With Ishida and Renji’s group back where they started, Szayel first goes over the battle thus far before explaining that he rearranged the corridors so that the group returned here. He then releases his zanpaktou by swallowing it, and the ensuing transformation gives him a pair of wings. In this state, Szayel shoots a blast of a dark liquid out of his back, and a doppelganger is created every time someone touches the liquid. Ishida, Renji, Pesche, and Dondochakka all come in contact with it, so all four get doppelgangers who possess all their abilities. The only bright side to this is that Szayel reveals that he’s canceled the mechanism of the room that was sealing their abilities. Despite this, the four still don’t have an edge over their opponents, and it gets worse when Szayel lets out more liquid that in turn creates more doppelgangers.

Ichigo meanwhile has his hands full going up against Nnoitra, and Nnoitra has the added advantage of knowing the scope of Ichigo’s abilities after he watched the fight against Grimmjow. Inoue wants to help, but Tesla warns against that and claims that he could easily destroy her fragile power. However, he’s under orders from Aizen not to do so unless attacked. Inoue then remembers Nel, but Nel has disappeared out of sight, and when Tesla realizes what Inoue is thinking about, he finds Nel and destroys the rubble she was hiding behind. After knocking Ichigo away, Nnoitra approaches Nel and recognizes her. From the look on Ichigo’s face, Nnoitra realizes that Ichigo brought Nel along without knowing who she is, so he reveals that Nel’s full name is Neliel Tu Oderschvank, and she’s a former Espada.


Well, I was initially disappointed that – like last week – half this episode was recap. However, then I thought about it and decided that I’d probably rather have half recap/half manga story than all anime original story. These recaps are probably just an easy way to kill time so that the production team can stretch out the manga story longer, and I suspect that future episodes will probably have some anime original aspects for that same purpose. I’m okay with this since they’re doing a pretty good job of how they’re adapting the rest of the story. On the other hand, I do think they neutered the scene where Szayel shoves his sword down his throat by making everything all sparkly purple with no blood visible. It was still kind of disturbing, but it probably would have been more so without that purple glow.

The big surprise this week (assuming you haven’t read the manga) is that Nel used to be an Espada. This would have segued nicely into the battle and surprise next week, but I think the preview revealed a bit too much. Then again, this was technically already spoiled in the new OP animation, so I guess it’s not a big deal anymore. What I’m most curious about now is how Kaneda Tomoko will sound in a more mature Nel role since she usually voices young girl characters. It looks like we’ll find out next week.


  1. I don’t Kaneda Tomoko’s going to change much with Nel’s voice, cause I have the fifth installment of Bleach Heat the Soul with Nel’s true form as a playable character, and she sounded the same but in a less childish tone…

  2. yea should be ep191 o__o

    anyhow.. damn still no Nel Tu (adult form) D:

    I bet we’ll only see Nel’s true form near the end of ep192.. and might be at first Ichigo vs. Noitora then focus on Szayel vs. Ishida, Renji, Nel’s Fraccion then Ichigo vs. Noitora again then Nel’s Transformation. D: CLIFFHANGER!! Neliel in action by ep193.. >.<

  3. well half of this episode had me skipping to the ichigo scene which to me made a lot of sense the part with ishida and renji and that pink hair was okay but come on they have to be serious with it ishida is always in situations like this there always this fight where he always facing the same person and they always multiplyin themselves i,m tired of seein that. make it more serious i guess ishida is a quincy with brains and renji can,t battle one on one anymore

    john memento
  4. LAME! last ep 190; 3/4 of it was recap, now 1/2 of ep 191 is recap. That means there is less than a single ep worth of new material shown in 2 full ep’s. What a rip off, don’t get me wrong bleach is awesome, but really?

  5. 3 things to comment in this episode:

    nel, in adult form, seems to be from another seiyuu, so may not be that child voice;
    then was kinda shocked about Szayel’s release, kinda different from what I thought in the manga, that he could speak when swallowing his zanpakuto, but he said b4 doing that in the anime;
    summore leh I didn’t know that Tesla fires Balas from his eyes, kinda like the Cyclops wib his ‘lazer glasses’ not working…

    nevertheless, this was a great episode, will be looking 4ward to more next week…

  6. @kaineng – The Seiyuu of Neliel will be the same. Take note that even so Neliel becomes serious she’ll still be affectionate towards Ichigo. So pretty much there’s still her “childish” personality in Adult form. Just as one said in page 1, Kaneda Tomoko both voiced Neliel and Nel in the game BLEACH: Heat the Soul.

    @Ragna – yea so sad.. T^T

  7. They can extend Neliel’s time if they wanted to – they know she’s pretty popular so we might get to see more of her over the next few weeks. Well, all fans of Nel can hope for that. 🙂

  8. Szayel’s scenes as of this point, for those who have read the manga, are pretty graphic, so I am not in the least surprised they changed some minor stuff.

    There have always been recap in Bleach. Even in the early episodes. But the recent seasons seem to be using them more often and there is one very obvious reason why: Kubo tells stories veeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy sssssssssssllllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy. It’s one of the hallmarks of shonen writers, and one the easiest ways to keep job security, but the interest in readers can dwindle. Not to mention take the show down with it. I still enjoy Bleach as much as when I first discovered it.

    The first screenshot of New Nel. 🙂

  9. I knew it that Neil voices in adul for is the same as teh last Heat the soul game. My sister tell in may that it will be a spoiler knwing her voice in th anime.

    Now i have Soul Carnival it is very funy game lol you people should buy day.

    Thanks for the review.

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