OP Sequence

OP: 「Velonica」 by Aqua Timez
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In the aftermath of the battle with Grimmjow, Ichigo makes sure Inoue isn’t hurt and carries her down from the tower. Grimmjow isn’t dead though and threatens Ichigo again, but he’s injured so badly that he can’t maintain his transformation. Ichigo is able to stop Grimmjow with his bare hands and tries to convince his opponent to quit for now, but Grimmjow doesn’t listen. However, before Grimmjow can attack again, he gets hit from the side by a giant blade. It belongs to the Espada Nnoitra, and when Nnoitra sees that Grimmjow still isn’t dead, he tries to finish Grimmjow off. Ichigo protects Grimmjow though, so Nnoitra turns his attention to Ichigo and starts overpowering him. When Inoue tries to help Ichigo, Nnoitra calls forth his Fracción Tesla to hold her back. Nnoitra then reveals the Number 5 mark he has on his tongue and explains that he’s higher than the guy Ichigo just finally beat. Meanwhile, Renji, Ishida, Dondochakka, and Pesche attempt to escape from Szayel, however they arrive right back at the same room they started in, and Szayel is there waiting for them.

ED Sequence

ED: 「ヒトヒラのハナビラ 」 (Hitohira no Hanabira) by ステレオポニー (Stereo Pony)
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It feels like forever since we’ve had a new Bleach OP, and Aqua Timez doesn’t disappoint. Actually, I was even more impressed with all of the cool shots of the Gotei 13 Shinigami in the OP and would love to see more of that style. The new ED isn’t bad either, though it again reminds me that Ririn and company are still aroundd.


So I was all excited that Bleach was returning to the manga story, and the new OP really helped fuel that further. Imagine my disappointment when the first 3/4 of the episode turned out to be pure recap of episodes 161 through 167. To make matters worse (or laughable), they even had it in the old 4:3 aspect ratio and switched back to 16:9 once they hit the new stuff. At least the transition was smooth without any of that holding-hands-and-staring-at-the-distance stuff from episode 167, and the rest of this episode followed the manga pretty closely. I’m not exactly looking forward to the rest of the Szayel fight since I feel like it goes on for way too long, but I am excited about Nnoitra and what happens in the fight with him (particularly Nel’s involvement). And as I said last week, hopefully there’s enough material to keep this going for a while before having to go back to anime original episodes again.


  1. I know a great many of people who stopped watching the show during the filler and are now going to be picking it back up. Guess they expected this and have a recap for those who had forgotten about the show during the filler? Yay for it getting back on track.

  2. Love the opening, and glad its back in action, also it was funny have it went from SD to wide screen just like that, that transition, i was like wtf just happened. anyways its great that the real emotions and nice reactions and face expressions and all the other little detail that matters is back.

  3. @solo-k:
    Yes, I am one of them.
    btw. is there a site which lists the filler eps.? I think I missed a few earlier “manga eps”, but I don’t know which are “filler” and which are manga material.

  4. what’s with the attraction that a few of you have with nel? are you guys pedophiles? oh wait you like the term lolicon addicts. I find her character annoying as hell. Orihime is by far the best, who wouldn’t want god like powers.

  5. @what
    I think people just like her because… Show Spoiler ▼

  6. @Kaitune Hide Spoiler ▲ u definately right nel’s split personality is what makes people like her when she is a kid she acts silly and follows ichigo like a stalker and she very cute and funny though she can be annoying sometimes but that nel’s personality but her other personality is something else though there might be similarities but she is someone else in her adult form she more serious than ever i bet a lot of people can’t wait to see nel’s true form i know i,m one of those people.

  7. well they have a little over 40 issues of the manga to deal with before they run out of story and go back to fillers… so we should be good for this season… but odds are next season will have some form of filler in it. personally i am hoping for something along the lines of hollow forest where they do several short fillers intermingled with the story and tie them in instead of skipping to the real world like the last one.

  8. @redX: They’d better drag this out as much as possible because
    that last filler arc was grueling and the transition into it was

    At least the Bount Arc came at the end of the Soul Society Arc so
    the transition was perfect.

    It’s good to be back on track again, the only good fillers do is that
    they keep the show fresh like this once they’re over. The new OP and ED
    helped too. =P

    Can’t wait until next week.

  9. The way Bleach is now, there’s going to be way too much filler unless the manga ends soon, which is unlikley.
    I’d much rather if they did what One Piece does and only do a few eps per month or even take a leaf out of D.Gray-Man’s book and end the series until there’s enough material for at least over a year.
    With Bleach you can always expect half a year of canon and half filler. :/

  10. Thank you Kaitune.

    Then again, my response to you is really because most people likes the grown-up Nel (me included :D). I am perfectly fine with your reason for hating her if you are only going to dwell on her loli character, because to be honest, I find her loli side annoying too.

  11. waaahh!! i know why they did such a long recap considering they are trying to buy their time so they dont run out of manga material, but seriously was such a long recap really needed? well, i really like the graphics in the new op (not so much the song) and i luv the song in the ed so at least bleach started off on a good “note” there..
    lol sorry for the cheesy joke…^~^

  12. @saph: hanatarou doesnt neccessarily means fillers … remember the rescue rukia arc, all the healing and leading ichigo underground?? the fact that theres no kon means theres no filler..probably..

  13. I liked the Fillers their was alot of action if you didn’t like them then u shouldn’t watch bleach at all.

    The Real story line sucks it takes too long in the fights and ichigo allways getting ownd

  14. @Bleach190Fails

    The fillers were good i watched them also, but you can’t say you shoudln’t watch bleach if you don’t watch the fillers thats just dumb. And you probably don’t even read the bleach manga cause the real storyline dosen’t suck.

  15. I don’t get it. Why do people hate the transition?

    They pretty much told viewers to ignore what just happened as it has nothing to do with the actual plot.

    I liked it as it shows that they aren’t trying to create more to add to the original plot by KT (like Ririn and co.)

  16. well… recap, yes, “stupid long recap”, no! just watch one piece (about the last arc, not the recent one) and ur getting every first 10 minutes a recap of the last episodes.

    i cannot say i liked the recap, but it wasn’t that bad. (yes it could have been worse, as told before)
    so let’s hope for some nice episodes before returning into new anime-only episodes… (there is no way, they are not coming, but one, the upcoming arc is the end of bleach)

  17. omg i am so relieved that they got back on track in the manga. i didnt watch the filler eps and i let go for watching bleach for a while….and now im watching it again D

    i love the new op, probably the best out of the 9 ops in my opinion.


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