichigo magically arrived back in Hueco Mundo and how Inoue had to show him where they left off in the manga. As expected, next week will be the return to the manga story, and there should be a new OP and ED as well. I suspect it won’t take too long to get back to the point where they have to animate more anime original arcs, but hopefully there’s enough material to keep with the main story for at least half a year.


  1. Cool.. No more fillers! ^^

    Let Ichigo kick some Arrancar ass..

    But i think it was kinda stupid of them to putting the so called fillers into a manga in the anime.. But oh well.. Doesn’t matter anyway.

  2. Ok and here it goes back to manga boredom. Waiting to see Pendulum chapters animated but everything else is pretty much ‘meh’. And can’t believe that D.gray-man gets canceled because of this…

  3. So how do they get to the main story line again?

    Yay Grimmjow is back, though I’m not clear what happens to him afterwards in the manga cos it doesn’t mention what happens to him after.

  4. well… seeing how far away the manga is… (not rlly that far away)… u could guess they would insert another filler… or are we already near the final ending of the anime? guess not. it could also happen to be some kinda “one piece” episodes next, with only 4-5min advanced story per episode…
    anyway, we’ll see.

    hell yeah… how could they end d.gray-man… with just a “fin” xD
    way too much to go… (kinda reminds me at Mx0)

  5. Ok and here it goes back to manga boredom. Waiting to see Pendulum chapters animated but everything else is pretty much ‘meh’. I guess I’ll just have to fast-forward through a lot of upcoming episodes, so I don’t have to cringe and facepalm like I did while reading the manga.

    And can’t believe that D.gray-man gets canceled because of this…

  6. @Pureaura:
    and what then? if it would keep getting more unknown enemies, it would end like DragonballZ, i guess.. xD
    or do you think, they (aizen) will retreat? moreover, if u think about the least bleach movie, it all seems (to me) to work towards an end. well, it’s not that i do not like bleach, but somehow.. it’s getting boring… :/

  7. yeah gotta agree guys yall are right it’s tanking BIG TIME!! “yes” d.grayman had its moments fo the last 2 months BUT THATS OVER!! .. the bleach manga should definitely end soon. “i bet my left nut they super RUSH the ending”. I’m sure bleach is a cash cow fer them, but I’m guessing they overestimated its longevity. oh well, u know we just wanna see nell transform ….afta that feel free to retire

    still better than naruto, and thats what it really comes down to

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. LOL.
    What an awesome way to end the filler.
    XD I thought the filler was funny and somewhat entertaining?
    Seriously,how long was Ichigo in hollow form?I thought that they REALLY stretched it out in that battle.

  9. I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon. There’s still much more than can be written about in the bleach universe. Zaraki gaining a bankai would be most awesome. Another interesting idea would be exploring Chado’s partial hollofication so far. maybe he could become a Vizard.

  10. Maybe they shall drag it out DBZ style with lots of in battle rants and powerups and more rants and some showboating.

    Random fillers would probably end up being stories about what’s going on else where back in town probably. Maybe Kon will go on a random adventure too.

  11. “I suspect it won’t take too long to get back to the point where they have to animate more anime original arcs, but hopefully there’s enough material to keep with the main story for at least half a year.”

    Are you serious? Half a year? No way; 2-3 month and they’re catching up.

  12. is everyone happy now, everyone is like bleach is gettin boring now, to me i think the filer was necessary there was a lot of character development in the filler so it wasn,t all that bad at least the ending was alright. Even if we get back to the main story we still going to have a lot of talkin while fightin scenes and i,m such people are going to upset about that. as the preview indicates grimjow isn,t dead so i,m a little curious to see what he is going to now, now that ichigo beat him but something tells me grimjow ain,t the quiting type if he wants to be the strongest he should go and challenge aizen himself i bet he can,t not to talk of aizen’s aura.

  13. I actually enjoyed the fillers. Mainly because without the fillers, all we have are the SS and HM arcs. Boring repetitions at best. THe fillers breathe life into the anime, which makes us look forward to the next arc.

  14. well, for those who do not read the manga, in there for the most part of the anime filler, there were even some kinda manga filler chapters, so it couldn’t even gain a littler lead..

    and wth, i do not want everyone to gonna get a bankai, then next would be more hollowfications?!?

    well, with a little more thought, the manga and the anime could get a bit further, first would be the squad with the number 0 (the god place, where aizen wanted to invade, mentioned somewhere before the fillers) then a bit more about ichigo’s father (substigute shinigami in tradition!?) and surely some crazy final then.

    as i and others already mentioned, the manga is rlly near the episodes atm, so while writing this comment, i kinda know which fillers could give about 10 episodes at max. it was already mentioned, only the title, and i’m not gonna spoil something, so yeah, it would be surely the “pendulum” chapters…

    anyway, i do not thin the anime will last more than one year, would be just too freaky to turn into dbz style (or even naruto).

    and for last, thankfully naruto shippuuden is finally getting the real great storyline!!

  15. lol so basically, this was a “dream” filler arc.

    it’s just like… “omg, so all this time, ‘I’ was the bad guy? *suicide*”

    …if he REALLY wanted to repent for his actions, he should have stuck around and done some good, before the seppuku… >__>

  16. there is room for like 18 episodes as of now…maybe they can do a full 24 or 25 episode season if they can somehow stretch it and use chapters from like the next 2 months or so

  17. if the Bleach anime had complete control over the storyline, I bet the original material would be much better…they wouldn’t have to try so hard to shove all the introduced characters off to the side or kill them. Amagai, your cool weaponry will be sorely missed


    Finally. That was sooo bad oh my god, the animation almost made my eyes bleed.

    The next time they put up fillers I’m going to seriously stop watching until they’re over. They just can’t make good fillers.

  19. Well glad the fillers are done at least. Really think Bleach and Naruto should have taken a break when they got too close to the manga rather than bad filler arcs. Could at least keep some more positive opinions about the shows.

    At least Inoue gave Ichigo a script so he can figure out what’s going on again.

  20. There is a moment when Ichigo pumps his ‘Hollow’ powers and his inner Hollow’s face is shown. I guess it could foretell our blonde guy going berserk in this arc. It was left out in the first arc with the inner hollow saying that he’s gonna be the king some time soon and Ichi the horse. 😛

  21. Damn.. Thank God I stopped watching this crap. I’d rather read teh F*ing manga. Why do spoilers have to be so boring..

    My trend of watching Bleach has wavered. Last time I watch straight up was from ep 1-105.

    After that. It’s been a skip-a-thon. Last ep I watched was the battle between Ichigo and Grimjow. Next ep I’ll probably watch is when Nel transforms. After that. I’d go for another skip-a-thon. Probably….


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